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Care about free speech? Tired of political correctness? Join Dave Rubin for real conversations, real news, and one-on-one interviews with some of the most intriguing names in America today as they break down politics and current events.

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  • ppxccw
    Good centrist point of view
    Good centrist point of view
  • Freedom 2000
    Biden Administration purveyors of Misinformation
    Dave, spot on podcast today on Biden Administration being the leaders of the misinformation efforts. The problem is many stupid people buying what he is pedaling (very scary). The media does not help because they are facilitating his misinformation efforts as well as hiding his obvious hypocrisy. CNN, MSNBC,ABC, CBS, NBC and even Fox. What a bunch anti Americans. Its just downright horrible.
    Minority Leader
    I could only give 3 stars max on this one. It seemed like cnn interviewing dems. Where were the hardball questions? Rather than hear about the painting in his office, rather than him saying this or that is a problem, I would have liked to hear him provide answers with specifics: If Rs win the house: What are you going to do about big tech? What are you going to do about the spending? What are you going to do about health care? Etc… These are all things he should have an answer for ahead of time.
  • someguysomewhere123
    Amazing show, poor sound levels
    Dave, I love your show. However, please find a new sound guy. The volume levels between you and your guests is often horrendous.
  • Tk030201
    Love every episode but Friday July 16th was unlistenable because of the background mic noise.
  • rebecca kurtz
    No More Lockdowns
    They obviously Don’t work. What about the rally on dec 12 Wonderful to unite with fellow Repubs on such a gorgeous day! Great speakers! Love you Dave!!! Don’t stop speaking out!
  • Will36593
    Used to be good and balanced
    A little too far right now. But good episodes still come out.
  • bakshsushshshsb
    Love me some Dave Rubin
    But that psychedelics guy he interviewed is absolutely nuts wow amazing so much nonsense came out of his mouth
  • cey32
    Love Dave Rubin
    I listen to your podcast everyday. It’s informative and entertaining.
  • ThisIsYourBrain
    Fascism light for those pretending they’re not fascists.
    Save your brain cells. This is a fascist disguised as a libertarian, and his goal is to make his fascist viewpoint something you accept as libertarianism.
  • Maire 2003
    Easy to listen to
    Smart without being pedantic, fun without losing focus, The Rubin Report keeps things positive-ish. This is no small feat in the current climate. Also, Dave has some excellent guests!
  • TaroccoRose
    Dave Rubin is keeping me sane and cracking me up. The voice of reason. Giving voice to the thoughts in my head. Loved the equity in sports segment. It’s such a great way to demonstrate the absurdity of it all!!!
  • California Titans Fan
    Rubin rules
    Thank God for Dave.
  • logicalprogressions
    Smart guy
    Honest, logical, and fun. Nice job
  • Smooth d tickle
    This guy is a stooge and his pod stinks. You want a funny podcast, listen to The POD. If you’re into funny dudes that aren’t comedians, but really funny as a group, do yourself a favor. I don’t like Pat McAfee, but the crew on his show are the best.
  • LLLLtrain
    Rubin is the best!
    I adore this host and this show has become a daily must for me.
  • Armyboatie
    Great thinker
    Yes, he is a bit right leaning but he also has some left side views. Who cares! He is honest and speaks his mind.
  • Fael-inis
    What happened to you Dave?
    I HAD been a follower of Dave for a while. He generally seemed like a good guy, but in June 2021-ish he let one of his guest essentially blame all the 20th centuries atrocities on atheists without any pushback at all. I used to defend religious people and their rights, but I think I’m done. If Dave will let his guests go on unhinged screeds to his 1.6m+ YouTube followers because we don’t believe in his imaginary friend, I don’t know how I can still support him. Yes, Dave and his guests have a right to say what they did, but why am I still out here defending religious people like him when he flat out lies about us non-believers? I thought he wanted a society where we can all get along, but that seems to end when he can blame others for the things his religion has done. The Catholic Church celebrated Hitler’s birthday all throughout WWII, but somehow he was an atheist. Their memorabilia had “got mit uns” (god with us) on official insignia but somehow that makes him an atheist. Do better, Dave. You probably can’t though, since you’re blinded by your religion.
  • zoomZoomZoom520
    A former lefty wakes up
    I have loved watching and listening to the full transformation of Dave Rubin from Lefty to now slightly leaning Conservative. He is great at talking things out with his guests, and getting deep in people's heads to find out what they are truly about. Exploring ideas, and highlighting some truly evil ideas being put out by the Left today.
  • gem092011
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy 45th, Dave!! Love you and love your show. Keep on, keepin’ on.
  • pimagrandma
    Trump Interview
    In a concise interview of Donald Trump, Dave asked friendly questions in a way that others haven’t, which elicited some new, insightful information. His podcasts are short and packed with interesting takes on the people he talks to and the situations he addresses. The Rubin Report is my go to podcast every morning.
  • laurie from leesburg
    Dave is Honest, Bright and Reflective
    Love this podcast! Thank you Dave! Your podcast is newsworthy and heartfelt. Great interview yesterday!!
  • Keto Tony
    I’m almost done with all of it then out of the blue comes Dave and the Donald. Thanks guys, I’m in.
  • nekomancey
    Dave is a wonderful host
    Objective and amusing, one of my fav shows
  • 2late2stop
    I listen
    In the extraordinary diverse ecosystem of available podcasters I find Dave uniquely intellectually satisfying. He’s okay.
  • BrukeyBrooke
    Love this show!
    Avid listener for about two years to “The Dave Rubin Show” (that’s a joke from poor coverage of “The Rubin Report!”) Had to comment and rate because I so enjoyed your interview with President Trump. How we miss his leadership! Thank you for your journalistic courage! Exactly what we need right now!!
  • Jackie Dawn
    A chill unpacking
    Dave speaks with a good, calm, mocking breakdown of the clown show we call politics that rules our nation. He pretty much says what normal sane people are thinking with a tame, yet sharp version of the derogatory things we would like to say about the current crazy mess perverting this world.
  • ncii
    Excellent James Lindsay CRT Interview
    Dave’s interviews never disappoint but this one stood out for me because I was unfamiliar with James Lindsay but so glad I listened. Such an articulate and enjoyable speaker with a streak of sincerity running throughout. Thank you Dave!
  • cbscdave
    Dave keeps it real and can tackle any topic in a way that makes sense. I love the way he talks through the issues logically and without bias. Plus the bonus Star Wars references are fantastic. We would all do well to have his attitude and understanding.
  • Mavisless
    Dave is without question the best long format interviewer working today. His guests are always interesting and Dave’s takes are always thoughtful and reasonable.
  • deedickerson
    Nail on the head kind of news
    I listen to Dave daily to get up to date on what’s going on. It never fails that what I’m thinking he says, even the silly things. Dave comes off very personable, and approachable, if the opportunity ever presented itself. His perspective as a former lefty, yet stuck in the middle or party-less adds to the interest of his show. I appreciate all of the hard work he and his employees put into the content, keep it coming.
  • chelebell7273
    Appreciate this podcast
    This podcast is entertaining and informative
  • cyclelikeagirl
    Absolutely love the Rubin Report! Thanks for being amazing! You make me laugh, think and start conversations!
  • Why? Just...why?
    Media wrong again?
    Unfortunately unable to hear/understand any of Dr Simone Gold’s comments due to her mic issues.
  • ThankfullyRedeemed
    Refreshing. An honest liberal
  • blasti poo
    Apple podcast algorithm
    Just in the last week my podcast feed has seemed to change. Something is going on. New episodes Rubin, Megan Kelley, Shapiro etc. many more. Have all stopped popping up on my feed even though I listen every day. I have to go into my search and search those podcasts and click all episodes and low and behold there are episodes they haven’t put up for me to listen to. Before now they have immediately popped up when there is a new episode.
  • michkatel
    Dear Dave
    ...and awesome Meghan, naive and annoying but very bright AOC etc You have good points but sometimes you cheapen yourselves with exaggeration. I suppose it is part of the job but can we really have a mature commentary instead of twisting what people say to make your point? What I like most, thanks Meghan who does it a lot, is hosting intellectuals to dampen the blow. A purely us against them approach is an insult to my intelligence.
  • patriot Kat
    National Anthem
    OMG! Long Island singing the National Anthem gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Gives me hope for the future of our country! Keep up the good work and hope your dental visit goes well.
  • wolfie/wolf
    Communist needs to be band
    When I joined the military in the late ‘70’s communist where banned from Joining the military. Also band from any government job. Any private company working for any of the above could not be owned or hire communist. And everyone ever party support this band. Has this been change? I hope not. I wish the universities and colleges need to do this also.
  • Sasha queen
    Finally someone who just makes sense!
    As a person who always tries to see both sides of a viewpoint, Dave Rubin just makes sense. If anything he says offends you, then you need therapy. He presents facts and often gives the benefit of the doubt for the opposing view but he just makes sense…..non emotional, just factual. Anyone who can openly admit when they are “put in their place” and learn from it (as was the case when he interviewed Larry Elder) is a person who is rational, not emotional. Love you Dave! 🥰
  • fritiz999999
    Great Podcast
    Love DR’s podcast. Listen to every one of them
  • saxattack07
    Professor Klavan
    👨‍🦲k Hot Gandalf will cast a spell of death.
  • mscaskey1
    Awesome show
    Really identify with all the perspective that Dave has. Really enjoy the diverse guest list!
  • Ellimace
    So funny. So smart. So much of what needs to be heard.
    Podcast with Kirk Cameron was great!!
  • Slider1947
    Well Done Sir
    Your conversion has been honest and instructional. Your unique background gives you insight and credibility. Thanks.
  • lostinnihon
    Awesome podcast
    Very thoughtful and informative podcast. Great guests and timely topics. Highly recommended
  • Shannon Nicole 💁‍♀️
    Hands down my fave go to podcast to keep me inspired and motivated!
    Dave Rubin is hands down one of my favorite podcasts to listen to.. and honestly I look forward to it every time a new episode comes out. I discovered him while listening to Candace Owens, and all of his views and feelings on things really seemed to resonate with me. It seems as though every episode I just laugh a ton while constantly nodding in agreement with each topic he covers. I love his perspective and the way he just wants everyone to have their rights as human beings. Thank you Dave, for bringing facts to the table and giving me something awesome to listen to almost everyday. P.S. if you haven’t yet, go read his book “Don’t Burn this Book”! I listened to the entire audio book and was sad when it was over! The world could learn a lot from him about how to truly reflect and open your eyes to the madness that the left has been pushing. Appreciate what you’re doing, and thank you again!
  • nickatnight128
    Where I discovered Candace Owens
    Dave always has great guests. I appreciate his interviewing style and genuine curiosity regarding all sorts of topics.
  • janice@123
    What a joke
    Dave Rubin is a poor man's Ben Shapiro
  • News- Seeker
    So informative!
    Fabulous conversation with Glenn Loury!
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