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Sam Vecenie, a Senior NBA Writer at The Athletic, talks all about basketball. From the NBA, to the NBA Draft, to college hoops and even some high school, Vecenie is has you covered in this show. And some thoughts on movies, too.

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  • Tomix3568
    Love this Podcast
    I love this podcast. Sam is great. One little thing I’ve noticed is that lately Sam has been a little aggressive with his opinions, almost shoving them in your face. He usually doesn’t do this, so I’m hoping he’s just trying to spice things up during the offseason. Thanks for all the hours of great information and entertainment!
  • Reasonable5
  • Just another mol Eliza
    lool layppl
    Just to help u guys out in a case discovery can be requested, given, and still not be made public so ur concerns about seton hall exposing trade secrets are minimal at best not expecting the average person to know that tho so hard to knock u for it
  • Dameaax
    Great show!
    The only thing I would say Sam is when you’re about to say something and then say “Nvm I’ll tell you off the air.” Totally understand not being able to say it on the podcast just felt like I heard it a few times during draft season. Loving what you do!
  • cool dude, named tom
    Epic podcast.
    One of my favorite pods. So awesome to get in-depth analysis that often focuses on positives, contrasting those who just want to point out flaws and concerns. Only critique would be maybe don’t use “high level” as an adjective so much, haha.
  • Mathsketball
    Sam does a great job of putting you to sleep. I listen to him every night while going to bed with my cats
  • tjzehnder
    Best Sports Podcast
    Best podcast in all of sports and especially if you are a basketball fan. NBA, College, EuroLeague it is a fantastic listen. Sam, Adam & the guests are among the best in the game.
  • FreezyPOP
    sam is the worst kind of nerd. more unnecessary F-bombs than an 8th grade boys’ sleepover. also, nobody cares about your opinions on film and tv
  • StarryNight97
    The best pod from the land down under. *Disclaimer: I don’t listen to any other pods from down under, but I’m guessing this is the best.
  • mjhaus
    Really Enjoying So Far, Some Suggestions
    I love the discussions you guys have on the pod and especially like how they can span from NCAA to NBA. There’s some room for improvement with the production quality on the pod, though. Some audio issues, more “speaking over each other on Zoom calls” than I hear on other pods too. I really enjoy the content & what you guys have to say too, the audio issues can just get to a point where they’re distracting.
  • classicaldini
    Goodbye Pennie
    We will miss him but Spins is awesome! His YouTube content is awesome and I am very happy he’s here to step in for Pennie. The show will be just as good if not better
  • Gamecock Fan 1
    Love the pod, Sam always does a fantastic job as a host! I’ll miss hearing Pennie, his weekly appearances were always so informative about nba prospects. With that said this pod is still a must listen for NBA fans with lots of other great guests and info on the draft and NBA moves
  • Ben47031
    Good show
    Sam’s analysis is comprehensive and Pennie brings an insightful former-player’s perspective and I enjoy the rapport between the two. Only complaints would be Sam’s absolutely brutal upspeak as well as his incessant cursing. I’m not a prude or anything but it always just feels sort of jarring and unnecessary and unprofessional.
  • ben116904
    caitlin cooper is one of my favorite voices on basketball
    get caitlin on the podcast more often!
  • podcaddict
    Good NBA Podcast With Lots of Draft Coverage
    Great podcast. Sometimes the audio quality is bad.
  • Kudos56
    Yeah, No
    Great podcast for NBA and college hoops fans.
  • Leo tetra
    The best draft pod for the smart but not obseessed ball fan
    There are other podcasts that cover NBA prospects. They're great in their own ways. But they tend to get boring and deep in the weeds in a way that does not lend itself to casual listening in the car or while going for a run. Sam and frequent guest /cohost Matt Pennie make it interesting and breezy to learn about NBA prospects. Sam also covers broader NBA trends and is well reasoned and good humourd while doing so. If other pods about the NBA draft have left you cold, check this one out.
  • prunesmoothie22
    Sam and Matt are fantastic to listen to. Really know their basketball.
  • Jdog9million
    4.5 stars
    Really good overall. Vaccine is great. Can get a bit repetitive with the draft prospects but they are so knowledgeable about them it’s still worthwhile overall. Tony Jones is dreadful to listen to, both listening to him speak, and his asinine uninformed takes (eg zions defense offsets his positive contributions on offense). Was really interested in the topic but one of the few shows I just couldn’t get through.
  • Gatorfan157
    Great pod
    Sam is very knowledgeable about the draft and the NBA as a whole. Highly recommend this pod. Guests are very knowledgeable also.
  • eddycoro01
    Love the show
    Love the show
  • iskjdkkdnndd
    Good pod
    A lot of good stuff, the guys are really knowledgeable, but out of all the episodes I’ve listened to so far, it seems Sam has never gotten a take or prediction wrong lol. I don’t really think I can trust him as an analyst because apparently he’s never wrong lol
  • 65Jim
    Best pod on NBA Draft
    Great listen for SUPER BIG NBA Fans. Especially, if you are a big draft fan!
  • minnehappiness
    Yeah no
    Pretty detailed overview of basketball prospects and professionals, even if it feels a bit long and rambling at times. Likable host. If only he’d stop continually using the phrase “yeah, no”. If you agree with someone, don’t say Yeah NO. It’s a tick I can’t stop hearing now
  • Ru44Mets
    Best basketball podcast
    This is my go to podcast for basketball. Sam is an amazing analyst and love the knowledgeable guests he has on.
  • jmsprtlnlsn
    At the end of the day
    At the end of the day... we go to sleep. 😛
  • SawyerQT
    Awesome Draft Podcast
    Started listening at the beginning of the 2020-21 NBA Draft Cycle and immediately became obsessed with draft process. Extremely insightful and informative. Great way to keep up with the draft stocks of NBA prospects throughout the entire calendar year. Never unfairly slanders or criticizes prospects and takes the time to genuinely communicate to the audience the value in rooting for everyone’s individual success. Huge fan of Sam and Pennie, can’t wait for the 2021 draft guide to drop!
  • NPComplete34
    Unique and informative
    Been listening a long time to Sam and I’ve always appreciated how he talks about basketball and prospects. He has a unique perspective on how the college and international game translates to the NBA and he’s able to look for specific nuanced qualities that others may gloss over. Worth listening to if you love the draft process and appreciate well thought out and researched perspective.
  • Ffccjopvc
    It’s annoying that Pennie talks like he has a mouth full of spit.
  • Austin Lewi$
    Latest episode
    Hey Sam on your last episode u put Philly-76ers on your last episode I think you meant Hawks-76ers 😂👍🏾
  • @JRoessner22
    5 star
    Well in short very informative podcast which in my opinion is the most important part of a sports podcast. Following a sport is way more fun if you know more about it and these guys do a great job. It isn’t like some other sports podcast where there are awful takes with no real or analytical background. I disagree sometimes but I don’t think they say outrageous things to spark controversy which I respect. Support genuine and rational discussion!
  • ramadden13
    A Really Smart Pod for Cool, Chill People
    Sam Vecenie is great - super smart, reasonable, and fun as a host. More smart takes, less hot takes. I’ve loved his work dating back to CBS and always check out his work on The Athletic. I’ll sum it up this way: this podcast is so good that it actually makes me (a big college basketball fan and verrrrry irregular NBA viewer) interested in watching the NBA. Also, special shout-out to guest Matt Pennie, who seems chill AF and awesome.
  • Liangshu23
    Great Podcast for NBA and NBA draft
    Sam Vecenie has been putting out ridiculously good content on the nba and the nba draft. Podcast is best when they talk about the draft because that indicates the presence of GTP LEGEND, Matt Pennie. Sam knows the game and he doesn’t hold back on expressing his thoughts, whether thats talking about something he likes or the opposite. You can tell Sam watches a TON of film and really know what he’s talking about. I’ve been listening to almost every episode since I discovered the pod and am really thankful for what he’s doing with this show. Highly recommend! Awesome stuff Sam (and Ben)🙌
  • Gobbly Dragon
    Excellent Analysis - Good Listen
    Straight up best basketball podcaster Sam V adds Matt Pennie for an informative, entertaining and no holds barred conversation on CBB talent and prospects. Hey GTP followers let’s get Matt some more followers.
  • Evil Counselor
    Thank you
    Hey Sam, On your last podcast, you and Pennie were bemoaning the general negativity of comment sections, so I thought I’d share a little bit of the positive impact your podcast has had on my life. I’m an immunology researcher who often spends long hours in the lab, especially since the start of COVID. Your podcast has been one of the things keeping me sane while I do the sometimes exhausting work of vaccine science. I enjoy the thoughtful analysis, thorough breakdowns, and light-hearted conversation you and your guests provide; it makes an empty, socially distanced laboratory much warmer during the middle of a pandemic. I especially appreciate you dropping the new episodes on your weird Australia time: seeing new content after midnight in the US gives me a boost to keep doing an experiment when I’d rather be in bed. Unspoken gratitude is tremendously wasteful, so I wanted you to know the joy your work can bring to me and likely to thousands of others. Keep up the great work on your podcasts and articles! Cheers, Sebastian President, Matt Pennie FanBoy Club
  • Brando Grave
    it's a good one but...
    it's the weirdest cumtown ripoff i've ever listened to
  • Misterclevelandbrowner
    Great basketball podcast!
    stop putting on dieter
  • MattPennieLover69
  • stevejac002
    Enjoy the podcast, with you have Dieter back on soon. But good job
  • Imprison the Colaneglos
    Good pod! One nitpick
    I love Sam and he picks great guests. My one issue: I wish he/guests would more frequently include what school a prospect plays for more immediately when discussing them. Not every guy is a household name yet, so you almost need to have Sam’s big board open when listening
  • 1009926144189363uu
    Like eating your veggies for the NBA Draft. Not so much fun as necessary.
    You have to get past a few of the awkward things that go on with this pod. Sam’s inflection and vocal fry, the long patches of silence that should be edited, some of the guest’s droll energy. This podcast is great for intel. Sam knows hoops and if he’s actually scouted a player he’s discussing, you can believe his insight. Matt Penny, one of their guests similar. It may feel like 3 hours sometimes, but if you’re really wanting NBA Draft knowledge, you have to listen to this pod.
  • Ron Swanson 4 Prez
    Great intel
    Sam crushes the draft intel and is a fun listen for bball junkies.
  • ricardonavidad
    Way too much silence
    The Latest Tony Jones pod has sooooo many weird/long pauses and have noticed this on other episodes as well. Content is good but please edit the silence out! Hard to listen to like that. Doesn’t Dunc’d On use some kind of program that automatically truncates silence?
  • Nique4567
    SAM’S offseason division previews
    Big basketball fan here. Really enjoyed the podcast with James Edwards III previewing Central Division offseason. Great job by both and a lot of intel
  • Bracketologist3
    Very insightful draft and NBA coverage
    I’m a big basketball fan that can tell a lot about the game but Sam is on a new level. He’s excellent at breaking down everything that goes on in basketball and using that to make decisions when it comes to drafting. Excellent podcast well worth the subscription.
  • Jkour1
    Not very insightful or entertaining
    Highly suggest some experts and entertainment talent are brought in to make this podcast palatable.
  • four2five
    Favorite NBA podcast, best draft takes
    Sam always finds insightful things to say on the topic of the day. His evaluation of players coming into the draft is particularly good. Ever enjoyable pod, I play each one as soon as it hits my feed.
  • Breusse
    Great podcast
    Sam does the work. Strong, researched opinions and entertaining interviews. He should bring Rob Dauster back more often.
  • SomTervo
    Rare perfect b-ball podcast!!
    The only thing that wasn’t perfect about this podcast is the opening riff used to be pretty annoying. Ever since it went to the Athletic Sam got a muuuuuuch better little opening track and now it’s perfect.
  • @DeviantDynasty
    Great NBA pod for true basketball degenerates
    You remember freshman year of college when you would get up in the middle of the night to walk down the dorm hallway to take a pee and there is one kid still up watching reruns of The Office at 2am. Well, that kid was Sam and instead of watching The Office he was watching a game between two euro league teams you never heard of with players whose names you can’t even pronounce. Listen to Sam’s pod so you get the best NBA info nuggets and still get to go back and sleep after that piss.
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