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What happens when media, entertainment, and technology collide? Peter Kafka, one of the media industry's most acclaimed reporters, talks to business titans, journalists, comedians and podcasters to get their take. Produced by Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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  • CRJ84531
    Best when it stays out of politics
    Peter has some really interesting guests on and covers a great range of topics. But too often he shows his lefty political leanings via full conversations or random sidebar comments, and he tends to come across as pretty smug. Would be better if he stuck to the facts and straightforward interviews, which is where he’s at his best.
  • Interested bystander
    Listen more
    Let the interviewees talk.
  • false psychology
    The endeavor episode
    Great conversation! It was both refreshing and encouraging to hear a CEO be honest about the motives of a new company. I hope that other companies recognize that industry does not “have” to be stymied by it’s business model objective. At this time, it’s so important that a company be nimble enough to pivot quickly; and to achieve a successful pivot, said company will rely heavily on its team’s ability to work more intuitively and to incorporate more real time data to aid in decision making. Ari- it was really nice to hear honesty and I hope more executives follow your lead. Gratitude
  • Treasi
    Great guests, hopeless host
    I hate writing a title like that but Peter Kafka is so weak. I find him impossible to listen to and I really would like to listen to the topic and the guest. Today, I psyched myself up to listen to the De La Soul episode and he just sounded like a fool. For example implying that getting authorization for sampling other artists music is only a recent thing and De La soul were not really to blame. Copyright law has been around forever and Peter works in media. He should know this in order to do his job properly. The guest Golnar Khosrowshahi had to keep correcting him. Peter may say.. 'I was trying to explain it to folk how may not know this stuff’ or ‘I’m deliberately playing the fool’ but that’s not the audience for this podcast and it’s disrespectful to the guest. He’s excruciating to listen to, every time. He’s droning in the background as I write this.
  • Dan1777999877
    Huge Fan!
    I am a huge fan of this show. Peter brings on incredible guests, and has extremely valuable conversations. Insightful, educational and entertaining. Every episode is a home run!
  • Grandesid
    Not very interesting anymore
    This show used to rise above the host’s natural state of glib smugness and mange to be interesting. Not so much any longer.
  • nourseman
    Media, Tech and Insight!
    Peter Kafka’s Recode Media has been one of my weekly podcast ‘must listens’ for several years now. His knowledge and insights into the media/tech industry is top notch, and most importantly, he doesn’t come across as a know-it-all douche. 10/10!
  • GeoBFrog
    Fantastic interviewer
    Never miss this show
  • kerpan
    The best podcast for covering media businesses, hands down. Excellent interviewer. Knows what he’s talking about (which is rare) and has guests who do too. Don’t listen to the negative reviews here. Not exactly sure where they’re coming from. Maybe from some other podcaster “stars” who are not as good and like to stir up trouble. Peter Kafka & Nilay Patel are the real rock stars.
  • nbsfmc
    self important
    he’s mostly a jerk to everyone who comes on this show and it’s baffling anyone even bothers to agree to it. All for investigative journalism but it’s unnecessarily adversarial the way this guy handles the interviews.
  • eileen334455
    Shocked at the most recent Pod.
    Way to pander to the author of chaos monkeys. Done listening to this pod.
  • djf at mndsindsk.
    Always interesting
  • Jon AM
    Change the cover
    Who of this guy? Be someone before you put your face on a podcast. If you write longer episode titles, maybe people will listen.
  • Ian77147
    One of the most insightful podcasts out there
  • stingrayhall
    Highly Recommend
    I like Peter’s no nonsense interview style & he keeps me up to date on the important media players. I can also always count on him to ask a question about VC rounds & funding.
  • TheCorkScrew
    Very good
    Peter is very good at podcasting. He asks informative questions. I learn a lot about new media every episode.
  • Long time in China
    Excellent podcast!!
    Peter is a very good podcast host. Does comprehensive background research and is very well prepared for every interview. I learn tons every time!! Thank you!
  • Osssssbear
    Best business of entertainment podcast out there!
    Highly recommend to anyone who works in the industry or is interested in what’s going on. The guests are top of their fields, and every conversation is fascinating and enlightening!
  • BigPoppa99
    Useful and smart for anyone in media.
    The guests and topics are at the very top of what is driving media. These are the true movers and shakers. The host annoys the heck out of me. He’s very snarky. And interrupts in a rude way. Not to get better answers. Overall, if you work in media it’s a must. But I just wish the host was better. Oh, and the intel ads are just plain silly. And annoying.
  • Gabe Mott
    Great content but crappy commercials
    Peter and the whole gestalt asks direct impactful meaningful questions. But misses this authentic moment.
  • Canvas and Canopy
    Enough already.
    Same old format, same old boring agenda pushing. Hitting unsubscribe.
  • SideHustlerInTraining
    Fun and insightful conversations
    A great guide into the complex and changing media landscape
  • resistimpulse
    Interview with YT Sue and he whiffs with bias
    Love Kafka and his podcast but he whiffed it hard when he had YT Sue available to answer questions. You could hear in his voice how he got amped up and biased because a coworker of his was teased. He pushes the agenda to limit the youtube upload freedoms, as well as some more crazyness, while citing how it works for traditional media... This dude, Kafka, knows the dangers and hurdles of traditional media! He knows the generational engagement challenges of traditional media to penetrate cord cutters etc. Pisses me of Kafka gets the opportunity to speak with Sue and basically whiffs the first half with bias then speed runs through generic talking points etc. One of the audience members asked one of the best questions regarding the actual platform, creators, and viewers.
  • ReportThis505
    Peter Kafka, whiz kid
    Peter Kafka knows his way around the media-verse and when he doesn’t (which rarely happens), he interviews someone who does know. His podcast is great for all of the media junkies out there wanting to keep in the know about the ever-changing media landscape. He talks to magazine editors, newspaper journalists, tv producers, and all sorts of content creators. He asks questions clearly and doesn’t shy away from more difficult questions.
  • Heyooooobadyletsgoooi
    Vocal frying
    I love the people this host gets on his podcast, but I can’t listen to the vocal frying of the host. It hurts my throat just listening to him talk.
  • La21218
    Always something to learn
    Peter is a great host and I appreciate that he doesn’t fawn over his guests, rather he asks them pointed questions that offer great insights. If you work in media, the digital space, advertising or something similar you really can’t afford not to listen. I learn something new every podcast and find the podcast material pretty compelling. Some interviews are a bit long but that just means I need to listen in bits and pieces. Great stuff though.
  • cc28
    It’s great!
    It’s great!
  • benf19
    Favorite podcast
    One of the best interviewers + reliably awesome guests = great show
  • itamarro
    You’re reading a review from a random person on the Internet - that is me - and today I’ll be telling you that Peter Kafka’s podcast is really great and you should totally listen to it.
  • War Eagle 2015
    Great insight
    Nice look into what top people in digital media are thinking about and basing strategy around.
  • BenjaminMullin
    Great interviews
    I love Peter Kafka’s unsparing interview style.
  • zservideo
    Consistently great media podcast
    Peter Kafka brings healthy skepticism to every discussion whether it’s with Reed Hastings from Netflix or Jeff Green from The Trade Desk. The resulting dialogue arms me and my consortium with knowledge to be smarter in our strategic roles for our media + tech partners.
  • MaineAle
    Not too shabby...
    Good guests, good topics. Peter K. is a better interviewer than Kara Swisher.
  • PDX1968
    Kara Fischer is just plain rude
    Just listened to the most recent episode, with Facebook execs. Kara was simply rude to the guests on the show. I'm not a huge defender of Facebook or anything, but it really isn't necessary to be offensive in order to be challenging. I'll avoid episodes with her in them in the future.
  • portalkeeper
    Fantastic interviews that summarize the media business
    If the show were just boring delivery of this information and analysis, it would still be five stars, but Peter Kafka is also a gifted, engaging interviewer with excellent taste in guests, so it's entertaining as well.
  • Nahtehc
    From someone who has seen it all...
    Peter Kafka has (out of nowhere for those who have been seeing his print work for years) created a great review of the themes, content, and personalities of the shifting tide of the media + tech world. He’s not always right but he’s always knows where he is mentally and physically, and he knows what to ask. One of my favorites!
  • cdohertyk
    Good, but can feel stale
    I do like Recode Media and think Peter Kafka is an excellent interviewer, but I wish the podcast would feature storytelling as well as straight interviews. Just to get more context behind the people.
  • kendraslo
    The host is so interesting and asks fantastic questions. Because if this he gets top executives and playas in the media industry. He ask old media execs at Hearst tough questions and asks good questions to new media companies like Buzzfeed and Bleacher Report. I’ve been listening for years and just love the host. He says he’s older than many, but it’s clear he keeps up with the times and can easily relate to a mid-20s listener. Go check out Recode Decode after you listen to Recode Media!
  • thinkman
    Kara, are you reading to this……please?
    I do enjoy your show, however "quasi-manic" you can be at times. Peter Kafka is right up there with you as an intelligent, conversational, yet probing interviewer - he, however, doesn't interject/interupt his guests as you do - often pushing the conversation in a direction you want it to go as opposed to the natural direction a conversation simply takes. When you listen to your guest and form another question, based on their answer - you have to first hear the guest's answer. Our world seems to revolve around the same story. on traditional media, day in and day out/week in and week out! The variety you bring is such a ray of sunshine for me. So, Kara, here's my critique for what you need to do better, and my five stars for what you both do so well.
  • Argomancer
    Topical guests, incisive questions
    Peter has great guests who are plugged into the tech/media eco system and asks insightful and tough questions. It’s clear he really knows this space.
  • killingcrawdads
    Excellent Pod
    This is going to be a boring 5-star recc. Sorry. Just listen. You’ll learn something.
  • Amandaj333
    Strong Interviewer
    I am a political podcast junkie but pretty discriminating about what I listen to. This is a new one for me but I have been bingeing. Kafka is a great interviewer -- where others would lob softballs, he's tough and incisive. I appreciate it.
  • Hypercasey
    Fantastic insight by Peter Kafka
    Fantastic insight by Peter Kafka and his guests. It's a great complement to Lara's show.
  • KevWDadeo
    Interviews for All
    Peter is very good interviewing all guests. Tech and all aspects of modern life. Worth the listen every episode.
  • SeanPmacNYC
    Refreshingly honest media biz interviews, top guests
    Peter Kafka is great - welcoming but candid/no bs conversationalist with his guests, and knows how to follow up esp when an answer goes in an interesting/unexpected direction.
  • isaacada1
    Solid listening
    Peter does a fantastic job bringing you insightful conversations with the biggest players in the media landscape. Enjoy the bantor.
  • patburd
    Peter's Approach is Great
    Love the style and approach to the vary varied interviews! Highly recommend!
  • USPMcN
    Good listening for marketers
    If you work in marketing as I do you need to keep up with media trends constantly. This podcast is very helpful for keeping up with what people in media are thinking about, worrying about, and anticipating. Tune in.
  • Berk Fam
    Terrific commentary on today's media issues.
    Listening to Mr. Kafka and his guests is like having a seat at the table of an insider discussion of important tech and media issues of the day. Deep and thoughtful, Mr. Kafka manages to wrangle in interesting and smart guests that I really, really enjoy.
  • Olliefly
    My of my favorite podcasts!
    Informative, timely and relevant! This is one of my favorite podcasts.
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