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What Should I Read Next? is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week, Anne Bogel, of the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, interviews a reader about the books they love, the books they hate, and the books they're reading now. Then, she makes recommendations about what to read next. The real purpose of the show is to help YOU find your next read.

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  • agirlnamedchuck22
    My reading life is better because of this podcast
    I thought I was an avid and thoughtful reader before I found this podcast, but this podcast has taken my reading life to a new level. Not only because I’ve been exposed to so many wonderful book recommendations, but also because I have become more thoughtful about what types of books I like and don’t like, themes and aspects of books that I prefer. I have also become more open to various genres. Anne Bogel is a gift and I absolutely love her soothing voice.
  • Troop33
    My friend introduced me to this podcast about a week ago and I just can’t get enough. My reading list is growing exponentially! Always good content. Always food for thought. Thank you, Anne!
  • babsmc40
    My Favorite Podcast!!
    If you have ever read a book or are thinking of reading one, this podcast is for you! Everything is perfect about this podcast and I have gone through many podcasts. The format is perfect. You learn about books you might never have thought of for yourself, but you end up dying to read them!!
  • LaurieDuq
    Never Miss
    I’ve been here since episode one. Tuesday is my favorite day of the week knowing I have a new episode of book talk to look forward to.
  • Calidaho
    Changed my reading life
    Anne’s book recommendations have helped me get past the book slump I was in a few years ago. Now I never run out of books to read that are sure to be winners for me. Plus, Anne is a great interviewer and I get so wrapped up in the conversation that I just have to sit in my car to finish the episode. And, I know this might be unusual but I appreciate the sponsors she has curated. Many of the products fill a need-where can I finally find a good bra? (Thirdlove). Who makes no show socks that actually stay on? (Bombas). Take advantage of Anne’s broad knowledge of books an start building your list of books to read next!!
  • kitten with a whip😼
    Not for me
    I used to be a listener a little on the saccharine side Sorry 😐 My greatness joy is spending time looking through my local library and finding what fits for me to many listeners out there need to guide themselves not allowing others to make your choices Good luck
  • Megs2448
    Anne has been my greatest guide in my journey of falling in love with reading again!
  • stplaz
    Positive and inspiring!
    Recommended for all readers.
  • PhillyPALady
    Great podcast!
    I recently started listening and simply love this podcast. I am now listening from the most recent going backwards and also from the beginning going forwards. (I guess I will meet in the middle somewhere!) I really enjoy all this book talk and my To Be Read list keeps expanding. Thank you for bringing more joy to my reading life.
  • Mama_Chrissy
    I just discovered Anne Bogel’s podcast today. I am so inspired to read, write, and to always say yes to the flowers. Thank you, Anne, from a fellow Kentucky girl. I’m pre-ordering your new book right now.
  • gigi in SC
    Have followed Modern Mrs Darcy’s blog for years! Never disappoints and love the podcast!
  • Inkstainedangel
    Rejuvenated My Reading Life!
    One my absolute favorite podcasts! I have always been an avid reader, but after marriage and motherhood, my reading life languished. An unexpected illness a few years sent me looking for a good book and I stumbled upon Anne’s podcast while looking for recommendations. I’m so glad I did! I look forward to new episodes every week and I love how Anne focuses on finding the right book for the right reader. After just a few episodes, your TBR stack will be miles high!
  • TracyTeaches
    Book Therapy ❤️
    I started listening to What Should I Read Next thinking it would focused on new release titles that were all the buzz. Boy was I wrong. It’s so much better! Ann hosts a 30 minute reader’s advisory/therapy session that listeners get to eavesdrop on. I love the format so much I have pulled vague elements of it into my middle school classroom.
  • Ryann Martino
    Love Me Some Book Talk!
    I love reading books, talking about books, dreaming about what books to read next, and listening to people talk all things books! Anne’s podcast is amazing, and my TBR has grown to obscene proportions as a result... which is fantastic! And she has the absolute best laugh ever!!!
  • Creek14
    Wonderful podcast. Great book recommendations
    Love this podcast and all that Anne does. Happy Reading!
  • nmalluser
    Best Book Podcast!
    Love this podcast! I look forward to each new episode.
  • emieross
    I listen every week!
    I get so excited on Tuesday mornings when I wake up to a new episode! Helped me feel happy and peaceful when I was going through a hard time in my life. Has totally given me new reading inspiration. Great way to hear great book recs or simply feel entertained and relaxed.
  • Momlovestorun89
    The best bookish podcast!
    I LOVE listening to this podcast! This has helped me add so many great novels to my “TBR” pile and I have discovered so many books that I would have otherwise not heard of. I love that she interviews such a broad range of guests with different literary interests, it has helped me expand into genres that I was previously afraid to dip my toes in to. Keep up the good work, Anne & friends! Thanks for the great content!
  • Fan1233
    Perfect in every way!
    Perfect in every way except for the fact that my TBR is much longer than I could ever get to. This show is super fun and engaging. The perfect listen for any book lover.
  • ndlucio
    All the Book Love!
    Love this podcast! Introduced me to my favorite teacher gift ever...bookdarts! Taught me the error of my snobbish ways regarding audiobooks and helped me get back to my love of reading. Her event in Evanston, IL in 2018 inspired one of my favorite trips with some of my favorite book club friends. This podcast brings me joy:)
  • BarBGirl1999
    Love it!
    I LOVE this podcast. My TBR list has grown considerably since I’ve started listening, which can be good or bad - depending on your point of view.
  • deewltn
    So Much Bookish Love!
    I found this podcast during a particularly low point in my life. Started listening a few months ago, and have since worked my way back through EVERY EPISODE. It’s been a delight to be in community with fellow readers, and Anne’s recommendations have carried me through a challenging few months. Although I’ve exhausted the backlog, I’ll continue to be an avid listener. Indeed, it is so so good to be among people who are reading!
  • JoyRowe
    I love this podcast!
  • MaryAlice715
    Love listening to people talk about books!
    Anne is a pro at book recs and she is also a very gifted podcaster! She’s so conversational and natural that I constantly forget that she is talking to most of her guests on Skype. It always feels like we are all in the room together.
  • brittanyfw
    My favorite!
    I absolutely LOVE this podcast! I love Anne’s voice, I love the content, and I look forward to each new episode. I can’t wait to hear the recommendations and add them to my ever-growing TBR list. I would love for Anne to visit SoCal soon!
  • lauren_catherine
    This is the podcast that got me into podcasts
    Right after I graduated college years ago, I heard about this podcast about books. I was excited to reignite my reading life and I started listening to WSIRN. Because of this podcasts, I started listening to so many others. Thank you Anne and team for your hard and important work!
  • Beth Lily Rose
    What Should I Read Next
    My favorite bookish podcast!
  • KellyShoe
    What Should I Read Next
    Love this podcast! Just what I needed to increase my reading. Thank you.
  • VGM724
    Favorite Podcast
    WSIRN has made my reading life so much better! I love hearing Anne’s guests talk books, reading, writing, and life.
  • CMO book lover
    My favorite podcast
    I’ve been a fan for a while. This is the one podcast I make sure I listen to weekly. Love Anne, her guests, and her recommendations! Avid readers shouldn’t miss this one!
  • Me123231238
    Add to your TBR list
    Listening to WSIRN is interesting and informative with new guests every week. Be prepared to add lots of books to your To Be Read list!
  • A.n.i.t.a.
    A Must Listen Podcast
    I love this podcast. It will change your reading life. It's happy, interesting and fun.
  • Generic Reader
    Sweet but not inclusive
    Listening to Anne is calming and occasionally she has a guest who lives in the real world and not a homogenous bubble featuring their own race and religion, but not usually. Her purpose lost in formula is becoming more about influence and less about authentic engagement. She gathers sales brokers and sponsors who are just like her falsely sincere and pocket lining as they smile and pretend concern. Each episode is less interesting than the one before. Definitely for passed over sorority seekers seeking community keeping GDIs at arm, flag and fence length.
  • Diarg62
    Book love
    Ann is kind of like a wizard in the way that she matches books to readers. I have learned so much about my own preferences, and my reading world has considerably widened since I discovered this podcast.
  • erinpear
    Love this podcast!
    I just discovered this podcast and love it! The conversations are entertaining, and I can’t wait to hear the book recommendations at the end of each one. I’ve already added a number to my TBR list.
  • Malamala70
    This podcast is such a delight
    👍🏻❤️ Just love this podcast for the book recaps, recommendations, beautiful voice and and and...it’s wonderful. Grab a cup of joe, go for a run/walk outside and enjoy Ann Bogel’s charm. I could never keep up with the recommendations bc Ann makes all books sound delightful through her recaps. She definitely has a gift for storytelling.
  • BianaV
    Encouraging a Sloooow Reader
    I discovered What Should I Read Next because my boss was pretty excited when his wife, Keren, was the guest on Episode #193. Since then, I have learned that audibooks are a completely legit way to enjoy reading (and have been termendously enjoying Trevor Noah's Born a Crime) and have learned that it's ok to read books of all genres (and am currently in the middle of my first romance novel, The Kiss Quotient). In 2020, I am psyched to take my first stab at the Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge, which would truly be quite an accomplishment for a reading turtle like me... always reading something... very slowly. Anyways -- thank you to Anne & your team for bringing some lovely new inspiration to my life.
  • rachelgc19
    You’ll listen, you’ll laugh, and then you’ll want to read all the books.
    I love this podcast. It’s all about books but also so much more than books. Since I started listening to this podcast I’ve started to read more, branched out in the types of books I read, and even started a reading challenge for myself. I love that I’ve found out I’m not the only one who hates book jackets and I now have plans to make my bookshelves beautiful and decorate with books.
  • JoTaylor2019
    Thank you for reawakening my love for reading. My “TBR” list keeps growing.
  • BookfriendMN
    Bookish Best Friend
    Anne Bogel is the bookish best friend you wish you had! She is down to earth, funny and friendly as she dishes on books and does a little literary match making on each entertaining episode.
  • Tabinushi
    So great!
    I’m a librarian and dedicated reader, so my love of books doesn’t need any reawakening. And yet, this amazing podcast has made me love books and long to read more than ever before. Anne has a great voice and is intelligent, funny, and down to earth. I started with episode 200, which really gives you a sense of the show. Enjoy!
  • AmandaL0vesBooks
    Awesome Reading Podcast
    I LOVE this podcast! Anne does such a good job just right books for all of her guests. She has helped remove me from book funks, because I now have a HUGE list of books that I need to read next! Listening to Anne sounds like she is sitting in my living room, I want to be her friend! Subscribe to this podcast, you will love her!!
  • rinnybird
    Perfect in nearly every way
    I love Anne’s work, her soothing voice, and the way she recommends books truly based on the guest’s likes without letting her own bias play too much into it. The other bad thing I have to say is that she’s making it impossible to make a dent in my TBR since I keep adding to it!
  • MaryHelenSheriff
    Long time fan
    This is the first book podcast I ever found! Over the years I’ve read so many great books I discovered here.
  • Abby not Abigail
    Thanks for the reading fun!
    Love learning more about reading recommendations with Anne!
  • charliechip3
    If you love books....then this is a “must listen” for you!! Yes, you will get great book suggestions from listening to the people Anne talks to, but it’s more than that. You will find yourself immersed listening to Anne as she interviews each guest finding out about them, and two books they love and one they hate before she makes recommendations!! I love listening to Anne and learning about new books! It’s a GREAT podcast!!!
  • Wesley Anne
    The BEST and most soothing podcast
    On my way home from work, or if I'm puttering around the house, I want something soothing, informative, and fun, and this podcast is PERFECT. I love the format, and it's given me such a great TBR list! It's the perfect podcast.
  • Holly in Indiana
    My favorite podcast
    "What Should I Read Next" is my favorite podcast of all time. Each episode is approximately 45 minutes and during that time, Anne chats with one guest. She has them tell her three books they love, one book that they don't, and what they are currently reading. From that information, she gives them three book recommendations (and sometimes one or two more as a bonus). This is a fantastic resource for those of us who love books and reading. Since reading is such a solitary activity, hearing other people discuss their reading tastes and what they might wish to do differently in their reading life is a very unique experience. Anne always manages to help connect the dots about what the commonality is between the books they enjoy and why the book they don't like doesn't appeal. A learning experience for the listener while being highly entertaining. Excellent production quality, editing, and Anne's voice was made for listening. Best podcast ever!
  • Logicaltexas
    Love (and hate) this podcast
    This is a fabulous podcast for all book lovers. However, I also hate it in that my TBR list is now Even bigger than before I started listening about a month ago. I’ll never complete my list! Seriously, though, this podcast has already made me want to venture out and try books I usually don’t read. Anne interviews a wide variety of readers. I wish I could be Anne.
  • Bookish Beauty
    My Favorite
    This is the first podcast I have listened to about the love of reading. I have added so many books to my TBR list and feel ahead of the game when she recommends books I’ve already read! I love that so often the people she talks with are average people who love to read- not famous people.
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