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Don't use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist. Use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are.

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  • Biolizard
    This podcast has helped shape me and change me (for the better) in ways I never thought possible. I am such a better husband, father and human being because of this show. I can’t thank you enough for the work you do in putting this together! I have bought your book, read it, and highly recommend it to all that enjoy this podcast!
  • pinky🥺
    my dad is in the group
  • poet521x
    New Life
    All my life I’ve tried to figure out my religion. I now know that I’m an Episcopalian Buddhist.
  • GBnCB
    Thanks to you I am now an Atheist with Buddhist tendencies! ✌️❤️
  • JTBis
    Thank you
    I have been listening to your podcast for the last few years and am finally taking the time to leave a very belated review. Life is challenging and confusing but you help to make it less so. I just wanted to say thanks for making me a better whatever I already am. For those unfamiliar with the podcast and with Buddhism, Noah has a very gentle and unassuming approach to learning which really resonates. If you are a skeptic or a cynic by nature with regard to first principles (as I am) listen freely to the show and see how often you find yourself tilting at windmills. In other words, Noah is a disarming teacher who will help you see things just a little bit more clearly for the way things really are.
  • Alongcametony
    So great!
    Love this direction of Buddhism. I start my day listening to an episode and it really sets a good tone for my day.
  • Cotocorad
    A better life
    Your podcast makes Buddhism come alive. It has been a useful tool for me. First, I practiced it after listening to the way it is defined in episodes 1-5. But I made many mistakes based on my preconceived notions. As time moves forward, the principles start to work in the ways that are helpful. Thank you for making my life much better!
  • JJM@321
    Thank you
    Thank you Noah! I have been interested in Buddhism for years and this program is the first one to grab and retain my attention. A treasure.
  • Exvine
    This is awesome
    Thank you Noah! Your podcast is exactly what I needed. I love that there isn’t a bunch of fluff.
  • Jun Belen
    Thank you, Noah for your amazing podcast. You are helping me and so many others be the best versions of ourselves.
  • KayMac1990
    This is my favorite podcast to listen to. Highly recommended.
  • thebird85
    Noah is awesome!
    I love this podcast. When I’m having a rough day, I often listen to an episode and Noah’s dharma talks help me look at whatever I’m going through in a new way. I am so grateful and hope he keeps making episodes!
  • ChrisCarpp
    Noah is awesome and has a certain way of explaining things as if he was interviewing himself. When my day hasn't been the best this podcast always helps ground me.
  • The Page Master
    May the Force be with Us
    I’m discovering something new. I practice jediism which incorporates Buddhism and Taoism and this podcast is really helping me out. It has such great life wisdom and the force grows with me. Thank you so much for this.
  • lynsieal
    A new journey
    I am enjoying listening to this podcast as I embark on a new journey of discovery.
  • ckproffit
    Secular Buddhism Review—perfect balance
    I really enjoy and appreciate this podcast. It strikes the right balance for me and the place I’m in currently. Noah is an excellent host and teacher. Thanks!
  • qwertuiopasdfghjklzxcbnm
    I keep coming back
    I’ve been listening to this podcast on and off for about a year and a half now. I always start from the beginning and it’s amazing to see how much I’ve grown to understand the lessons only to find a new, deeper meaning this time around. Noah Rasheta has the beautiful ability to articulate the teachings in a simplistic while profound way. I’ve never actually made it past episode 5 — every time I start listening again, I realize there’s so much more to understand in just those first episodes alone. Truly life changing in the most fundamental ways. Thank you, Noah.
  • JoyousBeccah
    Listen to the first 5 episodes to begin.
  • S Bahamas
    I’m so grateful for your way of explaining in a simple and straightforward way. Is opening a door to such healthy and peaceful way of thinking and living when applied. Thank you for opening this door, is personally bringing me knowledge and peace.
  • jens001
    Speaks directly to me
    This podcast is fantastic. It’s easy to understand and apply directly. It’s almost as though each lesson speaks directly to me.
  • SciFi Warrior
    Thank you Noah
    Hi Noah, I just wanted to say I love your podcast and that the way you interpreted the phone number truths made it easy for me to understand them. You also talk about other subjects such as mindfulness and the eightfold path that was also clear for me to understand. Through my trekking of different Buddhist podcasts they can get a bit confusing of their explanation on Buddhism. I appreciate your candor, keep up the great work, be well.
  • Tayler with the TBI
    Fellow human From Utah
    I started listening to Noah when he was about 20 episodes in and listened consistently until around episode 130. His work was the best intro to Buddhism I have come across! I tried listening to Steve the theologian guy and it was way too technical for me. I am just an Engineer, I am not intelligent enough to understand theological debate. As a fellow former Mormon, Noah’s struggle hit home to me and I knew how excruciating his suffering was. When I was in college I naively thought Buddhism was about the reduction of suffering. Now after countless hours of meditation and breathe work I know Buddhism is about pure love. I am eternally grateful to have Noah as a digital teacher. Thank you Noah! Namaste, brother.
  • honeyxgoddess
    My favorite podcast
    As a Buddhist and someone dealing with Western ideals, this has been such an eye opener. From ‘Dependent Origination’ to ‘Things Fall Apart’ — Noah is a master at making complex Buddhist ideals make ‘real life sense’
  • EliseSol
    These podcasts changed my life… I cannot thank you enough… I was at a point in my life where I was lost and going through a difficult time. I left all the things once I believed in behind. That’s what I needed. A new perspective and lifestyle so that I can continue “to be.” Buddhism and minimalistic life style saved me from misery and I was again able to breathe and let it all be … Thank you very much Noah… you made a difference in my life, helped me see things differently, and I was able to breathe with the assistance of your teachings. As soon as I can I will become a member and hopefully be involved in the Secular Buddhism community more.
  • Alycia987
    Great content, but storytelling is distracting
    The content is great, but storytelling is sometimes very long and has a bit unnecessary ranting. For instance, in his ‘first and last’ episode, the host has gone on and on about a guy called Dustin, which can make one wanting to quit listening especially if you’re listening in the morning / for some peace. If examples could be pithy and narrative could be more to the point, it would be great.
  • RinconTerrasco
    Common sense practical information
    Thank you so much Noah Reshetta. I love your podcast and books. Please keep making more content. It adds so much benefit to the world.
  • Songcrafterliz
    Real, authentic, approachable, compassionate
    Noah Rasheta is a natural-born teacher who brings that skill to his honest interest in secular Buddhism. He is enthusiastic about what he is teaching, learning, and living, while at the same time being tolerant of other approaches to spiritual seeking. One gets the idea over and over again that his reason for creating this podcast is that he wants to share something he loves deeply with others, and in so doing make the world a better place.
  • lumomoney
    Dare I say life changing?
    This podcast has been extremely important for my mental health and has become one of my central grounding techniques. Listening and absorbing these easily digestible Buddhist teachings by the lovely Noah have given me new perspective and strategy for difficult emotions and thoughts. Of course none of these teachings are a destination they are a practice. And I enjoy listening and re-listening to help me in this practice. Thank you Noah!
  • KBShark_DoDo❤️
    Best podcast I’ve ever listened to
    This podcast is amazing , Noah is soo amazing and soothing and full of good energy . I’ve been hooked since the first episode and have been listening for some months now. This podcast will really put things in a different perspective and really make you think about things in a completely different way. This podcast has helped me tremendously in my own life . Thank you so much Noah!❤️. Please keep doing what you’re doing and sharing your amazing and thoughtful insights.
  • NicTheGerman
    Assume best intentions.
  • Ld11122
    Great Podcast
    This podcast has helped me grow as a person. Thank you.
  • BuddahadduB
    Down-to-earth, compassionate, excellent
    Practical, insightful, compassionate. Very useful. I appreciate Noah’s tone and openness— he is speaking to us as a fellow on the path, not as a master on the mountaintop.
  • Angel Solstace
    Thought-provoking and Heartfelt
    This is my absolute favorite podcast. Every episode gives me something to think about and implement into my life in some way, and I always look forward to listening to new episodes. Being a nursing student, life can get hectic and stressful at times and this podcast is another anchor for me. Even if you don’t consider yourself a Buddhist, these episodes have something for everyone.
  • Mike45321
    Not so sure this is secular or Buddhist
    After decades of practicing different types of Buddhism and other religions i was never comfortable with the supernatural aspects. I was excited to learn of secular Buddhism. But while listening to episode 5, i think Noah lost me. His assertion that this life is beautiful and perfect as it is right now seems fairly religious to me. And as a father, how can he declare that humans are born compassionate and kind, etc. He, along with many spiritual types, says we learn all the negative character traits. Well, take a look at babies; they are models of discontent. And toddlers in the “terrible 2s” are not natural sharers nor full of compassion. It doesn’t matter what type of parents they have. There certainly may be exceptions but even the best of children must learn every positive quality you can name. And that is the way it really is.
  • Cat Crabtree
    Thoughtful, heartfelt, and wise words
    This is a wonderful thought provoking podcast for all those interested in Buddhist beliefs
  • Jacob Stein from GA
    Exactly what I needed
    I came across this podcast while researching secular Buddhism. I was raised Christian and while I respect and appreciate parts of that religion I’ve never felt like I belonged. I am an ER nurse in NYC and I had the worst year of my life with everything I’ve seen and experienced from the pandemic. It caused me to seek therapy and really start to deal with a lot of things I’ve pushed down for years. I am so thankful for you Noah and the work you do on this podcast. It has helped me more then you’ll ever know. I hope you are doing ok with everything you’ve been going through recently. Please know that you are making a real impact in peoples lives. Thank you! Best, Jess from NYC
  • brianasynclair
    Fantastic podcast!!
    Came across this podcast by accident and am just so happy I stumbled upon a goldmine! Only on episode 6 right now, but looking forward to catching up :)
  • JillyLJ
    Wonderful Podcast
    Love this podcast! My brother recommended this podcast a while ago, but it took me a while before I actually listened. Within the last week, I’ve listened to about 21 podcasts, and I’m so grateful! I love how Noah uses so many examples, stories, and parables. The concepts of Buddhism are much easier to grasp with his beautiful story-telling ability. Thank you, Noah!
  • adian1
    Excellent podcast
    Excellent podcast for anyone looking to learn about Buddhist teachings & philosophy...or anyone just looking to discover a greater sense of ease with the ups & downs of life. Noah has a way of making the concepts easy to understand & easy to relate to - and, as a result, it becomes clear how you might apply the wisdom to your own life. You definitely don’t need to be a Buddhist or even religious/spiritual to enjoy the podcast or to learn from it. The teachings are practical & universal. And the episodes are short & to the point. Thank you Noah!
  • mickmunk
    Life changing
    This podcast has really helped me, and the way Noah paints lessons out of his everyday life is truly inspiring. It’s helped show me that I can practice spirituality while trusting in myself before any other. The genuineness of the this podcast is always sure to pick up my spirits when I’m having a tough day.
  • Jackandjulia
    Love this podcast
    This podcast has helped center me and is very informative and full of wisdom. I had to leave a review because the “First and Last” episode was so moving to me. I recently lost my father and I appreciated it so much. Thank you.
  • Vieda Boss
    This is just a fantastic podcast! I appreciate how in depth and wonderful this is! Been sharing to everyone I know
  • Momalley10374739
    Already made an amazing impact
    I only discovered this podcast a few days ago, but I have already listened to 13 episodes and I really feel like it has made an impact on my life. Really wonderful stuff that he is offering, in an incredibly approachable way. Thank you Noah!
  • tricknewbie
    I’m so grateful for Noah
    Thank you so much, Noah. These podcasts have helped me in ways you may never know. Thank you for your integrity, bravery, and vulnerability.
  • Mylo100
    Favorite Podcast
    It consistently brings me wisdom, clarity, and joy. I recommend it to everyone!
  • JaxAndEmma
    I wanted to listen to this so I tried an episode and the first five minutes were the author talking about his books and other ways to financially support him. No thank you.
  • HippyDiva (Alyson)
    I needed this podcast
    I’ve been searching for something just like this and I love it.
  • Beetdigger
    Thank you for this podcast. I am new to this but have enjoyed it very much.
  • jamesInSpringfield
    great info, excellent precenter, very impressive
    Noah's knowledge and presentation is likable, interesting, presented very well, and is a mass of valuable information
  • _chris.tine_
    Incredibly meaningful addition to my life
    This podcast has been a powerful and meaningful addition to my life. Noah approaches each episode with thoughtful, kindness to his listeners and compassion for those who are learning or seeking understanding. I also love the reminder at the start of each episode to not use the teaching of Buddhism to become Buddhist, but to become a better “whatever you already are.” I’m very grateful this podcast exists. Thank you for creating it.
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