My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark


Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

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    Aug 19, 2019 – 27:14
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    Aug 12, 2019 – 25:08
Recent Reviews
  • Emily6171997
    A little too chatty for me but clearly others like it.
  • guest81639
    Used to be great....
    Recently unsubscribed because I cannot hear anymore of the preaching. I enjoyed the comedy aspects and obviously the true crime but the long rants about therapy and sobriety really put me off. Feels like I’m listening to an uneducated self help book now.
  • BiimboJiimbo
    Must listen
    This is my first podcast that I’ve listened to and they’ve honestly ruined listening to anything else. It’s just flows so nicely and they rift off each other so well
  • TWDWalkerChick
    Awesome podcast
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this podcast. Totally obsessed with true crime and this podcast is just for me. I love Karen and Georgia’s sense of humor, these two need to come to Jersey!!! Love you guys!!!
  • ana.rita.quadros
    Truly amazing podcast
    I love this podcast! Karen and Georgia are great story tellers, and even though the subject is such a hard one, they always handle it with respect and humor. I have heaard all of their episodes, and I have laughed in every single one! I highgly recommend it. Let me just add that I also love the natural way Karen and Georgia talk to each other, and how open they are about mental health. Just hear it! :)
  • im_marypoppinsyall
    Y’all, this is seriously the best! Karen and Georgia get me pumped every morning on my way to work! Thank y’all both for the laughs and the super researched facts on Murder! Love y’all! Give Elvis a cookie for me!
  • tess2037
    Love love love!
    Karen and Georgia are absolutely amazing at giving me the true crime I want to hear while making it minimally depressing. I always get a good laugh in! It is also so fun to be part of the MFM community ❤️
  • Clydebear101
    F**king hooray!!!
    My #1 podcast for the past year I’ve been a dog walker! This show somehow seamlessly combines all of my favorite things: true crime, comedy, animals, tips on how to not be murdered, and important mental health topics! Love these ladies and the positive message they are sharing!!
    It’s my first time listening to these ladies episode 206. I saw the description of the story and I was interested! IT TOOK THEM 15min to get into the story! They kept talking about things I could care less about... and I’m sure other people didn’t care.
  • Babygil14
    I love you guys.... made my night watching Sweet and salty. Best laugh ever. Thanks for letting me know.... stay sexy and sober!!!!!
  • Cheychau
    Love it
    Love it
  • Banana fanna
    The worst
    I clicked on this to listen to while I’m in the shower unwinding from my day at work and my entire shower all I hear is gossip, reviews of tv shows and a lot of f words. Are y’all kidding me? Never listening again. Talk about murder!
  • sober mama
    Is it just me or is it super annoying to listen to chitchat and people trying to be funny on a true crime podcast? I want it dark and brooding and about the CASE!! So annoying
  • kaylaafosterr
    SUGGESTION: Pike County Massacre
    I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio and I remember a few years ago hearing that there was a family massacred north of where I live. The trials are still ongoing but it is so interesting and I would love to her you guys cover this story. If you see this, i love you guys!!!
  • HethurrE
    Georgia's recent sobriety is definitely helping the cause for listenability. Please, girl, just stay off the pills and alcohol.
  • Edwood-IA
    These ladies are awesome but they need a new editor or something. Each week it is getting worse of what stuff was cut and pasted back in
  • nehadol
    Change your editor
    Whoever is editing the podcast and uploading it really screwing. There are so many repeats within the podcast. There were at least 5 times that the audio paused and went back over the last few minutes of what had been said. Y’all need to look into what’s going on. Love this podcast but this is starting to get annoying
  • ShawLouis
    Always looking forward to the next episode. Stay sexy and don’t get murdered!!
  • Barthalamane blue
    Wonderfully cathartic
    I love this and love hearing people talk about the messed up things that happen and then break up the heavy with jokes about rasin pentagrams and calling your dad!
  • taytay28144
    This is such a good podcast with equal parts comedy, entertainment, thrill, and some sadness. Their story telling skills are great and the unrelated tangents they go on are so funny and I love just listening to them talk as friends even if it’s not directly related to the murders they’re telling about. Their research isn’t extremely thorough but I think that everything else in the podcast makes up for that. 10/10 would recommend.
  • wiedy6
    Bad editing
    It’d be great if your newer stuff didn’t skip around so much (like Spatula City, Episode 206). I have no clue what’s going on after these inconvenient happenings. Stop replaying what was already said then starting somewhere where I’m not familiar with. Kthanksbye
  • eyeopenimg
    Couldn’t listen for more than 10 minutes
    If you’re interested in murder and true crime, don’t listen to this podcast. You’ll have to deal with 10-15 minutes of unrelated chitchat where the hosts attempt to wow you with their humor. Unfortunately, it falls short. To make it worse, they litter their talk with unnecessary profanity. They obviously like to hear themselves talk, bit comedians they are not. What a waste!
  • aashgasm
    Best True Crime Podcast Ever!
    YASSSSS! I love these ladies and their love for murder. It’s such a perfect and hilarious pod! These ladies make me cry regularly. Thank you for beautiful stories.
  • KitCat9554
    My Favorite Podcast
    When I first got into podcasts, I was behind the times so it was 2017 and I ,of course, started with the typical suggested true crime ones. I saw this one had a high rating, gave it a shot, and I hated it. Skip ahead two years and I had exhausted the true crime category for the time being so I figured I’d give MFM another shot. I fell hard and fast in love. They are now my top fav weekly podcast. I love these women so much and feel so connected to them. So, if you didn’t like this the first time around, give them another shot.
  • Baby has arrived!!
    Awesome Hilarious Show
    My co-worker told me about this show and I’m so glad she did. I listen to it constantly now and I’m obsessed! Keep it up guys!
  • AJ Nevada
    THE Best thing ever
    While it always seems difficult to describe tactfully to my friends why a murder podcast is so amazing without sounding like a complete psycho, I push through and tell EVERYONE how crazy good you two are at storytelling and comedy! Thank you for making such an incredible podcast and blending true crime with comedy in a way that seems so natural and seamless between the two of you. You present it in a way that can’t be outdone or bested by anyone ❤️
  • BearDownGirl
    What the Whaaaaa?!
    My unbeknownst-to-them, BFFs! Stay Sexy and Don’t Give Massages.
  • smfre
    Good / ok
    They are sometimes condescending and often wrong but it’s an okay podcast.
  • AmyKugaliMcWilliams
    The Godmothers of Podcasting
    This is the podcast that got me into podcasts! Georgia & Karen are so amazing, smart, and funny and I adore listening to them. I started a couple of years into the show and pretty much just listened non-stop until I caught up. It's so great for any true crime fan!
  • Railing Gazer
    Can’t recommend this podcast enough
    Good vibes!
  • PenguinSocks21
    Best out there.
    My favorite podcast by far. The only one I consistently listen to immediately when new episodes are posted.
  • SMB0613
    Can take time to adjust
    When I first started to listening to the podcast, it was hard for me to listen to the first 10-15 minutes. That was mostly because, the first 15 minutes are really Karen and Georgia chit chatting, catching-up, etc. It’s like sitting in on two best friends, talking about a joke you aren’t in on. But once you listen to 20 episodes, you feel apart of it.
  • GretchGus
    Engaging and Eye opening
    Love this show. As a long time fan of true crime, I love the twist these gals put on the stories they cover.
  • LTrain80
    wish this was better
    The hosts consistently mispronounce words and get case facts wrong and don’t correct themselves. The reading of the cases is kind of half-assed. I wish they would do more due diligence and research like the LPOTL guys do, and cite their sources. For example they said the Cheshire murders happened the same year as the Oklahoma City bombings and that’s why it wasn’t covered as much in the media. If you’re going to make that assertion at least fact check it first - OK City was 1994 and Cheshire was 2013. To not even get the year right by a decade is pretty careless.
  • JLM2018
    Guys, are we friends?!
    Love these chicks! So easy to relate to and feel like they’re friends with their listeners. My favorite way to pass the time at work!
  • lyzzardwyzzard
    Couldn’t give a higher rating
    True crime, friendship, dry hilarity. Also, it’s the gateway drug to podcasts. Thanks for enriching my life, podcasts are now my world
  • tabrock68
    Too much intro
    I am 10 minutes in to episode 205 there is no talk of murder or suspense etc. Heard about hosts sobriety and Justin Bateman, some soccer team. What a waste, and was annoying.
  • Anna.21.
    Love it
    Karen and Georgia are hilarious!
  • Jcccccc v
    Too much politics , no thanks
    Would be a great podcast but the constant extreme leftist comments alienate anyone not interested, including me. Also, nit that funny as I was expecting, seems like two embittered entitled women very narrow minded.
  • melanie0866
    It’s not about the murders
    Or not JUST about the murders. It’s about listening to these two women chat, and feeling like you’re listening to your two funniest friends. No cheesy production, no drama or music, just them. It makes it seem more real and intimate. I recommend starting with about the fourth episode and listening in order; otherwise you won’t get all the references. Enjoy.
  • petegr03
    Dark, but hilarious
    Karen and Georgia are both so funny! I know some people don't like their "go with the flow" format, but I feel like it eases us into things before talking about horribly violent and/or disturbing murders. All that being said, they are great storytellers and hilarious comedians. Worth a listen.
  • Coastal_Confections
    Amazing Amazing Amazing
    This is the greatest podcast ever. Karen and Georgia love what they do and it shows in the development of this podcast. It’s disappointing to see negative reviews about them talking in the beginning because a lot of us love that. We get to know Karen and Georgia’s personalities and it makes the podcast even better.
  • Queen Biz
    You’d have to be a murdurino to understand
    Some of my friends don’t get it. A true crime podcast where they talk about pockets, cats and yell “Steven”. Guess you have to be a murdurino to appreciate this Lifestyle podcast disguised as true crime comedy. Mental health, clothing (not fashion), life stories and a few murders. Plus the bonus hometown hodgepodge of things in walls, ghosts, how your parents almost let you die, but not ufos. Live these ladies
  • Twinkzzz
    Omg y’all are soooo annoying
  • busygarciamom08
    I’m screaming!
    These ladies have me literally laughing my butt off!!! Love them!
  • Tj and socks
    I am sorry for your therapists lose! I did not realize this was a therapy session! It is not about you! Done with this podcast
  • homie gnomie
    Fav casting of the pod ever
    New to this apparent classic fav. Don’t know where heck I have been, or how I missed it, but loving every episode. Listening to two new recent episodes with a friend and have now gone back and started from the beginning, Bc it’s that’s good. Funny without being offensive. Feels like I am hanging out in the living room with these girls. Maybe if I had met girls like this, I wouldn’t have left LA haha
  • curlyq127
    A friend recommended me this podcast as I’m addicted to crime junkie, but I was over 21 minutes into the episode before the topic of the case even got brought up. Let alone the constant f bombs that are totally out of context. Don’t get me wrong, I drop the f bomb a lot but not in unnecessary places of conversation. I wish it was another great podcast I could binge listen to, but not for me!
  • Shae Mack
    Not as great as it used to be
    When I first started listening to this podcast I absolutely loved it, now it feels like the full episodes (especially Georgia’s cases) are all over the place and hard to listen to. Their banter was charming at first and now it just feels overdone. I don’t mind how personal they get but sometimes i wonder if they feel like they have to talk about that because the fan cult enjoys it so much. I still enjoy the mini-episodes but completely skip the full ones now.
  • crimejunk1215
    Must listen if you like true crime
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