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Every weekday, NPR's best political reporters are there to explain the big news coming out of Washington and the campaign trail. They don't just tell you what happened. They tell you why it matters. Every afternoon.

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Recent Reviews
  • taylormama
    Thank you!
    I appreciate the work you do and listen everyday. As a part of a profession that is constantly under fire and scrutiny(similar to your profession with this administration), I admire the high road the team travels while still having fun.
  • scared senior
    Hey there
    We are not horses that want hay. Please address us as mature adults. Hey is annoying. Good morning, afternoon, evening etc. is more professional than “ hey there.” Thanks? CJ, Ph.D.
  • Subgeniusbob
    I don’t doubt Mara believes, but
    One has to wonder if the “journalists “ actually buy into the lines they obviously have been coached on, or if they simply sold out their integrity.
  • kpb123bpk
    A Good Summary of the Latest Political Highlights
    A quick summary the latest political developments and a staple of my daily podcast cycle
  • Oldjake1422
    Likes the left
    NRP is not in the middle, but a well put together podcast.
  • Evan308
    Brain Power
    Listen and learn about US politics from a trusted news source.
  • Mrs. Jody
    Good for mental health
    They pay close attention so we don’t have to. Instead of stressing through hours of impeachment I just listen to their breakdown - saves my sanity!
  • IrishEyes14
    Daily is Too Often
    From 2016-2018 I listened religiously, but since the switch to a daily podcast I’ve been deleting episodes without listening to them. Go back to a longer, less frequent, more analytical pod instead of just regurgitating the news of the say. And would someone *please* tell Scott Detrow that there’s more than one campaign happening! There’s more to politics than the presidential campaign.
  • jstew712
    No more ayesha
    Get rid of ayesha I can’t stand her voice!!! Please!!!!!!! I’m begging you
  • holykhakis
    They may not know queso, but they have politics nailed down perfectly.
  • usaracer56789
    Pretending to be unbiased...
    Every single thing reported in this podcast is intertwined with the liberal agenda and the propagation of lies that comes along with it. In my opinion, it’s worse to claim that you’re unbiased and try to instill trust in your listeners that way then to just come out and admit you’re heavy left wing. At least let people know the truth of where your commentary comes from.
  • RedFinn Runner
    It’s too simplistic and gossipy.
    What has happened to this show? It’s over simplified and lacks analysis and substance.
  • Darr'ksky
    Love the show, but it won’t download
    I live in NYC so I lose connectivity often during my commute. NPR shows have had a problem for the last year where they won’t download correctly.
  • Yelaheener
    Great Info, Pretty Biased…
    I learn so much from this podcast and enjoy the podcasters, for the most part, despite some bias. (Mara Liasson doesn't even pretend to be unbiased, so I don’t generally appreciate her take on things.) Otherwise, I appreciate their ability to condense the complicated news into 15 mins of updates with some humor! I highly recommend listening to other news/political podcasts by the Wall Street Journal for some balance.
  • Perri Perrita
    More live shows, please
    The recent live show recorded in Chicago was wonderful. The humor shone through. Do more! 🙂
  • Fin2243
    The Best Political Pod
    This is the best, because it keeps me informed every morning!!
  • Vikes85
    Disappointing Debate Coverage
    I listen to NPR to be informed. They only talk about the race and not the issues or the candidates positions. It is lazy journalism at best. Please step up your game.
  • Laurie715
    Perfectly Corny
    I’m a total news junky and I always enjoy the corny humor along with the facts.
  • DC from St Louis
    Incredibly biased show
    If you want know what the dnc wants you to think, tune in here. The sponsors are Walmart and the traditional large companies that are in the Democrats pockets. This is their voice. If Biden’s your guy, this podcast is for you.
  • lindsm86
    I can’t take it anymore
    How do you lead with progressive infighting amongst dem candidates when the president and his admin are lying about his justification for assassination, among MANY other things, on a daily basis?! Your reporting normalizes Trump and draws a false equivalency between the motives, tactics and goals of the parties that are so clearly not the same. CALL HIM OUT! Stop both siding this. This is not NORMAL.
  • Higdigs
    This is one of the best podcasts that has ever happened. Short, important, and informative. Thank you UpFirst Team!
  • mpardini
    Great podcast!
    This podcast has become a favorite, and I’m so glad it went daily!
  • Tarunee
    It’s great but too much laughter
  • BeanThereDougThat
    Quality Pod
    I love this podcast! Refreshing political commentary that I can’t get enough of.
  • Dokule
    A little too biased
    Have been listening to NPR for about 2 years. After the Boulder, CO show I have stopped listening to all episodes featuring Mara Liason. In that show she sounded gleeful and contempt that Sen. Sanders had a heart attack, she proclaimed his campaign over, and showed zero compassion for a fellow human being. It is ok to have a preference in primary elections, it is ok to promote the candidate you prefer, but I find it unfair that she is not open about her bias, bias is ok as long as it is disclosed. Also several times she has referred to M4A as widely unpopular among democrats, which based on all polls i have heard, is around 50% popular (far from widely unpopular). I was going to attend the show in Boulder, I am glad i didn’t i would have been disgusted even further by what I heard.
  • D_Com
    The democratic establishment echo chamber
    This podcast has lost touch with the overall electorate and is no better than politico in its dishonest coverage, intentional negative framing, dismissive tone, and unequal coverage of all 2020 candidates.
  • zedkolk
    Daily podcast
    Wonderful podcast. Now that they’ve gone daily (have for a month or two) they are now a part of my daily routine. Mostly balanced, at times they can feel left leaning but still very informative.
  • Aimeeeereeee
    Amazing podcast
    I love receiving my politics news through this podcast because this team does an amazing job in breaking down the news.
  • Luke_Thornton
    I’ve listened to this podcast for years now. And the closer we get to 2020 it grows ever more clear that they, along with other progressive media, shun talking about Bernie Sanders. The tone, verbiage, and opinion drastically changes when talking about Bernie. Pete has a strong quarter of fundraising but we fail to mention Bernie brought in the largest sum ever by a democratic candidate. They push hard-core for Pete, Klobuchar, Biden, and Warren but lack the dignity to highlight the head to head polls that have Bernie beatingTrump. This podcast used to have decent takes, fun personalities, and facts. Unfortunately the bias has tainted the well, and every time I listen I get more disheartened.
  • GuardLiberty
    Change the name
    I’ve been listening to the NPR Politics Podcast since late 2016. What I thought would be a rundown of US National Politics has quickly devolved into the Hate President Trump and all Republicans Podcast. It is in no way balanced. It only provides a partisan and progressive voice to politics. I am truly disappointed in NPR for allowing this podcast to misrepresent. I have never yelled at my radio or phone so much as I have listened to this trash. Please change the name to the NPR Democratic Party Politics Podcast.
  • elleellebeebee
    Best podcast ever
    I love all the reporters and what they bring to the conversation. Always interesting and up to date on important political news. Love it.
  • Edgedev
    Fair and Balanced
    For conservatives that say they are leftist propaganda, I would like to ask how? On a daily basis they give FACTS. The coverage during the election cycle has been leaning Democratic because that’s where the action is. In 2015-2016, they talked A LOT about the Republican primaries. The Trump administration and Republican Congressmen and Senators refuse or decline to even comment to NPR interviews. So who’s problem is that? NPR is fact-based and if you believe in truth and facts, this is one of the more unbiased sources you can get. It’s my first source of news over CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or BBC. I like the personalities on the show, very relatable as they are close to my age (early 30s). I love the “Can’t let it go” portion of the show. It’s what I most look forward to every week.
  • Beyekindonetoanother
    Entertaining and informative
    This podcast gives a good summary of the key happenings of what’s happening in politics in the USA. They make it comprehensive and a little entertaining as well. Not too long and detailed.
  • MrsShem
    Just another left wing media source
  • Raechick
    Please listen
    Is there any way to make everyone in America listen to this podcast? Thank you for all the research that goes into this reporting.
  • thomisthebomb
    Too Frequent Episodes
    I really like this podcast. The reporters are informed and entertaining, have a balanced, smart perspective, and their analysis of current politics is fascinating. However, ever since switching to a daily format, I feel like the quality of the show has declined. Because they are now providing daily hot takes on whatever has just happened, there’s a lot less reasoned analysis that once made this show so important. Still quite good though!
  • Tallowyck
    Thank you!
    Thank you for your clear, conscientious, and humanistic reporting.
  • RJones1111
    Love it!
    I pretty much stick to sports and true crime podcasts. But was looking for a quick way to stay in the loop during the impeachment process. Luckily I found this gem! The brevity of it allows me to listen every day, and the hosts are talented. You’ve gained a daily listener! Keep up the good work 🙂
  • Concerned Mom in MKE, WI
    What about YANG and the other 2020 candidates??
    Long time listener and NPR supporter but concerned that a vote has yet to be cast and this media platform has decided who’s in and who’s out for 2020. I expect more from NPR’s political news coverage.
  • aaaaaas1975
    I wish you would stick to facts and less propaganda. You are the last place to get news but you are swinging to propaganda.
  • rayj710
    Great podcast
    Enjoy their view on politics
  • YogaHerbMom
    Biased- the glee in commentators voices when you discuss the problems with conservatives is appalling. NPR standards have declined in the last 2 years. It is shameful what you highlight & how you frame narratives. If something negative happens with democrats or liberals... little or no coverage - your omissions are perhaps the most egregious actions. The media is dividing the country more than anything else. It was only a few years ago that NPR was my source for all news - now I cannot trust NPR.
    One of the best
    You’re knew to the USA internal politics: 1) listen to this podcast 2) listen to this podcast 3) repeat 1 and 2 😁✌️🦉
  • alexandra9519
    Best way for a busy person to keep up with politics
    I love this podcast! It has been the best way for me to stay up to date with all the political news when I don’t have time to read full-length articles or watch videos. It’s concise, yet very informative. It has been my saving grace on long commutes to work, and is also good when I’m going for a run or just getting ready for work in the morning!
  • James C. #3
    It does it’s best to be impartial and is very well researched. It’s worth a listen and offers some interesting perspectives
  • *****•••••*****
    Straight Forward
    I love how simple and low key it is to listen in, and you don’t have to spend hours upon hours trying to understand. Super quick and easy! Love this podcast the most when it comes to politics and news. Very to the point and informative.
  • Liberal Texan03
    Has become too far left leaning
    The coverage of the 2020 Democratic Party coverage has become so hard in favor of the extreme left. It is a shame I loved this podcast before and now I have had to unsubscribe. I always thought NPR was fair and balanced until now. I have even stopped supporting financially since the coverage of the election has started. They clearly favor candidates on the more progressive side and admonish those that aren’t. Maybe I will come back to it some day.
  • Eneibru
    Informative, upbeat
    Informative, upbeat. All the pundits are great...Domenico Montanaro, Tamara Keith and Scott Dettro are favorites of mine
  • annie+e
    News that doesn’t take itself too seriously
    I love this podcast. The reporters really give a good explanation of the latest ongoings, while keeping the news as light as possible (because let’s face it, some of this stuff is ridiculous). I love ‘Can’t let it go’ and appreciate the overall tone of the show. There’s a lot of doomsday politics podcasts, but this keeps me informed and hopeful.
  • UsmanAslamAziz
    Good ... but badly needs adult supervision!
    I like this podcast and listen to it every week. But that maybe because I am a hopeless news junkie and have nothing better going on in my life. So please be sure to make up your own mind about this podcast and don't pay any attention to this "five star" review. Ok ... here are some of my most recent thoughts about this podcast. A) Is it just me or does the stature & quality of this podcast goes way up when Ron and/or Mara are on the panel? If yes ... is adult supervision basically what this podcast needs to make it a truly must listen every week? My vote is YES. B) I like Scott Detrow ... but man, he has the worst nasal tone voice I have ever heard. He should definitely go see an ENT specialist just to make sure there is no cotton ball mysteriously stuck in one or both of his nostrils. C) Tamra Keith has the potential to be awesome. What stands in the way is her ever present tendency to chuckle profusely to her own clever lines. If she can only somehow guard against that, she could shoot straight to the top and have her own podcast someday. D) Finally, having Susan Davis & Tamra Keith both on the panel at the same time is ... shall we say an exercise in redundancy! They both talk & sound the exact same! They are like the siamese twins of political commentary!! F) One last thing ... Can't let it go segment is good sometimes, but honestly most of the times it comes through as too cute by half. Do we really need this segment? I think the panel enjoys (and gets amused) by it a lot more than the listeners do. But I suppose no real harm in keeping this segment on. OK ... thank you. Those were my thoughts. Appreciate the opportunity to write a review.
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