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The Blogging Millionaire podcast teaches you the secret blogging strategies that pro bloggers use to grow their traffic and monetize their blogs. Our host built his blog to over 1 million monthly visitors in less than two years after his first blog post. He will guide you down the path to becoming a master of blogging, WordPress, SEO, search engine marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, email list building, content marketing, website engagement, conversion optimization and many many more to help you build your very own blogging empire.

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  • Rohan A. Smith @frazras
    Gave this a 5 star in protest
    I don’t normally give reviews but reading all the 1, 2 and 3 star people picking on his religion annoyed me. I’m sure you would have been fine if he said millions of years ago the apes created hand tools. That offends me but I just consider it the person’s point of view. And don’t tell me it’s true because science says so, I am a scientist and science never claims to be factual, science claims to convey the information that researchers have agreed on given evidence using the reductionist method. We have seen multiple conclusion reversed after decades of “fact”.
  • Jen Pem
    One of the best blogging podcasts
    I have been listening to Brandon’s podcast for about a year. I have listened to many other podcasts around blogging but all of them except Brandon’s and one other, are too much fluff. I learn something valuable from every episode and the best part is that they aren’t even long! Highly recommend.
  • Dolce Thompson(TheRawDosage)
    short sweet and informative!
    I’m glad I found this podcast! Very informative with a to the point quick delivery! I even took some notes! Bloggers check it out!
  • Bmsnyc
    This podcast made me enjoy blogging again
    I almost gave up...and then this pod came along! Soooo grateful for these actionable tips!!
  • allthenamesaretakenthatiwant
    Blogging not god
    I came here for informing blogging not your religious beliefs. If you are going to do a blog on religious blogging that information would be good to know ahead of time before wasting my time.
  • witchSAVANNA
    Amazing pod
    This podcast has inspired me on my journey of blogging and I hope this journey will continue in the great way it has begun!
  • WKSmith
    Thank you for ...
    creating a great podcast on blogging and motivational stories. I have been playing with blogging and websites for decades but always lost motivation. Listening to your podcast is the catalyst needed to stay on course.
  • Rylismom
    Easy listening and learning
    I listen to podcasts on my commute everyday and your was very refreshing! Your easy to listen to which in turn makes learning simple. Thank you!
  • SriPSheelu
    Amazing Delivery with a lot of Value
    Must buy for anyone planning to test their skills in blogging. The podcast paired with Brandon’s must buy course will give you so many tips if followed well will only see success in future. I am so positive that I will succeed and Brandon’s course step by step delivery with many statistics and clear speech has no competition in my opinion.
  • lenny'schallenges
    5 star champ
    I have to leave this podcast five stars plus the reasons why when I first got started and I am still learning as we speak however this podcast has tossed me so many tools. So as I learn I apply and pretty cool how some people have gotten to me about how my website looks pretty good at being my first one.
  • Irish Streak
    Best Blogging Podcast!!!!
    This is most informative, helpful, and understandable blogging podcast out there. I started listening to this about two years ago when we first decided to launch our blog He breaks things down in a simple way and provides actionable steps. Furthermore, coming from the world of healthcare, I greatly appreciate that he frequently shares research to explain and support why things should be done a certain way. I also appreciate that Brandon comes across as genuine and not afraid to share his faith. I can’t thank Brandon for all the help!!
  • swimmer10
    Loving the short and frequent!
    I like that you are switching up having more podcasts almost daily that are short and to the point, very valuable and something to look forward to each day!
  • EJP63
    Should have “Christian” in the title
    If you like Christianity mixed in with your mini-lessons on blogging, you will enjoy this podcast. He does offer good and specific information about all things related to running and promoting a blog. If you prefer to not have stealth proselytizing under the guise of a marketing how-to, you will find this podcast annoying and intrusive, which is my experience with this podcast, and my experience with zealots of all types who just can’t seem to control themselves or recognize how off-putting they have become. Great content otherwise but for some it won’t be worth it.
  • CT Aquaman
    Great Blog Info But Too Much Religion
    Had to stop listening after a while because of the preaching. The blog info is great but there are enough other professional resources out there that I don’t need this one as well. I am not against religion but prefer to keep it private and personal. If you find that sort of thing inspirational then you will enjoy.
  • Comander Mark
    Blogging niche
    You have inspired me with the work you put into your content. Thanks
  • Stephanie Robles
    Absolutely amazing!
    I’ve been listening to Brandon for a little over a month now, and let me just say “THANK YOU!” Not only is your content super helpful and giving me the confidence I need to be successful with my blog, BUT You have helped me remember that God is the one that prompted me on this path in the first place! As a Christian, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in busy, that we forget to cherish the still. Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10 I almost forgot to be sure to BE STILL. Thank you for sharing your message helping other bloggers, but also sharing your testimony!
  • MikeInAustin89
    Full of substance, not fluff
    I’ve been listening to different podcast shows about blogging, and too many of them are hours of aimless fluff and little substance. This blog is straight to the point, concise, and edited well. It respects the listener’s time and provides good quality content. Episode 100 was one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard!
  • Pharmd1983
    My Life has Changed
    Brandon, Your blog knowledge and insight has forever changed the way I run my blog business and my life. Not only is your podcast concise, it delivers valuable gems found no where else. I can tell you love to help and inspire others through the way you deliver your message and your love for the Creator. To see the love of Him inside of you has motivated me to make sure I do the same for others I reach on my own blogs. Thanks again for all that you do, Nikida @themeparkhipster
  • jacpol74
    Never stop learning
    As always grea tips on being a better blogger in less than 10 minutes- priceless.
  • DDDee
    Must Have for Bloggers
    I learn so much from each episode that I keep them all on a separate playlist and listen to them over and over again so that I can really soak up the content.
  • Idyllicpursuit
    Recently discovered...and now my fave!
    The last few weeks I made a serious commitment to myself that I was going to go all-in on blogging. It's something I've been doing for 5 or 6 years now and I make a good income, but know that I could make *so much more*. I have learned SO much in just the few episodes I've listened to. I'll be sending all of my coaching clients this way if they want to start a blog.
  • David D MD
    Great Podcast!
    This is a top notch, professional podcast full of actionable information. I've learned a ton from this show already, and I have many episodes left to go...
  • Superman of Catan
    Brandon’s Podcast is world class. The content is always highly relevant and actionable. Brandon explains things clearly and effectively so that even people with little or no tech knowledge can understand and apply the lessons. The content of the podcast is so outstanding, that I bought his course on how to build and grow a successful blog, which I am currently going through, and would also highly recommend.
  • The Frugal Exerciser
    Please add guest who have used your formula.
    People would love to hear success stories.
  • ReadyEddieSpagetti
    I have each episode downloaded. And have listen to many multiple times already and I have only been through half of what’s available. A blogging podcast that’s turned motivational without the intent. I cannot stop listening at work, I listen all day for the last 2 weeks. Thanks
  • Autumn Shultz
    Excellent podcast and resource!
    If you have a blog or are planning to start one, I would definitely recommend checking out this incredible podcast. Brandon's story and the insights he provides in this show are a must-listen. If you aren't subscribed already, do it now. You'll be glad you did.
  • umpitygrumpity
    A Breath Of Fresh Air!
    This podcast is phenomenal. I rarely find one which is so well put together and cuts the fluff and doesn’t bore me to tears with constant sponsor breaks and ads. This one is all meat and potatoes... and perhaps some delightful veggies (I’m a health freak lol). It really is inspiring me to strike out with my blogging dream again... because now I know where to go to get the scoop on how to be successful in it. It’s what I’ve always needed. I can’t wait to get started and delve straight into the juicy bits and knock this occupation out of the park.
  • AurelieParant
    Best podcast of all time!
    Brandon gives so much incredibly precious information that make you grow I listen to his podcast 3 times a week and feel so grateful for what he share with his audience. Totally worth listening. To me it is the BEST podcast for bloggers never boring!
  • Human of TN
    Great Podcast!
    This information was super interesting and helpful! I love how the podcast is short, sweet and informative! I have a YouTube page about fashion (TheFashionChase) and I am excited and nervous to take that next step into blogging
  • mrerniebryan
    Great podcast!
    Can’t wait for the next episodes.
  • ATX624
    Tons of value in every episode
    Big fan of Brandon and his podcast. I've found value that has given me ideas in virtually every episode, and it's one of the few podcasts that I don't miss.
  • Dan991234
    Great Podcast!
    Brandon shares so much great info on this podcast! I have learned a lot that is going to help me as I grow out my blog
  • SunshineAZ
    Listen to this podcast if you want to master blogging
    I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts and I find Brandon extremely knowledgeable and great to listen to. He goes deep with his learnings and I really, really appreciate how he teaches. He also provides detailed show notes for each episode. Brandon also talks about podcasting, Instagram and twitter- among other things. I listen to all of his stuff. I have SO many terrific ideas to implement on my blog because of Brandon!
  • boosthealth
    Very helpful!
    I just started listening and already have a page full of to do’s! Great info!
  • Coachannagray
    Mind Blown Nuggets
    I was referred to your podcast by a friend. I listened to 3 and had to save them for future reference they are so jam packed with actionable nuggets. Easy actionable is my Jam! Thank you!
  • Saved DWS
    Brandon Gaille is a master
    Brandon knows his stuff. Take advantage of this wealth of knowledge and put it to the test. Listen and re-listen. Listen to his podcast and explore his website.
  • Partysuper
    Best resource for bloggers
    I can’t express how thankful I am for Brandon’s podcast. So much information at your fingertips or ears to make very passionate blogger successful. I look forward to when he publishes a new podcast. A must for every blogger.
  • jerryjj1234
    Best SEO Podcast I have Found
    Super helpful podcast, loaded with applicable information. It's short, to the point and I have already start implamenting his recommendations. Well worth it!
  • ddilts
    Good as gold!
    Brandon unpacks a wealth of knowledge with highly effective up to date best SEO practices that are a sure fire catalyst for anyone looking to build a successful blog! I am a student in his Blog Millionaire Course, and am already well on my way to a serious income from blogging thanks to Brandon.
  • Wikolandsct
  • avibeach
    Super Simple And Powerful
    Brandon breaks down complex strategies and turns them into simple hacks any blogger can do! Highly Recommend!!!
  • Aaron Keith Hawkins
    Brilliant, focused, actionable episodes...
    In addition to being an amazingly inspirational human being, Brandon offers a stunning amount of actionable training and makes you feel like your best friend is teaching it to you. Just subscribe and keep listening. He's a winner.
  • Khanifti
    The best of the best
    Consider myself a podcast junkie for last 10 years. Brandon’s show has the highest value per minute of any show. The depth, focus and storytelling is exceptional. Next level. Next time I spend money in this space, it’s with him.
  • Darrell702
    Packed with Actionable Tactics
    Brandon always delivers tons of actionable insights and tactics. There hasn’t been 1 episode where I didn’t learn something new (and I’m a very seasoned marketer). Great job.
  • BirthTUBE Junkie
    Most clear, concise and to the point marketing podcast I’ve ever heard!
    Granted, I’ve only listened to one episode which was Instagram marketing growth hack But it was the most clear, concise and to-the-point podcast episode I have ever listened to. When the episode was over I knew exactly what to do which I do not get from all marketing podcasts. Some marketing podcasts I listen to leave me still filled with questions at the end of the episode. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for blogging and marketing advice! and I’m very excited to listen to more episodes!
  • ryanbeare
    Great Podcast. Teaches you how to be sneaky and hide things.
  • Samantha Burleson
    Wonderful Tips for Beginner Bloggers!
    I began blogging a few weeks ago, and have been searching everywhere for tips and tricks. Brandon’s Podcast has everything I needed to get on the right track and jump start my lifestyle blog.
  • LaShaun2010
    Love your information but
    Don’t you ever in your life do Chris Rock’s or any “black sounding” voice. Thanks:
  • ChristinaScalera
    No frills, all actionable
    Thank you Brandon for your straightforward, massively helpful action plans set forth in each episode. I have a lot of respect for you and what you've accomplished, and for creating this great resource. - Christina Scalera, The Contract Shop
  • ...Edwin...
    Learning how to become a better blogger
    This podcast is my favorite one out of he other seo/blogging related ones. The information is easy to digest and very straightforward. The episodes aren’t long and are packed with valuable info anyone can use.
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