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The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast offers personal, practical coaching lessons that take the mystery out of leadership. In each episode of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, Craig brings you empowering insights and easy-to-understand takeaways you can use to lead yourself and lead your team. You’ll learn effective ways to grow as a leader, optimize your time, develop your team, and structure your organization.

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  • Garrett lewis
    So motivating!
    I just recently discovered Craig’s leadership podcast. I’ve always loved Craig’s sermons, so I was super excited to find this podcast. We need more leaders in business that bring their Christian worldview with them instead of checking it at the door!
  • RedeemedRivers
    What You’re Needing in Your Leadership
    Absolutely fantastic content. You can tell Craig has put a lot of time, energy, and prayer into what he’s sharing with us. Really helpful for leaders of all kinds — business, ministry, non-profit, or family.
  • mikewalker612
    One of the best
    Love his podcast. Best leadership one out there. Episodes are only 20 minutes and packed with great takeaways. Highly recommend.
  • MacElizaBeth
    Positivity Oozes from this podcast
    I have been listening to this podcast for a few months now. I am even going back and picking up old episodes. This is the kind of leadership I want in my life. I am a grandmother and i want to show the grandkids that little things matter and how to be an influence on others. I talk with my spouse about the truths I hear here and we compare notes. The examples Craig gives really hit home and his advice is easy to follow. What a gift this guy has.
  • Sam Gentry TN
    So meaningful it’s almost
    So meaningful it’s almost worth joining social media just to share. This show, his books, and his friends’ books have been the cornerstones of my growth as a Christian, husband, father, and employer. My life is better because of this show.
  • Jrtygg
    This stuff works!
    The principles and lessons in this podcast will make you and those around you better! I will admit to being biased because I work at the church these podcasts are birthed out of, however, I think that is precisely why I can say with all confidence that this podcast provides the tools to make you the best leader you’ve ever been. Everyone I have worked around at Life.Church is committed to applying the stuff you’ll hear here and they are the best leaders I’ve ever worked with. This podcast will make both your influence and your relationships grow. Good luck finding this kind of value in 25 minutes anywhere else on the planet.
  • Simplyfloyd
    Advice and wisdom you would pay for but free
    I’ve always appreciated the way Craig learns and grows and then shared that experience with us. His perspective is fresh and his approach to coaching is very practical. His wisdom has guided me through a lot of personal questions and circumstances that I’ve encountered. If you want to be a better, more consistent leader with integrity…take a listen.
  • Bigz-High
    Best Leadership Podcast
    Great practical and inspiring leadership podcast!
  • sbenkt
    One of the best leadership podcasts
    This is hands-down, one of the best leadership podcasts out there right now. Craigs advice is relevant and challenging to leaders on all levels. I find his advice very practical and the leader guides take it a step further and help you implement this into your leadership. A must listen every month!
  • Second Chance Mike
    Leading Well
    The content in this show is at a master-class level. I get more from this show then the dozens of books I have read on Leadership. Craig trims off the fat to get to the real meat of how to lead on a different level.
  • Mae redd
    Hi I am 15 and am trying to lead my group of girls in my grade but they are very cliquish. How can I be a leader to both cliques and combine the two so no more drama happens that hasn’t already? Thank you for doing the podcast helps me out so much!
  • kbmgville
    God inspired podcast
    Love the content in this podcast! Real people real problems that turn into real opportunities and blessings! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work! Kate Mccurdy Guntersville, AL
  • okcSonicsfan
    Best PodCast To Honor All Listeners
    You will not find a better podcast for all types of leaders. You will enjoy listening and applying each months teachings. Can't believe a podcast of this quality is free! Game changer!
  • KetoGus
    For all leaders and aspiring leaders
    This is an amazing podcast. You don’t have to be a Christian to listen to this podcast. This is a great podcast for all leaders and aspiring leaders. Great for team leaders, supervisors, and Christian Life Coaches. Don’t forget to download the Leader’s Guide so you can follow along and make notes. Each podcast has its own guide, so you have to visit the website to download each guide.
  • CAM ED
    Game Changer
    I have been studying leadership for 30 years and This podcast is one of the best I have ever heard.Pastor Craig is so clear & direct.What a gam changer for anyone who wants to be a leader!
  • Tonyc57
    Great podcast
    I look forward to each podcast and am always inspired. Pastor Craig is a great Communicator, leader and puts heart and soul in each podcast!
  • TBostwick
    6 Working Genius
    Great work to both Craig and Pat! Real understanding of yourself, our spouse, your family, your work team, so critical to long-term success and happiness. Thank you!
  • Candid Liv
    Always Helpful!
    I look forward to hearing this podcast every time it releases. Craig Groeschel always has such practical steps to help us improve our leadership that I highly recommend subscribing.
  • CSehe
    Quality, Pithy, and Practical
    I love when a new episode drops every month because I am excited how my life will be improved. Pastor Craig gives his full all, and it benefits my life. This is the podcast I share the most to friends and family because of the practicality and the truths he points out through his experience and research. High quality and high impact. Thank you!!
  • Jyanez91
    My favorite leadership podcast! The people Craig interviews really share his passion for investing in leaders and it’s so refreshing!
  • MusicCityEngineer
    Life-and-Leadership Changing
    Craig presents great ideas in each podcast. He has a gift and intention to simplify matters to the critical point. Each podcast he gives you small, actionable steps that you can take to improve. Many thanks to Craig and his team!
  • Rich 2017
    Impactful, wise and encouraging
    This podcast gets an 1000/10 rating!! I am 28 years old and absolutely love the wisdom and truth this podcast shares. I work with the youth group through my church and always looking for ways to hold myself accountable to being a wise leader. Thank you!
  • At happyday
    new listener
    can’t get enough. i have listened to you before many times.. but never thought to look for a podcast. duh.. thanks for all your work making a podcast worth listening too!
  • papalarson406
    Foundational direction and inspiration
    Absolutely love this podcast. Pulled it up about 18 months ago on a road trip and have worked on catching up from podcast #1 ever since! I’m not in a people-leading work role but believe me, these principals crossover very nicely into life even as an principal-level engineer, father, husband and servant-leader. This podcast has been an awesome tool to help me be an effective leader and better-rounded person. You won’t be disappointed… :)
  • haleighcb
    Great content!
    I listen to this podcast as I travel for work. It provides me with the confidence to tackle my work and personal priorities. I love it, thank you! I am also curious if this is something that has been cultivated into a class. Lessons reflecting each episode of your podcast, perhaps a life group?
  • FBG Productions
    Awesome podcast!
    Straight forward leadership lessons. Simple, practical, and actionable! Thanks!
  • JerYou10
    Pastor Craig Groeschel continues to deliver captivating content based on religious views, yet able to be transferred to any worldview. As a member of the Life.Church family (go Team LC!), I was led to this podcast where Pastor Craig expands on some of his messages from a leadership perspective. Not only does he expand on parts of his weekly church message, but he also incorporates guest episodes and other perspectives that open the mind and heart to new ideas that can be fine tuned for leaders anywhere! I am an aspiring school counselor and I have had so many takeaways that I cannot wait to put to use in my future career. Keep up the awesome work Pastor Craig and team!
  • Ncjennifer
    Actionable, inspiring leadership coaching
    Since following the podcast, Craig Groeschel has become a primary source of leadership learning and coaching for me. Every episode provides actionable and inspiring content that makes me want to be a better leader and shows me the path to grow. I have needed this content to help me stay the course during these most challenging pandemic years. I am deeply appreciative of the content you provide for the good of all and for free. Thank you.
  • TonnaJay
    Wholesome leadership
    Thank you for putting out great content! It has truly changed the way I do business and life! Your organization is a blessing!
  • Danielle3622
    Best leadership mentoring
    This podcast is packed full of “mic drop” moments. Be prepared to feel as if every word he says you want to write down and take notes on. Truly invaluable leadership coaching. I do leadership coaching as a big portion of my job and I use the tools Craig shares in his episodes regularly! This feels like content you should be paying for, grateful for it!
  • D.C. Dana
    Being a better leader
    Thank you for challenging me to think about how I lead and when to let go. Your podcast has become a greatly anticipated habit. I soak up important and life leading nuggets from every episode. I’m going online today to order the leaders guide. Thank you!!
  • Josh Chick- Reliable
    Outstanding perspective with practical steps towards improving leadership!
    I am a business owner with nearly 45 employees. I have great natural leadership qualities but with the level of growth our business is experiencing I am constantly evaluating my team and my own leadership qualities to see where we can improve. I have listened to “Lead like it Matters” Part 1 and 2 at least 3x each for the past two days and it has been so helpful! I have assigned each of my leaders the task to listen to each of these episodes to aid in their leadership development! Strongly recommend listening to this channel!
  • KaykayNM
    Listen Repeatedly
    Greg and his team do such a good job! @greggrachel
  • Z2211
    Thirst for the tried and true.
    Craig is my local pastor, I love this home. I’ve been fed and lead in so many times where I was certain I wouldn’t see the morning. I have a huge story(often I’m thankful for it often I’m not), that many of those who also follow Craig, guided me home every time the dark tried to shut out the light. I started listening to this podcast when one of the leaders of True North Ministries, James, talked me into listening in. I’ve been thirsty for the tried and true road from those who are lead and gifted to guide the rest of us into becoming a better person and leader. I’ve found rescue here. I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity at feeling fathered by good men and mothered by incredible women when I didn’t and still don’t have that in my personal life. Thank you for taking the time to truly lead. Means the world to me to have access to this teaching!
  • datompkins225
    Always helpful
    I look forward to this podcast every month. It’s always practical and helpful. Grateful to you, Craig for the time you put into this. It’s helping a lot of people in the business world!
  • 3:44 am
    Love this podcast
    I have been listening to this podcast for a couple of years and I always learn something new and have a new tool to use in my everyday life. I also love the format, and the length is good for a quick little tidbit of information. Thanks Craig! Keep up the good work.
  • Lara Allen
    Full of practical tips I can do immediately
    This episode with Vanessa Van Edwards was hands-down the most practical, usable podcast I’ve listen to. I went straight to the website to get the notes because I am going to use so many of these tips with my team in the next week.
  • Dani Avril
    Recommended by a side line and I love it!
    Thank you for this amazing podcast. I went back away and am listening to some older ones that are very fresh to apply today. I am already a fan!
  • Ileana P.D.
    Thank You!!!
    A mentor at work recommended a couple of podcast three years ago and I am still listening vibrantly to this one. Very clear, organized and relatable with God in the forefront. I love this tool, I appreciate everyone that makes this happen, blessings to you all. To the pastor, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!
  • Flourish Homes
    Leadership School
    I am a Founder of a nonprofit home for young women aging out of foster care or facing homelessness. I try to listen to a leadership podcast each week and implement something from it. I’m thankful to have this free resource available to help me grow and learn from experienced Christian leaders! The podcasts are like having your own personal coaching sessions!
  • Bengie García
    He is my mentor but he doesn’t know it. Lol
    This is an intentional teaching and it will take you out of the comfort zone. You will never regret to be part of this community. This podcast represent a community that want to make the invisible God visible. Thanks Craig!!
  • Jsloan2018
    Highly Recommend
    I usually listen to a new episode of this podcast each week during my commute to work. My full time job is a terminal manager for a trucking company and I also serve as the Young Families Pastor at our local church. I’ve found this podcast to be very practical , informational, and useful in my roles as a manager and a Pastor.
  • Barkdaddy
    Thanks, Craig
    During my 30 minute commute to my job I am able to get in two leadership podcasts (to work and then back home). The content is presented clearly, concisely, and practically. I am able to get bite size coaching during my commute. This podcast has been extremely helpful to me as I lead my respective ministry at our church. Not to mention, our team is also reading your “Lead Like ‘It’ Matters” book. Thanks, Craig!
  • AnnaOCoaching
    Authentic and Informative
    I’ve followed
  • bbbenzer
    What a blessing
    Thank you so much for all that you do. There is something here for everybody. What a gift
  • Ak914
    So good
    Stumbled across this while searching out leadership podcasts and so glad I did. It was so validating, encouraging, and challenged my growth as a leader. Can’t wait to dive in more. Thank you
  • Steelhead Jr.
    Love the different topics covered and the leader guides are great.
  • Dcg :)
    I love this podcast. It’s so uplifting and motivational!
  • Boss'1590
    Leadership that Matters
    If you want to learn how to lead in a way that matters, this is the stop for you. I love that Pastor Craig shares leadership skills, wisdom, and knowledge that is for all leaders, not just within the church. Wherever you lead in whatever capacity it may be, if you want to grow as a leader, start listening here.
  • Candice Tometich
    Love it!
    Love this podcast!
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