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New Yorker fiction writers read their stories.

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  • NSCH3
    Great podcast
    This is wonderful. Thank you!
  • Phl¡¡p
    Ben Okri!
  • Le' Discarded
    The masculine voice tossed onto the ash heap.
    It’s a new day. Go elsewhere.You are not welcome.
  • Uintah Mom
    Lauren Groff reading “The Wind” is the most riveting, most heart-wrenching story I’ve heard on NY Fiction podcasts (and I’ve heard almost all of them). The characters were so real and I was left speechless. It sounds autobiographical, and that is even more tragic. This is a fine story, though I am deeply sorry for the life experiences, whether Ms. Groff’s or those she’s observed, that had to have happen for this work of art to come forth. No child should have to tell this story.
  • verymary28
    “The Wind”
    Devastating story that made me cry - more than once. I can easily envision a film based on this one, but there’s no way it could be as powerful as the short story.
  • whisperdida
    Lauren Geoff, “The Wind”
  • JChristopherH
    More men please
    I’m very serious
  • can'tfindparadise
    Sound quality
    While I deeply enjoy so many of these stories I have to abandon many of them because they are difficult to hear, and I am distracted by trying to figure out what was just said. This is not the case with many other podcasts I listen to, so it’s not my hearing. I have yet to comprehend an introduction. Is it the equipment? The sound engineer? So many moments seem swallowed, as if the speakers are still wearing ther Covid masks. .
  • honolululistenet
    Love the show, but...
    Why all the bizarro dysphoric stories ? Dead cats and Lyme disease .... for the Christmas episode? Have mercy on us and find well written, well spoken stories that might uplift and sustain us here in the dark.
  • d - j - p
    Amazing Show
    So good to hear writer’s reading their stories in their own voices. Quality during COVID can get a little wobbly but during normal times the production is top tier. Amazing, simple, concept executed so well.
  • stef morgan
    Thank you for the continued gifts - The Rebecca Curtis read just wrecked me. Blessings to us all. 🙏🏽
  • skyfrizz
    yeah more femme & queer voices please!
    thank you!
  • (back to beginning)
    fewer men please
    i’m serious.
  • Marinette5050
    Maybe another reader...
    I eagerly await each podcast in this series. While not all authors are great readers, most convey the meaning and mood in an authentic and personalized way, and leave me thinking about their stories for hours afterward. But really - a good writer does not necessarily a good reader make. Some are, well, unlistenable, mostly due to unrelenting vocal fry.
  • hgyid
    Sittenfeld, your reading style needs work
    This note is for you, Curtis Sittenfeld. You are such an amazing writer. However, the way you read is painful, unnerving, and distracts from the story. I wish I could write as well as you so that I could convey how terribly you read! I’ll give it my best shot. You draw out and emphasize words in a very confusing way. You almost exclusively add import to words in a sentence that do not need to be underscored. It is some kind of torture. You also read as though the listener is only capable of comprehending your work if you accentuate words at random; it’s as if you don’t think your listener is capable of subtlety. What I suspect is that you think you are reading well. I believe you think you can only engage your listener if you dress up your voice. I do not think your approach is working, because, and this is just a guess obviously, but maybe you’re trying too hard. The best readings are with a straight forward tone, respect for the listener, and trust in your story to do the heavy lifting.
  • mary5523
    More Please
    Is it possible to get more frequent editions? Love and depend on this insightful podcast. Thanks to all involved.
  • bluemeanieface
    A storied journey
    Anyone who has loved a New Yorker short story can find acceptance here. Curated stories read by the author.
  • chardustt27
    In Desperate Need of New Voices
    I think many of these stories are obviously exquisite but the New Yorker’s blatant laziness when it comes to including diverse voices, specifically writers of color, is always troubling to me. They could be doing so much more to amplify stories written by Black, Latinx, Indigenous, etc. people!!
  • Theschil
    The Writer’s Voice podcast
    I like most of the podcast but recently quit listening to several where the crude language and dialogue turned me off. I liked Emma Cline’s story Dom Delillo, with her Harvey as narcissistic and delusional as the real one. But I wish you would discuss the story with the writer like you do on the Fiction podcast. Your probing questions and comments along with narrator make the stories blossom. Would you join our book club?
  • bcb321p0
    Audio quality
    I love this podcast. But figure out how to help the authors make better recordings. The June episode sounded like it was inside a tin can. But I still love this podcast !
  • purosa
    Two Nurses Smoking, the Liver...
    A few standouts so far in this podcast of remarkably talented authors and their stories. Thank you New Yorker and authors.
  • Alljumpin
    Two Nurses Smoking
    I loved it and how the reader and the nurses had to earn the ending.
  • Victrola88
    Two Nurses Smoking
    Story filled with stereotypes. “No wait” very irritating.
  • basic_leftist
    I love the writer’s voice
    This is a wonderful podcast! I am so grateful to hear these stories read by the authors every week. Such a treat.
  • Inertia necia
    Again that annoying intro. Do away with it and just let the authors read for gods sake
  • cardoman23
    Best best best
    This podcast is the best. I can’t read in a sustained way anymore, but for some reason I can still bear to listen. Something about the texture of the voice, the writer’s voice, bringing me the story. Thank you. Keep making these please.
  • LessCouchOn
    Dear New Yorker,
    The burst of brilliance and a hearse with no resilience, buried calcium rich bones under tectonic plates unknown. The ants and insects came for the harvest. Consuming his synapse but not his largest. The brain matter went fast but his heart pumped rich red blood, giving his limbs a chance. The rose bushes had always been plush in the front but fell short in the snows of rows getting crushed. 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • Opal Castmin
    Good podcast
    A great taste of what the New Yorker is publishing these days. Often excellent, fair amount of variety. Elizabeth Strout's recent story was a standout.
  • Sassycantbreathe
    The Curfew
    The Curfew, read by Roddy Doyle, is a joyful encounter! I cannot stop listening to this story, every description in threes, guffawing at the humor I know is coming. Thank you for the wry, tender, experience. Kimberly K.
  • clay_vickers
    Love the podcast - but I want more!
    This is a great podcast. An awesome supplement to the written fiction. It would be even better if Deborah Treisman interviewed the author after they’ve read their story.
  • Maadleo
    I absolutely love this podcast. Bringing obscure writers and their work in the New Yorker to a larger audience.
  • Slender Reid
    Stimulating, thought-provoking, instructive
    I enjoy your podcast very much; hearing the writer’s voice adds a distinctively personal quality to the listening experience. I like the wide variety of stories; George Saunders’ “Elliot Spencer” is a knockout. Many others are excellent. I am not able to keep up with the print versions, so listening as I drive works out very well. I expect to submit a story of my own called “Baptism,” so to hear stories by other authors is instructive. Thank you!
  • MamacitaPatricia
    Feeling disappointed
    New Yorker fiction has become so mundane and self involved , wordy with nothing to say. It’s worse listening to it.
    If i want songs without words I’ll listen to music!
    These pieces are without form and void, but anything but godly. Can’t tell is I’m missing the point nor they are simply pointless! Exeunt!!!!
  • pjpriest
    Great Shorts
    Helps introduce me to different writers.
  • LC Fan 357
    Back Then
    This podcast introduced me to Mary Grimm and is the reason why I love listening. I get to discover writers I would have never otherwise heard of. In regards to the episode that I heard, it is a beautiful story of a girl’s summer vacation.
  • Shuvi123456789
    And love the show of course!!! Great work to the designer of the new branding for the nyer pods, they’re appealing, just different enough, and fantastic, and pink
  • IowaBoy2029
    Great. story. Mr. Rushdie continues to amaze.
  • Brokenboxer
    Beautiful words read by their authors, diverse in layers, gifts in multiple hues, I listen every morning when I am just waking. The visions that are created in my mind are as real and significant to me as anything my life offers. I could listen forever but like a box of lovely chocolates, they are numbered. I saviour each, and dole them out carefully, so as not to, in greed, end up in silence.
  • Skyjedi8
    Another Great Podcast
    My second favorite podcast & I love the format for this as well
  • Edge 554
    Perfect *
    The episodes are like great, short audiobooks read by the authors. The minimalist style is refreshing, and it helps the “reader” get immersed in the work. * One weakness is the advertising, which would be less jarring if they were produced in style that better complemented the podcast.
  • bunnyheat
    Not Dullsville At All!!!
    Said it. Done.
  • Mommabird25
    The subject matter is usually very sad and dark. The reading very fast...every once in a while it’s great but mostly not so much. Still it’s a podcast worth the listen.
  • Lynvet
    Now a Feminist blog
    I used to enjoy this podcast but over the last coupe of years it has come to specialize in insipid fiction and functions for some reason as just a feminist blog.
  • моншери
    Some of the podcasts do get a bit boring and I do zone out, but otherwise, I am hooked on to keep this podcast going. 😊📖 📖📖📖📖
  • mindcentric
    RC Boyle. Awesome story!
    RC Boyle. Awesome story!
  • Ann Noel
    Re: Under the Wave
    This is my first listen. I am hooked! You may go through the meandering thoughts of what comes next. Storytelling at its finest.
  • Esterdotter
    One of the Best
    This is one of my favorite podcasts, out of about 20 I subscribe to. But I was disappointed not to be able to find the story by John L’Heureux from the October 8 issue. Not sure who to contact. Otherwise, this is a fantastic opportunity to hear stories n the voice of the person who created them.
  • madam ripstitch
    Instead of News
    This is the podcast I listen to while I’m lying in bed, so that I can hear every word. Last night was Mary Gaitskill, who affected a “Grinch” voice for one of her characters. Listen to be reminded that intelligence and empathy make us more human.
  • Sean Kgood2
    Great podcast!
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