Blueshirts Breakaway: A show about the New York Rangers


Ryan Mead and Greg Kaplan host this weekly New York Rangers podcast that discusses news and results about the team, and often jump off course for nonsense.

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  • nyc commuter 500
    Great for 15 year olds
    Bill and Ted excellent adventure wanna be’s . Pass. Really embarrassing
  • rangerfan9914
    Goal outburts
    Guys, Havent listened to todays episode yet so not sure if you addressed it or not. But with the goal outbursts and high efficiency (goals vs shots actually taken which are under 30 each time) is this a sustainable or reasonable level of offense to expect once the kids mature a bit to where we see this team average 5 or more goals regularly for an entire 82 game season in a non Covid year?
  • Lindy's ROUGH
    The Breadman
    I realized that Artemi Panarin hasn’t done a SINGLE BreadKick this season. Any #insiderrrr news?
  • Crash67
    Stick to NY Rangers
    Nobody care about the Mets GREG!
  • Adam S13
    Five Star Question
    Hi Guys, If an Eichel trade falls through, would you settle for Sean Monahan or Mikeal Backlund from Calgary? I can't help but feel like they'll sell off pieces and I feel like Monahan is an interesting 2nd line center.
  • kyle_oc
    5 star questions
    Hey Guys, big debate at the bar while the Rangers are up on the Sabers 2-1. Is K’Andre Miller a “Big” NHL defenseman. Height, weight, and all what would you classify him as? AV is trash
  • swinegart
    Best Rangers Podcast
    Five Star Question First - How can i support the pod. I am old and not tech savvy and need instructions. Next - Greg, if I drive up to the capital region, can you sneak out for some golf. My treat. I will get us out somewhere nice. I am a huge Rangers/Mets fan, love the premier league and I’m vaccinated. We will have a good time. Ryan should come too, but I can’t remember if he golfs.
  • ACoMD1
    My favorite podcast
    Five star question: do you both listen to the 31 Thoughts Podcast? They released an episode about the Tim Peel controversy, and the only thing I agreed with was the penalty against him was too harsh. Maybe I am too far removed from the game, but isn’t there a way to enforce the rules fairly for all but make the rules favor those with more skill and a faster game?
  • Aaron1111---
    This Isles fan believes Kakko will find his place. It is rude to judge a rookie before third season ends, especially if you can see subtle improvements. Has Kakko even recorded 100 games under his belt? All he has known is COVID hockey. His time will come.
  • GlennLGR
    Bluechew and the NYR!
    Hello Ryan and Greg, I don’t usually leave reviews, but after laughing for five minutes listening to Ryan trying to read the Bluechew ad I had to leave one. Awesome show, thank you for all the hard work you guys do. Any chance the Rangers expose Georgiev to the Kraken and keep Kinkaid? Georgiev is much younger, but Kinkaid has played better. Bias aside, what do you think NYR should do?
  • Doctor Blueshirt
    Impossible to listen to
    Why does such a classy organization as the Rangers have such childish and immature podcasts? Would love to listen to a Ranger podcast with my family to share love of the Rangers, but every minute is an F bomb. Here is a hint. It is not funny, it is not entertaining, it is not intelligent. It does not add anything to the podcast. Would you guys sit down with your family and listen to what you are saying? You should be embarrassed. Unlistenable.
  • sponM123456
    Self deprecation doesn’t excuse this crap
    It’s hard to truly articulate just how awful this podcast is. These two guys are pretty much Only concerned with participating/responding to twitter banter. I guess it’s the nature of having your own podcast and feeling like your opinion matters, but the worst part is when they feel like they’ve achieved a level of self awareness by participating in self deprecation, when I can almost guarantee you these guys truly don’t understand just how awful they are. But again I must point to the insulating nature of Twitter as the root cause of this. So unless you want to hear about a white guy from Connecticut brag about getting into a high school baseball fight (complete Un-ironic btw , he was genuinely feeling pugnacious when he brought it up, I had second hand embarrassment on my way to work ) please please please listen to another podcast
  • Trinyty7
    5 STAR!!
    Far and away the best Rangers podcast. Ryan and Greg are dedicated to bringing all that matters with the NY Rangers in a humorous, honest and insightful way.
  • kyle from troy
    5 star question
    Hey boys, fellow Troylet here again. Not so much a question, but a hot take. Should we trade Mika at the deadline and then toss the bag at buch? Dude he’s been our best all around forward this year by far and that’s he’s to come by. I know it’s difficult to find a center but if we’re truly going after eichel, we can afford to lose Mika for some valuable assets.
  • Jon__W
    Fan bloggers
    Hey guys, writing on Monday 3/15, we just beat the bruins 4-0 (top 5 team in the league), panarin is back, Mika getting on the score sheet, all seems well!........ and then Larry brooks publishes yet another gloom and doom story that we all hate but reluctantly read anyway. My question to you guys is what actually separates you “fan bloggers” from the beat guys? Are there only a certain amount of beat writers per team? Why can’t new guys on the scene get the same access to the team? I know you guys joke about MSG hating you but I don’t understand why they force feed us with Larry brooks takes
  • Freezer1231
    5 star Question
    Hi big fan! Do you think the Rangers try to move Georgiev either at the deadline or in the summer ?
  • DanDelaney88
    Awesome show and question.
    Hey guys. Dan from Long Island. Question. Do you think with the Eichel injury the Rangers pivot towards Barkov from the Panthers to be their #1 Center? I really like Barkov and with a neck and spine injury you don’t know how Eichel will produce in the future. One thing is for sure the Rangers need to make a trade for a superstar center and Barkov and Eichel fit the bill. Thanks guys!
  • Eric_%
    Love this podcast
    Hey guys love the show! I just have one question— why the heck is Lemieux still in this line up? With so many great wingers on the team, does/should Lemieux have a future with NYR?
  • Johnmac18
    Stud hockey players
    Why does Greg comment on guys looks all the time such as Brett Bowden and Keith kinkaid??
  • Danny from Syracuse
    Is this anything?
    Syracuse Mets fan here. Very happy I won’t have to watch Tim Tebow throw the ball straight at the ground anymore. But in terms of hockey, do you think the following tells us anything about the Rangers or is it just a bunch of horsefeathers? Following Sunday’s loss the Rangers record is now 2-8-1 on games played Sunday-Wednesday while their record is 8-2-2 on games played Thursday-Saturday.
  • Imhofn11
    5 star question
    If you had to pick a betting line for the date where the Rangers fire Quinn what date do you pick? I with you guys that he shouldn’t be fired now but we also know he’s probably not gonna be the coach when the Rangers are contenders. I’m thinking November or December of next season if they get off to a slow start.
  • FBI 2.0
    Five star question
    Hi guys...hope all is well. 2 questions please 1) These “too many men” penalties are killing us. What’s the root cause of this issue? Is it Quinn mixing and matching the lines that’s causing confusion? Is it lack of awareness? 2) Hypothetical question - Ryan and Greg are invited to a Rangers mid season press conference with Quinn, Gorton, and Davidson in attendance. You both get to ask each of them one question...what are the questions?
  • JEK's Account
    He can get it
    Who scores a goal first: Igor or the Man Rocket?
  • CaptainDickRip
    Odds Shesty scores an NHL goal?
    Hes a very good puck handler, and I don’t think Tuesday against buffalo was the first time he went for it. You should make Ryan do something ridiculous if he does.
  • H h h h h h h h
    Hey guys, love the podcast and listen every week, I know most of rangers fandem is all about getting Eichel and I know you guys are too, but I feel getting him would hurt us in the cap department bad and we would lose more by getting him, how do you see it playing out if we get him and what do you think the realistic deal would be?
  • zapata2111
    Ready to eat crow on Eichel
    I’ve been a listener since the beginning and am very happy to see these guys get the recognition they deserve for putting out a consistently great pod about my favorite team. Question: We’ve been hearing a lot about eichel trade rumors. Have you guys listened to any of his interviews? He is an absolute d. Bag. Normally this wouldn’t be something to take into account except, the Rangers are clearly holding the captaincy open for a young franchise player. Eichel will expect the C as soon as he shows up. I feel like good leadership is important for chemistry and I don’t believe he has that part of the equation. Is it worth losing all of those pieces to bring on what I feel will be a bad piece for chemistry?
  • Dave in Cranford
    5 STAR ?: Vets laying down on Quinn?
    Found the podcast on The Athletic, I’m here to stay. I’m not in the Fire DQ camp, but if Mika and Kreider stay ice cold while Strome remains allergic to goals and Buch comes around once a month, could a case be made that, despite developing the kids, he’s “lost the room” as far as the vets go?
  • Ryan Sureman
    First time, long time...
    I’ve actually grown up a 98.7 ESPN guy but love the WFAN talk on the pod and appreciate what they do over there as well. Also don’t sweat the pronunciation comments Ryan, it’s refreshing to hear people who know hockey be able to be goofy as well as intelligent and I think this pod nails it. If you cared about pronunciations you’d be trying to be something you’re not. This is an awesome podcast, keep up the good work! Here’s my question: Post-drama (as Greg correctly explained Tony’s team is just waiting for the pot to stop boiling over) would any team interested in TDA benefit from playing Tony as a winger? Similar to Dustin Byfuglien’s start in Chicago (offensively gifted bigger body who’s defensive game will only mature when he wants to take on the responsibility.) Until that time comes, should a team interested in TDA add him into the fold as a winger first and take the flyer on him developing into the more valued 2-way defenseman position?
  • Alex72727272727272
    Potential solution at C?
    What can we do to get the Rangers to give Elias Pettersson an offer sheet this offseason?
  • ryEshRob
    My favorite sports podcast
    Ryan and Greg are fans first, analysts second, and comedians third. They do it exactly right.
  • BRox111
    Building confidence in Laf
    Hey guys! Love the show! Any thoughts on putting Laf on the PP just to get him some confidence? Give him some extra space w the puck and just tell him to shoot! Could be good for his overall game. Thanks! Rox
  • Dylan Kuncken
    5 Star Question
    Hey guys, I was wondering where you would rank Adam fox amongst the league’s best defenseman? Personally , I have him somewhere from 7-10. I would have him behind hedman, Josi, mcavoy, pietrangelo, maker and Carlson. I think he’s somewhere in the next tier with Theodore, Hughes, heiskanen, Slavin and provorov.
  • HGK1993Mofo
    From Max Messier Richter #1 NYR Fan Alltime
    Hi guys MMR here to ask, 1. Ryan when are you coming on ragstoriches hockey for interview. & 2. How long after Chytil comes back does Ryan Strome lose the 2nd line center role?
  • Shyyyhsss
    Filip Chytil and Buchenevich
    How are you guys doing? After seeing how Chytil and Buchenevich have been playing to start of season, do you guys they have elevated themselve amongst our untouchable assets, or would it still make sense to include them in a trade for an elite player?
  • DC from Long Island
    Between these two defenseman...
    If both Johnson and Smith remain out of the lineup for the foreseeable future, do you think the Rangers will use this time to get extended looks at Libor Hajek or maybe Tarmo Reunanen? If so, between Hajek and Reunanen, who do you predict would have a better chance of remaining in the lineup?
  • Chill_Phil9
    5 Star Question
    Hey guys! Love the show and appreciate what you guys are doing. Huge fan from Georgia. This pod helps me get through my work days. What do you guys think Quinn is looking to see from Julien Gauthier? He seems like a highly skilled player but has been scratched quite a bit so far this season.
  • Original_MC1
    Is This The Last We’ve Seen Of Tony DeAngelo?
    Hey fellas, Mike From New Haven again. As far as Tony D, yes it’s quite ugly. I’ve never cared about him being a MAGA guy. His prerogative. Obviously however, a line was crossed. If you’re the GM of a solid team with many good character guys in your locker room, do you take a flyer on him with the hopes that the high character guys take him under their wing and keep him out of trouble or is he simply too damaged by this point? Thanks and hope the both of you are well and safe. Much love.
  • DSieg146
    Georgiev and Q’Angelo
    Hey guys, longtime listener first time caller. I like the irony of a guy who catches left knocking out a MAGA turn style. Let’s go Mets and have a great day, thanks for the content.
  • eyxheid
    5 Star Question
    Do you guys think tony ever puts the NYR sweater back on? Also what is the ideal return we would get for Ryan Strome in a trade? Anyway, we’re blowin for Owen baby! (Owen Power)Another top 5 pick lol Love the podcast #Praisebe
  • i hate rico
    Tony Qanongelo
    Big fan guys kidding about Tony Qanongelo was wondering what exactly waivers is. Hoping you guys could explain what that mains for the Rangers cap and Tonys current contract if somehow picks him up from waivers or if noone does. Also love that Georgi socked Tony I have told my friends all summer Tony is a cancer to the locker room. Firmly believe if Trump won the election Tony wouldnt be acting like such a whinny baby.(sarcastic but serious? funny to think about.)
  • Goalie the Goaltender
    Is there any statistical significance to the fact that the Rangers have out shot their opponent in every game thus far except their first?
  • R4ngers4evr
    Five star question
    Hey guys, this is an optimistic question. Now that Ryan is getting his JJ27 jersey and Greg is clamoring to get a Kevin Rooney sweater, when can we have a BSB meetup at MSG so that I can show up in my Aaron Voros jersey and we can all cry? I know the answer is obviously after fans are allowed back but I think there’s real potential for an ‘obscure jerseys only’ section if/when MSG starts selling pod seating (though mother of god they shouldn’t please for the love of all that is holy stay home don’t go to arenas)
  • nickdipaola
    Fan Madness
    Whats up guys, I’ve been trying to understand why Rangers twitter has lost their minds over the last couple games. I think it comes down to a couple of factors. We know it’s a rebuild so we need to be patient, right? But we also acknowledged that by re-signing Kreider last year, the contention window opened. We have to let the young guys develop, but we also have to take advantage of guys like Panarin/Kreider still being young enough and in their primes, and impact young guys still being on cheap contracts. We also have to question management’s talent evaluation after signing Jack Johnson. Bottom line is it seems like there are a lot of conflicting timelines being pitched to fans. Some, myself included, are starting to get a little anxious. Plus the team’s performance pre-Covid definitely raised the expectations of this team probably too high. I also want to say I’m not freaking out at all, I’m happy we have guys like Fox and Miller playing so well. Just kind of thinking this all out hear. Let me know what you guys think.
  • DC Rags Fan
    Line Juggling
    Quinn has been mixing up the lines, in attempt to jump start offense. The top six according to Quinn needs to be better. Do think the shuffling continues for the foreseeable future or should it lock down with the assumption top lines will eventually produce? Also, it appears there is a lack of on ice leadership, thoughts?
  • Iridosushxhshehdus
    Hey guys, seen a lot of Trouba hate on the timeline the last couple days, yes he did have that mistake that led to a goal against Buffalo but to me he’s been pretty solid defensively to start out the year. Is the hate warranted and I’m missing something? Or is this just Rangers or Twitter being Rangers Twitter? Let me know what you think and keep up the good work
  • ShaneFitz14
    Fantastic Pod
    Great pod - Has gotten me through all of the pandemic on my ride home and to hear that my father, brother, and myself were not the only one with similar feelings on our beloved Rangers. Question to Greg - My wife and I are expecting our first child and she has steadfast that our offspring will root for the Mets (Myself being a Yankee fan). Being my offspring is probably going to be a diehard Ranger fan…do I try to stop this to not have the child be in sports misery.
  • Laxman1930
    This off-season
    Thanks for the great rangers content guys, the duality you provide to make us laugh while providing intelligent insight is unmatched and grey to listen to. My question: would you guys have any qualms if this current roster remains fairly untouched, let the team gel and cook together for another year, then reassess at end of 22 when there will be lots of cap space and roster flexibility?
  • GeezyMoney
    Love the podcast!
    Great job as always guys! Question: I’d like you guys to name one good move (each) that Gorton/management has done in the past 2 years. Not including the luck he got with Panarin, Laffy, Kakko. Because he didn’t do any of those things. I can name many bad moves but I legitimately can only name one good one... Adam Fox
  • rockklobster
    Team cohesion issue early signs?
    Hi guys, I hope you are doing great and enjoying the first few games. I haven’t seen anyone talking about this and maybe I am reading too much into it but did you notice Miller line up on the opposite side of DeAngelo during the opening night intros? You can go back and see it on YouTube if you missed it. As players were introduced they lined up around the NYR emblem at center ice counter clockwise in number order. After #77 DeAngelo skates to center ice #79 Miller breaks from this and lines up on the opposite side next to Gauthier. Knowing DeAngelo’s past issues, is this an early sign of a rift in the locker room? Or am I reading too much into this?
  • ADB1680
    Hey guys. I know basketball analysts have created a measure of players' "gravity," meaning how many defenders they draw to themselves and away from other players. Guys like Steph Curry make their teammates better by drawing defenders to themselves. Is there a similar stat for hockey? And how many guys in the NHL have stronger gravity than Panarin right now? I can remember at least two OT games we won last year where the entire opposing team was chasing the Breadman and left someone else completely undefended (one being the game winner in Mika's 5 goal game). Thanks. Big fan of the podcast.
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