Tanis is a bi-weekly podcast from the Public Radio Alliance, and is hosted by Nic Silver. Tanis is a serialized docudrama about a fascinating and surprising mystery: the myth of Tanis. Tanis is an exploration of the nature of truth, conspiracy, and information. Tanis is what happens when the lines of science and fiction start to blur... S

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Recent Reviews
  • nickname feature bs
    Best podcast
    This podcast keeps you wanting more.
  • Liz in Delmar
    Start listening now!!!!!!!!
    Makes me want search in the woods for that clearing and the cabin and everything. I love MK and I love Nic but he is so naive and should listen to MK more!!! Excellent and so creative and entertaining!!! Nic, be careful!!!!!!!
  • DannyPanic
    The best there is.
    This is, far and away, the absolute best fiction podcast I have ever heard - and I’ve listened to quite a few. Everything about it is absolutely superb: the timing, rhythm, characterization, voice acting, plot, writing, incidental music, the slow build-up of tension...I could go on listing superlatives all day, it is truly that good. My favorite way to listen to this podcast is late at night, in the dark, laying in bed, while the ominous scenes and storylines slowly begin to give me the creeps in the best way.
  • codeisthenewblack
    Can’t get enough
    If you’re anything like me, you’ll quickly be hooked and follow all the PRA podcasts as soon as you get caught up on Tanis. I even paused listening to Tanis to listen to the first season of The Last Movie as a nice addition to the story. The only complaint I have is there is not enough! It’s so good at leaving you hanging and wanting more, so prepared to be frustrated by those intense season finales that leave you with more questions than answers.
  • katenmkate
    Season 4
    Season 5 — as good, or better, than 1, 2, 3, 4. We recommend this podcast totally! Season 4 — just as captivating and enthralling as Seasons 1,2, and 3. Excellent on all fronts. We can’t wait for each new episode. 😳 PLEASE keep it up‼️ 👍🏼
  • Juice box 134238
    This is one of my first podcasts I started listening to and has kept me interested the entire time, love it keep ‘em coming
  • shannondice
    Love this podcast!
    Absolutely love this podcast, love mk and nick
  • Queen Charlie of Moondoor
    I love this podcast but...
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for ages and I love it so much. The story is incredible and like nothing I’ve ever listened to. The picturesque descriptions of the PNW are beautiful and easily imagined. The writing is impeccable, however, the many dramatic pauses in each episode of season 5 are starting to grate on my nerves and drive me crazy. It happens SO many times in each episode, we get it, it’s dramatic but completely unnecessary to put in almost EVERY conversation and honestly, it’s turning me off and makes me wonder if they are just trying to fill space in the episode. I still gave 5 stars because Tanis is definitely worth a listen but I almost took a star or two off just because of the unnecessary overly dramatic silences that play out the same each and every time.
  • JulzNorth
    PNW Through and Through
    If you’ve never spent time alone in the woods of the PNW, with most coming down around you and sounds making their way to you faster and slower than normal, this pod will make you feel like you have. If you HAVE spent time in the woods, this pod will take you right back and make you question what you’ve seen, heard, and experienced. I love a story that makes me dive deep on what is real and what is fiction. The lines in this one get really blurry. It’s so well done, this is the pod that I measure against other fiction pods, and so far I haven’t found one that compares. -The other pods by this company are equally as good and I love them all!-
  • toady25
    Great to drift to
    It used to grate on me that that there wasn’t many revelations of the happenings concerning TANIS. I enjoy it more now for its esthetic style and it’s mysterious soundscape. I love laying in bed on rainy days half awake while listening. Runner available.
  • SleepyTempest
    The Great Mystery
    I love this podcast. I just finished S5 E3, and so far I'm loving Season 5!
  • p8ntbll247
    Television for your ears
    I absolutely love TANIS. Its exactly the kind of podcast for me. Investigative, deep, occult, and just a bit paranormal? I’m on season 2 and cant wait to keep learning more. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Tanis.
  • Anonymousx,vv
    Really loving everything in Nic Silver’s world!
    Been listening to all of Pacific Northwest Stories podcasts and TANIS is my favorite. Season 5 is so good! Can’t wait for more!
  • jh54935
    Wonderful as always! Really love this show!
  • PRA Fan
    A PRA Winner
    I have binged every podcast from PRA and loved every single one. TANIS is so weird and hard to explain to someone who hasn’t listened to it, but it is so compelling and addictive. I love the cast - I am very invested in Nic and MK’s relationship. I find its strangeness very scary at times, but I also find it comforting. I have been relistening to it during the pandemic as a way to escape. I recommend to anyone who likes fantasy, sci-fi, horror, or conspiracy theories.
  • Elizabeth 115
    My favorite podcast
    I discovered this podcast years ago and have been obsessed ever since! The podcast bring you deeper and deeper into the story. I’ve listened to the series over and over and each time I catch new details making it more exciting to listen!
  • Falling You
    Sometimes really good, sometimes not so much
    The atmosphere of the podcast often moves me, and occasionally this podcast will excel at really bringing you in. However, the dialog is often terrible, and I have to roll my eyes whenever yet another pseudoscientific element, debunked conspiracy theory or misrepresented historical figure is included. _Must_ this podcast include _every_ so-called "mystery" and fringe belief in it's storyline, even when many of these "mysteries" are the result of crackpot hypotheses rightly dismissed long ago? Really? Sometimes less is more, and this podcast would be far more engaging if it stopped doing this. Rabbits had a bit of this as well, but Rabbits was nowhere near as bad and knew when to stop, hence I enjoyed it a lot more.
  • tulrich9000
    Cannot stop listening
    I started listening a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to turn it off. I'm in the midst of catching up on season 5. It's mysterious. Compelling. Quality character development. So many good twists and turns.
  • D.O.C. M.
    Continually drawn in and love the immersive experience
  • Killer@174
    Th Greatest Fictional podcast bar none!
    The story, content, and delivery is excellent!!! Wow!Seems to keep me on the edge of my seat over and over again. I recommend this wall my friend and you have made podcast new favorite media!! Keep up the great work you set the bar high! Thank you!
  • Alix223
    My favorite
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. It’s what made me give them a shot. It is my favorite ever.
  • jimmystockstill1968
    The only podcast I look forward to
    Exceptional in every way. Brilliant!
  • Mea43
    Just the right amount of creepy without being scary
    No cheap jump scares but you’ll experience goosebumps moments for sure and keep coming back for more. The first handful of episodes ease you in and it may seem like you don’t know what’s going on. Hang in there!
  • bonoger
    So so good
    This is honestly my favorite podcast. It is the podcast that made me start enjoying and exploring podcasts. I love the lore, the storytelling, and the thought that goes into every episode. I want Tanis to be produced forever!
  • kirk_farris
    When’s the movie?
    Binged it in five days, my wife isn’t happy about it. Starting it again to catch what I’ve missed. AWESOME podcast! If I had to guess, I’d be the zealot or the witness, I’m just not cool enough to be a runner.....yet
  • lemmondrpz
    Elegant and Cryptic
    I’ve been listening for years and I hope to be listening for many more. Tanis alerts me to mystical and magical artifacts and events that are within this non-fictional reality. Still hoping to get a Malacetic Atlas for my birthday.. I listened to seasons 3 and 4 while living in Seattle. It added a feeling of uncanny-ness to daily life. Tanis feels like scifi lore or like a modern Lovecraft Ian experience at times.
  • Ejayz
    The best!
    Story telling at its finest! If your in to strange yet riveting stories. Tanis is for you!
  • KristalaGoGo
    I give up
    I liked this show a lot for the first 3 seasons. It just keeps adding threads and never wraps anything up in a satisfying way.
  • Heavy businessuser
    I usually listen to each episode twice to ensure I don’t miss anything. Entirely captivating.
  • weston.417
    My favorite podcast ever, period.
  • E_R_I_C_B
    Long listening, slight payoff
    This podcast moves at a snail’s pace. If Nic Silver, the main character, is a working journalist, then I’d wager he doesn’t make many of his deadlines. Nonetheless, the atmosphere and production are great. It keeps you curious. However, the story that plays out in your head ends up being better than what actually happens.
  • Slimeyshoestx
    I love this story! I’m in! I will be here forever!
  • Babshageg
    Amazing story, obviously so much time and effort into the narrative and characters. My one critique would be it feels like it’s getting dragged on a little bit. I’d love to see a definitive conclusion by Season 7 let’s say.
  • wompwomo
    Long haul fan
    I have loved this podcast since the beginning, and continue to. Always hoping for some stability in when/how often episodes are released.
  • PNW Ginger
    Great job
    I live in the PNW. You do great about the local reference, I grew up between WA, and MT and you have a good knowledge of local fauna, thank you for keeping long days at work enjoyable
  • datatransfer
    Mysterious, murky, calming atmosphere
    I love the atmosphere of this show. I listen for the “feeling” of Tanis more than for the storyline. I like the feeling of a mystery unraveling slowly with mysterious music in the background, rather than the mystery itself.
  • grimmp
    It’s an interesting story
    It was really compelling until they put it behind a paywall and I had to wait a year to get new episodes. By the time the new ones came out I had completely lost where the story was and couldn’t follow what was going on. In that year I listened to several other fiction podcasts and it made me realize just how subpar the acting was in this one. It could be the writing I guess, but listening to the conversations is just painful. It’s the exact opposite of fluid - frustratingly slow and vague. No one talks like that. And if they did, I wouldn’t want to talk to them. All that being said, as ridiculous as it may sound, I probably will listen to it and grit my teeth just because I want to see how the story ends. Because it really is an interesting, original idea.
  • Malslein
    Incredibly done
    Tanis is a truly immersive and deeply inventive show. I’ve been bingeing since for the last three days. I’m on the bonus episode 19/ season 3 and as much as I’m enjoying this podcast I have to say Pepper from Glasgow has the most incredible voice!! Nic you have to find her and get her on your podcast for sure!!!
  • frumpburger
    The voice acting is, for the most part, laughable (so many pregnant pauses!) and the story is kind of stale at this point (I think it’s been milked for all it’s worth), but I still listen to and enjoy every new episode.
  • anonymitri
    I find it mysteriously meditative
    I’m looking stoning to it for the second time. I love the cast of characters, the connections made to other known topics of a interest, and the deviously elemental nature of this mystery. Very good sci-fi pretend journalism. If you like dark, you’ll love Tanis!
  • Maggie_Lane
    Can’t get enough
    I’m so happy Tanis is back. I can’t stop listening. My favorite podcast!
  • MrKii09
    Appreciate the work that is involved and keep TANIS evolving
  • kmcm224
    Love Tanis
    Keep looking
  • Wjdhfnfdldna
    Good Story
    The only reason I gave this a four is because she says “honestly”, “to be honest”, “I’m not going to lie” way to much.
  • MomCallsMeNicholas
    5*’s ... phenomenal
    It was a little slow to start but a handful of episodes and it really starts to catch your stride and grasp your attention without letting it go. Sister podcast to the black tapes with a little less of the supernatural element but holds the same sway in the suspense department. Public radio alliance really knows how to make a great podcast like their slogan says it’s TV for your ears. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it
  • fcknfitbit
    World Class!
    Extremely intelligent, well acted, well written and well produced! Who needs visual media when there is audio content of this caliber? Nicely Done!
  • NoCanDu
    It’s been how long?
    I’ve been keeping an eye out for Season 5 for what seems like an eternity. Well, here it is! Apparently it’s been so long I honestly did not remember any of the things that were referred back to in Episode1! You get dinged a star for that for sure. Otherwise, I’m granting you a hopeful four stars for Season 5 and that you won’t leave us hanging for years again.
  • Tyler I hate this app
    Favorite Podcast of all time
    I dare you to listen to just one episode. Can’t help but get hooked!
  • Mr. Fivestring
    Fantastic Story telling! Can not wait for more episodes.
  • nate1183
    The best story I’ve ever heard
    Truly great sound editing and storytelling combined. I can’t express in words how great this is.
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