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Maintaining your home doesn‘t have to be hard. Life is hard enough, your house shouldn‘t be adding to your stress and workload. In this podcast, I share REAL tips and advice to help lighten your load and make your home, and your life, much easier.

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  • Klp628
    Cass has changed my home! I wish I found this years ago. Love the podcast and love her presentation of the material. She is so real life!
  • Clarkk21
    Thank you!
    Thank you so much for this podcast. It’s great, positive, supportive motivation and feels like a good chat from a friend.
  • Ljohnt55
    Love this show!
    So thankful I found this show. Has been hugely motivating and has made me think more about why I’ve held on to things and want to let go. Thank you for this show!
  • v buffoon
    Really like this show but wish she would slow down talking. The talking is super fast.
  • Catli27
    I needed to hear this!
    I feel she’s talking about me. I’ve been sick about my clutter. I’m very thankful because I need her in my life right now. I really need this!
  • finnicky and picky
    Love Cas
    She’s funny, smart and helpful.
  • BachelorFan13
    Great tips but so preachy!
    I’m really trying to get into this podcast! I love the topics and tips but Cas often speaks in such a preachy tone. I feel like I’m listening to a gospel at church. Can we tone that down?! Other than that - great content!
  • KYBunny
    Tip on helping husbands to want to help.
    Hi Cas, I loved your most recent episode with lots of tips to maintain your house through the week so it doesn’t overwhelm you. You mentioned your husband not wanting to help sometimes, which no doubt rubs off on your kids. Here’s the best treatment for that. Buy the book The Empowered Wife by Laura Doyle and listen to her podcast to hear how it truly works. Even just experiment with what she says and see what you think. I guarantee you won’t turn back. As with all things, not all ideas are for everyone, but most will be. Don’t pass this up! Here’s to all marriages 🙏❤️.
  • Evelyn DL
    Love Clutterbug
    I absolutely love watching and listening to Cas on Clutterbug. Great advice and funny as well. Enjoying this podcast as well. Evelyn
  • matchboxtasha
    Good Intentions, But Misinformation
    The host of the podcast is clearly so sweet and kind, and has the best of intentions, and her solo episodes are wonderful, but I’ve noticed more than once now that when she has guests, they often spew misinformation and it’s not questioned/vetted at all. In the most recent episode (135), potentially dangerous misinformation about essential oils was discussed and just treated as abject truth. I know it’s tough when Western medicine can’t cure everything, but that doesn’t mean that all alternative therapies are (a) effective, and (b) safe. The guest recommends putting essential oils on damaged skin, which is dangerous, as pure essential oils shouldn’t even be applied directly to skin (a carrier oil is needed), and just a lot of misinformation was presented. I truly believe Cas has the best of intentions, but it’s hard to listen to straight-up incorrect and sometimes dangerous things being put out there as truth without feeling a little uncomfortable with the integrity of the podcast.
  • Branramo
    Great Advice for beginers
    I’m new to home organizing and started my own business a few months ago. I love the practical, in depth advice and tips this podcast gives me! I’m constantly sharing the podcasts with family and friends because of the relatability and tips!
  • Laksjdhfiwnxisnwoo
    My absolute favorite influencer!
    Cas is inspiring! I’m a glad she is on all sorts of platforms so I can listen or watch her depending on what I’m doing. She says borrow your motivation and I’m borrowing mine from her!
  • Jes283
    She is a muse and so naturally gifted with solutions and methods depending on individual personality and preference. So good for mindset and soul, and healthy perspective gained.
  • movknamr
    Practical and helpful
    There are a lot of practical and helpful things about housekeeping to learn from this podcast. She’s very down to earth and makes it easy to relate to her.k
  • PhoebelaRoo
    My New Best Friend!!!
    I love Cassandra. She is smart, articulate, and so real. I feel like I am going to a life coach every time I listen! I love how she plunks little nuggets about herself as a way to show real life examples of what she is talking about. We learn so many profound things about her, but it’s never done in a self-centered way. She also doesn’t sound ditzy or curse a lot like some of the other podcasters. I enjoy her voice and can listen to her easily. She motivated me to stop relying so much on other people in my house and just get things done. I cleaned a hall and ended up painting it all unexpectedly when listening. Thank you, Cass! You’re my new best friend, you just don’t know me yet! 😁
  • Ashley Ditto
    The best cleaning podcast!
    I need tough love- and this podcast gives everything I need to get into the right mindset for cleaning/ decluttering. I went through a very deep depression and a season of life I just couldn’t stop procrastinating and accumulating stuff. I finally had a woke moment and with this podcast, I was able to finally see the light. Thank you so much!
  • gemellen
    ADHD brains represent!
    I so appreciate your casual acknowledgement of having ADHD. It really helps reduce the stigma of the disorder. And yet your advice is universal, smart, and helpful for ALL the brains! Thank you!
  • Jax_Santos
    Incredibly Motivational!
    I have spent the last decade slowly purging the unnecessary items in my home. At times I feel like I am down to the very very difficult things that I am holding on to mainly because of attachment issues. Watching Clutter Bug shows and now listening to this podcast has really helped me move past this road block! I feel like I am on my way to having my home become a solid representation of my ideal self! Thank you so much for the motivation and words of encouragement!! I am loving this podcast!!
  • Jwwjjsjsjsjskssjjxnx
    The best
    She helped my mom clean up my house thank you!
  • lizardgreets.soldier
    Tough love
    She is insane but her tough love pods work.
    Finally starting to feel better thanks to this podcast
    She is helping me so much. I love Jan 7, 2022 episode. I am going to replay it again!
  • CouryBeth
    Life changing!
    Cass has changed my life! I’ve cried while listening to her book and finding this podcast has given me life! I am super sad she doesn’t upload anymore and there are only about a dozen because I’ve now went through them all and find myself replaying her audiobook over and over for inspiration. I need more!
  • confusing Wizard
    Cassandra teaches you decluttering from the inside out!
  • showaqha
    Love the realness !
    Love the realness sprinkled with organization tips!
  • camimanning
    Loved the advice, can’t do the mouth sounds
    I really like this podcast but had to turn it off after like 4 episodes because she swallows and tuts like 3 times a sentence and it was making me insane. I just can’t do mouth sounds but she really does have great advice! Just maybe needs to keep a glass of water handy or something.
  • Innerunicorn
    Need to Talk about Affluenza
    There are definitely helpful tips in this podcast, and her positive attitude and reminder that we aren’t, can’t and don’t have to be perfect is nice. But in many ways I find this podcast depressing. She needs to talk about Affluenza. She talks about the need for continual de-cluttering, but she rarely talks about the value of BUYING LESS STUFF. So many people in the Global North, clearly Cassie included, buy and have too many things. Our air and water and very climate are being poisoned by our constant consumption and disposal of things. In one episode she talks about a bin of old cat toys. Many cats are happy chasing a crumpled ball of paper or sitting in a paper bag. No cat needs a bin of toys. In another episode, her daughter assembles a really cute outfit because after de-cluttering, she can really see what she has. Why does a child need so many clothes to start with? And the Christmas episode! She has 42 people to buy for! She wishes she could tell more of them she would rather spend quality time than exchange gifts. Just do it! If they get offended they are not worth much anyway. They might be relieved too. And her tips on organizing wrapping paper! Wrapping paper is a pretty eco-intensive product designed for 1 use. Wrap in old newspaper or paper grocery bags and red ribbon (it looks cute, I promise). Use and re-use gift bags
  • charlie.rey.
    Love this podcast! I get so down on myself thinking I have to be the only one that lives like this, an overwhelming mess! You make me feel like I’m not alone and that there is hope for this chaotic household! I need more! :)
  • HeyitsRa
    Put it in a bag, friend!
    Love this podcast. Keep it up!
  • Supersong2
    Hope in a podcast!
    I was introduced to Cas during quarantine when her show Hot Mess House aired in HGTV. Her kindness and understanding of the struggles of her clients brought tears to my eyes. I found her webpage and scoured through everything that I could find. I recently discovered this podcast and I feel that it could be life changing. As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult about 17 years ago, I have struggled with the shame of disorganization at work and at home. Although I feel like a “functional” adult, the effort that it takes to appear “normal” weighs on me and drains my energy. The fact that Cas shares her past and current struggles, along with solutions that worked for her and her clients give me hope! She has helped me reframe my negative thoughts about myself. Thank you for such a helpful and HOPE-FULL podcast!
  • Skyetrinity
    Keeps Me Inspired
    The way Cassandra conceptualizes things works perfect for my mind. I find what she shares to be practical to implement in my home and my life in general. ...Cassandra should try to be a little more confident though, she kind of puts herself down a bit and it sounds like she isn’t giving herself credit for the amazing personal growth she has experienced.
  • Scope addict
    Love this!!
    Please continue. They are short and sweet but packed with helpful info!
  • VictoriaSand
    I just found you!
    Exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Doing things imperfectly is good enough. Amazon boxes for storage it is ☺️ thank YOU!
  • MichelleT20000000000
    I am Seeking you out because your show is so HOT! Love it! How do I find out which clutter-bug I am?
  • Medianme
    Congratulations on your upcoming HGTV show! Wow! Keep us posted!
  • Ctblubird
    I found my spirit animal in Cas!!
    Oh my gosh! Finally found someone who understands me! Everyone says “I’m just like you”, snd then you realize they are not. Cas IS just like me! (And probably just like you, too!) I’ve read all of her books. She is the first person who, not only figured out that there is more than one way to “organize”, but she did something about it in order to speak to every person who wants to gain control over their clutter. Her personal life is just as chaotic as the next gal and she has no problem sharing her ups and downs. She gives me hope and support and allows me to be me!
  • girls3_lyfe
    Time suckers
    I think you were talking to me. This morning is Saturday I woke up at 6:30 to work a little and I got sucked into tiktok for an hour and half.
  • Patty2347
    Really motivating. I queue up a bunch of these podcasts and start decluttering.
  • Alicat3160
    I recently discovered this podcast and now I’m hooked! Cassandra’s tips are so practical and helpful, and I’ve already made tons of progress decluttering and organizing our home! I took the free Clutterbug quiz and discovered that I’m a bee, which explains a lot about my organizing style. I highly recommend this podcast!
  • Hippy to Pin:)
    Old Stuff
    Just started listening to the podcast and episode 98 just got me motivated. I’ve be stashing a fax machine 😏and an older printer for years. They’ve been sitting under a table in my work room ( drapery) and I’ve been staring at it everyday wondering we will ever use it again. NEVER! So it’s gone. Thank you . I’ve got a lot to get rid of but it’s a start. Thanks!
  • ravens fan 52
    New listener, bing -listened to 9, at least episodes!!
    This was just what I wanted to hear. I took the quiz and that described me perfectly- for how I want to organize my home. I also love the rules of decluttering & the exercise with the diamond drawling. I’m your new biggest fan! Thank you!!
  • hmongkey king
    Spoke to my heart
    I just listened to the episode “how to be proud of yourself” and wow! It was exactly what I needed to hear! Every word rung so close to my soul. The restless and being good enough, wow. Thank you Cas! I feel so inspired to be a better person!
  • makenasmaui
    Thank you!
    I just found your podcast and I'm hooked! I'm taking real action because of your words, and I want to thank you for creating this for us!
  • Sooxi54327
    Overdue tushy whomp I needed
    Thanks so much! I’m so overwhelmed and the current climate of EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is making my long-time challenges a much harder to hurdle. I’m so happy to be listening! Next I’ll do a bit of printing, some prioritizing, then it’s purging, organizing, & sanitizing! I’ll be listening to you during my progress for more inspiration and guidance. THANKS SO MUCH! I’m telling everyone!
  • Why am I forced to review
    I love this lady!
    I adore this podcast and I love her Canadian accent and I want to move to Ontario so we can be best friends! 😂
  • Pinjamin franklin
    Somehow Cass is fantastic at everything and so inspiring- but makes us all believe she is an earthling like the rest of us. I have begun to believe that I may be capable some day too.
  • shhhbeck
    Really Useful!
    I love the way this podcast host has focused on the psychology of clutter and organizing. Her thoughts on micro vs macro thinking we’re really insightful. I’m definitely a micro thinker and get completely lost in the details. It’s my biggest challenge and I’m excited to learn more about how to overcome the challenges!
  • lcproctor
    Lazy housewife
    I couldn’t even finish this episode. If you don’t find cuddling with your child to be a valuable use of time as a SAHM, I just can’t relate to you. I’d much rather have quality time with my preschooler than busy myself around the house in order to appear as productive as my husband. My husband and I see the value in me being home with my kids and nurturing them and don’t feel the need to make it into a “40 hour work week.” It’s not an appropriate comparison.
  • Cynder Ella
    I am so inspired by Cas. I am so grateful to have ClutterBug in my life. Slowly but surely getting Organized and amazingly Decluttering. I used to have difficulty Decluttering and now with ClutterBug techniques have been very helpful. Thank you!!!
  • raina gb
    Love the tips and tricks. It’s helped me a lot to understand my “butterfly” organization style.
  • Furry69
    She is on Fire 🔥
    I love her organization tips and she is always so kind and gentle with her approach. When episode 95 hit. Oo girl she lets us all have it! Yes girl tell it like is! Give us the honesty!🔥 I have listened to this episode 5x and grabbing trash bags and running through my house bagging things left and right. No shame! Thank you Cass. Now onto a simpler life with less crap and less mom guilt ❤️.
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