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Every weekday, NPR's best political reporters are there to explain the big news coming out of Washington and the campaign trail. They don't just tell you what happened. They tell you why it matters. Every afternoon.

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  • Baby masala same .jnk support is the iPhone version of 12.5.6
    Update Softwear
  • WhosTheJMan-iAm
    I’ve been listening to the NPR Politics Podcast for a few months now. I like the idea of getting all the day’s headlines and a reasonable amount of analysis in just 15 minutes. However I’m not sure if I can continue. Despite so much happening in America and the world, this podcast spends half its time obsessing over Donald Trump. Even worse, it frequently misrepresents information and regularly has factual inaccuracies. The hosts prioritize expressing their own political views over their duties of presenting the facts of a matter to the audience. These problems defeat the purpose of a short comprehensive reporting of the daily news.
  • 😉💙🙃
    20 September 2022 😉💙🙃
    What is the definition of a pandemic? We’ve gone from 4k deaths each day to 400, that is a substantial decline.
  • PritiDyalKaur
    The theme song is pure torture. There is no reason to keep playing this insane clanging and tootling - absolutely change it NOW, please.
  • obssessive_emailer
    Stigmatizing and inappropriate terms for “undocumented immigrants”
    I am very disappointed on the Sep 19,2022 episode. The outdated and stigmatizing term of “illegals” was used multiple times. More appropriate and accurate terms would be “asylum seekers” and “unauthorized” or “undocumented immigrant.” Highly reviews equity centered language or at least reaches out to experts in immigrant equity
  • Chilly999999
    Latinos and Republicans
    This is the second episode where they discuss the GOP talking to Latinos. Again though, what are they offering to them? Nobody dives deeper on that. We hear about outreach but outreach doing what? Saying what? Please ask a follow-up because without policies there’s ZERO substance. Also, the economy is doing what it’s doing due to Biden being in charge. Donald left it in shambles by failing to deal with Covid and lying about the virus. Biden has turned that all around. Inflation remains high but its high globally and similar first world nations have similar rates of inflation. Still, all of the jobs lost during Covid have been recovered plus more, wages are higher and unemployment is very low. Those are also economy indicators. Anyway, we are not hearing about specific Republican policies to help Latinos or POC and my bet is they have nothing. trump ginned up racism in fact and ran on that and demonizing immigrants.
  • Isaac J.S.
    Count the times they say y’know!
    stop saying y’know every other word .. especially the male voice
  • t-rex-loves-sugar-cereal
    Since when do I need to subscribe to a PUBLIC radio podcast?!
  • pualanastyle
    My daily dose of politics
    So love and look forward to this podcast everyday, and feel like I haven’t quite “heard the news” until I listen to this show! Keep up the great work!
  • jm.ossola24
    Getting more and more biased
    Coming from middle side of the Democratic Party, I find myself listening to other politics podcasts now because I find the coverage lackluster. Very biased toward progressive way of thinking, and I don’t see them giving other trains of though hardly any airtime. If they do, it’s to shut them down. Oddly, listening to this makes me feel like I’m doom scrolling because of the strong negativity bias in most of their podcasts. I prefer the daily now for my news.
  • Zozobutt
    Afghanistan update! Thank you
    Why aren't more news orgs covering this catastrophe? Thank you so much!
  • cravendaddy
    Hi Mara! Why don’t you hide your distain for Bernie and progressives a bit better? You openly and knowingly misinterpret what he says; and honestly, this nation why get what we need done until the TWO CORPORATE DEMOCRATS get voted out. That does not mean he does not support Biden and his agenda. Go work for CNN or FOX.
  • Atmarple
    Subscription is frustrating
    The fact that I can’t listen to this on my drive home now because it’s consistently delayed means I won’t be listening anymore. Which is a shame. I really like this show, I just don’t have a different time to listen and I don’t see the sense in paying for public radio. I’d rather listen to ads. Frustrating to say the least. Seems antithetical to what NPR has been doing for so many decades now.
  • kahings
  • Nicolas Name II
    Hit a paywall
    Listened to this every day for years but hit a paywall yesterday. Really disappointing. I already contribute to NPR. This will only keep people from hearing balanced news which in this divisive climate will only aid in chipping away at our fragile democracy.
  • A UK fan
    What are you talking about?
    Are we living in that same world? In your round up you say is it too late for the mid terms and what are the democrats going to run on!!! Seriously! Your democracy is on the line or didn’t you realize? What about over turning Roe? Your ignorance is astounding - this is being talked about everywhere and especially by the WH - WAKE UP and be realisic.
  • Montanaglass
    Low IQ Voter Nirvana
    Like a decade ago this feed used to be populated by a somewhat charming podcast called "It's all politics" hosted by Ron Elving and Ken Rudin. It was two old timers making jokes and covering the week's news. That ended and then this awful thing showed up in its stead. Probably the most annoying thing is all the hosts sound the same and pretend to be dumb. Like they are figuring out in real time what passing legislation using reconcilliation is. I've been listening since its inception and its always sucked but it somehow has gotten worse in recent months. At some point, the powers that be decided that it would be come a daily Trumpcast. And somehow a year a half into the Biden Presidency, it's still managed to be a daily Trumpcast. They're low as heck on material at this point so its become a fever swamp of what scares liberals the most. But, also not surprisingly, what liberals should not be scared of: like black ownership of AR 15s. It's an absurd politics podcast especially when their foreign policy expert seems to be the Fox News cast off Mara Liasson. Thankfully since the gruel is so thin the episodes are mercifully short. Always puncured at some point by a scam therapy app advertisement or Exxon. It's cyncism at its worst. Thankfully in recent months they break for advertisements and nothing pops up. Hoping this awful drivel gets the axe and I can stop listening to it. But until that day I'll keep listening to this garbage.
  • allviewpoints
    Unexpected charge
    Suddenly there is a charge to download a podcast! I clicked on yes too far...and the fineprints are so small....I don't think this podcast worth a monthly fee.
  • deluxeMF
    Love the journalists/hosts. Big political ideas are broken down in a digestible way for the layperson. Plus…can’t let it go. ❤️
  • S-T-W
    thanks captain obvious
    just listened to the show from July 11, 2022. Do any of the hosts have any actual insights? Or are they just going to blab on about stuff we all know already?
  • Edmister76123
    Bias and overall terrible show with very left leaning perspective
    I expect more from NPR. Back when I was younger, NPR is more centrist, but now shows like this are leaning so much to left it is sad. Hosts are bias and dodge REAL issues, questions that majority of Americans care about. I will stick to listening to good music programs from NPR only from now. Please course correct or the listenership will continue to drop.
  • RobSub
    Needs to be more in-depth
    Great podcast that skims the surface of topics and issues and just needs to have a more in depth discussion with more details. It’s good for a quick listen if you don’t have time to get more involved in an issue.
  • Nostradamus MW
    TLDR DO Nothing
    This podcast is a joke. The latest episode gives Biden an out that there is not much he can do to influence the court and their rulings, BTW he isn’t doing anything. Also laughing off that the justices don’t like each other much and their needs to be a middle?!? What is wrong with you people? EPAs power is strapped, a woman’s right for bodily autonomy is strapped, the court rules in favor of a coach holding prayer on PUBLIC property and while still doing his PUBLIC job with minors. Stop laughing off the extreme actions that are unwinding our democracy and call for action that can level this facism. You are diluting your listeners that this is just a recent occurrence, the right has had a calculated and direct attack for the court for decades. There is no “middle” voice that will save our democracy.
  • APBofLV
    Surprised at the amount of negative reviews
    Provides comprehensive reports on current events. A number of reviews stating they are biased but in their reports they always differentiate between the facts and their discussions about the implications of the facts, which yes is from a leftward perspective. Anyone can listen and appreciate the objective facts and could stand to consider the arguments the host present.
  • CR_Bell
    Oblivious and tone-deaf
    Journalists talking about ethics and integrity is just about the peak of irony. If there were ever a case for a political hack disguised as a journalist, Nina Totenberg would be exhibit A.
  • Codyconnor
    Turned off by paid subscription delaying episodes
    Love the podcast but hate the delay introduced by paid subscriptions. I’ll be looking for a replacement daily podcast — and there are many.
  • prairiepelican
    Disappointed by Paywall
    Putting Jan 6th coverage behind a subscription paywall seems completely counter to my understanding of npr’s mission. I’m a monthly sustainer and very disappointed by reduced accessibility, ironically connected to news about societal disintegration caused by misinformation. Really hope you will reconsider this move.
  • Chaw we
    Very biased
    The title of the episode on June 14th says it all.
  • Starr gazer tc
    Non-objective Reporting
    I quit listening to NPR in 1990 because of their left leaning bias of the news and current events. Periodically I drop back in to see if they have moved back to an objective and honest presentation of the news. Unfortunately, it seems they have moved farther left, and make no attempts to hide their support of the Democratic Party. When they do present the conservative side, or a Republican viewpoint, it is usually done from a negative perspective. If the NPR journalists want to be taken seriously, they should try to hide their personal opinions, ensure their comments are objective, and that the tone of their voice doesn’t show their distaste.
  • adventure's os Simon's sciene
    Hate this
    Hate this
  • Middleba
    Left, left, left
    They definitely talk about political topics. Mostly from left of center views. Very few (read zero) centrist or right leaning guests. Really enjoyed this podcast 2018-2020. Mostly partisan biases since.
  • David-131
    Too Subjective
    I came to NPR because in most of their news products they remain moderate, objective and normally do a good job of just presenting the facts. This Podcast, however, is no where near that level. They are clearly bias, way left leaning and it’s a shame. The way you present certain facts only supporting your view, the follow up questions asked, most of the comments, etc. It’s really bad and hard to listen to. NPR Politics, you need to stick to all the facts to both sides, no one wants to hear your opinions or views, you are just the news trying to catch us up on what’s going on.
  • MikeD222
    Love the Show…. However….
    Loved listening to the NPR Politics podcast for the last 2 years or so, but now a subscription is required. Apple will not allow it to be played with a subscription, which I thought was optional.
  • KelLowndes
    Nice breakdown
    And covers range of topics
  • Ron Subba
    Great content!
    Great contents! We tent to hate politics and ignore political news, however knowing what’s going on in the politics is worthwhile.
  • klovgu
    Marxist Propaganda
    Trying to figure out how to unsubscribe. How could a stolen election have gone so horribly wrong?
  • Romeyromeskills
    Unnecessarily biased
    If you are looking for political commentary through a leftist lens, this might be for you
  • JP95622
    The bias is bad
    When do you all think you’ll have someone on that isn’t clearly bias to the left?
  • Republican100
    Too left
    Try to be more unbiased
  • kimmywho
    Can’t do Ayesha Rascoe’s voice
    Who hired her for radio? It literally hurts my ears.
  • brettlevy1
    Great and concise
    Thanks for your work!
  • had fox taken over npr?
    again with the doom and gloom…
    If you guys had devoted less time predicting doom for the Dems and more on what they’ve actually achieved (infrastructure, effective covid vaccine/ booster program, Jan 6th investigations, record low unemployment, etc) maybe more people would have heard of these things! Mara - I’m looking at you. The constant predictions of the doom and gloom for the Dems is tiresome for us listeners and lazy journalism. Instead of pondering why the Democrat’s message isn’t getting through, maybe focus on more substantive reporting to educate the American people. That would be 5-star journalism.
  • CharlieCaster
    It’s very inappropriate how they open up the show. They want to make politics jolly when there’s nothing to smile at. Instead of reporting various topics of what the weasels do in Congress.They stick to one or two subjects and run with it. Too many corporate sponsors makes it untrustworthy.
  • lasouthern328
    Too partisan. No bipartisan ppl on show. Honestly I’m about to unsubscribe.
  • Bob NYC 212
    Ayesha Rascoe is great
    Hi. I love the NPR politics podcast, and I have listened since 2015. Whomever wrote the review dissing Ayesha is sadly misinformed. She brought insightful analysis and a fun personality to the podcast. Wishing her well in her next endeavor, and good luck to the NPR politics podcast team in her absence.
  • J-Beart
    Miss Ayesha
    Great show! Happy for Ayesha as she moves on, but she brought a fun and livelihood to the show. She will be missed by this listener.
  • Nora flora
    Childish chit chat
    Please stop the childish cutesie chit chat. Just do the news, please!
    Needed Cast Change
    Moving Ayesha (to a game show?) is a plus. Her lack of vocabulary and inarticulate ramblings was a huge distraction when she was on. Had to fast foward.
  • Cribbage Daughter and Mother
    I 💜 Ayesha!
    Tell me I’m not the only 75-year-old white woman who fell in love with Ayesha Rascoe from her first podcast. I found her honest speech compelling and her accent reminiscent of my youth in Texas. I can’t help suspecting that people who don’t like her are responding to her race, not to her opinions.
  • WendyinRwanda
    Keeping me in touch
    Thanks for helping me keep in touch with US politics as I live abroad. Due to the time difference, I get to wake up to y’all.
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