A show where curiosity and the natural world collide. We explore science, energy, environmentalism, and reflections on how we think about and depict nature, and always leave time for plenty of goofing off.Outside/In is a production of NHPR.Learn more at outsideinradio.org

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  • MikeM37363729
    High quality
    Great storytelling and almost always a fun listen.
  • lindsaaaybrooke.
    Not what it used to be
    Longtime listener. I hate to say this, but for me, the show has gone downhill since Sam left. I find the new reporting style frustrating and not as well researched as the old episodes, and frequently find myself turning off episodes after a few minutes. Bummer.
  • Anna2w
  • krm876
    Has gone down
    Used to be better, has worked very hard to get political rather than just talk about the topic of the podcast. Yellowstone/Montana one is the last one I will be listening to.
  • jeffies678
    So hot right now
    Been listening all summer when I heard Nate on the planet money indicator. First episode was the lab mice one. I love every episode and I am combing my way through them. Currently I am listening to the outside inbox do bears hoot. Great podcast you guys should donate too. Keep up the good work!
  • trying2Brational
    Great show!
    Can’t wait to listen to more episodes! Storytelling of histories at its best.
  • Kenz Fitz
    Easily my favorite podcast
    I freaking love this show. The episodes bring me such joy. They strike a great balance between tackling serious/challenging topics and exploring more fun and light subjects. This is the only podcast that I will drop everything to listen to on the day it comes out :)
  • ugh Reds
    Hi there just a heads out that the girls were in a
    The first one I could do was a bit on a little more expensive and it would not like me and it just kept the price for a while to go out
  • DK_B6
    From beginning to now … an excellent show
    I started listening to Outside/In when the miniseries, the Underdogs, was cross-promoted. I loved that series so went back to episode 1 and today I finished my climb to the current episode! So many great, really excellent, episodes. If you are starting now, I strongly encourage you to go back to the beginning and enjoy years of great content and production.
  • The mak69
    Olive and the pines.
    What a wonderful look at a long going issue with different perspectives. It was very fascinating and informative. Each one valid and with merit from history. And yet so sad because people just want to live!
  • Sunnycreek
    One of my fav podcasts!
    The recent episode called Do Your Doo Diligence was poopy!🤣 In a good way
  • mimimb1
    Excellent Journalism
    I stumbled on this podcast on my morning commute. The episode was on the depletion of Arizona’s water supply and Saudi milk producer Almarai’s role in aggravating the issue. The episode contextualized the problem and gave much needed historical background enabling the listener to fully grasp what is going on. This is one thing lacking many a time in American reporting- contextualizing issues that are reported on. I found the reporting well-balanced and very engaging. Well-done! Now following this program on Apple and NPR.
  • Pmomof3
    I liked this show better when it wasn’t so political
  • Runstreet
    Loved the Underdogs
    I learned a lot from this show and especially love the Underdogs series about sled dogs. Great investigative reporting.
  • Hmparadis
    Good work
    The underdogs episodes are the best so far.
  • WildMinds ZG
    So fun!
    I love the way this show is produced. Such great guests and helpful tips. My fave orita episode is the Ocean is a place of queer possibility. LOVED it.
  • cugliano
    Started out really enjoying the stories and knowledge about the outdoors but now in recent weeks its taken a turn towards liberal trash
  • ProducefarmerinNY
    Farmer and a fan
    Absolutely love the examination of diet and climate! I did feel that there may have been an over emphasis on methane, maybe. It’s been a minute since my focus turned from academia to farming, but my understanding was that methane, while 3x more potent as a GHG, dissipated much more quickly than carbon. Also, there was no mention of organic ag’s focus on organic matter in the soil and whether or not that sequestration of carbon has any effect. I really hope you do more episodes on the topic and dig down deep into what we consume and it’s effects on the environment. Keep doing what you do!
  • ZebraHorrible
    The show RadioLab wishes it was right now…
  • biode
    Very entertaining and educational
    Also, respectful of the issues while having fun. Thanks!
  • imlistenimg
    Listen up
    This show is everything that is great
  • pattipeeroonie
    Sweet upbeat show
    I really love these shows. Always interesting, lively, upbeat and funny. The guys on the show are cute as can be.
  • Haley Robin
    Sheep solar forever 🌾🐑☀️
    Man… I love everyone who works on this show. This is such a great production. If you’re a New Englander, this podcast sounds like home, or like talking to the naturalists you already know. Gives me all the good public radio vibes!! ❤️ 10/10
  • HappyCustomer9999
    As a new Englander I love this New Hampshire based show. But I know that anyone can find a spot in their hearts for this great show! 5/7. 10/10 with rice. Would recommend. “One of the greatest podcasts of our generation” -me
  • FlaviamariaMSF
    Here via Gastropod
    Wow. I was having a not so nice day and I just wanted to unwind- an episode of this show was on my feed shared by gastropod (another awesome science and history show) and I’m in heaven. The music/production is also so well done. Too notch. Very enjoyable.
  • ___tariqb94
    Amazing Show - Minor Feedback
    I love O/I and how it engages the listener in seemingly everyday tasks and scenes that one can often overlook. There’s beauty around every turn. It’s there for us to see with a bit of patience and a curious mind. The O/I team seeks to cultivate that mentality and encourage deep engagement on natural ecosystems. My only real feedback is in the opening theme. The show producers have received this feedback before but I feel it’s my obligation to reemphasize. The show opens with the phrase “… is about the natural world and how we use it” or something along those lines. This showcases a western philosophical perspective on nature. As an entity separate from humanity; here at our leisure to control and dominate. The phrasing almost suggests nature’s purpose is to serve human interests. Land and water to pillage and exploit. Quite anthropocentric. O/I makes a consist effort to engage with the perspectives of POC and indigenous peoples. Something I appreciate, especially as a POC. I’m not indigenous, but recently completed some reading highlighting my own ignorance and shed some light some common themes amongst indigenous peoples of North America. The research presented the indigenous view of humanity as a part of nature. A participant in natural cycles and ecosystems. Not above or outside of it. Some indigenous land care practices completed over generations isn’t even centered around human need but rather what was identified for the overarching benefit of an ecosystem. My point being, I do not believe words describing nature as a tool for humanity truly promotes the values of this podcast or a healthy view of the natural world. I’d suggest investigating other opening lines to take its place. I will continue listening. Take care 😊 Tariq
  • aroskere
    I’ve been listening for a while and love this show!
    Such interesting stories. I like this podcast because it doesn’t stick to any one outdoors or science topic—It is very… varied! Each episode offers a unique bit of content. Most of which can’t be found on other shows. It feels at times like Radiolab, and other times like a sporting show. Well produced as well.
  • E39Dave
    So hot
    Right now
  • kbus12
    So hot right now
  • mserenius
    Brings me to tears
    I just listened to the episode about Easter island! Wow! It made me jump for joy to hear about these amazing people and statues! Thank you for sharing with us!
  • AH_12
    Too political
    I get it, the world of wind and climate science has been politicized. Just didn’t like how that was the primary focus of this podcast
  • bfave
    Abrupt endings
    I love the podcast, but I feel like the endings can be abrupt. For instance, the episode about Jennie Bender - she didn’t make the Olympic team and they interviewed the head of US Ski/Snowboard, then done. I would like to know what she Jennie is doing now, is she still skiing at all? This isn’t the only episode where I feel like the ending is abrupt, just the most recent one I listened to.
  • KRY0610
    Favorite Nature Podcast
    Always super interesting and I love all of the hosts!
  • Mega Mamma
    Interesting stories
    Interesting stories about quirky and off-beat subjects. Podcasts are short and entertaining. They make my day at work pass MUCH faster. Also, I enjoy the casual banter. Kind of like hanging out with friends. But informative.
  • mari.casa
    So hot then and NOW!
    One of my favorite podcasts!! I listen while at work and the show makes the day go by so quickly. You never know what is going to come up and you’ll learn so much.
  • ceciliaford
    One of My Favorite Podcasts
    Thoughtful, insightful, just all around great. I learn something every episode. Would recommend to everyone!
  • Ayeattslonske
    Love it
    I forget how I came across this podcast since I don’t live in New Hampshire, but it’s been a staple of my listening ever since ❤️ Astrology, racism in the history of pools/swimming, storm changing, deadly mushroom foraging— I have truly learned so much. Thank you, thank you!
  • ericafrales
    This show brings me so much joy
    Thanks for all the work you guys do!! Shows are funny and chock full of information.
  • mlmartel96
    Love this!
    This is one of the most informative, yet lighthearted podcasts that I’ve listened to!
  • GregoryT9
    A Haiku
    Forever Ginkgo Outside/In is enlightened Green eggs and Ask Sam
  • ccasarotto
    Fantastic listen
    Short, digestible episodes that broaden my perspectives on many things big and small
  • _DLT_
    a true joy
    the ginkgo love episode was a true joy to listen to, having grown up in DC with ginkgo trees & their smell lining my childhood!
  • schermerhornk
    Excellent podcast, translating complex energy and climate topics in a fun and approachable manner.
  • hunt252525
    Heavy Liberal Bias
  • RDinDC
    Speaks to my NH Soul
    Love this show so much. I was born and raised in NH but it was actually a friend with no NH connection at all that recommended the show to me. I live outside New England now, and I love that although this show covers a wide array of subjects, many of the stories center on my home state. The reporting is thorough, interesting, and reflective. Huge fan of everyone who makes this show.
  • miss cgh
    Always interesting
    This is a favorite for me, because their subjects are so broad and dynamic. The concept of the natural world and how we live in it gives the team a chance to really explore a variety of ideas. Well researched and entertaining even if you’re not sure you will find the topic interesting. Keep up the good work!
  • Quilter Joyce
    Great Podcast!
    I love this podcast! I am a quilter so I listen to podcasts while I am working. Outside/In is my go-to PC because it is always interesting. I love the crew ... just the right mix of story and humor!
  • Officer Tony
    Fun and Informative
    I love this podcast and all the people who work on it. Extremely thoughtful episodes introducing some great perspectives. I seriously want to be friends with all of them.
  • Bsphilly
    Good regardless of location
    If you like the outdoors, you’ll enjoy the pod. I live in the midwest and i’ve listened to every episode.
  • allisunontherun
    Adore it
    You know a local podcast is good when someone who doesn’t even live remotely in the same area listens weekly. I find this show very applicable to the real world. The hosts are warm and witty but data driven as well. The topics are unique yet important and the storytelling is clear and entertaining. I am a teacher and I’ve certainly brought up some things I learned on the show.
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