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  • bearsforlife
    Game changer!!
    Where have you been all of my life?! A sincere game changer for me…as I’m seeing scripture really for first time. Thank you…
  • PsLarry
    Worth contributing to!!
    My wife and I are both Pastors with advanced degrees. We learn new things all the time through the Bible Project. We love it so much that we set aside money to donate! We just started donating in 2022 but will make it yearly going forward!! Amazingly effective work!
  • Garden city nan
    So enlightening
    I love this podcast because it helps me to understand the gospel better. They are two cool regular guys that explain scripture without being preachy. It makes me feel like these are guys I would hang out with because they are so welcoming and friendly. Tim is so knowledgeable and Jon is also well versed. I love the conversations between them. Thanks Guys!
  • Sublimer968
    This is a great podcast for anyone wanting to learn about the Bible.
    Tim and John are great at what they do. Tim has an astonishing amount of knowledge about ancient history and the text contained within the Bible. I was trying to read the Bible like books that are written in the way authors write in our present time, but that’s not how the Bible was written. They have opened my eyes to themes and patterns I never would have known about, because I can’t read (or sing) in Hebrew. They present the content in an easy-to-understand format, which is not an easy task. This is so much more than a podcast, it truly is a project. Highly suggested, and if you enjoy the podcast, check out their app and/or website. Thank you for all you do! - A brother in Christ
  • Bark the Shark
    Ignited a passion for scripture
    I’ve always loved history and ancient cultures, so a podcast that gets into the translation and context of the Bible piqued my interest. It’s amazing how much this has given me an appetite for reading my Bible and I’m doing so, so many truths and concepts of scripture have opened up to me.
  • Sltbrgr
    Excellent discussions teaching the Bible so clearly. Love all the podcasts!
  • NM CK
    You Need This
    Excellent, informative, and inspiring. Keep it up!
  • jesusnerd😝
    The Bible Project is an amazing resource to help me grasp the true meaning of Gods plan for me. I know I’m a little late to the party, but it’s better late than never! The Bible Project helps me focus and I can also learn so much from it. Thank you for all you do Tim and Jon! 💕
  • Old F'er
    Great Learning
    Makes reading the Bible easier when there’s an explanation. Dare you to try the podcast and see what you will learn from God. Thanks to the staff.
  • wsj_reader-one
    Absolutely awesome!!
    All their podcasts have been thoughtful and helped me to understand the text in their original meaning.
  • xlipx
    Yo. Whaaat?
  • s75689921
    Thank you for your time and efforts! So helpful and lively 😊❤️
  • Worst of All Sinners
    Stunning Display of God’s Glory
    Thorough and practical revealing of God’s word. Thank you.
  • Straighttailpilot
    Very Mind-altering.
    The BibleProject has helped me view Scripture in a way that intrigues me more than before. It has helped me understand the Bible for more than just a book to be read. I recommend their podcast AND the online courses they have now.
  • radical commie Jesus freak
    Hebrew “Bible Nerds” ➡️ Wisdom for Life
    Tim and Jon are amazing “Bible Nerds” from relatively conservative Anglo 🇺🇸 evangelical heritage who have broken into the Hebrew Scriptures in a deep way to reveal the major patterns and themes in the Hebrew Bible that point to Messiah Jesus. They are intellectually focused vs heart and hands focused in their discussions. If you are looking to get deeper into what the entire Bible is about, this is the #1 pod. They are not pushing an ideology or trying to make the Hebrew Scriptures fit into their pre-conceived framework. Good for Catholics, Orthodox, Secularists, people of Jewish or Islamic heritage as well as Protestants and faith de-constructors. They stick to the text and work to interrogate their own assumptions and traditions. My only complaint is that Jon and Tim seem to have far fewer huge problems than I do and seem less concerned that the 🇺🇸 church has become corrupt than I am and everyone I know in California. They almost seem to intentionally avoid saying what these Scriptures might be saying to our own Churches and 🌍 now, preferring to stick to interpreting the text and drawing us 👂’s into a conversation and chewing on it for ourselves. It’s like their mission is to create a global world of Bible Nerds who can reconstruct Biblical communities after the slow Apocalypse we are living through. The Church and the 🌍 are on 🔥 but their calling is to study the Bible and encourage others to do so vs. engage in applying their Bible insights to redeeming the world in an active way
  • TSGC-Sola De Gloria
    Singular focus
    Tim and John stick to the theme: The Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus. Thanks for not veering off into pet beliefs. Thanks for teaching the intimate details from the Hebrew text. As a lay person who reads his Bible, I would not have understood the depth and richness of written words and the interconnection between stories. You all enrich my walk with the Lord! Genuinely, thank you.
    Thank you!!
    God bless you and your ministry.
  • ?sp6putn
    What’s different
    I really wish I had the tools to understand the Bible that Tim Mackie teaches in Bible project classroom earlier. Every serious believer should check out How to read your Bible in Tim Mackies classroom series before giving up and chucking your Bible. He speaks to the narrative, patterns , repetition and the scrolls and the people of the times and how they put the tanak together. It’s a real eye opener . Thanks Tim .
  • yoummooo
    Rambling nonsensical words that make no sense
    Only 5 stars will send
  • Jillymac1
    So Much to Learn! Yes Lord!
    Tim really makes the Bible come alive with their videos and now a Podcast to help me along my journey to having a closer, loving relationship with Jesus Christ!
  • DayoBrown
    Love These Episodes ❤️❤️
    I have been listening since 2018 and these conversations have absolutely changed my life, my understanding and my relationship with God. Thank you Bible Project
  • LMS032190
    Used to love
    I absolutely loved this podcast until the last 2 years when they decided to preface any and every possibly offensive thing in scripture and make sure everyone knows how empathetic they are to any possible “triggering” passage. Make sure you appeal to the woke mob & appease the gods of deconstruction so you don’t get canceled. There’s one episode where Tim specifically calls out the influence secular culture has had on him & yes, it’s coming through. Call us up instead of apologizing and empathizing.
  • GrammyPam70
    Love Bible Project
    Love listening to TBP! I found TBP about 7 months ago and everything I thought I knew about God, Jesus and the Bible have been turned upside down. I listen everyday to at least one episode. You guys have become my companion when I feel lonely and have helped me through many moments of chronic pain. I have learned so much. I appreciate how you guys teach things and break things down so that it’s easy for anyone to grasp. You have made the OT something I actually look forward to reading more of and learning from. I love seeing the connections and hearing your analogies You guys are the best! Thank you for sharing your selves, your time and your knowledge with us. It has helped completely transform my relationship with Jesus! God bless!!!
  • Donna Hubler
    More scripture reading less analysis and small talk
    Love your podcast. For me a little too much banter but would love to hear more scripture reading. You guys have the knowledge, I’m very impressed. I’d love to hear more on application in our day. You all are awesome bringing Jehovah (Yahweh) God’s Word to light in a very dark time period. It is SO much needed and refreshing for the soul.
  • Eclass08
    Really informative
    I love the format, information, and feel of the pod. The hardest part is not getting sleepy from the super chill voices of the hosts, haha. Maybe yell every once in a while? 😂
  • FanceeNan
    So well done!
    Love learning more about the Bible through these in-depth yet clear discussions!
  • Rikk R
    Great Podcast with a Few Qualms
    Fantastic podcast that’s very informative. The material is dense, but presented in a manner that’s easy to understand. I feel they deviate too much from the main topic. A lot of time is spent in the beginning recapping previous episodes and what’s come before. At times, it seems like Jon has never heard of these topics and adds comic relief that isn’t necessary and takes things off topic.
  • Evrowbri 951
    Strange logic
    God is accelerating man killing man? I don’t think humans killing nephillim or God destroying nephilim is God accelerating what man was inevitably going to do to man.
  • are u really saved
    Welcome to the church of Laodicea
    This is what happens when you have “scholars” tell YOU what the Bible says.
  • D Zimm at home
    Five Stars
    Thank you for the amazing podcasts! You have helped me understand the Bible way more than I did before the podcasts, and you have helped me with my faith. Thanks for all you do!
  • Purplestriedmonkeys
    Nothing but love
    I cannot love the Bible Project enough !!! The way these guys go back and forth… I love the Hebrew and the thoroughness of a discussion! I learn so much every time I listen! Listening to the Shema in Hebrew was Everything!!
  • Brian from Akron
    Music is super good
    The content is the best and I am so appreciative of this podcast. It’s opened eyes in such cool ways to the greatest book in The World. Also, side note, the music sprinkled throughout couldn’t be more perfect. Well done!
  • Nybor kavon
    Dig Deeper
    Love listening to them dig in and help explain and decipher through the Bible. I love understanding the history and context and the really help me to put it all together in to one big picture. They are easy listen to, and relatable. Don’t ever stop this podcast please! Thanks for all you do! This podcast and your many videos!! ❤️
  • emparton
    Relatable without being watered down
    Love the back and forth between these two and appreciate how they deep dive into scripture and don’t shy away from important and big, sometimes difficult to understand topics or stories in scripture. What sets this show apart is the balance of the hosts which make listening both relatable and enlightening. The app is also a far superior listening experience, download it!
  • Halezzzz30
    A wonderful story
    This project provides an awesome opportunity to dive deep into the Old Testament and discover how profoundly interconnected the entire biblical story is from Genesis to Revelation! The presentation is superb with Jon’s honest and sometimes skeptical questions mixed with Tim’s completely nonjudgmental incredibly knowledgeable and unpretentious answers. My son referred me to the podcast and I have been stunningly blessed.
  • emmymae2003
    Diving deep without getting lost
    BibleProject helps me so much as a layperson who will never get the chance to go to seminary, but loves to learn about the historical and literary context of the Bible. This podcast has added immense depth to my understanding of the Bible.
  • BPfollower
    Knowledge I’ve been craving
    I really appreciate the deep dive into the Hebrew Bible. This is the content I was looking for but didn’t know I was missing. I really appreciate Jon’s questions! I have struggled with the same. Thank you Tim for sharing your research into what the Hebrew scholars want us to understand. I love the strength your team brings to these subjects. May the Bible Project always be blessed and kept safe in their calling to illuminate the unified story of Jesus. You have changed my life!
  • mojo82678
    Deep, thoughtful, and true to Scripture
    A wonderful study tool and a way to engage deeper with the Bible on a regular basis!
  • Zooming mom
    So informative. Great use of my time
  • TruthSeeker5374
    A True Bible Podcast!
    I have learned a lot of biblical truth from Tim and Jon listening to this podcast. I look forward to hearing a new episode every Monday. Thanks so much to the Bible Project Team for the important work you do!
  • normalperson257
    Digging Deeper
    The podcasts are great, but I used to always watch the videos and completely ignore the podcasts. But then I listened to one of them, and I was amazed on how deep they were digging into that subject. It was a lot more than the videos so I think you should take time to listen and meditate on what you’ve listened to. It’s very surprising how much it will change you. It is the best resource of Bible podcasts I’ve ever heard.
  • KittyK7
    Deep thoughts made accessible and fresh
    I’ve enjoyed their videos for years but just started listening to the podcast. Amazing. I’ve studied the Bible for years and the connections they are making are blowing my mind. So far I’m through Genesis, Exodus and the Tree of Life series and I’m looking forward to more. Thanks for the work you do and the insights you offer. I’m looking forward to more meditating on the scriptures.
  • Binkus11
    You are what you eat
    From what I have learned and experienced you are what you eat or consume. I was on a run and listening to a podcast that was quite sinful to be honest. I remembered a sermon I’ve heard that you are what you eat/consume and you need to be careful of what you consume. So I switched to the Bible Project podcast and listened to that instead. I am very glad I did, this podcast is so informative and much better for you than some other podcasts. 5 stars! Be careful of what you eat, because what you consume will eventually consume you. Great podcast, Great messages, Great people!
  • Marsha Louise Eberhardt
    Bringing the story of the Bible to life
    This podcast has been so helpful, insightful, informative, and I am so excited to dive into all of the topics and information. The Bible and it’s story is coming alive for me in a way that I could have never imagined before. After being a Christian for 40 years I finally feel like I am starting to understand what it all really means and how to read the Bible. The conversations are so real, and Tim and Jon are so articulate, interesting, and intelligent. I love going beyond the mainstream Christian view and many preconceived and misinterpreted concepts and bringing it all together in a way that answers so many questions that I have always had. Thank you!!!!!!!
  • FlowersMakeMeSmile00
    Who would have…
    thought that Leviticus could be gripping? Having painfully waded through Leviticus numerous times on my own, this might have seemed an inauspicious time to give the podcast a try. Wrong. It’s amazing. Love the way these guys (and awesome team behind them) help me see the unified story of scripture that is leading me to a deeper knowledge of Jesus.
  • Kybalist
    Utmost importance
    This podcast is of utmost importance to me when it comes to deeper understanding of the bible, besides personal revelation reading it myself.
  • NancyTP
    Bringing the Bible to life!!
    While I have read through the whole Bible, so much in the Old Testament left me with more questions than answers! These gentlemen break down the passages and bring soooo much clarity and understanding!!! I love how they bring out patterns and themes that weave all the Scripture together. This pod is like seminary for dummies! 😂… well it’s for smart people too. 😉
  • HildeDNP
    Best ever
    You guys do an amazing job, keep me engaged, and yearning for more information. Thank you!
  • jo in brookfield
    Endless depth & potential
    This project has endless possibilities for learning more about all that God has created and offers to us as His image bearers. Praise God for what He is doing and the opportunities The Bible Project provides around the entire globe. God’s blessings on all who have a hand in making it!
  • shama_e
    What A Blessing
    As a whole the Bible Project has been such a blessing for me, but the podcast specifically has opened my mind and eyes to see that the Bible and God has so much more depth than what our typical modern view allows. The Bible and God are complex and messy and challenging and BEAUTIFUL. This podcast doesn’t shy away from sharing any of these attributes. And having Tim and Jon discuss the cultural context of the eras and translation of Hebrew words give voice to the authentic intention behind the scriptures, which I haven’t had access to before and am so grateful to have now. Whether you were born and raised Christian or are new to the faith, I highly recommend Bible Project!
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