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Dan and Brendan bringing you weekly reality show recaps including Real Housewives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New York, New Jersey, Salt Lake City, Dubai, Potomac and Orange County, RuPaul's Drag Race, assorted Bravo offerings such as Vanderpump Rules and Summer House, daytime talk shows, pop culture news, award show rundowns, and so much more.

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  • angelle226
    Best bravo pod
    How do not more people not know about this one?!?
  • Shaneman001
    Great show!
    Dan & Brendan are hilarious together! Love the show!
  • NYCviewer
    Timestamps - so thoughtful!
    As someone who doesn’t watch Southern Charm, RHOP and others, I really appreciate your timestamps so I can tune into “my” shows. I love many Bravo podcasts, but even the best of them don’t take this extra step. Much appreciated!
  • jfeen10
    please start covering southern hospitality
    i feel like you guys would live for grace lily
  • Buffalo Jill M
    My Friday Must
    Fantastic, funny, sarcastic. I love these two. Join the Patreon and give back to them! Thank you for your service.
  • ekim002
    My new favorite
    My buddy Noah introduced me to this. Love the boys, love the energy, the way they laugh is super cute. Doing a deep dive. New favorite podcast! BUT ENOUGH WITH THE GUESTS! The two of you are best for me
  • ph Becky fghd fm
    Blanket statement
    Reference NY, you don’t like someone based on how they voted? Yikes.
  • Ashelianderson
    Apple Podcasts, do better!
    Something’s wrong with the algorithm. 7 years and I’m just finding these freaks? So much lost time.
  • BitingBabs
    These guys are the best!
    I listen to many, many podcasts, and this has been one that I’ve followed for a long time. It’s one of my two favorites, but it’s the one that literally leaves me laughing every time. These guys are clearly friends, and like most of us with our close friends they make each other laugh, at the same time covering topics in a professional way. I just realized I’ve never reviewed this podcast, and I should have. Just want to thank you guys and wish you much success.
  • Marrisa05
    I remember 🙋🏻‍♀️
    Brendan did say that Lindsay had pics with Gabby and Sam.
  • Katgeary
    Love it
    Best podcast. Always good with details and honestly makes me giggle literally kicking and screaming.
  • ModPudge
    the world’s #1 Trehugger podcast
  • Cabrita
    Here for the “head hair”
    I am sold. Sold on head hair.
  • halligallivalley
    Best bravo pod
    Effortlessly good :) other bravo pods are unlistenable tbh haha
  • cb7615
    Favorite Bravo Podcast
    My new favorite bravo podcast. Such an enjoyable listen. Dan and Brendan are funny, charming and don’t take themselves too seriously (unlike some other podcasts cough AG cough cough). I travel a lot for work and listening to old episodes makes my drives so much easier.
  • Sugar's Mama in NC
    So good!!!!
    Love the format and humor as well as all the gossip discussed BUT that intro song is so good!!! I sing it to myself every time I see a new ep pop up 🤩💗🤩💗
  • Youlookfamiliar
    First time listener, forever subscriber
    I watch a few of the shows they cover but not all of them. There’s only so many hours in the day! So I just wanted to put in a huge THANK YOU to this wonderful podcast for providing clickable timestamps in the show notes. This is the model that all other recap podcasts should aspire to. I wish they all did this. It makes it so easy to find the exact show you’re interested in hearing about. Please keep it up and keep up the hilarious commentary!
  • JOwensShaw
    Love my kings
    Dan and Brendan are hilarious! I always feel like I’m discussing the episodes with my friends while I’m listening❤️
  • sanpsc21561
    Enjoyable but..
    They both say “like”too much. Once I noticed I couldn’t stop hearing it.
  • K Dweck
    Dan’s voice sounds like a snobby old woman
  • k888plus888
    Best podcast duo
    The BEST podcast out there. Highlight of my week listening to Dan and Brendan. I could listen to these two talk for hours
  • dreamajojo
    Very open and knowledgeable!
    I love this podcast. They seem to have a lot of knowledge about the housewives. I also appreciate that they do not hate someone just because of their political beliefs. I get the impression that they respect people and their freedom to their own opinions. I have a hard time when a podcast attacks people just because they don’t vote the same way. Thank you
  • Mtrussell
    rhony has been bad, sorry!
    as a person of rhobh-is-underrated-and-rhony-is-overrated experience, i don’t often agree with dan and brendan’s opinions, but it’s all love. I appreciate the attention to detail and that they don’t do impersonations.
  • Whitney7298
    Sooo Funny
    I was listening to Andy’s Girl and Brendan was a guest I had to come listen to his podcast he is so funny and a bravo encyclopedia!
  • Dragons in the House
    Love love love!
    I just recently discovered this podcast and I love it so much that I am going back and basically listening to the last couple years of episodes!
  • elee1020
    Love their Bravo takes!
    One of my favorite Bravo recap shows! And Dan's laugh is so infectious! Their banter is awesome. Look forward to their recaps every week.
  • nbmerrill
    Utah masks mandatory.
  • podcastenthusiast415
    One of the best!
    Dan and Brendan are the most genuinely funny duo covering all things pop culture and Bravo! Love tuning weekly and enjoying their antics, hot takes and hilarious recaps.
  • mitchellfierce
    Love It Love It Please Retweet!
    This podcast always feels like a Kiki with your two friends, Brendan and Dan, and you’re just chatting about reality television and culture. They bring fun and smart observations and great running commentary on the Housewives and Drag Race. This podcast truly feels like a community!
  • FunGuy4Life
    One of the best!
    Dan and Brendan are so good at what the do and keep me coming back week to week!!
  • Houston Chas
    Just Listen!
    Im not really creative and flowery in my words, but this is my fav pod for all things RHONY specifically. I love Dan and Brendan and I never miss an epi.
  • jderoche86
    So dry and boring!
    Maybe it’s because I’m listening in the time of Corona, but my goodness, this was boring!! There are so many entertaining topics to discuss and each one is gone through with the enthusiasm of a sedated socialite at a dry family function. I’m not sure how previous episodes were recorded (together or separate), but there is a very apparent lag in their responses and what sounds like bad reading from a cue card. I wanted to like this, truly!! Alas, I did not.
  • iwatchalotoflifetimetv
    the best
    Dan and Brendan serving the hottest tea and the best takes week after week about all your favs - housewives, drag race, and the rest of the official cannon. Love these guys, this is my #1 listen every week!
  • Gracur
    I love them
    These two have the funniest commentary on Bravo I love their giggles. If you like Everything Iconic/the Morning Toast you’ll like this
  • hashtagresist
    one of the best bravo podcasts ✨💖✨
    love these two sooo much!! they are so unwell in the best way possible. they have made me a rhony stan for life 🍎✨ I look forward to their uploads every week!!
  • xoBtyc
    Dan, do your own podcast.
    Brendan is so rude and mean to dan it makes it hard to listen. Dan, please do your own podcast.
  • Origcelticfan
    I listen every week. Get perspective on pop culture and everything Bravo. Keep the laughs coming Queens! Thank you for your hard work.
  • 28AudubonRoad
    Joy Behar Is the Best Part of The View
    Listen to this podcast for the side characters- Hunny Mustard Gurl, Jamie Missy, Conor “Behan” Real, and P”’s Corner”Schlarm. You’ll laugh you’ll cry- “It was better than Cats!”
  • Izzy_826
    My favorite Bravo podcast
    D & B have great chemistry and are effortlessly entertaining. I have nothing but good things to say about this pod. They deliver great content ever week and it’s honestly insulting that they don’t have ads (Would gladly donate to a Patreon). Also after listening to CTQ for years, I finally joined the Facebook group. It’s a great supplement to an already amazing podcast.
  • rang8892
    Just Amazing!
    I can’t believe I didn’t know about this podcast before, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites for all things Bravo. Dan & Brendan are so fun to listen to and I love that they get so many topics into each episode. 👏🏼👏🏼
  • troythegreek
    Ya Habibi!
    This podcast is to my week what a RHONY vacation is to a season. Refreshing, hilarious, sometimes dark-sided but always a good time. Tune in for a great primer on the Bravo cinematic universe every week!
  • neeks1632
    chef’s kiss !
    one of my favorite housewives podcasts! brendan and dan are so funny and give great housewives tea. they are true housewives historians !
  • unassumingerin
    Yes please and THANK YOu
  • Seth42589
    love them
    Wow bethenny. wow. these two have a true passion for bravo and it shines through. theyre like cool, and not uncool. i stan, and listen every single friday.
  • cmstaral
    I will. I will Come Thru, Queen.
    This podcast is famously one of the most enjoyable. Chef kiss, Chad.
  • ifeedoffofthismadness
    Love my CTQ
    I love listening to this podcast and reliving the episodes with Brendan and Dan. It feels like sitting around the coffee table with your friends while you all dish on the Bravo gossip, drama, and controversies! Also Brendan and Dan are always respectful. They make a point to not critique women on their looks which is something too many people feel entitled to do about celebrities/reality stars. Love them!
  • LetsBeHonestinTexas
    I think it’s Brendan that constantly says “yeah, yeah, yeah” or “yeah, yeah, yeah sure”. This would be much easier to listen to if he’d learn some different words having to do with affirmation. On the last episode titled Nobody Knew About OC, one example is at mark 33:14, hear it once & it’ll will be all you hear.
  • Michael /
    Listening to Dan and Brendan make my weeks. DAN IS THE FUNNIEST PERSON AND I LOVE HIM
  • dmanohara
    My new favorite podcast
    I’ve never listened to a podcast where I knew the people on it. Dan and Brendan are the best! Hunnymustard gurl told me about it, and after a Housewives-esque Mexico trip, I was sold! I only wish I had watched Drag Race and listened previous to the trip. They are as fun in real life as on the podcast. They have *monumental* guests as well! I might be biased but I haven’t stopped listening even after Drag Race ended. I started watching the other shows talk about too. Love you guys! It makes the morning commute way better. -Deepa
  • Danny_McL
    A perfect Bravo recap show!
    Literally everything you could ever need or want from a Bravo recap show
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