The creators of BibleProject have in-depth conversations about the Bible and theology. A companion podcast to BibleProject videos found at

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  • Grady68
    Love it!
    This podcast forces me to stop and think about Scripture and my preconceived ideas. I love Tim and John’s humble honesty as they wrestle through there own questions. It makes me want to study the Bible and follow Jesus more closely.
  • Purplestriedmonkeys
    Nothing but love
    I cannot love the Bible Project enough !!!
  • Pamfigueroa
    I love their contents and teachings
    Thanks so much for all the time, effort and passion put into this amazing project. I love learning from you and how you can bring a refreshing view of the scriptures each episode. I realized today that I’m happy on Mondays because I know I have a new episode to learn from.
  • Sue1010
    Thank you!
    Thank you for encouraging my curiosity in God’s word as you unpack tricky verses/themes/customs with grace, love and a sense of excitement! I’m learning Hebrew so all of your references to the original OT language are powerful and encouraging,too! Thank you- keep up the great work!
  • jq_ginger
    Top Resource!
    I CANNOT say enough good things about The Bible Project!! Of all the resources I have found to enhance understanding of scripture and bring me closer to Christ, this has been foundational. John and Tim have helped clarify puzzles I have gnawed on for years, as well as peeled back layers of the Bible I never knew existed. Every Christian should listen to this podcast. Every human should listen to this podcast! I recommend it to all my friends and family, and listen to it throughout he day while I keep my home and take care of my babies. I hope they continue this podcast for years because I am never going to get tired of it. Thank you so much, John and Tim!!
  • Brian327523
    Excellent !!!
    These guys are fantastic teachers!!!
  • ncogbno
    Death as victory rather than atonement
    I am born to Christianity,dipped in a lake and been to church most of my life. But I have struggled to understand how a wrathful God needed a blood sacrifice before he could forgive us. In the episode of The Two Jesuses i came to understand that God Himself came to earth to show us that he was willingly gave up his glory to suffer with us as a human. And then to confront the evil of the cosmic powers, to say to us that we have perverted God's law of love and used it to further our will and glory. Power will crush Truth amd crucified the Lord and called themselves the winner. BUT God could not be killed. That is the Good News. He came to show us that He loves us in spite of ourselves. Easter is the VICTORY of Love over the forces of evil. We get to choose: God's Loving generous will or our will. I thank God for your work. May He continue to bless your with wisdom and insight.
  • Nessebug
    My favorite
    The best Bible focused podcast I have listened to! Thank you for creating these.
  • Synda Gayle
    Modern and much needed
    Blessing to you all. This podcast has absolutely brought so much clarity and focus to a very very complicated topic. I highly recommend taking notes and having multiple listens to each episode to really take it all in, because there is a lot of information and concepts in each episode that it’s better absorbed with repetition. Shalom!!
  • Jrl1986
    Episode 12/31/2018
    First off, love the podcast. I’m still trying to catch up to current episodes but love them! Keep it up. Lastly, the episode on 12/31/18 was prophetic about 2020s being wild years! Ha!
  • VintheK
    Closed gap
    Tim and Jon’s conversational comfort within the podcast setting superbly brings listeners into the room; making complex biblical concepts simple enough that I feel enlightened. The Bible Project filled the gap I experienced when Bible studies stopped (some because of the pandemic; some because of apathy).
  • 2INCHZ
    Sorry I'm late.
    So, I'd been watching your videos on your YouTube channel for a while now, but I have just found this podcast today. I thoroughly enjoy, everything you guys are doing. That really doesn't express the gratitude that I'm trying to convey. Bless you both for devoting so much time to making the word of God, and Jesus Christ, accessible, breaking it down, and approaching it in a way that, people can easily process and understand. God is working through you two. I'm 41 yrs old, have been a 'Christian' , but just within the last few years that my thirst for knowledge of the Holy Spirit has grown exponentially. God is speaking to me, He's growing my love for him, thru you two. I'm eternally grateful.
  • Lemer83
    Honoring God!
    Very detailed and intelligent! I enjoy listening and taking nuggets into my life. I absolutely Praise God for the fact that these men care to break down scripture and the story’s that are hard to understand for some such as myself. I’m starting for the 2015 episodes and working my way through it all! Praise God for you both and your faithfulness! God is working!
  • 264918481
    Thank you!
    I’m excited for the Genesis series and that you guys are going through the whole Bible this year! My only complaint is Carissa’s “mmhmms” - it’s really distracting from the speaking.
  • OTJenny
    My all time favorite podcast!
    The Bible Project podcast has helped me grow in my relationship with and understanding of God more in 1 year than in my entire Christian walk up until this point. I absolutely love listening to the podcast. Learning how to read the Bible has ignited a passion for Biblical study and has revealed to me time and again the intelligent, intentional design of this literary masterpiece. Thank you so much for providing me with this resource!
  • Tierra V
    The Bible Project is literally the best thing that I’ve come across on my walk with God. I’m a visual learner and their YouTube series is amazing with breaking down the Bible in many different parts. So now I’m getting into podcasts and had to look them up. Love them so much !
  • 🫶🏽giz
    i love learning with them!
  • Tracy from Minnesota
    “Dude. The Bible.”—Tim Mackie
    As a believer—and a Bible study facilitator—I’m deeply indebted to Tim, Jon, and Carissa for reigniting my passion for faithfully handing off the scriptures to new generations of believers. Tim rarely runs out of coherent words to address the most challenging questions, but when he does, it’s priceless. His joy is contagious. And we’d never see half of that without Jon’s persistence in asking the hardest, most honest questions. Consistently blown away and compelled to worship!
  • jandyacosta
    Thank you
    Thank you so much for all your hard work. It will not be in vain. We are all listening and learning that which was not taught in our humbled local churches. I pray you receive strength each day to continue this great work.
  • MrsMorganWood
    Thank you!
    I love this podcast and it helps me to dive deeper into the Bible! I have followed the Bible Project for several years and I love their passion and creativity in sharing the Bible with people. I am thankful for all they do!
  • Kim A .
    Thanks,Teachers! ( Rabbis Jon & Tim)
    You both have been given such a gift! Well, your entire team. I can’t thank all of you enough for helping me, and others, go deeper into the Word! I LOVE diving into the word, but especially with TBP, because I don’t always trust what I gleen on my own. LOL I appreciate your wisdom and help. You’re great teachers! Kind and Funny too. Real people, I can tell. This plague episode-wow! God is so intentional and I’m now discovering more and more of His great way! Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication. I’m sure the LORD is smiling down on y’all! Hugs, Kim East Tennessee
  • HannPerg
    This podcast is phenomenal. I treasure it dearly. I love learning deeper about God and the Bible. These men are a wealth of knowledge and have amazing conversations that I am fortunate to be apart of! I enjoy listening to them while I work, workout, cook dinner.. etc it’s my way of spending time with God and his word when I can’t actually sit down and read.
  • noelhilst
    My All-Time Favorite Podcast
    This podcast has been an enormous blessing to me. Tim and John do a fantastic job unpacking complex ideas in biblical theology and explaining the literary features that tie the texts together without dumbing them down. Honestly, this podcast has rocked my world and helped me fall in love with God’s word all over again. I can’t say thank you enough!
  • alyssa730261
    A favorite!
    I love all the resources the Bible project creates, including the podcast!
  • NotHelping
    I thought I knew a lot about the Bible, and then I ran into these guys…love learning from them!
  • libobiz
    Thank you
    Thank you for your work and sharing your amazing gifts of opening the Word of God to us. Your apps have led me to read the Bible through three time in the last three years. Something that I thought was impossible for me. It’s been my lifeline; my husband left a very high paying job and went to seminary! We have 9 kids! Lol. Listening to the pod casts and watching the videos, reading the Word. That’s what made me survive. It’s awesome to following God’s call, but it’s scary! Now, I’m doing your new app and it was hard at first, but I take it slowly and keep on reading through the Bible too. Thank you! My husband did graduate! Amen! We are over 50! He was voted by a church to be their pastor. My only contribution is what Christ gives me everyday. I have partaken from The Tree of Life and I am being transformed into His Image, someday completely. It’s scary to say that but it’s true, God is working in His people. Than you for your service to all of us who believe. God bless you! PS. I love how you all fit The Lord’s Prayer into the the last test at the garden. Awesome! God’s Word is awesome. ~ Liz
  • Chikita83
    Thank youuuu!!!!
    For making it so easy to understand. I listen to the podcast daily and also the app. I just want to learn more and more. Thank you!
  • Garc5544
    Relearning & Reawakening
    The BibleProject podcast is my favorite podcast! I love the dialogue and questions and responses that occur here, and mostly I just love listening and (re)learning the Biblical narrative. As a mom of four, I don’t really have the luxury to just sit and read the Scripture or study on end, so listening as I go is so helpful! BibleProject has helped awaken in me a genuine love and excitement for this ancient Scripture, thank you!
  • natemikebrown
    Wonderful insight
    I don’t think I have too much to add, but their insight and humble approach to seeking truth in the scriptures has helped me grow immensely.
  • Bluebonnetlove
    Love the app!!
    The app is fantastic!! I’m learning so much about themes and movements and how everything fits together, culminating in the story of Jesus.
  • HulaHips91
    Fantastic new layer to TheBibleProject … been watching the YouTube videos for years but wow, the app folds in all “senses”
  • TJ 14765
    LOVE 1-175
    Love, love love episodes 1-175! So informative and thought provoking! Had to stop listening when they changed the format in 176.
  • MichaelLita
    Informative & Unbiased
    Love listening to this podcast every time. Always encouraging and leaves me more informed about a topic or issue every episode. Hosts are a-political which is awesome for an informative show. Thanks for all that you do.
  • Jr.789012
    Silly podcast
    As basic as it gets. Poor theology
  • GrowingMom
    Leaning in during Lent
    This is wonderful timing. Looking forward to using this to lean in during Lent. Love the depth and perspective! Challenge on!!
  • Tradelvlark
    The Holy Spirit is really with this organization, I thank God 🙏🏿
  • Bhynd
    Sorry, but it makes the Bible confusing
    ללטש חרא
  • TruthSeeker5374
    A gift!
    Great podcast for digging deep into scripture. I’ve learned more listening to this podcast than I’ve learned sitting in a church building for many years. Thank you Bible project team for all you do to make good and true biblical content.
  • Gman Jr.
    The Absolute Best and Most Accessible Christian Resource
    I am so incredibly grateful for the Bible Project. Their videos are so clear, concise and engaging. These conversations are so insightful. They are not so esoteric as to be over the heads of common people but more than deep enough for biblical students (like myself) to be so inspired by God’s Word. Whether you are a skeptic, a New Believer, a lifetime Christian or anything else you have found the best resource for learning more about the strange and wonderful story of the Bible and how it invites into the mission of Jesus and the journey of faith.
  • Old F'er
    Great Learning
    Makes reading the Bible easier when there’s an explanation.
  • vcddfvrgbthn
    I love this podcast SOOOO much
  • another son
    Abraham and sacrifice
    I have pondered Abraham’s origin in Ur. A molecule/child sacrifice culture. He had witnessed this as the “right” thing to do for some 70 years before leaving Ur. The people with him also new this practice. When God initiated the event of Issac’s sacrifice and then stops it, is there anything that can be seen as a course correction against human sacrifice in this episode? Part of the greater polemic of the text?
  • Imtoofearless
    Best Podcast
    An amazing wealth of wisdom! I am truly thankful for yalls work and effort! Pick me next to do the outro next please!
  • ole Virginny gal
    Mind and Heart
    I appreciate BibleProject so much because the resources have changed my mind to value the wisdom of the Bible and renewed my heart to respond to the love of God. Jon and Tim are funny also; not boring.
  • Tony113748391
    Biblical Theology
    Growing up many are taught the Bible as stand-alone stories that each have particular life application. The podcast helps listeners think beyond life application, pointing us toward the subject of the Scriptures, God Himself.
  • Gulzs
    Happy new year.
    Genesis: Wind… Structure … Patterns… Imagining… Images … I love it. Dr. Mackie have you ever read “The Language of Creation” Cosmic Symbolism in Genesis by Matthieu Pageau? His Brother Jonathan Pageau is an up and coming creator on YouTube and is a friend of Jordan Peterson who did the super popular Genesis lectures from a psychological standpoint on YouTube. Finding the “meaning” and patterns is what happening now all over the world. I know we all will never agree on all this but I think there is a new wave of interest in Genesis and how cool is it that the Holy Spirit is doing this and the Bible Project is right at the front lines. Well done.
  • briancayko
    Sally Lloyd Jones?
    Please reconsider your approval of Sally Lloyd Jones. She depicts & openly promotes Human sexuality against Gods design in her work. It is a bane on your ministry to promote such authors to your audience.
  • sp1s1
    WORDS of Yahweh. Ruac over all
    So good all good by the Spirit was breathed by Yahweh as is unity of movements into full musical ‘The possibilities of Sovereignty in the created Space’. penned by human authorship
  • Coffee-girl
    Simply amazing.
    I’ve been a believer for almost 40 years and have always had a passion for reading the bible. I thought I had a decent understanding of most of the bible, boy was I wrong! The Bible Project has brought me to levels of understanding I never thought possible. Listening deepens my love and amazement in God for orchestrating this story that leads to Jesus. I started listening during covid in 2020 and now listen as often as I can -in the car, doing household chores, and when I awake in the middle of the night. So many times I have to rewind and listen again, then go to the transcripts so I can take notes with my bible opened beside me! Thank you for providing me with the most amazing times spent with my Lord and Savior.
  • highway_brian
    New Year, New Reading Plan
    I completed the Bible this year (2021) with TBR. This year I’m changing up, and doing the BP reading plan - starting tomorrow, excited to get going with plan, and app.
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