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Every weekday, NPR's best political reporters are there to explain the big news coming out of Washington and the campaign trail. They don't just tell you what happened. They tell you why it matters. Every afternoon.Political wonks - get wonkier with The NPR Politics Podcast+. Your subscription supports the podcast and unlocks a sponsor-free feed. Learn more at

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  • Ollieburrito
    Hardworking Journalists with a great take
    I really enjoy the in depth coverage of politics that goes beyond the headlines.
  • user 9037472
    Garbag in and out
    State sponsored media says it all , this is pure propaganda nonsense Save yourself the misery don't listen to it
  • 😉💙🙃
    25 May 2023 🙃
    Trump is 76. Please don’t make out that Biden is that much older!
    Interview with Ramaswamy
    I have listened to this podcast from its beginning and have always enjoyed the fun and insightful political commentary. However, I can’t believe that NPR would give this disgusting man a platform to spew his hateful and awful ideas. It’s beneath NPR and it’s beneath humanity.
  • RealMoose40
    One sided propaganda
    If you liked being controlled by draconian government measures from “A PANDEMIC” and ignore news of government corruption listen here!
  • Vote2018
    Heartfelt Thank you 😊
    I’ve been able to count on this neutral News source for the last 31 years . I’m aware of what hard work that is.
  • sportsstuff
    Part of the DNC
    I’ve listened most days for 3 years. I’m tired of obvious biases of all the hosts. I wish there was a good independent option to hear from.
  • VintageWingnut
    8 panelists, 7 white people & no pushback
    That about covers it
  • jdigitydogg
    Left wing
    Biased radical left wing narrative
  • Clutch.huncho
    I love your show !
    Never have Susan and Tam talking back and forth they sound so similar LOL Keep up the great reporting !
  • JVean
    No pushback
    The journalists just accept whatever the interviewee says without any pushback or challenge. No racism? Really? Try asking more than one person.
  • CharlieCaster
    It’s so obvious they are just selling a narrative!
  • NaomieMom
    Shocked by March 9 episode
    This was not a journalistic political commentary and/or analysis. It was a display of resentful judgement on the part of Washington D.C.’s residents and statehood supporters that totally lacked impartiality. I support Washington D.C’s statehood claim, but the comments made in this episode were beyond professionalism. I was shocked by the bias in the title and then in the entire segment. Why would one assume that President Biden’s decision was for political gain? The commentators themselves mention how Joe Biden’s decision was consistent with a position and beliefs he has held for decades. So, why would it not have been guided by principles, precisely? In fact, it seems to me that two principles - Washington D.C.’s residents right to safety and protection, and the right if these residents to self-governance - were in conflict here. The fact that one won over the other (a fact that clearly did not please the presenters) far from warrants accusations of political calculations on the part of Joe Biden, and potentially other democrats. A jewel from today’s show: “Democratic voters are less left than a lot of people think they are. They want their community to be safe from crime just like everybody else.” This was supposed to be a condemnation from the speaker’s part. Do you hear yourself? Who doesn’t want to be safe? I am very much on the left, socially and economically, but to me this entire episode was appalling. I felt I was hearing bitter citizens airing their grievances as D.C.’s residents rather than professional political commentators. This is not what I expect from public radio. I would provide two suggestions: - Advocate and lobby for D.C.’s statehood. I entirely support this, it would only be fair - but outside of this platform, on your own time, and in an other capacity. Not in one where you are supposed to maintain a minimum of professional impartiality. - if two points in an otherwise good law are controversial (and I do find these points problematic), change them! And the law will pass.
  • CMyBeard
    Plus subscriptions = frustrating
    I’ve always enjoyed this podcast, but the introduction of the paid plus subscriptions was frustrating. I understand that people need to keep businesses afloat, but what is happening to my contributions to NPR? I don’t feel that it is right for people already choosing to contribute to NPR not being able access to these subscriptions or then feeling guilted that they have to give more to be granted content. It seems to me that NPR has become more of a cash grab recently and it is definitely making it frustrating for us long time listeners and supporters.
  • Alajdhahsjajsh
    Good overall
    Susan Davis gets stuff wrong, she tried to frame the lab leak theory as some kind of right vs left issue and claimed scientists dismissed it out of hand. The scientific community has never dismissed it, and this is only a political issue because people like her are dragging it through that lens. NPR is supposed to be better. Most of the journalists are better, though, hence the high review.
  • invisible👻
    To political
  • Pastor Rey
    Not the best source for news.
    This podcast is very one sided. It’s extremely hypocritical, non factual and one could even call it propaganda. It’s not the fair and balanced I was looking for.
  • Rasflyfish
    Pay for political news?!?!
    To say I’m disappointed at the decision to pay for this podcast is an understatement. I have faithfully been a sustaining member of public radio for years and now being asked to pay for this podcast is an insult. Plenty of quality news I can find elsewhere.
  • Kp4 ghost
    Good Work
    Enjoy this show and Sunday Edition - all commentators are quite good; Ayesha Rascoe is excellent. Keep up the good work!
  • Icrs fx
    Quality and content on a downward slope
    Gone are the days of nuanced reporting and adept insights into American politics. You can look forward to a brief overview of major news, fairly mainstream takes, and at least a third of the show dedicated to nothing political. Seems to follow NPR’s downward trend since the mid 2010’s. I still occasionally listen, and today I saw paid subscriptions and private content. I guess the cycle is complete.
  • instacrat101
    No balance
    Show is so far left now it’s hard to listen anymore
  • Storlietelling
    Used to Listen
    Got tired of the light-weight coverage. Back in the 90s and early 00s, NPR was unique with their in-depth balanced coverage. But in the last decade or two they’ve gradually watered down their approach more and more. Other podcasts have upped their game. NPR Politics is now a 3rd rate source. I don’t learn anything new. The Bulwark is not a right wing news site. It is center right/left never-Trump news site.
  • dcbridie
    Danielle Wins Forever
    I have been listening for years, as I can no longer live in the news cycle all day every day but still want to be informed. Can’t Let It Go is not usually my favorite, but Danielle and the crew changed that with the amazing moments of humor and reflection of real colleagues sharing a laugh this week. This whole crew is the best. Thanks for getting us through the past few years with your tireless work.
  • Just facts!
    Subscription Episodes
    Love the show, but can you please find a way to allow us to delete the subscription episodes we never requested.
    Unbiased and accurate
    Love unbiased political reporting! Thanks for all the time you spent reporting during the Speaker’s vote.
  • Where is Waldo
    Best politic show
    Hard to find how to provide input or questions to hosts.
  • AFBrian2002
    Subscription Spam won’t allow it deletion
    I get, you want to make more money. But don’t annoy the rest of us that don’t need the extra content. These subscriptions podcasts that cannot be deleted are only reminding us that we may need to seek a new content provider. Find a way to allow us to delete them or expire them please.
  • baker1984!
    Left of center
    It is a very left wing show, it could use more balance.
  • 777Marty777
    DNC Propaganda machine?
    Any journalistic integrity NPR had is long gone, from VP Harris’ interview to the border crisis to Twitter, all they do is ask softball questions of democrats and report one-sided opinions.
  • childish drivel
    Episode 12/28/22
    What in the world was the point of today’s pandering episode? Hard to see it as anything except to sell this guy’s book. How incredibly far NPR has fallen—just when we needed you most.
  • Enick5
    Interesting, but omg the lisping
    Is it necessary for the microphone to pick up every sound that emanates from every mouth? The lisping is too much.
  • lak0812
    So biased
    NPR is hypocritical to the extreme. At least admit your bias and stop presenting your podcast as an objective source of news.
  • Dr.Lyon
    Awesome fantastic
  • Jason81
    Great balance podcast
    These folks do a good job of presenting the latest news in American politics without it being weird.
  • JChrismond
    You dont even mention Walkers many abortions he has been involved in. You do not present the truth. He is an idiot snd you fail to point out his lies. You are piteful
  • jenrob13
    Trustworthy reporting
    I count on NPR politics to get reliable political news. The team is top notch and I enjoy listening very much!
  • jadamato
    Jersey Jo
    Very well done podcast! Love the group. However, it’s clear the members lean Left and speak in favor of democrats. Wished they were a tad more balanced!
  • Mflyboi
    Thank you!
    Awesome! Thank you for the balanced reporting!
  • Megsah0ttie
    The best place to understand politics in a straightforward non-partisan way.
  • ervinyoung
    High pitch whine in background of audio
    Missed by audio engineers probably due to old age. It is very high pitched and hurts my ears. Please fix.
  • dhissbgdsksbsb
    Miles Parks is boring and basic
    We are oversatuated with Miles Parks. He has never said anything enlightening and has failed to bring clarify or insight to any issue. I just don’t think we need to be hearing from him. I might go listen to something else.
  • Petunia903
    Comprehensive Politics
    I appreciate that this podcast presents news in a comprehensive fashion and delvers the facts without bias. So happy to have found this program.
  • cravendaddy
    Hi Mara! Why don’t you hide your distain for Bernie and progressives a bit better? You openly and knowingly misinterpret what he says; and honestly, this nation won’t get what we need done until the TWO CORPORATE DEMOCRATS get voted out. That does not mean he does not support Biden and his agenda. Go work for CNN or FOX.
  • imntacrook2
    I finally listened to a full podcast from our tax funded station and even though it was not too offensive I wonder why it represented only one side, no conservatives allowed.
  • Unclejackwagon
    Listened for Years but time to give up :(
    Listened as my once fair, center-left NPR has slowly become another echo chamber for only the most dogmatic progressives. Listen to 538 politics instead for more data-driven reporting and more nuanced discussion
  • almennur
    Got less focused over the years
    Weak sauce punditry with superficial takes that are repeated ad nauseam.
  • Wide Awake and Dreaming
    Stop saying “sort of”
    and “kind of”. It’s a common but bad habit. It makes you come off as tentative. You’re not believable when you rely on verbal tics to fill space.
  • TechSavvy209
    NPR used to be unbiased. Now the left slant is too overbearing.
  • WhosTheJMan-iAm
    I’ve been listening to the NPR Politics Podcast for a few months now. I like the idea of getting all the day’s headlines and a reasonable amount of analysis in just 15 minutes. However I’m not sure if I can continue. Despite so much happening in America and the world, this podcast spends half its time obsessing over Donald Trump. Even worse, it frequently misrepresents information and regularly has factual inaccuracies. The hosts prioritize expressing their own political views over their duties of presenting the facts of a matter to the audience. These problems defeat the purpose of a short comprehensive reporting of the daily news.
  • Mme Blink
    The theme song is pure torture. There is no reason to keep playing this insane clanging and tootling - absolutely change it NOW, please.
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