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Every weekday, NPR's best political reporters are there to explain the big news coming out of Washington and the campaign trail. They don't just tell you what happened. They tell you why it matters. Every afternoon.

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Recent Reviews
  • Kyliwac
    Really good show. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    Really enjoy this show. Thanks for making it interesting 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  • bl92ud96mu01
    Usually good
    Sometimes the wokeness comes out. Yes, he needs to be executed. It should have been done on the date set at sentencing by the original trial judge. The death penalty isn’t used remotely enough. No I’m not Republican
  • mideastmuslimbeast14
  • BinkyJoJo
    Given their impossible task, they do a great job
    This is one of my favorite podcasts and I listen to almost every episode. I find the hosts to be intelligent, conscientious, measured, engaging and mindful of the important service they are providing - without being too dry or dour. I always feel I’m in good hands when getting my daily political update. I don’t turn to this podcast to reinforce my own personal worldview, but rather to get a measured update on recent developments, so I’m usually a happy camper with the results. Keep up the good work! BTW - while I agree that a little bit of Ayesha’s big personality goes a long way, I do think she’s an important (and refreshing) element of the current mix that is working so well.
  • hun kee
    Soft on Biden
    NPR politics tone and reporting on the current administration and the democratic house & senate versus the previous administration is abundantly clear, they’re much softer and seem to have little follow up on their stories. The only story they’ve been consistent on is Afghanistan. In addition, this podcast had become very opinion based , especially when Ayesha Rascoe is on the pod it becomes an Op-Ed discussion.
  • Cat5/6/99
    One of my favorite shows!
    I love this show! I listen to this show more consistently than any other because the hosts are all great and they talk about great topics! The only compliant I have is that it isn’t longer because I always look forward to it! I think this show is really well done, and I highly recommend it. Also I saw other reviewers saying they didn’t like Ayesha, and I just want to say I think that’s completely wrong, she’s a great addition to the show. All the hosts are really great, and I enjoy all the unique contributions they bring. Keep it up everyone!
  • Kissmyasthma21
    Good stuff
  • Ahdawnis
    PLEASE Replace Ayesha Rascoe
    Let me start by saying that I’ve been listening to the pod since the beginning and I am a huge fan. As I am leaving this review, I’m glad to see that there are others that feel like Ayesha isn’t a good host for the pod. As a contributing member, fine, but absolutely not as a host. As a fellow African American person, when I say that Ayesha speaking like a “coon” completely ruins the vibe of the episode - which she does often - I think other POC know what I mean. I get wanting to be yourself, but this is part of your work - be professional for goodness sake. Give Asma back to us.
  • Jonathan Dintzis
    Aesha Roscoe is a federal crime against elocution, proper grammar and journalism in general . Ummmm, ya know, It’s like… Now she is hosting!?! Time to clip her.
  • Chilly999999
    Hey, Biden worked from Camp David on both
    infrastructure bills all weekend in myriad Senate calls and zoom meetings per WSJ reporting. This podcast erroneously stated that he wasn’t involved. Hope you correct this as it sets an incorrect narrative. Also, mov on from Afghanistan!! We have much bigger problems to address internationally and domestically. It’s been largely handled despite the stumble and most Americans wanted us out and are happy we are out. Three hundred million dollars a day for twenty years!!! It was a mirage. Also, most importantly is to not both sides the parties either. Only one political party is fighting to uphold our Constitution and safeguard our Democratic Republic while the other is currently relegated to a dangerous autocratic movement and cult taking every step to overturn free and fair elections. We have seen patriotic ultra-conservatives who don’t pledge fealty to their king removed from the cult. To not call out the now radical right’s lies and danger to our nation, and ultimately everybody's freedom, is remiss and complacent. Our media must do better. It took two years to call trump lies LIES. Nation before party and profits. Hope to get back to 5 stars eventually.
    Train Wreck
    Typical mass media content pushing the party lines. For the real deal try Breaking Points podcast
    Asma Great Host
    Love it when Asma Khalid hosts, she’s intelligent, articulate and insightful. Can she replace tongue tied ,“you know” Ayesha Roscoe please?
  • leszest
    Long time listener who enjoyed non partisan coverage
    This podcast has gone off the rails and now almost entirely driven by talking head media narratives and pandering to both sidesism. The push notification that “California could have a republican governor!” The 8/31 pod where Detrow basically served the role of Fox News contributor. Today’s ep for instance labeling immigration a divisive issue that Democrats should be grateful to not have to run on when legalizing status for DREAMERS is an above 60% polling issue. How many times have these hosts referred to Republicans as already in charge of the house? Enough already. So not the glory days of Ron elving + Sam sanders 😤😤😤
  • Zozobutt
    Blinken's stand
    Great podcast today. I like not having to watch something like that and being able to get an honest summary of what happened in DC.
  • parkger
    not pleasant to listen to
    apologize for dwelling on a superficial issue but please send roscoe to a voice coach.. i prefer my morning listening to be mellifluous especially since the issues being discussed can be so demoralizing at times
  • Moderate Nat-Sec-Guy
    Hate it also
    Terrible also
  • pooh4092
    Love this podcast!! This episode with the Supreme Court was get! Love that man and what he is saying! Great show 👍
  • urafagg
    Defund NPR
    Repeal the Public Broadcasting Act. I am not responsible to fund any media outlet, regardless of its viewpoint. Not all taxation is theft, but taxation for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting absolutely is.
  • Ukliz
    Peabody Material?
    The story of Sacred Ground is very moving and well reported. In the coming days the media will be filling the airwaves with a lot of stories about 9/11 and the 20 years following, and very few of them are going to be as thoughtful or as respectful as Sacred Ground. If you're tempted to turn off the TV and radio during the next couple of weeks but still would like to experience the marking of such a significant event in our country's recent history, then listen to Sacred Ground.
  • queuea
    Disappointing downward trajectory
    At this point, they basically read polls and share their personal opinions on politics. They also talk a ridiculous amount about what someone thinks someone else thinks about a current event - is that reporting!?
  • raychill seabears
    Used to love this
    But now I'm not so sure. 8/31 episode not good.
  • JNS06261981
    Used to be a fan
    This podcasts reporting on the end of the Afghanistan war has been insanely biased against Biden. The amount of “reporting” on the reporters thoughts and feeling as opposed to facts has become overwhelming.
  • Storlietelling
    I Disagree
    I used to listen to this podcast daily but got tired of the lightweight coverage and silly banter. So switched to other sources. One in a while impulse back in as I did on Aug 31. Unfortunately, I found myself disappointed with Scott Detrow’s take on Biden speech, characterizing it as “defensive.” I listened to it and disagree with Scott. While I’ve been very concerned with how Biden has handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan all summer, I thought the speech was pretty good. I appreciated that he named all the concerns and addressed them, one by one. I remain curious about what Biden knows that we don’t (can’t) know as he weighs the risks of various options. This is an exact of how the NPR Politics Podcast covers complex issues superficially without curiosity or nuance. Oh how I miss Robert Segal!
  • A UK fan
    If u continue to report the way u do - you will soon NOT be able to report any facts when u wake up one day and realize that democracy and free speech are a thing of the past - YOU are part of the problem in a country which now has a huge number of people who belong to a fascist cult - this is how Hitler rose to power and the press need to be more vocal about the law makers who are outright lying to the people - you have been warned.
  • allnamestakenholycow
    Ghetto talk
    Can’t understand the ghetto accent, sorry
  • Erabs
    Keeps me informed
    Great daily podcast that keeps me informed on everything political! I have enjoyed it for years and will continue to do so. However, can you PLEASE make a concerted effort to cut down on the phrase “LOOK…” as you command attention to explain a point? It is overused by Scott, Danielle, Mara, Tamara, Domenico, Franco, and most everyone else. Otherwise, a wonderful listening experience!
  • PaddyGil
    A plea for balance
    I've been listening to NPR Politics and, previously, "It's All Politics" for many years. With so much openly biased news coming at us, I rely on this NPR podcast to present as balanced a message as possible. The Trump years were a terrible test of this. I'm not a Trump voter or supporter, but I still expect objective treatment of the news. This podcast failed during those years. With a change in presidents, it seems to be getting better, but the anti-right bias still shines through. Moderates like me like to have to guess at the political leanings of those presenting the news, and not have it so obvious. I do really enjoy the people presenting this podcast and will continue listening unless I find a better (less biased) outlet. Please work on this.
  • nyradice
    Tough Listen
    It’s hard to listen to this group for many reasons. However I’ll limit it to four - 1. Un-researched, 2. Painfully biased, 3. They just sound lazy & dumb, 4. Ayesha’s voice is torture, she has a yell talk that’s so un-smooth & unpleasant almost like nails on a chalkboard. If she’s married or has kids, I imagine all suffer from some form of anxiety having to hear her voice daily. I used to love NPR & consider them a smart & reliable source for accurate information. But this tax funded news source has become unbearable by only showing one side of a story & simply no longer sounding professional or intelligent when presenting it.
  • Elliot333smith
    NPR used to be a very reliable unbiased source for news but lately they’ve fallen significantly further towards the wokeism side of politics.
  • jarnold palmer
    It’s NPR
    I’ve listened to this podcast on a daily basis for over a year. It’s good for that purpose. I really like how they pull in public radio reporters from across the country. It was really exciting when SDPB’s Lee Strubinger made an appearance! The commentary surrounding race issues is usually pretty pointless. Considering the “bias,” it’s NPR—liberal reporters biting their tongues. Yes, if this is all you consume you will get a biased viewpoint. That’s kinda how it works
  • slolifesux
    There is nothing more fair and balanced in politics than this podcast
    I’ve been listening since the first episode with Sam Sanders. Every correspondent, every episode, every word spoken by those that make this podcast are always honest and trustworthy.
  • TBobo
    Brainwash Podcast - For the Young, Ignorant, or Both.
    If you want to hear one-sided view of every political topic with no real critical analysis or knowledge of contradicting facts and statistics... then this is the show for you! These people are so far into their own bubble they are completely ignorant of the real problems with the statements they make on a daily basis. Now before you make the wrong assumption that this must be true of conservative podcast also, go and actually listen to a few. Most of them present the opposite argument of everything they talk about, and then show with facts and statistics why that argument is wrong. You don’t hear this kind of critical thinking on NPR at all. And many of them have open invitations to anyone on the left to come and debate them on any political topic. They WANT the dialog, and they will talk to intellectuals on the left who think differently, because they are not afraid of the opposing views. Don’t hold your breath until NPR ask Ben Shapiro or Dave Rubin to talk about a current political topic as the conservative voice. They want to pretend anyone who has a different opinion is racists or ignorant. The more you listen to this show, the dumber you will get. Case in point, they were just covering the big sex scandal with Cuomo. How young and stupid do you have to be to take credible as a statement that this all started with Trump…. Anyone remember this type of behavior with Clinton, that the DNC and NPR swept under the carpet. Clinton set the low bar of politicians ignoring these scandals and trying to move on, and every scummy politician has been following suite since. Biden who is calling for Cuomo resignation has credible witnesses accusing him of the VERY SAME THING and worse. So they label this podcast for the young, ignorant, or both.
  • jimewing22
    Unaware and inconsiderate
    The hosts have spent too much time patting themselves on the back. The believe that are the show and politics are not. Try listening to the people instead of yourselves.
  • Bob6.022E23
    The CBC pronounces "Nevada" correctly, like the locals do, why can't NPR? The first 'a' has the sound as in 'hat'.
  • TheUltimateparadox
    Not a fan of the crowd sourced time stamp
    The listener recorded time stamps are my least favorite part of the pod since Sam Sanders left (and yes, I also dislike the ending of Sam’s show which has similar user generated content)
  • Leon Banksiana
    Disgruntled NPR Politics listener
    Generally I am a fan. But lately I find a couple of things annoying. One, sometimes it seems to me that when a conversation touches on something that’s not true or dangerous, you treat it as an aside without giving it the gravitas it deserves, making it seem unimportant. Second, do you have to be so cheery. This is serious stuff. Thanks for the opportunity to let you know how I feel.
  • pmorris314
    Lifetime NPR listener, concerned
    I was brought up on NPR/public radio. I still listen religiously to NPR and public radio. However, I find the “both sides” mind-set troubling lately. There is no “both sides” when one side is trying to over-throw the government, and rig elections. Please have the courage to speak the truth, and not worry about offending seditionist cowards, and white-supremecists. By the way, I’m a gun-owning, former Marine, who is sickened by what the Capitol Police had to endure. I swore an oath to protect the Union against all enemies foreign, AND domestic.
  • mojo82678
    Love this podcast! Disappointing transition towards a more explicit liberal viewpoint
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. The hosts are excellent, the content is well-chosen. However, recently, the political bias of the podcast team has been becoming more and more explicit. I even agree with most of what they say, but it’s disappointing to see from such a trusted source for political news. From topics chosen to episode titles to comments from hosts and guests, the bias is consistent and clear. I hope they address this!
  • IUKnight
    Just the factd
    Quit the giggling. Put aside “balanced” Just the facts no matter right or left
  • J504818920
    Bums me out
    I’m a fairly typical millennial Liberal who has been a lifelong NPR super fan. However the last few years I’ve noticed NPR’s coverage (this podcast included) take an obvious left leaning perspective both in focus and in actual coverage. I have felt the need to seek out additional news sources to fully understand both sides of issues. Bums me out to think I can’t count on NPR for this anymore. Still a fan and still hopeful balance will be restored.
  • JTsue
    Insightful and entertaining
    Love this podcast. Easy to fit in every day since it’s usually under 20 minutes but gives me a good understanding of the top news story of the day.
  • promila06
    Tax supported DNC propaganda machine. Hopefully Republicans get gutsy enough in two years to defund NPR! The only thing that deserves to be defunded.
  • qwtzl
    NPR, you are really losing your way :(
    I have been a big fan of NPR for decades - most of the week, I had it on all day - but it is just become so disappointing in the last couple of years. Please, no more “us vs them” stuff and you need to stop being on the lazy thinking bandwagon. As a moderate, I have found myself investing less time in programing like this because it keeps repeating things that everyone knows now aren’t true. You are supposed try and be impartial - I want information, not a repeat of the same spin. Please go back to better quality.
  • StaceyRobinault
    Political update
    As a longtime conservative that ran from my party when Trump came into power, I was looking for unbiased reporting. I feel that you do a great job at that. Actually, I feel that you sometimes are too gracious to the conservative right as it has gone a long way from its roots. I understand you are trying to be “fair” but some things (autocratic and theocratic movements) that are happening MUST be called out for what they are without trying to be fair.
  • Jujewbeans
    I remember listening to NPR for neutrality when both sides were complaining about each other. Now there is definitely an “us vs them” mentality. No longer any hint of fair and balanced.
  • SchroederRock
    Not as good as it once was. They’ve gone from neutral assessment to injecting more opinion and false narratives and so I rarely listen anymore.
  • Cyber Nerd Needs Coffee
    If you want to spend 30 minutes of your day and not hear a single fact, this is the podcast for you!
    I was a huge fan of the “It’s All Politics” podcast. It was packed with insightful and objective political analysis that covered the gambits that each party was making as they took certain positions on issues. I subscribed to this podcast after “It’s All Politics” was discontinued because one of the hosts left NPR. This new podcast was left leaning, but you kind of expect that from NPR. Once Trump was elected, the hosts started became vitriolic and hateful toward conservative and, over time, moderate positions. This current version of the podcast is really nothing more than a regurgitation of ultra-progressive talking points with no analysis (or insight) at all. What finally caused me to unsubscribe after 5 years was two podcasts in particular: 1) March 20 2021 “What If We Don’t Need to ‘Fix’ Polarization?” where the guest effectively says “I’m not sure that’s a bad thing” when talking about violence breaking out along party and racial divisions. This was not challenged by the host. Let’s just say I found that strange. No facts (or opinions) were offered as to how we could avoid that violence. 2) June 3 2021 “… The First Term With A New Conservative 6-3 Majority On The Supreme Court.” The hosts spoke ad nauseam about the justices themselves and possible court appointments by Democrats, but never discussed a single fact of any case in the entire term! The entire episode was devoid of information. It was just a long speculation session on whether Breyer would retire to guarantee the Democrats get to appoint his successor before the 2022 mid-term elections. So… I can’t do it anymore. NPR has lost me. If you are a political moderate who is just looking for mainstream progressive and conservative positions so that you can stay informed, keep looking. This podcast ceased being both mainstream and informative quite some time ago.
    8 months later
    A lot we still don’t know about who won the election.
  • LotuSviLLe
    Ayesha’s voice is NAILS on a chalkboard!!!
    Can NPR buy out Abby Phillip’s contract and bring her on instead? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 please remove Ayesha Rascoe from the podcast. Thank you.
  • Sat_Warrior
    Disingenuous Reporting
    Editors either need to grow a spine or actually report fact that isn’t downplayed as “employers forced to pay more”. Maybe a better way to explain what is and has been going on as “employers not paying living wages and finally have to increase salaries to find workers” and maybe also note that “employers, despite increase salary offerings are still struggling to find workers because they still will not offer living wages.” Similar issues when speaking about past political crimes.
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