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Archive 81 is a fiction podcast about horror, cities, and the subconscious.New episodes will be released every other Wednesday.Start from "01 - A Body In A New Place"

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  • Jamie Cheval
    Just ok
    Started out ok but the more episodes I listened to, the less I liked it. Some of the voice actors sound like they’re reading off a piece of paper. Ratty was just kind of weird… the squeaking was a bit juvenile sounding and the story and writing seemed to go downhill the further along I got. Listening to podcasts like this just makes me want to go back and re-listen to TMA.
  • urgamesucs
    Love it
    This is my favorite thing to listen to
  • Dos1981
    Too bad
    Decent beginning but got way to deep into empire building and not enough story line. The bane of a lot of series. The fan base loves it but everyone else finds it slow and lacking of actual story. Too bad for what could have been good.
  • Micliemma
    I love this podcast I have listened to it over and over when I can’t think of anything else I come right back to this one I found this podcast during a strange point in my life and its brought me comfort strange as it may seem my favorite season is hard to pick I love when they explored the city and I also like the rituals it’s creepy, weird, and interesting amazing
  • the_wet_robe
    Funk extraction
    Weak pull-out strategy
  • GiaGeorge
    Craving organization here
    I love the creativity, but I do wish there was a little more planning on where the show was headed. Love the spirit of the creative team, but it’s obvious this was simply an exercise in creativity with no real respect for the ride of the audience. A shame, because there are some really good seeds of ideas here.
  • Minyaxx25894
    Cool show
    This show is a pretty unique concept. I loved the tv show and watched it before finding this. I prefer it though because Melanie’s actress on here is just terrible. She’s doing a horrid job I’m sorry
  • HH1984!
    I just can’t…
    After listening to many many many many many audio drama podcasts, I just can’t with this one. The acting is soooooooooooo bad. The characters are not compelling… and the audio? Juvenile. If you’re used to higher end sound editing this one is not for you. I struggled to get through Season 1… but I would rather move and spend my listening time elsewhere.
    It grows on you
    so for season 1 and the first half of season 2, i really wasn’t sold on what was going on (a bit confused mostly), but it really picks up. It’s worth it to keep listening even when every episode leaves you thinking ??? The characters in season 3 are phenomenal, and the lore just keep building. It’s a slow build, and I think they earn a lot of their big moments. I recommend this podcast, especially if you like horror audio dramas like the magnus archives! edit: when will you return from war please the kids miss you babe😭😭😭😭😭
  • rafflmao
    Hard Pass
    Finished S1 and could not get past S2E1. It was that bad. The story was dumb and the writers disfigured the main character right from the start with no explanation. There nothing wrong w a character being disabled or becoming disabled in the plot but this just felt ludicrous. What little success there was with world-building in S1 was totally destroyed by these goofy new characters and lack of explanation. It’s bad enough that S1 was hanging on by a thread with the few good actors holding up the rest of the cast. The story was the one thing you truly had going and that was just dumped for something unlistenable. Bless the souls that can stomach this for 3 seasons because I cannot. Also, why does TMA get compared to everything and anything? It is the literal gold standard for a supernatural podcast and its value is constantly chipped away by being compared to and discussed along side these podcasts that clearly dont hold a candle to it. I wish people could just stop bringing it up because it is such a lazy comparison. ALSO — stop calling female characters “hysterical.” It’s toxic and annoying. Unfollow. Oh yeah and the Netflix show is 10000% better.
  • Internaut
    Slick production hampered by bad dialogue, crappy acting and that distracting squeaky toy.
  • Stargazin' Moe
    Trigger warning
    Episode 8 has audio of someone throwing up. It’s gross
  • Jrd_1093
    Goes Downhill After S1
    Season 1 was pretty decent, but Season 2 adopts a completely different tone and, in my opinion, ruins everything that show had going for it.
  • BenBenSings
    Incredible music & imagination
    Archive81 is a masterpiece. Marc’s writing is brilliant, the voice acting is top notch, and Dan’s sound design is literally otherworldly good. Also low key some of the most original music and music production anywhere - not just in a podcast. Admittedly also found it thru the Netflix show which is incredibly good but not half as mind-blowing as this series. I am friending so hard for Season 4 - hopefully it happens someday. Last note, the creators of this show are so down to earth and hilarious. You truly feel like you’re part of something rare, secret, and yes, truly magical.
  • amazed1009
    Booooring ….
    Couldn’t get past the 4th episode of the first season (yawn)
  • Chef_Ninja
    Lives up to the hype
    Came here because of Netflix, stayed for literally everything else. Dunno why season 3 is getting so much hate, I’ve listen to it about 4 times over and it’s so so so GOOD. Total man crush on Nicolas.
  • Davelhazen
    Listening to Archive 81 for a second time. I’m halfway through the Netflix show. Came back to see what I missed, what’s the same, different. I like the tv cast although it’s changed. Both shows are outstanding. Huge fan of ratty!
  • Echidna🇵🇷
    TV ruins everything
    Checked this out when I heard there was gonna be a Netflix adaptation, absolutely amazing podcast. World building and writing is amazing. Absolutely butchered by Netflix, but as a Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl fan, it isn’t anything new.
  • mattsmith0622
    Season 1 was amazing. They should stopped there!
    Season 1 was incredible. Seasons 2 and 3 are painful to listen to. Dramatic drop in quality of story and acting.
  • ixora05
    Top notch
    I don’t usually listen to fiction podcasts and this had me hooked. The “found recording” premise is really well constructed and incorporated into the storyline. If you’re here from the Netflix series, keep in mind that podcasts and television are two very, very different mediums. The writing is tight, streamlined, and compelling. 5 stars.
  • Ronoz890
    Really good.
    Excellent writing and excellent pacing. Draws you in in a big way.
    One of the great originals
    Archive 81 is one of the great original fiction podcasts. It's unfortunate that the rating is being pulled down a bit by people who have come because of the Netflix show and are disappointed. If you are a fan of fiction podcasts this is a great one. If you enjoyed the show on Netflix and are here to check out the podcast, please know that the two mediums are VERY different and you may not enjoy this format if you haven't listened before.
  • bobross'staint
    No thanks
    The world that is slllllllloooooowwwwwllllyyy built throughout the 3 seasons is interesting and something I’d like to explore the hands of someone else. The acting, writing, pacing, plot, and medium are all not for me. It’s like having a 6 year old tell you the story of Star Wars. You could tell there is something decent underneath all the garbage, but you just have to sit there and suffer.
  • Musicparadox
    For anyone craving more after the Netflix show!
    I was dying to know what happened after watching archive 81 on Netflix. So I searched out the podcast and wow! What a ride!! I loved every season! Including the mini series at the end! If you enjoyed the Netflix show at all this is a must listen! It really expands and show just how big the lore and world of archive 81 are! Highly highly recommend! This show got me into podcast shows!
  • yukkinz
    What a wonderful experience!
    I listened to this series after I watched the netflix “adaptation” (I put quotes, because it’s nothing like it at all- though I enjoyed it). This series was such a delight! Each character was very distinct and written so well! Love the lore, the writing, the music (I mean the MUSIC 🙌🏼) I’ve never listened to this genre of podcast, but it’s honestly my absolute favorite♥️ very excited for what’s to come!
  • mattshults
    The first season left me intrigued to see where it was going. The second season made me wish I hadn’t. They clearly had no plan for what to do in S2, and it seemed like a collection of I’ll-fitting parts. Sure the acting is bad, but that’s forgivable. It’s the nonsensical plot and dumb writing I can’t forgive.
  • mg91pc
    Pod > Netflix
    This podcast is one of my all time favorites. Mind bendy, thought provoking and funny. Netflix series doesn’t deserve to have used the same name! Have listened all the way thru multiple times.
  • LPH46
    The writing, voice acting, and sound design hooked me from the start and made me go all the way to the end. Craving more.
  • toshee1727
    Archive 81
    I love this podcast
  • Vgclairisch
    The story has no narrative flow. There's too little exposition and no character development. These characters make drastic changes and profess feelings that have not been evidenced in any way. The dialogue is bland. The acting is worse. I give it two stars for a genuinely good idea, but executed almost as if to be intentionally disappointing.
  • Krista528
    I wanted to love this
    I was so excited to find this after watching the Netflix series… unfortunately despite the solid story of the series, the podcast is so random and doesn’t seem to have a plot at all. I’m almost finished with season 3 and it’s painful to listen to .. I just feel like I should finish it…
  • Me208520075
    Archive 81
    A wild, interesting, eclectic ride. Thank you.
  • Mosata
    No go watch the show on Netflix
    No SERIOUSLY. The adaptation of this program is what brought me back here like a Sandperson to uncle Owen and aunt Bert’s.
  • Dart5122
    So great and innovative
    Who knew podcasts could be so entertaining. Content as good and story telling as creative and original as any awesome tv show out there. Wish there were more seasons!! Hint hint!
  • jbg1986
    If you enjoy this word or goddamned or dude. You will love this podcast
  • notYOURaverageMOM
    This is a great podcast! I just found this same show on Netflix… little different but still really good…
  • UnusAnnus365
    I really wanted to like this
    I watched the Netflix version, and when I found out there was a podcast and everyone was saying how amazing it was, I knew I had to listen. I’m sure it was probably because they were new to it, but the voice acting wasn’t all that great (the many mispronunciations or speaking too quickly through their lines). And Ratty was way too loud and his squeaking hurt my ears no matter how low I turned the volume. I also wasn’t personally a fan of the gross noises and then Ratty’s random death (which was sad and also sounded disgusting), which made me stop listening. I just could not keep going. I really tried though. It might get better through the other episodes/seasons, but I can’t listen to anymore. It’s just not for me.
  • ShannonSarah
    Give this a listen before the show
    Please don’t review bomb this because of the straight-washing in the adaption, the original creatives obviously have no control over the rewriting done in the show. That said, this is one of the best horror podcasts out there, season 1 was already great, but they upped the ante with each season. And I re-listen to Golden Age and Season 3 frequently! Please do yourself a favor and support the original podcast, not only for the great queer characters, but because it’s just an incredible story, period! Also I know a lot of people come to this after TMA, but just be prepared for a completely different story, especially after the first season.
  • Emma56762
    No composer would mispronounce ‘Wagner’
    This detail on S1E2 was so distracting.
  • Joexp203
    No freaking way!
    This is so amazing! You guys made it onto Netflix! Woohoo! :D I been listening to you guys since the beginning and when I was looking for tv shows on Netflix I couldn’t believe my eyes! Congratulations! I am so happy for you!
  • Rawr leprechauns Bundesbank
    Show to podcast
    I first saw the Netflix series and once I found it’s based off a podcast I just had to check it out the original!
  • toddhalfacre
    I’m so proud of you guys!
    You guys deserve all the success you see. I’m proud to have been here for the beginnings. So happy for you
  • Carmelatta
    I’m so proud of this podcast. I listened to it way back when and recognized it immediately when it popped up on Netflix. Amazing!
  • gdybhon
    Keeping a81 fans in my heart rn
    I havnt seen this show but I heard about the Netflix show, so sorry yall
  • Your Majesty Sophia
    The concept, lore, and ideas in the show is interesting, but the delivery of lines and acting is odd/stilted sometimes and really takes me out of the story. There are also NO content warnings, which is a MAJOR ISSUE due to the number of potentially triggering things and sound effects mentioned or used in the episodes. Also, the frequency of audio distortion is overwhelming at times. Overall, not an outstanding podcast. The Magnus Archives easily surpasses this one in both quality and concepts.
  • gocowboysjoe
    Can’t believe it’s a show now
    I have been a fan for years can’t believe it’s a Netflix show now sooo happy for the success of this podcast. I watched the whole season while at work lol. And it’s number 1
  • malwade
    Amazing, unique, original
    This has been one of my fav podcasts for a long time! Each season is even better, and Ive listened to season 3 a lot. I want to echo other reviews: don’t come for this show bc of the Netflix changes. This show is great and the world the creators made is wonderful, and I love to representation of queer characters it has. I think Netflix’s melody might be bi, and we just haven’t seen her in a position to explore that yet. We’ll see! But the creators of the podcast are working with other people who want to tell a different story, even if that means they change stuff that doesn’t really need to be changed. So keep enjoying this show as it’s own, unique and amazing piece of media.
  • Diddy1800
    Super excited!
    Been listening since day 1 and now am starting the Netflix series! I didn't even connect the dots until the first two minutes of the tv show when Melanie was introduced! Yayyyy
  • Yojibalinese
    Stripping the Queer Out
    I’m disappointed that you allowed one of your main season 1 protagonists to have the queer wrung out of her. I listened to this podcast because of the Magnus Archives and because you introduced a queer character. I was excited to see representation on television too. I love this podcast but I can’t believe you took away Melody’s identity. I will not be listening to more of your podcasts. I will not be watching the show any further after that weird kiss. I’m done with you.
    Great horror podcast
    Great horror podcast that takes a different turn each season, going into creepy Cronenberg/Lovecraft territory. Great listen for audio fiction fans.
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