The creators of BibleProject have in-depth conversations about the Bible and theology. A companion podcast to BibleProject videos found at

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  • classicsnewbie
    Invaluable resource
    This podcast is life changing! It makes the Bible come alive and reveals God’s magnificent plan to a level I’ve never experienced. The hosts make studying the Bible so interesting! And they have fun doing it!
  • MomWords
    The big missed question
    If sin caused death, and evolution were true, why was there death for millions of years before the fall? If other humans were created outside the garden, were they perfect? Why did they die? And if sin wasn’t through Adam, then Jesus lied, as well as the other writers. There ARE theological implications to our faith in the Genesis account for origin.
  • DRMgreen
    Great resource, fun to listen to
    What a great resource for thinking well and deeply about the Bible! It’s fun to listen to, but it also really helps me develop deeper understanding.
  • Slapshotjones454636536366
    Punch in the gut.
    This podcast is a much needed punch in the gut to the Fundamentalists. Excellent topics and discussions that are true to the context in which the Bible was written.
  • "Megaman Ex...player
    A must listen to for all Christians
    Great conversations, entertaining to listen to, and a lot of great knowledge. Thanks guys.
  • BillowsPillow
    Remember to be discerning
    The Bible Project is based entirely around the work and authority of a single biblical scholar, Tim Mackie. The rare inclusion of other scholars never challenges Tim’s positions, only affirms them. It doesn’t make this podcast or the animations they make useless or (automatically) heretical, but it does present us with some baby and some bathwater. They will often take a hard stance on a particular interpretation and treat it as if it is settled, when in fact it is only Tim’s opinion. It’s an educated opinion, but it’s not settled. An easy example is the understanding of the heavenly council and the Elohim. They side with Dr. Michael Heiser and his belief that the gods of the ancient world were not human inventions but actually these fallen Elohim. I’m honestly sympathetic to this idea, but it is hotly debated and is not a majority scholar opinion. But Mackie and TBP treat it as if it’s true and don’t even hint at alternate takes having merit, if existing at all. Often they will reference Tim’s personal translation of the Bible and build discussion and meaning off of that as if his translation is more accurate. Maybe it is, but I’m not taking Mackie’s word alone on that. Entire committees and panels of biblical scholars and translators spend years, sometimes decades, carefully translating the ancient texts. None of them settle on, for example, “In the beginning, God created the sky and the land.” Tim says that this is a better way to translate that verse, and maybe he’s right, but that’s a bold claim to go against basically every other bible translation, and even bolder to then build an entire discussion series with your own translation being assumed as true. They refrain that the Bible is a unified story that points to Jesus, but more often than not it feels like they actually think the Bible is a story that points back to Genesis. Noting the themes from Genesis making appearances throughout the Bible, and using that to understand the authors’ intent better. And it’s great for a single discussion series. But that’s become a pillar of Tim’s take on the Bible. And maybe I’m off, but it feels like that gets far more intention than the gospel. There’s a lot of valuable things to learn and think about here, but I fear that its tone will lead a lot of people into thinking everything it says is the final word on any given topic or passage.
  • Misha Jae
    I have been following this podcast for years and it’s honestly my favorite of all I listen to. So much good information presented in a clear way. I have recommended to so many people and will continue to! Thanks, Jon and Tim!
  • Mt.6:24
    Helpful insights. Some suggestions...
    More people & podcasts are talking these days about the things Jesus taught (in the 4 gospels), but there are a few of his teachings that almost never get serious coverage. Several references (EXCLUDING the “rich young ruler”) are made in Luke about selling all of one’s possessions & giving to the poor and then this teaching is shown to be taken seriously by the time we get to the book of Acts (end of chapters 2 & 4). Another powerful & often neglected paradigm-changing (IF taken at face value) teaching of Jesus is found in Mt. 6:24; Lk. 16:13-14). This has been called the “Two Masters teaching”, one being God/Love and the other/opposite one being money. What would Christianity look like, both inside its confines and to the world at large, if these teachings were given much more serious consideration and application? Take a leap of faith and dive deep into these teachings! ✌🏼
  • LeroDun
    Great Information
    After listening to the podcast entitled The Genealogical Adam and Eve featuring Dr. Swamidass, I heard about scientific and theological voids and unparalleled perspectives that I had not considered before. It was very interesting how the doctor hypothesized that the human race are all more than likely descendants of Adam and Eve. According to scripture, after the flood Noah’s family were the sole survivors (along with select animals) of the earth. It is even more apparent that it can further be hypothesized that we are all descendants of the same parents. Noah is the descendent of Seth, one of Adam and Eve’s son.
  • Martialjoe
    Simply the best
    This is my #1 favorite podcast without contest.
  • hjjjgvb
    Keep on going
    I love the Bible project you have helped me so much to understand the Bible and to build an interest in reading. It has becoming more fun and fulfilling. Thank you guys 🌟
  • Trickster 240
    Knowledge is Power
    Having to learn the actual history of the Bible without having to go to an expensive college class or go research myself is always a plus. The Bible Project works hard to make sure everyone who’s willing to listen has an understanding of biblical context which has been lost over the years and hasn’t been taught in mainstream church culture all too much (especially in America). They take the time out to explain the ancient Hebrew/Greek of the original writings and how its should actually be translated in today’s English. They also connect the story of the Bible to a single representation but still leave plenty of pathway thinking for the audience to connect it to their faith in Christ personally. It’s true that the Bible is directed tied to one story of salvation that is made through Jesus and they wonderful connect and explain all the different themes in the Bible that showcase this truth.
  • 3 Stones Ranch
    Acts 17:11 Search the scriptures daily to see if these things are so
    I’m incredibly passionate with my personal studies and I really believe the Bible project team lead by Tim Mackie are absolutely right on! Thank you Jesus for the resourceful info and visuals. Specifically the Pod Cast is really rewarding and I learn a great deal.
  • Drigo3
    Great Podcast
    I love listening to the great chemistry Tim and John has. Great combination of bible and contextual scholarship. Thank you for making this complex combination of ancient books understandable and relevant to me.
  • God&Garden
    The Ancient Faith
    I love that there is the incorporation of the Ancient teachings, as an Eastern Orthodox Christian this apostolic lineage is crucial to our relationship with Jesus Christ! Great talk 🌷
  • Quin-Star
    Great insights
    I have gotten so much out of listening and following the Bible Project podcast. I especially love the study of the original language used in the Bible. I don’t always agree with the theology but it is always thoughtfully, lovingly, and honorably presented. I also love the fact that they don’t duck hard questions and aren’t afraid to admit they don’t have all the answers (just most 😉). The Hebrew word study has given enlightenment and clarity to many questions and doubts I had regarding the Bible. Keep up the good work. Peace.
  • Julie2029
    Thank you
    More than anything else, BibleProject resources have given me the confidence just to READ the Bible with my children. My son and I are working through Mark and it’s becoming an important part of our daily routine. I would love to see a series of resources made just for kids.
  • Tyreek Billups
    Life Changing
    These podcasts and videos radically changed my life. It feels as though my sight has been restored. Best of all, the content is delivered in an exceedingly genuine way.
  • Nyesha_01
    Amazing work!!
    I first started watching the YouTube videos that you guys created, which I absolutely love, then I found out that you guys had a podcast and I can’t stop listening. Thank you guys for all you do and your hard work. Keep it up! 😁
  • Tamtam883
    Nothing better than this podcast...except Yahweh!
    There has never been a bible resource as clear and comprehensible as The Bible Project...their Youtube videos have also changed my life.
  • Awsomeguywhoiseverywhere
    This podcast has deepened my knowledge of the Bible so much!
  • JadaBlaize
    So rich
    I love the Reflections Series. I enjoy the depth in which it goes. I am able to truly reflect upon God’s word and allow Him to transform me throughout the week. I like that it’s weekly because daily devotions at times may be too weighty and I need to meditate on it for a day or two before I can move on. This series allows you to literally meditate on the subject/theme so to say, for a few days and it’s sinks deeper as I meditate! Lol I guess it’s simply in the name alone, Praise God :)
  • cariboujaguar
    Just the music you chose for the show, alone, shows me you’re not of God. “Shot in the head” by MOBY? I mean, come on! Where is your discernment! And this ‘lady wisdom’ garbage is insanity... Unsubscribed.
  • metal-prayer
    I enjoy the podcast. The subject matter is very informative. I have a hard time with comprehension when it comes to reading so listening to the two of you helps me understand what the Bible is about. I enjoy Jon’s questions and Tim’s responses. God bless you both.
  • 1234567::::::;;;;((((()))))))
    Learn more about Gods story.
    Bible project has brought me to a place where I want to learn more about the Bible and the story that God wrote. Thank you so much!
  • Ysvhtinrhx47063147
    I like it
    I like it a lot.
  • Trey Rule
    Favorite Podcast
    I love Bible Project and all the resources they offer! They have helped me understand what the overall story of the Bible is and how it influences me today. There is no greater cause than God’s kingdom and this podcast has helped me grow in my faith in Jesus tremendously!
  • The_Rev6709
    Great job
  • CasseeGee
    247 With Dr Peeler
    Thank you all. Dr Peeler was such a joy. I always gain comfort from John just being there as well. He lets me know I can be really confused and ask questions without the worry that it will take away from my standing with God. So much unearthed today in the beauty of Gods word!!! Thanks again.
  • rach anna
    Wonderful podcast
    Insightful and uplifting. Thank you for all of your careful research and inclusion of listeners. God bless you both!
  • Kicovo
    Two Thumbs Up for the Bible Project
    Thank you for the many different programs that are available through the Bible project. I refer to them on a regular basis. The Podcast is new to me and I’m enjoying it. If I had one negative thing to say about it, it’s the TickTock music that is played as an interlude. It detracts from me being able to take that time to reflect on what has been said. Please keep up the good work. God is blessing many people through you.
  • WalkingFit
    Your podcast has become a highlight of my listening time. I often listen when I awake and also in the evening and I get both challenged and edified through what you share. My whole view of the Hebrew Bible has changed; I now see the whole Bible as one unifying story that leads to Jesus! Thank you Tim and Jon for sharing your discussions with us and for introducing us to your guests. I throughly enjoyed listening to Rev. Dr. Amy Peeler and her work on the Letter to the Hebrews! Wow!
  • wcmoody
    Wonderful information
    I’m grateful for all the work you doto educate us on reading the literature of the Bible.
  • Igor1234534
    10 out of 10
    So refreshing and uplifting
  • free2fly
    My absolute favorite podcast
    Since discovering this gem, I listen to it about 3+ hours a day. It is my absolute favorite Bible study learning tool. I always thought I was pretty well educated in scripture but this app has proven me wrong. A must download. I also love their devotionals on the Bible app, along with their YouTube videos are amazing.
  • Whatsnicksnickname
    Thanks for letting us listen in to a great friendship of two guys looking intently into the word. Its great to hear good teaching and to hear honest questions and thorough responses. Its a help in keeping me engaged in what it means to love Jesus and hope for him in day to day life and in the life of friends around me. Thanks guys!
  • Ivy2043058
    Have a Listen
    I cannot recommend this podcast enough. I have been bugging almost everyone I know to give these episodes a listen. Tim and Jon's conversations have helped me, a life long Christian, challenge my pre-conceived notions of who God is, what God's plan is for humanity, and why I am in relationship with God. Their explanations of culture, language, theology, and history have helped clear away cobwebs set by church tradition, misreadings of scripture, cultural bias, and personal preconceptions. This is good for the Christians of all stages in their faith, and individuals of other faiths who want to understand Christian beliefs in greater detail. I cannot thank you guys enough for opening my mind to the bigger picture, for making understanding the Bible so accessible, and for helping to unify the story God wrote out for us. Thank you! Blessings.
  • faith comes from hearing
    Perfect for Truck drivers !!
    I like how they just have a conversation about the Bible and different topics in it. It’s expanded my understanding of the Bible and how to dig deeper into it. Thanks a bunch guys and guests!!
    A great podcast by Tim and Jon of the BibleProject
    Tim and Jon and the BibleProject team through their podcast and videos show how the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus. They have inspired me to grow in my faith and dig deeper into the Bible.
  • nenabug80
    Awesome podcast
    I came across these guys by chance and I love their podcast. They provide great resources for studying and understanding the Bible apart from the podcast as well. Tim has totally changed my perspective on the Bible and my faith in many ways. These guys do an amazing job.
  • iPodplayer152
    Change Your Entire Understanding of the Bible
    This is the best podcast ever! Dr. Tim Mackie has fundamentally changed my entire view and method of reading the bible. As a student in seminary school i can safely say that this podcast is on a higher than seminary level but makes easy for anyone. John bring the aspect of iur understanding and the common American Christian raising that Tim challenges. John allows for us to truly understand. Tim’s bible translating skills gives me the most literal translation out there. Personally i think he should write his own translation. Finally, i just want to say thank you. Thank you for sparking in me a thirst for deeper understanding of the magnificent creation our bible is. Thank you.
  • Hard to Inspire
    Hard to hear
    I love this podcast and the way they discuss and teach biblical concepts. I really appreciate that they always highlight textural context. Unfortunately, it is insanely hard to hear, especially the car. I thought maybe they would kind of figure this out and adjust, but nothing has changed in the last two years I’ve listened to them. Specifically.... Jon’s voice has way too much mid-low range which causes the speakers to bellow and muddy his words. So no matter how loud you turn it up, you still cannot understand what’s he’s saying sometimes. Tim, on the other hand, has a different timbre to his voice, so you can hear and understand him most of the time, except that he OFTEN trails off at the end of his sentences, making several of his words totally unintelligible. I literally have my car system volume maxed out and I still can’t hear or understand many of their words and it has been this way for every episode I’ve listened to. I will note, it’s the only podcast I listen to that has these issues. I would recommend revamping the EQ on the vocal mics and raising the floor of compression. Please. I really want to hear everything you say because it’s really good.
  • TressRab
    Great conversation
    We love the way Tim, Jon, and whoever else joins them discuss deep Bible topics. They make the topics accessible and soooo meaningful. I grew up attending a Christian school but the Bible Project has really made me see the beauty of each word in the Bible. For me, I had the Sunday school mindset that a lot of the OT was a collection of odd disparate stories, kind of like a spiritual Brothers Grimm. Then, the NT was where I could sink in my teeth and hold on to Jesus. Thanks to this podcast I now understand and appreciate the OT so much more! The Bible project has taught me so much meaning behind the stories I've known for over 40 years.
  • BtotheLtotheR
    So Much Info
    This podcast is just one form of many different types of information that the Bible Project offers. Get ready to confront your beliefs and to be truly informed about the Bible and the message of the New Kingdom.
  • MamaDuzie
    Taking God’s Name in Vain
    I love going back and listening to podcasts that occurred prior to my realization that the Bible Project existed, so I am late on my review. That said; this is one of my favorites! Thank you Jon and Tim and crew for bringing the bible alive in a new and fresh way. I think a nerd lives deep inside me, but just not where I am to be at this season. Much appreciate your contribution to the Kingdom!
  • DukemSter3000
    The videos are only the appetizer!
    I’ve been a big BP fan for a while but at first it was just the videos ... the videos are awesome but they’re just the beginning! These podcasts are where all the meat is, it’s so good and Tim, Jon and Carissa are a great team!
  • HaaAway
    Fresh Terminology and Fresh Energy
    Timeless truth deserves to be brought into our time and terms and this is where you find it.
  • Dee Winslow
    I listen almost everyday! Have learned so much! Thank you!!
  • yoummooo
    Q&A 11/16/20
    wish you’d incorporate 3 steps of priesthood :anointing ex of worthiness & coronation
  • chrismissions
    I feel smarter for listening to this podcast
    I love how much Tim and the team know about the Bible and the interesting tidbits they share. Thanks for your excellent work! Thanks for teaching me.
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