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Care about free speech? Tired of political correctness? Join Dave Rubin for real conversations, real news, and one-on-one interviews with some of the most intriguing names in America today as they break down politics and current events.

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    Mr. Rubin
    Dave’s podcast flows — easy going, clear audio, nice voice. . I’ve been listening since 2019 Roughly. Rubin speaks with a calmness and respect — through reason and logic, it makes for a wonderful listen. He speaks truth with his also wonderful guest! He talks politics and he has some good insights into the left and how they think because he was a Bernie bro once upon a time! ! Lol. He’s libertarian now don’t worry ..haha still doesn’t call himself conservative but if you know him there’s a good reason for it. Guess you’ll have to get to know him! Give him a listen!
  • Maeganh9
    If you listen to nothing else everyday, I would highly recommend Dave Rubin! I’m a relatively new listener—becoming a daily listener in 2020 after listening based on topics and guests in 2018 and 2019. He's solid with his facts, honest, and humorous. I couldn’t recommend his show and book, “Don’t Burn This Book,” more!
  • JMCartwright
    Heather MacDonald
    Excellent!! Terrific interview with Heather MacDonald...she brings such great depth and logic to her narrative. For those that haven’t read her books...get them now and be enlightened!!!
    Been there before
    Dave’s obviously experienced the dark side while he was a lefty. Eventually his conscious kept telling him something wasn’t right. So he did what any intelligent person would do, he listened to his head, checked out the FACTS and realized how wrong the lefties are. Now he’s more of a centrist liberal which is fine for most Americans. Of course now the hard left have basically disavowed him. Go figure!
  • JP The Souless Ginger
    Common sense!
    Dave- you do a great job! I turn to you for a balanced perspective on current events. Thanks for your ‘straight from the hip’ takes on current events! June Peyer
    Thank you for being brave and helpful. I am in Ca and hope you can help return Ca to the kind state of my youth. We love you Dave!
  • Me-ness
    Sell out
    Rubin is a sell out with no bottom. Dishonest to the core.
  • Amdyfyn
    Ally, Christopher, James give hope...
    Perhaps one of most profound, if not the most profound podcasts of yours because of the courageous and intelligent guests who demonstrate moral bravery regardless of contrary beliefs to one another. Although I’m Catholic, a religion that espouses all can go to Heaven, even an atheist, if our ACTS are Christlike, despite our words or personally held beliefs, I’ve atheist friends I love dearly and they I. Religions don’t define us or give us merit or inherent valor. ACTS do. I’ve been discouraged by the state of the state, as my Dad was a decorated combat vet, eventually deceased of wound, who fought for ALL colors, creeds, classes, cultures. My Mom an inner-city teacher who sacrificed and served kids of all races and religions. Myself doing the same as a teacher and a coach. I needed to hear this show today (as I’m in China and fear going home to America and witness our social descent) and hear not only these folks with fortitude and intellect, but the word ‘DO’. What will we DO? As I’m a coach and from a military family, of heritage, and the bottom line is not TALK, but ACTION...
  • Dan GW
    Great to hear no nonsense discussions.
  • Pppplleeaassee
    I’ve tuned in for a few years, but lately find some of the commentary bordering on childish rants. I like to listen to a wide range of podcasts that offer thoughtful opinion and conversation, but I don’t find it here any longer...
  • PodJamesPod
    Not Very Good Ideas
    I’ve listened to this show off and on for about a year. I can’t understand how this show is still running. Dave does not seem like he’s done enough research or study of any of the topics he presents. He’s just kind of winging it.
  • hermionewingfeather
    clear and enjoyable
    // new review I got tired of the daily messages... Dave's smart and honest, but he keeps talking about the same things over and over. I can tell what he'll think about something before he says it. Not for me anymore (though I'm not saying I'll never be back). I prefer Ben Shapiro ;) // original review As a Gen Z conservative Christian, it’s weird how much I enjoy listening to this 40-something liberal atheist (?) give his takes on politics and culture... but I really, truly do! He’s honest, straightforward, and amusing (in a good way. While I *certainly* don’t always agree, I’m never confused on what he thinks/believes, and he has clear reasons for those beliefs. Still praying for your salvation, Dave 😊
  • Spatchypoo
    What Happened?
    Dave, you got me into podcasts. I binged 4 years of your show. I was introduced to Jordan Peterson because of you. But honestly, what made you good was your interview skills. Now that you Joined The Blaze, the show went downhill. What happened to the days when you were proud to be independent? I am probably a few weeks away from unsubscribing at this point. I miss the way your show used to be. I listen to Shapiro for the news, stick to interviews.
  • California Titans Fan
    Awesome podcast
    Love listening everyday to hear thoughtful, insightful perspectives with humor mixed in. Keep it up!
  • EstebanDuPont
    Just read don’t burn this book
    This guy is inspiring ans well spoken. I will become an avid listener. His book laid out so well his political transformation in a way that was concise, well thought out and backed up. I wish I could buy this book for every liberal in the country.
  • regular custmer
    The Ruben report
    Love this podcast! Informative, interesting and honest. He loves freedom like me!
  • ruotsysgurl
    My favorite
    Out of all the podcasts I listen to, I look forward to Dave’s!! His honesty, humor and Love for our country is evident in every episode! Thank you for your content.
  • Ostern
    Long time listener who is about to give up
    Update 2/8/21: Deleted the podcast after 4+ years. Miss the earlier days with more interviews and less self-congratulation and drama. Listening to too much of this stuff makes me more depressed and mildly paranoid. Yeah, some extreme lefties may be “out to get you”, but life is too short to give them disproportionate attention. Time to move on. FWIW, I’ve really enjoyed re-listening to Jordan Peterson’s backlog. I feel more balanced engaged with life after those. He’s an antidote to too much chaos...and too much paranoia! ===Original Review=== Used to enjoy Dave’s interviews with guests, as he was actually decent at that. Not a hardball interviewer by any means, but he generally got out of the way and let interesting guests bring new viewpoints. This latest run of Direct Messages has grown tiresome and repetitive. Yes, many far leftists are crazy and same folks need to push back. But The Rubin Report is starting to sound like one of those echo chambers. Once upon a time, this might have been a podcast that someone of differing opinions could hear. Now, it’s just the same drone focused on his already-convinced audience. The warning sign is that even though I’m a staunch classical liberal, listening to this podcast makes me want to push back against many of Dave’s tirades because they sound just as one-dimensional as the typical mainstream media garbage. Hard to reconcile this new Dave with the one who toured with Jordan Peterson.
  • Criminal 89
    The real news
    Andy Ngô, ❤️ 1A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • dewberry102
    Best Daily Podcast
    Best way to start my day or drive home from work. Honesty and straightforward truth. Keep fighting for America.
  • gigandgeo
    Thanks. I am not avoiding the idiots who are friends, but I am done arguing with them. If they shut up, then I will shut up, then we can be friends. I have a ger issues, but I have learned to not burn the bridges.
  • parked in texas
    Spirituality during crisis
    What a great conversation to be privy to. Thank you Dave Rubin podcast. Intelligent, enlightening, and humorous. I enjoyed this mature and thoughtful discussion among gentlemen who displayed an authentic respect for one another, as well as for their audience.
  • Hobbes283trbo
    He’s good
    I like Dave. He does a good job.
  • noelle387
    Cynthia Cooper was my HERO! As a little 8yr old baller down south, I never missed a game. I had her jersey and posters lining my room. The throwback was much appreciated Mr. Rubin 🏆
  • AED1219
    A refreshing political podcast with common sense discussions.
  • Black Flag Mike
    Dave Rubin you ROCK!
    Been a fan every since seeing DAve's interview with Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell......I knew this dude was a free thinker and a fair human being who thinks objectivley and is funny as well. Then when he hooked up with JBP it solidified all those thoughts. The Show gets better with every episode!
  • BobDobbs305
    Love the guests. This guy is kidding himself that he’s not a conservative. Don’t buy the classical liberal claim and in Today’s world it doesn’t matter. The Blaze? Really? 100% he’s voting for Trump. Just own it. He’s 90% there.
  • disappointed1567832
    You’re the best!
    Thank you Dave for your energy and candid thoughts. I love your podcast. Keep it going.
  • LA Liberty
    Davin Rubin From L ALiberty
    Thanks for your perspective! 🇺🇸🇺🇸LALibertyLALiberty TRUTH ! Montana USA! Well Said!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💯
  • Nick Tucker976977890
    Love the show (chicken sandwich suggestion)
    Love listening to this show. Especially since I feel like I get some extra news on LA 😃 suggestion for your chicken sandwiches. Howlin Rays in China town on Hall street is AMAZING! Awesome food and awesome customer service.
  • jessNBrazoria
    Great Show!
    You deliver a great show! I’m a truck driver and I listen to all of your episodes!
  • r0gue007
    Seb Gorka bro?
    No Sorry Dave Unsubscribed
  • Shaloha91
    Divisive and dangerous
    “Is there anything dangerous or unamerican about what you just heard?” The answer is YES. Your “panelist” just called the entire left “the enemy” and called for right wingers to create more echo chambers. How is that American?! How is that not dangerous? That’s EXACTLY why our country is so divided now. We need to STOP calling the other side the enemy, we need to STOP creating echo chambers. And no, “they are doing it too” is not an acceptable excuse. You believe in your conservative cause? Great, go ahead and engage with those who disagree, find common ground, rise ABOVE the other side, don’t stoop to their level. That is the ONLY way to truly make America great again.
  • dwlbk
    Episode 2024 powerful
  • salty slugs
    Missing from my library
    I was unsubscribed this morning for whatever reason. Glad your still here. A voice of reason in all this madness.
  • AniruddhaK
    The most important political podcast!
    Thoughtful, Dignified, Balanced and Extremely Serious
  • wolfie/wolf
    How do we complain
    How do we complain to the Tech giants? How do we let Google. Apple, Tweeter YouTube know besides delete apps , we don’t like their censorship??? How do we let them know we are not happy about blocking Out conservatives shows apps and voices. I have deleted Facebook from phone and iPad. But when I tried to cancel my account 3 years back it was hard. So just gave up. Anyway on Twitter I have been called a racist homophobic a right wing radical and every other word that’s been invented lately. Even though I’ve been a registered Democratic and voted for Tulsi Gabbard I love your show along with Candace Owens‘s Larry Elder and other black conservatives. So I tell them I must be a failed what ever the insult was.
  • CtT16
    Tulsi Gabbard
    Thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Tulsi Gabbard. Only wish you would have asked her how Hawaii could elect her AND Mazie Hirono!!!
  • LukeinNOVA
    Like a spurned girlfriend
    Rubin engages in the same lazy thinking and poor arguments that the left does to attack the left w a casual viscousness usually reserved for those excommunicated from the movement. Follow Sam Harris or even Ben Shapiro if you want legitimate analysis and rational thought.
  • bcoscott
    Calm and balanced
    I really appreciate the show due to the way Dave presents himself and all his guests. Because of Dave I have heard from some important great people I would not have otherwise heard of. God bless and keep pressing onward.
  • jobseeker2
    Makes the news pleasant even when it isn’t
    News isn’t so great these days but this show delivers in such an amicable way.
  • Turbotoke
    The extreme right can do no harm!
    Pretty right leaning propaganda if you ask me. Video: women in group of trump supporters about to storm the Capitol continually yelling “ ANTIFA, ANTIFA” over and over again. Mr. Rubin: See its ANTIFA!
  • TRwasanAlien
    Good guests, bad host
    I’ve listened to maybe 50 of these. The guests are typically very good. Dave Rubin himself comes off as cloying, and sanctimonious. His style is so expository, kind of like a person who feels compelled to explain their jokes, his monologues become tedious to the point of tortuous. Too clever by half (or maybe a third).
  • nopoliticsneeded
    Honest, common sense conversation w/ some humor
    Love, love, love Dave Rubin! Common sense, very honest conversation and has some great interviews as well! I love hearing his story from liberal to conservative and how he saw the condescending “woke” left eat their own! Thank you Dave for joining the dark side and sharing your knowledge with the world!
  • Droll Man
    One of the good ones!
    Rubin has good guests and he tackles a wide variety of topics. I appreciate a host who lets his guests speak at length. Very good production quality. Suggested guest... Kirstie Alley
  • Naperville Matt
    Modern Media
    The Times, CNN, late night TV have a new business model. Appeal to a small group of progressive leftists who buy subscriptions. They curate their stories and tailor their editorials to stroke the Righteous Minds of their chosen audience. The big political question of this decade is whether the California, New York and Illinois(my current state) exodus to well governed red states will topple those states, turning them blue.
  • Amixix
    Another xlib that started thinking for themselves
    Such a big fan of Dave, glad to see his podcast doing well
  • listener with kids
    Keep calm and don’t cuss!
    I really like your podcast. But when you drop the f-bomb, I turn you off. We don’t need more of that kind of dialogue . Your charm is being one of us and talking about issues calmly, not getting riled up like the left. Plus I have kids in the car. We believe in your point of view. We are former liberals turn conservatives like you. Please keep it calm and clean.
  • PeterrrB
    Dave is not an interesting thinker
    He has thoroughly disappointed me. I used to listen to his show back in 2016 and even enjoyed his guests and they had interesting things to talk about. But ever since around 2018 or 2019 Dave just became another Trump sycophant. I genuinely can’t tell if this is all a grift or if he really believes what he says, but either way it’s so sad. Every guest is just there to bash one side and defend one party. Never a thoughtful or interesting question. There is no reason to listen to this show anymore.
  • Ellimace
    So funny. So smart. So much of what needs to be heard.
    Go glad I found your podcast
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