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Hockey #7

We're Sean "Down Goes Brown" McIndoe of The Athletic and Ryan Lambert of EP Rinkside and this is a hockey podcast, in the sense that we talk about hockey, both on the ice and about fan culture. That’s the “puck.” This is also a podcast about movies, TV, fast food, life lessons and general idiocy. That’s the “soup.” Unless you ordered the minestrone.

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  • Birch15
    Too Much Complaining
    I don’t usually write negative reviews, but this podcast has gotten too lousy, and I had to stop listening because of the hosts. They complain about the NHL way too much, and have such negative views about the league. Guys, that league is why you have a job. They use the same, tired old jokes every episode, and basically just repeat news that they’ve already heard on more legitimate podcasts. Unfortunately the one saving grace to the podcast was Greg, he was actually funny and excitable, but he hasn’t been on the podcast for a while now.
  • MrWhittyWhit
    These guys stated Yzerman is overrated in an episode just a few weeks ago. That alone should lose you all credibility. Their opinions come off as know it alls and state it as the absolute truth. Especially homie whose voice sounds like he hiked his pants to his belly button in middle school and played computer games all day.
  • @beamteamcocks
    Loved this week’s Canuck Soup
    Love the show, always 5 stars
  • GTBradLee
    Must listen
    But they should consider bring Greg back. Assuming this is where I should take this up.
  • StranglebatingInTears
    Common Sense Hockey
    This is the podcast for hockey fans that are tired of the same useless optimism and rose-colored glasses that dominate dumber fans’ bleacher report feeds. If you love the game and love thinking about it realistically, this is the voice of reason you’ve been begging for. Also, subscribe to the Patreon. It’s worth every penny. Honestly, we’re ripping them off.
  • Piston Chris
    Only Hockey Podcast
    This is the only hockey podcast I listen to and the only one I need. Informed and humorous, this podcast is helping reignite my love of the sport.
  • Austin xmfijmg
    Amazing podcast
    They hate the pervasive sports gambling ads and their intentionally addictive nature. Best hockey podcast very good hockey podcast. Go Coyotes and Caps!
  • Haydenyou are
    Love this pod!
    Luckily with my job I am able to listen to hockey and or football podcasts while I am working daily. I’ve given ever major pod for both sports a shot at some point. I will say Puck Soup is a must listen if you are a hockey fan. Love that they are a little snarky to the league and certain teams at times, usually well deserved. But also give respect to players and teams when deserved. - love these guys!
  • Leksamd
    Best hockey podcast out there
    I love every version of it. I miss Lozo and I miss Wyshynski, but Ryan and Sean are doing a great job and Puck Soup is as good as ever. Somewhat similar to the Biscuit podcast with Sean and Lozo which was great as well. Sean and Ryan, it’s about time you reflect upon the Sedins’ career!
  • BBG_Phd
    My favorite hockey podcast
    Updated review as of 8/28/2022: Still my fav podcast hands down. I started listening during Puck Soup 2.0 (RL, SM & GW) and love it even more as Puck Soup 3.0 (sans GW) which loosened the structure a lot in a positive way. I also subscribe to their top tier Patreon page as well for additional content, which is usually is good. No interest in the wrestling crap, GW articles, Mise en pod, Discord stuff, but the other content is usually fun and super entertaining. Original review: Appointment listening for me. Great hosts, especially Sean and Ryan, each bringing something different to the table and complimenting each other. Any chance you guys can make your pods a bit longer? 90 mins is too short in my opinion
  • tjrb
    My favorite podcast, full stop.
    I've listened for years and I'll keep going as long as they keep making them, regardless of the lineup. Their Patreon is also the only one I subscribe to. Every episode, both on the main feed and the Patreon, splits the difference between "rigidly structured" and "morons flying by the seat of their pants" in a way that is both a consistently great hang and full of good info presented in a compelling way.
  • nolanado437
    Ryan Lambert is unlistenable
    After 6 years of faithful listening, I’m out. Sean is great and I really enjoy his podcast with Ian Mendes but Lambert is insufferable, especially now that Greg is gone. He runs with the same overplayed schtick every podcast. Just painful!!
  • Works Great in Chicago!
    Favorite hockey podcast
    Love these guys, my favorite hockey podcast. Don’t take themselves too seriously and are honest about the sport, both the positives and the negatives.
  • Volhalla24
    Been looking for a new podcast but these guys are on the softer side. They lost me when they said how there shouldn’t be hitting in the sport
  • podcastreviewer314
    More wrestling than hockey and I don’t care about wrestling.
  • Svechniac2018
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast. It’s become my favorite one since Greg left.
  • BTBAMrules310
    Come Back Greg
    Since Greg left to write his ESPN puff pieces about McDavid, Crosby, and Ovechkin, here's a summary of the show: Sticks and hits and goals and saves and slapshots and goons... Lambert: THAT RAWKS McIndoe: Mumbling Lambert: THAT RAWKS McIndoe: Mumbling Break for a very awkwardly read Manscaped ad Lambert: THAT RAWKS McIndoe: Mumbling Lambert: THAT RAWKS McIndoe: Mumbling We're your weekly bowl of hockey in that sense, Puck Soup
  • tsuason
    Fun Hockey Show
    Usually on topic and helpful insight into how the writers see the league.
  • Grabner 3:16
    Not the best ever but still great
    First time long time. MVSW was great. Puck Soup 1.0 was brilliant. This version of Puck Soup isn’t quite as funny but Greg and Sean carry the show whilst Lambert complains about everything. Still the best hockey podcast.
  • trav7713
    Hockey ….. and Music?!?
    I normally do not enjoy hockey podcasts that go into pop culture segments and if you hadn't mentioned Simple Pages when discussing Weezer’s Green Album you would have lost me. But alas, you have that great song it’s due. Oh and you also did a great job breaking down win totals for the season. Keep up the great work.
  • chad "egg nog" kultgen
    Solid show
    Ryan Lambert is a top 3 Puck Soup host
  • Patdadsmen
    Simply the best
    My favorite hockey podcast hands down, the best, look forward to it every week, I even save it so i can take my time and enjoy it uninterrupted on the weekend, pair with some coffee and a dutch? Chef’s kiss reference! Thanks!
  • affolter56
    Hockey Podcasting at its Finest!
    Greg, Ryan, and Sean are a fantastic trio! Every episode is entertaining and insightful as they dive into the world of the NHL.
  • JazzySnail69
    High minded narcissistic people who think they’re smarter than everyone. Hypocrites who attack people for their political views. Leave politics out of the show and stick to hockey.
  • 💯doe😳😳🚗😤skrtskrt
    Watch more hockey
    These guys are experts in East coast hockey.. but keep your Dallas and San Jose opinions to yourself. Saying Heiskanen is overrated ruins all credibility. Also to the guy cursing every 5 words, it’s not cool anymore. We’re grown ups
  • Goaldiggers
    One of the better hockey pods but…
    Why is this the only podcast where you can hear typing all the time in the background? Very annoying and makes it unlistenable sometimes, but not as annoying as Ryan Lambert, who is always snarky and negative. He thinks he knows everything and all hockey teams are idiots. All three of the host do lean on the negative side of things and makes you wonder why they even watch NHL games.
  • Derelict666
    Sean and Lambert are great
    And would give a podcast of just those two 5/5. Been listening to Greg since the MvsW days, ESPN Greg is beyond terrible. Dumb arguments, narrative chasing, straw man, and crap analysis.
  • Manbunfunyon
    Top Hockey Podcast
    Two snarky, pompous hosts that think they’re smarter than everyone else and are essentially the same person so they argue all the time and one level-headed guy that keeps the podcast going. Probably the best hockey podcast out there.
  • The american idiot
    Enjoyable Podcast!
    This podcast makes me laugh at work every Wednesday I only have one problem with it....too much islander hate baby! Go isles #mattymartin
  • tommzmust1
    Secondary stars
    Man Ryan calling Shaq and Chuck secondary NBA stars is blasphemous. Shaq is top 10 greatest NBA players OF ALL TIME and the round mound of rebound is in top 50. Bad example Lambert bad, bad Lambert
  • Djw2108
    Freaking great, makes quarantine tolerable
    I just discovered this and it’s freaking great. Tons of good hockey talk. Smart but funny, way better than sport talk radio. Way better than a lot of fan pods. And fun pop culture talk too.
  • cuerfo
    Find better co-hosts
    Wyshynski knows his stuff, but can do better than his clout-chasing partners.
  • Belinda109474
    One of the hosts should be replaced
    Constant dumb takes from one of the cohosts begging for attention
  • Edarb
    Favorite Podcast
    This is the first time I have ever felt compelled to write a podcast review. Love this show and the nuanced intelligent takes the hosts have. It also often makes me laugh out loud and the only podcast I listen to right when it come out. Love this pod and would highly recommend it!
  • rll_3
    Appointment Listening
    As a hockey fan, Puck Soup is a great balance of fun and information. I look forward to a new episode each week.
  • Braijin the Gaijin
    Nerdy and Fun
    This is definitely the Hockey podcast to listen to if you’re a nerd and like the sport. It’s informative and has some great tangents. I don’t agree with their Overrated, Underrated, Favorite and Least Favorite Zelda items, but they are still great.
  • Xtoval
    Swearing on podcasts is unprofessional
    Besides being a bit long (podcasts should be no longer than 45 minutes) the frequent f-bombs, by Greg especially, just doesn’t go over well. It detracts from credibility. It doesn’t make them more relatable. Too bad because Greg and Sean are really good. By the way, this is not Mark Scheifele!
  • DCRobb
    Funniest Hockey Podcast
    Among the many hockey podcasts, I believe this one has to be the funniest. They have a great set of hosts that consistently provide quality content and good humor. Keep up the great work!
  • levi stoy
    Very whiney and annoying
    Terrible hockey takes, maybe the worst I have even heard. Constant whining and crying like privileged children . Also stuff they political views down your throat . Sorry I’ll find some one else for hockey news and takes.
  • hbyanksman
    Most fun hockey podcast
    Hilarious and interesting takes on hockey. I just wish it came out 5 days a week.
  • Troy.T.McClure
    Hockey and fun and game shows
    Great fun
  • Rudekiller
    Best Hockey & Pop Culture show
  • Bugaev05
    Fun, irreverent, well informed
    These guys are great company. They share what they know about the league with a light-hearted, sardonic tone that might just help you come to terms with the absurdity of being an NHL fan.
  • Trustysteed
    Best hockey podcast
    Love the mix of news and humor. Find myself audibly laughing more often than not. Keep it up
  • SavMoney1point0
    Really Good Hockey Podcast
    I have probably listened to every one of these. It’s really, really good. Very witty. I give it only a 4 because they drop too many F bombs. I am by no way a prude. I just think Ryan and Greg drop too many unnecessary F bombs. Less is more. Otherwise 5 stars.
  • compp19
    Don’t waste your time
    Sean is the only one worth listening to. The other two do nothing but talk about Trump and politics. Don’t waste your time if you want to actually hear about hockey
  • antzer9
    Hockey Politik?
    This went from one of the best hockey podcasts to one of by the worst. Sean is the only redeeming host, simply because he doesn’t let his political views seep into nearly every discussion they have now. If you weren’t aware, both Ryan and Greg are progressive and feel like their politics are just as important as the hockey they’re supposed to be talking about. I tried to give them listens even after they went down this rabbit hole; it’s unfortunate because I really liked their coverage
  • OldFashionedManhattan
    I don’t know why I keep coming back to this
    This podcast isn’t bad for getting info across the league but a lot of these conversations end up being super unnecessary topics that get stretched out for like 20-30 minutes. I’m assuming that’s how they write their articles which is why I haven’t sought those out. Not a bad show just a little (or a lot) grating at times.
  • Moronius
    Just the Best
    This is, by far, my favorite Hockey podcast. It’s like hanging with some buds, talking some hockey and pop culture while thinking about the best foods to eat. All while waiting to eviscerate each other. Always a great romp. Love you guys. Thanks for everything you do.
  • rjp1109
    Appointment listening
    Love these guys. Great mix of personalities, unique perspectives on the hockey world, and (generally) witty banter. Main show and bonus content are all appointment listening for me
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