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  • TRB-91
    That intro music…
    The intro music makes me want to pour acid in my ears. After that it’s all good.
  • Mackiecharles
    Confused and clueless
    This has to be money grab.These guys literally know nothing about this show Shogun. They don’t understand anything. They don’t know anyone’s names or motives of things. They say the watch the episodes multiple times but can’t remember character’s appearances in previous episodes. It is definitely not a good listen.
  • Jack 204
    Fire Barrett
    A Rhesus monkey has better takes than this guy. Cut him loose. Addendum: Barrett still stinks. Please can him. Dudley is clearly a generational talent but pairing him with Barrett is like giving Venus Williams a carrot instead of a racquet to play in Wimbledon.
  • JMMLaGrange
    Dazed & Confused
    Where do I begin. Hosts constantly mispronounce names of major protagonists, refers to a female character as a b____h, mistakenly refers to a consort character in multiple of their podcasts as a concubine (either too ill-informed to know the difference, too lazy to find out, or to dumb to even suspect there’s a difference). Sounds a bit misogynistic- look that word up, guys. Then there’s the embarrassing bit about completely missing out on a character who appears in an early episode, when one of the hosts announces that he was high when he watched the episode. And then having the gall to shout repeatedly he has know idea what is happening in the episode. This podcast got high ratings from people who: Are adolescent males or, People who don’t pay attention while they watch an episode, or Like the plots of shows to be simple & predictable, or Don’t mind wasting their time listening to a podcast
  • Teknospy
    Waste of time
    Guys covering tv shows they don’t even fully understand. Waste of time listening to.
  • itwasntmesir45
    Weak men
    Usually like the commentary but lately talk about being afraid of what people think geez guys!! What a different show this is compared to when it started. Cowering to the these overly offended people that you cant't please by any means is just sad. If I hear them say "sorry don't want to upset anyone" one more time, I'm going to go postal...just be who you are and say what you want to say. You are embarrassing yourselves as well as being unauthentic by censoring what you say and feel. Come on grow a pair .
  • MGD09
    Love these guys
    Been a lister and Patreon member for years. These guys have an insightful and hilarious analysis on all our favorite shows, movies, etc. Shogun has captivated my household and we’re so happy they’re covering it, great work guys keep doin what you’re doin.
  • Jane127464738495
    Entertaining but surface level
    Simple recap of events of Shogun episodes. I was hoping for more critical analysis/discussion but just really summarizing the episode for an hour. One of the hosts seems rather confused about simple actions and events in the episode. Would appreciate more research and preparation. Entertaining guys but just looking for something different!
  • Bmillerart
    Natto is gross
    Natto is like eating rotten boogers collected and aged from your entire life’s worst illnesses. It is not good. On the level of squeezing out bad milk and eating it or like those really smelly canned fish videos. After eating it and having a room full of people laugh at the reaction I was told it’s only good if you’ve grown up eating it. (It was pretty funny) Five stars.
  • jennatread
    Yal should listen to the official f/x podcast they mostly only explain the cultural things and you could explain better I like you two tho nice voices
  • rydoon69
    Great show, but what?
    Provided a really great dive into Shogun. However, one of the people on the show said he was high while watching the show? I get it if you’re watching it for amusement, but to a subject matter expert and admitting to be high while your job is recapping the show was a bit odd. You also could tell he wasn’t in the know as the other host.
  • fab_fabbity_fab_fab
    Love it
    I like their taste in shows. They have a fun approach to how they recap the episodes. Give it a listen!
  • jojocross16
    True Detective
    This podcast was super helpful in putting together all of the pieces of Night Country. I enjoyed listening to it!!
  • pmona
    Great job!
    Great job on tv episode reviews. Love the Houston and Austin references.
  • NebulaNectar
    Best commentary for all things film & tv
    This podcast is so fun… sometimes there’s not active tv seasons going (like now because the writers strike) but it’s still really entertaining and they always come up with topics!
  • pieceofdebri
    The Long Night…
    Their awful opinions on how bad episode 3 (and season 8 in general) were so bad, I had to leave a one star review and unsubscribe. They were almost begging for an ending that is antithetical to everything Game of Thrones was about. Goodbye and good riddance.
    Great show
    Awesome show even in the off times right now!
  • dylan12345678910
    Great Podcast BUT
    Been listening for years and years. Love the show and how you guys breakdown Tv/Cinema. Highly recommend My main complaint is putting things like Oppenheimer on Patreon, and shows that a fraction of people watch on the main feed. Was honestly pumped to see the movie and hear your takes but only to have it on a paywall. Weird move with content that has such a major appeal to general audiences. Def other examples of this. Seems like paid content mentality should be reversed. Truly just constructive criticism. Anyways I’ll still listen if you do shows I happen to be watching, keep it up (mostly) 🖤
  • Jdonavan71
    The Bear
    Great podcast, re-listen to all of your Game of Thrones material very well done. I’m confused why you’re not doing The Bear? It seems right up your alley. Your personalities would mesh well with the storylines and the characters. What’s up?
  • Jen081912
    Member of the OG clam fam here, do Righteous Gemstones!!!
  • bethlauren0418
    Going to be a void in my Mondays!
    So sad succession is over- you guys got me through my very long and tired Monday commute. Will follow wherever you go next!! Great, smart insights.
  • Sometime Listener
    Youngsters need research skills
    Bedtime for Bonzo, 1951.
  • Cc Og
    Love hate
    Update-love this pod. Song has totally grown on me and I kinda love it now. Love the pod. Hate the GD song you play. My ears bleed.
  • Schooner85
    Nail the Recaps of HBO Shows
    This is my current go to podcast for recap and explaining what is going on in the best shows currently airing. Recap White House Plumbers guys!
  • Alaskacie
    Smart podcast
    Very good, enjoyable, smart commentary. Only thing is that the character’s name is Kendall, not Kindle.
  • Tamwilsm
    Succession Podcast Extraordinaire!
    I love these guys’ podcasts and am so glad you’re covering this AMAZING season of Succession. You two are always fun, always smart, but never condescending or highfalutin. ☺️. So good.
  • ally10
    Ratio is off
    The recap to review, discussion is way off. Not sure how many are really interested in a Wikipedia style plot breakdown of the episode for 45 mins with only about 5 mins of mixed in discussion the day after an episode airs. If someone is interested enough in a show to listen to the podcast, IMO assume the intelligence of the audience that they in fact watched the show. Would listen again if knew it was more discussion and theory and less summarizing since it is a good idea for a podcast. Felt like it’s made for just clips on TikTok and Twitter.
  • Rivkah1329
    Yesss! Subscribe!
    My favorite tv podcast. Ross and Barrett are the best. There is more content on their Patreon based show, which complements the ad based podcast well. $5/month to listen, $10/month to call in every week. When you subscribe, you get two episodes per week, instead of one: Mondays and Thursdays. I’m always happy to see a new episode drop, because they are reliably entertaining. Not an ad, just a fan!
  • APMerker
    Best podcast ever!
    I love you guys doing any recap, because you tend to watch all the shows I love and give such great insight! My only request would be to cover Yellowjackets!
  • AnbuLupin
    The best companion pod this side of the Mississippi
    I’ve been listening to OCC since the nights rewatch for game of thrones. You won’t find better companions to watch the best shows with anywhere else. Lots of laughs and TONS of great insight/theories. Ross and Barrett crush each episode week after week. Show the boys some love and give it a listen.
  • mwar28
    Not their fault
    These guys aren’t very good at this. Considering they never got past the first few hours of the game, it’s understandable
  • Lolo19W
    How did I find this great pod?
    Just skip thru the horrific theme song. The content is great but I truly do not remember how I discovered it. Listened thru HOD and TLOU and throughly enjoyed the discussion and insights. Ready for your take on Succession final season. Thanks!
  • VegasN8tive
    It wasn’t a shiv…
    Come on man - if you truly watched the scene two additional times, how could you get it so wrong? I won’t tell you what the hunter stabbed Joel with, but it wasn’t a shiv. Go watch it again. Other than that, good job. You both did great on the last show - great voices for the medium. Oh, and the girl that Ellie saw and said, “what are you looking at?” - she was an Easter egg. You’ll see her again in the next season.
  • woodykid8
    Best TV podcast
    Best TV podcast! Love the show
  • Rachel02129
    Great recaps
    Listened to all their White Lotus recaps and was pumped when I saw they would be recapping this show as well. Just wish that they’d let Kade talk more as he always has great insights.
  • Lindshamm
    Love Ross & Barrett
    I loved OCC during Game of Thrones but I’m so excited for the direction y’all have taken to pod now with covering specific tv shows episode by episode. It makes me so excited for Mondays and having a group of people who feel like friends watching the same show week by week. I probably would have never watched the last of us if it wasn’t for you guys covering it. Gang gang
  • Basted Turkey
    Couple of fun…gis
    Discovered these dudes during HOTD and was hooked. They do detailed recaps with just the right amount of humor.
  • gabidabbydoo
    Podcast I was looking for!
    I came across a TikTok of these guys discussing the last of us. I never played the game and I don’t know what it is but the show is so awesome and intriguing. Immediately saw this TikTok, and watched all the clips available on the show. Then hopped on the YouTube page. 11/10 duo, it’s the debriefing of shows I’ve been looking for and it feels like I’m part of the discussion. Listened to the white lotus pod episodes this week and I got the same enjoyment! Excited to listen to all future episodes!
  • JZendee
    Great TV Show Recaps and Recs!
    You guys are awesome with breaking down new shows! I love all the shows you go through, if I’m not already watching them I will start listening to whatever you’re talking about just for your breakdowns. Love the pod!
  • Tittylover123
    Best GOT recaps
    Love these guys, their funny, smart , and support the great series of GOT. -Alan
  • Martybeth1
    Well done
    I just discovered this today because I needed to hear some dialogue about the season 2 finale- I really enjoyed listening. Agreed with a lot of the comments made- esp the “quick dry” clothes lol. Totally was thinking the same thing!
  • Letisha13
    Terrible Bros - avoid
    One podcaster openly admits he is “not a condom guy” whatever. Grow up.
  • LindaYogaGirl
    Really like the White Lotus pod! Enjoy the hetero regular dude manly perspective, in a sea of sissy but also great pods. I screamed when you revealed the Daphne trainer baby theory! Genius. Thanks guys!
  • Chichi Mirengue
    I love how halfway through the episode y’all ask, quickly after and ad “anything else on Cam and Ethan?” Both like “nope!” even though ya’ll talked nothing about the jet-ski tango and kissing/dominance Cameron lays on Ethan through the insanely tense scenes of partying. Seems like it’s a big clue and or element of the show, but too gay for y’all analyze. Oh well, still appreciate the rest of your analysis’.
  • cmdm
    deadly…know it all…
    arrogant and entitled…phew…do these guys hear themselves the way they talk about women?
  • Agrops
    Can be frustrating to listen to
    Sometimes I think these guys lack critical thinking skills. I enjoy the podcast but at certain times I find myself being extremely annoyed about how stupid some of the things they’re saying are.
  • Allyslist
    My Favorite Podcast
    Truly Ross and Barrett are amazing. I look forward every week to listen to what they have to say about whatever show they are watching. It’s always my number one show I recommend to anyone who needs a show especially Game of Thrones fans. The nights rewatch got me through many of long flights. Thanks for putting out such an amazing show!
  • Pinky La Dunker
    Yes yes yes!!
    So I discovered this podcast while looking for something to listen to while working. I have not been disappointed! I’m now listening to their “rewatch” episodes of GOT. Love them! Keep up the great work!
  • kingspointer
    Sometimes I wonder if these guys finished high school
    But I love the podcast, maybe it’s just the sound of RB’s voice. Barrett is such a likeable tool. I definitely enjoy their friendship, and now that Ross is back in a relationship, he’s stopped being a d*** on air. On the other hand, so many times the takes and comments about current events or science, what happened on the show or even vocabulary surprise me. For example on the last episode they wonder if one person could control multiple dragons. That was the exact plot of GOT- THE WOMAN HAD THREE DRAGONS. Looking forward to next season. Definitely recommend.
  • ziel4riel
    Great podcast, but…
    I love this podcast and have listened since the Game of Thrones days. But one thing that consistently bugs me is Ross, without fail, regularly gets wrong or completely misses 15-20% of the facts of the story every single episode, so each episode of the podcast is guaranteed to include a few minutes of Barrett having to correct the record and explain to him what actually happened.
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