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“Make your statement, face your fear.” A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Join Jonathan Sims as he explores the archive, but be warned, as he looks into its depths something starts to look back… New episodes every Thursday produced by Rusty Quill, featuring guest actors, short stories, serial plots and more. The Magnus Protocol launches in January 2024.

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  • briluvsscarystories
    I love it I want more 😿(the ending tho 😿 Martin and John were really cute )this was my covid outlet and old friend introduced me to this a while ago and I listened to it during covid but then school went back in session and I forgot and then I suddenly remembered again and i literally binged like 3 seasons in a week
  • photolvr89
    Love it!!
    Twilight zone feels with a underline story to match. Love every minute of it. My cousin and I haven’t stopped taking about it for years.
  • informapauperis
    Oh wow.
    I love this podcast. But what was the madness of the Easter special? It borderline triggered a migraine for me. Thoughts?
  • Heathcliffe_Hawthorne
    Perfect Audiodrama
    This is top-tier podcasting. Everything you want from an audio-drama is here, but probably not for the squeamish. Perfect listening for those looking for a spook when it’s dark and you’re alone in the house. The meta plot fantastic. An enormously fun ride.
  • Prince_Charmless
    100/10 would recommend!
    A great podcast! Great at making you feel the dread and fear while also having a great story.
  • GayLore-d
    OH MY GOD!!!
    Some of my friends recommended this podcast to me and I am BLOWN AWAY. I wish I could rate this over 5 stars. Just absolutely perfect.
  • Al from Ferndale
    The best podcasts
    The Magnus Archives is the best podcast I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. The writing, production, and storytelling is second to none. I recommend this podcast to any and everyone when I have the chance.
  • Okami303
    Top tier broadcast
    This podcast is one of the best podcasts I’ve experienced to date. The storytelling is top tier! Thankyou rusty quill for this beauty of story telling. I highly recommend everyone give it a listen. I wish there wasn’t an end. Keep it up
  • Re1koHas_arrived
    I just started season two after hearing about this everywhere and wow I was not disappointed amazing podcast and perfectly written so far can’t wait to see where the story goes!
  • TLHart83
    Not enough
    I need more. My brain is over here exploding with the new TMP episodes. So happy it’s here, I think I’ll never get enough. Constantly gasping at references and voices. Eeeeekkkk
  • Bac0nIsMyLife
    so beautiful crafted it will destroy you it’s perfect
  • JohnDodge50
    Excellent show just like its predecessor!
    The MP is awesome, just like MA. The only down point is the character of Alice. Otherwise, flawless show!
  • juststartedfromBoston
    Great Storytelling!
    This podcast is AMAZING! The storytelling is incredible and the voice-acting is great! Totally reminds me of old-timey radio shows and it is sooo easy to binge! Highly recommend!
  • gameboi-123
    Not caught up but
    Amazing 10/10 absolutely horrific stories
  • gaming roblok (my roblox name
    The best!
    Wow! I am so excited for what The Magnus Protocol has in store for us! It was a little jarring (in a good way) to hear the retuning cast, and I am very excited to listen to the new cast as well.
  • S.D.Smith
    Yes but…
  • Rakpottery
    My comfort listen
    I’ve listened since the beginning and it has become my comfort show. It’s nice hearing about people having a worse go of it than you. As my mother always says “it could be worse”
  • Finjfgvdwyehuoiphgfcgj
    True Masterpeise
  • CharZem
    Favorite Podcast
    TMA is my favorite podcast of all time, and I am so excited for the Magnus Protocol sequel! The tragic horror, as Alex put it, of TMA keeps me coming back again and again to relisten to the entire show over and over. Johnathan Sims (the writer) is a fantastic writer, his horror is so visceral and disturbing yet there are significant elements of comedy in his works that help to break the tension. The voice acting of the cast is absolutely fantastic and they embody the characters and the story so well. The foley and sound design helps elevate the horror to a wonderful degree. Listening back to ep 1 of TMA makes me so proud to hear how far they’ve come. It was great from then of course, but the quality has only increased over time since they’ve now gotten studio space and better equipment rather than using a blanket as a sound buffer. Yet despite the increase in quality, the charm of the original episodes is never lost. This podcast is a testament to never give up on your creative endeavors and to give it a go even if you don’t have all of the best equipment because you never know how successful it’ll become. Anyways tl;dr I love this show so so so much and thank you John, Alex, and the rest of the cast and crew of TMA for making this podcast and sharing it with all of us!
  • Aarow1
    Brilliant horror
    Feels like a mix of the twilight zone and HP Lovecraft without any racism
  • jspeyton
    It’s Baaaaaaack!!
    ** excited squeal** 😆 Prior: I love this podcast. The writing, acting, and production are so uniformly great that even though it’s consistently horrifying and/or creepy, I find it as comforting as a warm blanket. This is truly a hidden gem, and more people should listen!
  • isabedona
    my silly goofy goobers
  • Nad Church
    Spooky Fix
    I am a fan of all things horror, and TMA is an absolute hit. From the first episode, where we’re introduced to our Head Archivist, the way through to the show’s stunning conclusion — it is an absolute treat. Each episode lends itself well to the full story, building upon its predecessors and perfectly setting up bigger plot lines down the line. I highly recommend to anyone, horror fan or otherwise.
  • FelixH2008!
    A true work of art!
    the most magnificent, thought compelling and well-crafted podcast. it is a beautiful web, well-woven with intricate characters and plot lines. everything is connected. i am only on episode 78 and i am truly entranced.
  • marsh_goobie_snoobert
    i love these goofsters so much you dont even understand (im currently hyperfixiating over them if you couldnt tell)
  • passiunclepal
    “good lord, man”
    the magnus archives is an INSANELY compelling and engaging work of horror fiction- i’m only a season in and i’m hooked. gives away just enough to leave you wanting more, attaches you to the characters- absolutely masterful delivery and writing all around!!
  • courtneeeey_but_art
    Favorite podcast
    It’s so great it’s scary and I usually hate horror but I loved this also gay people!
  • thetaylorfangirl14
    this is the best podcast
    i cannot stop coming back to this show. edit: i am on my 7th listen through because no other podcast scratches the itch the way this one does
  • Graybrain
    Pleasantly Terrifying
    Very good slow burn, as the audience slowly learns the details of the horror. More importantly, the story never loses it’s thread. There is never a moment where the threat crosses into parody or ridiculousness. The voice acting and writing is excellent and only improves as the story develops.
  • Snowman on skis
    Truly Magnificent
    Just a masterpiece. An incredible interweaving story through multiple episodes. You HAVE to listen.
  • isabel_w_9325
    I finished this in about a month and am now going back to relisten. It’s easily my favorite podcast; I haven’t successfully gotten anyone else to listen to it yet but by God I will not give up
  • Unniechan
    F’n Incredible
    About to start my yearly re-listen of this absolute gem. Jonathan Sims is a mad genius and the entire cast is incredible.
  • rowan rain
    genuinely one of my favourite pieces of media ever. becomes more and more intriguing the more you listen. a piece of horror that has genuinely made me feel a sense of fear (without needing excessive gore or jumpscare type stuff to make it scary). (this show was actually the thing that made me realize how much i liked horror as a genre!) great characters, great voice acting. also if you listen try to go in blind!! avoid any spoilers or too much knowledge beforehand! i could not recommend this enough.
  • CeciliaUpasana
    Amazing, Show stopping, Never before seen-
    I wish i could stress so much i am desperate to go back in time and listen to this podcast for the first time, it carried me on its back and put me to bed at night, it’s my mother and father, it’s the father, son and holy spirit and i will truly never ever forget the experience of listening to The Magnus Archives
  • mcyoung19
    Amazing podcast, too many ads lately
    Love the podcast, love all the work the creators put into it. I accept that ads on podcast episodes are the price I pay for hours of otherwise free entertainment, but relistening to some episodes just recently, there are four separate ads with a runtime of over four minutes before the episode starts. That seems…excessive.
  • TrashRatchet
    Yearly listen
    I listen to it every year. I was very happy with the last season. I live realistic horrors everyday, I hated that it was put into the podcast.
  • veron: a loser
    Whatever you’ve done with the ad provider, stop doing it
    6 straight minutes of loud and obnoxious ads bookending every single episode renders the series unlistenable. Seriously… I’d even pay money to be able to actually listen to the podcast through the app without ads at this point, but there’s no option…
  • dddamian95
    Phenomenal series. Literally changed my life
    It’s all in the title. Thanks to everyone who had a part in making this incredible story.
  • P.TwoBears
    Hate how I Love you
    Utterly obsessed with this perfect podcast. I have a hard time returning to reality & might care about the characters more than the people I know IRL. But, please turn down the music—it makes it impossible to listen to in the evening because it jolts me awake. It’s also just incongruous to have something be that much louder than everything else. I can’t fix it on my end, can you please please consider doing some editing and fixing it on yours? If not, then I suppose I am cursed to love you anyway.
  • Casnh
    Cheesy but fun
    This podcast isn’t remotely scary, but it’s not meant to be. Just good old-fashioned campfire stories, with good spooky sound effects. If you don’t like scary stories, but want just a touch of spookiness, this podcast is for you.
  • Glroush
    Great podcast
    This was the first podcast I ever followed, and I was hooked almost immediately. I think I've listened to the entire run three times. I really only have a couple of negatives, the first I guess it's both a positive and a negative. When is season 2 coming? I liked this series so much that I donated to the release of the next season. The second negative is truly a negative. The theme music is so loud. When I'm listening to the program at night that music seems to come blasting at me. It's too bad there wasn't a way to eliminate that whenlistening to one show after another. Great job! I have spent an unbelievable amount of time trying to find something like this. I have found some other good podcasts, but nothing like The Magnus Archives. Thanks
  • joe spooky
    I am so hyper fixated on these gay depressed people they consume my every thought. But then again how could you Jonny. Why.
  • corvid king
    hurts so good
    sad but sweet like eating ice cream directly out of the pint
  • DFAastillo
    It good
    It good
  • ssnipes
    It is literally perfect
    Ok so, I’m about to start listening to this ENTIRE run for the 3rd time in 4 years. It’s superbly written, acted, and mixed. Worth your time. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk. 🙌🏽🤩🎧
  • Acwic
    he he
    I have all 200 main episodes downloaded, it’s that good that I want to make sure if I ever need it, I have it
  • jbliii
    Amazing show
    I just stumbled onto this show after my daughter asked me about the Backer Kit RPG campaign. I listened to maybe two episodes and got totally hooked on all five seasons!
  • Wrenthebird
    Biggest hyperfixation gorgeous podcast with splendid plot and characters
    Holy good cows yes this podcast is my favorite thing ever I am so emotionally attached to these characters and am TOTALLY VERY NORMAL ABOUT THIS PODCAST *laughs in nervous neurodivergent mentally ill queer* But seriously, I love this podcast so so so much and I HIGHLY recommend it!!! Also if you think you won’t like it because you ‘don’t like horror’ please give this a try. I am terrified of everything and yet I fell in love with this podcast. I also recommend Jonathan Sims books: Thirteen Storeys and (idk this next one too well) Family Business. Listen to the Mechanisms (Jonathan sims was the leader of that amazing steampunk gay space pirate band) GREAT JOB JON 👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️
  • Just A Rando on the Internet
    Great writing, great horror, great show
    This is the podcast that got me into narrated fiction. It's got great horror, characters that are flawed in ways that feels realistic rather than just stupid for the sake of plot, and phenomenal POV writing and voicing. I've given it many a relisten, and I'll likely give it many more
  • king_beedorah
    Ads for US Border Patrol
    Would give 5 stars, but it’s really jarring and disappointing to hear job ads for the US Border Patrol. Do better.
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