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A podcast about classic pro wrestling hosted by The Great Brian Last

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  • From parts unknown
    RIP 6:05
    It’s a shame the 6:05 seems to be dead. It was my favorite of all the wrestling podcasts I listen to. The interviews were so well done and with such a variety of guests. Every episode was a must listen. Hopefully the show will be resurrected. Maybe in a shorter version that allows TGBL to put out quarterly eps. Not knowing what’s happening with the Magnificent One, ECW Bruno and Dungeon Master Bob Caudill is something that needs to be rectified.
  • Colourfaze
    Welcome to the 6:05 Podcast
    Thhhhhheeeeee Shortbus!
  • EndlessPlane
    No Show Jones
    Abandoned but still promoted.
  • Colonel Twobeers
    I miss this podcast
    I miss the top 10 and all the zaniness.
  • MCRUE78
    Definitely better podcasts out there
    They only post like 2 shows a year. When they do it’s whatever
  • Thurs1t0
    Wait, people listen to this?
  • Dick135246
    Glad I finally tuned in!
    Even though he LOVES AEW (I kid), Brian is a great listen for all things pro wrestling. I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to hear TGBL and Stephen P. New spill the dirt on the Whale Princess and they did not disappoint. THE MOTHERSHIP!
  • Mathew Baker
    The truth
    I really enjoy this show WHEN it comes out. Really like to hear from others in business. He’s honest and knows a lot about this. Love him with Jim obviously!! So yah dumped the fat guy finally and hopefully will have time to make more episodes. Please !! Much respect from Cleveland
  • foureswo
    Utter garbage and a waste of 5 hours
    Over 5 hours of rambling and grinding personal axes towards people far more successful than him. Absolutely terrible
  • Schadenfriendly
    0:00 Never Podcast
    Is it still a podcast if it literally never airs? If the host constantly says it’s about to air, but then it never does? When does it cease being a podcast and become a practical joke?
  • SaskatchewanStomper#3
    The Halley’s Comet of Podcasts
    A slightly above average wrestling podcast that comes out whenever a significant wrestling figure passes away, baseball season is about to start, or Brian Last wants to voice his opinion on HOF balloting or lawsuits.
  • Na Alii Halolo
    Great Pocast
    Aloha Brian, Brian’s podcast is a hidden gem and the best one going. This guy has passion for pro wrestling and it shows in his work . Oh yeah, no Ads like that fat bastard from Alabama who probably cuts a promo for Blue Chew before the bangs his wife. You are the man, Brian. Keep up the good work
  • a_medak
    The best historical pro wrestling podcast
    Brian Last’s podcast is the quintessential must listen show for those who enjoy learning about the history of pro wrestling. Notwithstanding, the SuperPod has provided a forum for countless and rarely known stories, and behind the scenes figures. Each episode is a masterpiece! Thank you for providing the content!
  • MuufukinMark
    Good stuff
    This show has big meat
  • 111#fann
    Great podcast
    Very informative show , it’s the best at letting wat really happened in wrestling history out for us to hear . I dnt get tired of it because it only comes out every month n a half , so keep up the good work 🤘🏼
  • Hated Umpire
    Lot of filler
    Bah gawd! Look up “edit” and “brevity” in the dictionary! It takes you weeks to post it, it takes weeks to listen to it!
  • Jeff D. Loomis
    Brian Last killed my father
    Even though that dastardly Brian Last killed my father... The man behind the curtain, who orchestrates such fascinating conversations on Professional Wrestling past, has his hands in a dozen or more podcast projects, yet always manages to take the time to edit the quality of 6:05 Pod to perfection. Always worth the wait. - Jeff Loomis
  • withDrinks
    The Best Podcast Going Today!
    Excuse me I need to call somebody.
  • frankie knuckles31
    605 podcast
    Best podcast in wrestling business!!
  • Timbo Gee
    Not just a podcast...
    The 6:05 (The Mothership!) is not just a podcast, it’s a way of of life! History no one else covers, guests no one else would think to have, and community no one else could hope to build. It might take a couple shows to feel like you get it; but, once you do you will be hooked.
  • CassidyOry
    The Parrot has Legs
    Who knew a podcast hosted by Cornette's right hand man and resident parrot can be as entertaining as this is. Alt-right but with enough depth and interesting takes on the glory days of the wrestling industry to be an informative experience.
  • hausbsjav
    One of the best
    This by far is one of the best wrestling podcast, aside from pro wrestling spot light, the drive thru, and the experience. Keep up the great work guys a lot of memories in these shows
  • keith marsh
    Hate to say
    From hero to Zero
  • Born in Facebook Jail
    needs to be a 45 minute show
    every show runs around 4 hours but has less than 1 hour of worthwhile content. the host is arrogant and condescending. Having a different cohost each time is a bad decision also. i was told this used to be weekly but now just comes out at a random times every couple months. thats not a bad thing as it gives more time to find something worthy of your download.
  • Barry90909090
    Where is episode #100
    Looks like the good Brian Last has stage fright. Been about 13 weeks since the last episode.
  • Crooked Vertical Smile
    it's boring and unfunny
    if we edited out the boring nonsense we could cut this atrocity from 4 1/2 hours down to about 53 minutes...and 53 is being gracious...it seems these people think they are funny and entertaining, and maybe to a small questionably educated segment of the population they are. But to those who do read, funny and entertaining dont apply. Swim at your own risk with this one
  • A Laugh & a 1/2
    the weekly show that comes out every 6 weeks
    started listening at show 1 when it was a weekly show that came out on time but that quickly morphed into 2 or 3 week intervals. now it just comes out when it escapes, which is about every 6 weeks.
  • Black and Blue Valentine
    is 4 hours really neccessary
    the answer is no, 4 hours isnt neccessary. one could argue that 45 minutes might be the sweet spot. so much fluff and no substance so nothing holds your attention. there are too many segments that are just too long and too boring. the host really loves the sound of his own voice and that detracts as well. you are better off finding 4 1hr podcasts of quality content to fill your day instead of this heaping helping of obnoxious host ejaculate.
  • The Yellow and Black Attack
    this show is a Spencer Gifts
    because like a Spencers, its full of junk that nobody needs and nobody wants yet they stay in business because of a select few idiots that dont know what quality should look like . this is the podcast equivalent of that store.
  • dwgr
    Enjoy very much, with a few caveats
    I love the history of pro wrestling, especially ‘50s-70s, when a lot was going on in active pockets of varying sizes all around the world that we could only get summarized with a few pictures and paragraphs. So there would be much to hear about that adds to what we know rather than rehashes it. Last does an exceptional job in picking topics, being well researched and when there are guests allowing them to express themselves without interjecting too much or making himself the focus. That said, a few things I’m not a fan of. The comedic bits are generally lame. Segments shouldn’t be on based on how much fun they are to do. If 12 minutes of something are needed to plug gaps in a 3 hour podcast, make it a 2:48 min one. I also feel, and I wish I didn’t, that the general chit chatty stuff is weak. Sometimes I don’t last through it to the next segment. It’s not that it’s horrible, as in Tazz riffing horrible, it’s just not strong. For me those two kinds of segments are a precipitous drop in listenability. The wrestling ones I usually find very interesting and enjoyable, and Last does a good job curating and presenting them.
  • depressing zen garden
    what a waste of time
    4 plus hours of nothing...not very educational...mostly some guy talking...might help insomniacs get some sleep. nothing of note to find here.
  • AndresTexan
    More than 3 hrs?!?!
    Great interviews keep up the good work and research.
  • Hysterical 1
    The Mothership Has Landed
    Call Somebody because this is the ONLY wrestling podcast that matters! Each episode is a lesson on the history of professional wrestling. Brian has created a show that digs deep and finds rare, interesting and fascinating subjects and facts and brings them to light for all of us to hear. His supporting cast livens the show up with humor and great conversation on the sport we love. If you love professional wrestling and the history of it, the 6:05 Superpodcast is the only show for you.
  • Replica2112
    Another great show from Arcadian Vanguard
    This is truly a free form conversation about all things wrestling and not. Brian Last is a tremendous host and his guests often times have great stories and insights into wrestling or whatever they’re talking about.
  • Paul Vercillo
    Mad Dog Boyd
    This is Mad Dog Boyd and if I’m not back in the Top 10 again soon, I’m gonna eat Popeye...
  • Neily J
    Excellent show! Best podcast, the ONLY PODCAST!!!!!
  • Vodoo Master
    A wrstling historians dream.....
    From California in the 50's to Memphis in the 90's, this show covers the entire world of pro wrestling from a historical and yet fun vantage point. Interviews with the stars, and fans who make the world of wrasslin what it is. Simply the best wrestling podcast out there.
  • 914Casey
    The Best Wrestling Podcast BAR NONE
    Brian Last is the #1 wrestling podcast host out there. There are a lot of imitators but only one KING! A lot of laughs, a lot of knowledge, great story telling, and a lot of entertainment. Add in the cast of hilarious guess hosts like Scott Cornish and Howard Baum and this show is must listen. Check it out if you haven’t already. I used to listen to a lot of wrestling podcasts but they just simply can’t measure up to the Arcadian Vanguard shows.
  • WhipWallace
  • dagwood76543
    great show
    I love the great mix of history and humor!
  • Johnny Rum
    Best show ever
    This show uses its left and right turn indicators
  • Euphoniumbaseball
    Fun and insightful
    Lots of good information and lots of silly humor...excellent!
  • Benny Numbers
    Greatest podcast of all time!
    I now understand why they call it the mothership.
  • Sparkmando
    Wrestling’s NPR
    The NPR of wrestling podcasts. Lots of wrestling history without obnoxious and embarrassing adds as heard in many of the other wrestling podcasts. Continues to improve with each episode and leaves me with more questions and ideas to research about the history of wrestling. If you’re a true student of wrestling history up until the modern era, there isn’t any better podcast.
  • RoyLucier
    Best Podcast Out There
    The ONLY Superpodcast out there, THE MOTHERSHIP of podcasts! Brian Last and the guests on his show always share their plethora of knowledge every episode, leaving you wanting more, like Dr. Mike Lano after reading a Japanese magazine with Debbie Malenko as the centerfold
  • Stu_the_3rd
    Stu in RI
    Tremendous show, tons of content, hilarious characters and slanted takes on the wrestling business all done through the eyes of a true fan. Great stuff, really.
  • Enrich Von Enrich
    The best!
    If you grew up watching wrestling in the '70s or '80s, this is YOUR podcast!
  • Drew VIII
    Had to lower my review
    Best show out there in my opinion, but new episodes have become few and far between. Most episodes are Star Wars, meaning 3-6 experts on the call just talking. Great most of the time, but there is a particular guest that constantly talks over everyone and it just devolves into a bunch of people trying to talk at the same time. I just find myself wanting to hear everyone in the episode talk except for the person talking over 50% of the time. He is great one on one, but seems to lack conversational awareness.
  • Diggy1977
    Great podcast going over the history of wrestling. Brian Last does great research and knows how to put a podcast in wrestling history. He also makes it very fun and entertaining.
  • Matt Kovacs
    TGBL is the best interviewer .
    Great information about your favorite wrestler from yesteryear.
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