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“The idea is that you’re in a grocery store, you’re looking at the tabloids, you’re looking at the covers, and you’re saying, ‘Who are these people? I’ve never heard of any of them’—those are Whos,” says Lindsey Weber, co-host and co-creator of Who? Weekly, Apple Podcasts’ Spotlight show for July 2022. “And, the Thems are kind of the opposite: the Brad Pitts of the world, the kind of prominent A-listers that everyone knows who they are,” adds Bobby Finger. “So, people that make you say, ‘Who?’ and people that make you say, ‘Oh, them.’”
This is the driving concept behind a podcast that, like so many good ideas, started life as an inside joke between friends and found success because of that palpable chemistry. “We're really trying to mimic the calls you have with your friends talking about the gossip,” says Weber. “It's just two friends on the phone, quite literally, talking about celebrity gossip.”
Weber and Finger first met on the internet, in the golden age of Tumblr, brought together by their shared love of tabloid culture. When the two eventually met IRL through mutual friends, they decided to create a weekly newsletter for their Tumblr and Twitter followers. “It just started as a joke where you'd send a photo of someone and say, ‘Who?’, or send a headline and say, ‘Who is this?’” says Finger. “And those stories ended up being the ones that made us laugh the most. The only reason it turned into a podcast was because a mutual friend of ours who had a podcast at the time said, ‘This should be a podcast.’ And, we were like, ‘Okay, we don't know how to do that, but we'll figure it out’—and we've been figuring it out ever since.”
Like many podcasts, Who? Weekly has a recurring character that serves as the show’s guiding force and baseline for Whos—Rita Ora, the show’s patron saint. “We do a segment every week, ‘What's Rita Ora Up To?’ and we've done it every single week since we started the podcast,” says Finger. “She kind of spawned so much of the vibe of the show because she's covered everywhere, and always in a different way.”
With episodes airing every Tuesday and Friday, there’s always a new Who to be discovered and discussed. The Whos and Thems have also taken on a life of their own, going far beyond pop culture with everyday metaphors like the Whos and Thems of frozen food or constellations—basically anything that listeners call in and ask via their “Who’s There?” segment. “At some point pretty early on in the run, we thought it would be fun to have a call-in segment to make it feel more like a radio show,” says Finger. “It became clear that making it kind of a dialogue and a two-way conversation made it more rewarding. It just sort of developed a life of its own, where the show just got funnier and weirder. It just became so much more fun for the two of us once we let the listeners, whom we call the Wholigans, who call themselves the Wholigans, kind of join in on the fun.”
And Who? Weekly would certainly not be the show it is without its endlessly creative in-house editing and production that perfectly infuses the personalities of Weber and Finger. “It's our humor in the way we speak to each other, but also there's so much humor in the edit, like what clips you choose, the music, the sound effects,” says Weber. They also have an assistant in their cast of characters, Timmy, who has his own presence on the show (as well as behind the scenes), to help with the weekly gathering of material, sifting through hundreds of calls, and basically all things Who.
For Weber and Finger, it’s all about their fans and staying true to themselves as well as the spirit of the show. “Our goal is just to keep the show fun for us and fun for the listener, and keep people entertained and up to date about their favorite Whos,” says Weber.

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  • Ms4386
    Love but hold the “it’s giving…”
    Couldn’t love Bobby and Lindsey and Timmy any more. But please cool it on “it’s giving…”. It’s giving linguistic crutch! Love y’all both
  • laureeeliz
    Love to everyone! Including Melissa Joan Hart
    Thank you BLT for constantly raising the bar in podcasting. My #1 podcast!
  • Freddie B. Jones
    Give Timmy a Raise
    Whatever you’re paying Timmy, double it. He is a gem. Also, this show single handedly got me through 2020. Particularly Leanne Cuisine. Y’all are doing the lord’s work.
  • ZouMisouMisou
    Wow, twice a week
    No is doing it like Bobby and Lindsey (plus Timmy). Thems in my universe.
  • World traveler....
    Mrs Basil E Frankweiler
    OMG!!! You are so smart/entertaining. I subscribe to one podcast and you are it!!!!
  • Crossword-goon
    One time they played my call on the show (asking about Big Freedia) and I died. Luckily they deemed Big Freedia a “them” and I live on.
  • Lauren0876543321
  • MyNameIsVeronica
    literally mother
    they really do two episodes a week… plus weekly patreon episodes and movie watch-alongs… and now Who’s Watching? on spotify live on wednesdays at 4pm ET ?! im spoiled… very grateful for lindsey bobby and timmy... im so lucky to be with you keeping me from my shadow since 2018 <3
  • nicknametakenabcdefg
    Medium Time First Time
    I stumbled upon Who! Weekly looking for something “inconsequential” to listen to because the political podcasts were killing my soul. Now I’m telling loved ones what Rita is up to and manifesting a date with Timmy. This pod is gold, love you LindseyBobby 💕
  • badplantmom
    Who? Weekly
    Wow, twice a week!
  • reneehatesyou
    Who is this woman?
    They are my best friends. Crunch crunch
  • beckshap
    Love it
    I don’t even really follow or care about celebrities otherwise, and I am very not plugged in to pop culture, but I love who weekly!
  • hayley502176
    Lindsay Bobby Timmy (and Zoloft) cured my depression
  • Katie Led
    This podcast is very very very iconic
    If you don’t know it, that’s ok, Lindsey and Bobby can help you learn it. If you like this podcast, that means you’re cute and you’re sexy and your ride is sporty. It means you’re a bad girl, it means you’re a hot girl, it means you like to drive fast. This is Who Weekly!!!!!!!!
  • bacotactactobacco
    My favorite podcast of all time
    Crunch crunch!!!
  • Krs41406
    My fave podcast
    This podcast is one of my favorite ways of engaging with the culture as Lindsey and Bobby would say. The hosts have great chemistry, you can tell they are actually friends that know each other well and actually like each other. They put a lot of thought into presumably silly things! Listening to this podcast is both amusing and a great study in media literacy which i think we all could use even if we don’t reallly need to know what Rita Ora is up to.
  • misspiggy1245
    Scrub daddy
    Last week my boss said, “Eva Mendes is doing spon con for a sponge. Sarah, you know all about that, right?” I did. Not only was it a sponge, it was a scrub daddy. Who Weekly—for impressing your boss with your knowledge of celeb spon content deals.
  • Gergg18
    Why is this in my library
    I have never listened/subscribed, nor can I remove this podcast! Apparently if you pay Apple a few bucks they will put it on my library feed, ala that crappy U2 song.
  • Liahndub
    your fault
    i’m on level 995 of best fiends
  • edp828
    Definitely listened before
    Crunch crunch this pod had lots of detailings of current popular celeb culture Jk just listen
  • CaitieDidIt
    Long time listener, first time reviewer!
    I love Who Weekly and have listened for years. (I was actually shocked that I only didn’t remember one sign-off in their recent recap of the popular caller sign-offs.) It’s so listenable that I enjoy it even if there’s a whole episode where I have no idea who they’re talking about at all (I’m getting so old 😭), and it’s one of the only podcasts I always catch up on if I go through a phase where I’m not listening to much. Bobby and Lindsay have a good, really natural chemistry which I think is one of the things that can elevate a good podcast to a great one, and I’m always psyched when the new episodes download, I never feel like ‘oh that podcast again, sigh’. In fact sometimes I will save WW to listen to after one of the podcasts that can feel more like eating my veggies. My only criticism is that I think you guys should crown a new who queen and we should move on from Rita Ora lol. Congrats on the spotlight, here’s to many more years! Lindsay Podcaster etc etc
  • treetreeg
    so grateful for this sh(arna)ow!
    I’ve been listening for too embarrassingly long to just be writing a review now, but it is a staple of my week and therefore my life! Thank you Lindsey, Bobby, and Timmy for putting this show together week after week. The back catalogue plus the patreon episodes got me through the early pandemic days and were so important for marking time. I love knowing the Wholigans are out there laughing along with me - crunch crunch
  • markiefisher
    Simply the Best!
    Crunch crunch!
  • Harper Lowe 2015
  • mari hughes
    All hail BLT 🙌🏽
    My favorite podcast! Nothing is more entertaining or funny. I’m a patreon and I still can’t get enough! Crunch crunch
  • RMHinLA
    First time, medium time
    I started listening this past Spring and am now deep into the back catalogue of Who? Weekly (currently in Summer 2018). I cackle listening to this and my favorite thing is finding out the origin of sign-offs in old episodes. I just heard how Tim Tebow Lesbian came to be. Love this show and love Lindsey, Bobby and Timmy. I also love Bobby’s pronunciations of German last names. Grateful for Sharna!
  • hhf5340
    Just the best
    Crunch crunch
  • 3655$
    Absolutely absurd and hilarious!!
    If you love ppl seriously analyzing ridiculous celebs, definitely listen. It’s one of 2 podcasts I actually regularly listen to (I even went back and listened to old episodes like a maniac). Makes me laugh all the time
  • KCOinBrooklyn
    I bet they only read 1-star reviews
    I just have a feeling they find the bad reviews a HOOT. They are so great. I like their kindness.
  • omgletmepostaxomment
    Chores I finished while listening
    Changed my sheets (including the duvet cover. Ugh!) Scooped litter Cleaned dishes Made dinner I’d give this pod as many stars as nick cannon has kids. Please go back on tour!!!
  • hrose480
    My favorite show
    Read about who weekly in the New Yorker and never looked back! Heading Bobby reading comments about the Chrislys made my week.
  • dancerchild
    crunch crunch
    i had to stop listening to this podcast in public because i was literally laughing out loud so often it was becoming embarrassing. lindseybobby could talk about paint drying for an hour and make it hysterical. their banter is the best and you leave with some fun facts about c-list celebs too 💁🏼‍♀️
  • funpolicelou
    Makes me laugh so much
    I still don’t entirely understand who Rita is, but I get the song stuck in my head all the time and it makes me laugh
  • Paleo_is_the_answer
    Love this two!
    The pod is funny and soothing.
  • aaaaammmmmm19
    I don’t care how many marvel projects she stars in, hailee steinfeld will always be a who.
    This podcast has been my most consistent relationship since 2016.
  • InfusionP@nd@
    I’ve only disagreed once
    I love this podcast…of course…when they said that an academy award/ golden globe nominee…that is in the marvel universe, and is the lead in possibly one of the best appletv+ shows is a who…I felt very sad. Not that they were wrong…just that one of my favorites is a who. She doesn’t act very who-y. Anyway though, they crack me up, and I generally agree with their thoughts and opinions. This is a great listen though, and I listen to every episode!
  • Emily8907
    I’m rating 5 stars because we need more episodes to get to the bottom of big mysteries. Like Sean Paul is a Them but Orlando Bloom is a Who? The lore needs to be richer for this
  • SarahElizaP
    ScarJo Yummypop
    Longtime listener who never left a review oop. Love you both!
  • g3mmaC0llins
    5 stars for Lindsey’s violence in opening the show by calling out Bobby for not being able to fit into his bath tub
  • MFcreep
    Chicago Abortion Fund
    Thank you for supporting women & Abortion rights!
  • abfabtastic
    I’ve called in and they’ve never played my call
    But I still like the podcast, it’s very funny.
  • hannhannham
    my house is clean because of this show
    if this podcast ever ends I’m killing myself
  • cazoo96
    favorite podcast of all time BY FAR
    I literally wouldn't be able to get through my week without these two - such a smart and hilarious pair that truly make me feel so SEEN. plz never change/stop or else ill feel like I've lost true friends CRUNCH CRUNCH 4 LIFE
  • Tara Metal
    Ann-minent Dowd-main
    I demand more original songs from Bobby, but otherwise have no complaints. My favorite podcast for years, and the only one that consistently makes me laugh out loud. Lindsey and Bobby keep me going with their banter, quizzes, and highly educational segments. A+ 10/10 love you guys
  • MargaretCatherine1993
    Pronounce hailee however u want love, a hayley crunch crunch xx
  • Kelsey Delave
    Simply the best
    better than all the rest
  • BrezusCristo
    My favorite part
    My favorite part is when Bobby repeats his dental hygienist story. What a thrilling twist! God Speed Bella Hadid.
  • drsear
    Beautiful nonsense
    May you have the chemistry with a friend that lindseybobby have
  • illuminati.hottie
    crunch crunch
    Lea Michele wishes she could read these reviews
  • lyns_29
    How else will I stay informed on public safet topics like protecting myself against the glee and Becky G curses
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