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Join us each week for a conversation with insightful and entertaining guests. From gear and technique to history, science and art, we discuss the topics most important to the contemporary photographer.

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  • paulfmcd
    Two thumbs way up 10 stars
    If your serious about photography this is the podcast you want to listen to. Well produced entertaining and relevant. Allen and John are professional and these are just great interviews. I always enjoy talking gear... but seek out “Conversations from Eddie Adams workshop “, “Lost rolls America”, “Black white and Blue underwater photography “, “Jay Maisel” I could go on and on that will get you started....Paul I would like to hear and interview with Abelardo Morell Update 7/17/2022 RE: John Harris sadly leaving B
  • Kutshers!
    The Best
    The B&H podcast is the best photography and video podcast you will find on the internet. I look forward to every episode. Alan and John are smart, funny, and the topics they present are of great interest to photographers and videographers. They also provide helpful guidance for all creatives when making equipment purchases.
  • KSS108
    Sally Davies interview
    Loved this interview and love her work. Thank you!
  • ps19827
    Extremely well done
    This podcast has created a nice rhythm - not too frequent so there don’t feel like thrown-together episodes for the sake of it, but frequent enough to be a regular part of my feed. Thoughtful, informative, and a mix of serious and witty.
  • Philip Patrick
    Nice Comment for the Boss
    Love the show! I shop B&H and I enjoy hearing from John and Allan. Really great variety between episodes. Allen said to leave a nice comment for the boss so I’m reaching to to say thank you. P.S. Would you guys consider doing an architectural/design photography episode?
  • xbdevilsx
    SJW cringe
    If you want to learn about photography, look elsewhere. If you want to learn about how to be a woke SJW and learn about the evils of the wHiTe MaN, this is the place to be. Inclusion via exclusion is not something I’m interested in.
  • Dengue3
    Best photography podcast
    The B&H podcast really stands out compared to the other highly rated photography podcasts - no breathless excitement hyperbolic rhetoric fast talk like so many of the other podcasts- just smart deep and lengthy interviews of excellent working photographers (with the occasional gear head episode) by John and Allan the show hosts. If you know Sound Opinions this show is like Sound Opinions for photographers. If you want one photography podcast, look no further.
  • Tim Van
    Every episode is a great listen. This is the podcast that I alway move to the top of my queue. Topics are always insightful and generally entertaining. Whoever is in charge of finding topics kudos, I hope you get a raise soon. Allan and crew do a great job keeping me entertained. Delightful!
  • digitale_pod
    What photographers need to hear
    I am glad I found this podcast. Sometimes I don’t get to talk to other photographers and just hearing others thoughts outside of YouTube helps so much especially during this pandemic. I love the shows.
  • Nextlevel79
    Worth a Listen
    Solid content and the guest share interesting stories and great tips.
  • BRob4183
    I’m an avid shopper of this store. They get most of my discretionary income. Now they’ll get the majority of my travel time minutes as well. Keep up the great work!
  • JeTori
    Valuable Insights and Varied Content
    Well curated and valuable insights on a variety of topics from a seasoned and trustworthy team.
  • Earindle
    Calm & Captivating
    I just recently garnered a strong desire to learn more about the emotion and creativity behind excellent photography. To supplement my physical understanding of how cameras work, this podcast has proven an excellent guide! It has aided in the development of, shall we say, the mind-image connection (how to imagine the final image and employ techniques to reach it). The calm energy of the presenters and strong podcast topics explain why it is so highly rated.
  • salvagedcircuitry
    Definitely Worth a Listen
    Great dialog and synergy between the hosts. It's excellent to hear directly from photographers in the industry and learn their insight and input on the current situation and the impact on photography as an art form and business.
  • KeithJ14
    Simply a great listen.
    Informative. Well structured. Simply some great listening. Thanks for great work as usual B&H!!!
  • Virginiagarramone
    Great source for photography
    Great Podcast!
  • 83rmd
    Always a delicious listen
    It’s all about the hosts. Their voices, knowledge for sure, experience, perhaps too much! It’s about their interactions and their passion.
  • CoolDad73
    Informative, entertaining, and delightful
    If you’re into cameras, you’ll love this podcast! Particularly enjoyed the food photography episode as someone who really enjoys food photography. Learned a lot from it.
  • Ray_III
    Best Photo/Video Podcast
    Great podcast for ger heads and al thing B&H!
  • Eff Cue
    Love and follow the host, but that Jeff Garlin one was gold!
    I could feel the cringe coming thru my headphones while listening to the Jeff Garlin episode! So good!
  • nathanielgarofalo
    Truly fantastic show
    I’m a new listener and couldn’t be more thrilled and inspired by the content here. I am primarily focused on digital film cinematography, but still photography has been a growing interest of mine recently. Great way to learn more and stay informed! Great work!
  • Youngsamkim
  • Dorkasaur 89
    Great variety of topics!
    I’m continually surprised at the diversity of their shows. Entertaining, educational, and mind-expanding. Thank you!
  • Le_Project_Box
    Always a good listen
    I’ve been taking in a lot of new podcast media recently and this one is definitely a breath of fresh air.
  • Seneschal
    For photographers by photographers.
    This is my favorite podcast because the interviews are from actual photographers who ask actual relevant questions that only a seasoned photographer would know to ask. Even though B&H is a camera store, this podcast isn’t about selling you gear, it’s about the passion for photography.
  • Theward1
    Photography for your ears
    Being able to listen to photography topics while doing other tasks is wonderful! Listening helps open your mind creatively and helps me think through ideas and shots before I even setup to capture any 🙌🏼
  • Troyokc
    Great podcast!
    BH photo and video not only are great in the retail industry, but they really make a fun podcast to pass the time. As a photographer, I am always learning something new and exciting.
  • jtolbertjr
    Continues to inspire
    The podcast is a wonderful addition to other B&H resources that continue to inspire.
    I’m usually a very visual learner but I’ve gotten so much useful info from this podcast! Great for any level photographer!
  • DrAlanG
    An excellent source of information and entertainment!
    This is a great resource for improving my photography, as has been all of my other photographic experiences with B
  • kevinsparrow
    Great podcast. Well produced!
  • Bjorkborkbork
    Best Photography Podcast
    High quality podcast with great information! I have learned a lot about different aspects of photography that I wouldn’t have learned any other way.
  • marianakrose
    Interesting relaxing
    I simply enjoy these conversations. It’s interesting to learn about things you’ve been musing about from those who’ve taken next step in it. Besides, it’s really relaxing.
  • garys49401
    Thought the podcast was well done and showed the speaker to be experienced
  • Kbw11
    Always entertaining. Not for everyone. They do cover the full range of photography. Worth a listen but I don’t always listen to all the episodes.
  • OneHarryOG
    Great Podcast.
    Great podcast with awesome guests. These guys are great at interviewing and ask the right questions.
  • nomowindo
    B&H is always there for you
    Pandemic or not, B&H has always been there for me, albeit cameras, lens, printers or supplies
  • phodaba
    Drone photography
    Never thought I’d have any interest in drones. Actually kind of turned me off. Obviously drones and photography go together like ice cream and apple pie. Means and Talik in this great talk have me thinking.
  • cy1512
    You had to go there.
    Interesting right up to the point where you got into the gender identity issues. So much for keeping it focused on the topic. I didn’t stick around long enough to see if they pulled out race issues in drone photography.
  • El Cajon
    Highly intelligent podcast (update)
    Fascinating topics; this isn’t your ordinary how-to-break-into-wedding-photography or how-to-light-portraits-in-your-home-studio podcast, and it isn’t a disguised advertisement for gear you can conveniently buy at B&H. The podcast covers areas of photography I never knew existed, and photographers I never would have discovered, and does so in wonderful depth. Paradoxically, it does make me want to buy stuff at B&H—anyone who takes photography as seriously as the podcast reflects deserves my business. Update: 4-22-20: I was just using the lockdown as an opportunity to catch up on old episodes. I was listening to the September 13, 2018 Fujifilm and Canon sweepstakes winners episode and got to the part where the crew was giving a shout-out to some of the reviews the podcast had garnered. I just about fell off my stationary bike when the first one mentioned was from listener “El Cajon.” It was kind of like back in the days when the TV would take to me . . .
  • fitteral
    Insightful and Entertaining!
    Great, timely podcasts giving enthusiasts and professionals both insight and entertainment during these difficult times. Excellent insight into the challenges of our new reality from the people on the ground who we rely on to provide us the color of our everday world. Enthusiast and longtime customer who discovered these a little while back. Keep them coming!
  • GB_Photo
    Great podcast. Only have one issue.
    Great episodes with amazing and insightful material, but I do notice a lot of talking over and interrupting the interviewees before they can finish answering questions. Other than that, great stuff!
  • Edmundo "Mundo" Mendez
    Awesome Photography Podcast
    I have been listening for over a year and never disappoints! The various topics covered has shown me there is so much to the art of photography and I keep coming back each week to learn more. Keep it up guys, and know you have a fan all the way from the valley of the sun in the great state of Arizona! May someday you can do a show about our beautiful state.. just an idea...
  • photo student luv
    Photo student
    This is a 5 Star Podcast. It blends easy going conversation with good and occasionally great guests - Jeff Bridges, Shahidul Alam, Lesly Martin. Not sure what a previous reviewer was thinking but this show offers a very diverse set of guests and viewpoints. Have a listen.
  • fujithebun
    If you like
    ... a stuttering, interruptive third host, then you’d like this photography nerd out.
  • Laurel 2.8
    Could be more inclusive
    Hoping to hear more voices of women and minority photographers soon.
  • jim53127
    Grammar mistakes
    I love your podcast but please please stop using the word “myself” incorrectly. You can only use it when you are doing something to yourself such as “bit myself” or “looked at myself in mirror”. You can’t say “send it to Jim and myself” or “on behalf of myself” or “it’s going to be Jim and myself going to the party” Thanks again for the great topics and guests.
  • The Pixel House
    Great Photography Podcast
    Podcast like these are hard to come by. The name B&H is known for quality and it shows through these podcasts. Keep them coming.
  • High Fidelity
    Good Podcast... BUT...
    Like the content, but the noise in the background is so distracting. I don’t know where they sit to talk to their guests, but it sounds like they are right in the middle of the store. After so long, many,many episodes, and access to top quality equipment, you expect the production values would be much higher. It sounds like a high school podcast recorded in the school cafeteria.
  • emilietal
    Amazing podcast
    If you are into photography then you ready will love this podcast. Love the diversity of topics and hosts.
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