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  • J1BJKD
    Happy to see Kristen Anderson
    This shoe suffers from a liberal bubble, so you need people like Anderson or the much missed Jane Coastin.
    July 15 show
    Thank you for the show with the guest from Bright Watch. Galen is a well informed host who sticks to facts. That episode is one of your best.
  • banana_rock
    I miss Clare Malone and Perry Bacon Jr.
    This is still an entertaining and informative podcast, with compelling data driven insight. However, Clare was really fun, and Perry provided perspective that is rarely found in these type of programs.
  • Yuhreka
    Where’s the NYC Mayoral analysis?
    I’m surprised that you guys haven’t put out an episode focused on the analysis of the NYC election. With all the candidates and possible strategies for the city’s first ranked choice voting, seems like that’d be in your wheelhouse. By the way, I really enjoy your podcast and listened to every episode during the last 2 presidential elections. Deducting 1 star because I too miss Clare.
  • DinkMeeker
    It’s good!
    These nerds are boring but I like it.
  • schaney93
    For the love of God time stamp your episodes
    No one wants to listen for 20 mins every episode about why it’s ok and actually electorally prudent the democrats don’t want to do anything with their majorities. Just mark your episodes so I can skip that part.
  • Skunkle Dave
    Waiting for an election
    It’s so much drier and less fun without Clare Malone’s energy. Now more of a passive listen until 2022.
    Post-Election Dumpster Fire
    Loved this all election season and with Clare. Absolute disaster ever since she left. By far the driest political/polling pod in the genre these days, complete with unlimited cringe.
  • loudes13
    Partisan drivel
    Their bias shows.
  • bbkafi
    Love Galen and Nate
    Love Galen and Nate, plus the theme song reminds me of Fergie’s “My H*mps” like a lot. Great reporting, great soundtrack.
  • Claudz1973
    You’ve turned normcore
    This used to be about dry data-driven analysis. Now it’s about second rate journos who aren’t Nate (where is Nate??) out-woking each other. Back up every statement with data, please, especially the ones you take as sacrosanct. And get out of your Twitter bubble. You have a blind spot as big as the Empire State Building.
  • Mekatzer
    All things being equal, Nate, Clare, Micah, Galen, and Perry are worth a star each. Sure there were great episodes without all 5, but the classic crew was the best crew. Clare was fired, Perry moved on, Nate and Micah are rarely on, so the recent episodes haven’t been super engaging. There’s also not much horse racing going on right now, so I suspect things will go on like this for a while. Of the recent episodes, I’m 0/5 on getting past minute 10.
  • Hobbes714
    Sad to watch the pod’s slow decline
    I started listening along with the crew just before the 2016 election. I’ve kept up with them up until recent months, but it was a long time coming. Maybe it’s because Harry’s gone, maybe it’s because Clare’s gone, maybe it’s because Nate’s not around as much, but the commentary has become predictable and uninteresting. Perhaps the old chemistry forced out interesting takes or conversations. Regardless, one could get the same content reading the replies on a random neolib Twitter account.
  • Lynchpin_Cube
    Not the same without Clare
    If ABC read the reviews on this show they’d know what a huge mistake they made firing Clare. The longer this show falters on without her the more apparent it is that she was holding it together. Galen is doing an admirable job trying to keep things interesting, but without the main person willing to stand up to Nate the more banal the show gets. Oh well.
  • Gary Robbins
    Ugh! Too woke!
    In the June 2021 podcast, the speaker spoke about “Cis Females.” No. There are no “Cis Females,” they are simply “Females.” There are “Trans Women,” who have a XY Chromosome and not a XX Chromosome. Please do not adopt the woke appellation of “Cis.”
  • coffeeteacoffee
    Bring Back Clare
    I still miss Clare. An independent, wry, confident, yet self-questioning voice. Get her back. Could you bring back Clare as a guest? Please.
  • Kleinias
    Mainstream liberal podcast
    Edit: well it was inevitable I suppose, what was once a pretty mainstream liberal podcast which at least made the occasional effort to nod to counter arguments, has now become a more progressive style podcast. The newer hosts are pretty clearly very liberal and they have zero pushback when they delve into extremism. ————————————- 538 is a fairly typical mainstream liberal podcast. Its a lot like Vox media’s podcast except that 538 (while decidedly liberal) isn’t quite as far left on the political spectrum. Where this podcast really suffers is by having only left leaning and liberal voices on and it’s really part of the “bubble” that the podcast itself often talks about. They are in desperate need of having a centrist or (gasp!) conservative regular host to go along with the current liberal panel. I often wonder what the ABC news/538 hosts must think when they have their “town halls” and there audience is clearly and completely a very liberal one. Isn’t that a pretty clear indicator of what kind of podcast they are hosting? Of note, Claire Malone is this podcasts shining star. She has a very convivial personality and her thoughts are often quite nuanced.
  • lrhhrl
    Sadly I am finished.
    This podcast really fell off a cliff. Please Nate, take charge. Get fivethirtyeight back to data. To independent thought. Most of these episodes are left-leaning banter. The episode discussing the views of people abroad was a total waste.
  • Santa fe Jack
    What about Beta O’Rourke? He ran too!
    OMG 😳!! I guess you missed him when naming Democratic Primary candidates because he wasn’t a Mayor or Governor or Senator or anything really…at least, not now. The fact he almost won the Senate is either a testament to his viability or proof of how much Texans hate Ted Cruz (I heard👂a rumor Ted Cruz stole Bob Hope’s nose 👃). I listened to your recent podcasts at least 3X (okay I rewinded it; even I can’t take that much Nate)! I bet Claire would’ve got all of them🤨. I would give you the international “Rick and Morty” salute but I’d get flagged or something. Get it together….and bring back Claire. It seemed a little “cutthroat” the way you guys dropped her like a bad habit but she was too authentic for “where your show is going” (…is what I’m sure the “suits” said) UPDATE A FEW MINUTES LATER: Wow! I thought it was just me, but Claire getting the boot probably doomed this podcast even though I like Galen, Perry, anytime Harry is on, he’s so authentic like Claire. Once Nate finally jumps ship 🚢 it’s over baby. I used to get a little irritated with her voice and the fact she had the biggest 🏀⚽️s of any of them but she grew on me…and she was right and was the vinegar in the “oil and vinegar” salad 🥗. And not everyone can be the vinegar whereas anyone can be the oil. That’s the truth Ruth. BRING BACK CLAIRE before your 4.6 rating drops to a 3.5. Whoever talked you guys into firing Claire should be fired. Was it because of a focus group? How about us, the listeners? Did you ever think of asking us about it? No, you didn’t. Your just following the dollar like everyone else. Oh well…there’s always the NPR Politics Podcast. At least we still have that!
  • Shary1234
    Update: where is Nate?? I’m done when Nate is gone. He is 538! The podcast is not the same without Clare! She has qualities that you apparently are not valuing but do make the show unique. She is funny and witty and brings out the best in all of the group. There are plenty of smart political shows out there to choose from so personalities are quite important!
  • Crose2010
    Clare needs to come back
    This show is not the same without Clare, she carried the show way more than Nate ever did. I think I may unsubscribe after 5 years of listening, makes me sad but the show is so dry & boring now, it just isn’t a fun “must listen” like it used to be.
  • medievalistnycdps
    Not the same without Claire
    It was weirdly and inexplicably my favorite podcast, if found it very comforting for some reason. Its seems in retrospect that this was because of the chemistry between the male hosts and Claire. She was really wonderful and there was humor and good-natured lightness, it just worked. The new women seem very smart and nice but it’s just different without Claire. What could they have been thinking? It’s lost it’s magic, but it’s really weird that it had any magic in the first place; the 538 podcast shouldn’t have ever have been so good but it was, now it’s just sort of what you would expect it to be.
  • Mmmmik643
    I listen every Monday w/o fail (not anymore)
    Updated June 2021 review: Nate never shows up, Perry (the only person I cared to listen to besides Nate) is gone. Galen is doing a great job but with Clare fired and Perry gone it’s just not the same. Clare being fired was an injustice. I still listen, but kind of reluctantly. And I don’t care about polling on fighting animals. Please. At least cover the few races around the country. Updated review: Perry is just so smart, who cares if his voice is a bit breath-y. His analysis is always backed up by solid data. He also has non-obvious and non-facile insights on the politics of the two parties, which I appreciate. Check out his articles on 538 too, which always offer interesting angles and are the ones I mostly read on the site. — Love Perry Bacon Jr. — terrific (and IMO overdue) addition to the Monday podcast, even if we’ll miss Micah.
  • PechorinSPB
    Huge Chemistry Loss Without Clare
    I’ve resisted writing a review for a while. As a long time listener to 538, I wanted to give the opportunity for the team to bounce back from yet another personnel change. However, the time has come for me to say that the listenability of this podcast has declined significantly since Clare was let go. Clare’s contributions rounded out the other contributor’s perfectly. I, of course, appreciate Nate’s opinion; however, I think Clare’s observations helped challenge and refine the discourse to a higher level than we now see without her. I used to never miss an episode. Now I am weeks behind. I don’t think that this will continue to be a must-listen podcast with the current group.
  • Walker with Podcasts
    Missing Claire but still listening...
    It wasn't just Claire's personality but her perspective as a female. She wasn't afriad to step into the fray of the testosterone on the show. I do like some of the female reporters that come on, but it's not the same as having the constant of a female voice. Obviously, I am a female who appreciates females who are just as smart and articulate as any male, never mind in the area of statistics and polling.
  • shanniframps
    Episode on NYC Mayoral Politics Exemplifies Rapid Slide in Quality
    Pedantic and BORING. Desperately in need of more diverse (ideologically, epistemically, RACIALLY) voices. The episode on the NYC mayoral race was especially disappointing. I do not understand why the former Bloomberg hack who presented a sneering and unchallenged view of progressive challenges and “minority” communities in NYC was allowed to drone on and on wand on and on. Who is choosing these guests?
  • slickywilly407
    For the sheltered & privileges, by the sheltered.
    Presents a sheltered, ivory tower perspective for listeners of a high social class who don’t live in the real world. I listen for entertainment and to see what the “pajama class” thinks and is concerned about.
  • Sarah Felice
    More Nate
    Too many episodes lately without Nate. I’m also not a fan of the rotating panelists. Hopefully this is just some growing pains and the show returns to a format closer to the pre Disney days.
  • doubtingapostle
    My Favorite Politics Podcast, but technical problems.
    If you pad another podcast with this tedious animal fighting nonsense, I will unsubscribe.
  • Vic371
    Not the same without Claire Malone
    Long time listener to this podcast, used to find it informative and intelligent. Since the beginning of 2021 the show has declined and initially couldn’t put my finger on why. Now I realize that it was Claire Malone that made the show smart. Without her you are just listening to Nate Silver being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian and rest of the crew going along with it. And the schtick is getting old.
  • HCzebra
    I loved this podcast a couple years ago
    But it has degenerated into a graduate school practicum. I’m out after a couple attempts to stomach what now passes for “analysis.”
  • Rupertshouldsackyou
    Lost Its Spark
    Sorry but the chemistry was lost once Clare was fired. Used to be 5 star but 1 star now. Sad to see the pod decline and not sure that they can turn it around.
  • Deleting this game as I write
    Bunch of racists
    You need a slightly less racist panel on New York City mayoral politics. 0/5 stars. Would give it fewer if I could
  • #puppypundit
    I don’t know…
    If you want reasonably intelligent analysis from the left this pod is that. I wish they would just admit their bias. Trying to act as though your independent and playing it down the middle just hurts the shows credibility.
  • seancassidy999
    Show is moving in the wrong direction
    As a lifelong Independent who votes for candidates rather than parties, I’ve always loved this podcast and easily tolerated the liberal views of some hosts because they were aware of their biases and kept the discussion objective. Today it struck me that it doesn’t feel that way anymore. The discussion on CDC announcing that the vaccinated need not wear masks - an objectively wonderful milestone - seemed to be met pretty uniformly in this group by barely contained disgust. Some states elected conservative governors who are faithfully representing their constituents’ desires. You may disagree with their choices and you may even have very good evidence-based reasons to do so. However, it’s incredibly unfair to blame the CDC for the actions of others. The logical conclusion of your criticism would be that the federal government should have better coordinated the CDC’s messaging to help ensure their desired political outcomes. No, no, no, no, no. That’s exactly what Trump tried to do with CDC messaging, and thankfully failed. It was an abuse of power and it was despicable. Please, let the CDC do their job, and blame the politicians for politics.
  • Jake367434
    Love it, but...
    I love the podcast. Makes me think, keeps me engaged. I don’t mind the rotating panelists. My only issue is that if you say you have podcasts on Monday and Thursday, release them at a reasonable time. If you can’t make those deadlines, just say Tuesday and Friday. Consistency and reliability are essential for your listeners. If I can’t expect to always have an episode on my drive to work or home from work, what’s the point?
  • Incredulity
    Bad use of polling
    The losing religion episode was all spin. I expected better. I’ll probably be back in 2022 but don’t know if I can take Perry seriously after that mess.
  • Could_not_watch_this_movie
    Bring back Claire Malone
    It was Clairely better.
  • BWTinSF
    Stereotypic analysis
    I don’t doubt the sincerity of the panelists, but their discussions often reveal a narrow range of opinions that typically adhere to oversimplified progressive narratives. For example, in a recent episode they cite a poll where a small percentage of Republicans supported banning Trump from Twitter. The consensus? Trump “owns” the party. Not ONE of the panelists even mentioned the possibility that many conservatives have real concerns about free speech. They were surprised that another poll reported that a majority of Republicans supported tolerance towards views which deviate from the party line. I mean, how hard can it be to draw a line between these two findings? If you listen carefully you’ll hear the premises endemic in popular media. Concern about illegal immigration is equated with xenophobia. Support of rule of law is equated with racism. Any effort to modify voting procedures (eg, prohibiting same-day registration) is a sinister attempt to overthrow democracy. Progressive presuppositions are how we ended up with Trump.
  • You can keep famous
    The data is the data
    That’s why I listen. Most of the reviewers miss Clare Malone so I defer to them. Maybe it’s me but since FiveThirtyEight” partnered” with ABC aka Disney it seemed the show changed subtly. As for Clare’s replacement, I can say The Atlantic is a top notch magazine. I got it for years until I had to stop bc I didn’t have time to read it. I miss it still.
  • Dan Burnett
    Fabulous Podcast
    I love the podcast and the great stats-driven insight on the political news of the day. I do miss Clare Malone’s snark, particularly when Nate goes down the contrarian rabbit hole.
  • Cs8a
    I’m Out
    This used to be a great show but with Clare and Perry leaving. This show is just not good anymore. Thanks fir the good years. You should consider canceling
  • iplaythehorses
    Sounding More Like an Echo Chamber Recently
    I’ve listened happily for many years but have been disappointed by the absence of real and broad ranging dialogue over the past 18 months. Nate Silver still seems tethered to an honest read of the data wherever it leads but the others not so much. Bring in alternative voices on a more regular basis or a new regular participant more in the style of Salena Zito. Echo chambers are like comfort food in that they literally keep you in your comfort zone but at the same time make you less healthy if taken to excess. If you don’t address serious arguments seriously but instead resort to ad hominem attacks and obviously cherry picked and unchallenged facts, you get intellectually soft.
  • CreepyBrian
    I’m out
    Between Clare and Perry leaving and now having this hack (Emma Green) from The Atlantic on, I’ve seen all I need to unsubscribe. Won’t rate it lower than three stars for old times’ sake but I just can’t anymore.
  • MLS11MLS
    Contains COVID Misinformation
    It is wrong to say that the difference in COVID outcomes for black people had no explanation other than systemic racism. It is important to understand the health conditions that make getting COVID more likely to lead to an adverse outcome and race makes no difference, scientifically.
  • AdAstra12961
    Don’t know what you got till it’s gone
    Have listened since the very beginning (over 5 years now). Harry Enten was a huge loss, but with Clare’s firing, this podcast has become unlistenable (and I gave it a shot for months). So bummed. There used to be fantastic chemistry and funny, interesting, engaging conversations. It is just straight up boring now. There is just too much good podcast content out there to expect something this mediocre (at best) would be able to retain listeners.
  • Interested fellow
    Been listening to this show on a consistent basis over the last year and the partisan episode on covid might be the most moderate show they’ve ever done. Please keep that same mentality moving forward makes the show much more appealing.
  • i Mych
    Gymnastics and Data
    I love the data they will report. It’s good clear data. Most political podcasts are 90% opinion and 10% data, this one is 40% data, and 60% opinion. The funniest part of the show is when the data doesn’t support their opinion, and to listen to them perform mental gymnastics to try and justify it is very entertaining. This podcast would be 5 stars if Nate Silver would host it alone. I’m done, they don’t even attempt to look at data anymore. They just conspire and theorize around non agenda approved numbers.
  • RECurley
    Democrats Abroad
    Very sorry to see Perry leave for WaPo, such a sharp guy! Perry will be missed for sure. Robert Curley, Universidad de Guadalajara
  • oldand frustrated
    Sadly not worth listening to anymore
    This podcast has been going downhill to the point that I rarely listen. The last show, about the Democrat’s failure to get a candidate into the Sixth Texas Congressional race hit a new low. There was no plausible reason given- just lame excuses without justifications. Claire was a key cog in the show - she was let go and replacement females have nothing interesting to contribute. Unless 538 improves their podcast, don’t waste your time on it!
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