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Judaism #8

Israel Story is an award-winning podcast that tells true stories you won't hear on the news. Hosted by Mishy Harman, the bi-weekly show brings you extraordinary tales about ordinary Israelis. The show is produced in partnership with The Jerusalem Foundation. For Hebrew episodes, see סיפור ישראלי, or go to our website:
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  • Farmaestra
    So interesting!
    I love this series and I am recommending it to relatives and friends! Thank you!
  • MrsBloom21
    I simply love it
    The mixtape series is so interesting and informative. I am also loving and recommending to all my friends the Signed, Sealed, Delivered? series. Enjoy!!
  • Kishmach
    Great stuff
    Thoughtful in-depth journalism that makes my Jewish soul kvel!
  • Hatzal
    Israel Story
    I found this podcast through Israeli Aliyah resource. The stories cut across the diversity of the Jewish people and their history. It is beautifully created and presented. The stories relevant and inspiring. You will be entertained and inspired by the depth and creativity of each episode.
  • Honest reviewer 1234
    Despicable hate speech!
    The hate speech against religious jews (especially one specific expression) by Ben-Gurion’s grandson in episode 81 shouldn’t and (so far) doesn’t mach your show’s standard’s!
  • sour cherry treetree tree tree
    Love this podcast
    Such a range of stories. A wonderful way to connect with Israel. Thank you.
  • Sashapave
    A remarkable series
    It just keeps getting better. This latest episode had me in tears, both of joy and sorrow. Amazing storytelling!
  • Jko7777
    Excellent range of topics, thoroughly researched, beautifully edited. Mishy and crew move me to tears (good tears!) EVERY single time.
  • ben747757
    Really diverse stories
    I like this podcast very much. Started by going to the beginning of the episodes and working my way forward each morning during my daily workouts. I’ve been to Israel many times and this show has taught me a lot- I want to visit some of the sites mentioned on my next visit. Thanks!
  • Amy_Diversity_is_Beautiful
    Love this podcast!
    I absolutely love this podcast! I happened upon the episodes Love Syndrome, and have been hooked ever since. Thank you for sharing these amazing stories with the world.
  • ChimouThaGod
    What’s an israel?
  • fkrvmd
    Incredible stories
    I thoroughly enjoy these podcasts. The topics are interesting and the interviews are well done. Production and music are great.
  • yakobovitch
    Love this podcast!
  • simplymeintx
    Imitation Highest Form of Flattery
    After listening to all of “This American Life” episodes at least twice, I have been thirsty for more. This podcast openly acknowledges it’s a copy replacing America with Israel. The stories are equally interesting but the host does lack the charm Ira Glass brings. Still it is worth the listen!
  • Patagonik8
    Best Jewish:Israeli podcast online
    I can't get enough of the stories and the way they are narrated. If you are fan of This American Life, and care about Israel, this is for you. (And the host has a sexy voice!)
  • doug49le
    Binge worthy
    I am a latecomer to the Israel Story. I started with Episode 1 and listen during my daily walk. I have never been disappointed and often find myself laughing or deeply immersed in thought. Never stops providing new insight to Israel. Highly recommended!!
  • Doctor Lynn
    For any Israelphile or anybody at all that loves a good story, this podcast rises above others. I can’t believe how good it is: interesting, engaging and at times inspiring. Every aspect of it is highest quality: sound, production, but most of all story-telling and lack of politicization (which for me would ruin the whole thing. ) Thank you thank you thank you for filling a need in my podcast appetite I didn’t know existed. Highly recommend.
  • Robbie Schaefer
    My favorite podcast
    LOVE Israel Story: relevant, interesting, well-written, and well-produced. Listening to Israel Story makes me feel closer to Israel and constantly introduces me to people and ideas I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. Bravo!
  • skokie lupo
    Avid fan
    Israel stories are some of the most entertaining, emotional and educational hours we spend. We can’t wait for every new episode and season. Not to be missed—ever
  • jonn_msft
    heartwarming, excellent production values
    Israel Story is “the Israeli version of This Israel Story is “the Israeli version of This American Life”. Unfailingly heartwarming, excellent production values.
  • California Jeff
    This by far is one of the best podcasts there is!
    I listen to a number of podcasts daily, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, The Morning Show, Chris Cuomo, The Takeout, while I get ready for work, commute, walk the dog, bike ride cook and do dishes, you name it and I am almost always on a podcast. This is my total favorite. I laugh out loud, I have cried...the subject matter is always interesting, the way the stories are told so artistic and creative...these folks out so much humanity and soul into each production. Thank you!!
  • Fasteddie18
    Oh my gosh, this podcast is outstanding. I cannot stop listening to these episodes.
  • elb 425
    Israel story is great
    There is no episode that I haven't loved. Goes deep into people's lives. Exposes our collective humanity.
  • schnuka
    A little slice of home
    Israel story brings the people of Israel and all their quirks and vulnerabilities alive.
  • mkoven
    Great Storytelling
    This podcast never disappoints. I’m always entertained and educated by these stories.
  • Lbkstl
    The Only Podcast
    I generally don’t listen to podcasts. I don’t have a commute really, and I like listening to music when I exercise. However, there is one podcast that I am continually drawn to - obsessed with, actually - and that’s Israel Story. I’ve spent a lot of time in Israel, and I cherish the nuances, the variety, the continually surprising and fascinating subjects that Mishi Harmon and his crew bring to light. But for people that know nothing about the country, its history or its people, the series is a doorway to a fascinating part of the world with all of its beauty and its faults. The stories are truly unforgettable and I am so grateful to be able to hear them. If there were 10 stars I’d give it that.
  • Via Customer
    Exceptional ordinary Israelis
    Each week I look forward to meeting new Israelis and hearing their remarkable and entertaining stories. Some of these remain with me pretty much permanently. Beautifully produced.
  • pfoz85
    Love these stories❤️
    Love these stories and the Israel Story team. So well-made and interesting!
  • Suzy201
    Love this podcast
    Israel Story gives me so much joy, and it consistently provides an emotionally rewarding experience.
  • Leah Stolar
    I love Israel Story! Each episode is so beautifully choreographed and narrated. The story telling is warm and genuine. Each story is a window into Israel. The stories are authentic and heartwarming, real people telling real stories. The next best thing to being there.
  • jillsherm
    This is my favorite part of the day when I get to listen to my Israel story. I have been learning how to speak Hebrew for a year and a half now and it’s just one more way for me to feel connected to Israel! Thank you so much!
  • Igoruha22
    Amazing Production!!!!!
    Love-love this podcast. Production quality in unparalleled❤️
  • heeeeeeyy
    Just amazing
    This podcast is the best. I discovered it only recently, and I’m binge-listening to past episodes because I just can’t stop! It’s compelling and uplifting, and it gives an incredible window into the Israel you don’t see in the headlines, and indeed into the human condition as a whole. Do yourself a favor and listen!
  • Alizabelle310
    Stunning podcast
    I am a podcast person. Like many people, I had to take a break from political podcasts. A friend recommended this podcast and I decided to give it a try. Nearly every episode leaves me speechless. Unique stories that always uplift or make me think long and hard after they’re over. Highly recommend.
  • JasonSuperPisces
    Each episode is a gift.
    I never quite know when to expect a new episode or special section, but when they appear I can’t wait to go take a walk and listen. Does not matter your political, religious or ideological perspective. This is about humans. The only thing I dislike about this podcast is that there are not more!
  • opa paul l
    Israel story
    Wonderful podcast. Reminiscent of this American life. Highly recommended.
  • RichG57
    Just great
    Ok, so it’s a ripoff of TAL. But as the parent of an Israeli and a frequent visitor to that country, I can’t think of any other form of media that expresses Israel’s nature, history, and culture as well as Israel story. Nothing even comes close. I can’t wait until you start doing live shows in the US again and I hope you come to to Boston, my home town.
  • TuxedoLady27
    My Favorite Podcast
    I never know what quite to expect from this fun program. It’s fun to imagine who all the other listeners are, and to add a bonus, there’s a Hebrew language version, too.
  • Dan of Sharon
    Love This Podcast
    Israel Story is very enjoyable - sometimes funny, sometimes moving, but always informative
  • 💕💗💕💗💕💗💗💕💕
    Love it
  • oliveandsaul
    Wonderful, special podcast
    Heartwarming, inspiring stories that humanize a very special yet controversial country. We are so grateful for this sweet podcast and love absolutely everything about it.
  • teagray4
    Best most worthwhile podcast!!!
    Thank you, Israel Story, for making the world a better place by highlighting the engaging and compelling stories of ordinary people leading extraordinary lives. There is truly no better podcast. Keep up the great work!
  • Napazoe
    My First Time
    I had to let you know that I am thrilled to discover you tonight. This is the beginning of a close relationship. Intelligent yet entertaining, historical yet contemporary in re-imagining the Hebrew language, and your love of Israel and our people brings me great pleasure. Thanks to all of you for having such a high standard of your profession. Sababa! 🇺🇸🇮🇱
  • Seattle Israel Lover
    Every episode brings us closer to the REAL Israel!
    We discovered Israel Story at the beginning of a long trip to Israel, and had listened to most of the then-available episodes (it was mid 2016) by the end of the trip. The most interesting Israel Stories of that trip were the “68 and Counting” collection of Independence Day celebrations, highlighting every 10th year since ‘48. We returned home with a much richer and more complete appreciation of our Jewish National Homeland and its evolution since achieving statehood. Every single episode makes us more informed lovers of Israel. The episodes dealing with experiences or Israeli features that have already touched our lives always end up changing our perspective, and the episodes that introduce us to new aspects of Israel make us want to explore the relevant topic in depth from a far, and in person on our next trip to Israel, which is never soon enough. THANK YOU Mishy, Yochai, Zev and your entire team of collaborators for creating this absolute favorite of our numerous podcasts. And to anyone who has the opportunity to see one of their live shows, DON’T MISS IT!
  • aka Zev Amerikai
    Truly Israeli
    From ancient to modern Major to trivial Deep to superficial Serious to frivolous. Left to ...trying
  • Baking 4 fun today
    I feel a little closer to you
    I have enjoyed every episode so far but I especially love the Alone Together series! It is good to hear how other countries are dealing with Covid. We are not really alone, we really are alone together. I highly recommend that you listen to these episodes.
  • pstvrch
    Every episode moves me
    If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this podcast- drop everything and stream or download an episode. The stories are so moving- I have such a range of emotions each and every episode, laughing, crying and feeling rejuvenated. The stories are thoughtful and have a new spin each and every episode. Listen in Hebrew or English- these stories are about human beings at their core.
  • Minna's daughter
    Love this podcast
    Wonderful podcast
  • b.uneek
    I love these stories!
    When a friend recommended this podcast as ‘The israeli version’ of ‘This American Life’ I scrambled to find it, listened, and was immediately hooked.
  • kcrufus
    Great Insight into Israel Today and History
    Love this podcast. Love hearing items from inside Israel and the the history of Israel.
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