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A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) Whos and Thems. Everything you need to know about celebrities you don't. Hosted by Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber.

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  • RMHinLA
    First time, medium time
    I started listening this past Spring and am now deep into the back catalogue of Who? Weekly (currently in Summer 2018). I cackle listening to this and my favorite thing is finding out the origin of sign-offs in old episodes. I just heard how Tim Tebow Lesbian came to be. Love this show and love Lindsey, Bobby and Timmy. I also love Bobby’s pronunciations of German last names. Grateful for Sharna!
  • hhf5340
    Just the best
    Crunch crunch
  • 3655$
    Absolutely absurd and hilarious!!
    If you love ppl seriously analyzing ridiculous celebs, definitely listen. It’s one of 2 podcasts I actually regularly listen to (I even went back and listened to old episodes like a maniac). Makes me laugh all the time
  • KCOinBrooklyn
    I bet they only read 1-star reviews
    I just have a feeling they find the bad reviews a HOOT. They are so great. I like their kindness.
  • omgletmepostaxomment
    Chores I finished while listening
    Changed my sheets (including the duvet cover. Ugh!) Scooped litter Cleaned dishes Made dinner I’d give this pod as many stars as nick cannon has kids. Please go back on tour!!!
  • hrose480
    My favorite show
    Read about who weekly in the New Yorker and never looked back! Heading Bobby reading comments about the Chrislys made my week.
  • dancerchild
    crunch crunch
    i had to stop listening to this podcast in public because i was literally laughing out loud so often it was becoming embarrassing. lindseybobby could talk about paint drying for an hour and make it hysterical. their banter is the best and you leave with some fun facts about c-list celebs too 💁🏼‍♀️
  • funpolicelou
    Makes me laugh so much
    I still don’t entirely understand who Rita is, but I get the song stuck in my head all the time and it makes me laugh
  • Paleo_is_the_answer
    Love this two!
    The pod is funny and soothing.
  • aaaaammmmmm19
    I don’t care how many marvel projects she stars in, hailee steinfeld will always be a who.
    This podcast has been my most consistent relationship since 2016.
  • InfusionP@nd@
    I’ve only disagreed once
    I love this podcast…of course…when they said that an academy award/ golden globe nominee…that is in the marvel universe, and is the lead in possibly one of the best appletv+ shows is a who…I felt very sad. Not that they were wrong…just that one of my favorites is a who. She doesn’t act very who-y. Anyway though, they crack me up, and I generally agree with their thoughts and opinions. This is a great listen though, and I listen to every episode!
  • Emily8907
    I’m rating 5 stars because we need more episodes to get to the bottom of big mysteries. Like Sean Paul is a Them but Orlando Bloom is a Who? The lore needs to be richer for this
  • SarahElizaP
    ScarJo Yummypop
    Longtime listener who never left a review oop. Love you both!
  • g3mmaC0llins
    5 stars for Lindsey’s violence in opening the show by calling out Bobby for not being able to fit into his bath tub
  • MFcreep
    Chicago Abortion Fund
    Thank you for supporting women & Abortion rights!
  • abfabtastic
    I’ve called in and they’ve never played my call
    But I still like the podcast, it’s very funny.
  • hannhannham
    my house is clean because of this show
    if this podcast ever ends I’m killing myself
  • cazoo96
    favorite podcast of all time BY FAR
    I literally wouldn't be able to get through my week without these two - such a smart and hilarious pair that truly make me feel so SEEN. plz never change/stop or else ill feel like I've lost true friends CRUNCH CRUNCH 4 LIFE
  • Tara Metal
    Ann-minent Dowd-main
    I demand more original songs from Bobby, but otherwise have no complaints. My favorite podcast for years, and the only one that consistently makes me laugh out loud. Lindsey and Bobby keep me going with their banter, quizzes, and highly educational segments. A+ 10/10 love you guys
  • MargaretCatherine1993
    Pronounce hailee however u want love, a hayley crunch crunch xx
  • Kelsey Delave
    Simply the best
    better than all the rest
  • BrezusCristo
    My favorite part
    My favorite part is when Bobby repeats his dental hygienist story. What a thrilling twist! God Speed Bella Hadid.
  • drsear
    Beautiful nonsense
    May you have the chemistry with a friend that lindseybobby have
  • illuminati.hottie
    crunch crunch
    Lea Michele wishes she could read these reviews
  • lyns_29
    How else will I stay informed on public safet topics like protecting myself against the glee and Becky G curses
  • Julie SF
    Bobby convinced me to buy athletic greens but the website doesn’t work so now I’ll never drink athletic greens before my Java unless I know who weekly will get credit for influencing me.
  • brony jenner
    i like the podcast
    really like the podcast. funny informative entertaining. are lizzie and bobby a couple in real life? cute relationship and banter.
  • prettylitteridontknowher
    My fave pod
    I’m a veterinarian and pretty litter is a who
  • cornbread181127
    The podcasters of my heart ❤️
    My two favorite people I don’t actually know.
  • Aec6
    The best, never disappoints
    Lindsey and Bobby are so much fun that I keep an episode as back-up for tough days. Funny, informative, and low-stakes escapism that covers a broad spectrum of celebrities you don’t need to know anything about but will find inexplicably compelling. Treat yourself
  • ShellKellBlank
    Staples is a pun.
    I was that person that just figured it out today.
  • jsndjdkndhdjsj
    One of my favorite parts of the week
    If you’re not into celebrities, don’t let that deter you. This will make you laugh regardless. Sometimes I save a couple if I know that I’m going to be cleaning, driving, stuck in an airport, or anything that requieres patience and a little light. ____ Update: instead of saving them I now subscribe to the patreon. The watch parties that have taken place since I’ve joined have included: Annie Live, Deep Water, and Marry Me. It’s unhinged. Can’t get enough.
  • Nobody Important Here
    Listed once’s
    And now Oh noooooooo I’m obsessed
  • andthenshesnapped
    You need this in your life
    My favorite podcast hands down. It’s not just that I like Lindsey and Bobby, it’s that I think that they’d like me. (PS: Patreon is worth every penny!)
  • triiipp
    Can’t wait to hear about s3 of TMS
    DICKINSON is the superior appletv+ show! (Yes, better than severance) Emily Dickinson’s face card NEVER declines
  • wlffann
    The number one podcast in America!
    I never miss an episode.
  • CGM1019
    New boot goofin
    #1 podcast in the country
  • dahllybfromhouston
    my favorite podcast of all time
    can I just say that y’all get me through some of the darkest days of my whole life. I love this podcast so much
  • alybabally
    Twenty stars!!!!!
    The only podcast I really listen to anymore!!! It’s much nicer ~these days~ to listen to Lindsey and Bobby talk about c-list celebrity gossip than, you know, The Daily. If you are a new listener I would recommend sticking to just the Tuesday episodes for your first couple listens but after you get to know the show the Friday call-in episodes are equally great. @ Lindsey and Bobby — I would buy a crewneck sweatshirt that just had the logo printed plain and I think a lot of other listeners also would!!!! I keep meaning to call the VIP line about this but for now I am making my plea here
  • Liahndub
    Amazing but in like an obsessive way
    This podcast has overtaken my life. My week now revolves around the three episodes I can watch. Bobby and Lindsey have so thoroughly infiltrated my brain I now play buzz fiends and the witcher while listening.
  • jon0190
    Life affirming
    The highest complement I can pay a podcast is that I feel like I’m right there listening in the recording booth. The second highest complement I can pay a podcast is that it makes me care deeply about a topic I normally couldn’t care less about. In both respects, Who? Weekly is an absolute master class. So, Why? Aren’t You Listening Yet!
  • KKaplowitz
    A must-listen for aging millennials
    Truly. Thanks for keeping me relevant, Bobby and Lindsey.
  • 128kate128
    Long time listener, first time reviewer
    No other podcast has the wit or the heart of this one. Truly the best and, honestly, the only thing that has gotten me through the pandemic. Crunch crunch!
  • DaisyPicker31
    Come on in the waters warm
    More people should listen to this so i dont have to have this conversation every time i quote or reference Who?Weekly. “Oh…it’s from my podcast.” “Your podcast?” “Not MY podcast but the only one I listen to. You see there’re thems and there’re whos…”
  • saarzipan
    First time, medium time
    If you feel like you're the only one with an unpopular value judgement of Tom Hanks, can't be bothered to watch Westworld (or Contagion for that matter lol you guys dropped a comical amount of spoilers in a recent episode 😅) and, crucially, don't want to explore the Whoniverse alone --- look no further. THE most iconic duo has got your back!!! Every episode dissects some absurdity of modern life in laugh out loud fashion. Also Lindsey & Bobby have such great friend chemistry and between them they rifle off sooo many amazing one-liners! Can't get enough. Thank you for your research and dedication!!! 💚
  • s1m0nj4ck
    So fun to listen to
    Crunch crunch
  • Lizzie McG17
    The only pop culture pod you need
    The ONLY one. Light-hearted and witty and hilarious and comforting. All others pale in comparison.
  • Climgirl
    Podcast perfection
    You guys are so witty and the show flows really well. Your show is the perfect palate cleanser for life's dramas. I would to know the origin story of crunch crunch but at the same time I am ok w not having all of life's answers. Keep it up!
  • ivyyyy
    I feel like this podcast was made just for me. I’ve been listening for years and no form of media, I tell you none!!!, makes me laugh like this show does. Its comforting to know that even if no one in my personal life cares about Bebe Rexha’s Lay’s potato chip collab, Lindsey, Bobby, and a whole community of Wholigans do. 🥺❤️
  • Lakeshore22
    I think Lindsey and Bobby literally saved my sanity during the pandemic, making me laugh when nothing else felt the same. The perfect diversion from an imperfect world. Le An Cuisine!
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