My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark


Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

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  • jenna_77
    Used to love you both.
    Karen, you know the Bible so well and it’s quite impressive. Georgia, you’ve become completely intolerable to listen to. We all have different views about our faith, or in your case the lack of faith in God, and I’ve tolerated it. I can’t anymore with the way you trash God. When did a murder podcast become about bashing the other side of the aisle?? My friends and I are done with Georgia. Karen, you’ll be missed!
  • TxGuerrero
    Feminism, Right?
    If you are a female criminal, then this is the podcast for you. Women are praised for committing crimes, but men are deemed evil and crazy. So if you committed a crime and are female in the 1700’s, 1800’s, or 1900-1980’s this is the right duo for you! Don’t be a man, or identify as one, if you want these two knuckleheads to sing your amazing praises!
  • _saralew_
    Trying to Stick Around
    Update: I stuck it out this long, but just stopped partway thru today’s minisode after open hostility toward the word Christian. You have many Christian listeners who love you- and this really sucked to hear. We’re not all as terrible and awful as you seem to think. I’m really gonna miss listening, but I can’t keep ignoring this. Few podcasts have made me laugh as much as this one- I LOVE your dry wit and conversational skill. Thoroughly appreciate everything about this, though I’ve simply shelved some differing politics opinions. I don’t mind disagreeing with people- I just listen here for entertainment anyway. But lately, we’re all getting it from all sides and your podcast is not an escape anymore. It’s almost felt as if you’re pushing those with differing beliefs away, and don’t want us enjoying your jokes and storytelling if we disagree with your politics or views on covid. This is simply my feedback- If you want to run a true crime podcast with the amount of politics it currently contains, then that is your right to do so. But people like me might have to (very sadly) unsubscribe.
  • ShellyPIsMe
    My fave
    Best podcast. Hosts are funny, sweet and ballsy! BSDGM Shelly she/her
  • Emmalemmadindong
    By far my most listened to, and favorite podcast. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, research, comedy, and sensitivity. :)
  • Binkabot
    This is my favorite podcast!
    I’m listening to the episode covering the zoot suit riots. They’re talking about when a group of white sailors are going around town beating up Mexicans, Filipinos, and black people. At 1:15:18 Georgia makes a comment saying that not much has changed since then, and I have to say that is so 100% wrong. People need to stop making it sound like the 40s or the 60s are the same as 2023. A lot has changed. White people are not pulling minorities off the street, beating them senseless and getting away with it. Comments like Georgia’s just encourage people to hang on to the past. I’ve noticed this podcast has a lot of that type of thinking. I enjoy it, but sometimes they’re over the top with their political views and they’re confident in inaccurate statements. Let’s move forward.
  • be_eb_zz
    Always a fan
    I’ve been a fan for awhile. I’ve always loved the pod, feels a little more “scripted” lately which I get now that you’re part of a larger network, etc. but I really loved the “two chicks talking in their living room” vibe too. Keep up the awesome work!
  • the Tubzizzle
    Still the best!!!!
    Sooo the best ever podcast!!!
  • Brattcat88
    Used to love you, but had to delete you
    Used to you, but the constant political soapbox drivel is off-putting…like put this off and out of my ears immediately. What happened to your original platform? You can’t sell out to Amazon and still claim to be all that you claim to be. -Snoozers. G-Byeeeeee.
  • Kvanbebber
    I’m a Karen-SuperFan
    Came for the True Crime and now also listen to “Do You Need A Ride” with Karen Kilgariff and Chris Fairbanks, all the YouTubes of Karen’s songs and any other podcast interviewing her. I’m a rural nor-cal/central cal girl, one year older than Karen, and just love her stories. Love Her!!! So funny, talented, smart and striking! I hope the podcast goes for a long time!
  • Allzoomedin
    Insensitive name for a podcast
    Insensitive name for a podcast in my opinion. Imagine being one of the victims surviving family members and they do an episode on your loved one who was murdered and this episode happens to be is one of their “favorite murders”. Weird. You wouldn’t do a show on sex crimes and call it “My Favorite Rape”, would you?
  • Emma's mon
    Walgreens in Texas has planned B
    Just letting you know that unbelievably Texas still has planned B as of today. I’m trying to stock up since it seems to have a longer shelf life than I thought. My daughter is 14 and have several nieces of all ages! Which is luck but we have a an A-Z plan!
  • fitmomhiitmom
    Downhill, Terrible, and incredibly incorrect
    They took “don’t worry it gets worse” literally. The first years were good, but 2020 went downhill. Too much uneducated banter about politics and rehashing of their therapy sessions. Edited to say, DEFINITELY no longer a listen after episode 370. Not interested in K & G’s political agenda and false claims about abortion. Can’t believe some of the things I heard them say 🤦‍♀️
  • kels_van
    My friends! This is my happy place
    Still five stars of course - but episode 370 was the best episode I’ve listened to in so long, and brought back the special sauce from some of the early eps.
  • art2020🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽
    Engaged and engaging
    These ladies have created something VERY special that has branched out in many ways these past many years. It takes special listening to appreciate what they have to offer (and still continue while you ignore what you might not appreciate). Current events are critical to everyone’s lives and it’s wonderful that they do not shy away from addressing how to HELP others. Brava🗽🗽🗽
  • cmdro16
    I miss the storytelling
    I used to love this show but feel like some of the storytelling and connection has fallen away. Love these women, but miss the passion! It seems like they just read off a piece of paper instead of adding their own touches
  • 4nogoodreason
    Circling the Drain
    Original listener...Hard to listen now that I know them I need to shower…
  • Nnk shopper
    And Too slow, excessive and unnecessary profanity. Unsubscribing.
  • brooksville jack
    Thanks for the company
    Just wanted say thanks to you ladies for a wonderful distraction from this craziness we call life. Never take your talents for granted. You are a bright and shining light in a otherwise bleak world. 👍
  • RowanCastle
    Just the best!
    I think we all know Karen and Georgia are the best! Love their banter, love how relatable they are, love the way they discuss mental health and addiction, etc., love the way they address current issues... I just adore this podcast in and out! Also, I have always been fascinated by true crime but get scared easily! The humor in My Favourite Murder makes it bearable for me and I really appreciate that! Please never stop!
  • Sutty208
    What happened?
    I don’t know who you guys are taking advice from, but you need to fire them. This podcast used to be great and it’s not anymore.
  • Teasand
    I’m a long time listener and this podcast is becoming harder and harder to listen to. I’ll start by saying that I love Karen and feel like she’s still got it (Can I get a podcast called Karen’s Favorite Murder where she tells stories to her comedian friends!?). But a lot of the time now Georgia just constantly says things like “mhmm” and “oh yeah” like she isn’t even listening. She rarely adds anything and it no longer feels like a conversation between friends. It’s two people reading stories to each other that they didn’t research so it feels very flat and gets boring. The old episodes are still gold though.
  • Cantthinkofanamewastaken
    Used to be my favorite
    I have listened to the back catalogue at least 3 times. I still love the old episodes. Something happened when they started having others do their research and write the stories. It used to be a conversation between friends. Now it’s just Karen and Georgia reading other people’s writing over zoom. I know it’s hard to keep things the same but I desperately miss the energy of them being in Georgia's living room, the banter and how hilarious their own writing was.
  • Ewalla
    Absolute trash
    I listen to several true crime podcasts, so I decided to give this one a try. I listened to multiple episodes, and they are all horrible. They make fun of the VICTIMS and rant on and on about politics. I’ll never see the hype of this show. It’s trash.
  • Maxcraft430
    They have good rapport. This is to ghost stories what “community news” podcast by Paul and Sasha" is to the comedy of neighborhood news and nonsense. Funny. And interesting. Would love to hear all 4 of you do a show together.
  • melnicola
    Will for ever be My Favorite Podcast
    I have been listening since a few months after it began. Never really listened to podcasts before. I cannot really remember how I learned about this show, but a am still so happy I did. Karen and Georgia are funny and entertaining. It always feels like I’m a just listening to my friends talk. They are so supportive of the LGBTQIA and BIPOC communities, speaking up about how important our mental health is and in their own way sending love out into the world. Thanks so much for all that you do Karen and Georgia!! Love you and SSDGM💜
  • k a g e
    Oh boy
    Georgia, clear your ******* throat for the love of god
  • AK Marci
    Long Time Listener, First Time Rater
    I’ve listened to every episode and have recently gone back to repeat old episodes. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed hearing the episodes again. There’s value to speaking your own truth and sharing it with the world and these two ladies are doing just that.
  • hanncakes
    Not what it used to be, but still love them
    I’ve listened to Karen & Georgia since the beginning and have always enjoyed the podcast, but it’s not what it used to be. Still love them, but they are clearly not as passionate as they were in the beginning. It feels very disconnected. Also there’s so much promoting in the beginning I just fast forward through all that. Karen is an amazing story teller and love her on Do You Need a Ride.
  • Pgo041289
    Episode 169
    Georgia, I heard it too. I just wanted to comment because I heard Karen say “balls” too. 😂
  • .BeKindToEveryone.
    Long time listener
    Hate speech against any religion is unacceptable. It makes me so sad to have to say this, they should know better.
  • Shaerae77
    Shorter and shorter
    I used to look forward to the Monday mini episodes. But they keep getting shorter and shorter. More and more advertisements and less stories. I’ll try a couple more times, otherwise I’m out.
  • Secretspy14
    Not in it for this…
    First few comments of the first episode was political junk and horrible language. Not what I’ll be signing up for.
  • jajxiveuz
    Pretty interesting stories. Hosts can do irritating things like write off fan letters, or choose to ignore them but it’s a pretty good listen if you don’t mind banter which can get old at times too.
  • Troyelee
    Forever fan
    Through podcasts like this I learned about my fascination for true crime. Feel like I’m hanging with my friends. Then I have to remember I can’t just text them and weigh in. Love you ladies!!!
  • EvG28
    Used to love
    I was a longtime fan, went to shows, but called a quits not long ago. They were great story tellers but quality went down majorly. And the political rants became unbearable. Have to say those were the deal breaker for me.
  • Lucy birds
    Doesnt work for me
    Used to be able to overlook the pick-me-attitude of “omg we’re ao crazy for enjoying the topic of true crime”, and often shoddily researched re-telling of cases. But I choose quality over quantity at this point, not because of politics or “dirty language”, but because there are many other podcasts with humor and voices I enjoy more. Usually podcasts should do the parasocial relationahip thing andmake you wish/feel like you’re friends withthe hosts - I’d much rather re-listen to old voice my real life people sent over an ep of MFM any day. When they talk about half remembered news stories they’re not selling it as facts. But if you enjoy hanging out with people reading out the wikipedia entry or a daily mail article at you and then high-fiving over how weird and crazy they are, this is the show for you.
  • Ashenfeffer
    My Girls Still Got It
    I’ve been listening to Georgia and Karen since the early days, saw them live, and consider myself a Murderino. Like others have mentioned, I noticed a few rough patches of tension between them or less enthusiastic episodes at points over the years. But who among us haven't dealt with dips in passion or the need for a refreshing vacation?! To me, they are relatable women who produce great content that I enjoy. After a long break from podcasts in recent months, I was hesitant to return to MFM episodes due to reviews stating that the spark was gone between the hosts and the content had gone downhill. Much to my relief, I still find joy, humor, relatability, interest and even comfort in the newer episodes. If anything, I'm so proud of their growth over the years, willingness to admit mistakes, be themselves, and praise their sources/researcher. This show is clearly not everyone's cup of tea but I'm grateful it's around for those of us who love it.
  • sds90
    I don’t know how I’ve never reviewed before but I love you both, thank you, all the good stuffs. 🫡
  • Maxross11
    Good podcast if you can get past the negativity in the intro
    Love their great story telling but get instantly depressed with their constant negative comments about the U.S.
  • joanna111597
    Used to be my absolute favorite thing on the planet
    I feel deeply sorry for having to leave this review. It actually breaks my heart. I wonder if mockery of Muslims would be allowed? Jews? So why the mockery of Christians? I can’t listen to you guys anymore. For a mental health podcast, the bullying and relentless jokes aimed at Christians is insane. I’ll quote Karen as I heard her literally seconds ago, “this fascist Christian takeover” … what does that even mean? Anyway, y’all took it too far for the last time. Goodbye 😕
    High Pitched &$&? Yes
    I listen to every episode of the podcast and always throughly enjoy it. But “High Pitched Goodbye” is the best episode of a podcast, of all time. I sent it to a million friends and family members just so I could have someone to talk to about it with. It starts strong with a sister revolution in the DR and ends hilariously with the most chaotic story of all time. I was dying laughing while I was listening and doing the dishes. (I don’t laugh and do dishes. This is a anomaly.) Well played ladies, well played.
  • sinkingwaterbug
    “MFP” for My Favorite Podcast!
    People look at me oddly: I pull up to a red light with my windows down, someone gets into my car, my coworkers, my friends, my family, etc.. I’m sure they are thinking how morbid and psychotic am I to enjoy listening to that kind of gruesome stuff. I don’t care. I tune it out and happily go about my day smiling while I listen to tales of kidnappers, murderers, conmen, axe killers, so on and so forth. These ladies keep me laughing because we are all totally (totally) on the same page with life. I feel like I’m sitting down with my two best friends when I listen. The stories are interesting and the facts are true. No political nonsense.. no unnecessary contributions.. just a really great podcast! So glad I found y’all!!
  • Pelodave
    Pretty good entertainment
    These Guys have a real chemistry. Sometimes it takes a awhile to get to the story, the back and forth and chatter is overdone at times but the story in the end is worth it. I suspect the hosts would be a ton of fun at a party.
  • JoeyC74
    Sell Outs
    I used to enjoy this show and what they stood for but they’ve sold out and will literally try to sell anything for a dime. Don’t waste your time
  • waggie309
    Lost in the f bombs
    Could be really good if not filled with f bombs and foul language in the commentary. Is that really necessary to tell a story? The podcast loses any credibility there.
  • 👁️🫦👁️💅
    I love these two
    Girls, guys remember STAY SEXY AND DONT GET MURDERD
  • Bunny38
    My Favorite Podcast
    Love, Love, Love!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫💫💫
  • maaaaadddzz
    The Best
    Karen & Georgia are amazing humans who have created a wonderful community through MFM. They are both incredible storytellers, comedians, creatives, and activists. Listening to them feels like hanging out with friends. This podcast is the OG
  • Lexi 1623
    Your funny cool therapy-loving aunts/best friends
    This. Podcast. Has. Everything. Comedy. Murder. Chit chat. Inside jokes. Tv and book recs. Stories about grandmas. Stories about sink holes. Stories about traysure found in the walls. Cats. Dogs. Ladies who are open to learning and adapting. Casualness. Real talk. You’re welcome.
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