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From GE Podcast Theater and Panoply, The Message and its sequel, LifeAfter, take listeners on journeys to the limits of technology. In The Message, an alien transmission from decades ago becomes an urgent puzzle with life or death consequences. In LifeAfter, Ross, a low level employee at the FBI, spends his days conversing online with his wife Charlie – who died eight months ago. But the technology behind this digital resurrection leads Ross down a dangerous path that threatens his job, his own life, and maybe even the world. Winner of the Cannes Gold Lion.

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  • spaceace90278
    Still Listening
    1 Star for the gender pronoun bull s**t in the beginning of the second episode. Guess you could say it belongs in sci-fi sense people who believe in that live in a imaginary fantasy world that isn’t real.
  • menamehere
    Kinda Crap...
    Why do people want to hear about an unrelatable, annoying weak person involved in a not at all interesting 'plot' in which nothing actually happens? I don't know either. Had to listen to this on a road trip and it was annoying, and filled iwth nohing anyone needs.
  • xonursej
    Compelling storyline
    This series offers twists and turns that keep you hooked. The two seasons have different storylines which were both interesting. I liked the second season more and it was pretty scary to see where tech can reach.
  • goddamnthisisimpossible
    Not Into Season 1 But Love Season 2
    I’m not going to include any spoilers. It’s weird that they are considered to be season 1 and season 2, because there are no obvious ties between them. Maybe the connection is they both have to do with audio files. And while there is one element used in both seasons, it is only barely mentioned at the end of season 2. Season 1... I felt was pretty basic. I wouldn’t say it was bad, but I didn’t think it was anything special. The story didn’t blow me away or anything. Season 2 blew me away. I strongly suggest that if you like creepy and weird conspiracy stories, then you should definitely check out Life After (season 2). The story was great. It definitely makes you think. I’d say Season 1 was 3 stars, and Season 2 was 5 stars. Season 2 was so good that I don’t want to rate it less than 5 stars because I don’t feel like that would be fair to Life After. That’s my 2 cents.
  • Hughjasole
    Season 1 Message was very good. Season 2 life After was the best Audio Drama ever!! Do yourself a favor and listen
  • Fungamethisisyup
    Loved these sci-fi audio dramas! Even went back for a second listen since I blew through them so fast!
  • Awefdefgdc
    Great podcast!
    The ending is perfect! Definitely didn’t expect it
  • Sdem86
    Season 2 amazing!
    That twist at the end ... mind blowing! If only we could find out what’s next for them.
  • Jenna B031619
    Really great story!
    It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. You think you know what’s going to happen? Nope. The difference between computer programs and human minds is you can never predict what another person will do...
  • Frankmtz168
    I love this show I binged it in one day I want there to be a third season. When is the third season coming out love the ending of one season two.
  • Yeviphone
    In my top five of all dramas period
  • Ces_sig10
    Awesome story
    Amazing. Binged both seasons in three days. Creepy and riveting.
  • jsp03111234
    Highly recommend
    Binged both seasons in two days. Definitely worth the listen. Loved the ending of season 2. I look forward to a third season.
  • Flyininalaska
    I listen to a lot of story podcasts like this and this one is top notch! Lots of weird twists to keep your mind racing!
  • Ash8787421780
    It’s ok
    Not bad but 6 episodes in and I can’t get into it.
  • RavRaz
    Life after is such a great, engaging story
    I listen to many fictional podcasts, and Life After is one of the best I have found. I never wanted the story to end! It’s very cleverly written, keeps you on your toes, and is super entertaining.
  • Goldmaster50
    Life After
    this is one awesone podcast! very engaging. keeps me wanting to listen to the next one. i like the main character - Ross Barnes! now he is a snitch. longer lunch breaks.
  • doggomom
    Finished in one day
  • FlyButter99
    Please make more!
    I never want this to end
  • Music Freak_11
    Wanting more!
    This is so mind bending! I'm on episode 8 and I cant stop listening. I have always been faciniated with "are we alone", why are we here, etc... and this is right up my ally. Very well produced! I cant wait to see what happens. A must for any scifi fan!
  • Island Time 1273
    I love this podcast so much.
    I have listened to this podcast over and over, probably five or six times. It is my all-tome favorite and I wish more podcasts were like this one. It’s so good.
  • Cool Ethan61
    Ridiculously good!
    This podcast had me on the edge of my seat. Season one was was great, and season two was even better! I’ve been recommending this to all my friends. I really wish there was a season 3. So creative! Very well done!!
  • DayJenny
    Just wow!
    Just amazing...speechless
  • Tim Warzel
    I absolutely loved this podcast! I binged the whole thing in one day. I have a tedious job and listening to things keeps my mind engaged. This pod was one of the best fictions I have heard. Definitely would recommend!
  • moppet_mi
    Maybe it gets better...?
    I’m recently bereaved, so my reaction is somewhat personal. The premise and execution through three episodes reminds me of the film “Her,” which I didn’t care for, for similar reasons. Certain things ring true (not interested in dating, and friends tired of hearing about your grief after less than a year); but the rest vacillated between tedious—>desperate. I lost patience with the protagonist. Also, the concept of exploiting people through grief doesn’t appeal as a plot device. Maybe it gets better, but I’m unlikely to find out...
  • boobsrt
    Pod People, get a life!
    This is a waste of time.
  • Lavaspit4
    So immersive!!!
    Incredible, best fiction podcast I’ve listen to thus far. Very very well written, super clever plot. Really well produced. Just soo much fun to listen to! Highly recommend
  • faginsboy
    I am not allowed do say anything
    Because my dad knows the person who wrote the scripts so my view is warped just remember this audio play got my idle Neil de’Grasse Tyson to spend 30 minutes with them taking about the show just listen for your self
  • Esther Ople sets the bar for audio fiction.
    I just listened to life after all the way through. It’s got a super interesting premise (a man’s dead wife starts calling him through social media?), memorable characters, and also manages to address grief and grieving people in an extremely thoughtful way. The acting is phenomenal, the dialogue and storytelling are masterfully crafted, and it basically feels like watching a movie. Sometimes it’s poignant and touching, most of the time it’s edge-of-your-seat suspense, and once in a while it’s terrifying.
  • My0p1n1on
    Reminded me of twilight zone
    I had no idea what to expect out of this podcast or “The Message”. I thought they were both excellent! Reminded me of Twilight Zone or The Black Mirror.
  • SingleGirl in NYC
    Just a captivating story! Would love to hear more!!
  • brimac1234
    Pleasantly surprised
    I randomly downloaded this and the first season really hooked me. Really cannot wait to listen to season 2
  • AlexMatini
    Clever Exemplary Performance
    Truly entertaining and thought provoking. A must listen.
  • Apopkamike
    Very engaging
    I loved this broadcast. I’m a fan of old radio serials and this felt like a new age version of it. Very well done.
  • Oldjudge86
    Loved it!
    Loved this podcast, really hoping for a season 3 but, at this point, I'm not holding my breath.
  • fivefooteskimo
    SO good!!
    This is an amazing drama I love everything about it and I can’t wait for season 2 😍
  • Peach328
    the acting and script in life after was incredible all of the plot twists were literally amazing. i finished the message and life after in a day because i needed to know what happened. blown away.
  • disappointedDTX
    Excellent storytelling
    Wonderful storytelling that could only be told in this medium. Excellent. Have listened all the way through season 2 twice. Recommend to everyone.
  • AmandaKlop3
    Both excellent
    Loved both stories! Interesting and suspenseful. I especially liked that in Life After you are never sure what the character will do.
  • badkitty_
    Gripping!! I LOVED LifeAfter!
    I listened to all episodes one after another via the Alexa skill and my Sonos One/Beam/Sub setup. It was absolutely gripping and I could not stop listening until the entire story was told. There was not a single commercial. I would love more of these! Reminds me of vintage radio programs.
  • Chris11111111111111111
    One of the best pieces of media I’ve consumed in a while
    Life after is absolutely incredible, the acting, the storytelling, the mystery, the way they tied together the plot so fantastically and beautifully, the surprise twist ending. I’m so impressed with it. Please check out this podcast!
  • karldpeterson
    5 minute future
    This podcast is one of those five minutes in the future type of podcast. Sounds like you could really happen in today’s world and that is horrifying and thoroughly engaging at the same time. I love the story I had a hard time putting it down and can’t wait to hear more.
  • Rachel from Charlotte
    Such a great show!
    Loved this podcast! As good as “Homecoming” with such a fun twist. So much fun!
  • jeffrey lee scott
    The message
    Best sciFi podcast. Others get to complicated and stop being a good story.
  • proofrock
    Theatre of the Mind at its Finest
    Without hesitation, this playhouse sets the standard for aural drama. (Is that too much over the top? “Aural drama” sounds weird. I was going to go “drama for the ear” but that sounds kinda gruesome. But I digress.) Seriously, the production values set the standard for anything I’ve listened to on this platform. The story is gripping. The talented troupe of actors? Let’s just say, if I had a hat, I’d doff it and tip it in each of their directions. Each voice talent brings their characters to life, in believable and organically. I binged on season 1 and immediately regretted it. I’m now going to go back and listen to each episode again, before allowing myself the pleasures I’m confident Season 2 has waiting for me. Cheers, Jason
  • edrift3d
    More Please
    I listened to both seasons as they came out and this is really top notch radio fiction. Please make more!!
  • Saint Didact
    Excellent Stories
    Both of these stories are wonderful. I especially enjoyed ‘The Message’ for it’s sci-fi element and ‘Life After’ definitely brought with it a unique emotional element. Both stories have great twists at the end and, best of all, make you think.
  • Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh7
    L. Ron Hoyabembe
    Turn that poop into wine!
  • danysc1
    Great Listen
    Just started and already halfway threw season 1. I’m a little late to this serial but glad I stumbled into it. A must listen! Totally original.
  • Rhi 🌞🌛
    What a talented cast.
    LifeAfter is PERFECT. I usually skip audio drama/fiction podcasts because the voice acting is too campy. This podcast blew me away. The acting is so believable. Every character is incredibly done. The production is fantastic. The storyline is intense and unpredictable—the twists at the end were total shocks. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about this podcast. Starting The Message now—I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.
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