My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark


Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

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    Jun 29, 2020 – 24:00
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    Jun 24, 2020 – 42:00
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    Jun 22, 2020 – 20:57
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    Jun 18, 2020 – 01:15:18
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    Jun 15, 2020 – 16:55
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    Jun 11, 2020 – 01:30:57
Recent Reviews
  • Dudette_9
    Fun and Fascinating
    Keeping the history of crime fascinating and light with comedy is the perfect combination with Karen and Georgia! What a great podcast!
  • The Chocolate Milk Podcast
    Shocker, Celebrities Too Can Have Political Views
    This review is a long time coming, and I am so thankful to have these ladies in my ears twice a week! When I initially found MFM during quarantine, I was over the moon to connect with such amazing personalities. I honestly felt like I was sitting in a room with a couple of friends enjoying each other’s company. While, they catch a lot of flack for being “too political” or “talking too much”, it’s very obvious that these two truly enjoy each other’s company. It’s also very obvious that we are living in one of the most politically charged era’s of modern America. It’s also, also very obvious that these two have been quarantined for majority of the year. I’m sure they’re desperate for human interaction, and I throughly enjoy their banter with one another. We’ve seen their network Exactly Right grow into a podcast powerhouse, and it’s so refreshing to see the business woman side of their personalities. Keep telling awesome stories, keep conquering the podcast world and never stop being authentic!
  • LostCityGirl
    My First Time...
    This was my first podcast. Discovered. Binged. Antsy for my next fix every Monday and Thursday. Love. Recommendation level up there with things like oxygen and water.
  • oceans4life8878
    Love it!
    Started listening a few months back and started at episode 1. After binging the podcast to catch up I have grown even more close to the community it created and connected with the hosts stories on a personal level! It’s so much more than true crime pod cast.
  • NicMarie314
    Get to the story.
    Listened for 20 minutes and y’all were still blabbing about random stuff. Just get to the content. Unsubscribed.
  • DeeGLang
    I ❤️ MFM
    These ladies are the best. Love the stories and the story telling!!
  • Hope fior Change
    The End is near
    I’ve been a listener for a number of years and the last several months have been a real let down. The current format has digressed into a string of disjointed comments about nothing... little to no preparation of stories, no real comedy anymore, just a string of self promotional commercials, I’m hanging on until the end of the year to see if there is a turn around, but I believe this podcast has had its run and it’s time to move on, I’m sorry to say! Ladies your producing efforts are consuming your creativity and most of your other podcast are too good for me to continue to listen to your aimless droll!
  • sdub124
    My favorite podcast
    I look forward to Monday’s and Wednesday’s every week. Two days a week I get to hangout with 2 of my very best friends who I’ve never met. Not just true crime wrapped in an empathic but hilarious bow, but it’s a dose of mental health, current events, tv/movie/book recommendations, and so many inside jokes. Georgia and Karen are beyond relatable and hilarious and this podcast gives me life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • caitypw90
    Too chatty
    For too long about unrelated items and I don’t find your conversations interesting. I would like to jump into episodes without 10 minutes of random chatter.
  • sometimes60
    Great humor
    Love the humorous banter between you two! Also like the book, tv, podcast reviews and recommendations. Keep up the good work.
  • august3101
    You guys are hilarious and sassy it’s like having cool aunts over for dinner . Thank you for making my day I listen to your podcast all day at work stay sexy and don’t get murdered
  • liv_2.0_bkehfusjvuvisnc
    This was trash. My first time trying it out and I kept waiting and waiting for them to talk about crimes but they just gabbed away. I kept fast forwarding using the 30 s increment button until I was almost half way through the episode and they hadn’t said a single interesting thing. Didn’t finish.
  • kierstenkoool
    Please don’t stop
    Please don’t stop the chit chat! The random stories! The free therapy! Hearing you ladies chat makes my day. Thanks for keeping me company. Longer the better ☺️
  • murderino for life
    Used to be my favorite
    This was my all time favorite podcast and I have been a fancult member since it’s inception. I have finally had to unsubscribe and will not continue my monetary fancult support. We get it, you don’t care when people who disagree with you politically leave, so I guess it won’t bother you also when it takes a chunk out of your bottom line. Maybe that’s why they cram the episodes so full of advertisements now. They have gotten so far away from what the originally started as, not even researching their own stories anymore. Absolutely disappointing. And DO NOT waste your money on the Fancult. I have been a member for the last couple of years but will never again renew it. They barely ever post additional episodes and I don’t care about watching them talk while recording the minis. They have run out of love shows to post for us who have paid extra to be in the fancult and they can’t be bothered to take any time out of all their tv watching to actually record some bonus episodes for us.It’s beyond lame! Byeeee!!
  • Junglecat704
    Fave Podcast
    Love y’all! Stay sexy <3
  • BrightFuture25
    You’re in a cult, call your dad
    Used to be obsessed, these days it’s basically 45 minutes of throwing back up the cnn talking points that have been ingrained in their brain followed by a really vague TV guide and fake therapy from two non therapists. They’ve been totally and completely politically radicalized while having privileges that only two LA based podcasters can have during these times and yelling at everyone who does anything or thinks anything differently than them. They have become so desensitized by murder they’ve actually cheered on female murderers for their actions. Not to mention the utter hypocrisy that comes out every week. It’s become painful to listen to. Not to mention the clear lack of attention or care to what your fan base has been saying for weeks. Disappointed and moving on. If you’re new start from the beginning and stop early 2020 not worth your time.
  • TK-Kuehn
    The best podcast out today!
    Let’s forget it’s a True crime comedy podcast for a minute. Take that away and even if you don’t like true crime it’s 💯 worth listening to because they talk so much about mental health issues and this podcast helps so many people with personal issues without even trying! I recommend you subscribe and listen from the beginning as well as new episodes at the same time! Karen, Georgia and Steven have an energy that heals by being real, relatable, brave, witty honest and 😆 funny as hell! It’s an amazing community to be apart of! Thank you to MFM for being a gift to all! #icons
  • Madsx213
    This used to be my favorite true crime podcast, truthfully until I started listening to other podcasters who actually do the research of their cases and educate themselves about true crime. I find it off putting that Georgia and Karen laugh about getting certain information wrong and don’t care enough to look it up. If someone is giving you the entire story that they researched (Jay) and all you have to do is read what they wrote, you can’t even make enough effort to look up pronunciations and try? My second complaint is their laziness. I get that everyone’s mental health is affected by the pandemic but you guys can’t muster up some of your own research to put out new episodes? Instead they spend 45 minutes talking about their own lives and random pop culture references that has nothing to do with true crime. Don’t even get me started on their political rants. No one is coming to either of them to discuss politics and we definitely don’t want to hear it on a true crime podcast. Stop shoving your opinions down everyone’s throats, you guys are doing the same thing you are accusing others of: marginalizing people based on their opinions. These ladies don’t actually care about true crime or being an advocate for victims, they just want to become famous and make money. Unsubscribed today and I won’t be listening again, the fame has gone to these ladies heads and the podcast just isn’t what it used to be. Don’t waste your time.
  • Stop the politics
    Used to be a huge fan. Unsubscribing now because I want to hear the stories, not the politics.
  • iffer2377
    So happy to find this
    Love this podcast look forward to listening every week 😊
  • musicallymc
    Please never stop talking about what you learn in therapy, y'all. It helps so much.
  • kpalaciosss
  • cantst0pw0ntst0p
    i used to love it...
    but politics has nothing to do with why i stopped. i even LIKE their 45 minute political rants! i just wish they were providing new content. they seem tired of making the podcast. instead of complaining about how much work it is to research (with paid assistants!) and present true crime narratives from the comfort of their own homes, i think they should just stop doing it altogether. i cant sympathize with your unwillingness to do the work that literally made you millions. trump trolls need to go home, but not getting new content is a legitimate disappointment, and appealing to listeners to stuff the ratings with 5 stars is a sad response.
  • spicegirl💫
    Queen shit💅
    I love you guys, thank you for continuing to do this podcast after quite some time!! I just found out about mfm during quarantine & I started listening from the very beginning & now I’m finally caught up to date💖💖 ty! love u! byeee!
  • mfmfancult
    My people
    Thank you for helping me find other like me. Making me feel normal 😉
  • missmurderino
    The best!!
    My favorite podcast ever! Murder is dark, but Karen and Georgia throw in humor, and a human aspect that other podcasts lack.
  • Glaab100
    My Favorite Podcast
    Love the show. Listened for a few years. They’ve kept me laughing through really tough times. Thank you Karen and Georgia.
  • BrownFam200
    This podcast is amazing. Georgia and Karen feel like friends you've known your whole life. Plus, the entire murderino community is fantabulous!
  • 80Katy
    I love everything about this podcast. Their chit chat about books, movies, podcasts is helpful to hear. I also really appreciate their openness to talk about their personal issues and therapy sessions. The true crime stories are always interesting and their side comments make me laugh out loud! KatyR
  • OldestOfN9NE
    OBVZ one of the best podcasts out there
    If you want straight to the point, cold-hard-facts about crime, try a different show. I absolutely adore the banter between Karen and Georgia… they really let the listeners in and it feels like hanging out with your best friends. I totally love the politics and I appreciate that they use their considerable platform to keep folks informed and talking about what’s important. Plus it look like they have some haters out there so you know they’re doing something right! Keep up the great work! SSDGM! P.S. these ladies inspired me to start my own podcast!!!
  • qin👌
    I love the podcast but stop trying to force ur political views on ppl
    I loveeeee the podcast been listening for 2 yrs now. However this past yr I’ve been getting so nervous how much they try to tell u what’s right and wrong like if I don’t have the same views as u I’m a bad person. I don’t need to here u talk negative abt anybody doesn’t matter if they don’t have the same views as u! We live in a democracy where we have the right to vote for who we want!!! If you mentioned it a couple times fine but it’s getting to a point like stop already and the negative stuff u say abt other ppl it’s bullying and u have an audience is that the type of ppl I want to be. I’ve really always loved u guys but this yr I find myself skipping the whole beginning or putting off listening to the episode cuz it gets me fustrated.
  • donutritual
    The best
    Love everyone @ MFM. This show is apart of my weekly routine. Much love & respect to Georgia & Karen❤️♥️🤍❤️🤍❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Leah.M.B.
    Oh, Girls....You Complete Me.
    How did I exist without this podcast? I thought I was the only murderino out there. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of it, especially the funniest commercials ever! That mattress commercial had me rolling! Also, the hair color...."deliviner this ta me!"
  • Nathchz
    Not worth your time
    Used to be good before they started talking and pushing their views. Stupid girls.
  • Lindsay A J
    When I first discovered this podcast about two years ago I was sucked in. Now, I feel like it’s less impressive. I end up fast forwarding every episode to around the 45min mark because episodes are now SO LONG and full of chit chat. It’s just too much. Get to the good stuff already!
  • Samjo722
    MFM 4Ever
    My favorite podcast of all time :) Karen and Georgia are the real MVPs.
  • ash_twink
    I’ve been listening to these ladies for years. I absolutely love their sense of humors and passion for true crime. Thank you for keeping me company on my long drives!
  • yomama89*
    A bit disappointed
    I like your show but I felt a little sad that you sort of encouraged the crowds cheering on the female murderer in the “Clear of Debris” episode. I get that most murderers are men, but those murdered men didn’t deserve that fate. What if it was one of your relatives?
  • NootNoot512
    @the people leaving bad reviews, y’all ever consider just.... not listening if you don’t like it? Anyway, I love this post so I’m gonna keep listening. MFM ladies, keep doing what you want to do! There will always be people who want to hear what you have to say!
  • Chicken_and_waffles
    Best podcast everrrr
  • alexandraaaaaae
    Don’t ever change ladies
  • prettypixels
    My All Time Favorite
    Listening to Karen and Georgia chat and talk about murder is getting me through this quarantine. I love them both so much and am so grateful that they are using their platform to amplify issues that are important to them, to me, to all Americans. It's like murder, friendship, politics, cats, dogs, mustaches, and more! PS so much love to George the hound dog who reminds me of my own houndy girl!
  • jbird16
    Stay Sexy
    I started listening from the beginning hearing so much about them and I listen to a ton of true crime podcasts, it was a slow burn but I skipped ahead and was completely HOOKED! I just want to hear them talk to each other about anything and the way they uniquely cover true crime, are hilarious, so honest and real is too GREAT !
  • 1313131313terribleapp
    Used to be great
    This used to be a great show, but I came here to listen to true crime, not politics. Now it’s 50% how what everyone else thinks is wrong. I also went to a live show a year ago and they completely phoned it in. Total disappointment.
  • KatWise
    An all time favorite
    A long time listener who loves this podcast so so much . I have turned so many people onto this podcast and they all share my feeling : we love my favorite murder . Never fails to make me laugh or bring a smile to my face
  • Pawsarecute
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast makes me fee like I am hanging out with my friends, joking around about life and talking about true crime as well. Karen and Georgia are my happy place. They are so real and funny when they are chatting amongst themselves. And they are respectful and factual when telling the stories about true crime. Listen to this podcast and you will get addicted. Do it!
  • bblair35
    Pay attention.
    My favorite podcast. These two are unapologetically themselves. Everyone salty that they’ve “become political” clearly weren’t paying attention the last few years. Everything is political. If you’re privileged enough to be able to turn off or log out of political commentary then thank god you were born white and shut up. Every marginalized community has their life in the balance and their rights hanging by a thread. They don’t get to tune out politics and I’m glad these women aren’t afraid to acknowledge and discuss the miscarriages of justice and oppression that we’ve put on people of these communities for our entire history. Thank you Karen and Georgia for this podcast and your commentary.
  • 56444675
  • misbre
    Love it!
    I love the banter between you two ladies. You have helped keep me sane during 2020. Please keep talking about the importance of mental health!
  • JemmjRN
    Less talk, more stories
    I dislike writing negative reviews but feel that my love for this podcast has sharply declined. I love the true crime, the stories, and the banter, but now I feel like I’m being force fed political opinions and hearing general summaries of therapy sessions for the first 45 minutes. I get my political content from NPR, this is supposed to be a fun podcast for entertainment. Also, so many “quilt” episodes?! Come on guys, we are all struggling through Covid and still working our jobs, we deserve some new content! Still love you, but please go back to basics!
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