Cum Town

Arts #6

Official Podcast of the Cum Boys. Hosted by Nick Mullen (@nickmullen) and Stavros Halkias (@stavcomedy), two PROFESSIONAL comedians, folks. Also featuring Adam Friedland (the girl of the show).

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Recent Reviews
  • harrison_st
    this podcast made me gayer and i hate anyone named adam.
  • NayyyyNayyy
    fat man say funny sex thing me laugh
  • Greg Namath
    Great podcast
    Good podcast to listen to while pooping
  • Davis Chambers
    Boys are Solid
    This podcast has gotten me through a rough year. Thanks Boys.
  • Garthballsucker
  • Jerome from SE DC
    All time Rif’..
    “My man laughin’...My man KNOW...!”
  • pupspace
  • McBonerton
    Show gib me big big bonor
  • Johannart2 (Sam)
    so sick thanks for this epic pod
  • Leo Scorcesse-Kennedy Cortez
    finally a good podcast for the mentally challenged
    i am very enjoying this good podcast, I like it
  • dropitlikeitsbott
    Nicks balls
    My favorite LGBTQ+ Body positive podcast.
  • 1488childbride
    Ya good
    I like the Indian guy and I’m racist
  • 1huuuuunglow
    The first episode I heard was the one with the character Pierre St. Pierre & have been hooked since!!!!
  • G1llette
    The Best
    Highest content on the lowest budget!
  • MikeeyBoo69
    Ha ha
    When stav does an impersonation or character why can he only do the one same voice?
  • Mhjojefisokgdhh
    Best town
    Funny even if you’re a girl
  • Dicksloppy
    Rea diarrhea
    This podcast is what I imagine diarrhea taste like or a diaper that’s been left out In the rain for a day. Not even dirty just rain damaged diaper.
  • 3553Cooldad
    I get so bored at work that I start to listen to this terrible blunder of a podcast. This is better then Joe Rogan because it’s not someone sucking up to their guest and being the biggest yes-man of all-time.
  • yeahs0itsme
    Nick is hot
    He’s hot
  • SullySoprano
  • asstoasstomouth
    sexual delight
    i would bite off nick's dick, chew it up, and spit it back into his mouth like a baby bird
  • nut zack
    These dude gang banged me and I loved it
  • gaywithadam
    Adam sucked me off and let me clap dem cheeks
    I’m a guy guy
  • hahaaahhhaaa
  • goodmorningforme
    I love it
    Gets you through depression
  • hihowdyhello
    cumb town
    i drink peepee
  • Logansuhssygscnjxw
    FrechFryGuy23 should kill himself
    The podcast rocks. Nick’s fine. Don’t listen to FrenchFryGuy23
  • FrenchFryGuy23
    Get Back On Your Medication
    Nick’s level of disassociation has reached an all time high. REAL tier one operators take their prescribed SSRI’s and anti-psychotics...
  • AmericaIsLeftAndRight
    Bastard Radio
    Disband Cumtown... Adam and Stav are not amusing. Nick refocus your genius on Bastard Radio.
  • bockadont
    I’m tripping right now
    Started re listening to the cast from the beginning, love the early episodes. Miss the old intro and outro, outré. I am tripping right now and my stomach kind of hurts but the cast is really making me laugh. Maybe my stomach hurts from all the laughing.
  • Tek Jansen
    Meaningless and Brilliant
    Literal podcast with no theme or point, but it’s good. Weirdly soothing to just kick back and listen to the boys riff on nonsense. Give it an episode or two before writing it off - the style will grow on you.
  • bengarth
    Great show
    Totally addictive and I have no idea why
  • Kenneth Bernstein
    Started listening in March
    I have a feeling this show has only been descending into nihilism since quarantine began. That said, it’s not so much comedy, as it is smart Nick Mullen trying not to kill himself- and goofy Stavros being less goofy than usual. Then there’s the other guy? I’m not sure what his deal is, but it seems nobody likes him?
  • Tybmx
    Great podcast
    This is genuinely my favorite podcast. Giving it one star because 5 stars is for straight guys only
  • Trufflesalt5000
    Been listening to this show for two years
    and still haven’t had a sex dream with any of the hosts. It’s that bad. 5 stars!
  • bigmcgill09
    Bastard Radio
    Rid yourself of Stav and Adam once and for all
  • Cormags
    Stav sizzles in this one of a kind podcast. Nick Mullen delivers comedic electricity like no one in the history of podcasting. Adams performance seems to fall short. Failing to live up to the bar set by nick and stav, Adams low energy and testosterone leave the audience wanting more.
  • cdoc
    Mullen carrying his cohosts
    Nick carrying the show and his cohosts over the line to make it barely interesting. Too much NYC specific humor
  • berniesanders2020
    Good stuff
    Best pod I’ve listened to in a long while
  • Mattj89iii
    Good show
    If u like songs reimagined as gay anthems give it a listen
  • pres2002
    The Boys
    If you have no friends and wanna pretend you do then look no further than this low budget show
  • AlexTheGreater1
    Adam gave me AIDS and Stav just watched and laughed.
    It was a rape.
  • halofruit
    Very nice
    If ur a nice old lady you’ll love this podcast
  • Ryanxj9000
    Gave it an honest listen. I think this would only appeal to high school age boys. Came here to read a few reviews to see of I was alone thinking this. The positive reviews tell you all you need to know. It’s all gay jokes and just cringey humor that would appeal to teen boys. Not my thing at all.
  • PhoenixRuss
    Good Family Fun
    Every host surely has a massive hog.
  • squeegee216
    Found you thru Who are these podcasts
    When they roasted you, I loved your follow up. Love the show
  • HeAdCaPiTaLiSt
    Really good podcast
    Just a good fun time. If you’re looking for a podcast that is inclusive to all types of people (white men, straight men, butch lesbians, upperclass latinos) then you’re in the right place.
  • cullenfr
    Is good
    I like it when nick speaks Mexican. Is so authentic La peopleolas de Mechico I was trying to send another review but I don’t think it will let me. This is my favorite podcast. I even like Adam Hitler A bunker in Berlin 1944 Before I died
  • Meberrrrrrr
    jack off to this
    i jack off to this
  • KrimsonKween
    Southpark humor
    The fat Mexican sounding guy who laughs makes me smile
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