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Tennis #14

Mehrban Iranshad from Tennis Files ( is committed to helping you improve your tennis game. He will uncover the best strategies, training methods, mental attitudes, and techniques that will enable you to reach your tennis potential. Mehrban will interview the top minds in tennis on The Tennis Files Podcast, including professional and elite tennis players, coaches, trainers, authors, and other tennis experts. Tennis is a demanding and complex sport which requires hard work, consistency, problem solving, and the determination to reach your tennis goals. Mehrban will find the answers to your tennis problems so you can break through your struggles and become a better tennis player.

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  • Mch from RVA
    Love the podcast
    I love listening to this podcast! Merhban has interesting topics, great guests, and a very relaxing voice. (I cant listen to some podcast channels as the voice(s)are annoying.) Merhban is humble (will tell stories of his own struggles) and a little corny, but in a good way where he makes it fun! I have been listening to him for a long time and I am glad to have posted his 100th review!!!
  • H C Asad
    Contact point
    The contact point episode is one of the best! Not only the instructional particulars but very importantly the emphasis on contact point as a key priority. For me, the episode arrived at an essential time: I was struggling with what to really focus on for development— mental, footwork, strategy, technique? Knowing we can really only concentrate on one or two things at a time. The episode brought me the answer: point of contact. Interestingly, as the episode discusses, working on contact point also requires footwork, strategy and tactics. By coincidence (or not) I had already ordered a special racquet designed to help with contact point training. Here we go! Thank you Mehrban for continuing the Tennis Files!
  • The tennis files
    The tennis files with Mehrban Iranshad
    Fantastic podcast with useful tennis tips especially for different level tennis players and coaches. This podcast got me through the 2020 pandemic and I listened on my way up to 2021 sectionals with my 4.5 team. I think technically you have what you have at playoffs but mentally it’s always good to listen to Mehrban! Keep up the great interviews and content!
  • Sabina🎾
    Love the discussion and topics
    I have listened to this podcast for a long time and it’s one of my favorite tennis podcasts. I love the focus on how to get better and the mix of sharing his own experience and interviewing coaches within every aspects of the game. Really incredible content Mehrban creates for our tennis community including the yearly tennis summit and I appreciate that a lot. Fun to listen to while learning and enjoying this wonderful sport!!
  • Jorge Lopez-Diaz
    Mehrban “Frankenstein” Iranshad
    What a great way to bring to life the best monster encyclopedia than to grab the best of the best in every aspect and putting it all together for everyone to nourish from. Great episode organization, great content and great humor! Recently had a job promotion which came with an hour of commute and I’m never going to dread it because it gives me the chance to enhance every aspect of my tennis career through just enjoying a great conversation with the greatest minds in the sport. Couldn't be more happy with this podcast.
  • Theiafo
    Tennis Files
    The podcast has been invaluable for this 70 yo tennis athlete It covers so many venues with so many tennis pros It has been my go to since Tennis Summit 2020 and filled a void during COVID So thank you Mehraban😊🎾 Too
  • Pokhofdszr
    Great for players and coaches (at least this one)
    This is a great podcast for recreational and league players and even coaches. I’ve only started listening this year, but I’ve listened to earlier episodes as well. And several episodes I’ve listened to several times. I’m not a career tennis professional, but I am a high school tennis coach, and this podcast has been very helpful to me as a coach.
  • Timmytennis78
    Amazing Tennis Content
    I listen to almost every tennis related podcast on the web. The Tennis Files is among my favorites and one of best available. Excellent mix of guests, coaches, pros, trainers, play testers, and more. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Kavi Colin
    Great pod!
    Keep up the good work. Enjoy listening to This pod. Good content helps you learn about all aspects of the game. Kaveh
  • Kaitlinsdad
    Very Good
    I have a junior girl player and being a non tennis playing athletic father I’m always looking for insight to help her. This has been a very good resource for me . Thanks a lot. Keep it up , you can’t know how much you help us on her journey.
  • Max Branding
    This rocks!
    Mehrban is an expert and gets the most out of his guests. Must-listen for anyone who plays tennis or is interested in the sport. Look forward to every episode
  • AndySelz
    100 Episodes!
    Congratulations on reaching 100 episodes! That is a huge accomplishment. Every episode is packed with great advice. Your podcast has helped me become a better player. Hoping for 100 more! Kim from Tennis Fixation
  • Ace301
    Listen and Learn
    Great guests + great questions = great tennis podcast. If you are serious about tennis, you seriously need to start listening to this podcast.
  • coot55
    Great podcast
    Good depth of topics. Probably the best overall tennis podcast out there.
  • LudaBang
    Smart tennis talk
    Most tennis shows I used to listen to do recaps of tournaments and give their opinions. Mehrban interviews really interesting people with unique perspectives at all levels of tennis. The interview with David Fish was so thought provoking. This is the best tennis podcast hands down. Thanks.
  • CoachBetts
    Few as selfless and passionate as Mehrban. Appreciate the love and wonder with which he approaches the game.
  • KStod7
    Guests to Inspire Tennis Development
    I have been listening to Mehrban for several months now and can say that I have learned something about tennis that applies to my game from every single interview. I am a 40+ 4.0ish league doubles and singles player with renewed aspirations of being the best I can be after a long break from last playing in high school! Great content, variety of sophisticated guests and topics, wonderful - often free - resources for all levels. Nice work and thanks so much :)
  • TheRealBD
    Outstanding content
    Mehrban does a terrific job keeping the topics fresh and he is an extremely polite and engaging host. This is by far THE BEST tennis podcast out there. Go back and start from the beginning and work your way through the podcasts and you'll see (hear, actually) the learning curve he went through to become a little more comfortable/less stilted/awkward with his guests. It is actually refreshing to hear someone as genuine and authentic as Mehrban Iranshad on his TennisFiles podcast. Thanks for your gifts to our game!!!
  • Matt rugby DC1324
    Well done, always improving!
    The interview with Clay Thompson is invaluable. Thanks for all the hard work!
  • merdely
    Has already helped my game!
    I've been catching up through old episodes of TFP and have been learning a lot. I've learned specific things to help my game like trying to set up points to exploit my strengths and drills like having my hitting partner hit to me when I can only use my weapon. I've even decided to try stringing my racket at an even lower tension after listening to a Master Racket Technician say that he recommends going with the lowest tension you're comfortable with. I like Mehrban's philosophies, including continually striving to improve. I'm almost done making my way through the older podcasts and can't wait to get to the new ones.
  • C-h-r-I-s topher
    Great podcast
    This is a great podcast for any player or fan. The in depth one on one interviews are a nice change of pace compared to other tennis podcasts.
  • paisteh
    Amazing. Must listen!
    Mehrban is very soft spoken, and somehow gets the most amazing guests. The perfect length, and such great discussion and questions are asked of the guests. Love it!
  • SidBeckleyWV
    Outstanding content from a very sincere and passionate Tennis player!
  • junezilla
    A fantastic podcast about all things tennis and a great resource for players at all levels; the interviews in particular are very fun and engaging.
  • Carl - Saratoga Springs Tennis
    Outstanding Podcast for All Players
    Great podcast! Very informative and aimed at every level of player. Keep up the good work Mehrban and I’ll be a loyal listener.
  • Michael J. O'Connell
    Valuable resource for all levels
    A fresh, creative perspective on tennis. Filled with helpful insights.
  • aHc12345
    great podcast!
    What an excellent podcast! I like the interviews and insights from top professionals who have been around the game many years. I know these insights will definitely help with raising my own level. Great topics - I look forward to future casts
  • JanieRuGal
    Excellent Podcasts
    Great for amateur players! Very informative with interesting guests!
  • ENaylor
    Great Stuff
    Great information from the very first serve. Excellent procast..
  • Sharmawalla
    Excellent Podcast
    This is very informative to tennis players on all levels. I learned a lot of helpful advice from Mehrban and his guests. I am looking forward to listening to more episodes from Mehrban.
  • Jmcbride928
    Extremely helpful!
    These podcasts are very helpful and the host is very knowledgeable!
  • Chelsinotorious
    5 Stars!
    Its nice to see someone giving back to the tennis community in this way, great content! Mehrban got it right from the first serve :)
  • rfkent
    great for tennis players
    If you are an amateur tennis player this is very cool with some great tips. RIch Kent
  • CLH4581
    Great tennis information!
    This podcast is very informative for players at any level and/or people new to tennis. Mehrban has brought on knowledgable and interesting guests. He really focuses the questions so that the audience has key takeaways to improve their game. I look forward to seeing who else he brings on his show!
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