The creators of BibleProject have in-depth conversations about the Bible and theology. A companion podcast to BibleProject videos found at

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  • Coolbreeze1971
    Love it! Around town or long trips
    You’d think two Portland guys talking would be excruciating— but no. It’s been a couple of years, long enough to have listened to the majority of the podcasts. Still enthralled. Thank you, Holy Spirit. I have come to really appreciate and rely on Jon to alleviate and clarify the dense, fresh ideas shared by Tim. (A personal comment: don’t bother with a podcast that has a guest speaker. Jon isn’t as a big a player in those and as a result I get lost. I’ve never felt so dumb as trying to listen to one of the guest speaker podcasts. It really showed me how brilliant both Jon and Tim are. And how I hate feeling lost. Good learning experience, but now I avoid the guest speaker ones like the plague. [I tried two. That’s enough!] ;) ) Last comment: why is all this so fresh and new? It brings so many things I’ve learned together and yet is so revelatory. Reading the Bible is so exciting now. I’m seeing the Bible with new eyes. My relationship with God is fresh again. But why? Tim will say, none of these are his own ideas. He will reference other authors and books. And yet... I am just grateful. To Jon for helping me hang in and place the info within my personal tradition and context and to Tim for a new way of seeing that is actually not new. But new to me. Thank you, Father , for changing my life through TBP.
  • Sniparly
    Bible Project helps you fall back in love with story of Jesus
    Tim and John have hacked the way to communicate the story of the Bible to a new generation of Jesus followers. More than being smart or academic, these episodes explain complex biblical concepts through language that is relevant and easy to understand. For me, this podcast has brought Scripture to life over and over again during life’s hardest seasons.
  • vanlilyloh
    Fresh Yet Grounded
    The Bible Project has helped deepen my understanding of the Word. Each episodes gives me a fresh yet grounded perspective on what it means to be a follower of Christ and reader of the Bible. I’ve always been “in church” and have taken many Bible college throughout my childhood, high school, and college years. The beautiful thing about the Bible is no matter how much you study it, the deeper it always gets!
  • Learner2014
    So good!!
    A wealth of knowledge here that really helps to highlight the themes in the Bible
  • CashBailey
    Thought provoking insight
    The Bible Project has helped me to find the biblical pattern. These brothers have given me a lot to think about! Thank you very much.
  • Wallyuser1212
    The Bible Project podcasts have transformed my understanding of the interconnectedness of the books of the Bible and the fundamental importance of the first three chapters of Genesis. I am so grateful for these podcasts that I enjoy as I “walk in the cool of the day” with God.
  • TheRamRams
    Absolutely phenomenal voices that produce healthy change!
    I look forward to Mondays because of this podcast! Every single episode Tim and Jon have very insightful and transformative conversations about the upcoming Youtube video. Tim’s insight to the biblical text and Jon’s questions have brought me peace and excitement to dig into more of the bible!
  • Jessy5401
    I’m only a few episodes in, but I’m already in love with this podcast! The hosts offer insight and knowledge in a way that’s easy to understand and inspires me to study and grow in Gods word! Thank you Bible Project!
  • Katie Vetter
    I’m so Thankful
    I’ve been listening to The Bible Project for about a year or so, and writing a review completely slipped my mind until now. I want to start by saying that this podcast is at the very least amazing and I tell everyone in my family and my friend circle about it as a tool for furthering their faith. This podcast, and the creators Tim and John, have done a beautiful job of destroying the foundations my faith was built on, but then rebuilding it with TRUTH. I had no idea about so many of the misconceptions and misunderstandings that were taught to me as fact and truth from the Bible, and I have to admit, hearing those things be challenged scared me. However, the ways in which the hosts had these conversations and the ways they incorporate scripture at every step, suggestion, challenge, and disruption common practice or belief has taught me more within the time I’ve been a frequent listener than my whole life. I’m 23, and I would say that the last 2 years have been the years where I’ve come into my faith as my own (and before that I had no idea my faith wasn’t my own solid foundation but one I had grown up in), and the Bible Project is one of a few things that have led me to where I am in my faith today. To the creators of this podcast, thank you. You truly have changed my life by challenging me in my faith and teaching me in ways I didn’t know I craved. For the new listener, hang in there when it feels uncomfortable or when your current beliefs are being challenged. The pay off is so worth it. I tend to be long-winded, so I’ll stop it here, but I just wanted to leave a review that’s real and honest, and I want to encourage anyone who needs to further their faith to give this podcast a try, because it’s a beautiful way to learn!
  • BeePort
    Studying the Bible
    Recently, I started at Podcast #1. I enjoy listening to your thoughts on books and themes in the Bible. You challenge me to look deeper. The Bible is not a roadmap to my life and my pursuits, it’s a roadmap to knowing God.
  • crickman4
    HIGHLY Recommend!
    A profoundly educational and comfortable tool to learn about the Bible without feeling preached at. The podcast is light hearted and humorous enough to keep you interested but not so much so that it distracts from the topic. The hosts bring a great sense of relatability yet are incredibly knowledgeable and explain biblical teachings and themes in an easy to understand format. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone, and especially to people like myself-whose Bible has become more like a piece of nightstand decor than one cares to admit.
  • Huruma Rugagi
    Helps me love the Bible again
    As a survivor of religious trauma, these guys help me find understanding in the same places that Christianity used as a weapon to abuse me. If you see their YouTube Video on Justice, it illustrates well what these two are about. Because of them, I can now see love in the Bible that was previously abusive to me and I have answers that even those abusive religious people seem to accept in a way that is not refutable. Even the nature of Tim and John are like Jesus to me. There is always self-reflection and never a hint of intellectual superiority despite the fact that one has all the questions and the other has all the answers. It is understood that we wouldn’t have such beautiful answers without such beautiful and open-hearted questions. There is mutual respect and true love from these two. Thank you for helping me be able to see Jesus again without the Christian distortion of a god who is always shaming me. You have been pivotal to helping me heal from religious PTSD and I am now able to talk to other trauma survivors who want to also be able to talk about and love Jesus again without being reminded of religious agony. Thank you.
  • fwc5
    Pretty good
    It is long, but it is still a good podcast.Can you do more stories?!😀 (this is my 9 year olds comment, he loves it)
  • gracieptwo
    The Bible Project
    I love listening the Bible Project! They give so much insight to the many topics discussed in the Bible. My first podcast I listened to is the Image of God. The way they compared it to gardening made so much sense!
  • Mags Williams
    Countless hours-worth it
    I found this podcast a month ago and I have listened to countless hours and have even started taking their online graduate level classes so that I can teach what I am learning through this amazing service. Thank you so much for all that you do to spread the Good News of Jesus!
  • emjae222
    Given me so much hope
    I grew up in a church that did weird things to the Bible and left me with a lot of confusion. Listening to the Bible project has allowed me to reclaim my faith with confidence and joy in Jesus. I’m so thankful for this resource.
  • howdyfromTexas91
    Eye opener
    I love this podcast. I didn’t understand why people like podcasts at all until I started listening to this one. I first started watching the YouTube videos while trying to read through the Bible and then discovered the podcast series. I love how down to earth these guys are. Every time I listen to them I feel like they are just sitting in my living room casually teaching me. I knew I did not know a lot about the Bible, but when I started listening to this podcast it became very clear that have misinterpreted a lot of scriptures in the Bible. There is some repetition of ideas and themes, but I need it because it is how I learn, remember, and am able to apply a concept. I really appreciate that Tim will acknowledge and cover if there is more than one interpretation of a scripture. I am two years behind and will be sad when I catch up. Biggest things I have learned so far are 1) I need to know the historical and cultural background before trying to understand a part of the Bible and 2) so much of our sin is trying to be God rather than what he made us to be.
  • Aby Cerna
    Thank You
    Im a 17 yr old that has been very confused on my place during these times. I like that this has a biblical point of view. Your podcast has solidified my decision to speak up against injustice. Sometimes it is necessary to create discomfort when no one is bothered by bad things. Love from Tennessee. ❤️
  • Babsigal
    Honest, Informative, and Delightful
    These guys really bring the scripture to life. Because of the Bible Project, I better understand how the OT and NT are interconnected- I love learning the details. I’m so glad this podcast exists. Thank you guys.
  • L C J 2000
    1619 project
    Do some research on that propaganda before you fawn over it.If blacks are systematically discriminated against,isn’t lumping all whites as whole and saying they have privilege the same thing.Tell the white people in Boone county West Virginia how privileged they are. Identity politics takes personal responsibility out of ones own fate and blames one’s problems on society.Im half Asian and half white does that make me half way privileged? I though we’re not supposed to pay for the sins of our fathers.My moms family came from China in 1949 to escape communism.And grow up in Dallas in the 50’s Asian people had to ride on the back of the bus too but but my grandfather worked hard and made a descent life for my mom and her six siblings. I lived in a very diverse neighborhoods for a decade and everyone got along but the black neighbors talked smack about the Mexican neighbors and the Mexicans did the same and my Vietnamese neighbor he just didn’t like anybody.Racism works in all directions.
  • will from columbia sc
    I listen on my way to and from work every weekday. I am always walking away having learned something NEW. So fun to study the Bible with Tim and Jon!
  • svasilenko
    Gonna spend my summer listening to an episode a day. This podcast is totally reframing Christianity & the Bible for me - in an immensely refreshing way. Such a fan; thank you!
  • benzow42
    As good as the videos
    Watching the videos has been great they provide a great overview but the podcasts give a better and deeper understanding to what they are saying. Couldn’t recommend a better biblically focused resource.
  • Ram104
    Phenomenal Insight
    The way Tim and Jon break down every theme and highlight it throughout all of scripture is astounding. I am gaining new perspectives all the time. While Tim is your Hebrew scholar, Jon has a very unique way of inserting thoughts or questions that I never would’ve thought of asking and help me dive even deeper into the meaning of scripture. I loved hearing this podcast so much, I had to start from the beginning! Thank you Tim and Jon for all the work and heart you put into each episode!
  • Miriam719
    can’t get enough!!!
    real Truth and good words— this breaks down so much so I can understand it. So so grateful this exists!!!!!
  • hlybsstt
    Favorite podcast!
    I’m about 100 episodes into this podcast and have thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s a treasure of information that is so interesting to listen to. My eyes have been opened to so many amazing things about the Bible. Tim and John do a great job of talking about complex things and bringing them down to earth. Every Christian should listen to this podcast!
  • julecarruth
    Listening to this podcasts is encouraging, educational, and enjoyable. Great work, guys! Thank you for producing this for us to listen to.
  • Megan O F
    Great Insight
    Thank you for these awesome podcasts! Listening to your point of views helps me to better understand and really dissect the Bible.
  • L803
    Love your podcast!!!!
    It’s so informative ! I absolutely love it !! It has helped me grow so much over the past two years . So grateful
  • amazethem
    I love your pod!
    I love your pod so much, it helps me understand so much about the Bible, and you explain it so well. It helps me learn and explore and get curious about the Bible. I also love your videos! Keep doing the good work! -Your biggest fan
  • YSuperstar
    Amazing conversations
    Tim (I don't know but I love calling him Timmy!) and John have synergy! Their strengths compliment each other. I love Tim's humility, and John's curiosity. The Bible Project has turned my world upside down. They have even inspired my husband and I to take the leap of faith and have launched our own podcast. Tim and John, you are truly impacting so many people, which is transforming many church communities, which is impacting the world. You are my companions in a greater mission marked out for us. I am truly blessed to have found this podcast. I love you both and your team!!
  • Phillip4:8
    Love it!
    Came across this as I was searching for scripture related podcasts to listen to and I love it. The guys keep me engaged and I enjoy their ideas and knowledge. Thanks for making this podcast in a time like this I am glad to have found it!
  • Ana R Montesclaros
    The BibleProject is amazing! I listen to this podcast most of my days it seems. When I go for my walks for two to three hours. I listen to each podcast two to three times. When I am home, I listen to it in the kitchen and in my bedroom. I love the way John keeps asking Tim about the topic until it is clear for persons like me to fully understand. John doesn’t move on until everything is fully explained. I have learned so so much. I love how Tim expresses how fascinating the Bible is. I can sense his passion for the scriptures. I am at AWE of the scriptures because of what I’ve learned listening to this podcast. I really want to study the Bible. It is truly fascinating!
  • Rhea sunshine Nana
    New Beginning
    The Bible Project has completely reshaped how I look at, think about, and understand the Bible. They make everything so clear and easy to understand. I've tried other top rated Bible podcasts, but I didn't feel as though I was getting anything out of them. Tim and Jon go over and over the same information but rephrasing it each time so if I didn't get it the first time (which I often don't) I usually feel as though I have a good understanding of it by the last time. I am so grateful for their podcast and recommend it often.
  • Hopesalotnow
    Worth your time
    Tim and John demonstrate wisdom and discernment as they discuss the various themes and topics of each podcast and the many productions designed by the "BibleProject." If you profess the Christian faith, refresh your experience here. If you are investigating the Christian faith, this is as good of a place as any to start. These are worth your time.
  • NRsox127
    Easy to understand without sacrificing detail
    The language used is easy to understand, but doesn’t sacrifice on content/detail level. Podcasts build upon them self’s so a personal recommendation would be to start at episode 1 or at least the first episode of a specific theme series. Podcast quality gets significantly better as the seasons progress.
  • BibleNerdEve
    Life Changing
    I love this podcast! It has answered so many questions while also encouraging me to refer back to scripture and do my own studying. I just started and so far my favorite is the three part series in Heaven. I wish I listened when I first gave my life to Jesus, but I’m here now and excited to continue listening to these podcasts.
  • Eliza.Cait
    This podcast has helped to completely reshape the way I understand and read the Bible. It’s given me so much freedom to stop wondering about who is right among all the conflicting opinions on the Bible by taking it back to its roots. I could go on and on but from someone who subscribed to A LOT of podcasts, this one is my absolute favorite.
  • 457beck
    So Insightful !
    So thankful for the Bible Project. I have been waiting for a biblical resource like this one my whole life!
  • CadDavid
    Love this podcast and these two guys!
    What a fabulous series! I am also a Bible geek and post-Seminary. I feel like I’m back in seminary again (which I loved!) when I’m listening to Bible Project podcasts. I love that Tim brings in the original Hebrew and Greek into the discussion. Maybe I’m a language snob, but I think we have to go back to the original languages to get much of the nuances that we gloss over in the English translations. The Holy Spirit does indeed illuminate the scriptures for us and I believe the Spirit does that in partnership with people. So these guys are indeed partners in the effort. If I could work for Bible Project I would LOVE it! Also, check our Tim’s podcast “My Strange Bible” podcast. It’s terrific!
  • panderson770
    Awesome podcast
    You guys are the best! I’ve been looking for something of what you guys do for years! Your podcasts are so casual and easy to follow. You 2 have a great chemistry and create such an easy conversation to listen to. Over my Christian life I felt like I have come close to reading the entire Bible, but had never read it continuously in one sitting. So I read the Bible in a year through the Daily Bread app last year. It’s hard to comprehend all of that in that manner for me, so your app, podcasts, and video’s are exactly what I needed. You guys rule! God bless you and I will recommend you to everyone I can.
  • kfyfkufkg
    Binged the whole thing
    First of all, to the previous reviewer saying “it’s too slow and drawn out” maybe you should increase the speed (I listen at 2x (sometimes down to 1.5x) and it’s much easier to follow it faster and I’ve never noticed any “gulping”😂) To Tim & John: praise God for His wisdom and insight given to you both. To Tim for his relentless learning and studying and patience in explaining; to John for taking everything Tim says and explaining in a way that tracks with how my brain thinks and for asking the questions I didn’t realize I even had. You both have transformed my bible study time and I am eternally grateful to God for you both for helping me go deeper in my understanding & growing up even more as a faithful follower of my King Jesus. Can’t wait for new releases that track design patterns and literary “Easter eggs” woven throughout the entire Holy bible🙌
  • chevy337
    A Masters Class
    The BibleProject makes the keys to scripture available for free. Unlocking the word of God one storyline at a time. This is like getting a masters in theology. Thank you for this resource.
  • Parker Hoye
    Radically changed how I read the Bible
    Listening to the Bible project has radically changed how I read the Bible. Reading and understanding the biblical authors with the intent to see their message from their point of view has helped make sense of so many ideas in the Bible that seem...weird! Or illogical! I think their perspective is a fantastic aid to the global church of Jesus-followers (and maybe especially to Western churches), and I am delighted that so many folks seem to benefit from their work.
  • Brother Lawrence
    Deeper water
    This podcast is an incredible resource that has greatly challenged my perspective on God in a good way and enhanced my understanding of the Bible. After listening to over 100 episodes I can thoroughly recommend these guys to anyone interested an getting in-depth look at the scriptures. I love the objective, yet childlike approach. Jon & Tim are a great duo, talking about deep concepts with humor & refreshing humility. Thanks guys for helping me become a better disciple of Jesus & a better ministry leader!
  • Boshabobbyhobbyla
    Life changing!
    I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Jon and Tim, this podcast, and this ministry has changed my life, changed the way I do ministry, and has deepened my knowledge and understanding of scripture. It’s been an incredible resource for me and my church family. I feel like I’ve gotten a masters degree in Theology listening to every single episode.
  • wjard
    Wonderful Content!
    Very impressed and love this podcast! They have done a wonderful job of bringing the Bible and it’s background to life! Go check out everything they have to offer!
  • mojoloos
    Amazing resource
    Incredibly valuable deep dive into these topics. Jon and Tim’s friendship makes listening a joy. What’s makes the podcast so great is the sense that we’re growing and learning with John. Couldn't recommend more highly.
  • teh child of God
    The best thing ever
    This podcast is awesome! I like to listen to it while doing homework and it gives me hope and reassurance that God is always there to help me. I also have trouble going to sleep, so this is my resort when I’m up late. Thank you for being there for me on the late nights! ^~^
  • Duncan$&@"18
    Love, love, love this podcast
    These guys are great. I’ve been listening to them for a few months now and I’ve learned so much about the Bible that I never knew before. Tim dives into such detail and explains all the literary metaphors and different aspects of the ancient world and how we can relate it to our modern world. It’s nice to have John on the podcast, too. He asks those questions “laymen” ask that are basic but important for getting to the core of Jesus’ teachings. I find myself saying “yeah!” Often when John asks a question. Keep it up Tim and John!
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