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Care about free speech? Tired of political correctness? Join Dave Rubin for real conversations, real news, and one-on-one interviews with some of the most intriguing names in America today as they break down politics and current events.

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  • groovy squirrel
    Cowardly traitors, here’s your sign!
    Root canals are more interesting.
  • UKgirl21
    We should be careful tying bideneconomics to just Biden- when Joe is no longer the candidate - if we tie bideneconomics to the dems will be key in the election. It is not Joe- it is the dems
  • Bert*1
    Neil deGrasse Tyson
    Dave is Great - Neil deGrasse Tyson continues to fail!
  • Matt8363891)3
    Megyn Kelly over Dave R
    Dave, I’m disappointed about your Russell show. Megyn said it way better. There is actually evidence that should be explored. Blind ideological conservatives just assume all women lie and blind ideological liberals assume all women tell truth. Megyn is right. This isn’t left or right. Truth should be explored. The woman had actual decently damning texts from Russell and went to a rape clinic. This episode showed your lack of depth of analysis
  • JohnnyTortellini
    What you might not know…
    Dave’s the Gay Face of Homophobia.
  • Tailormade67
    Alternative für Deutschland
    Michael Malice, do your homework. Clearly you know nothing about the AfD and your remarks made you sound like an ignorant moron. Unless you speak fluent German and actually are able to understand what the AfD’s key initiatives are, I suggest you limit your comments.
  • HaleyBGKing
    One of my favs
    I always appreciate Dave’s take and perspective on situations. He really has a unique journey to conservatism.
  • Sabot6
    13 SEP 2023 Show
    Amazing reporting. Now they could be just putting all these data points together out of context, but I don’t think so. It fits with my experience and I can see the big picture results of our country’s ineptitude. It’s only by the grace of God that America is still around.
  • patriot Kat
    Kristi Noem
    In the interest of speaking the truth, you should know that while Governor Noem did veto the first draft of the bill keeping men out of women’s sports, she had the wording changed so that the NCAA couldn’t sue them and that their women’s teams were safe. I remember when she signed the second one but it didn’t get the press coverage that it did when she vetoed it. That’s a shame. Guess it’s still a man’s world. Just wanted you to know. Love your show!
  • wolfie/wolf
    Like him
    Really do like and agree with a lot Dave Rubin says But lately has become to much a campaign manager for DeSantis Who I really like But when he attacks people for lying and then does stretch the truth himself I have to disagree Like what he said about the skinny Indian guy with funny name ☺️running for President But Dave isn't lying about Trump or especially Democrats and Sleepy Joe Biden
  • Nixieone
    The ONLY…
    Ben’s show us the ONLY place in the media to achieve a comprehensive understanding of what we currently face in the US politically. Brilliant!
  • Gnome chopper
    Dave is for freedom and liberty. He’s for personal responsibility. Love him.
  • Gregg's XR
    Carol Roth
    Carol always fun to listen to!! Dave, have loved you since seeing you FoxNews years ago! Great, long for interviews and news. Thanks for your continued great work and honest commentary!!
  • unhappinesss1
    Can’t take him serious.
    All I can picture when I hear him talk is him and “husband” doing things that men ought not to do. Classical liberals always play on the side of the leftist. A libertarian and a hard core leftist have a lot in common. They do not conserve the political order or traditional values.
  • Kelikini
    Common sense and decent sensibilities!
    Thank you Dave for a well done show! No matter what side you are on…thanks for attempting to show us what classic liberals, moderates and conservatives still have in common. Let’s hope that we all continue to return to common sense and decent sensibilities that built this country!
  • jflazzari
    Jordon /Bill
    Awesome content perfect point for all to follow great delivery of a message that is so needed
    How does it feel to listen to a fool
  • vinolady22
    A proud patriot
    Dave has awesome content & a special delivery.. he moved totally across our country so follow his lead
  • matthaya
    Should be called the Ron DeSantis show.
  • whit3boi
    “The Subtle Bigotry of Low Expectations.”
    Loved the RFK, Jr. interview, but it was not Obama who said the above.
  • supporter of wrongly convicted
    Great Show!
    I love your show and what you stand for!! Keep up the great work!!
  • Casnh
    Can dish it out but can’t take it
    This show is for people who want the freedom to dump on other people, but freak out if anyone criticizes them in return.
  • Kareberg
    Thank you Dave Rubin!
    Loved your show on Andrew Tate & Tucker Carlson. Hope your team is feeling better soon.
  • percykittens
    A clueless gay validates culture-less white guys
    If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to hear Candace Owens do her schuck n jive, this is the gay version.
  • LobePDX
    An extremely impressive interviewer
    Rubin is an extremely impressive interviewer. He adopts characteristics of his subject over the course of the interview. I do not mean that he espouses their views, but he adjusts his cadence and energy level as the interviewer progresses to make the subject more comfortable. You can tell that Rubin is a high energy guy and initially many of his interviews this energy level clashes with his guest, but he quickly adjusts and what we get is some of the better interviews out her in Podcast land. I also love most of his politics, so that helps.
    That was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing Joe sounding like Darth Vader June 29, 2023 episode
  • JMaars
    Kathy Hochul
    Re: Kathy Hochul’s rant about Jesus wanted us to get vaccinated, is a true example of taking our lord’s name in vain.
  • BobDobbs305
    Rubin gets big names on his podcast
    Love the guests. This guy is kidding himself that he’s not a hardcore conservative. I don’t buy the “classical liberal” claim. Dave is entertaining light weight politics that echoes other conservatives. The point is to get you angry and to side with the more virtuous side. But that is opinion! Lots of evidentiary cherry picking and blinders, but both sides do it.
  • Sbludworth
    I’ll check back after the primary!
    Love your story and transition Dave. You lost me with the constant Trump bash. I’ll tune in after the primary to see where you are at!
  • Kjindigo
    A can’t miss pod for me.
    I love how you call out all sides when necessary. Yes this is a right-leaning podcast, but I, as a former liberal politically marooned since Covid and the emergence of blatant sexualization of kids, find plenty to like about it and Dave. I love podcasts that challenge me to question what I think and why. 5 stars!
  • 1&onlyET
    Who made it
    Trump didn’t make the vaccine. Do you really believe too that the vaccines weren’t possibly manipulated with as each “new batch” was being released? Fast roll out based on lies that vaccine good, is good 👍🏻 Makers knowingly making false claims and medicine is bad! Tired of it being presented as if he developed, made, packaged and sent out to the world knowing. Let’s move on from that cause literally can’t go backwards and doubt same mistakes would he made. First ever situation of this time. ☮️❤️
  • donutva
    Just stop
    It’s become a Desantis campaign commercial every episode. My ears are bleeding, I’m done.
  • carriecamarillo
    Can’t follow you anymore
    Are used to follow you are used to believe you were open minded and fair minded but now you’ve totally turned only One Direction and I love you Dave and I respect you but I’m not gonna listen to your shows anymore. He can’t just be the governor of your state he’s not gonna be able to change the direction of this country maybe in four years but not now, good luck and I’m sorry he chose to just be one track minded
  • JCL2023overyou
    I liked what you had to say when I started listening to you. Now…..😒😣 You lost me now that you are ragging on Trump!
  • Crissyb429
    Gets better and better!
    Love my Hoosier Sisters!! We miss you Chicks here in Indy.
  • Big Sincho
    Morality problems
    Atheist? Q: What makes you different from mayor Pete? A: You are grifting off a different group of people. I hope you understand that you are a token. So sad.
  • Skydoglives
    Always a great show
    I’m always glad when I tune in. Treat yourself to the Rubin Report. Great perspective. Great delivery.
  • Lizbeth in MN
    Fun refreshing and smart.
    Dave is entertaining at the same time bringing important current topics to light. I enjoy his first hand “every man” or person now I guess - given his personal history. And in a positive fun tone.
  • bubbler22
    I listen every day!
    My favorite show! Straight forward, honest and brave truth! You inspire me!
  • Mgwynes
    Let’s make it happen!!!
    Yes!!! A DeSantis/ Gabbard ticket would be awesome!!!!
  • GodBlessThe80s
    Dave’s fail from sanity
    It’s almost Shakespearean watching Dave go from a reasonable libertarian to a fringe right, wackadoo hanging out with Sydney Powell.
  • Liberated Mama
    Love Dave!!
    Dave, your delivery is amazing as well as your quick wit and sense of humor. Grateful to have found you many years ago and am a lifelong fan. Keep on keeping on!!!!
  • Blackbeard-4590
    When you’re gone awhile
    Please don’t try to rehash everything from the time period that you were gone. Everyone has heard all the comments about those past stories over and over. Just pick up and move along. You have vey good perspective, please don’t waste it and our time on piling on over week(s) old stories. Thanks
  • poopoosanicknick
    Florida colored glasses
    I get it. But you’re not seeing what the rest of the world is seeing. DeSantis is a good governor whose political career is going down the toilet because he’s getting wrung out by a team of puppeteers who want to make 30 or 40 million and gleefully throw him away. There is no primary; what a waste of time and resources that we could be using to spread more truth about what is being done to our country by globalists . Please, Dave, don’t be one of them.
  • mudd52
    Rubin Report
    Just amazing content!
  • Sean Hannity Brown Noser
    Dave Rubin is a weasel and a grifter
  • Grateful Roseville
    Thank you for taking the time to explore what happened to Tucker - very few dare put light on the impact of what happened yesterday.
  • SitterSusan
    Tucker Carlson
    Fox probably could care less that I’m throwing the towel in and cutting them from my streaming platform, but that was a huge mistake letting Tucker leave. I know he will pop up somewhat and can’t wait to see where he lands. Cable news is a dinosaur 🦕🦖
  • SueGBK
    IRS agents
    Done with you. You have lost all perspective and are being used.
  • catgirl_05
    I liked this show for awhile. That was until every show became a DeSantis indoctrination.
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