My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark


Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

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  • Finch-nest
    Wow, ultra woke
    I was excited to finally listen to the beloved podcast. First episode I listen to specifically criticizes someone as a “white man.” Not describes, but criticizes. Sorry MFM, I was born this way. It doesn’t make me evil.
  • $&&?($$;;
    Went downhill
    I used to love this show it was so good but honestly since they have their new network they have become so lazy and the show is boring! They either play old shows or the horrible live episodes that Are not fun unless you are there in the audience. Disappointed.
  • podcast lover10
    amazing podcast!!!!
    I found this podcast around 2 years ago and have been hooked ever since! Toward the beginning I would skip past the chit chat but now I love listening to it, the details make it so much more personal and Karen and Georgia feel like my cool older sister that I get to hang out with
  • estewwy
    Should be titled Ramble On
    They just talk about completely unrelated garbage for over half the podcast! I’ve tried so hard to like this podcast but it’s terrible! They should cut the background conversations in half and it would be good.
  • Bthird
    Loving MFM
    This podcast is still amazing! They hilarious as always and love each story they bring to each podcast. Been seeing so many review how they’re getting “too political” when that’s not the case at all, and what’s wrong with saying Black Lives Matter and talking about issues that have been affecting minorities? Any who, can’t wait till I can go to one of their live shows!
  • Grown-up lol
    I canNOT get enough of these women! Their humor! The random conversations! And of course the murders!
  • TravelingHeart
    Sad to rate it like this...
    I first found MFM in 2018 and I was a huge fan of it for years. It got me through many all nighters in grad school, it was my favorite podcast and I got my friends hooked. I liked the blend of true crime with some light hearted humor that the episodes had a better mix of a few years back. However, as time went on the more trivial banter at the beginning of each episode got longer, longer, and longer sometimes what seems upwards of 20-30 minutes. It doesn’t feel like a true crime podcast anymore. It just now feels more unfocused and dispassionate than ever. Truly new episodes hardly ever come out, and when they do a true crime murder may not even be covered and it’s usually one story per episode. For the most part every week is padded with live show recordings or quilt episodes. Personally, I am not a big fan of listening to their live show recordings because so much of that is fan service and hamming it up for the audience. Which I’m sure is great if you’re in the audience at a live show but as a recording I don’t really care for it. Then the quilt episodes are just clips from previous years repackaged which doesn’t add anything. I can go relisten to those episodes on my own. If they need a break then I would rather them just say that and not repackage old content as our episode of the week. Take off however long they want, and then if they want to come back I wish they would try to tighten up the content a bit more. However, if their hearts aren’t in it anymore and they’d rather focus on their other ventures then I wish they’d be honest about it. It had a good run but the heart and quality isn’t there for me like it used to be.
  • Av8trx
    It’s a gem!
    Although murder is terrible and horrific, I still love to hear the stories and Karen
  • taniii2264
    Miss old content
    I have been a listener for 4 years. Tuned in every week excited for the stories and humor. For the past few months I have stopped tuning in weekly due to the lack of new content. Lots of repeat episodes and I don’t love that both hosts opening admit to doing none of their own research. Often both Karen and Georgia will admit to not knowing what their story is about until the last minute. It comes off as lazy. They make it seem like they hardly pay attention to their platform and make their staff create all content for them. Tired of hearing episodes off topic from true crime and live episodes/repeats. Bring the pizazz back. Still subscribed because my fingers are crossed they will bounce back.
  • Go laxbrah
    Where is the story?
    It would help so much to have time stamps of when you get to the ACTUAL story.
  • LazlosMom
    What happened?
    This was the very first podcast I started with, back in 2016. I loved it! I feel it’s gotten lazy, using live shows for fillers and now guest hosts. Unsubscribing after 5 years. I do, however, want to thank this show for introducing me to podcasts. It’s just a shame this show has gone down in quality.
  • LCMartini
    An all-time great
    Been listening since year one. And will be with the girls (and SRM) till the end. Entertaining, funny, and yes political. But for those that see it as a negative, I’m not sure you’re really listening. These ladies have brought attention to so many of important issues. Thank your Karen, Georgia and the entire Exactly Right network for the work you do. SSDGM.
  • Lo1217
    I’m hooked!
    This is the best podcast EVER. Georgia and Karen make such a great pair. They are so funny and down to earth. I can listen to them for hours and do! If you love true crime and have a sense of humor then this podcast is for you.
  • Betty Buddy
    Infuriating to listen to
    Girls, you are just not as interesting as you think you are. I was so frustrated listening to you go on about yourselves for 10 minutes that at that point I just turned you off. Your use of the word “like” for every other word and your obnoxious California inflections were more than I could take.
  • ElizabethB0418
    I like the show, but they aren't doing it anymore.
    It's all quilts, mediocre live shows that didn't make the cut to post pre-COVID, and re-runs with guest hosts. I miss the effort they used to make.
  • cahcah67123
    Murder Podcast turned Political Preaching Platform
    I have been listening to MFM since the beginning, and it used to be my favorite part of the week. I would wake up on Thursdays and immediately listen to the new episodes. I loved the banter and the interesting stories. Unfortunately, within the past year this podcast has completely changed and turned into basically a political preaching platform. And I’m not some right wing Karen I agree with 90% of the hosts opinions but I listen to murder podcasts to get AWAY from our messed up country. They also stopped making new content and basically just complain and release live shows so I am no longer a fan.
  • Stephi Zoe
    Not good anymore
    Look. I’ve been supportive of this podcast since episode 6. It’s fun and a good concept. But the reality is that over the past few years (pre-pandemic, too) the content has really lowered in quality. I love a good side tangent. I don’t agree with all of their political opinions but I’m not mad they share them. My issue is they hardly even cover interesting murders (or murders at all) anymore. It feels tired and like they’re not as into it anymore.
  • kaliska all day
    Best podcast ever.
    I look forward to every Monday and Thursday morning so I can get ready for work with my favorite ladies. True crime and comedy is a walking embodiment of me. So when I found Karen and Georgia I found my second family. Love this podcast and their following, my fellow murderinos.
  • revierea
    MFM has run its course
    Not sure what happened here. I used to look forward to the latest MFM episode, went to live shows, even purchased merch….maybe the exactly right network is taking up too much of karen and Georgia’s time. Between the politics and recycling old episodes (and now guest hosts reliving old episodes?!?!) I can’t even force myself to get through these anymore. And I tried…..Many times! Crime Junkie and/or Killer Queens do a really great job. I recommend these for those of us looking to fill the MFM void.
  • jocygdj
    Best Podcast!
    Absolutely love this podcast. Im glad I found it about a year ago.
  • Alex 1234567890victor
    I really wanted to find a new podcast to listen to since I’ve listened to every episode of crime junkies and morbid (amazing). But this is just not scratching that itch. So so much of chit chat over nothing. Ok… over movies and actors and yada yada. So boring and not true crime that I really wanted.
  • boodfz$
    Trued to listen to your podcast but was immediately turned off by Elizabeth Taylor’s profanity.
  • ellum enopie
    What is happening
    First, I respect everyone has family and life stuff and everyone is trying to make it, but I see no point in listening to a podcast that has lost the forest for the trees. We support you with gifts, support, money etc. and I would like to see just the same stories. And the new stories are not as good as they used to be. I guess keep phoning it in…. So you can have summer vacation. Cool
  • gibuonpastore
    Trying to stick around
    I started your pod from the beginning again because I miss your old episodes & how it wasn’t so opinionated. I use this as an escape from hearing about politics, the pandemic, etc. Bring back the murder, laughs & occasional banter please.
  • catasteph
    Not what it use to be
    I LOVED MFM and had been a fan since the beginning. But since the pandemic started, it’s just not the same and the quality isn’t there anymore…I took a break from them for a while, but recently decided to give mfm another chance. However, it was disappointing to hear that nothing’s changed. Unfortunately, had to unsubscribe because I got tired of listening to reruns of live shows and found them to be a bit hypocritical on what they preached.
  • sophaaaya
    Not for everyone but definitely for me
    I didn’t really get the hype when I first started listening, but I’m totally hooked now. I love these two and could listen to them talk for hours!! NOTE: If you’re trying to find a crime podcast with cold hard facts and nothing else...uhh this isn’t for you chief.
  • KJennaG
    Do your own research and record something new.
  • melsalatl
    Too many spoilers and lack of new content 😢
    Ladies. I have loved you from the start, listened from the beginning, saw you live at The Fox Theater in Atlanta, love all the chit chat, team anti Trump etc... BUT I beg you respectfully.... Please PLEASE your spoilers are out of control... especially in these pandemic times when those responsible among us only have Netflix etc to get us through. Please slow down and give a full alert. Find myself constantly , frantically grabbing for the phone and randomly skipping til god knows when! Please be considerate, as it’s a bit out of control 😬🥲.. Additional edit 1/21/21 ... as many of your OG fans have stated, the lack of new content is so disappointing. Was sad to see that today’s release ( Jan 21 ) is yet another repeat ( from 2016 ) . .....Also sidebar, but it definitely isn’t “ fun “ to listen back to immediate post 2016 election times. It’s actually traumatizing. I never want to feel the way I did on 11/9/16 again, so hard pass on listening to that repeat episode. I feel pretty confident that many of your listeners feel the same on that front. Anyhoo, back to my point... Since Dec 24th every episode but one has been a live show, fan cult “exclusives”, promos for other network shows and minisodes (fun but 20 minutes max of content ). If your heart isn’t in it any more ladies, perhaps it’s time to hang it up and focus on your network. Sad to see it end this way 😢. Genuinely wish you all the best in production etc.
  • Formerly "X"
    Love Y’all!!
    Love your hilarious take on terrible events…and I love your #BLM stance even more! You all are appreciated!
  • brinamarie14
    What happened??
    I’ve been listening since the beginning, this used to be my favorite podcast, but I just unsubscribed. There hasn’t been new content for months now, they keep releasing old live shows and re-releasing old episodes. All this podcast is now is political chit chat and old content. And they barely even talk about true crime anymore. So disappointing.
  • kimbear42
    Love love love
    Somehow able to combine my love of comedy and crime, I really enjoy laughing along to their jokes and gasping at the horror. So good!
  • AvidLstNrrr
    Very sporadic, I’m really trying to like them, but it’s just all over the place. Supposed to be about true crime but it’s 80% opinions and stories/20% crime.
  • paulinewalkz
    It’s a virtue signaling podcast
    Been a fan and listener since episode one. ONE. Coming from a black girl, I’m repulsed by how racial focused this podcast has become. You’re not an ally if all you talk about is racial divides. Stop virtue signaling. You’re just making it worse.
  • dude...ineedanickname
    Enjoy your break!
    We’ll be fine. I like what you’ve done, inviting hosts to share their favorite murders while you two are enjoying a much needed break. Take it easy... I’ll be here when you get back.
  • 31133V
    This used to be one of my favorites, now it’s just reruns that are branded as something else.
  • KatieC83
    I tried..
    I tried to have an open mind and give this podcast a try. After months, I had to unsubscribe. The name of the podcast alone was a huge turnoff but I didn’t want to judge it before I gave it a shot. It’s cringe and not well done. Murderinos? Ooof. So cringe.
  • jlp_1
    Just post re-runs and old live shows now
    Used to be good but now they don’t put out any new episodes and just post old recorded live episodes. Absolute trash
  • eab4253
    Bummer review to write
    This used to be one of my favorite podcasts. Funny, empowering and fantastic storytelling. But then it slowly started getting more and more political until the comments and generalizations about groups of people and regions of the country (that they proudly say they will never go on tour to) kind of took my interest away from the show. If you’re going to preach not stereotyping and being kind, that should also include people who have different beliefs than you. The quality of the episodes has decreased too. Seems less casual and more forced. It feels very “get in and get the job done and get out”. It’s okay if they want to stop or take a break. I just wish they’d communicate that. Anyway, like most reviewers have said, listen pre-2020, but most after that aren’t worth it.
  • Andrea62388
    Let Down City
    This podcast used to be my favorite part of the week. I haven’t listened in months and just pulled them up again to find nothing but repeat episodes and these “quilts” we’ve all heard before. Make something new or just call it.
  • Bschusterrrrrrr
    The best
    My favorite podcast (and only podcast I’ve consistently listened to for the past few years) love yall :)
  • novaluu
    Get to the Story!
    I always have to fast forward through the random banter! Talk, talk, talk… I just want to hear the story not listen to you two rambling on and on…annoying! I end up moving onto another podcast…sorry! 40 minutes in I can finally hear the actual topic story!
  • keishaisamurderino
    My Favorite Podcast
    My favorite podcast- Period.
  • ammmmm18
    I used to love this show
    This used to be my favorite podcast but it went totally downhill the past year. They seem bored and the episodes are all recycled now. Anyway, I recommend Small Town Murder as it’s in the same vain, not politically charged, and they do not skimp on quality.
  • Marie Zambo
    Walk with me
    I have 1000 songs on my phone. I have three different apps where are you can listen to music. I walk for fitness. Sometimes miles at a time. Since finding your podcast, I have chosen to listen to you two broads while I am walking now. And that is the biggest compliment that I can give you. The only downside is that I’ve spent a lot more money on Botox because of all the smiling and laughing I now do while listening to you two banter.
  • stanandsamsweet
    Couldn’t make it through the first episode. Way too much “witty” banter, not enough investigation. But at least the hosts seem to find each other funny..
  • Yoda0922
    Love them, but don’t want to hear beliefs
    I love this Podcast, but I subscribed to a murder podcast, not your views on politics and vaccines. Sad, but done following you guys. :(
  • MeganMarieTerry2016
    The constant cursing is not cool, it makes you look like an uneducated poser. Tune into Crime Junkie!
  • SpookyCroissant
    Best Podcast
    Thanks for keeping me even a little sane with the world falling down around us. You two are the bright side of my Monday and Thursday commute. SSDGM, ❤️A
  • StoneyPanda93
    Forever a fan.
    I am a mobile groomer and this is great to listen to in the morning, wakes me up with a laugh!!! I look forward to every episode!!!
  • Tayupple
    I’ve listened to MFM for over 5 years now and I’m really disappointed with the state of the podcast. It gets exhausting listening to personal opinions on matters that Karen and Georgia aren’t experts in (politics, socioeconomics, various cultures, science, etc.). They have always shared their thoughts but the pod has become preachy with a “know it all” overtone. The stories were still good, but now they don’t even upload many of those.
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