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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now*

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  • TurdStench
    Not bad
    Fat guy and homeless guy talk sports. Pretty funny.
  • Madison is awesome
    Trevor Pitcher
    hahaha..come on man have some BALLS...REALLY y didn’t know...come on man..
  • Damannnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Love it
    Just started listening today and already hooked. Loved the Joe B interview.
  • PartyLikeIts1986
    Fantastic podcast
    Listening to PMT is like hanging out with your friends if your friends were cool. That is the sad reality for 84.7% of the general population.
  • AExliv44
    Appreciative AWL
    best pod by far! If you like sports and have any kind of a sense of humor, you’ll love it.
  • tcannon69
    Due Diligence
    Have YOU unsubbed and re-subscribed today?
  • Andrew Pacan15
    I listen to every episode and these guys always make me laugh and I highly recommend this podcast during football season
  • Ballcoachrock
    Where can I find the ending songs? Need an album on Apple Music
  • Danni3566
  • Dean Hamilton
    Good if you are 16 years old
    These Guys are like listening to High School Kids brag about stealing booze from their parents liqour cabinet. Good Podcast for bros 14-26 otherwise don't waste your time.
  • SaltedOne
    Great show guys
    Yeah.. sic swing 😂
  • thechiodo
    Dan Snyder
    PFT needs Jesus.
  • slam19
    #1 sports podcast on the globe
    -Funny -Fresh -Football guys What Else do you need?
  • LtotheOgan
    Church of PFT
    PFT to church is the most ambitious crossover of the century
  • Joseph Walsh
    #1 podcast in the biz!
  • Dgreen521394
    Best Podcast
    This is the only sports podcast you need to listen to.
  • Cbbaseball2213
    The greatest spoken word in history
    I mean ,,,
  • joey burroh
    Best show of all time
    Writing a review of the best show of all time
  • Flaset weinee
    Boner inducing
  • gardner minchaw
    The two absolute best of all time at what they do
  • PakeTheSnake
    Church, but different church/denomination every Sunday for PFT
  • og bo
    plz send pft to church
    for the culture
  • TroyLovesGames
    PFT goes to church
  • PIP24!
  • tigah tigah woods yall
    If you don’t subscribe you’re a douche bag
    Best podcast ever. Genre doesn’t matter. Thanks boys
  • mbusch9786
    GEAUX Tigers!!
    GEAUX Tigers!!
  • Y01NKUS
    Church in biker shorts lmaooo
  • bsalt92
    Church every sunday in steve harvey esque suits
  • iPod.....
    PFT to church
  • Katie S. F.
    Water dog name
    You should name the water dog ripper or bullet as like a bullet shot or a what a ripper like a hella fast shot u chose or you don’t need to chose them thank you for considering (Chippy F age 12)
  • Jacob?
    Bike Shorts
    Vote is bike shorts with the added option of those high-cut running shorts, for comfort.
  • boomer585
    Bike shorts is way better than church punishment
    Big truss
  • esm101
    Time for PFT to become a man of God
  • luka MAGG
    Luka magnotta
    Biker shorts
  • Domvivolo
    Biker shorts to Church
    pft should wear biker shorts to church for a month
  • leroysagent
    PFT punishment
  • Jared Haynes
    PFT punishment
    Biker Shorts
  • 666pistolpete
    Shorts at church
    Bike shorts at church
  • ABrandy12
    Best podcast. Period.
  • bomo keller
    Pft has aids
    Biker shorts for dayyyyyys baby -chad
  • Ollie LDM
    Hot soup coming through
  • kmq12
    Bike shorts are so hot right now. Not a punishment.
  • LamarIsElite8
    And make it a Mormon one
  • S6mMaxwel9
    Definitely church. Make it a thing where PFT has to summarize the weekly homily for a minute. That way we can all go to heaven because it’s like we all went to church too. Please send the AWLs to heaven, PFT.
  • Warren Sharp
    PFT Punishment
  • A.S?eawkq
    Biker shorts
  • frogribit
    Biker Shorts
  • Moose502
    PFT Bet
    Absolutely biker shorts everywhere including the Kentucky Derby!!
  • lebronzoball
    Church bet
  • JWolfe15
    Going to church every Sunday in full tuxedo
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