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Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway analyze the weird patterns, the complex issues and the newest market crazes. Join the conversation every Monday and Thursday for interviews with the most interesting minds in finance, economics and markets.

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  • Lns1212
    Irresponsible Journalism
    You guys might want to fact check your information on the SVB episodes. “Failing to balance assets and liabilities” isn’t even a coherent statement by joe. Plenty of banks have substantial IRR right now because of the whipsaw that we saw with COVID low rates to the rising rate environment that we have now. Depending on when they purchased those securities that could have been the right decision at the time but you guys COMPLETELY glossed over this fact. This failure was due to $42 billion, or 30% of their deposit base leaving the bank within 24 hours. No amount of regulatory oversight can stop a bank from failing at that point, period. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar or woefully incompetent. In ADDITION, your host who is supposedly an “expert” talks about how treasuries are risk weighted at 0% however the MAJORITY of their securities on their balance sheet were not treasuries they were GSE MBSs which are weighted at 20% so he doesn’t even know how to read a call report and is just making a blanket statement that “regulation is broken” what an absolute joke.
  • AMAZingAmazing007
    Weak hosts with weak insights!
  • Dr. Nomecat
    Anti-Trust Laws not emphasized, but this dude couldn’t hush about wage increases.
    The lack of emphasis on flagrant anti-trust law violations, in a post Citizens United decision America, is irresponsible. Additionally, there was zero discussion about how this pricing increase at the expense of volume may affect the increasing wealth inequality gap.
  • UnrealTime
    Great hosts, topics and guests
    Always a good listen, and great topics to stay informed on current events in business. Really is the highlight of Bloomberg journalism.
  • Timwriter
    Not much Journalism
    Very low energy from the hosts, very minimal pushback on interviews, not worth listening.
  • m_zipper
    A must-listen and a smart take on the news
    Just listened to episode w Robert Papp. Learned more about Ukraine war in 30 minutes than from most of media coverage to date. Got connected to Odd Lots via S B F interview and now its a must listen every week. They do a great job taking complicated or “dry” facts to make them relevant.
  • Uchchchchch
    Bull market in the word “”like”
    Great topics and guests on the pod. But constructive feedback would be to work on the constant use of the word “like”, including to start sentences. It’s pretty distracting and not consistent with professional dialogue. Otherwise, keep up the great work.
  • JudyPaonia
    Just listened to the ex- logger talk about his hands on practical knowledge of how to build electric- diesal big trucks. Learned more about supply chain, peak vs average electric supply needs and the world of real applications. And loved every bit of the questions and responses.. what a relief to hear real vs pie in the sky predictions
  • ZZ1949
    The two dumbest.. like… people…
    Like… in.. making… like… podcast… like crypto?
  • nicolasaf
    I really love this podcast
    There is something about this podcast that just makes sense. For one, the production quality is insane. And two… the hosts are amazing. They don’t spend 10 minutes asking a question that doesn’t make sense. They just ask their guest to speak their mind and then offer a great breakdown of what was just said. I love it. I can listed to this podcast all day and will learn things all. Day. I love it.
  • A grouper user
    Enjoyable podcast
    Takes somewhat dry material and makes it more accessible with interesting speakers Follow up: I don’t agree with many of the opinions on this program, but I appreciate the guests they are able to have on and that they consistently put out new material each week.
  • miamifrog
    Some episodes are good. But unfortunately, as it is often the case, whenever the subject of crypto is concerned, this podcast is weak on analysis, overly reverential to what the blockchain is and giving credence to a den of thieves
    So sad that the guest was clueless about the crypto space. Nobody will invest in his exchange.
  • I h8 dns
    Less time being woke and more time thinking…nice call on FTX btw.
  • bharris320
    Grating speech patterns
    She goes from an effected 'vocal dry' to mild up speak which undermines her surface understanding of the topic. He seems like a nice personality but sounds like a dweeb wanting to be an old hand. Youth is not an accomplishment. The Guests are great. (5 + 1)/2 = 3 Stars. And the recent episode on Apple privacy effecting internet & mobile advertising was, for me, a disappointment. While not seeking a primer, 2 minutes on how the mechanics work with each parties’ financial benefit would have been additive.
  • Dave C (Penn)
    Best Bloomberg podcast
    Absolutely the best Bloomberg podcast. Amazing depth, great way to learn about different topics, industries, and more.
  • SophieSSH
    Can’t stand the male host voice
    Couldn’t even get through one episode.
  • PNW_Matt
    Former Fan
    I used to be a fan of this podcast, but their uncritical infatuation with crypto has been an increasing issue over the last couple years. Their latest episode at the time of wiring this review, giving Pat Toomey a platform to spout his pro-cypto nonsense, was last straw for me. Avoid this podcasts; there are far better alternatives.
  • pwolfen42
    Audio is spotty, content is decent
    This is the third episode in a row where I found the discussion interesting, but had a hard time listening due to audio leveling issues. I tend to listen in noisy situations, but That is not a problem for most of my listening.
  • DKinnyc
    good podcast
    good podcast but too much fluff. basically the first 10 minutes is easy to skip. and maybe 30-40% of the podcast contains information vs random chatting.
  • Tbroil
    Pretty Good
    Enjoy the topics as well as the questions even if the show seems a bit softballish at times. My major gripe is that Joe tends to yell the first syllable of his questions into the mic and his audio is often noticeably louder then everyone else. This single issue makes the show significantly less palatable.
  • jj wx
    Tracy and Joe are always informative
    I became concerned during the interview with Adm. Stavrides. Adm. Stavrides omitted to state that Turkey has invoked the Treaty of Montreaux. The US exhorted the Turks to instate the provisions of the treaty which protects Turkey’s studied independence in safeguarding the Bosphorous and the Dardanelles.
  • Philip Groff
    Well thought out topics—great synergy with the hosts—only one miss—ASML. Need a re-visit with another guest. How ASML perhaps the greatest machine ever built and how the supply chain which builds—the inputs; amazing development of the tools snd their quality since 1980’s: and finally the potential growth of the industry it serves—the cutting edge of technology.
  • ssspector
    Must Listen
    One of the best podcasts out there on the economy. No pontificating, talking a book, or selling. Great guests and so educational.
  • miersma
    Great insights, bad production
    So many peaks (that frazzled, buzzy sound when someone speaking gets too excited) in this show almost make it unlistenable. Please, production, can you convince the hosts to use some basic hardware?? I often can’t get through an entire ep without turning it off. A focusrite, Shure sm7b and a cloudlifter are a minimal investment that would go a looooong way.
  • PJW914
    Timely Quests
    Tracy and Joe invite presenters who have in depth understanding of their area of inquiry. It is such a pleasure to hear positions that are supported with strong, factual argument. Bravo!!!
  • ParentsofNYC
    Great but need improvement
    Love the show but not when the discussion went too deep in the weeds of a particular point and Joe/Tracy asked long questions that became distracting.
  • junchen yu
    Great show
    Great show. Joe is so knowledgable and humble, and good at hosting. But Tracy is a little bit patronizing. Always try to make a statement and then say “I guess my question is……”. Leading questions unfriendly towards someone (eg. Larry Summers) or a nation (eg. China) are also often asked.
  • Mike Bot
    Dumb or liars
    The episode on MMT shows these people are either dumb as dirt or complete liars. What a disgrace.
  • glort
    Best Bloomberg Podcast
    Only podcast you must listen to. Joe and Tracy covered the supply problems in detail months before the news picked it up. The reporting is a perfect mix of trees and forests so that you get more than a superficial headline without tedious blathering. They interview experts who are also good communicators. Thanks Bloomberg
  • Dadjb
    Deep thoughtful discussions
    Well not every discussion is one of interest to me the ones that are really get into detail. One technical issue is sometimes Joes voice fades out.
  • August Consumer
    Not interested in the past news and opinions from columnists.
  • Joshboyboy
    Good info, needs listenability polish
    Joe and Tracy have a lot to say, as do their guests. Unfortunately, despite making Odd Lots more of their full-time job, the hosts still have a ways to go. The audio quality is frequently poor, even from the full-timers, and the hosts themselves are pretty flat speakers. These are all things that are easily fixable.
  • blueskyranch
    Great show!
    Absolutely wonderful topics about finance. I look forward to listening ever weekend while I work cattle on my Kansas ranch. Keep up the work and thanks for digging deep into your topics.
  • mbt474
    Great show, hosts need coaching
    Really fantastic show for anyone looking to gain insight into the most important factors moving markets. The hosts need a bit of coaching in terms of speaking habits, especially Joe. He says “like” every 5th word and it hurts the ears.
  • Didgdu
    Great personalities & super interesting
    Tracy and Joe are both charming and really seem to *get* how to make these very deep dives interesting. They're often asking follow ups of the guest that I didn't even think of which ends up giving a deeper insight in to the subject. Absolutely love this show.
  • ajonanon
    Masters of corruption
    How to bring nations to their knees. Insightful yet not particularly original. Case study for years to come.
  • GymRatinParis
    Econ & Markets: Brainy topics and questions
    Great podcast with excellent guests. The hosts dig deep into questions and topics you wished you’d thought of and make you say, oh ya! Hooking you into the next episode and drawing you back for more.
  • podwrm
    Deep insights
    Topical discussions that go beyond the surface. Often listen to the same show multiple times to appreciate all the insights. Great guests who are given the time to fully explain their theses.
  • Mcruz2k1
    No Better Podcast
    Information and expertise shared in an easy to understand way. Look forward to every episode.
  • anu94536
    The very best
    Goes behind the curtain which very few podcasts do..
  • bettnap
    This Is How the Trillion Dollar Coin Could End the Debt Ceiling
    Odd Lots is a deplorable show. Condescending left coast elitist liberal “professor” Rohan Grey given air time to tell America how stupid we are, trash our former president and Republicans and gets free air time to promote reckless, dangerous monetary policy. Why not go back to Australia and help their government instead? His blatant political views were sickening. I love when foreigners come here and the elitist liberal media establishment gives them a megaphone to insult and trash us. Joe and Tracy fawn all over Rohan who’s ego knows no bounds. Joe could not hide his political views either. They asked him no challenging questions. Tracy asked some very mild ones while Joe just said yes great professor to all of it. The legal justification he provided was not thorough or sound. Odd Lots did not even bother to present listeners with a comprehensive objective report of this issue by having different guests who would have explained the flaws and dangers. This is what we get with the liberal media that now runs this country and is the PAC for the Democratic Party. This idea is promoted by CNN too that tells you something. Joe why not ask him about a ten trillion dollar coin or one hundred trillion dollar coin?
    Designed for the intellectually curious
    Great guests, questions and conversations.
    Fascinating guests and topics
    Amazing variety of guests and topics. I love how in the weeds Tracy and Joe are willing to go. I think it’s part of what makes the show special. I’ve learned way more from Odd Lots than I ever did in any college Econ class. Also Joe and Tracy are just cool personalities to listen to. My perfect afternoon is going on a run after work and turning on odd lots to learn about supply chains, fed issues, and DeFi. Please keep up the good work!!
  • Derek M H
    Great in the weeds look at economics
    Really nice weekly dive into a particular unexplored are of finance and economics. They always have very knowledgeable guests you don’t often here on other media outlets. Highly recommend!
  • Fiat4Lyfe
    My favorite podcast
    Odd Lots is my favorite podcast, and I listen to almost every episode. Tracy and Joe - the hosts - are informed on a wide variety of economic and financial issues. They deliver information in an approachable manner. The guests are often engaging, and the hosts ask questions that help to frame the important facets of a problem. I have a better understanding of the global economy because of this podcast.
  • Kalebbn
    Love ‘em
    Joe and Tracy are awesome and they have entertaining and informative convos and aren’t afraid to take the conversations wherever they take them
  • Ysgwdgfidhq
    Enjoyable listening & informative
    This program is very well done and the cohosts and their guests are excellent.
  • kentuscanaccio
    Informative and Entertaining
    The only finance podcast that doesn’t put me to sleep. Engaging, insightful, and highly entertaining. Joe and Tracy are a dynamic team bringing a balanced, nuanced view to contemporary market matters via a highly curated selection of qualified expert guests. To up the entertainment level even more, take a drink every time someone says “I guess my question is…”
    Awesome!!!!! Five Stars
    Awesome podcast!!!!! Five Stars
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