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A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) Whos and Thems. Everything you need to know about celebrities you don't. Hosted by Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber.

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  • NeutralTerminator
    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
    Whenever y’all play Who Them, Bobby counts down: three... two... one... and then Lindsey waits until after Bobby’s answer to respond! Lindsey, we want to hear what’s in your heart!
  • movielover10
    Inanimate Object
    Please keep reviewing me.
  • laureeeliz
    Iconic, legendary podcast
    Who? Weekly is my favorite podcast. Please keep rating the who’s and them’s of inanimate objects!
  • divastarz55
    Thankful for Who Weekly
    What better day to write an iTunes review for W?W than on (American) Thanksgiving. This holiday is problematic but Bobby & Lindsey are not! They never fail to make me laugh and keep me informed about random pop culture stuff. Who else in my life will talk about the PCAs? Who else in my life even knows what that stands for? Absolutely no one. I am grateful to have them in these stressful times! P.S. Subscribe to their Patreon! It is fun. I am hoping to achieve the PPC trifecta one day (a call on the Podcast, on the Patreon, and a Caller, you’re doing amazing sweetie). It’s like the EGOT but better.
  • RSZN8
    Truly the greatest podcast of all time
    I am a teacher and wake up and 5:45 am every day. The only thing that gets me up is knowing that 4 times a week I will listen to Bobby and Lindsey on my way to work (2 main episodes and 2 patreon episodes). They are so funny, delightful, relatable, and clever. Sorry to this man. Crunch crunch.
  • funnywizard
    crunch crunch
    i love the pod. i listen to every ep when it drops. they never play my calls but i call once a week at least to get over my nervousness around talking to strangers on the phone. would rec
  • angelxcxb
    the only reason i’m not killing myself rn
    this podcast is the only thing i look forward to anymore which is kinda sad. that being said please stop whoing and theming inanimate objects. crunch crunch
  • Alphagrrl28
    I shower with these guys all the time.
    Guys! Just listened to the latest Who’s there and I realized I’ve never rated or reviewed! But I also solved the vaccine question. As Marvel is a great strategy, I would nominate The Rock (them). Dwayne should play the role of Elvis (them) the corona vaccine PSA! The Rock is Lovable. Straddles the political lines and he’s the “picture” of health! Also how come #parislasagna isn’t a thing. Crunch crunch 💁🏽‍♀️
  • beppe4president
    Best podcast ever
    My absolute favorite! I subscribe to the Patreon, too. Love you Lindsay Bobby thank you for all that you do
  • hannahcaro
    Them of my podcast queue.
  • heyitunesthisismynickname
    5 stars
    Livin la vida laptop
  • 🦄🙏🏼💪🏽👌🏽❤️
    5 Stars to Air My Grievances
    Just kidding you both are perfect.
  • morgs-riggs
    Influencers in your own right
    Single hand-idly inspiring my google searches for the past year and a half. I never miss an episode. Still don’t fully know who Olivia munn is or why she is famous. I can live with that.
  • Doronugget
    Maybe too heartfelt? I don’t care.
    Today I accomplished a task in probably way too short of a time: I finished listening to every single episode of the regular Who Weekly feed. This podcast has been a literal lifeline during quarantine. I’ve listened to multiple episodes per day, every single day, and Bobby and Lindsey have provided the soundtrack to my mental anguish! Now, to finish listening to all the Patreón episodes! Thank you for playing me saying “Julianne Hough and Brooks Laigch (whatever) are divorcing?” when I had my mouth guard in so I sound like I have a lisp!
  • RebeccaKBaskin
    6 stars if I could
    This podcast singlehandedly got me through nighttime feedings with my newborn
  • rachelizabethmo
    5 ⭐️s for Aggrieved Long-Time Listener
    and their informative reporting re: Imagine Dragons.
  • MaskedSingerlover
    Love it all
    Who weekly has been a blessing during a stressful year, they are my #1 podcast! Love you guys!!
  • Sumblehead87
    Makes me so happy
    Love you guys! The m so grateful for all the laughs you bring me, especially in this difficult year!! The assignment of who or them status of inanimate objects KILLS ME every time.
  • Dillonmc
    I saw a review saying to cut down on the Benana content and I FIRMLY DISAGREE. Also, I bit all my nails off watching Gone Girl last week and then I blamed it on election stress. Love uuuuu.
  • Aggrieved Long-Time Listener
    “Imagine Dragons" is an anagram for “Ragged Insomnia”
    I googled “imagine dragons anagram,” and the first thing that came up was a Quora explainer about this. “Ragged Insomnia” was their original name, apparently. I’m honestly a little angry right now, because nothing is more boring than Imagine Dragons, and Lindsey and Bobby gave them enough mystique - “We’ll never know what ‘Imagine Dragons’ stand for” - that I felt compelled to Google them, and the answer was precisely as boring as I’d have expected. Y’all found an audio clip of these dorks talking about their BLOOD OATH but not this explainer? I feel like you did this on purpose to troll us. Which is RUDE. Love you though. Crunch crunch, that MacBook!
  • Riveting.rosie
    I love you
    This is a lifestyle
  • H13675788
    Bobby every time he leaves the house
    “It was a bit of a disaster”
  • MillDee
    Small slice of twice-weekly joy
    This my favorite podcast. It is light and fun. Bobby and Lindsey are the perfect pair to have in your world for two hours each week. They cover all of the dumb things in pop culture that you somehow know a little bit about (from basic existence/media exposure and consumption), filling in with charming banter and silly phrases that stick in your head. Years later, I still laugh just thinking about the Annihilation theme song.
  • Squeakykiki
    Please, Bobby: “when”
    Not trying to be a dick and I know it’s a southern thing to say whenever instead of when, but hearing Bobby do it 10x every episode is triggering some v deranged memories of watching Kendra Wilkinson’s reality show and having to listen to her dopey husband do this constantly.
  • Chr_stopher
    2 years in
    And I like the Friday call in episodes slightly more than the Tuesday ones! What’s that called? Growth.
  • Iolokus
    Actually Perfect
    The only good thing in my life and I would never police the language or content choices of its Romulus and Remus, Lindsey and Bobby. Thank you, iconic etc
  • Jlenomade
    5 star “adjacent”
    My friends hate playing 20 Questions with me because of this podcast. “Who the hell is Tati Westbrook?”. “What do you mean the other Jojo?”, “Tom Hanks’ wife is a what?”
  • ccccccccary
    #1 podcast
    Longtime listener, longtime patron. Best podcast there is. But Lindsey and Bobby, I beg of you: please play more listener questions instead of comments and anecdotes.
  • Melissa Guerra
    Please say iconic and adjacent more
    But actually
  • turkeyandmayo
    The highlight of my week
    I love this show so much. Pls stop talking about Bachelor/Bachelorette people. They are below Who’s. Every single one of them.
  • sportschick28
    I could listen to Bobby and Lindsey talk about quite literally anything for hours, from non-sponsored Dunkin’ spon to arguing about what an acre is. These burgeoning Aly and AJ stans are nothing short of... iconic.
  • hh3579
    five stars. they say “like” the perfect amount.
  • HR4567
    When I say I hate white people....
    I am never ever talking about these lovely people right here. Bobby and Lindsey are my queens. I love them.
  • Liz Koopmann
    The best podcast!
  • bnjce
    Funny and highly informative!
    Gives me my weekly dose of what is going on in the world did I truly care about! Lol.Seriously though I feel so smart I hear this show!! Love you guys!! And thank you for existing :)
  • reggie31515
    great gowns, beautiful gowns
  • Crantson 336
    My Stepdad Finally Respects Me
    Thanks to the talking points this podcast supplied me with, my stepdad fully believes I am a tabloid news expert. Every day he asks me what’s new in celebrity news. Thanks, Who?Weekly!
  • hwpw
    Keep saying iconic + adjacent
    Love all y’alls speaking idiosyncrasies, don’t change a thing. The only podcast that doesn’t stress me the hell out. Bless you Lindseybobby, you’ve taught me so much.
  • Sascupuncture
    Favorite Show
    And sign up for their patreon too!
  • millerms
    Usually makes me laugh, sometimes hard
    And as a Texas resident I love when Bobby talks about H‑E‑B or his SA upbringing
  • the foodz one
    Bobby never says when and always says whenever. If you can make peace with this and not mutter “when” under your breath every time he incorrectly uses whenever you will love this p’cast
  • sambycat
    crunch crunch ❤️
  • cout8807
    These two!! Best banter. So insightful. Love ‘em.
  • katelenan
    Love love love
    So funny so good. Started listening a couple months ago & now I’ve listened to all the episodes back to 2018 — thank you Lindsey Bobby!!
  • wetlandsben
    This show is my whole personality
    Thank you.
  • love you boh
    great show
    Love the podcast, I do think you use the descriptor “___-adjacent” too much.
  • Lexataylor
    I could listen to banter about the GC3Z for a long time
    I actually laugh out loud to myself when listening! Can’t recommend enough!
  • CluhMarie
    The Dame Judi Dench of Podcasts
    Who Weekly gives me the kiss of life twice a week
  • chf222
    This podcast is
    the kiss of life
  • TRCBing
    Medium embarrassed to admit how much I learn from this podcast.
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