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What Should I Read Next? is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week, Anne Bogel, of the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, interviews a reader about the books they love, the books they hate, and the books they're reading now. Then, she makes recommendations about what to read next. The real purpose of the show is to help YOU find your next read. To learn more or apply to be on the show visit whatshouldireadnextpodcast.com.

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  • aaajjjbbbb
    THE Podcast For Book Enthusiasts
    I love What Should I Read Next for its “literary matchmaking” and for its inside baseball on all things bookish. WSIRN is my go-to weekly podcast on the reading life, and its affiliated website/app Modern Mrs. Darcy is great for book discussions too. Anne Bogel is great at what she does, and each episode is focused and fun. I have found many great books that I otherwise wouldn’t have heard about. Thanks!
  • Tracy-the-knitter
    Yay it’s Tuesday!
    I look forward to What Should I Read Next every Tuesday morning when I can download the new one. It’s always interesting and I’ve read some terrific books I learned about here. Thank you!
  • KLMcQU
    A Must for All Book Lovers
    “What Should I Read Next” is my favorite book recommendation podcast and one of my favorite podcasts overall. It is a joy to listen to Anne Bogel talk about books. She is engaging and her interviews with guests are always insightful. If Anne recommends a book it’s very likely it’s going on my TBR list. Her literary matchmaking skills are first rate!
  • PhillyPALady
    My favorite podcast!
    I simply love this podcast; it has really made me enjoy reading more and make time for more reading. Anne is super likable and her whole Modern Mrs. Darcy team adds depth and breadth. I find I’m reading more widely and getting more from my reading. Of course, with all this book talk, my To Be Read list keeps expanding but that’s a good thing. Thank you for bringing more joy to my reading life.
  • Satya Vidya
    Love me some WSIRN
    I've been listening to WSIRN for about three years and my reading life has been greatly enriched by Anne's insights. The entire WSIRN team puts together delightful events and bookish treats--like this podcast and the reading guides!! This podcast is a must listen for any reader! ESPECIALLY if you are looking to nourish your reading mojo. Thanks Anne and team! I still love this show and I'm very frustrated by episode 391. The guest basically retells every book on her list and in a matter that essentially annhilates any element of surprise one might lean from reading it. I do wish that whoever replaced Brenna in editing these episodes will take a step back and reflect on how they are approaching this work. IMHO Brenna's episodes are substantially better. YET, I remain a dedicated fan.
  • bison CPU
    Hi guys we will have a great time tomorrow and will have
    We are doing good with the kids and we are going to have to get some stuff done before we go to bed so we can go to the store and get
  • OspreyMama
    A favorite
    This is my most regularly listened to podcast. It provides me with all sorts of reading I probably wouldn’t otherwise do, genres I didn’t know I liked, and besides the conversations are enjoyable and easy listening. Keep it up, team!
  • TheresaNIRfan
    You need this podcast in your life.
    If you’re a book lover, you need to listen to What Should I Read Next. I stumbled onto it well after its premiere and have been listening to it pretty much exclusively trying to catch up. Anne Bogel and her team do an amazing job and I always have a smile on my face when I listen. Anne obviously loves books, and her recommendations always sound amazing! There are so many books I didn’t even know about or that I didn’t know I wanted to read, and Anne and her team feel like family. Not only is My Reading Life better, but also my life is better. Fan forever!
  • Edna_9
    How I grow m TBR
    I lie listening to Ann talk with real people about books- and not just the current book being marketed to everyone. This podcast covers so many genres and various readers that I have a Goodreads shelf marked WSIRN. I typically find one if not multiple books I’m interested in trying. I save the episodes for Saturday mornings so I can be sure to have the time to mark all the books 📚. Thank you Modern Mrs Darcy!
  • kpnpell
    It sounds like hyperbole but this podcast has changed me
    I have always been a reader, but this podcast has exposed me to books I don’t know I would have encountered on my own . So glad to go beyond the bestsellers & really be intentional in my reading . And finally having the courage to set aside a book that isn’t right for me at that time . Such a valuable weekly listen
  • Robynx
    Be prepared for your TBR list to grow exponentially! I love this podcast, it has changed my reading life for the better. I could listen to people talk about books all day!
  • EJT22
    Great podcast to help you improve your reading life
    My reading life is 100% improved since I started listening to this podcast. So grateful my friend introduced me to it. Most of my favorite reads from the year so far come from Anne!
  • dogquilter
    Favorite podcast
    This is my favorite podcast, I look forward to it e wry Tuesday! If you love books, or you know someone who does, this podcast is for you (and I think that includes everybody!). I’ve gotten so many good recommendations for myself, but I’ve also gotten great ones for my husband, granddaughter, friends, and my book club. Anne’s voice is like soothing honey, I could listen to her all day, and she is a great interviewer, making her guests relax and be themselves. Give it a listen, I think you’ll love it!
  • tyglendale
    For Book Lovers
    I listen to this podcast every week and have found so many new books and authors from listening! Anne Bogel has a calm demeanor and is so adept at drawing out information from the reader being interviewed. This is absolutely my favorite book podcast. I never miss an episode!
  • Vickilynn99
    Changed my reading life
    I don’t even know how I found this podcasts many years ago but I’m incredibly glad I did. I’ve listened to every episode and each one helps me learn a little more about myself. I read significantly more now than I did before I started listening and the quality of the books I find is so much better. As Anne helps her guests she is also helping the listeners. This podcast is one of my must listens every single week and I’m a Patreon member too!
  • Lisa&Dutch
    I’m obsessed with this podcast!
    Anne’s knowledge of books is amazing, she has interesting guests and their discussions about books is entertaining and informative. My TBR list has doubled in size since listening!
  • girlruppy
    The best book talk
    What Should I Read Next? always jumps to the top of the queue for me! Listening to Anne talk books is like having your own little mini book club chat once a week. Anne always offers insightful recommendations for the guest and us listeners at home. My TBR pile and library holds list have grown considerably since becoming a faithful listener!
  • jjaclin
    I stumbled upon this podcast in 2019 when we got a puppy and I was doing a lot of walking. Ever since then, I’ve been listening to not only the current episodes every Tuesday but my goal is to get through the “backlist” yet I’m nervous about getting to the first episode bc then I’ll have to wait for every Tuesday’s newest episode. I looove Anne. I’m constantly quoting her to my friends and promoting the podcast. Listening to Anne has allowed me to delve further into my own bookish tastes and needs. I would love to be a guest at some point. Subscribe! You won’t be disappointed!
  • TC NAK
    So much fun and informative
    Loved listening to this podcast since the beginning. Great topics of each episode. Great guests. Ann has so much knowledge on literature.
  • Big Fan61
    A Huge Fan
    I reviewed this podcast once before, but my level of devotion requires more gushing. At this point, I cannot count how many people I have shared both this podcast and the Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club with. It is not hyperbole to say that Anne and her team are life changers. They open up the world of books with an expertise and love that allows everyone access to the power of reading. Anyone listening already knows that books expand our worlds and build bridges, that stories connect characters and other readers in significant ways. The world is better, in my opinion, when people are reading. I listen to several literary podcasts, but if I was limited to only one WSIRN is THE one for me.
  • lngtmlstner1stimcallr
    Best laugh
    My TBR list tends to grow with each listen. Anne is a warm, thoughtful and engaging host. She comes across as sincere, and that laugh of hers is just the best! I honestly can’t say enough good things, the production is high quality, these folks are very good at their jobs and it’s a quality show
  • dragonflye
    My Week Isn’t Complete Without Listening to “What Should I Read Next”
    I have been meaning to write a review for this incredibly well-crafted and beautifully thought out podcast for quite a while. I found this bibliophiles dream of a podcast several years ago and have been a faithful listener ever since. Anne Bogel and her dedicated book-centric team are a joy to listen to as they share their passion and skills at matching books to the reader of the week who is also the guest of the show. “3 books you loved, 1 book you didn’t like and what you’re reading now.” A truly terrific concept for a podcast that entertains me, encourages my love of reading and helps me to grow my ever expanding TBR with books that I know will enhance my reading life. My reading life went from zero to one-hundred after I started listening to you and your insightful guests, Anne! My book loving heart can’t thank you nearly enough, but Thank You!
  • Julie the Hawkeye
    Self awareness
    Sure, I get book recommendations, but the real value to this podcast is everything it has taught me about me. My reading life has improved in quality and quantity and so has my social life. No more small talking about the weather because I can break the ice with book talk. I have developed useful skills to talk books which have improved friendships and reduced awkwardness between strangers. The book recommendations are a bonus.
  • SNH36
    One of the best book podcasts!
    Anne is the best at recommending the right book for each reader. Through her descriptions and recommendations I have become much better at picking books that I will love and knowing when a book isn’t right for me.
  • Biebrfevr66
    My favorite podcast.
    I can’t wait to listen each Tuesday. I just love this show and listening to Anne and her guest talk books. My TBR list is bursting!
  • Luc=Awesomeness
    What Should I Read Next
    Love this show! Anne has taken me from a one genre reader (mysteries) to choosing books across the reading spectrum. I look forward to the weekly podcasts because I know I will learn so much about my own reading life by listening to Anne and my fellow readers. I also belong to the Modern Mrs Darcy book club, another great endeavor by Anne and her great staff. Would highly recommend checking that out too!
  • winnmerr2589
    This is one of the very few podcasts where I am a completist. Even if the subject or genre of books discussed is not my preference, I’m always listening for ideas for my family members or friends and for gift ideas. This podcast has taught me how to pay attention to what I am reading and why it is or is not working. Thank you Anne and team!
  • Rebecca in Seattle
    Anne hooked me!
    I have been listening to Anne on WSIRN for about a year now- just randomly opened it one day. I just fell hook line and sinker into her unique format of talking with readers of “3 books they loved and 1 they didn’t” and helping them find books they will love. I think I listened to about 10 older episodes in a row! I was reading very little at that point but now I can hardly stop. My TBR is overflowing with all her recommendations for readers like me. Don’t miss this one!📚
  • MamaG235
    My Favorite Never Miss Podcast
    Listening to What Should I Read Next has upped my reading game. I have always loved reading but this has broaden my horizons and I now read books I never would have looked at. I also recently jumped on the audio book bandwagon. I resisted until I heard a guest say she will only listens to celebrity memoirs on audio. I listened to Bono’s book and Viola Davis’s book and I am hooked. Keep up the great work!!
  • Luismont
    Great for book lovers
    I love this podcast so much! It is such a great place to hear about new books. My to be read stack grows after every episode! It is thoughtful and provides suggestions for so many different types of readers.
  • Reader of the Round Table
    Mid-Week Highlight!
    What Should I Read Next has been a weekly highlight for me since the beginning. I appreciate Anne’s gracious and knowledgeable hosting, the format and length.
  • debhub
    Never enough books!📖
    Boy, am I angry at this podcast (sarcasm!) My TBR list has grown so long from listening to WSIRN, that I fear I shall never conquer it!🤭 I listen to all the podcasts, but when I hear a guest say, they love Gothic, sprawling family sagas, or historical fiction, I know I’m in real trouble because I will end up jotting down way too many recommendations! Seriously, it’s one of only three or four podcasts that I keep up with without missing a one. Anne Bogel has an amazing ability to intuit awesome picks that fit the bill for each guest. Keep up the great work and thanks for all that you do.
  • court nc
    Favorite Podcast
    I listen to quite a few podcasts but WSIRN is the ONE that I schedule a solitary walk just so I can listen to it the morning it comes out. Obviously, the book talk is amazing but it’s really Anne’s insight and ability to understand what makes people love a book (or not) that gets me. Through her podcast I have learned what it is that really makes me enjoy certain books and has helped me select more of those while avoiding books (often the ones getting a lot of hype) that I probably won’t love.
  • micaa55
    My go-to podcast!
    I discovered this podcast in September 2022. As an avid reader, I am always looking for titles to add to my TBR collection. I love the format and Anne offers some wonderful suggestions to those searching for “what to read next” I am back today to add to my previous review. “What Should I Read Next” is now my go-to podcast! I look forward to listening every week. Anne has recommended so many great books that fit my reading style. By listening to this podcast I have also discovered books that are better suited for other readers. Anne and her team offer something for everyone which is why this podcast is so awesome!
  • katebelt
    Everyday People Make Fascinating Guests
    I love this podcast because even when they discuss genres and titles that are not for me, it’s fascinating to hear the guests talk about where they are in the world and what they’re up to. Some of the episodes have brought me to tears when I hear a reader talking about how books have been tools of healing in their personal lives or used to create bonds with a younger generation.
  • eos417
    Rescued my reading life!
    This podcast is responsible for reinvigorating my reading life after a long post-baby slump, and I couldn’t be more grateful! I come away from each episode inspired to pick up something new. Anne has fantastic recommendations - many of my favorites over the last two years have been directly from the podcast or the summer reading guide. Highly recommend!!
  • Melinda Edgerton
    My reading life has improved 1000%
    I discovered this podcast a few years ago, and since then, I’m not only discovering (and loving) new genres, I’m more confident in how I manage my reading life. I listen to more audiobooks now because it allows me to sneak more reading time into a very busy season of life. I’ve learned more effective ways to discuss books with my book club, and how to ask the right questions when asking for recommendations from friends or booksellers. The team that brings us this show does an excellent job. Shout out to all the folks behind the scenes that make this show my favorite book podcast!
  • jmfrodgers
    Three Cheers for WSIRN!
    I love to read and this podcast is so inspiring! After listening I want to do nothing else but get caught up on my TBR list!
  • LoriLapola
    Hidden Gems and weekly anticipation
    As an avid reader this podcast brings me gems I would have never uncovered on my own. My reading life has expanded and I look forward to hearing the suggestions and reading the articles every week! Lori
  • Bluedream60
    A great podcast for readers of all genres
    I stumbled onto this podcast when I was struggling with finding a book to read. Anne and crew have introduced me to so many books of all different genres that my stack of books to be read has grown by leaps and bounds. Thank you! I highly recommend giving this show a listen- you never know what little tidbits of insight you will learn and what new book may show up on your to be read shelf.
  • @nb11
    Changed my reading life!
    What Should I Read Next changed my reading life! The book recommendations and discussions about how to know yourself better as a reader gave me insight into a part of my life that brings me great joy. It’s a kind, thoughtful, fun podcast and Anne and her team are awesome “friends in my ears.” Highly recommend!!
  • RehobothCathy
    Great! Expands your reading life!
    Highly recommend this entertaining and informative podcast! I’ve received so many ideas from it and have then tried and enjoyed many books beyond the titles I would usually pick up. Fun to listen to with rewards beyond! Thanks!
  • JoTaylor2019
    I thought I ran out of books to read until I started listening to “What Should I Read Next.” Now my TBR list is overflowing.
  • sarah1987l
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast is always a must listen for me. I love the book conversation and the way Anne talks about books - she has a way of making me want to read almost everything! I’ve learned a lot about myself as a reader from the great book therapy she does with some readers too. I look forward to the episode drop on Tuesdays!
  • Cher681
    Great podcast
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple years now. I’ve added so many books to my TBR list and have enjoyed quite a lot Anne and guests have mentioned.
  • LenoreMarie
    Fun book podcast
    I’ve listened to this podcast for years now and do enjoy both Anne’s recommendations and guests reflections on their favorite books! I like that normal readers of all ages join Anne and can share their joy of reading on this podcast. Aside from the numerous ads, one thing I have found difficult is the sound quality. Anne has such great things to share; however, I’m constantly adjusting my volume to hear Anne because her voice will at times go to a whisper at the end of the sentence and/or her voice will go from semi loud to barely audible to normal volume in one sentence. I understand Anne has been dealing with some vocal issues. There are no sound quality issues with any guests.
  • S Coffeelover
    Just The BEST
    This is my favorite podcast out of the many I listen to. Anne Bogle is wise, kind and insightful. The recommendations on this podcast have changed my reading life for the better. I always learn new things from all of the guests even when their reading tastes are different from mine. Thank you Anne and team for all of your hard work and creative brilliance.
  • podcast escape traveler
    Sleep time listening..
    Love this podcast I look forward to the show every week… I listen at night in my down time right before sleep.. gives me many new titles to research.. Anne is amazing
  • TheMarquess
    Get better guests
    Stop with the insufferable guests like Michelle Acierno Loftus. 🤮
  • lrnmann
    Sad to Stop Listening
    I’ve been a longtime listener of the podcast, but lately I’ve become tired of so many ads and what feels like self-promotion by the podcaster. I understand podcasting is a business, but it’s much too obvious and I don’t get much enjoyment from the content anymore. There are other book podcasts with fewer or no ads that I enjoy much more.
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