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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.

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  • toomuchRossss
    Hole in one
    Hole in one but every beer gets you a foot closer to the pin
  • JK09187
    Love the pod, but oh billy billy billy
    Pod’s great, I’ve been listening for about 4 years now and I look forward to it each day it drops. But oh my goodness billy has got to do something about his lying problems. It makes me wanna run through a stained glass window sometimes. The sad part is sometimes he gets so involved in the lie he convinces me that he truly believes the misinformation he is spreading. I wish the best for him and would never speak on another mans job… but cmon billy have some respect for yourself and tell the truth (Concussion 2016)
  • Abcdejfjcjsncbx
    Getting Stale. Needs a refresh.
    I’ve listened to every single episode since June of 2017. In the past year or so, some of the magic has seemed to disappear. Jake and Billy are way too involved, and when they do speak, their jokes fall flat. PFT’s too obsessed with his bits and hasn’t grown or evolved in years. We shouldn’t be hearing Delly jokes in 2023. Hoping when the crew moves to Chicago, Big Cat will help recalibrate the show. Getting close to moving it out of my rotation which makes me very sad.
  • Breno612
    Serial Lebron Haters. Hank is a wet blanket, Billy is not him. Big Cat and PFT are the show
  • Rappmaster
    Not as good as it use to be. Billy and Jake idk why they’re on the show. Pfts bit is kinda annoying. They hate on Aaron Rodgers and the packers any chance they get to. Lots of errors when remembering things
  • Jeffsheeder
    SHADY company.
    It’s a northeast show. Don’t expect much else. Defend Boston. Support Philly. Abuse people into gambling with their company. Feels dirty.
  • Nick - -Good Guy
    Hank (1/19/23) “I’m an equal fan of the Giants and Eagles. I also am a Patriots fan obviously.” Perfection
  • kevin109104
    I figured it out
    Hank have you tried guessing the WRONG number???
  • Skolbear
    Pardon My Review
    Joe Rogan's list of comic friends are awful. Billy is insufferable. Otherwise a fine show during football season.
  • CamkGOD
    Lottery ball inquery
    Hi longtime listener first time reviewer. My favorite segment (the lottery ball) has been around for some time and I know many members of the group have guessed the right lottery ball. But I cannot remember Hank getting it right. Has he ever gotten it?
  • dbhsheggevgehsdjjd
    You guys have been funny for a long time
    That’s pretty hard to do congrats
  • Uncle paulee
    Hated the pod
    Hate the pod, but gave 5 stars out of respect to Billy & his service to this great country
  • greg77777777777777777777
    Why doesn’t Hank just guess the right ball number?
    Lottery ball
  • PAJ2005
    A bunch of guys sitting around the table talking about nothing.
  • ztwest
    Great pod
    Dad cat
  • Ryan Burnham
    Not what it used to be
    Once Jake and Billy came onto the scene and Big Cat and PFT elevated them to be a main part of the show, I started tuning out. They aren’t funny and they kill the jokes and disrupt the chemistry between Big Cat and PFT. Plus, you can click on any episode and go to any random time stamp and you’ll probably hear at least two people speaking at the same time.
  • tristanlee19
    Has hank ever won the lottery ball?
  • krazykizerr
    I had a dream that Hank won the lottery ball machine with number 17. What episode is this from? I keep listening to old episodes to find it but with so many lottery ball drawings it’s hard to find the one where he won it. I know it wasn’t just a dream.
  • HankPickNumber7
    Huge fan…. One thing missing..
    Look, it’s the perfect podcast. Laugh out loud funny, great content setup, decent guests, well rounded all together…. Except for one thing. Everyone has won the lottery ball machine, but not Hank. It just can’t be true, and if so I call for collusion. There’s just not a chance he hasn’t gotten it yet.
  • shaynr88
    Has Hank ever won the lottery ball?
    I’ve been listening forveer but somehow my audio always cuts out right before the lottery ball drawing. I am wondering if Hank has ever picked the right number? He must have by now, there’s been so many…right?
  • Jaelynn Jeannette
    More Jake please
    Love the show!
    Aaron Rodgers = JAIL
    Pardon my Take is a top 2 podcast and it ain’t 2. The PMT boys know ball. Give these guys a listen and I personally guarantee you will become an AWL before Hank guesses the lottery ball.
  • daddybeerchug
    Billy Billy Billy
    5 star for the rant
  • Nickelbak247
    Coffee is better
    This podcast is almost as good as Stella Blue coffee
  • Mc15167
    Surprisingly good podcast coming from a fat old guy and a horny long haired hippy
  • Pedro27
    Lottery balls
    Dear Henry, I also fail to predict the correct lottery ball number on a consistent basis. I guess 27 every time, which I’m pretty sure hasn’t won yet. But I’m gonna get it before you, that’s a guarantee. Can I get the 5k if I do? I’ll also accept a car stick dog toy. Love you guys.
  • count de monet 920
    Lottery balls
    I got the lottery ball for the third time today! Its such a great experience. I feel like I'm walking on clouds each time it happens. If nothing else, I know balls. Hank, have you ever gotten the lottery ball? You must have, its been so long. Keep up the great work fellas!
  • thejackster87
    Middle man Dan enables Rico
    Senselessly stupid. Totally out on all content after this, a slap in the face of people who try to convince others to consume barstool content.
  • LouisvilleSlugger44
    Online bully
    Big cat aides with rico.
  • Awful gameuknow
    Jerry O’Connell is the funniest
    Billy billy billy Edit: removed a star for putting that clown Billy Mitchell on the show. What an unbearable dweeb What’s up with the production lately? 3-4x per episode where it plays the same clip over again
  • gator great
    Jerry is Awesome
    Love anytime he’s on the phone. Classic every time
  • chalkyyyyy111
    Billy must know somebody
    5 stars and everything but honestly how the cluck did Billy get hired at Barstool???
  • chonk jr
    Best podcast of all time.....
  • rwsde1224
    Boom roasted
    27 year old conspiracy theorist with dyslexia and producer who defies lottery mathematics are forced to move to Chicago because coffee mogul’s spanx can’t make him look “New York enough”
  • AMoore0000
    Great show but rough guests lately
    MJF and Taylor Twellman were both so bad I had to skip over their segments, but thankfully the show still has plenty of great content even if you skip the interviews.
  • Mays Hayes
    Say less
  • Nick Coakley
    Pardon my take review
    I like listening to pardon my take
  • Caps year
    Not good
    Same jokes, same content. Rinse repeat. Airplane tracking season, Buffalo wings, knee jerk reactions, betting advertisements 24/7. It’s nauseating and not very good. They cater well to a middle school audience. Not sure why they needed to add another person (Max) just so that we have more homers, as if Chicago and Boston wasn’t enough.
  • tybo15g
    Purple Swag 💜💜
    Shout out the Vikings and TCU Frogs
  • BeeBarrows63
    Big J’s Talk FTX
    “Check cleared”
  • FazeLockwood
    Faze Hank
    Hank wants to be a streamer so bad but isn’t entertaining. Stick to meetings bud.
  • cojoryan225
    Overtime missed call
    Wait until they see the 12 men on the field in overtime
  • rickjatti12
    about billy
    lots of ppl seem to think billy’s a jackass, i agree but i think that’s what makes him valuable to the show
    Silly sports talk
    It’s too silly to take seriously. They get stuck on topics too long then end up rambling. They’re not good interviewers because they ask random silly questions half the time. They definitely don’t provide any meaningful analysis, just hot takes and spit balling crazy theories. 5 hrs a week of useless sports talk is too much. Also the p popping is really bad, Hank is by far the worst offender.
  • i hate tap baseball
    Fire Billy
    How do you make a podcast worse… have Beta Billy on it.
  • el eye ee
    Please get rid of Billy
    He just makes up stuff and lies all the time. I fast forward through his parts.
  • Mandannjdjsnsjakamananm
    Get rid of Billy
    Let him speak less. No longer than 30 seconds a pop so when I press fast forward I don’t have to miss more
  • Pop Punk/ Hardcore
    Still Great Despite it’s Flaws
    It’s flaws all have to do with Billy. On his good days he’s quite and irrelevant and his bad days he’s loud, idiotic, unfunny, and unbearable. Hope they leave him in New York when they move to Chicago. Other than that, Big Cat and PFT are still the best duo in podcasting and are a must listen three times per week.
  • Catchrs
    Long time listener
    I think I’ve listened to every episode since 2017/18. These guys are so clever with their jokes I often find myself laughing out loud. Love you guys.
  • zzzzzzlady
    This is why this show is the best
    The pmt gang makes me laugh 3 days a week. & Wednesday show was the epitome of that! Between playmaker, guys on chicks, & the lottery ball It was just perfection. Had me busting out laughing the entire drive to work ! Thanks dudes Ps . You’ll get It one day hank
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