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  • adtien
    Love the Podcast BUT
    Had to give 5 Star’s because of the Boys, they deserve it. Michael Sidgewick on the other hand geeze, can we create a version of the podcast that just mutes him please?? I’ve never heard such terrible takes consistently. Anyone= has an 3 star match. Sidgewick: “Yeah but let me tell you what indie guy of the week did and why it’s much better than a regular match”
  • SPfan20
    Too over-the-top
    They seem to let the small things they don’t like weigh FAR heavier than the many more segments they rate positively.
  • PLNTgrn
    When was the last week where AEW content was fully reviewed/previewed?
    Writing this not to disparage this channel, just want to voice my observations. Is it time to update the podcast introduction?? Wednesday-Dynamite preview Thursday-Dynamite review Friday-Collision preview PPV reviews/previews as they come up But yet my feed doesn’t reflect this cadence. And hasn’t in quite some time. What’s up with this? The lack of energy/coverage around AEW is unavoidable lately. Love this channel and everyone who contributes to keeping everything up and running, but I’m really missing out on what keeps me coming back to WhatCulture. Five stars because this channel absolutely earns it, but please get back to regularly covering AEW programming.
  • The Mr. Lawton
    The best!
    The absolute best wrestling analysis and banter of any podcast out there. The Dadleys, Phil, Nicholas, Andrew, Andy, Simon, Morgan, and Psy are all legends. Matt Raines is not.
  • ChuckToTheHall
    Read the One Star Reviews
    Someone seriously needs to fire Sidgwick. He’s insufferable. He hates wrestling. He hates wrestling fans. He makes every podcast he’s on a miserable experience. If nothing else give him his own solo projects so people who enjoy his endless negativity can listen to him there and spare the rest of us from his endless spite. We listen because we’re wrestling fans. We’re not simpletons. Wrestling isn’t perfect. It’s sometimes dumb. It can be silly and even embarrassing, but overall we watch because we enjoy it. If we didn’t enjoy it, we’d do something else. So why in the world would we want to listen to someone complain endlessly about how stupid and awful he thinks it is. The only reason Sidgwick seems to watch is because it’s his job. I can only assume it’s easy work with good pay, because I can’t imagine staying with any job that would cause me to be so miserable. The real question is why he hasn’t been fired. You can be unbiased and have negative opinions on things, but when you seem to hate everything as a starting point, you have nothing useful to say. No insightful analysis, no constructive criticism. Just “this is terrible, simple, and unoriginal, and people should be ashamed for watching.” As entertaining as these podcasts can be when Sidgwick is somewhere quietly stewing in his revulsion and hatred, every time he speaks he makes it unbearable. We get it. Everything we love is stupid and we’re stupid for enjoying it. Now go away.
  • NoisyNate
    Please, please, please
    I love this pod! Listen to and enjoy everything that drops on this feed. Also, congrats on the YouTube channel. It’s great to see Sigwick become slightly less and less self-conscious about doing the Ladys’ Night jingle on camera. Now, in the name of Bret Hart, and for the sake of my sanity, please please PLEASE, for one week, one day, one single podcast, refrain from mentioning that egocentric, hypocritical, thin-skinned crybaby who, on several occasions, has almost destroyed the thing that we all love. Just try it. I dare you. All of that out of the way, for a 5-star review review, could we plumb the depths of Michael Hamflett’s encyclopedic brain for a CM Punk segment? Possibly involving some female talent? (I’ve got your back, Wilbourn). Keep up the great work!
  • EFC Barks
    Too Negative
    Had to unsubscribe. Sorry, but it’s just way too over the top negative when discussing WRESTLING!! And to nit-pick everything AEW doesn’t do perfectly is just tired at this point. To say the only thing they’ve had going for a while now is MJF when the great title story of Orange Cassidy just ended? You’re just making it up now.
  • Snuffy Spiderlegs
    Michael Sidgwick appreciation post
    As a diehard AEW mark, I need to give recognition to Dadley Boy Michael Sidgwick as being the absolute best critic of AEW. The vast majority of criticism of AEW is either shallow and used to buoy fading relevancy (Bischoff); provided by out of touch Boomers with an axe to grind (Cornette); or made in bad faith by dweebs who just want the company to fail because of some WWE allegiance or culture war nonsense (most of the internet comment sections). Sidgwick actually points at the real problems in the company while being savage and funny and ultimately helpful. There is no one currently in the podcast game who is better at diagnosing the issues in AEW from a fan’s perspective. Sidgwick’s critiques of AEW (and there are many) are really the only ones I trust. Thanks for doing it right!
  • jURIO1
    Can barely hear you guys
  • Kdubs4316
    Fair and unbiased
    That is all!
  • Brodycox69
    Hello! From Braden P in Salem, Oregon
    I first discovered the whatculture wrestling channel through Ups and Downs with Simon Miller. I love everything about these podcasts. The Dadley Boys brighten my days with their previews. Their impressions get me laughing every time (the Undertaker, Triple H, Bray Wyatt, Tony Khan, Tony D and Stacks, Tiffany Stratton, the corrupted, and typical New Yorkers) I love them all! I also love that they can’t say any NXT PLE titles without the accompanying joke, such as: the Great American Bash, Battle Ground, Spring Break In, etc. For a five star review: as a teen I had a crush on WWE Diva’s Champion Candice Michelle. If you’re able to review something from her time at WWE, that would be appreciated. Thank you all for a great podcast!
  • meh(2.0)
    Calm down sidge aew is still good
  • AEW > FED
    great show
    I love the guy who does the Tony Khan impression. if only I could get an entire podcast with only that voice
  • larryl39
    U guys need to grow up we don’t care for ur corny jokes give the wrestling news that’s it this I not a comedy podcast
  • Graffman123
    Great podcast
    This is a great wrestling podcast. From Adam and Andy’s silliness on the morning news to the analysis and insight of the dadley boys there’s something for every wrestling fan. I had the privilege of meeting the dadleys in Vegas for double or nothing. They are incredibly friendly and show a genuine and infectious enthusiasm for wrestling. You guys all do a great job.
  • Just the letter E
    This one ad…
    Firstly let me say, I absolutely love this podcast. Between the daily news video I watch on YouTube to the previews and reviews I listen to on Apple podcast, you all make my investment in wrestling all the more interesting. BUT there is this one ad recently playing from Showtime in which the person pronounces Martin Scorsese’s name incorrectly and I’m sorry but it drives me sooo insane that it’s prompted me to leave this review which is the 1 and only review I’ve ever left for any podcast ever. Had to get that off my chest. Keep up the great work fellas! ✌️
  • ThreeD74
    The Rise of The Wild Sam(i)-Owens
    Are WWE really going to miss the opportunity to call the tag team of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens who are combating the Usos, the Wild Sam-Owens??? It’s a can’t lose situation!!!
  • Cambrenan227
    More than just a silly wrestling podcast
    As a kid fan in the Ruthless Aggression era, wrestling was all I cared about. I stopped watching the product around 2010, but got back in when the Hardy Boys returned to WWE at Wrestlemania 33. My passion for wrestling was immediately reignited and I’ve become obsessed over the last several years, which at first I thought was strange as an adult. However, Adam and the Dadleys, along with AEW have shown me that wrestling is still cool, it’s okay to be a nerd about it, and to be passionate about whatever makes you happy. Over the last few years of changing times and mundane adult life, the daily news and review podcasts remain part of my routine as I always listen to them with my morning coffee and on my commute to work. I’m beyond grateful for the work you guys do and I often find myself just as excited to listen to the review of a great (or terrible) wrestling show as I am to watch the show itself. For my Five Star Review Review, could you please review anything involving MNM. Like I said, I was a fan as a child in the 2000s and thought MNM were absolute geeks. Also, the comments section should be interesting with Melina involved. Keep up the great work fellas, much love from the U.S.!! P.s. Sidgwick, I loved “Becoming All Elite” and am currently rereading it. Hamflett, in my opinion you’re even more handsome than Gunther/Walter. Wilbourn, if you could do me a favor and be LESS careful with the soundboard, as nothing pops me more than when you hit the wrong button and play the wrong sound.
  • Eric_2186
    Just Wilbourn and Hamflett please.
    I first heard the Raw review with just Wilbourn and Hamflett and I loved it. While they are critical but you can tell they enjoy watching Raw and Smack Down. I was hooked but then I heard it with Sidgwick and it was so miserable. I couldn’t finish the podcast. While Sidgwick is great with AEW it just feels like he hates watching Raw and it comes through. I get being critical but he takes it to another level. At the end of the day Wrestling should be fun and his attitude and discontent towards WWE really makes it hard to enjoy. Wish I could be positive like Simon Miller but listening to him talk Raw is as bad as the Usos/Revival icey hot skit.
  • RossyBoi17
    5 Star Review Review
    The WhatCulture Wrestling podcast has been a part of my daily routine for around 5 years now, and as often as Sidgwick encourages the listeners to not form parasocial relationships with pro wrestlers I can’t help but look forward to my time with Adam & the Dadleys every weekday. There is no more sure-fire way to pull myself out of a slump than firing up a podcast about NXT 2 point OHHHHH, or a Raw review accompanied by a 5 star review review guaranteed to have me in stitches. Speaking of which (how about that for a segue, Wilbourn?) for my 5 star review, can you please watch the Abraham Washington Show from the August 4, 2009 episode of WWECW? I can’t wait to see how the YouTube comments manage to make this segment TV-14. Cheers!
  • d texas
    Jim Ross’ Bloody Good Quiz
    Ok guys you know which voice to use “was that the best Friday Quiz EVER”. Absolutely laughed out loud. Sooooo much fun. Thank you so much. Got bad news about our dog yesterday and have cried a lot last two days, this made me laugh. Thank you.
  • Drew from Brooklyn
    Andrew from Brooklyn
    Hello gents, I first found whatculture about two years ago by watching Simon’s ups and downs videos so i wouldn't have to suffer through a raw or smackdown that was more often than not a massive waste of time. I found your absolute gem of a podcast a little over two months ago and it has only grown on me over the weeks. Didn’t know how to feel about Sidgwick’s harsh analysis(which 98% of the time i knew deep down he was right about) but i realized the more podcasts I listened to that it was a necessary aspect to the show especially to balance out wilbourn who has massive amounts of positivity usually much like myself. Hamflet is probably who we should all strive be be with his wrestling takes since it always feels like he is level headed, but I really do love when him and wilbourn go off the rails excited about something. For my 5 star review I have a horrifying curiousity to hear the comments on the segments where lashley stole rusevs wife and showed up on the big screen from a hotel bed to taunt him about it. PS. I only chose this because I pop anytime you guys read the thirsty comments and try your best to keep composure. Have a great one guys.
  • Fun to play game
    5 star review
    Absolutely love your podcast! NXT 2/1 review is the absolute best banter I’ve ever heard! You really make NXT recap so enjoyable!!
  • lvanderz
    Great podcast, Great Banter
    Great impressions, great quizzes, great banter, great way to keep up to date on WRASSLING. I can never keep the hosts straight, I think most of them are called Adam, so I just want to say that Adam is great and postive, another Adam is a bit down on the product but provides great insight, and the other Adam does such amazing voice work that I'm a bit concerned that he will be picked up for animated pictures soon. Most noteable is his Australian accent which is Iconic. Simon Miller does great ups and downs as well and like Adam is a ball of positivity. My favorite part of the entire podcast is WrestleCulture, just a fun way to recap the week as I'm working for the weekend.
  • Emperor Jon
    Can’t go a day without listening
    I love listening to this show every week day. It gets me through my commute and my workout! Please please please review Roddy Pipper vs Kieth David from They Live. 11 minutes of movie fighting masterwork. Keep up the good work, Gents!
  • @HEELMitchell
    WhatCulture Ichiban!
    Hey guys. Long time listener here all the way from Gary, IN. I know you all get it a lot, but you really are at the apex of the wrestling podcast world. You guys are a joy to listen to at work & every now and again I find myself sharing your content with friends. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent audio clips of Wilbourne making funny noises to my ex or one of Hamflett/Sidge’s takes to the guys in the group chat. Thank you guys for doing what to do. For this week’s review I’d like to suggest Episode #66 of one of WWE’s hidden gems at its time, the JBL & Cole Show where Cody Rhodes goes on a quest for his golden boot trophy.
  • thisisrampagebaby
    5 Star Review Review
    The four hosts of this podcast are nothing short of incredible. Wilbourn's over-the-top enthusiasm, the Dadleys' expert analysis, and Stacks' world-class comedy bring tears to my eyes and joy to my soul. Some highlights: Sidg's rendition of the Dynamite open, the entire NXT Review, every button on Wilbourn's massive soundboard, and the abundance of goofy juvenile humor that I get to absorb every week. Really good stuff. With my birthday coming up in just NINE DAYS, for my 5 star review review, I request any segment with a strong likelihood of a "I wish I was the [inanimate object]" comment (those always get a huge pap). Thanks.
  • Andy14141414
    Driving to drop my beautiful 3 year old daughter off at daycare, when I hear “BA-BA-BA-BONER!” from the back seat. Thanks, pricks.
  • Uoflfan01
    5star Review
    I love listening to this for all my news updates and specifically the Raw Review. The team of Adam(King of the Mic)Wilbourne and the Dadleys is unmatched. Fun, witty, stupid, insightful and everything in between. I was late to this weeks review because of my son being born. So as a new first time dad I just want to say thanks for being so great at what you guys do!
  • Gioocon357
    5 star review review
    Hellloooo legends! First a story my wife hates wrestling and equally dislikes wilbourn and the dadly boys. One day I was listing and she told me to turn it off I looked at her and said “it’s The Dadlys and wilbourn or divorce” ………… we are still Married! For my review I posted a while ago the review I wanted was the US Title voting pole segment on smack down. As a first gen Mexican American and as a participant in the voting I was disgusted by the segment and stopped watching WWE for years. The I wanted that one was to shine light on how racist WWE can be and what a ray of light AEW means to me. But For my review what must laugh at what we love please review any segment of the “nightmare collective”
  • COL10DDP
    The OG Legend, COLTEN!!
    HEY, GUYS! (with Wilbourn’s best Stacks impression). Always great to hear you guys on a daily basis and long may it continue. I’m very thankful for the birthday shout out & I’m glad you (Adam) enjoyed the gift I sent you. I’m still having to pinch myself to make sure I really met Adam & Hamflett earlier this year. Next step is to get that meeting with Sidgwick done someday (Mania 39 perhaps?) Quick interesting story: when I met you guys after Raw in April, I had just been on a call with my roommate who went to go hang out in my car. He had called because he couldn’t find the car, and when I saw Hamflett I had to quickly hang up so I could take my chance to meet you guys (my roommate was not as happy as I was). Don’t worry; he made it to the car. For a 5 Star Review Review, could you please discuss when D-Generation X impersonated The McMahons in 2006. You guys talk a lot about how DX’s second run was rubbish (I have a differing opinion, but we’ll agree to disagree). This was around the time I first got into wrestling after I caved and started watching with my dad. Thank you gentlemen for everything you do. Can’t wait to one day run into you guys again. I hope to not be as nervous and over excited on the second go around.
  • ThatMatt85
    My Favorite Wrestling Listen
    The What Culture Wrestling Crew have become my favorite source for wrestling news and reviews. They are a lot of fun to listen to but also very insightful at times. It's the combination of the 2 that makes for the perfect show to listen to as I'm delivering food for my job. I would love to hear a review of a Rhea Ripley segment just to see what comments are like. I know the storyline hasn't been going on too long but I still think you can look at some things with retrospect. (and enjoy the certainly numerous horny comments)
  • Teke202
    The podcast is awesome
    It is a fun way to keep up with wrestling and the commentary is chefs kiss awesome. For my five star review I would like the Bobby heenan/ Mean gene hotdog skit from hulk hogans rocking wrestling. If this does not work I would like a review of my favorite bad match Terry Funk vs Chris Candino from the May 2000 thunder. Sadly wcw never booked the match between terry funk and the horse Cheers and thanks guys for keeping spirits up MReed
  • drblood
    Quality is dropping
    I still listen, mostly for Wilbourn at this point, but man the Michaels have become insufferable. Had to stop the Full Gear review halfway through. Nobody cares about your twitter accounts, and the endless jerking off of CM Punk and trashing WWE is a bit too much to want to sit through now, and that's coming from someone who prefers AEW. Also what is with the constant shots at American wrestling fans? I know the mouthbreathers in the south are giving us a bad name in so many ways, but chill the fk out please. Reel them in a little bit if you want to retain some subscribers fellows.
  • Taltosravenloft
    Great podcast in spite of the Three Stooges of wrestling
    This could be som much better if the three main hosts would dial it back. Adam Wilborn begins each podcast with an intro which often sounds like he is recording in the midst of a stroke. His volume is seemingly stuck on 11 at a manic 100 miles per hour. He needs to cut back on the caffeine as he becomes quickly exhausting to listen to. Michael Sidgwick is the ever pessimistic reviewer who seemingly hates the very thing he professes to love and buries his analysis in a deluge of overwrought melodrama. His negativity is on par with the most jaded hipster who is unaware of the irony of critiquing a form of entertainment which boils down to a bunch of people fighting over a belt in their underwear. While wrestling can be quite goofy, a welcome relief from the real world when done right, he takes himself far too seriously in his reviews. While he often makes good points, his complaining about having what many would consider a dream job wears thin very quickly. Michael Hamflett is the dutiful sidekick who is dragged along like some younger brother. His presence is overshadowed by the other two hosts, so he comes across as rather milquetoast.He often provides good analysis and opinions, but the other two make anything worthwhile he has to say unmemorable. The banter between these three sounds like three middle schoolers who got out of earshot of their parents and fixates on the male genetalia at an unhealthy level. Their reviews often veer into Family Guy level non-sequitors about things not even remotely about the show they are reviewing up to 15 minutes at a time, which I will never get back. Their wrestling analysis is drowned out by an insepid sound board which is overused like a fart noise on an inane FM radio morning show. Weekly segments like Ladies' Night and the 5 Star Review Review, which rightly point out some of the inherent flaws in pro wrestling are over shadowed by the their juvenile guffaws at the edgelord comments they are attempting to parody. Luckily the plucky Phil my Chambers, Andy H. Murray (the H stands for huggable), and Simon Miller save the podcast. Those three hosts alone make this an 8 star podcast (9 if it were recorded in the Tokyo Dome).
  • SpaghettiYetiUso
    Came for the reviews, stayed for the banter
    Love the insights and fantastic banter fellas, Sidge needs to book Rampage baby, Wilbourne should book Monday Night Raaaaw with Stacks as his tweener GM, and Hamflett needs to wrestle longer IC title matches on Smackdown. If you haven’t covered it yet, could I please hear you guys take a trip back to DX impersonating the Nation of Domination. If you have covered it already, then dealers choice on a Scott Steiner segment (greatest talker of all time).
  • punkemon80
    Changed my mind
    What culture. More like woke culture right Andy Murray? The news segments are toxic and I realize this podcast makes me dislike wrestling not like it more with all the negativity. It was fun to crAp on wwe during the pandemic era but I won’t listen to aew reviews since they will ruin that for me next
  • JayquanPurpkukade
    Jacob Bowers 5 star review
    Hello WhatCulture Wrestling team hope you guys are having a great day I have been watching the channel since about 2015 and just recently started listening to the podcast last year. Until then I was never much of a podcast person but now I listen to every WrestleCulture and review minus maybe NXT formerly know as 2.0. Which leads me to why I left this review a special shout out to Adam Nicholas for his incredible fiend rap from a few weeks ago. Sorry Wilbourn I think that might be better then any of your WrestleCulture opening songs. However Wilbourn deserves 5 stars alone for his stacks and Tony D impressions. The only negative of these podcast is that guy prickdick or whatever his name is always hating on Papa H who never does any wrong ever in his career ever. Of course I’m joking the Dadleys both keep the whole podcast together like glue and keep Wilbourn in check from going to off the rails like when he sees any segment with maryse, *insert Renee paquette oh my god*. As well as of course having great critical analysis over any segment good or bad and just keeping me entertained with every video or podcast. For my 5 star review however I’d like to dedicate it to my night recently in a local medical facility. I think it would be fitting to review something certainly crap and wrestling related in the Doctor Hiney segments. Unless you guys previously reviewed that then the nearly as crap dean ambrose with the needle in his butt heel turn or any other crap segment involving a local medical facility you guys see fit. So to all at the WhatCulture wrestling team thank you for the years of keeping me up to date on wrestling news even when it was rough for a bit and I was tired of wrestling. And thank you for all the laughs of course to many more to come.
  • Shorn Taylor
    Very Nice, Very Gleeful, My Wife.
  • ThatGuyWithTheHair
    Good show but
    Why even bother having Sidgwick on WWE episodes when he’s just going to be too cool for the whole thing and make fun of your listeners. It’s not entertaining in the slightest
  • SeanathanTaylorThomas
    D is for the “Deez Nuts” I hear E is for Shane-o-Mac’s (eeeuh groan) in my ear F is fairly, fairly extraordinary T is especially for, the Teachable Moment that you’ll absorb. DEFT podcast every day! Thanks, gang! For my 5 Star Review Review, why not review the culturally relevant episode of MTV’s the Silent Library featuring all of your favorite WWE superstars, such as, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Masters, and even Trent Berretta.
  • Fred Doggo
    It’s getting worse
    I’ve probably listened to every AEW podcast, but I just can’t do it anymore. The Dadley Boys, particularly Sidgwick, are just unlistenable. The constant, relentless negativity does not make for an enjoyable experience. Yes, AEW deserves criticism, but this bad faith, smug pretentiousness isn’t it. No more will I watch a pretty good show, then have these 2 throw a wet blanket on my enthusiasm.
  • kingjoseus
    Stacks of classics to go back to and daily goodness in the now
    Greetings! I've been meaning to leave a 5-star review for some time now, but it took until the eve of my wedding for me to finally remember to do it. I was never a podcast listener until after AEW Dynamite's debut when I went looking for something to boost my knowledge and broaden my view (longtime WWE fan, very little exposure to NJPW or most indie guys). Through luck and chance (and possibly an LOP connection?!? can't remember) I found the Dadleys and Wilbourn, and I've been a regular listener ever since. I've caught every televised AEW show from that first one, but somewhere along the way I stopped watching most WWE things and instead have delighted in the previews, reviews, get the tables, and more. Simply put, if you don't have time to catch everything, there's no better option out there than to listen to the fine analysis, wackiness, and good faith discussion of the mainline trio. Personal taste will vary, but each member of the whatculture wrestling team brings something to the table and I appreciate that they all approach the two main companies' output with fairness and sincerity (Wilbourn's voices are a personal favorite, but I think no lesser of the Dadleys by any means). In any case, I'll cut off my rambling ways here and say that these are fun, insightful podcasts that are great for any wrestling fan. If by chance I am thrown into the 5-Star Review Review ring, I'd love anything laughable from Cody Rhodes because I still hold a grudge after he eliminated me on The Rock's Rock The Promo youtube show from years back. Thanks for enhancing my days with great content! Jose from Chicago
  • ngoodknigh
    Best Wrestling Podcast That Isn’t My Podcast…If I Had A Podcast
    Hello Legends My name is Nick and I have been listening to the podcast for about a year now. I got back into watching wrestling when someone from where I grew up became a big name in WWE. I grew up in the Quad Cities, it’s four cities in Illinois and Iowa along the Mississippi River, and home to Seth Rollins. Seth has his wrestling academy, Black and Brave Wrestling Academy, in Davenport, Iowa. I have been training to run the Chicago Marathon on October 9th. I appreciate hearing about your experiences with the Great North Run. The podcasts have been great for my training runs. Helping me to relax, zone out , and quite often laugh through the runs. For a Five Star Review Review, I would love if you could review a god awful Raw segment from the first live show I went on 4/5/2010 in the Quad Cities. Please review the Divas Red Carpet Dress to Impress Battle Royale which I’m sure will have Wilbourn saying “Oh My Gawd”. It must have been a god awful show since that was the last show I had been to until December of 2021. Now I’ve seen in person Roman superpunch Pail Heyman at Smackdown, Kevin Owens cosplay as Stone Cold on Raw, the Forbidden Door be opened at the United Center and the 2022 All Out Dynamite and This is Rampage Baby. Thank you gents and keep up the great work!
  • Fellowship of the Geek
    Best wrestling podcast
    King of the IICONIC Mic, Heel with the Eel and the Dadleys are awesome.
  • MarkisJames1996
    Hey gents, My name is Markis from Mississippi. This podcast has been apart of my daily routine for around 2 and a half years now. You all have helped me through a lot of stuff ranging from the birth of my daughter to the passing of my father all in 2020(What a bittersweet year). I love Sidgwicks insight on all things All Elite, Hamfletts knowledge of “this business” and Wilbourns many wonderful impressions. Being a driver for FedEx, I have plenty of time to listen to all of the podcasts and reviews y’all put out on a daily basis either over this speakers in my truck or the AirPods in my ear. I would like you guys to pick the 5 star review from anything wrestling related from the early 2000s. Thank you guys for all the content and all the many laughs. Cheers.
  • smfix
    You guys are hilarious, I had to stop washing the dishes on Friday because I was laughing so hard from wrestle culture. Wilborn has gotten me into NXT 2.0000 because of his funny voices. For my 5 star review review can you please review the time the whatcultre office almost got killed by haku.
  • thefoxx88
    More entertaining than the sport entertainment itself
    I have been a fan of professional wrestling my entire life, and I will admit It had begun to feel stale after my many years of watching. That is until I discovered whatculture in 2018, and I found the insightful perspectives of the team to be a fresh take for me in an otherwise declining industry. Now my love for wrestling has returned as it feels fun again, and I look forward to each podcast being released as I listen to them daily. Every morning on the ride to work i listen to the news, and the entertaining reviews, previews and round table discussions, help my work day go by quicker. My only Complaint is that you fine lads don’t put out 8 hours of content each day to take up my entire shifts, oh to dream. You have a lifetime viewer in me, keep up the tremendous work! For my 5 star review review, could you do the Rock and Mankind “this is your life” segment from 1999, the first year is started watching wrestling. Thanks again for the hours and hours of consistent entertainment!
  • Pugsy G
    The Flatty Fiend
    Papa H living inside that coconut rent free lately! Came for the Tony D impressions, stayed for the deft analysis. Keep up the good work boys!
  • Rapidjanglezzz
    Loud and obnoxious
    Garbage podcast anymore volume levels all over the place if you wear headphones while listening skip this crap
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