My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark


Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

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    Oct 8, 2020 – 01:10:29
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    Oct 1, 2020 – 01:36:04
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    Sep 28, 2020 – 27:15
Recent Reviews
  • OmbraKoray
    Thank you
    I have been listening since the beginning and can’t thank you enough for giving us a safe place to gather and talk about the gruesome things that keep us up at night. It’s not morbid voyeurism. It’s facing the things women fear and with humor and self deprecation. You two are an inspiration and thank you for being there for us all.
  • hmr430
    This amazing podcast was my first and remains my favorite to this day. Karen and Georgia are truly a joy to listen to, I love the relationship between them and that they’re so down to earth. From discussing tough topics, to making me laugh out loud constantly, to a few tears here and there, this podcast has it all and never gets old. These two are aging like a fine wine and I can’t get enough! Sooooo funny and fun and wholesome! With murder mixed in. PERFECTION!
  • Rach.c.216
    Best. Podcast. Ever.
    I’ve been a listener for years and I feel as though we are all BFFS. Karen and Georgia are hilarious and such a great duo.
  • stacyamata
    I have been listening for almost two years and I love Karen and Georgia. This is my reward podcast when driving home from work. I love their banter at the beginning of the episodes, maybe even more than the true crime, but they found a sweet spot of discussing true crime while being able to laugh and not in an insensitive way. Would recommend to anyone who doesn’t take life too seriously.
  • Tbird909
    one of my favorite podcasts, love the first 30ish minutes of normal conversation. which there’s always the option to skip if that’s not your thing. great stories, always find myself learning new things
  • B_review
    These ladies are amazing!
    My coworker introduced me to this show a couple of years ago and I now listen every week. As Karen and Georgia have discussed, it can be challenging to combine humor and murder, but they are masters at it and I love that they are respectful of the victims and take the time to talk about who they are/were. Looking forward to going to a live show when we can be around other people again!
  • eac0318
    They’ve gotten lazy with only 1 murder per episode or old live shows. Not the same podcast
  • Livy GS
    Really good!
    More of a comforting podcast that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with girlfriends, I don’t listen to hear a detailed case. It’s more like talking about a case after you read the Wiki, not like Casefile or Dateline but still good. Karen is the funniest person alive, I wish she was my aunt.
  • lady lothbrock
    Love y’all
    This show is the first thing I turn on Thursday mornings
  • pachreik
    Unsubscribed after five years
    The show has gotten really bad over the last year. The hosts don’t seem to care about the quality of their show anymore. They are mostly posting live shoes or re-runs of old episodes. Episodes before 2020 are worth listening. Everything 2020 and afterwards is pretty bad
  • Lexi Evelyn
    Used to love so much!
    Ok, to preface, this is one of my favorite podcasts but THE OLD EPISODES. It’s such a bummer, but in all the new episodes they talk about themselves for like an hour and once they get to the crime stories, it’s like they’re not even interested in the stories they’re telling and I don’t think they do their own research anymore? It honestly pains me to feel like this because I felt like Karen and Georgia were my true crime bffs. And I just don’t get that feeling anymore.
  • Nicknottaken4567👅👅👅👅👅
    Bring back the old MFM
    The reason I started listening to MFM was because of the murder stories. As their title suggests, they’re supposed to be talking about their favorite murder. Recently, all they have been doing is banter about shows they’ve watched, books they’ve read, etc for 30 minutes and then do a lazy rendition of a murder with minimal research or effort. And now the most laziest thing, a quilt episode. I hope we can get quality episodes like they used to put out or they rename the show to “My favorite show I’ve watched during the pandemic”
  • NnNance
    Not interested
    I didn’t mind their banter when they talked at the beginning of the show but at this point they just go down a list of what they are watching, what book they are reading and what podcast they like. After that they start talking about the podcast at their network which I get they have to promote but the episode seems like a long ad then actual talking. And after all that they only do one story, or it’s a live episode. How can they say it’s a true crime podcast when the true crime part is less than half the episode.
  • Podcast11199
    Its Over
    Worst Podcast Ever, I used to literally worship this podcast but now I can hardly even listen to their voice! They have nothing to talk about but themselves and repost live shows!! Why???!! I hate it.
  • TMW-CH
    What’s not to love?
    Long time listener, first time reviewer. Hilarity? ✅ Normalizing therapy? ✅ True crime? ✅ Social justice? ✅ Community? ✅ Cats and dogs? ✅ Mercy? ✅ I mean this pod has it all. They crack me up, make me feel less alone, feed my true crime addiction, encourage growth and create space for friendships to take root. When I moved to a new city last year, my first friends were #murderinos I met in a FB group. SSDGM
  • maryadams20
    Listener for years
    Love this show couldn't get through a work day without it
  • cbeeson93
    Keep doing what you’re doing! Don’t let some of these guys get you down!
    Great podcast, keep it up!
  • AngelaLynn17
    Would Rate Zero Stars if I could
    I recently tried to get into this show as I just began bingeing a ton of podcasts. Right off the bat I was disgusted by how lax they were about a child being raped in the first season. I tried again to listen, but this time to more recent episodes to see if things had changed and now they just chat for the entire show. How can you even put murder in the title if it isn’t the main topic? Majorly disappointed, and don’t understand how this show is still on the top charts.
  • kayferguson13
    Beyond annoying
    IDK how this was given 5 stars. They talk talk & talk before they get to the podcast topic. During the story they give distracting & dumb commentary. Their voices are annoying. I don’t see why anyone can legitimately listen to this.
  • Beeskneesburke
    Murder friends
    These ladies kill it. (Get it?) Truly, funny, smart, progressive, and wonderful. They have grown so much throughout this process--and honestly once you listen, you're part of the murder family. Xo Update: I still love the podcast, but GEORGIA please learn to stop talking over Karen. It’s a power grab and a bummer.
  • Amdyon
    Worth starting from the very beginning
    As a completist, the only way to listen to MFM is by starting from the very first episode. These ladies are incredible. I love them so much. It’s taken me a year to catch up on 5 years of episodes but it was all time well spent. The community they’ve created, the stories they tell, the way they make you feel - is beyond words. So grateful to hear these voices every single day! Obviously highly recommend! It gets better and better with every episode. Be prepared to laugh, cry (tears of happiness and sadness), and swear a lot. Stop reading and get listening!
  • x3lisaa
    Thanks for always keeping me company— from my days in grad school, commuting on the train, to my walks during quarantine. You are my friends even though you don’t know it. Love you Karen and Georgia!
  • Gracitoburrito
    I’m currently binging this show while recovering from a concussion. My anxiety used to prevent me from listening to or watching anything true crime. I now use it as a tool to stare my fears in the face and take charge of my life, with the loving support of Karen and Georgia. They balance stories with banter and laughter and engage listeners so well. It’s incredibly refreshing. Thanks for keeping it real!
  • eliotellington
    Once great podcast
    This used to be my favorite and arguably the best true crime podcast out there. MFM made these horrible incidents accessible and interesting to a new audience. However, in recent years, they have relied on live shows and “quilt episodes” (two separate live shows cut together) instead of recording new episodes each week, per tradition of the podcast. While I still enjoy the content when it comes, the duo only released 1 original episode each month and can be easily eclipsed in terms of relevance, contribution to the true crime community, and ability to maintain a podcast schedule by many other shows. Namely: Morbid, Seven Deadly Sinner, Casefile, Crime Junkies, Crime Countdown, etc. Not to mention the Morbid podcast ladies ALSO have a podcast network (Morbid v Exactly Right) yet still manage to put out the regular 2 episodes per week. (Some weeks, they throw in an additional, ad free, episode).
  • Cat3960
    Love it
    My favorite podcast to listen to while I just do life stuff
  • Jaclyn Brielle
    Love it!
    I started listening to MFM in 2017 and I’ve been hooked ever since. My favorite episodes are the minisodes. I find myself laughing the whole 20-40 minutes and wish it was longer every time. Thank you Georgia and Karen!
  • Mz_Drea55
    My Favorite Podcast
    MFM is MFP!!! Karen and Georgia are hilarious and I’m a true crime addict. Never thought I would find my weekly strength from a true crime comedy podcast but here we are. Love this show so much! Have a listen and a laugh!!!
  • ciaochristine17
    Mental Health Champions
    I realize that the ladies talking at the top of the show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it. I started listening to this podcast right after my mother passed away and my mental health was in tatters. Karen and Georgia talk about their experiences with therapy and medication so openly that it removed all the stigmas and fears I had about those things, and showed me how to have honest conversations with my friends and my doctors regarding what I needed to feel better. I’m grateful for their true crime stories, but I’m also grateful for their personal tales and the comfort they offer others who are going through hardships. Never before in my life had I heard women casually share how often they were seeing their therapist and what they were working on while there. This podcast changed my life, and I would never want them to stop including those conversations. MFM is just as much about mental health awareness as it is about staying sexy and not getting murdered!
  • Kcicycvhxj
    They’ve gotten lazy
    I’m a long time loyal listener and paying member of the fan cult. Maybe it’s the pandemic but it seems like they don’t care as much as they used to and they’re spending so much time talking about TV and boring personal stuff that now they rarely do 2 stories. Really disappointed.
  • SJblanksyou
    They used to be great
    This used to be a great podcast. I miss the days where these ladies would chat briefly about their lives, then dive into true crime podcasts. This is no longer the case. The cases aren’t deep, neither host expresses much interest in hearing the cases, and half of the time of they post reruns of live episodes. This was my first true crime podcast love, but it’s pretty clear the hosts are just as over the podcast as their fans are.
  • Shmmuuu
    What’s Cookin’
    Karen!!!!!!!!!! The episode you did about Eugene Bullard was absolutely phenomenal!!! My favorite episode by far and I have been listening since the very beginning. Love you all as always.
  • 31071
    Love your podcast
    I am a nearly 70 year old widow, mom of 4 and grammie of 7. Always loved murder mysteries! Your podcast was recommended to me by my youngest daughter! I am forever grateful for that because you ladies make me think, laugh till I cry and tell me about so many murder stories I had never heard of! Thank you for what you do so well!
  • Ariarb123
    I already listened to this show somewhat reluctantly because they’re police sympathizers/have fake woke politics/white savior complexes but the content isn’t even good anymore and then I realized they each have a net worth of $20 mil for being mediocre so I had to go sorry
  • Kapelf
    These ladies are the real deal
    I love this podcast for many reasons. (In no particular order) 1. Good true crime stories told with great emotion and comedy 2. Women empowerment 3. Normalizing therapy 4. Making listeners feel as though they are actually friends 5. Their love of fur babies I feel like I could go on, but I’m not a great writer and lose the ability to find the words to describe the realness and therapeutic attribute this gives me. SSDGM
  • shelbsm14
    Downhill slide
    I started listening from the beginning and it used to be so great! Over time it has gradually become worse and worse. They no longer do their own research and don’t seem to put any time into the stories they’re telling. I understand that they run a business now, but if all they’re going to do is keep posting live shows and quilt episodes, then maybe it’s time to call it quits.
  • laserlightlover
    So good
    So good
  • ABC123_____
    Used to love :(
    I used to love this podcast so much. I still want to love it very badly but unfortunately it gets me more frustrated than enjoyable at this point. A group of my coworkers used to listen to this on our way to work so that we had something to talk about later but we had to find a new one to listen to. Karen and Georgia will talk for 45 to 50 minutes before they even get started on their stories anymore. And the podcast are only like an hour and a half long. The stories are shorter than their talking sometimes. As much as I used to love hearing them make small talk every once a while now it feels like it’s all they do. They have just seemed to get lazy with it. Sometimes they don’t even do two stories or they will just play an old live show that wasn’t their best. It bums me out that they are turning this wonderful show into just them talking to one another.
  • MissAna_18
    Love Y’all
    Always Listening to Y’all
  • ellinoresage
    Like hanging with friends
    This is my favorite podcast. l feel like you’re just hanging with your friends, learning and growing together. Discovered the mfm-verse a year ago, and I’ve almost listened to everything in the back log now! I think Karen and Georgia are just lovely and would 10/10 recommend!
  • k_fill
    Best podcast ever tbh
  • Bsjdkkdjsjjdnnsjxjjsnw
    Used to love this pod
    I used to love this podcast and the old episodes are still great but the new stuff is just not. Forty minutes talking about what they’re watching on Netflix and then it’s “quilt episodes” that are live shows with screaming the whole time. It’s fine if y’all want to take a break - this year has been hard for all of us, but you can just say that instead of putting out subpar episodes.
  • cuttlebones
    More like My Favorite Podcast amirite
  • Salt&Burn
    Brilliant and inclusive
    I love that these gals have made us all feel welcome. Murder is fascinating and they handle the topic with a combo of humor and empathy. Sure, it took some adjusting to get used to the way they talk (maybe four episodes), but now I miss them if I don’t listen.
  • hColette
    Came for the murder, stayed for the fun
    I started listening to this podcast about the time Covid started. I started about two years into the podcast run, as I wasn’t sure how I would like it. I didn’t think I would want comedy with my murder. But something about the banter between Georgia and Katen feels much more genuine than the canned banter on other podcasts. Yes, much of what they discuss does not pertain to me—I’m not into Victorian dollhouses or vintage stuff—but it’s like living vicariously through two friends—it takes me back to college and even high school, and the friends I had who I could rag with. I agree as 2020 went on, the content became increasingly recycled and the banter was not as funny, but as I noted above, there is a genuineness to it that is comforting. I’m hope as 2021 opens up, and the hosts are able to get out, your, etc., the content will be refreshed. I go to other podcasts for my straight up murder; this podcast meets a different need
  • Greg Lester
    Texas loves you!
    I had tix to your first show in Dallas a few years ago but had to miss it because my son was the lead in his high school musical. But caught you in Phoenix that year. Five stars always!
  • p.guillen
    You can clearly tell they don’t care anymore
    I get that watering the tree that gives money makes the most sense but iTunes is where they started and where they can continue to gain new listeners that might join the Fanclub or buy tickets to their live shows. I think that continuing to put an effort here (stop with the quilts and make the initial banter 20% of the show instead of 50) would make this podcast feel like what it used to be.
  • Sj Riley
    I tried to hang in there but today I decided to unsubscribe. I miss the old days when the stories were interesting and K & G had genuine passion for the podcast. Like many longtime fans, I’ve grown tired of quilt episodes, live show repeats (never liked live shows to begin with and definitely don’t want to hear them a second time) and the overall vibe between the ladies. I never minded the political views and banter in the beginning of the show but lately it has lost its spark. Quite honestly, I’m surprised the show even has a 4.5 rating.
  • Hogger87
    I absolutely LOVE listening to Karen and Georgia - so much in fact that I have spent half of quarantine RE-listening to the show all over again. Their integrity and honesty is so compelling. They are open and honest with their audience to a degree that you don’t always get with wildly popular podcasts. They’re story telling is uniquely entertaining and poignantly touching. Thank you!!! SSDGM.
  • marlobrooke
    Stop with the live shows!!!!
    No one wants to hear “wooooooooo!” For half of any show!! BOOO! Be less lazy!
  • frito54
    They act like recording is a chore
    What happened to this once great show?? Last week Georgia quite literally told us she didn’t want to record so here’s a quilt episode. What a way to treat your LONG time listeners. Really upsetting. I think I’ll finally be unsubscribing after watching the quality of this show slowly decline for the past 2 years.
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