The creators of BibleProject have in-depth conversations about the Bible and theology. A companion podcast to BibleProject videos found at

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  • Quiet Wife
    Paradigm E6
    Gosh, I am learning so much. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
  • Denzel's Twin
    The Tenet Episode
    Could you guys breakdown movies and compare them to Scripture more often? Haha I really love how you all did that with the movie Tenet. Maybe there could be more movie talk in the future. Love the podcast and pray blessings over you all.
  • carissa danielle
    Dynamic and Revolutionary
    Amazing work done here. I am totally drawn in and left pondering the work of God in all of history. I would say that adding a third person to the conversation detracts from experience. Jon and Tim have such a natural and unique dynamic in how they engage with each other, and I find that that flow is largely interrupted by a third person. May the Lord greatly bless, deepen, and expand the reach of this ministry!
  • Bobbbbb2679
    Great podcast, I do have one request however.
    Great podcast that I look forward to listening to each week! However, I feel as if I must try to let one thing be known. As a listener, the listening experience gets disrupted every time those affirmation/acknowledgment noises (like “Mmm” or “yeah” or “yep” or “Mmhmm”) are made. I understand that in a human to human conversation those are essential to show you are engaged and listening. However, as a podcast they are very distracting to what is being said. I feel like the podcast would greatly benefit from being better about letting one person talk at a time with no audible disruption. That’s all! Besides that, a great podcast that is much needed in my life right now.
  • Maust world traveler
    Highly recommended!
    I love this podcast! I listen weekly and I have learned so much in the process. It stretches the confines of what I thought I knew about the Bible, and has given me a much deeper appreciation for how God has revealed himself through Scripture and Jesus. I also use the videos and blog posts from the website to supplement my daily reading. Thanks to everyone at The Bible Project for your great work and for serving the global body of Christ with these amazing resources!
  • tommy398
    Favorite podcast
    Love it!!!!! This podcast is the best podcast ever
  • Zak, Pittsburgh PA
    My favorite podcast!
    Recently I’ve been growing in and exploring deeper aspects of my faith in Jesus. The Bible Project (podcast and website) have been helpful resources to supplement my own reading of scripture and helped open my mind to areas of of the Bible that I missed or hadn’t even thought about! Truly amazing work Tim and John!
  • patrickhavens
    So good
    This is simply outstanding. I’m thankful for the more in-depth discussion behind the videos. I’m learning a ton and growing in Christ. Thank you
  • mickey idiot
    Never before have I heard such deep clear thinking teaching that doesn’t shy away from difficult passages and brings the full Biblical perspective in plain language.
  • Mt.6:24
    Jesus’ most neglected teachings...
    More people & podcasts are talking these days about the things Jesus taught (in the 4 gospels), but there are a few of his teachings that almost never get serious coverage. Several references (EXCLUDING the “rich young ruler”) are made in Luke about selling all of one’s possessions & giving to the poor and then this teaching is shown to be taken seriously by the time we get to the book of Acts (end of chapters 2 & 4). Another powerful & often neglected paradigm-changing (IF taken at face value) teaching of Jesus is found in Mt. 6:24; Lk. 16:13-14). This has been called the “Two Masters teaching”, one being God/Love and the other/opposite one being money. What would Christianity look like, both inside its confines and to the world at large, if these teachings were given much more serious consideration and application? Take a leap of faith and dive deep into these teachings! ✌🏼
  • rlindholtz
    I started with the videos…
    …and I thought “These guys are actually doing theology, and doing it well.” I moved up to the podcast and I’m constantly impressed with the quality of the content and the clean production values. Nice job, Bible Project team.
  • BamaBen72
    Amazing content
    I live their work on video. The podcast is a much deeper dive into same and similar content. So much content! Great work guys!!!
  • DiabeticJedi
    Listened to this podcast from the start to current and absolutely love it. Tim and Jon have a way of working through the details of scripture that many scholars seem to skip over or simply want to simplify. I appreciate how they take these biblical themes seriously. I have developed a deeper appreciation of scripture because of the insights that I would have never noticed on my own. Keep up the amazing work of God!
  • CA to NH
    No more manic Mondays
    Bible project podcast actually has me looking forward to Monday mornings.
  • NGMartin
    Phenomenal and Illuminating
    Love what you guys are doing, keep it up!
  • Ggccjcjcvjjvyvgccccj
    Absolutely Fantastic!
    My favorite podcast. Slowly and profoundly my view of the scriptures have changed to something even more beautiful. Thank you guys for all your hard work and you being you and taking time to dig and be real and ask the questions. So “human” and divinely touched .
  • Erinvie
    Love these; interested in short versions
    I really love the depth accuracy and passion these go into. But I also love the concise nature of the YouTube videos. Do y'all have, or would you consider, creating a 10, 15 or 25 minute show?
  • LSeashore
    Worth Listening and Then Listening Again
    I sit with my cup of coffee and listen to these rich podcasts every morning. When I’ve listened to all of them I start over at the first and go through them again. These podcasts contain so much information to ponder that I always hear new things upon second and third listening. These podcasts have been an integral part of my faith journey. I will forever thank you.
  • nlachance521
    Learning every week
    I cannot begin to say how much I have learned from this podcast - as well as how much thought and meditation on the scripture and the fundamental concepts of the faith this podcast has started me on. I am thankful every week for the way this podcast - and all of the work of the Bible Project - have gifted me with.
  • B208G
    Expands my understanding and perspective
    Have been listening for a few years and consistently find topics here that deepen my theology. Some episodes require more than one listen because they are so rich and full of thought-provoking concepts. Bible Project is in my top 5 podcasts!
  • Unbelievable2020
    Understand the Bible in One Easy Step
    The story of Jesus begins on page one of the Bible. Understanding the Bible the way it was meant to be understood, begins with listening to this podcast. Thanks guys!
  • classicsnewbie
    Invaluable resource
    This podcast is life changing! It makes the Bible come alive and reveals God’s magnificent plan to a level I’ve never experienced. The hosts make studying the Bible so interesting! And they have fun doing it!
  • MomWords
    The big missed question
    If sin caused death, and evolution were true, why was there death for millions of years before the fall? If other humans were created outside the garden, were they perfect? Why did they die? And if sin wasn’t through Adam, then Jesus lied, as well as the other writers. There ARE theological implications to our faith in the Genesis account for origin.
  • DRMgreen
    Great resource, fun to listen to
    What a great resource for thinking well and deeply about the Bible! It’s fun to listen to, but it also really helps me develop deeper understanding.
  • Slapshotjones454636536366
    Punch in the gut.
    This podcast is a much needed punch in the gut to the Fundamentalists. Excellent topics and discussions that are true to the context in which the Bible was written.
  • "Megaman Ex...player
    A must listen to for all Christians
    Great conversations, entertaining to listen to, and a lot of great knowledge. Thanks guys.
  • BillowsPillow
    Remember to be discerning
    The Bible Project is based entirely around the work and authority of a single biblical scholar, Tim Mackie. The rare inclusion of other scholars never challenges Tim’s positions, only affirms them. It doesn’t make this podcast or the animations they make useless or (automatically) heretical, but it does present us with some baby and some bathwater. They will often take a hard stance on a particular interpretation and treat it as if it is settled, when in fact it is only Tim’s opinion. It’s an educated opinion, but it’s not settled. An easy example is the understanding of the heavenly council and the Elohim. They side with Dr. Michael Heiser and his belief that the gods of the ancient world were not human inventions but actually these fallen Elohim. I’m honestly sympathetic to this idea, but it is hotly debated and is not a majority scholar opinion. But Mackie and TBP treat it as if it’s true and don’t even hint at alternate takes having merit, if existing at all. Often they will reference Tim’s personal translation of the Bible and build discussion and meaning off of that as if his translation is more accurate. Maybe it is, but I’m not taking Mackie’s word alone on that. Entire committees and panels of biblical scholars and translators spend years, sometimes decades, carefully translating the ancient texts. None of them settle on, for example, “In the beginning, God created the sky and the land.” Tim says that this is a better way to translate that verse, and maybe he’s right, but that’s a bold claim to go against basically every other bible translation, and even bolder to then build an entire discussion series with your own translation being assumed as true. They refrain that the Bible is a unified story that points to Jesus, but more often than not it feels like they actually think the Bible is a story that points back to Genesis. Noting the themes from Genesis making appearances throughout the Bible, and using that to understand the authors’ intent better. And it’s great for a single discussion series. But that’s become a pillar of Tim’s take on the Bible. And maybe I’m off, but it feels like that gets far more intention than the gospel. There’s a lot of valuable things to learn and think about here, but I fear that its tone will lead a lot of people into thinking everything it says is the final word on any given topic or passage.
  • Misha Jae
    I have been following this podcast for years and it’s honestly my favorite of all I listen to. So much good information presented in a clear way. I have recommended to so many people and will continue to! Thanks, Jon and Tim!
  • LeroDun
    Great Information
    After listening to the podcast entitled The Genealogical Adam and Eve featuring Dr. Swamidass, I heard about scientific and theological voids and unparalleled perspectives that I had not considered before. It was very interesting how the doctor hypothesized that the human race are all more than likely descendants of Adam and Eve. According to scripture, after the flood Noah’s family were the sole survivors (along with select animals) of the earth. It is even more apparent that it can further be hypothesized that we are all descendants of the same parents. Noah is the descendent of Seth, one of Adam and Eve’s son.
  • Martialjoe
    Simply the best
    This is my #1 favorite podcast without contest.
  • hjjjgvb
    Keep on going
    I love the Bible project you have helped me so much to understand the Bible and to build an interest in reading. It has becoming more fun and fulfilling. Thank you guys 🌟
  • Trickster 240
    Knowledge is Power
    Having to learn the actual history of the Bible without having to go to an expensive college class or go research myself is always a plus. The Bible Project works hard to make sure everyone who’s willing to listen has an understanding of biblical context which has been lost over the years and hasn’t been taught in mainstream church culture all too much (especially in America). They take the time out to explain the ancient Hebrew/Greek of the original writings and how its should actually be translated in today’s English. They also connect the story of the Bible to a single representation but still leave plenty of pathway thinking for the audience to connect it to their faith in Christ personally. It’s true that the Bible is directed tied to one story of salvation that is made through Jesus and they wonderful connect and explain all the different themes in the Bible that showcase this truth.
  • 3 Stones Ranch
    Acts 17:11 Search the scriptures daily to see if these things are so
    I’m incredibly passionate with my personal studies and I really believe the Bible project team lead by Tim Mackie are absolutely right on! Thank you Jesus for the resourceful info and visuals. Specifically the Pod Cast is really rewarding and I learn a great deal.
  • Drigo3
    Great Podcast
    I love listening to the great chemistry Tim and John has. Great combination of bible and contextual scholarship. Thank you for making this complex combination of ancient books understandable and relevant to me.
  • God&Garden
    The Ancient Faith
    I love that there is the incorporation of the Ancient teachings, as an Eastern Orthodox Christian this apostolic lineage is crucial to our relationship with Jesus Christ! Great talk 🌷
  • Quin-Star
    Great insights
    I have gotten so much out of listening and following the Bible Project podcast. I especially love the study of the original language used in the Bible. I don’t always agree with the theology but it is always thoughtfully, lovingly, and honorably presented. I also love the fact that they don’t duck hard questions and aren’t afraid to admit they don’t have all the answers (just most 😉). The Hebrew word study has given enlightenment and clarity to many questions and doubts I had regarding the Bible. Keep up the good work. Peace.
  • Julie2029
    Thank you
    More than anything else, BibleProject resources have given me the confidence just to READ the Bible with my children. My son and I are working through Mark and it’s becoming an important part of our daily routine. I would love to see a series of resources made just for kids.
  • Tyreek Billups
    Life Changing
    These podcasts and videos radically changed my life. It feels as though my sight has been restored. Best of all, the content is delivered in an exceedingly genuine way.
  • Nyesha_01
    Amazing work!!
    I first started watching the YouTube videos that you guys created, which I absolutely love, then I found out that you guys had a podcast and I can’t stop listening. Thank you guys for all you do and your hard work. Keep it up! 😁
  • Tamtam883
    Nothing better than this podcast...except Yahweh!
    There has never been a bible resource as clear and comprehensible as The Bible Project...their Youtube videos have also changed my life.
  • Awsomeguywhoiseverywhere
    This podcast has deepened my knowledge of the Bible so much!
  • JadaBlaize
    So rich
    I love the Reflections Series. I enjoy the depth in which it goes. I am able to truly reflect upon God’s word and allow Him to transform me throughout the week. I like that it’s weekly because daily devotions at times may be too weighty and I need to meditate on it for a day or two before I can move on. This series allows you to literally meditate on the subject/theme so to say, for a few days and it’s sinks deeper as I meditate! Lol I guess it’s simply in the name alone, Praise God :)
  • cariboujaguar
    Just the music you chose for the show, alone, shows me you’re not of God. “Shot in the head” by MOBY? I mean, come on! Where is your discernment! And this ‘lady wisdom’ garbage is insanity... Unsubscribed.
  • metal-prayer
    I enjoy the podcast. The subject matter is very informative. I have a hard time with comprehension when it comes to reading so listening to the two of you helps me understand what the Bible is about. I enjoy Jon’s questions and Tim’s responses. God bless you both.
  • 1234567::::::;;;;((((()))))))
    Learn more about Gods story.
    Bible project has brought me to a place where I want to learn more about the Bible and the story that God wrote. Thank you so much!
  • Ysvhtinrhx47063147
    I like it
    I like it a lot.
  • Trey Rule
    Favorite Podcast
    I love Bible Project and all the resources they offer! They have helped me understand what the overall story of the Bible is and how it influences me today. There is no greater cause than God’s kingdom and this podcast has helped me grow in my faith in Jesus tremendously!
  • The_Rev6709
    Great job
  • CasseeGee
    247 With Dr Peeler
    Thank you all. Dr Peeler was such a joy. I always gain comfort from John just being there as well. He lets me know I can be really confused and ask questions without the worry that it will take away from my standing with God. So much unearthed today in the beauty of Gods word!!! Thanks again.
  • rach anna
    Wonderful podcast
    Insightful and uplifting. Thank you for all of your careful research and inclusion of listeners. God bless you both!
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