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  • jeb diesel
    Your Dodge can steer you wrong, but the show can’t
    Love the show! Super educational.More power, better reliability. Y’all should do an episode on methanol injection. I know it’s a power boost and lower EGT’s, but will it hurt my Cummins? Do I have to worry about my head gasket? Keep it up guys.
  • Matti o
    Love the show but you guys need to use man voices or turn up the recording volume.
  • MannixSanta
    Awesome content
    Worked with dans diesel few weeks back with a mean turbo upgrade on a LML and watchin whistlin Beat every truck up haha it’s awesome.
  • Merchant Automotive
    Patrick Ellis and the entire team at "The Diesel Podcast" do a fantastic job. Their content is entertaining, educational, and relevant to todays listners. We at Merchant Automotive highly recommend you give them a listen!
  • Wyatt Pittman
    Good content
    Love the podcast, got an 04.5 6 speed in the works, listen to the podcast daily. Love the content guys, keep it up!
  • Thief King 223.6
    I just watched this for the whistlin diesel podcast
  • cumminsworks
    Can you please get Josh back on @justacommonrail24v to talk about his new build?
  • Fungi per
    Perfect for the “Driveway Builder”
    I listen to the show on the way to and from work, at work, in the garage, and really just any chance I get! It has steered me to several add one for my own truck, and helped me advice others as well. I’ve been extremely captivated by the emissions topics, and am curious to see the direction the diesel industry goes.
  • ClayJS
    Favorite Diesel Podcast!
    Outstanding show Patrick! Been listening for over a year now, and always look forward to getting the new episode notification for this podcast. Absolutely loved the interview with Lenny Reed today, and getting to hear his story. Any possibility of future episodes featuring some more of the early contributors of the diesel performance industry? Piers Harry, Mark Chappel (TST), the Goerend brothers, and Robert Patton (TDR) certainly come to mind. Keep up the great work!!
  • Hkopie
    Love it!
    Thanks for the great info guys! Trying to learn something before I buy my first diesel and this podcast helps a ton :)
  • Cocraaab
    Love the podcast
    This podcast is awesome. So much knowledge given and awesome to hear from different vendors who offer different products to improve the diesel trucks we love.!
  • Caleb0106
    Great group of guys with a lot of great content. Keep it up boys.
  • drewherm
    EPA issues.
    Love the podcast, I’ve been gaining multiple views of different issues. I currently own a 06 6.0 and would love to keep going in her. Will custom tuning for 6.0’s be available, even to those who are deleted? I’ve had extreme issues with the EGR valve and coolers from oem to bpd. Any word on if Ford or someone else make a better egr system that doesn’t send soot back into my engine?
  • Jake de la Pena
    Sounds quality... no good
    While this podcast does offer some good information that can be helpful the sounds quality is utterly terrible, making it diffficult to even listen to. Every episode is different and the guest is never at the same volume of the host. Wish the sounds quality was better...
  • gw200
    Excellent podcast
    This podcast is exactly what every diesel enthusiast needs. They cover everything from new diesels to the classics. Cummins power-stroke Or duramax
  • Jackrabbits lays
    Ram 1500 ECO diesel - OBD tune and what to expect
    Touch on the 16 eco diesel What he thinks about it and does the new 2020 Have a chance to be tuned and what to expect.
  • Eeik D
    Try it once and you’ll love it
    A great place to hear interviews of experts in the diesel field, from repair to performance and even tuning. I can’t get enough and it makes my commute home flyby. I especially like the 7.3 and OBS related content.
  • tylacoste_24v
    Good way to keep up with current events, parts,and anything else diesel related.
  • zanegreen95
    Great podcast
    I am a person that lives and breaths diesel all day everyday and I have to say that this podcast is made for people like me. The content is great and isn’t repetitive. Love listening when i get home from work or driving. Keep the sunny side up!
  • 67JA44
    Great Podcast
    Podcast is great information on all makes and models of diesel pick ups love listening to it keep it up!
  • jorge.anaya.980
    Best podcast to learn more on diesel products and diesel enthusiasts
    It’s a really good podcast it presents more about how to upgrade and turn the diesel that we drive in too a fun driving experience for the consumers also it gives us something to enjoy on the road going to work
  • Pete VanD
    Great technical content and knowledgeable guests!
    Great podcast that covers all aspects of diesel truck performance. Personally I would like more contents on older platforms ; 7.3, 12/24v even be tdi performance. Some guys have the new stuff but most of us have older diesel and there is still tons of new tech coming out for them but it doesn’t get much coverage. Thanks again and keep it up!
  • Nissan Titan XD
    Love the info provided on this podcast
    Great guests and info provided to all levels of diesel owners. I’m new to diesels with my 2016 Nissan Titan XD.
  • psd_leach
    Great podcast
    It’d be great if you could do more 6.0 powerstroke stuff and possibly get Jesse Warren from Warren Diesel on. Keep the podcasts coming
  • cou cory cory cory
  • 2door2170
    Half ton show?
    I love the channel. I know you’ve had episodes mentioning these half tons, but I’d love to hear a full episode devoted to it. Maybe the GDE guys?
  • 209 flatlander
    Quality info
    Love the podcast, great info. Theres a guy out of galt, california with a lbz powered chevelle who does alot of motor builds in the area out of his shop called rfg automotive. Great guy and i think alot of ppl would like to hear about his duramax powerd chevelle.
  • Squarebutt$&@&&$&91874
    Oilfield hotshot here
    I would love to hear more helpful on AISIN AS69c trans I have And how to keep it together. I can get 600k out a a stock G56 Oh and aisin rebuild shops
  • 6.NO
    Great podcast
    Can you ask cass back on to talk about the 6.0. He’s a very knowledgeable guy. Best episode for sure.
  • cbock17
    Great information
    Absolutely love the show. Provides great information on not just specific trucks but all diesels really enjoyed the info on the 6.0. Would enjoy an episode about custom tuning on the 6.0.
  • Dv49
    Love the show!
    I was curious if anyone knows of any upgrades for the cummins r2.8 engine. Recently ive been getting into 4 wheeling and have had the idea of the r2.8 in a jeep Comanche but dont want the emissions that come with the stock r2.8. I was curious if there was any tunes and performance parts available for them.
  • Hforged
    Bad for other podcasts
    The attitude and format of this show is awesome. My other podcast shows have taken a back seat until I get caught up. And it looks like I have a lot of listening to go. But it’s not this shows fault it’s filled with awesome information and interviews. The guys are Definitely Knowledgeable and entertaining. Awesome job fellas, keep up the good work. Oh and more of the 6.0 stuff please🤘 Larry H Lancaster PA
  • impactfuel
    Awesome people. Awesome show.
    The creators for this show have a true passion for motorsports and for helping others. I was grateful for them to give me the opportunity to be on the show and share the knowledge about truck sponsorship that I learned from producing the Sponsored Rider Club Podcast.
  • Coming from TX
    Great podcast
    Great podcast been listening since the first episode just now getting around to writing a review. More of a cummins guy but love hearing and learning about the other platforms. Just an idea for an episode is fuel treatments maybe there is one and I missed it or listened to it so long ago I forgot but great work and keep them coming
  • CMFT Diesel
    CMFT Diesel
    Great podcast, Awesome content, and the Best guests in the industry!!!
  • ArmyCountryFan
    PPEI for the win
    Great podcast, always has good info. Greatly appreciate Kory’s episode when he used an at home mic, sound quality was a huge improvement for the guest on the show part. Normally it takes you turning it up stupid loud to hear the guest, but he knocked that out of the park.
  • jsteele04
    Awesome Podcast
    Can’t ask for a better knowledge podcast. Great guests, product reviews and updates on events in the diesel community. Would like to hear a review on the Ram Ecodiesel. ( performance, towing, daily driving, upgrades. ) thanks for the great entertainment on the road.
  • Joe Trudel
    Always awesome!
    Loved the podcast with Dan Zelten! Already listened to it twice. Nice to see that you don’t need a crazy build to have fun and be competitive! Keep up the awesome content!
  • WVracer821
    Great source of technical info
    This podcast is an awesome source of technical info for any level of diesel enthusiast. I would love to hear an episode about some go fast off-road suspension tech with some guys from Carli and Thuren fabrication who both manufacture awesome products for diesel customers.
  • Audiophilefred
    Love the pod
    Hi there im from fredericksburg tx and ive been listening to the show since the beginning . Always excited when i get the notification that another show is available keep up the awesome work. Also loving the older truck coverage lately. Oh One last thing take the plunge and get a 2nd gen you will be happy you did. Fred
  • 0759cr
    Episode idea
    Would like to see an episode with Taylor Overcash! He has a 4wd pro mod 6.4L powerstroke that is the fastest 4wd ford powered vehicle in the world that I know of and 2nd fastest 6.4L powerstroke in the world. His Instagram is @tgovercash. Super great humble guy that would give you the shirt off his back to help you out!
  • Small business America
    Episode idea
    Get ahold of Josh McCormack a UCC Qualifier that took a budget built 12v to the Qualifier. He did great given his budget which I think was under 20k. Pretty cool guy, and has helped me and others to get our budget beaters together. He did a killer job on my 12v engine build as well!!! His IG is Justappump24v.
  • No cents left pulling team
    Glad danny Voss and on the show
    My boy Danny’s back doing podcast
  • mitchamb
    Continuing to grow and improve
    Patrick has come a long ways since starting this podcast. He has continued to improve not only the sound quality but also guests and co hosts. The thing I like is he asks for feedback and within the last couple of months has began to push out way more content! Keep up the good work Patrick, you have a loyal listener here.
  • KJorg1
    Great show but..
    Love the podcast, but sound quality...... not so great
  • f350_
    This is the best truck podcast I've listened to in a long time
  • samgat89
    Huge fan right here! You guys have great content keep up the awesome work guys!
  • kuntryboi2500
    I listen everyday. You guys are the best
  • amb5584
    Best podcast
    The best diesel podcast! This podcast has the biggest names on. Anybody who is anybody in diesel has been on. From owners of huge companies to racers and shops. The hosts arent immature and annoying like others I have listened to. By the way they are also backed by the biggest names. These guys are legit. And they don't trash other trucks! Others ones do! Be warned. So I bought a transmission from BD and tuning from PPEI because of this podcast. I dont trust anyone else.
  • Jon Ruhga
    Awesome podcast
    Keep them coming guys. Love the podcast. Please do some more podcast on 6.0s. There’s a ton of us out here and we get no love.
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