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Welcome to the world of Liberty – serialized sci-fi tales told audio drama podcasts.For centuries the colony of Atrius has been cut off from humanity and endured generations of civil war. What remains is a gleaming city and beyond its walls, a lawless expanse known as the Fringe.

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  • Jakalop3_Dreamer
    A must listen!
    I LOVE THIS PODCAST! Omg, Tales from the tower are one of my favorite things to listen to during my day to day. They really draw you in with all the layers in each episode. I highly recommend this podcast as well as other works by fool and scholar productions. You will not be disappointed.
  • The 4th and 29's
    Totally love what you guys are producing Keep it pumping ATREUS ENDURES
  • dredd toys
    Thumbs up
    So good
  • Sunsetsprite
    A blazingly original and unique concept for a podcast. The voice talent is exceptional and the audio quality is exquisite. Brilliantly done. Needless to say, would love more!!
  • lalanl
    Surprised by transphobic dialogue in such an otherwise great story
    I just finished White Vault and needed more. I’ve been pretty pleasantly immersed while I pack to move, but the brothel episode left a bad taste in my mouth. Bracing for these characters I’d grown to like to say something alienating really ruined the storytelling for me. Bummer. I hope the writers have learned better since then.
  • ReRiRoy
    Best ever!
    This is the first podcast of this kind I have ever listened to, and with that being said I can say I won’t look any further! But now I’ve listened to all episodes of the game in two days I need more 😍 those are my absolute favorite with the story and all the decisions that were made and all the characters that showed up and not to mention the unscripted bursts of laughter and fun I enjoyed of second of listening and can only hope for more! Please keep up the amazing work!
  • Ali Sherier Saleh
    Praise and a Question
    This is one of the best shows I have ever listened to especially during these trying times where entertainment has become an essential part of society. I had a question that is not relevant to be put here ,but I was not able to find a fool and Scholar productions e-mail or address to send this question to: Do you consider taking volunteers or unpaid interns to help with work ?
  • kaiusksin
    Great show
    I’m a bit late to the game but still a great podcast. I love the world you made!! Would be a great dnd world! I found out that you had made it a dnd world lol and have bought it. I finished all the podcasts made for this show in almost 2-3 weeks. I listen to them at work but I absolutely love this show. And I can’t wait to run a liberty campaign. I’m thinking of doing a war campaign. Possibly the red war now from the sounds of the tower episodes.
  • Emile2000!
    Amazing World
    The world you’ve created is really captivating, the political dynamic of the Atrius and the fringe and listening to the team learn about the unknowns of the fringe is awesome. Keep up the amazing work.
  • faronfaron
    Too many actors songs like they are reading.
    Hard to engage when every actor sounds like they are reading lines.
  • runeverywhere
    Great podcast!
    I am always looking for a new story...this one is fantastic. Love the character development... the story, the music, um ok. I love it all. Great job guys! Thank you
  • Jo Ann Ruth
    Great! Just disturbing enough to be good!
    Just finished with the first season of the first story, and I LOVE it! I listen to it as I wind down for the night, and when I need something to listen to during the day, and I can't wait to get to the next season. The worldbuilding is awesome!
  • jasongoods
    Just getting into it
    I love what you are doing here. I just wish there were more episodes of each story! I just start really getting into a story then it’s done. :(. Ps. I live the voice of the narrator in this story. I also like the main character voice, sounds like Octavio from king of the hill
  • Nickim64
    Tales story
    Whoever does the character of dismous is hilarious
    More story
    I love it y’all need to continue the story
  • Fungamethisisyup
    Amazingly well built world!
    I’m just amazed at how amazing the world they build is! I heard it’s also a comic and a tabletop! I gotta check that out one of these days! I even enjoyed them playing the dnd style table top in vigilance! Woot woot can’t wait for what’s up next!!
  • Dra Ngipon
    D and D
    Currently listening to Vigilance and who’d have thought listening to an rpg would be such giggling fun!
  • Sidesplitting Hatchet Thrower
    What a podcast!!!!
    The world is great, the writing is amazing. Definitely a podcast worth listening to. Unique world and I love each episode. Thrilling drama!!
  • I<3unicorns6523
    Episodes are too short
    The episodes are too short. Like 10 min or so. Then you have to listen to the info again. They should just combine them into 30-40 mins so you don’t have to keep listening to the dumb intro.
  • demonbunny21
    Two Day Split of First Season
    Great story, which matters the most, but it feels like some voice actors are reading off the script for the first time. This makes it less believable or less engulfing. I was never in theater, but I’m pretty sure memorized lines come out more naturally. I’m comparing this to the no sleep podcast, lime town, and the black tapes. Either way, I’m hooked till the end and it’s a great listen/mental visual spectacle. I’m going to binge the 2nd season after homework.
  • Kadu_1516
    Best of the bunch
    This is the best among the Fool and Scholar Production catalogue. I realize that humanity likes to gravitate towards a realistic setting like in The White Vault. Yet, this whole world of Atrius is so much bigger and attractive to me. I keep listning to the Liberty podcast whenever I can. I think Kaitlin & Travis(both Creators) are rockstars and they have only explored the Fringes(bad pun intended) of the Liberty universe. May the Archon watch over them.. They too nice to go boom.. Oh! umm..I mean..Atrius endures...
    Nightvale Meets Black Mirror
    Creepy, futuristic, almost believable... prepare to spend a lot of time with Fool & Scholar
  • Seventyz28
    Binged the first season
  • Tfayter
    Meh, they’re okay...
    I like White Vault better but one thing I find especially frustrating about the Liberty universe is that the writing (especially the dialogue) feels forced, awkward, and inconsistent. Boom and Dizzy are without question the best characters in Liberty - they’re very well-acted roles. Otherwise, kind of mediocre.
  • Raysha26
    Awesomely addictive
    Need more of the fringe please
  • Joediddly bittleds
    Perfect podcast
    This is exactly what I needed to pass time at work. Such good stories and well edited!
  • Notstirred12
    Really quite fun
    I love the sci fi seasons, and while it took me a while to get into Tales from the Tower, I’m starting to enjoy them too, albeit not as much.
  • Gslone13
    Very entertaining
    This show is very entertaining. I especially get lost during the critical research series. I wish they had more of that series. The other series are entertaining for a short story, but I don’t feel any connection with the character or characters like I do with the critical research characters. Can’t wait for them to start with the rest of that series hopefully it’s coming soon. It reminds me so much of mad max. I’ve been waiting for a drama series like that and I can’t find anything any closer then this series. Great job love your work.
  • Bunny Von Tail
    Love it
    Great storytelling, interesting take on the future. I am hooked!!!
  • w3irdful
    Great show
    The best produced roleplaying podcast I’ve experienced
  • A:se
    Came here from The White Vault (One of the best audio dramas I’ve ever listened to!) and Vast Horizon. Both impeccable and engaging stories. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get through Liberty. Excessive throat clearing, repetitive soundscapes, and seemingly limited editing make for an experience that is almost engaging, but falls short.
  • Soulcoffr
    Well written and immersive.
    Just recently found this podcast via the White Vault via The Magnus Archives. Excepting the first season of Critical Research, this podcast has been quite excellent. The first season the writers and producers were still finding their sea legs, so its quality is less than everything after. Personally, my favorite stories are Tales from the Tower. Then again, I’m a sucker for a good anthology series a’la Ray Bradbury Presents. Keep up the good work!!
  • JadeDozle
    Great podcast!
    Just found this little gem and am quickly getting caught up. Great story base, fantastic voice actors. Keep it up!
  • fhdjfudjrjfn
    Love it😍
    I love this it is addictive and amazing awesome 😀👍👍
  • Mitch latham
    Love it
    I have enjoyed all of it, I really liked the game episodes
  • Audiofan2001
    Great show
    An excellent distraction on my commute. The game play episodes weren’t really my thing but the quality of the other episodes has been excellent. Kudos to the boys who actors! Love the creepy media director. Nailed the Jack Palance/Jack Nicholson styling.
  • Zackadamianut
    Super Dope Mad Max Dystopia
    Check out their other projects, these guys put out content in many forms of media. There’s a graphic novel series that came before this Audio Drama, if you’re into this it’s a great purchase. Awesome series, these guys are great people if you ever have the chance to meet them.
  • Geerace
    Awesome but...
    I love the stories but sometimes it seens that they giggle and laugh waaay too much during the production. Most doesnt seem necessary...
  • Arlenbluestone
    Atrius endures Forever
    If anyone loves science fiction and a reimagining of different aspects of the human race in a far off place look no further than this podcast. I was hooked from the very first episode and the best part is that there are many different stories all told in different ways. Whether you are a well educated citizen of Atrius, or a scrapper making boompop in the shadows of the fringe, either way, you will love this podcast. I really enjoy this podcast and it always surprises! May the Archon watch over you!
  • Mandoog006
    Holy balls dude
    Firstly, I KNEW I recognized that voice! The narrator for Vigilance is the narrator for Darkest Dungeon! I couldn’t believe it! Dude is AWESOME! One of the best voices I’ve ever heard! Seriously A+++ work! On the subject of the actual universe and broadcasts, also top notch. I love all that this network and it’s affiliates put out. It’s all really great stuff and the Liberty universe clearly was worked hard on and feels, to me, exactly as I expect its creator went for. Very sinister and spooky and sci fi. Reminiscent of WH40k and other dystopian future settings. Really cool stuff and I’m happy I’m giving it another shot. It got pushed down my list but I’m binging all the stuff now and I can’t believe I put it off! Keep it up yo!
  • Crc425
    Great podcast
    Just found this podcast through the white vault feed. Love the critical research and tales from the tower. Hope they release another season of critical research or something soon. It’s just the sort of thing I was looking for and is a sort of genre not a lot of podcasts are really doing in audio drama with the in-between of sci-fi and horror. I’m surprised this podcast isn’t more popular because it’s excellent and has great production and sound as well. Keep it up!
  • Mad Capper
    Love this in depth world
    I just started (got hooked from the featured episode on the White Vault) Season one had a kinda slow start, but I really enjoy the world Liberty offers. The tales from the tower episodes help flesh out the world and even though I’m only into season 2, I’m excited to keep listening! Thanks to the creators for all their hard work!
  • Finn-99
    So I work in a small kitchen and there’s usually only a few people working at a time so there isn’t too much conversation going on, so in between there’s a bunch of silence... well I recently have been listening to music and then got kinda bored so I started looking to podcasts and audiobooks and I stumbled upon Liberty, I just want to say thank you all so much!! This is such an amazing and interesting story that grabs the attention and keep you hooked. You all have such talent and passion for this, thank you!
  • Cheesic23
    All the different series are great! I really enjoyed Tales from the Tower!
  • Podcast Elitist
    Ditch the Roll-Playing
    The podcast had promise in the first two seasons and anthologies but no it's an instant-skip, dislike, 1-star rating, and "mark as read" while awaiting for an actual new season.
  • Add cyanideparadoxx
    Really good & then...
    I love love loved season one & season two. I liked the rest but I couldn’t get through season 5. I listened to nearly two episodes & had to stop. I use podcasts to get through the workday while I’m drawing away on the computer & this season was just distracting & I didn’t feel like I was there or watching a movie. Sorry! The rest are great though.
  • Austin luedeke
    I recommend this podcast
    Fun to binge you guys are doing great
  • 3PONR2
    Fantastic world created here...enjoying the different stories and points of view. Always excited for the next tale.
  • Gordon- Attempted Nerder
    Really really enjoyed critical research. Then when we got to the gaming section ‘Vigilance’ I was a little disappointed. I really wanted the story to continue but am not a role playing gamer. I decided to go ahead, and by episode 3 was absolutely hooked. Not only did I grow to love vigilance, I am now actively seeking out a role playing game to try out at my local comic shop. Thanks guys! Also, hurry up with “The White Vault”.
  • Kan-Can
    Compelling world
    The creators behind the Libery podcast have created an incredible world that to explore. Each season is different and gives you more lore about the world. If you enjoy a good sci-fi or distopia, this is for you.
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