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Weekly market commentary by Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend and interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics. Made possible by funding from Fourth Turning Capital Management, LLC

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  • Pmco224
    As someone that has never rated any podcast below 5 stars I can’t stand the host and his constant pandering of his ignorant, biased opinions. I don’t know a single person that suffers through the whole podcast anymore. We all tune in for the guests, which happen to be the only redeeming part of this podcast. Stop shoving your political and market ignorance down our throats when great minds are talking. You’ve been consistently wrong on everything you spew for over a year with no hint of showing that you can pivot or actually be open minded. Do everyone a favor and just cut the podcast down to the guest segments already.
  • kfixbwhdisa
    Ethical proponent of nuclear
    Great show
  • Ryan191918
    Great guests.. but have to hit skip every time Erik talks
    Some great interviews.. but the host is so arrogant and biased it hurts to listen.. constantly pushing his views as 100% truths.. even when guest after guest present data/facts disproving his narrative. Thank god for fast forward!
  • coryolla
    David Webb as a guest.
    Please consider having David Webb on as a guest. He is the author of the book, The Great Taking.
  • AMAZingAmazing007
    The deepest market podcast
    Every guest is super market veteran&economist! 👍👍👍
  • OBS154
    Thanks for the help
    I’m just an everyday, blue collar guy trying to learn about macro and the markets, and your show is helping with that. Thanks
    Eriks take get worser!!!
    Will have to unfollow this show. Can not listen to Erik any longa. The more he tries, the worse it gets. Terrible takes…
  • ronnie.n
    Latest Show
    Hello, Great work, just instead of bringing rookies that they themselves don’t know what’s going on economically ( market) speaking, please bring someone like Felix Zulauf from Switzerland that at least have enough knowledge to share. Thank you RN
  • ketomoon
    Quality decreases
    This show has become biased and non professional, driving a certain political agenda
  • Grump gillz
    Last episode
    Here we goin creating problems and offering solutions again.
  • E.V.ddie
    Love the commodity coverage and discussion
    Hard to find quality commodity and energy discussion podcasts. This show has great guests and thoughtful discussions
  • lovethebuckeyes7
    Right wing politics and poor investing show
    I listened to this show for six months as a contrarian viewpoint, but have recently stopped as they have been plugging cryptocurrencies and oil investing. Eventually a contrarian show has to prove out at least one useful investment, but this one has none and is starting to get more into Trump conspiracies and right wing propganda as people are starting to call out their money losing advice.
  • swac1102312
    Great episode #369
    As usual, you had another fantastic guest and Pippa presented a very compelling and cogent geopolitical analysis. She truly understands the strategic underpinnings of Chinese leadership involvement and intent using Russia as a proxy. Thank you for finding these experts and giving them the time to present their research. Another great episode #384 Incredible interview with Darius Dale and his highly structured analysis on the current macroeconomic landscape. Thank you
  • whitezinfadel
    Top-Notch Guests
    Must listen every episode, excellent interviews week in and week out
  • 65Whatever you want to call me
    Quality every week
    The combination of excellent guests and host commentary makes this a must-listen podcast.
  • James894875
    Pippa Malmgren is a fraud
    She shouldn’t be invited onto this show anymore as she’s just another D.C. area grifter making her income on daddy’s last name who himself was a grifter. So many of them in D.C. I guess she’s taken her act to London now.
  • bringtheheater87
    Energy series is amazing!!!
    Thank you for having a open and honest conversation
    Most Comprehensive Analysis on Energy
    Examining the past, present and FUTURE of energy, globally. Knowledgeable quests with the latest thought process on the trends and technologies. One missing area of the coverage is new Grid architectures leveraging new technologies to calibrate multi-sourced capture to storage and redistribution models…not to mention fault tolerant energy operational centers!!! Well done 👍🙏
  • Joeltrout
    New Macro Listener
    I’ve been listening for a few months and have absolutely loved the quality of guests this podcasts interviews from a wide range of industries. All of it helps me see the economy and markets with a much better view and understanding.
  • Dr Monero
    the show format and presentation is good but I question Erik’s understanding of certain topics. The move to write a book on cryptocurrency with no domain expertise is a head scratcher. If the host is really so good at managing his money then why sell a book?
  • osaycanyousee
    Ditching this one
    Been regular listener for years. Good guests. Townsend is annoying. Was able to ignore him going on about central bank digital currency constantly. But this year his complaints about American government and energy policy have made the show too political. Yes we have our problems, but I am thankful to live here rather than have to figure out how to escape an authoritarian regime.
  • L/S equity PM
    Past its prime
    I used to love MV but it’s increasingly gone off the deep end in 2022. Townsend knows about oil, but that’s where the useful part ends and the kookiness begins… Countless examples…he had to be told to stop talking about World War III earlier in the year; his obvious delight when the Anas Alhajji interview echoed his similarly off-piste views on energy doom and gloom and western economies getting screwed. He claims to not root for that stuff but his giddiness said it all…It’s pretty clear he holds fringe / borderline conspiracy theorist views. So even though I’m with him on the fundamentals / lack of capex / Eucalyptus paradox, professionals should go elsewhere for serious adult views. Worth listening to when they get Jim Bianco and a few other guests but it’s in spite of Townsend, not because of…hope they get the memo because the show used to be great.
  • _KK_26
    The best
    Simply put - the best podcast on investing / economy out there today.
  • Laubster84
    Highly Insightful
    Discovered the podcast a few months ago and have listened to every episode since. Highly insightful content with intelligent guests.
  • jr investments
    Perma bears
    Once in a while had some interesting guests but seems like especially lately, just a parade of perma bears. Patrick does a decent chart review but I would not rate this as one of my top financial podcast.
  • Jesuit20
    Thought provoking and informative!
    Gentlemen, thank you for producing the best macro-podcast around!
  • watching the bonfire
    Terrific format
    Long discussion with guest with download is good source of info and thinking on a specific area. Market wrap up with downloads is a very efficient overview of market segments. It should be acknowledged that all the people on the show have spoken clearly and that the audio is very professional.
  • OneRepublic fan! MS
    Great podcast
    This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. The team hosting the podcast and their guests are great.
  • AL2NZ
    Townsend’s Midlife Crisis
    The guests continue to be excellent - Townsend, however, is descending into the ghetto of seething, slogans, epithets, and cliches that characterize today’s American middle-aged man. He tosses around “Biden” in this very predictable, unoriginal, eye-rolling contempt a la Fox News to appeal to what he presumes is his constituency of like-minded man-cave denizens. Sorry, some of us are still rich and still voting for Biden regardless of your middle-school popularity tactics. All this distraction is diminishing the actionable information available from this show as more and more time is given to what could be or should be on the political side.
  • Tuckervc
    Smart analysis & varied opinions
    Erik is great and gets a wide array of smart guests. I never feel like I’m in an echo chamber, which is SUPER important. I have learned a TON on this show since I started listening in the pandemic. I never miss an episode.
  • LSM345345
    Worth the time investment - generally strong guests, weak host.
    Hosts are fairly unsophisticated thinkers but they generally source interesting, thoughtful and seasoned pros.
  • Palexis1
    Must listen for any investor
    Incredibly valuable free market information, straight from the professionals. No stonks diamond hands talk to be found here!
  • PHellman
    Great podcast!
    I really enjoy this Macro related podcast! Look forward to listening every episode! Thanks for all your efforts!
  • GR4H4MBO
    Seriously Great Content
    I am not their target audience, but I have listened to Erik for years now, one of the best Macro shows around!
  • D20009
    Incredibly worthwhile content
    Wow. I have been watching these for about a year. Great guests, great interview style combined with a weekly market update. This viewer is very grateful that Erik shares such valuable content with the world.
  • gorillafab
    Amazing macro podcast
    Great pod cast with a broad range of ideas and voices.
  • FinScott
    The best financial podcast I have listened to
    I look Forward each week to the Macrovoices podcast. The Speakers and topics are always timely and top rate! I would love to hear Erik and Jim talk about DiFi.
  • Dpdunne
    Looks at both sides of likely outcomes Great guests
  • tomcruse123
    Best podcast
    As a beginner I am learning a lot about different markets because they bringing the best hedge fund managers to talk about pretty much all the markets around the globe very interested now I become a regular listener now.
  • Darius Dale, CEO of @42macro
    One of the Best Podcasts, Period
    ☝🏾 -Darius Dale, CEO of @42macro
  • DJay John
    There is NO BETTER that I have Found
    I look forward to it weekly. I do wish that they would do away with the Chart Books because more guests would be better.
  • a guy who trades
    Excellent interviewer
    Funny to read critical comments about Eric. Does a great job. No reviewer could do anything near as good, I would guess. His guests are varied — some good, some not so good, IMO.
  • iatmik
    ERIK TOWNSEND is an arrogant host who can sound racist
    … other than that the show is amazing… The guests on this show are always very inspiring … EURO DOLLAR university was one of the most enlightened pieces I have ever heard .. Listening to this show really gives you the feeling that you are learning something special, exclusive and cutting edge …. My only problem is Erik… super arrogant .. loves to call people idiots and obviously is anti Black Lives Matter even though he knows nothing about being black in America but freely criticizes us in the movement … Anyway keep up the good work and try and be less of a jerk
  • Joseph Sickspack
    Erik - your editorial on ignorance surrounding the threat of hyper-inflation was excellent. I vote for more editorials! Thanks for the great work.
  • seminoleike
    Great perspective
    Please end the chart book it’s worthless and every week we hear the same thing “this market is at a critical point” it’s nonsense. Fill the back half of the show with another guest but stop with the chart book
  • run2daylite
    Macro voices
    Great show great content
  • maede23
    Well you could do better
    I listen to every episode, but the host is a grumpy old man feeling everyone is stupid except him and whoever approves his views.
  • carguy414
    Great content
    Great topic mix, guests and quality content. Could go without Erik’s attempts to prophesize oil and inflation but it’s easy enough to look past his bias.
  • 16deltas
    Erik I can hear you getting fatter
    Since you are such a pompous jacka$$ most of the time… I took this opportunity to give you zero stars. The audio is garbage and I wish I could get my time back. You are so arrogant and obtuse on a regular basis that you get no sympathy from me. No one wants to hear anything you have to say anyway. Lucky for you the guests are good when I can hear them.
  • MIflyer
    Could give it 10 stars if I could!
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