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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.

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  • Townie6
    Daily Commute
    I listen to PMT everyday on my way to work and on the way back. It actually makes the commute very bearable listening to these guys. They are hilarious, consistent, and every podcast seems to get better than the last. I miss the frog lover Billy already and can’t wait for his return. Definitely recommend this podcast, I am a lifelong AWL.
  • pftmomemmter
    Jake is cool
    Just wanted to say Jake is really cool and love the the spirit I’m seeing out of him recently
  • neverbeenwrong
    Billy - a joke
    Billy taking a break after graduation when you have the best job in the world is crazy. Hopefully he grows up one day because he has no idea how the real world works.
  • SackOfJoweeeeugh
    My ol lady ordered me a pair of PMT socks, knowing I’d love em ... 3 weeks later she gets a email cancelling / refunding her purchase because they were out of stock .. what a boner killer . Sad day . Get some god dam socks ! Thanks chief ! Love the show !
  • paintdrinker
    People keep hating on billy are gonna get f*%ked like his frog. #frogf*%cker
  • tallfoster
    Randy Miss
    Can you please put the correct Randy Moss on your Apple Pod site
  • CoolhandLuke28
    Great Show
    Love the show. Only part that is tough to listen through is Billy. When he comes back, just let him do his own thing and keep him off PMT.
  • Nathan S. WI
    A man so overweight that he shouldn’t reproduce (despite having 1 and 1/2 children already) talks about sports with a 34 year old man that dresses and behaves like his divorced single mother still cares for him every day, while two of the biggest idiots in the world occasionally chime in to the conversation to remind us how stupid they are with their terrible opinions and mispronunciation of commonly used words. Also, there is a nerd who always gives out the most useless stats and has the reporting skills barely better than that of a castrated woodchuck. Finally, there is a mute kid that talks so little, I sometimes forget he is even there.
  • CSchill7
    Can Billy please stay away for good? Pretty please?
  • Ryan Burnham
    Hank needs testosterone
    Hank needs speech lessons badly. He says “uhh” and “like” every other word, and he has a feminine, vocal fry voice that’s not easy in the ears. He also lives for the teenage girl pop culture news/drama and seems like he only likes the gossip and drama of sports more than the games. Also hard to listen to them constantly talking at the same time so it’s hard to hear anything they're saying.
  • STL Cards fan 5096
    Please Fire Billy
    So excited he won’t be around for a month. Please don’t let him come back. Love the show, hate him.
  • bye hank 3747
    5 stars obviously
    I’m the biggest pmt fan and loved it forever but the first part of this last episode on the day after the first round draft was awful. Maybe big cat should be taking a break instead of billy. I think he needs it.
  • Good Roaster
    Bye billy
    Thrilled to hear billy is leaving. Big Cat sharing old clips reminded me of when he was funny
  • Oneraidernation
    UFC takes are trash and that’s really all I came for
  • teebattle
    Bluey Outro Music
    Loved the change up! Shoutout Dad Cat! Solid episode was when the dad pretended to be a gorilla at their backyard zoo
  • Salty Salt Salt
    Woke Losers
    Believe in nothing and stand for less. Everything’s a joke.
  • Johnsoon
    My number hit months ago losers.
    Big Cat = verified Twitter PFT = r/woah dude Hank = twitch chat Billy = YouTube comments Jake = Christian dating website
  • 🗽🦆🏍
    Love it
    The best podcast out there. Billy is great
  • Costamexico
    Nobody cares if you guess the right number.
  • jack doyle stathem
    Remarkably average
    Look he almost took his first step
  • brock nelson 2929
    Billy break
    Will rate 5 stars everyday as long as Billy is away
  • cgarrett247
    Who is Billy’s dad
    His dad must know someone or he has a rich uncle. Don’t see any other way he is on the show
  • tyler_greenee
    Best podcast out there
    I Absolutely love Julian edelman.
  • Trap boi
    Great podcast
    More billy
  • beano1010
    Every Monday Wednesday Friday is automatically better when you get to listen to PMT
  • I love buttsex
    Less Billy
    Everything and everyone is amazing on this show except for Billy
  • r to Mu
    Best podcast
    I see a lot of billy hate, he’s an acquired taste but he adds an awesome dynamic to the pod
  • iCanThrowFurtherThanBilly
    Billy is so stupid it hurts and I’m convinced he’s not doing a bit because he doesn’t know what those are
  • sportsperson1073
    Billy was better as an intern still funny. I miss the old days but they have evolved
    Too many cooks in the kitchen now. Still goats
  • skylerwtx
    Best in the business
    Excellent job
  • TraeYoungGang
    Animal Facts Gang
    Billy’s fact at the end of the show before the music cuts him off will always be the funniest part of the show. PFT is funny (and horny) and Big Cat is the man, obviously. Jake Marsh is refreshing and his no cussing is hilarious. Hank is kind of annoying with all the Boston stuff and I wish he would fight Billy. 10/10 podcast
  • pyruvatez88
    Ain’t no Minihane show.... but 5 stahz
    Dan is a phenomenal talent and seems like a good dude.
  • LloydHaywood76
    The best
    Most entertaining podcast around
  • npap12
    Congrats on the second kid Big Cat!!
  • PackJT
    Big Facts
    The best, funniest sports podcast on the ‘net! Big Cat, PFT and Hank are awesome.....Billy? Eh.
  • austin112196
    I am not lying I will swear on anything. I guessed two numbers right since you have started drawing them. I guessed 31 and 45 on Wednesdays episode. I want some recognition.
  • uhh umm uhhhhh errr ughhh
    Simply Incredible
    Big Cat and PFT have been my primary source of entertainment since 2016 and they are not slowing down.
  • S.poe
    It’s cool
  • fdoconnorii
    Call your agent
    Get away from barstool. You both are better than that. Hank, too, not Billy.
  • Killakep47
  • deljoodis
    Highly recommend
  • pjblake2
    Solid sports podcast
    Great podcast! Covers a little bit of everything when it comes to sports
  • Patriotgames06
    So wild
    That’s wild. So very very wild.
  • Cathy E.
    New listener, great show
    Love big cat and PFT. Never stop recording.
  • Vince0787
    Very cool
    Very cool Jake, very cool.
  • o. connkr
    AWL here
    hey awl here , you guys rock . go bears
  • esned
    Pmt roast
    2 huge pepperoni nipps, 4 weird nipps, 0 boners, 0 brains and a nerd try be funny with Luke warm sports takes.
  • TrophyNut
    I was in a gas station behind Jeff fisher and watched him drop a taquito roller and then pick it back up off the floor and put it in a new bun and swallowed it in Big Timber, MT
  • Adam Backous
    Billy football experiment needs to over
    It's a either me or Billy but we both can't stay
  • bigsmellyrichard
    Hey guys I’m awl here and I want to talk about something serious for a moment. I’ve been feelin really weird lately very high anxiety , I feel depressed and upset when I can’t even finish my dinner I order while on vacation like 1/4 of a plate I eat I just look at it and get extremely upset . I feel like I’m wasting the food even though whenever I start eating I feel like I’m going to puke after my first three or four bites . Like upset stomach I don’t want to eat anything not like just not hungry . I’m not sure if it’s depression or just really bad anxiety, but I’d like to know how each of you guys handle your anxiety or depression if you ever have had it . Thanks guys go orange @jake
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