Cum Town

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Official Podcast of the Cum Boys. Hosted by Nick Mullen (@nickmullen) and Stavros Halkias (@stavcomedy), two PROFESSIONAL comedians, folks. Also featuring Adam Friedland (the girl of the show).

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  • twatdidusay?
    1 hr of Nick interrupting Adam and Stavros copying everything Nick says
    Makes me laff without fail.
  • Keyan.Nasseri
    dream to imagine
    inspirational stuff
  • oversmellus
    Almost funny.
    If these guys keep practicing they have potential to be on YouTube someday.
  • Indian Bot Farm
    The most important podcast of our time!
    In the beginning there was Plato, Socrates and Confucius. Their ground work and teachings have led to the rise of intellectualism the likes that humanity has never seen before. Finally after 2 thousand years they‘ve returned in the form if Nick, Stavros and Adam. This podcast takes on thought provoking questions such as how tiny are Adam’s balls and how dumb is Stavros really? Is Nick Mullen a bisexual twink or bear?
  • BluntfistNova
    Three beautiful boys
    Such fine young men
  • user2635484653277
    What Am I Listening To?
    This is easily the dumbest podcast of all time. Since first tuning in last week I currently listen everyday now.
  • Stablesplot689
    brilliant show for brilliant minds
    those of you that are big brain regular listeners, get good brain. quick maths
  • Squishy Sandals
    Ever hear the one about the movie Bert Chintis?
    Gets me through 10 - 11 hr work days.
  • averyj432
    The real deal
    These are the deadbeats you want to be friends with.
  • Nick3408
    But the breakfast
    Avocados if you’re nasty
  • RichardGereFan69
    mediocre podcast
    on the bright side it’s free
  • wayneekerr
    Five stars
    Five stars
  • NightCheeese
    Incredibly boring
    Boring and painfully unfunny
  • Homosexual Michael Douglas
    Good times
    Havent killed myself yet, I guess this podcast is accountable for part of that. So thanks guys
  • scottypsandqs
    They never say their names
    I like that
  • mikewheezy
    stav is my dad
    oy vey a penny
    a masterpiece
    red scare for men who dont talk to women
  • Poopdog1027
    Pretty funny
    However, you will get dumber listening to them
  • sweetjosif
    Dudes rocking?
    They most certainly are
  • xmoodudex
    Definitely a Psy Op. Probably a honey pot used to document leftys who use derogatory language for once the [REDACTED] win and throw us all into camps.
  • TFG4K
    Perfectly Adequate Podcast
    It’s fine.
  • blasbf
    How boring is life?
    Not boring enough to kill myself yet, thanks
  • antwonjamenson
    The BEST comedy pod
    Love you Adam Nick stavros
  • bobby dilts
    it’s cool how how they don’t have an intro
  • Ry Tay
    Cumtown is the exact opposite of Call Her Daddy
    just an observation. i pretty much exclusively listen to Cumtown and The Tim Dillon Show. Two of the best podcasts out right now. Nick is a genius. thank you for coming to my TedTalk.
  • guyarria
    Cumtown is the new serial
    Chris Dorner approved!
  • ClevelandBass
    I Don’t Care
    I feel such shame
  • StephyKuroneko
    I swallow
    This podcast is amazing. 10/10
  • thatdude69s
    This show made me cream my jeans
  • SomeDudeWithAComputer
    This century’s most culturally important podcast.
  • seryzel
    Why is this so good
    Tell those voices in your head to pull up a chair cause we’re riffin baby
  • WillShakes1564
    I ha
    te myself
  • Unironic Unironic
    Breaking News
    As a native heiroglyphic speaker I find comfort in our shared Old Kingdom heritage.
  • Ic3M4n87
    The whole episode is an ad!
    Only these three dip tards can make an ad last fifteen minutes.
  • Just a melon lover
    There’s something wrong with me
    I shouldn’t enjoy this podcast I think there’s something wrong with me.
  • rageringradiofan
    Best pro anna podcast
    Best pro anna podcast
  • navybluewithahue
    Best Podcast of ALL
    This is one of the best podcast of all time. Good trio and they all balance the show perfectly. The sexy dude, the quick offensive and the dude to fill in when it gets awkward
  • amohfjv
    Good but the laugh
    One guy laughs dt ev yt hing and it is the most adnnouing laugh in. The works
  • Stephen William Ruiz
    Hard as a rock
    This podcast makes me Rock Hard dude. Really really rock hard.
  • PierceTL
    Prairie home cumpanion
    The best of Garrison Keillor
  • pheonix214
    Good stuff
    this podcast makes me hard
  • toe brogan
    Fun but challenging
    Great podcast, but I just wish it was in English.
  • CockMuncher79
    Disney gash
    The boys discuss the hard hitting questions like: does Sebastian the crab have a dick or just lay eggs? And why won’t Asmerelda give in to Quasi’s seductive songs and bell ringing?
  • very very large lad
    I laugh
    I cry
  • Dr.Derrick
    Great job good show
    Without this podcast I am nothing. This is my lifeline.
  • hellaweed
    we did it
    i have heard so many podcasts be political. politcal is not comedy genre - be real. this one isn’t political and it is the main reason people vote him out. the numbers all ready show it.
  • MissMaddy1226
    Nerds Rope
    I listen to nerds rope on repeat. Shared it to three friends, tryna get my homegirls to convert to being a cumboy...Mission is going smoothly
  • JimmyHusky00
    Makes me laugh out loud with headphones in so that I look like a idiot.
  • knockonkyle
    Other comedy podcast don’t even compare.
    There are comedy podcasts. Then there are podcasts that make you laugh. More guests would be cool.
  • Emmie12138
    Stav holds the show back
    Stav is just terrible and talentless. I wish they would get rid of him. Hopefully diabetes takes his feet and his life soon.
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