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  • Yay for Catan!
    Not as good as it used to be
    I miss Clare. There used to be witty banter and it had a centrist perspective. It has become too far to the left and much less entertaining.
  • Karen Anna
    Listen to the episode about the stimulus bill
    After listening to that episode, I am so impressed by both the guest and the questions. If you, like me, would never have time to read all the topics that interest you, the 538Podcast solves that problem for political junkies like me. More questions than I have were asked and answered, And I have lots of questions about everything.
  • TJ8675309
    Bring back Clare
    Unsubscribing until Clare is back
  • Kimmy 78722
    Still Missing Clare
    This podcast just isn’t the same without Clare Malone!
  • Chuck James123
    time to unsubscribe
    Honestly, without Clare this show just…… isn’t enough. Maybe it’s time to pack it in? None of you seem to have much a reason to do this. And I used to think of this as a top 5 pod in my queue. Eh. Real letdown, folks.
  • Exhenduction
    Karl Malone
    You should bring back Karl Malone. He added levity and humor to the show, and it was a gas to hear his weekly perspectives on Mitt Romney. Plus, he won a few gold medals.
  • mkopelove
    Missing Clare
    Swapping random women to fix the problem ABC created is just a tone deaf as laying off the only female voice on the pod. I tried to keep listening but at this point I’m done. I’ll follow Clare wherever she ends up
  • Elbowpatched
    Bring back Clare!
    I think this is a great podcast, but I have too many podcasts in my feed, and even though this one has never been on the chopping block in the past, but if unsubscribing is the only way to let my frustration be known, I will unsubscribe if you don’t bring back the best part of the podcast.
  • BGazard
    Missing the Fun
    Have enjoyed this podcast over the years but it has gone downward. It used to be a mix of facts and fun but since Clare and Micah left the show, it has only been facts.
  • lrhhrl
    Totally lost without elections to talk about
    Galen’s interview episodes can be decent depending on the focus. The episodes with the whole crew are now a mess. Claire was key. Recent guests are pretty bad...why does a local Atlanta reporter need to be on multiple recent episodes? Move on, find something else. This is an election-based podcast with no election to discuss for the next 18 months. Ouch.
  • Shred logic
    Bring back Clare
    This was one of my favorite shows. The chemistry and the insight are not the same without Clare Malone. I learned a lot from her.
  • cranberry27
    So thorough
    When I want to dig deep into an issue, I know where to go. It’s info-dense but also keeps me engaged! Thank you!
  • jpequens
    Need Clare Malone
    Podcast just isn’t as good without Clare. She had the most interesting takes and the worst but best jokes.
  • kdaddy95
    Used to be 5 stars
    Clare was the best voice on the pod, and now she’s gone. 2nd best was Micah, and he’s also gone. Perry is fine, but he’s dry and not nearly as witty as the others. This podcast was the best political podcast, it did not need tweaking. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The new form of the podcast lacks the quality banter and witty analysis that it used to have. It’s simply not as good as it was before.
  • carriectdl
    Show was great and I listened religiously before Clare was let go. It’s not the same without her.
  • rossafs
    We need Clare
    I don’t know how it happens, but Clare was the heart and soul of the show. She must return. Update: have you guys listened back to the show since Clare got let go? *shudder*
  • Kpinault
    Please bring her back. There are a zillion politically themed podcasts but I listened to this one because I liked the banter of the group. Totally missing now.
  • Ibles123
    Bring Back Clare
    I miss her insightful commentary :-(
  • annebelle58
    So bummed Clare will no longer be on the podcast. It won’t be the same without her and I probably won’t listen as often. 2 months and the podcast has gone downhill without Clare. Bring her back!
  • Cogsdoc
    Not the same
    The show is just not the same with the changes in on air talent. Serious nosedive since Clare Malone was not brought back.
  • NotAFan_2020
    Where’s Clare?
    This went from one of my favorites to “unsubscribe” without Clare.
  • Wanderlust??
    Not as good since Clare left
    I’ve been a regular listener for a few years now, and it has really taken a nosedive since Clare left. She brought a balance to the podcast and her energy was a great contrast to Nate and the rest of the men on it. It’s just so much more boring and lacking spark without her. Hoping they’ll get it together but I’m unsubscribing for now.
  • Bort son of Toth
    Useless and bring back Claire
    As it turns out, this podcast has a lot of interesting, well-thought out takes using data and polls. Except none of that is particularly predictive of anything and when confronted with this fact, the contributors all scurry about and say “the model accounted for that”. Sigh. Oh and to make it worse the fired the best contributor, Claire, who added interesting takes and passion to the show. Just not worth the listen anymore. Update - why are they putting Henry Olsen on this show? Just dreck.
  • Jess a Jass
    Podcast is really missing Claire
    I used to not miss a podcast but now find myself skipping episodes or forgetting about this podcast altogether. Bad decision to let her go. Bring her back with a raise and/or promotion!
  • fran-jup
    I want Claire back
    Cmon guys - yes guys- we need Claire back. Show is not the same without her.
  • bring back clare 005
    Bring back Clare
    This has been one of my favorite podcasts for some time and have been listening for years however it isn’t the same since Clare was let go. I still listened after Clare was let go however her takes and perspective have left a huge void in the show that is obvious upon listening. The quality isn’t the same. Will be unsubscribing, and will check out to see if either Clare comes back or something else is done to shake up the program.
  • Silas01
    I used to listen to every episode
    Since they fired Claire Malone the podcast is not the same. I have tried to listen, but just can't. Why would they fire their best person and expect people to continue to listen??
  • Claudz1973
    Bring back Clare Malone!!
    Really you can drop all of them except Nate and Clare. You Disney execs have no clue what you’re doing, do you.
  • brainslikepickles
    Unscientific polls say it needs more Clare and Harry; less Galen
    The hosts seem bored with themselves and each other. Are they hearing our thoughts? Galen is a capable but uninspired moderator. Do they need a moderator when everyone basically agrees?
  • Truly66
    I ❤️ Claire Malone!
    This podcast is boring without Claire Malone. I’m going to unsubscribe for a while. I’ll check in next summer and see if she’s back.
  • Andrew from Westby
    Bring back Claire
    Used to be my favorite politics podcast, and I might come back for model talk in the next election cycle, but the quality has taken a nose dive since Claire was laid off.
  • Crazunggoy47
    Bring back Claire
    This show was awesome. Loved hearing the data driven opinions and analysis from the original crew. But absolutely bonkers decision to fire Claire Malone. She was the best of them. It felt to me like she ended up having the best takes and she was really fun to listen to. I sure hope ABC news comes crawling back, hat in hand, and hires her back with a raise.
  • madae42
    Bring her back.
    I’m not going to be salty and take stars from a podcast I’ve loved for years but you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and it’s a 2.5 star podcast on a good day without her. Nate has no one to play off, Perry is taking up too much air (literally- just face away from the mic when you inhale buddy) and the panels on Thursday are never worth listening to. I miss my favorite podcast. Hopefully it comes back one day.
  • homer8970
    Bring back Clare
    Cannot believe that Clare was let go. I think Perry Bacon Jr does a great job and Galen is a fine host but it’s just boring without Clare Update: I’m done with the podcast. I’ve been a listener since the beginning but just can’t do it any more without Clare. Galen and Perry are great. Nate needs to stop the uneducated COVID twitter hot takes.
  • This Ken
    Hyper partisan
    Hyper partisan but occasionally informative. It would be nice if they could get away from their group think. Maybe they could each try reading one article that didn’t simply reenforce their prejudice. Then maybe they could stop repeating the Democrat party propaganda and actually think for themselves.
  • Briseis27
    Is Clare Back Yet? Ok Bye
    Just checking. Not even remote interest in the show without Clare, esp. after what I have been reading *about* the show and recent forays and overreaching in pontificating on vaccines…
  • Mr. Rasputin
    PLEASE buy real mics
    AirPods are not for podcasting. Pleeeeease buy an RE20 and an interface. Love the topics and discussion, it’s just pretty tough to listen to sound quality-wise.
  • afMerca
    5 stars with Clare. 3 without.
    Get her back. What where they thinking.
  • oharamj
    What the $&@/#^•€. did I just listen to?
    As a very long time subscriber, who has praised the podcast in the past, who came up with this weeks' show - and why? Shades of the both-sides nonsense of Chuck Todd. You had us listen to an all-Republican panel hold forth for over an hour about the future of this party? Nothing but an academic, excuse-making take on how - with just a little new policy-making skill and a new leader - the country could be treated to another fling with the fascists. IMHO, a few more years of GOP nay-saying, racism, and xenophobia like the last 16 years and this party will crumble into the dustbin of history where it rightly belongs. It's as if this bunch wasn't even paying attention fir the last 4 years!
  • Gevertz
    Love the show, get Clare back
    This is a favorite podcast of mine, but losing Clare Malone was a huge blow. Get her back on please.
  • Emmatcf
    Get Clare Malone back
    It makes zero sense to me that Clare is not on this podcast anymore. I used to listen to every episode and now it is hard to get motivated to listen at all. I listened to every episode since 2016 and kept trying to listen for over a month without Clare but it’s just not interesting anymore like it used to be. Just unsubscribed. Get Clare back!
  • RJPlumer
    Clare is the best!
    One of my favorite political podcast. Insightful and thought out. Clare Malone is my favorite. Keep up the great work. Update: Now with no Clare Malone I’m extremely disappointed. Unless Clare is mention in episode notes I’ll be skipping over this one unfortunately.
  • gcwaz
    02.04.2021 Great panel discussion with intelligence and insight.
  • Kayaklaurie
    The inability of the Biden admin to open schools? In two weeks? What universe are you living in? Before schools can open, they need money, PPP, vaccinations for teachers, etc, etc. if you are still saying this in two MONTHS, it might be credible.
  • DeckardPDX
    Bad move ABC
    I was a rabid listener of this podcast. I Loved it. Couldn’t wait to hear another episode. Not without Clare though. She was the best. Boo. Bad move ABC. Bring back Clare.
  • addsssaaa
    Get Claire Malone back on air please
    Get Claire Malone back on air please. I don’t know what kind of games ABC is playing. Thanks
  • Dawnshhdhbekenb
    Bring back Clare!
    She was better than you thought she was. Smart and energetic and funny and generous. The podcast is pretty boring without her. I like Perry a lot, he’s great, and I was thrilled when he joined the team full time, but right now he is dominating in a way that doesn’t allow others to shine. I tried to hang in there, but I’m not going to listen anymore.
  • la klines
    Bring back Malone!
    I appreciate nates need for a vaccine and ps5. But i have a need for clare back
  • BadgerGal19
    Bring Back Clare!!!!
    This used to be my favorite podcast until they got rid of Clare. Clare had an awesome way of explaining tough topics in a witty and funny way. I will not have this podcast in my regular rotation until they bring her back.
  • Sam23201
    Perry Needs to Fix His Mic
    Perry breaths in before every sentence and it’s pretty unprofessional. Overall this podcast is okay for political data analysis despite completely blowing this last election.
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