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A biweekly roundtable by the former editorial team of The Dissolve examining how classic films inspire and inform modern movies. Episodes take a deep dive into a classic film and its legacy in the first half, then compare and contrast that film with a modern successor in the second. Hosted and produced by Genevieve Koski, Keith Phipps, Tasha Robinson and Scott Tobias. Part of the Filmspotting family of podcasts.

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  • XthuglifeX
    One of the best film podcasts
    I’ve checked out basically every noteworthy film-related podcast and NPS is definitely one of my favorites. I don’t listen to every single episode, but when the topic aligns with my own interests, I always find the conversations enlightening. The critics are thoughtful and not afraid to disagree with one another (in a friendly manner). Highly recommended.
  • Not Michiku Kakutani
    Podcast is great. Tasha is fantastic. :')
    Feels like gen x - millenial bonding sessions. The format seemed gimmicky to me at first, but I've found the number of interesting connections between movies a pleasant surprise. Thoughtful conversation without smugness.
  • mic-check1212
    Podcast is great. Tasha is insufferable :’)
    I love this podcast and learn so much from it! No movie seems to be good enough for Tasha which is very annoying and pretentious to me as a listener. I appreciate the other hosts perspectives and how they push back on Tasha who seems to need the last word. One star for the Britney Spears and Paris Hilton hate. Honestly how dare you speak ill of Britney and say that she belongs on the “anti-feminist” island. Do your research... this is embarrassing for you.
  • DumplingDiva
    Hot air
    Smug and boring windbaggery.
  • Gman Brad
    I had high hopes, but this is just another bunch of eggheads whining about masculinity porn.
  • Filmspotting
    A Few Good Men and Chicago 7?
    That’s a combo that’s just waiting to be discussed! Also, thank you very much for your informed and thoughtful discussions and analyses.
  • featherpod
    Synecdoche not Schenectady
    Ugh! Stop! You’re murdering my ears! Never have I used so many of exclamation points sequentially! Thanks.
  • Della St. Media
    Balanced and consistent
    One of the things I've been very disappointed with in terms of most podcasts is their lack of consistency in regards to format. This one follows a meaningful and thought out format in every episode. This makes it feel refreshing and professional which also lends to an air of authority that is needed when listening to a podcast filled wit critics talking about art. I love that. Finally a podcast that isn't just a bunch of friends talking randomly for 30-60 min. There's a point to the podcast and they make a journey to get there. Plus, they are all knowledgeable, recognize when they aren't and don't try to talk about what they aren't knowledgeable about anyway. This happens all too often in this wasteland of modern criticism. Finally, they don't automatically trash a film simply because it's been highly regarded for so long. That's not to say they won't rip something a part if it deserves it. What they manage to do is make any criticism or praise feel validated because of their well laid out evidence to support their opinions. I hate that I found this podcast so late. I'm still trying to catch up(I'm just finishing 2018 season). Keep up the great work!
  • Prime Time Pauly G
    Reliably great film discussions
    I’ve been reading / listening to Tasha, Keith, Scott, Genevieve, etc, ever since the days of The AV Club & AV Talk. With all the changes in the world & media landscape, I find it very comforting that they’re still around via this podcast delivering intelligent film discussion together.
  • Blurgh
    Top notch
    Always intelligent and on point.
  • Svenjayne
    I’ve heard all of the reminders to rate and review since the very beginning but haven’t heeded the call till now. Please forgive me. Podcast is great.
  • Sheephead4786
    Movie club
    Great discussion, gives me an excuse to catch up on classics I haven't seen
  • all nickanes are already taken
    rip the dissolve
    the dissolve was the best film website! i'm glad we at least have this podcast! a great format if people are willing to do a little homework. your assignment is to watch an older, classic film to pair with a new release, so it's fun homework. the four hosts cover a lot of ground and have a good discussion each week!
    Your Own Personal Movie Club
    I treat this podcast like my own personal virtual movie club. It’s a very welcoming gateway to older films that promises engaging analysis/conversation as a reward for sometimes taking tough steps towards hitting play on a 1950s B/W movie you never knew existed. This podcast is all about the double feature and how films from the past can compliment a more modern piece of cinema. Everything feels timely about how the film pairings are curated. Great podcast voices on the show. Excellent film reading recommendations in each episode. There’s just a lot that the hosts provide for you to really dig into a movie way beyond it’s surface level.
  • ned_schneebly
    Love these folks
    This podcast always shares such a great perspective on films and in fact has been a great way to catch up on classic films I’ve not yet seen. After I listen to any episode of this pod it feels like I’ve gotten a full understanding of the film and it’s cultural context. They don’t talk a ton about the commercial context but that’s what Blank Check is for :)
  • SpeedyGrayRaucous
    Tragically ill informed.
    For example in the Godzilla episode, someone calls the Raymond Burr version “comically butchered” immediately after say they’d never seen that version, and were not only unaware that it existed until the Criterion release, then admitted that she didn’t know that the version she owned had the Raymond Burr version as well. She also references a book she admits she not read. Pitiful.
  • Womennbooze
    Great pod!
    Maybe my favorite movie podcast.
  • 12346787532689
    So good!
    So good!
  • Patrick H Brownson
    How did I miss this?
    I’ve been looking for a film podcast of this caliber for a long time. None of the others do it for me, and I’ve had to settle for kiddie stuff like “Blank Check” until now. So thanks to everyone involved in making this, and I’ll put in the time to catch up starting... now.
  • chrismeades20
    how a good film podcast about new releases should be!
    Two thumbs up all-around. Thank you for your hard work, next picture podcast!
  • School Meals That Rock
    Round Number Fan
    Having just listened to Episode 205 ... I am responding to the plea for enough reviews to reach 100. Done! I also just saw “Knives Out” and listening to your reviews was almost as good as seeing it a second time (which I will probably do over the holidays). Big fan of your podcast ... may have already listen to 100 episodes! Witty reparte + in depth analysis ... thank you!
  • Cinephile123
    I love movie podcasts and they make some great connections but Jesus Christ there was too many ads.
  • projectgirl
    Today’s Clue episode sealed the deal. There was nothing interesting said about this film and some of the analysis actually wrong. It hadn’t been decades since this genre was around. Murder on the Orient Express was a little over a decade before which was followed by a slew of ensemble cast period piece Agatha Christie who-done-its. Truth be known, I have podcast fatigue. There are so many good movie podcasts out there now. I’m whittling down. Also, I cannot with voice fry. Having a voice for radio applies to podcasting. The talents needed have not changed.
  • Royale ripoff
    Great podcast. The hosts are fun and what do you guys think of The Man Who Fell to Earth?
  • Jordon Peterson
    Political Affairs
    Conservative films don’t have balance giving time for the other side. Jesus, isn’t every movie out of Hollywood enough for you Leftists?
  • Collind1123
    I like it ok
    Some interesting conversations but I don’t like how Tasha is in charge of every conversation. It’s as if her read of the film always dictates the conversation, very frustrating.
  • Max Kath
    Just Wonderful!
    Great format, and it’s just a treat to hear these four discuss any form of pop culture!
  • ggtangoo
    One of the best
    Love the format of comparing an older movie to a current release. This podcast has introduced me to so many “new” old films. Intelligent discussions, great hosts! Bravo!
  • Fronzel Neekburm
    Revising my review. I’d hoped it would be nice to have the band back together but the contempt they have for their audience is disgusting. Us stupid people who like movies can still boycott services who use freelance writers who call us stupid.
  • mgb825
    Love it
    I really love this podcast even when I haven’t seen the movies. The discussions are so interesting and I love the format of comparing an older film to a new release.
  • MFE Pods
    The Next-Best Thing to Reading Them
    The hosts remain my favorite movie critics of all time. I mourned The Dissolve’s death, and am so grateful to have this in my life!
  • cardiffelectric
    The Best
    This podcast gave me a reason to live
  • josephrgud
    A great movie podcast
    NPS has thoughtful, articulate discussions comparing new and old films. The hosts are very literate in film history, but their analysis is accessible to cinephiles and newcomers alike. Easily my favorite podcast that I subscribe to.
  • Jim Klayman
    So good
    The Dissolve was the only good thing that has happened in human history. It’s great to hear the old gang talking about great movies again.
  • Andrew Crivilare
    The best film reviews
    I get excited when these guys put up new content. Their reviews are so thorough and justified.
  • SquidPoda
    Favorite movie podcast.
    This show takes a unique look at films. Rather than simply addressing new releases on their own merits as many other movie podcast do, they take a look at past cultural context and the themes that may have led to the movies existence in the first place.
  • Kippy69
    Great podcast
    Great podcast!
  • Oilbath
    Oh hi
  • christoff_m
    Great thought-provoking discussions on film
    This is my favorite film discussion podcast and one of my favorite podcasts overall. Like a skilled sommelier of cinema, they choose excellent film pairings each week. All the hosts are great and their dialogues about great movies have expanded my views on film.
  • PharaohJ
    Great discussion of great movies
    You couldn’t ask for better guides than the old crew of The Dissolve (among other places) to guide you through the cinema of to- and yesterday.
  • Drew '79
    The Next Pick-sher Show
    Overall the show is pretty good and offers good insight into the movies discussed. Please teach Tasha how to pronounce picture. It’s extremely annoying and she says the word so many times in every episode.
  • Ed's Nickname Here
    Context That Isn't Boring
    As the show says, movies are the most interesting when out in context, and no show does it better. Even when I don't agree with their opinions(Blade Runner is as interesting as watching beach goers wipe sand from their feet, pumpkin pie and lettuce on burritos are mandatory) they make a potent case for their viewpoint, all while being fun.
  • steviegjdphd
    Great Podcast
    I really love this Podcast. I am a big movie fan and I really appreciate intelligent commentary on movies. The Next Picture Show has intelligent commentary, though I don't always agree with the critics. But, their commentary and criticism is well though out and insightful. I partiularly like the fact that the past movie being compared to a new movie is often something I have not seen. As a result, I have discovered numerous gems that I had never seen. I look forward to this every other week on Tuesday and Thursday..
  • Raul Julia Andrews
    Fantastic, insightful, and well reasoned
    Even if I don’t agree with everything that they state-I’m way more taken with the work of Denis Villeneuve than they are- I still deeply enjoy listening to them.
  • Jcpiebald
    I anxiously await the next episodes. I’ve learned to view films with a more critical eye thanks to this show.
  • jmsalvatore
    The only film podcast I've found worth subscribing to.
    While I still greatly miss The Dissolve, this podcast is a bittersweet consolation.
  • Kamarall
    Enjoyable film reviews
    Sometimes I like some listening less dire than current news analysis, and then I listen to NPS. There are many other film review podcasts, but most aren't nearly so focused. I appreciate the professionalism these folks bring--no 45 minute off-topic rambles.
  • Iminlovewithginnyweasley
    My new favorite film podcast!
    Hello! I'm a relatively new listener, as I found this podcast while searching for thoughts on David Lowery's A Ghost Story. The concept of this podcast immediately hooked me; a "movie of the week" style podcast that compared and contrasted classic films with contemporary releases? Perfect. This brilliantly simple concept pushes me to see classic film I probably wouldn't have ever seen otherwise (see: Carnival of Souls) and gives me some people to "talk" to about new releases (I'm a huge movie nerd; most of my friends and family are not). I've been going back and listening to old shows, being introduced to films I hadn't ever seen. It was wonderful. Thank you so much for all you do, and keep up the good work. P.S. I know the time for this movie's release has come and gone, but I would love to hear your thoughts on The Big Sick. Maybe pair it with Before Sunrise? I felt like the banter between the two couples was comparable.
  • TelsescopeHF
    My favorite film podcast!
    I have followed Tasha, Keith, Scott, and Genevieve since their days at the AV Club, and they remain my favorite film writers and critics. This show is a godsend in that regard, as they continue their very well thought out but fun discussions. The concept is great as well, and some of the pairings are unique but well done. If you like good film discussion with some good levity, absolutely subscribe!
  • Josh, Los Angeles
    Awesome Show!
    This is the third podcast I've followed the Next Picture Pod Crew to, and it's their best so far. Their commentary is insightful and funny, and they always bring a dimension of analysis to the material that I'd missed. Keith, Nathasha, Geneveve and Scott have great chemistry together and it's as enjoyable to hear them agree as it is listening to them argue. Love this show!
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