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The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also includes interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.

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  • Burningtime
    Short and Straightforward
    Really good up-to-date cyber news. Not overlong or flooded with filler. Great host too. Really has that clear-cut newscaster voice down.
    Cybersecurity news without politics
    UPDATED: I’m enjoying the podcast again and getting news about cybersecurity. PREVIOUS REVIEW: STOP reporting on non cybersecurity news. Cyberwire not Newswire! If I wanted to listen to news unrelated to cybersecurity, I’d listen to mainstream media… Stick to what people tune into for. Maybe cut show length if you’re having to make up nonsense to fill the show. Otherwise, A good daily 30 min podcast about cybers Good podcast content. Some interviews are great.
  • 5eanT
    Can no longer listen and unsubscribed.
    As a security professional who has listened to this show since it’s inception I have gained a wealth of knowledge and news insight. That said, the podcast’s security content has continuously lowered over the years in its level of expertise and detail. Additionally, the podcast’s time is saturated with sponsored interviews which was not the case prior. Finally,and this is just being honest, when you added Rick Howard with his cringe voice box and typical c suite ignorant swagger captain obvious talking points that most security professionals roll their eyes at …well I should have stopped listening right then and there.
  • jdtangney
    Come back, Dave!
    These cyberwire podcasts used to be great, but this new cadre of readers are not. They don’t seem to understand the words coming out of their own mouths. Listeners have to reassemble the words and mentally play it back with Dave’s voice to understand the nuance — and humor. These new readers are little better than Siri. Come back, Dave Bittner, all is forgiven!
  • ASobering
    Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠
    This is one of the most entertaining and insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Dave does such a great job of sharing his wisdom and I love how he leads meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Every episode is simply jam-packed with timely and relevant news and information so it’s always an enjoyable listen. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Dave, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of tech and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Pep711
    Great show
  • Reece O'Bryan
    The best
  • Copeland CD
    Military-grade information
    Great mix of serious information and tongue-in-cheek humor. Vital discussions for those working in or trying to understand contemporary cyber-security issues.
  • Dusk2014
    Too many ads
    Too many sponsor spots and too long spots
  • chasememan
    Listen and learn
    Amazing security podcast. Thank you!
  • jimmytoolongsmith53
    Best security podcast
    This is among the best security podcasts out there, a great daily listen that doesn’t take too much time and you receive important information
  • Jason Allnutt
    The easiest and most enjoyable way to get your cybersecurity news
    I have been a subscriber to the daily Cyberwire for over a year now and it never disappoints. Each episodes is enjoyable and succinct; providing just enough information to keep me informed and not bore me. Dave’s chemistry with his usual guests are makes for easy, never awkward, listening. The daily newsletters is also a great way to follow up with particularly interesting segments of the show. I highly recommend you give it a shot as well as some of the other shows offered from the cyberwire. Have a great day!
  • Meatball_army
    Hands down the best cyber security podcast
    High quality, straight to the point, lightly humorous but appropriately serious tone. Exactly what I need to stay up to date and even learn a thing or two! Can’t believe how much content these guys crank out. Check out the other shows too.
  • *** Diabl0 ***
    Great daily round-up of infosec news
    Dave is an informative and entertaining host, and selects useful, relevant and interesting infosec-related news to discuss. Occasionally he’ll invite guest speakers for their input - it’s great to hear from a diverse array of industry veterans! Great show; and a good high-level primer on infosec news.
  • Decibel Dozer
    Good information but they lean left
    Is is too much to ask for Cyber Security news to stay neutral on politics? Yeah, I guess it is...
  • User46451
    Good daily computer security news
    You’ll be fast forwarding through a lot of fluff (headlines, ads, credits) but the actual content of the podcast is excellent.
  • 100111011001
    Great news and interviews on cyber security
    Listen to this everyday. Great five minute news followed by interesting interviews on relevant topics in cyber security. The format is interesting and entertaining.
  • Flopheem
    Best cyberspace news by a long shot
    Dave and the crew, including guests are amazing at explaining and breaking down the most technical aspects dealing with infosec and current events! Tenured experts and up and coming security folks make for a very interesting podcast and a dynamic experience. Thank you!
  • Ryno84727484
    Erick Cornelius
    That RAT podcast from Eric Cornelius is freaking gold. Thanks a ton
  • HeadRush05
    I was referred to the CyberWire by my very first cyber Instructor back in October 2017, and became hooked after hearing the malware-mash. This is a great podcast to listen to heading into work, it’s short, sweet, and to the point. Great teamwork!
  • anableps
    My primary afternoon infosec news source
    I’ve been listening daily since shortly after their debut. It is a high-quality, professional production, with a quiet, wry sense of humor that surfaces when appropriate. They’ve been steadily improving all along and bringing on quality talent. Highly recommend.
  • CoTeddyBear
    Quick daily review of the top cyber security news
    Great daily recap of the top cyber security news.
  • KKS70rm
    Best Cyber news podcast out there!
    Great topics, interesting interviews, I love listening to this on my way to work every morning.
  • App Genius 69
    Good podcast
    I like this
  • Sm@rt speller
    This podcast is great for staying up to date on the latest Threat news. Also a great mix of topics thrown in with the news.
  • angry koala1
    Best daily info-sec podcast
    Great topics, guests and humor. One of top three must listen to
  • pockets_ab
    One of the best Security podcasts
    Outstanding podcast, factually reliant, interesting and often humorous. Something is missing from my day when I miss it.
  • bubba13!
    Great pod !
    I’m not in the business but I love tech. Also, you segment on Gumpy old Geeks is great!
  • CThombre
    Sales pitch, not podcast
    If you want to listen to information that is completely biased toward the sponsors, this is the podcast for you!
  • tom the cyberguy
    Best InfoSec podcast
    Very informative review of the day’s InfoSec issues with a slight touch of cynical humor. Tie in Recorded Future and you get a well rounded look at important news
  • alert(0)
    Mostly focussed on threat intel. Thin on the technical content. A lot of the interviews (second half of the podcast) are not that interesting/are not at all cutting-edge, and some of the sponsorships defintely point to a different intended audience.
  • popesworld
    Part of the daily routine
    I have made The Cyberwire part of my daily routine because I can always count on current, relevant, and thorough coverage of emerging threats, headlines, and cyber-related discussions. Add to that Dave’s sense of humor, and you can’t go wrong with this Podcast.
  • Joey Kar
    The best security podcast to start your day
    Listening to Cyberwire daily to get the latest in security. This podcast is not only informative but the host is humorous. So it's not a dry reading of security briefs. They are also EXTREMELY reliable and post daily. 👍🏽 big fan keep it up!
  • Chris Mc.38
    Daily infosec update. With humor!
    Great information + dry sense of humor. Dave's delivery helps make the (often distressing) security news more palatable, even enjoyable. I listen every day to stay up-to-date.
  • Mr. Ali 84
    Great podcast. Clear, concise, and fun; it’s like the NPR of cyber news! Definitely a great resource for anyone professional involved in those industry....or who is just curious about it.
  • Ebisu
    Good Information, poor presentation
    The cyber security information on this podcast is useful. However, the presentation is poor and stale. The host has a poor sense of humor and displays little emotion. He may want to listen to other podcasts to get some ideas on how to improve. It can also be hard to keep up with the podcast with new episodes posted six days a week.
  • Josh_g87
    Fantastic concise roundup
    As a software engineer, I’m not a security expert, but I still often listen to this wonderful roundup of current threats and I even glean the occasional lesson. If you have time for just one cyber security resource in your life- make it this one.
  • alusair1337
    The Cyberwire is a must for daily cyber news.
    If you’re looking for a great way to stay up to date on cyber news, The Cyberwire is perfect for mitigating the dullness of the morning commute and boring lunch breaks while staying up to date with the current goings on in the cyber world.
  • Norrello
    Top tier podcast
    Very well researched and not boring.
  • neta1o
    Great content to keep me updated with industry news. Solid security content.
  • B Carlin
    Well-researched and exceptionally delivered!
    The Cyberwire Podcast is my one-stop shop for daily briefings on cybersecurity news. If you are in the tech industry or interested in the subject, this podcast is a must! Subscribe and listen daily - you will not be disappointed.
  • J-B Mollet
    Great Podcast!
    This is what I listen to on the way home, it keeps me up to date and I can't get enough of Dave's sarcasm!!
  • Eric Dutko
    Informative, Professional, and Entertaining
    In an age where anyone with Internet access can produce their own podcast, The CyberWire stands out for its highly professional delivery of relevant security news. Dave is a pleasure to listen to, and the material is well-written, with the right balance of serious information and witty humor.
  • Hackfoo
    Great daily news source for infosec
    Timely and well put together infosec news program. I regularly take away something that is applicable to my professionoal role as a director of information security. I find this source so useful that I subsribe to the commerical-free RSS feed where they cut out the advertising. You can tell that a profressional team is behind this high quality production effort. I really only have time to consistantly comsume one daily podcast, and the daily cyberwire is it for me.
  • Khabibulin04
    Good info
    I feel like I should hear about a lot of these happenings in main stream news.
  • Geronimo51
    Daily Staple for Security Professionals
    Dave gives a great and concise review of the days events in the Cyber domain. It’s good for both technical and management types. He throws in a bit of humor on occasion but it doesn’t detract from what he is delivering: a great podcast. I look forward to it daily.
  • Jason W Miller
    The Only Cyber News You Need
    This podcast is the most timely, succinct, and relevant cyber news available. It is all you need to stay current on the latest trends and issues in cyber security. Very well researched and current. Dave’s delivery, enunciation, and vocal pace is perfect. He keeps the content interesting and fun to listen to.
  • Resmungo Mandinga
    Information density without boredom
    This is a highly efficient communication of recent IT security news and brief interviews. It never drones on but often manages to be quite humorous in a much more polished way than other Sec podcasts I've heard.
  • skynet_is_watching
    Entertaining and Relevant
    The CyberWire is a consistently engaging podcast that brings on interesting guests and talks about relevant topics across the industry (including how current geopolitical events come into play). It's a good mix of advanced topics and explainer topics (thanks again for the blockchain for dummies episode).
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