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  • AnnieKimC
    Really Enjoy This One
    I love how this show breaks various CM topics into small, digestible chunks. It’s really helped me through my homeschooling journey and given me motivation and understanding when I’ve been lacking. Thanks!
  • Tstayrook
    Big thanks!
    Thank you Sonay and team. With three little ones and the plans to homeschool Charlotte Mason and her teachings just struck a cord with me. They make sense from Biblical foundations. Not coming from a homeschooling background this has been such a wonderful resource and almost mentor in a way. You keep it real, may God’s favor be on you.
  • Narnia and Asland
    Thank you!
    Thank you so much for these episodes. You have a way of really simplifying the method and making it accessible for any mom to growth and apply the CM philosophy!
  • Tyler9199
    Christian Homeschool moms, please listen!
    This podcast is just invaluable! Literally the best podcast out on CM, Christian homeschooling, and encouragement galore! Thank you Sonya!
  • CourtneyS80
    Encouraging podcasts
    I always come away after listening to these podcasts encouraged and refreshed. I so appreciate the wisdom Sonya offers.
  • MaseinVA
    I’m ready to homeschool because of you
    After reading about Charlotte Mason I was thrilled to find your podcast. I’ve listened to all your back episodes and can honestly say you make CM homeschooling feel exciting and attainable.
  • GaLady34
    A Great Homeschooling Resource
    Been listening to this podcast for years and it’s such a great resource and a gem. This is one of the only podcasts I follow that I share episodes with others again and again. This is my go-to resource when helping other Moms in my homeschooling FB groups, too.
  • HaleyBrown537
    Great wisdom
    Thank you for your knowledge and encouragement to us homeschool parents! Thoroughly enjoy listening to the insight you have to offer on the Charlotte Mason education philosophy.
  • kathryndess
    One of the best CM podcasts
    Sonya is so encouraging! I love how practical her episodes are. She breaks up the Charlotte Mason method into bite-size pieces homeschool moms can implement that very day.
  • AmandaBorst
    Best homeschooling resource!
    I adore Sonya and her willingness to share her wealth of Charlotte Mason education knowledge. Such wonderful insights, encouragement and resources.
  • seth37359
    I love this podcast
    I have grown in such great wisdom listening to this wonderful podcast. I was so intimidated to learn about/ teach a Charlotte Mason way until I started listening to this podcast. Thank you for making it so simple and practical to this day and age.
  • MorgunBee
    Each episode is so full!
    This podcast is concise and helpful. It is really helping me understand Charlotte Mason education, the beauty of it and its practical application to our family. Thank you for offering this great resource!
  • itsacolorfullife
    Thank you so much for the time and effort put into this podcast. Your teaching and encouragement has helped me so much and I am confident in our second year homeschooling my 3rd, K and preK kids with the beauty of this method. Our morning time is special for all of us and I’ve been intentional about the books, toys, and time in nature, to name a few things since learning from you all! We are now working on forming healthy habits and joining the great conversation. What a beautiful work you’ve done here- please keep it up!
  • Julie6498
    Wonderful tips in a very concise format
    I am one of the new lockdown-induced homeschoolers and thanks in large part to this podcast, I have build up my confidence and had a very successful first year homeschooling and as a result, can’t ever imagine going back to my local public school. Thank you to Mrs. Schaefer for teaching the ways of Charlotte Mason which has worked extremely well for my nine-year-old son. I did not use any of her resources for the first year but now I am seeing the value, specifically the book of centuries and the art study guides. Also I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a more clear and articulate speaker on any topic.
  • HannahVazquez
    Essential for the CM home educator
    This podcast is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for the Charlotte Mason home educator. Sonya is a wonderful teacher and explains things so that they are easy to understand and remember. Whenever I need to get back into “homeschool mode” or need inspiration, I turn here and it’s the first homeschool podcast I recommend to others. Thank you Sonya!
  • Bree from New Mexico
    Encouraging reminders
    I am in my 9th year of homeschool with my children. I have learned a lot over the years, yet I still need reminders, encouragement, and inspiration. Thank you for helping keep me on the path!
  • Diamondcharm31
    Short but full of gold
    I’ve learned so much listening to these podcasts. Thank you for making them short and sweet.
  • BennyFan
    What an edge!
    If I had not discovered the five flavors of homeschooling and Sonya’s planning tips and resources, etc, I know I would be flailing around in confusion and overwhelm muddling through homeschooling throughout the years. But as I’m starting out with preschool this year, I already have a general handle on how the next 12+ years are going to go! Sonya also has a very practical, concise, helpful, professional and encouraging delivery. I literally listen to some of her episodes over and over again!!
  • jf72828
    Love it
    I am just starting out w homeschool and this podcast has made it feel like without doing years of research I could educate my children with this method ! So thankful for the short easy listening lessons on such practical parenting and schooling tips
  • Tiffany.Mahler
    What a wonderful resource!
    So thankful for this podcast and the simplicity of the topics it addresses. Thank you for this resource!
  • Mom Needing Encouragement!
    I love this podcast. It breaks down a Charlotte Mason education practically. I’m always encouraged when I listen. It has been a huge help as we start homeschooling in this way. Thanks!
  • amazedbyHim
    We are in our 14th year of homeschooling. This podcast has taught me so much! I learn more every day! Thank you for providing an easy way for me to learn more about a much loved way of learning. Thank you Sonya and Charlotte!
  • amybethnlr
    Interesting and helpful!
    I love to hear people speak who are both passionate and knowledgeable about their subject and this fits the bill! As a homeschool newbie, this podcast is helping me immensely.
  • SwickMama
    I am so excited about the audio blog. I don't have as much time as I like to keep up with the blog so this has been a wonderful gift. As I am going about my day I can catch up by listing and doing what needs to be done at the same time. I must also say I love this subject by subject series. Thank-you Mrs. Shafer for taking the time to do this, it is extremly helpful.
  • CJofWI
    Thanks for the podcast
    I am so excited to be able to listen to the podcast. I subscribe to the blog posts, but rarely take the time to read them. Since the podcast started, I've listened every week, and even made time to look into some of the resources mentioned. I needed this!
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