Tanis is a bi-weekly podcast from the Public Radio Alliance, and is hosted by Nic Silver. Tanis is a serialized docudrama about a fascinating and surprising mystery: the myth of Tanis. Tanis is an exploration of the nature of truth, conspiracy, and information. Tanis is what happens when the lines of science and fiction start to blur... S

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Recent Reviews
  • xpyxd
    Tiger orange tiger ice lighthouse
  • lala-likes-books
    PRA is 🔥
    I’m convinced everything PRA does is magic
  • Caseylee213
    Becky Sauerbrunn brought me here
    Just started listening after USWNT star Becky mentioned the show on a different podcast and I’ve barely listened to anything else since. Super addicting and incredibly well done. Obsessed.
  • Ice Cold Leinenkugel
    Amazing piece of art
    This podcast is really a work of art. I started listening to Season 1 on a whim when looking for something to listen to on road trip. I ended up listening to all the seasons across South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan UP, Wisconsin and just finished Season 5 through Illinois and Missouri. I can not wait to see where this goes. The voice acting is superb and the twists and turns are fantastic. You will not regret giving this a chance.
  • Wes Mack
    Been listening since the first series, love the show
    I’m restarting the series from the beginning. Love the show and figured I would enjoy the new season more if I remind myself where we are at. Keep up the great work
  • Umberd
    Started really strong, but too many loose ends
    I loved it at first, but it had the same trajectory as the Black Tapes for me (also loved TBT). Excellent suspense, it’s like a fever dream. But season after season of clues that go nowhere, loose ends that just hang there, like the writer got excited about something then didn’t know where to go with it. I’m talking major plot points. I think they just didn’t know where they were going and kept changing their minds to the point where I couldn’t keep listening after a few seasons. Also, why can’t Nic ask a freaking follow up question? Why?!?!
  • sleepykdf
    Sleepy time
    This helps me sleep! I love to sleep! Cheers 🤡
  • @TheRealBarbaraGordon
    Love this podcast
    If you love weird, mythical, mysterious, fantastical stories based in real life start listening to this. I actually found this podcast from reading the book Rabbits by Terry Miles. I recommend you listen and you grab a copy of the book Rabbits!
  • Deisel64
    Another amazing PNWS Pod
    If you love mystery and well written stories, tanis is for you! Also highly recommend Rabbits!
  • cordinthea
    Thoroughly enjoyable
    I very much enjoy this podcast- do not get me wrong… but the script can be somewhat underwhelming while still be confusing at times with names. I think the thing that drops it down to 3 stars is that… the voice acting is very monotone. The voice actor for MK really is carrying this entire show.
  • Punchinurface
    I’m so confused.. but like the show
    I’ve been binging Tanis after listening to Rabbits and Last Movie. I’m on Season 5 and I still have absolutely 0 idea what’s happening on this show. I find it calming, however so we have that going for it 😊
  • Taz4455
    Also aggravating but good
    Like the Black Tapes, I feel like there are a lot of plot points that don’t get enough attention at times and leave an overwhelming amount of speculation which i find more annoying than artistic. The beginning was a little slow but about episode 4 or 5 I feel like it picked up really nicely, it’s certainly an enjoyable listen and I actually hope they get another season out even though I know it’ll be insanely anti-climatic in the intro. They sometimes build up to something really cool and then begin the next season like nothing happened or that whatever did happen wasn’t that interesting. I find that annoying. I enjoy it nonetheless and find it worth my time to receive entertainment.
  • Mia Maid
    A bit slow at times, but definitely interesting. And I love these podcasts bc they blur the line between fiction and reality. Real life has no straight conclusion and people do dumb stuff, so if you’re looking for a straight hero story, this isn’t the one for you. Definitely worth the time.
    Great horror/conspiracy podcast
    Great horror/conspiracy podcast that while goes all over the place, covering everything from Nikolas Tesla to H.P. Lovecraft, still manages to be a compelling listen with some great voice acting. The scene stealer is MK, the acerbic hacker who constantly cuts everyone down to size. Must listen for audio play fans.
  • vx850
    Don’t be dissuaded by bad reviews
    This is the best “creepy” podcast out there. No matter what podcasts I try, I continue to come back to TANIS, as well as it’s sister shows The Black Tapes and The Last Movie. They are simply more entertaining than any other I have listened to. The voices are calming so it is also easy to listen to. There are a few meme-y things people say about the show, but the memes spread because of how many people watch and genuinely enjoy the show. I can’t recommend it enough.
  • CAMP06
    Solid 4.5 stars
    I’m so torn with this show. I wait eagerly for new eps, but I can’t bring myself to give it 5 true stars. It’s the “I found a letter.” “Did you read the letter?” “Yes.” “Can you tell me what it says?” “Yes.” “Would you tell me what it says?” type dialogue. The paywall doesn’t bother me. Got to pay the bills and I sub to Stitcher, too. There’s a lot to like here but it could use a bit of dialogue editing. The acting is fantastic and I love the creepy premise. Worth a listen for the first season alone.
  • Tartruce
    Mostly good but not ideal
    I was really enjoying this podcast and the mystery until it incorporated the very real tragedy of Elisa Lam’s death. It felt like a poor choice to use her death to make the story more interesting as if it was just something fun to spice up the mystery. A good show but I am uncomfortable with story elements like this and will probably stop listening.
  • SK Phish
    The best!
    I'm addicted to all of the PRA shows (Tanis, Rabbits, The Last Movie, The Black Tapes, & Faeries). Nothing compares to the storylines. Mystery mixed with sci-fi and some really amazing characters that you become attached to. PLEASE don't stop making these podcasts! Bonus: Rabbits has a book, too. 100% worth the read, even if you haven't listened to the podcast. I haven't been able to put it down!
  • Gabrielcrx
    Way to convoluted
    Way to many different ways this goes. Feels like they just add plot twists to add them. Seriously just follow a story why is there 10 different stories told in the same episodes? lol
  • sax6575
    The person in charge of dialogue is a mystery.
    This show presents a few interesting ideas but fails miserably at presenting those ideas to us as the "viewer" via their dialogue. The narrator, Nic, maybe hard of hearing as he constantly repeats what's said to him with a question mark at the end, every single time. This happens throughout the entirety of this show and it's mind numbingly stupid. I simply cannot listen to Nic talk to any characters any more. Also, in Tanis and the Black Tapes, the narrators constantly remind secondary characters that they work on a documentary podcast and go on to explain what a podcast is. HI HELLO, WE'RE LISTENING TO A PODCAST. ITS 2016, WE KNOW WHAT THESE ARE NOW. Also, if you're going to use a "hacker" and talk in technical jargon, at least do a little research and get it right. I groaned so many times throughout this show because the technical explanations were so badly written. Considering a podcast is strictly an audio experience and this is a documentary relying on dialogue, I'd highly suggest that the dialogue is masterful and well written before PNW Stories continues to make any more podcasts. Y'all are literally only doing well right now because podcasts are booming and no ones actually critically examining you.
  • Bpmcfar
    Great Pod! Hard to believe it’s fiction!
    Love how you guys weave in all the real life history/mystery and make it seem real!
  • LateAgainBoo
    No actual ending….AGAIN
    Unnecessarily convoluted with no actual conclusion. For five seasons they screw around alluding to some big event happening and then you get to the end and it basically just stops without anything being explained and no real resolution, just like their other majorly disappointing podcast, The Black Tapes. It feels like a betrayal….dragging us along, adding layer upon layer upon layer, making us think it’s leading somewhere, until eventually, you find yourself saying, “Ugh, not ANOTHER new character with a needless subplot that never gets resolved.” Two stars for great performances by the voice actors and fantastic production values.
  • Tanis is the best
    Best podcast ever
    the best podcast ever so addicting great for walks and when r u making season 6 5 stars for me
  • Dos1981
    Fall short
    Finished season 1. Just moved so slow and not much has happened. Kind of a waste of time.
  • infamous IA
    Best ever
    Most all In compassing fiction podcast
  • Responsible citizen
    Cerebral sci-fi at its best
    So good... interesting characters, well written and well acted, with continuous, fascinating plot twists, swirling endlessly around the drain that is...Tanis. Where does the drain lead? I don’t know yet but I’m sticking with this wild ride until I see where it ends.
  • milqster
    Eh, get to it already
    When I first found Tanis I was all in but now it seems like the writers can’t decide how to wrap up some things. Season 5 felt like a holding pattern or something and I’m not sure I can stick with another season unless they make some progress early on.
  • kmaggard1
    Commercials with a story mixed in for fun
    It would be a great listen if not for all the commercials and interruptions. I got through two seasons but just not worth hearing so many interruptions
  • Spunkee794711
    On the Edge of My Seat
    Full of mystery and suspense, Tanis , has drawn me in. The end of each season leaves me thirsting for more and wishing it never ends. This has been a great Podcast and I recommend it any and all scifi/mystery/ etc fans!!!!
  • Liam Daniel Dewell
    I’m only on season two and I think Marcus, the dude that tried to tear himself apart, got “aggravated” when he saw you because you were also in the “breach” like him. I love the podcast and am really interested. Thank you so so so much!!
  • Muse2me2
    Nick annoys me
    He didn’t at first, but after a full season of his dialogue always being him repeating whatever is said to him, I was over it. It became too distracting.
  • Lmielke
    The stories they create are the best. I do want to know what happened to “Alex”
  • blue kumquat
    Truly Exceptional
    I tried listening to a few story-style podcasts, but this and Rabbits (also by Pacific Northwest Stories) were the only ones that grabbed me. I love how they utilize the genre as part of the story and weave in real-life stories of strange things that have happened throughout history. I would say there are definitely issues with plotline and continuity-- plenty of unresolved cliffhangers, passing mentions of important characters dying or disappearing, not a lot of concrete answers. But in the end, those things weren't enough for me to knock a star off the rating because I have been totally engrossed for weeks now.
  • tnish96
    I’ve listened to this 5+ times now
    I’m not sure what the people leaving bad reviews are talking about. This is a phenomenal show, and I’ve come back several times over the years to listen to it all over again. It seems that some people find the smaller stories and sub-plots confusing or feel that they leave you hanging, but I would argue that this format really adds to the sense of discovery and uncovering the mystery in real-time. I hardly ever leave reviews, but this podcast is so amazing that I felt I had to. Big thanks to the creators for making this available ♥️
  • ohwellohwellohmyohmymy
    It’s interesting but after a while there doesn’t seem to be much of a plot
  • hello everyone get this game
    Too many ads/ breaks
    Good show but to many ads and breaks.
  • _nickmjones_
    Pleasant nonsense
    I’ve been listening to this show for years now, and the reviews that say it doesn’t make sense are correct. It’s a series of dead ends and “revelations” about a mystery that doesn’t really make sense even from season one. However, maybe because it’s so familiar to me now, it’s sort of like an old friend who tells tall tales that you know are lies. So even though it doesn’t make any sense at all, and its incidental music is probably some of the worst on any podcast, this show has been my go-to for insomnia, long drives, and other times when having a familiar voice in the background is what I need. You’re never going to get to the “end” of the “mystery” (because the writers are clearly just making it up as they go along), but maybe that isn’t really the point after all.
  • CreatiScope
    Started off great
    Not really sure what happened. I liked the first 3 seasons a lot but got the sense nothing was going to be resolved. Season 4 was good but didn’t execute on anything and season 5 really isn’t very good. Almost nothing happens in season 5, the Pacifica chapters plus the opening anecdotes and the intro/outro/ADs kills so much time that there is very little story per episode. It feels like this season was a lot of filler and nothing really happens outside of the first episode and the last 3. All of the cool supporting characters are gone except the two leads. I would’ve rather the show had just ended, unfortunately. If they do a season 6, hopefully they can redeem themselves but I fear it would be more of the same.
  • Marleygjrl2007
    Stop the music!
    I loved the premise for the show and I loved Nick‘s voice. I would really like this podcast but I can’t get over the constant ads asking for funding and the the background Music. I couldn’t get through the first episode!
  • amyrlina
    Lost the plot
    Started out really compelling but after 5 seasons it’s a whacked out mess with a million questions, few answers, and more random “spooky” weirdness than you can ever keep up with. MK is the best part. Nic has the flattest, most emotionless intonation that it’s hard keep your attention sometimes because his voice makes you space out. Super sad because PRA has great ideas for shows, but every one turns out so unsatisfying.
  • imahalfblood
    Just what I needed
    Just discovered this and I’m so happy coz I have 5 whole seasons to binge!😱😱😱
  • Maccc54
    an exhausting listen
    seriously y’all don’t waste five seasons of your time on this train wreck
  • The wickster
    I couldn’t put it down, I listened while I ran, biked cooked...I couldn’t get enough.
  • Dr. Whosewhatsits
    A big fat giant dessert!
    Fan for years. Enjoy this podcast so much! Love love love the amount of research and care invested in Tanis by its creators. The intertwining of facts within the framework of a gripping plot make every episode intriguing and something to learn from. Their attention to detail seems almost like a luxury compared to most other shows these days. The rest seem more focused on releasing more often by sacrificing the quality of the content. Thank you Tanjs!
  • the red paladon
    Loved it
    Absolutely awesome have now listened to all of the Pacific Northwest Stories!
  • AwesomeShaman
    I am legitimately worried that Nic will end up dead in a twisted tree in the middle of some country he’s never been to. Or he’ll end up frozen in the Antarctic after walking through some weird cave or something....
  • brownswimmer
    I love this podcast. It sends shivers down my spine and makes my heart race. Just finished season 5, and now aim going back through the whole show again to catch all the easter eggs and put everything together. But........ am I crazy or does Nic say Patreon wrong every single episode?? It drives me nuts 😂 But other than that, I can’t recommend enough! P.S. The dialogue is pretty cheesy during the first season especially, but stick it out! It gets much better 👀
  • Ben FYM
    A Favorite
    I love this podcast so much. It pains me to bring it up, but can we talk about Terry’s repetition of Nic’s and other series themes? Silence would’ve been more than fine in many of the instances where it’s used. My only sticking point. Take care.
  • Kentjenningsadg
    This podcast always keeps you on your toes and keeps your mind racing I love it so much I’m on my second listen through
  • nickname feature bs
    Best podcast
    This podcast keeps you wanting more.
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