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Care about free speech? Tired of political correctness? Join Dave Rubin for real conversations, real news, and one-on-one interviews with some of the most intriguing names in America today as they break down politics and current events.

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  • emc2093
    Facist propaganda
    Read the title. Avoid this guy like the plague
  • Flo N Eddie
    Good points but too biased
    I WANT to like this podcast but after listening to many episodes: 1) Dave calls people “evil” or “liars” far too often. Even when I think he’s basically right, these phrases come too easily to him. 2) Dave pretends to be objective, but seldom points out the excesses of the Right. It’s one thing to demand CRT not be taught in schools. It goes too far to threaten people over this or any other controversy. Rubin should argue for common sense but draw a line at threats or violence. He doesn’t.
  • EdeTM
    Unfunny and not insightful.
  • JMCartwright
    Dave….fantastic podcast with. Blake Masters! I called several of my Arizona friends to make sure they read up on him and help where they can….he is a 5 star hopeful for us all. Great job and interview!!!
  • obreza
    Love Dave and the show! The cat noise was too much. Please! Ice pick to the ear!
  • nic smart
    Funny and real!
    Dave is like the funniest right wing podcast to listen to! He gives you the news, and his personality makes you not want to go totally nuts when listening. Great show.
  • shakysharmz
    Thank you for your informative podcasts which i look forward to your opinions that I agree with and trusts with the truth
  • NicGibsonEnterprises
    Dave is the goat
    Dave is the goat
  • mamalogic
    Dave is the best. He is so reasonable. This podcast is almost as good as his book.
  • E L E N A😽
    He’s the best
    So balanced, kind and real.
  • jesse.331
    I tried
    I tried to listen but then I felt myself getting drawn in and dumber by the minute. I just can't with this dude.. I can't tell if he believes himself or just goes where the money-laden talking points are.
    NBA rebellion
    Mr. Rubin Your running of interviews from current NBA players refusing Covid vaccination was astounding! The two players were extremely articulate! Their expressions of respective vaccination hesitancy was well thought out. Gives me hope that current players are not as devoid of rational thought as Mr. James Thank you for keeping current Be Well BAMDDS
  • justjude2
    Miss this podcast
    I never listened to a podcast til I discovered this one and also Tim Pool’s. I miss Dave so much when there isn’t a new one. But I re listen to old ones !
  • Victory1753
    More Jason Whitlock
    Great show with DR and Mr. Whitlock. There were barely any stones left unturned on sports/culture issues currently facing our country.
  • ErolGniraed
    Missing You and Your Podcasts
    Love this podcast and am missing them this week! Hope all is well and we’ll be hearing from you soon!
  • J.N.Z.
    Insight with Intellect
    Really appreciate Dave’s perspective on life and find him and his infrequent guests to be quite interesting while simultaneously entertaining. It’s one of my favorite shows and I always jump on a new episode when available. Thanks for helping me to expand my perspective Dave!
  • superstepper
    Did I miss something?
    Miss Dave, what is up, nothing since Rose!
  • Luckynoodle
    Real and honest
    Only recently started listening. So appreciate Dave Rubin. His voice is comforting in this turbulent time. It’s refreshing to listen to someone that sticks to facts, honesty and truth seeking. I hope you stay in California, but get it if you don’t and no judgement there. I know that with Gods help things can turn around. I think of Gideon’s army. Keep doing what you’re doing Dave. ❤️🇺🇸
  • Freedom 2000
    Rose McGowan is a Firecracker
    Dave, wow that Rose McGowan she is a fourth of July Firecracker. Great Interview. God Bless America.
  • Living Lakside
    Empathy at Last
    Thanks to Rubin, my opinion of Rose McGowan has been completely transformed. She’s actually an intellectual who sees beauty on “both sides of the aisle” but also recognizes the corruption and ultimately seeks to expose and reverse it with nothing more than her eloquence and the blunt force weapon of truth, no matter what the cost or the risk. I’m not talking about “her” truth, but factual truth! True bravery!!!! But also in regards to the Rubin Report, one of my favorite podcasts. Thanks Rubin for your integrity.
  • Keto Tony
    Is a champion of the people. I’m all in when she runs.
  • Alex e c
    Extremist partisan political coverage, zero integrity
    If you want someone to tell you what you already believe, or if you want to have your cortisol levels spiked by some fear mongering. You’re not getting red-pilled by this, more like you’re getting some temazepam.
  • angie mcq
    Interviewer Extraordinaire
    Love the interviews. No one asks and LISTENS and responds like Dave. He is brilliant, funny, empathetic, incisive... I could go on. He’s been a favorite of mine for more than 10 years. (Yes, I was a fan from before that Larry Elder interview.) Dave is superlative.
  • MQ1
    Truth from unexpected source
    I absolutely enjoy listening to this podcast. Been a listener for about a year. Love that Dave hits on all relevant and interesting topics of the day and is always on top of breaking news. Offers an interesting perspective that mostly aligns with mine but often makes me think about some ways we differ in our thinking.
  • KWoeVAman
    Great guests and great analysis from Dave with a great sense of humor as well.
  • Criminal 89
    Vote, Yes to Recall
    Vote Larry Elder, don’t let this moment get away California 1A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 2A🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • DaneTech inc
    Glad to have you back
    Love the show. I live in the Northeast, I’ve got all kinds if people now hooked to your podcast. Keep it up!
  • Wedevag
    nee more of Dave
    Dave Rubin is a voice of reason in world that seems to enjoy flipping out. He isn't right, left, red or blue. He's an intelligent man that speaks to all typesof rational people.
  • thinking person222345
    Wow. Adam Corolla horrible.
    Adam Corolla doing a horrible job explaining Afghanistan debacle. Dave, I think you need to get someone else to catch you up. Adam skipped everything leading up to the exit and the way the exit was done.
  • TrinaYo
    Welcome back 🙃🇺🇸❤️🤍💙
    Recall Gavin Newsom❗️ Vote in Larry Elder 💟 Fyi the owner of Netflix (Marc Randolph) is the grandson of the author of propaganda ( Edward Bernays)... interesting ties
  • wolfie/wolf
    Can’t wait until you come back
    What a time to get off the Net. Can’t wait until you come back. And give your almost conservative mostly old fashioned liberal view on Biden blowing Afghanistan and other stories. I would like to hear what you think about Transgender athletics. And other news events you really seem to avoid
  • Brooklynsos
    The best podcast on the planet
    He never lies. This should be enough reason to listen. He is a genuine human.
  • BobDobbs305
    Rubin gets big names on his podcast
    Love the guests. This guy is kidding himself that he’s not a hardcore conservative. He’s on The Blaze! I don’t buy the “classical liberal” claim. Also, he’s quite a juxtaposition to Jordan Peterson. Rubin’s books are pretty light weight too. However, I don’t like him for his thoughts. He goes along with everything said by others, so I’m not fond of his solo podcasts. But get him in front of a guest and he really shines.
  • amyindenver
    Dave is a favorite
    Truth and humor - always informative
  • matthewkmixer
    Voice of reason!
    Dave is great by himself and even better with his interviews!
  • veranda12
    Smooth podcast
    Dave is a great interviewer, easy to listen to, makes great points without getting enraged. Everyone should listen to this podcast
  • HalloPeople!
    Rubin Report is great!
  • Pattycolleen1
    Loved the Jim Jordan Interview!!
    What a great job you did with his interview!
    Jim Jordan
    Good show, but another missed opportunity to ask what Republicans specifically will do if they take the majority after the midterms. They need to sit in the hot seat and be asked- why didn’t you do anything when you had the opportunity? So on the record- what are you going to do about it? I wish interviewers like you would call them out for people like us who never have that opportunity.
  • Andypooh
    One of the best!
    I never miss this smart, funny and common sense podcast.
  • California Titans Fan
    Enjoy your time off, Dave
    You’re earned it! Thanks for being a voice of reason. 🙏
  • Ieat4fun
    Love this show
    I love everything about this show. Dave is a brilliant speaker and seems to actually care. Thank you for ALL of your great work.
  • Wendywins
    You obviously don't know what CRT is. To bad.
  • Cindywordbird
    Craziness Humor
    When I listen to your podcasts, I’m laughing out loud. Dave lightens the ridiculous antics with great humor. Thanks for the learning and the laughs!
  • NRP12273reviews
    Kevin McCarthy & Larry Elder
    Awesome job Dave
  • nkay33476
    Nuff said
  • MAGA1423
    Awesome Podcast
    The Larry Elder and Robert Barnes interviews are 🔥🔥🔥! Thank you, Dave.
  • power_reviews
    Great when he does the interviews
    Barnes interview was great and learned a lot that the media will not tell you. More interviews like that Dave.
  • Tethocan
    Outstanding! Love this podcast!
    Dave Rubin gives us a perfect mix of intelligence, wit, satire, and insight. He gives us an honest review of current events without the far left or far right slant - thank you Dave!!!
  • 308code
    Look forward to the drop each day!
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