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Tired of the lies? Tired of the spin? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth in comprehensive, conservative, principled fashion? The Ben Shapiro Show brings you all the news you need to know in the most fast moving daily program in America. Ben brutally breaks down the culture and never gives an inch! Monday thru Friday.

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  • Boilingrug
    Zero principles
    Tune-in & hear Ben defend criminality bc, in his word, “everyone got rich!” FYI, Gov Newsom is what’s called a Biden “surrogate”. You should look it up! Also, stay for the end where Ben claims Biden is corrupt for supporting unions & that workers are just so greedy. Plus, he misleads his listeners…just a great guy all-around!
  • groovy squirrel
    So hilarious….
    ..I can’t think of a positive thing to say regarding this one. Drivel, at best. And Biden has cognitive issues??? Do you ever stop whining??
  • Last king worst game ever
    Good political analysis
    Good political analysis. Ads are conflicting, he said he only wore cuts and threw away all his other clothes, but then promoted classic tees.
  • fm1324
    Top notch.
    Ben must be saying the correct things because I’ve been unable to listen to his podcast lately. This past week it constantly says “episode unavailable” yet other podcast play. Keep it up Ben. I’ve been listening in for years and telling as many folks to listen and pay attention to what is going on around them. Thank you.
  • CoffeeWithJesus
    Bad Choices, Ben
    Ben is awesome when it comes to exposing the left, but he’s fallen into the Trump trance on the right. His video talking about a supposed big Trump lead over Biden leaves out the internals of the poll, which show it’s horse crap. Either Ben doesn’t know, or he knows and he’s now a Trump surrogate.
  • Nat.ethAn
    Love him/hate the excessive commercials
    I’ve been listening to Ben since summer 2020, and he quickly became my favorite podcaster. The commercials are excessive though. Quite a few of my friends stopped listening because of them. Even if you listen through the (expensive) DailyWire app, you still get the commercials. Ben. Please. Pleeeease. Stop with all the commercials. I’m begging you.
  • Hi Buddy Waz Up
    I was wrong
    Before I actually listened to what Ben was saying, I admit I had the wrong idea about him. However, I’ve been disillusioned with the left for a while, and after listening to both sides I’m starting to realize one side really does love America and truth, while the other hate the very idea of our country and want to make Lenin-Marxism the mainstream ideology. This is from a former socialist and leftist- I was wrong! Thank you Ben and the daily wire for opening my eyes and helping me decide to turn back to God Also to respond to another commenter the USSR doesn’t even exist anymore lol
  • Anthony_vegas_jones
    Love Ben and this show! Great work!!
  • Teddy Gallagher
    Thank you
  • f_ckpeople
    I know poopi Goldberg already supported Fetterman in his clothing choice.
    I love this guy I’ve been listening to him for a like 6 months, and it’s amazing. He is so logical and smart, only I can’t speed up the podcast because it goes WAY to fast. I also love how he does it daily, which gives me a nice podcast to listen to on the daily. Amazing podcast, highly recommend.
  • Mookiestinkss
    Now Apple is shadow banning this?
    Interesting. Within the past 2 weeks, Apple has stated not showing new episodes in my “listen now” feed that has traditionally shown any new episodes for shows I follow. Same issue with Michael Knowles shows. Not good.
  • SurferGirloco
    You speak too fast
    I am Listening right now and your voice sounds like a Robot not easy in the ears .. breath and slow down it’s not the end of the world
  • Sunshine Moonshine
    Good content but 1/2 is commercials
    I had to unsubscribe. Half the content is commercials!
  • Konodokid
    HES AN AGENT OF THE USSR! HE SPREAD COMMUNIST CONSPIRACYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know you are an agent of the USSR to spread the woke mind virus!!!!!!! Your woke propaganda and evil woke propaganda is going to destroy the world! Don’t listen to this communist maniac! For Ben Shapiro is secretly Karl Marx! I know the truth! Don’t fall for this communist conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mowntinman
    Morally principled… holds both sides of the aisle accountable.
  • 33whiskey
    Paid actor
    He is a sell out, a paid act. Pure garbage show
  • BrandonB111
    Horrible Show
    At first I didn’t mind the show, being a republican I had similar views. But he loves too pick apart people of all political backgrounds, race, and religion. He sounds like that pastor in church that preaches and preaches, telling you how too live your life. He has said some horrible things about people. No a show I would recommend. He is one of the people in the media today spreading all this hatred.
  • Old Cty
    Can’t take the talking on speed
    Go bless this guy. Great mind. Great points. Small doses works. After 30 minutes of listening straight through however my head aches. Find a way to slow down or break it up with individual shows.
  • Naomi Rosen
    I can’t believe people just make things up on this show regularly. “Alternative facts” is an oxymoron, idiots
  • Hayley Christina
  • v.chianese
    Went for his speeches, stayed for his podcast
    Great show. Sure, Ben is biased, but he’s open about it and even so, I find him way more objective reporting news than a lot of other journalists around. Also, the Trump impersonation is the best one
  • littlehusky150
    Nuh uh
    Nope you goofy lil transphobe
  • Bob Waddle
    Isn’t Honest
    He isn’t honest or fair, but he pretends he is, the daily wire news in general dies what they claim the left media does; skew, stretch and give one side then a straw man argument about the other side.
  • Momsthatcare2
    The best !!!
    Who doesn’t love Ben :)
  • Special loyal fan
    Faithful listener
    I’ve been listening to Ben on the radio for about 3 or 4 years maybe even longer. I also watched him when he was on Fox News. Everyday I look forward to listening to the show. I like how he gives such informative news. I especially like that he can talk so fast, because then I get more news. Keep up the great job. Elizabeth Moore
  • Hanbon64
    Dumb communist libs trying to limit free speech and call this fascism make my day
    5/5 for me
  • bigbrainsmartman
    Best podcast ever
    If you don’t like this guy your stupid
  • Nickelodeon WHAT !!!!!
    S tier
    So I made a tier list for podcasts, standing at three I put joe rogan, at numero dos Distractible a great, funny podcast, number one, Ben Shapiro
  • Team Ridgeback
  • Fisher627
    This is a terrible podcast
    Great if you like angry high pitched fascism
  • taylor20045689
    Love Ben!
    Ben provides the most wisedom, and commonsensical advice to young and old. He is extremely intelligent and rooted with great morals. I am always excited when he is live and love his Biden impersonation! Lol Ben provides a laugh with his dry sense of humor but a great listen with his keen intelligence. Do beware he talks extremely fast but once you are used to it a great show to hear daily!
  • BeccaBoo1980
    I can laugh and learn
    Everything the haters seem to hate about this show, I love. I love the humor and sarcasm. I love how fast he talks. I love that I get some news and a laugh at the same time.
  • jack_simon
    Far Right Propagand at its worst
    Apple should stop platforming this vitriol and hate filled content that praises Jan 6 defendants and demonizes all minorities, in terms of philosophy, culture, and religion. Ben should remove himself from all platforms because his spree of fake news buoyed by Fox and its ilk will eventually no longer work.
  • Cosmopeterson
    Entertaining and informative
    Did not give a five star review because I agree with everything he says (I do not), but because he gives a very thoughtful, reasonable, unbiased and professional analysis of current events and is a good counterweight to more liberal platforms to give you a more accurate view of the world.
  • My name is Tim Hermanson
    Just a pathetic, angry man and a microphone
    Absolute trash, but if you’re pathetic and angry, like Ben, and need your misguided feelings validated, this is the show for you!
  • pinkangel1986
    My absolute favorite podcast!
    Ben Shapiro is bright, articulate and well-informed on history, culture and politics! I love listening to his perspective and appreciate his humor—-his laughter is the best and is contagious. The most honest voice out there and his take on what is at stake in this next presidential election is sobering and has me firmly backing Ron DeSantis for any hope of a win!
  • bennett_Dinosaur
    Best when listened to at 1.25x. Love to listen while mowing the lawn. Articulate. Just don’t like the new thumbnail/ photo thing
  • OptimusStone
    This isn’t the Christian conservatism
    I can’t believe the garbage that comes from the most popular conservative podcast in America, and I can’t believe so many eat it up. What happened to my party? The compassion and love of the Republican Party is gone in exchange for half truths, misdirection, gossip, hate and lies. This isn’t what Jesus would want from us. We need to do so much better. I would never recommend this show to anybody.
  • jflo0204
    Ben is great, truthful, and to the point.
    I love Ben’s show, he always speaks the truth and I love his humor. I would like to ask him to slow down with the pace of his speech, sometimes I can’t keep up or process what he last said.
  • Jrboho
    We get you Love DeSantis and Hate Trump
    The new beard and clothes is not going to change the fact we are getting tired of the Trump hating. Ben, I’m sure you are losing listeners and relevance. Be careful dude.
  • Asciguy
    I’m tired of fascists, like Braden from GA
    Yet here you are! Also, an inanimate thing cannot have feelings or be racist like you Bennie. ‘They’ shut down the Hunter Biden story? CNN, Yahoo news, Facebook 4/21 and you. Wipe that dirt off your face boy
  • Crash Burnham
    Ben is FEARLESS
    Looking forward to Ben’s hot take about his political allies’ imminent re-enactment of kristallnacht. Set to the background of his rich mezzo-soprano voice, each day Ben transports me to a wonderful world completely detached from the dual burdens of history and logic. I love the new branding, focusing on the “Ben” instead of the “Shapiro”. Ben’s audience is exclusively 60-something middle managers named Steve, and he’s looking to expand his market (brilliant) to include those right-wingers who would be ‘turned off’ by a name like Shapiro (for some reason). See, Ben doesn’t do ‘politics’. Ben saves his expertise for the culture war exclusively, bravely showing us all that if you only debate children about pop-culture tribalism, then you don’t need actual opinions on the issues. You can destroy dolls on video for a half hour like a boss, and then not go hide for a week from embarrassment, because you are on the right side of history. Great guy..
  • Thorium9000
    Some interesting perspectives and good takes, which is more than you can say for a lot of competitors and colleagues, but not enough for how obnoxious he is. Feh!
  • Mike P. 1988
    Ben Shapiro Is A Campaign Spokesman For Governor DeSantis
    Been listening for a few years, and I do think Ben is brilliant and, at times, his witticism on current events can be rather amusing, yet informative. However, I have given four stars because I’m getting tired of hearing him rave about his buddy DeSantis everyday. While Ron is an accomplished governor, he is rather impersonal, and has been unable to develop a wide enough presence on a national scale. It’s clear that Ben has contempt for both Trump and Ramaswamy, and does not take either of these GOP contenders and their platforms seriously. If Shapiro wants to see a DeSantis/Haley 2024’ ticket, that’s totally fine, but just admit it rather than try to pretend that you are free from your own personal biases. Hopefully, Trump selects Vivek as a “VP” or “Chief of Staff.”
  • gxdcd dt
    Great show
    I love Ben ❤️
  • Mtayl03
    Generally agree with you on nearly every topic. On this one you got it wrong. Capitalism is not in play with drug prices. Drug companies name the price and insurance/CMS has to pay it. I prescribe drugs that cost over $25,000 a month. Clearly insane and has nothing to do with normal capitalistic market forces. Something has to change.
  • StreetFighter0110
    Most informative, moral, entertaining pod of all the political commentators.
  • rapgod32
    Hahahahaha luv this holy man
    Was reading some absolutely hilarious one star reviews good jokes people😂😂😂 actually low-key probably one of the only ppl who says exactly what they’re thinking and sounds intelligent at the same time. As a Orthodox Jew from Lkwd NJ, we salute u Mr. Shapiro.
  • basedafff
    Human paraquat
    an absolute ghoul, a cheap plastic replica of a human being, haunting my podcast feed like a particularly flatulent poltergeist-all in all, this man is a fascist and deserves nothing less than the deepest pit in Tartarus
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