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A show discussing the important academic and other research in the field of Psychedelics. We discuss how psychedelics relate to human potential and healing.

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  • fun to be fat
    Not a good podcast
    Joe is one of the worst podcasters I’ve heard. Kyle is right behind him. Two very privileged white guys pretending to be much more important than they are. The ATTM and drug positive podcast are the real deal. Psychedelics today? Not so much.
  • alplesauce
    These guys rock
    Joe and Kyle are stalwarts in this arena, consistently offering listeners a chance to hear varied points of view. They back that up by being regular and reliably producing new podcasts and going an extra mile during the pandemic with Solidarity Friday’s. I never have to go without. They teach serious courses in the field too. Thanks guys!
  • Dirk Hennessey
    Lucid Analysis
    Joe and Kyle approach the podcast with an inquisitive mind and open heart! Great show
  • Hdkdkjeoshevjwk138363
    Court wing was the best
    This episode was amazing. I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Dirtymike6968686
    Big fan of the Solidarity Fridays episodes
    This is a great podcast with a lot of different voices that covers a lot of topics, as the psychedelic sphere is pretty vast. I listened very early on when this started, and their interviewing has gotten so much better. I especially have been enjoying the Solidarity Friday episodes, where Joe and Kyle talk about news and give their take on it all, talk about their personal lives a bit more, etc. I also loved the Andy Frasco podcast. It'd be awesome to hear from more people like that!
  • radiodrumhead
    My favorite psychedelic-related podcast hands down!
    Joe and Kyle are my heroes (: thank you!!!
  • it_bwoo
    Informative and Insightful
    I have really been enjoying this podcast. It’s a great source of information of the progress that is being made towards de-stigmatizing psychedelic use. I love the variety of topics too. I haven’t had the chance to listen to all of them yet but the few that I have heard have had great guests and the facilitators offer really thoughtful questions. The one with Chris Bache was a great one to start with. Looking forward to listening to more!
  • ig used 12345
    Overall, a great podcast.
    Off the bat, I love the content and I like the guy speaking, but I think the sibilance and ‘swallow sound’ needs to be worked on. Maybe a D-esser could help or something, maybe I’m just picky, who knows. At too loud of a volume those things for some reason bothered me. BUT REGARDLESS what is being said is very valuable, and even though some minor production things bothered me, I still think this is a great POD.
  • reviewer234!
    Doing important work
    Just hear to say how important this information is to reduce the taboo culture created from propaganda. A wonderful experience, great guest, and informative, science-based talks are truly a pleasure to tune in to.
  • jessielee22
    essential + brilliantly produced
    kyle + joe bring a thought provoking, balanced, intelligent conversation to the much needed educational space in today's psych renaissance. every episode is a gem, delving deep into the architecture of these tools for healing + exploring consciousness, each interview worth multiple listens. an essential tool for anyone curious or experienced, this podcast brings a grounded, truly authentic voice, illustrating perspective + a constructive exchange of ideas.
  • Grand Schemes
    ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I met Joe before I ever listened. I don’t know about you... but if you’ve met this guy & find out he’s got a podcast & it’s about psychedelics... Uh yeah! You go check out that goddamn podcast ASAP! I listen regularly now. Love it! It’s great! 🙏🏽 #KeepYour3rdEyeFocused
  • c kawa
    Deep Wide and Polyspectric
    Just listened to the Chis Bache episode, and was inspired by his balance of scholarly rigor and spiritual access. A voice of wisdom, and so humble and grounded in his offerings. I am grateful this podcast put his vibration in my ears tonight to keep me learning, and feeling the larger journey during my evening commute. Sometimes we literally are all just walking each other home.✨💎✨ update: I just listened to the 5 MEO DMT episode and the tone of it was so full of millennial groupspeak and vague, unsubstantiated fear-mongering if that it was almost fully nonsensical. So, hit and miss.
  • plantbeastcj
    Love it!
    I’m learning a ton of great stuff on this podcast highly recommend and great topics
  • babyfishlips
    Tuesday 5-meo-dmt episode
    Three guys who’ve never taken 5-meo-dmt talking about taking 5-meo-dmt. Ridiculous episode
  • MylesR33
    Top Quality
    The kind of podcast that makes me wish there was a thumbs up button for each episode!
  • Bellabug72
    Great information!
    I really enjoy listening to their podcasts on all the topics they put out. I appreciate the information and knowledge they share with the world. Keep up the good stuff!
  • beans998877
    Amazing awesomeness!
  • dudesidesksmshinn
    Great guests and information, but...
    I respect these guys a lot and thank them for what they do. They have a lot of great guests and topics on the show . My only critique , and I say this with the hope that they will use it as constructive criticism, because I do feel they have a lot of potential ... I just have to say that their interviewing skills are somewhat lacking . A lot of the time the guest will just speak and speak , which is fine , but often times the response from the interviewer is just “yeahhhhh, hmmmmm”. The back and forth of a great interview is not really there . Listen to some great interviewers and try to mimic what they do , try to ask more probing and interesting questions of your guests .
  • bonosummyqee
    These guys are amazing.
    So much help for the psychedelic world!!
  • groovy squirrel
    Far and away the BEST!!
    Of all the podcasts dealing with psychedelics, this one is the best!! Forget 5 stars, this one deserves 10!!
  • AwakenAdventure
    Glad I discovered Psychedelics Today.
    The topics discussed, and the depth that they go into our normally areas and things I would never otherwise have a chance to learn about. So far I’ve really enjoyed the conversations had on here.
  • ElijahGarza
    Very interesting
    Good podcasts with great guests and lots of information
  • NPwannabe
    Great vibes and lots of info
    The hosts give out great vibes and the topics covered are interesting and cover material in depth that you may not find easily in other places. One suggestion is to consider interviews to be more concise. An hour plus is long but there are often real gems in the interviews!
  • Rowdy Ali
    A great resource!
    These two put in tons of work to feature people known and unknown in the psychedelic world. Thanks Kyle and Joe!
  • peaceoftanya
    Relatable to all audiences from millennials to baby boomers, Kyle and Joe have a knack for engaging their listeners by delivering content void of any ego attachment. Their guests share educational and informative information as well as personal and spiritual experiences relating to psychedelics that anyone and everyone with a relatively open mind can most definitely benefit from!
  • swamppsychedelics
    Can’t say enough about this pod cast. Informational, educational, inspiring and a great listen. Psychedelics are and have been a large part of my life for many years and helped me heal from depression. I was introduced to breathwork and a community that is now a large part of my life through the podcast and met “the others” through that process. Amazing guests, great education and harm reduction through the teachable platform. Highly recommend for anyone and everyone!
  • Park Slope Filmmaker
    The Vanguard in Psychedelic Podcasts
    Psychedelics Today is a smart, engaging podcast on the latest developments, potential applications and ongoing questions related to psychedelics. Kyle and Joe take the subject matter seriously, but don't take themselves too seriously, which makes the podcast super interesting and fun to listen to.
  • haharaw
    Thank you !
    The show is doing necessary and eloquent work in a blossoming field. I appreciate you guys very much, thanks !!
  • HevvyMetalHippie
    Buy the ticket, take the ride
    Love to hear Joe on the podcast airwaves. Keep up the good work!
  • W4rfy
    Great podcast
    Love it, keep up the good work
  • cdubwatters
    Okay but aim for better accuracy
    For example, alkaloids are not a general word for all plant constituents as you said. There are many types of constituents besides alkaloids.
  • femme witch
    great information, easy listening
    i've learned a ton listening to this podcast! kyle and joe host really well, as in they don't "ask a question" that is actually a statement just to hear themselves talk. so appreciated! super available via email and really friendly to boot. they bring on great guests and have a wealth of knowledge between the two of them as well. highly recommend!
  • kinnickinnic
    Thanks for spreading awareness of this important information 😎
  • Bandit1980ta
    Awesome podcast
    Awesome podcast. Great resource for psychedelic education.
  • Louisek54
    Amazing guests and thought-provoking discussions
    I discovered this podcast when I learned about the course that hosts Joe and Kyle created that teaches self-care and integration with psychedelics and non-ordinary states. I love their down-to-earth discussions, their fascinating guests, and their mission to facilitate an open dialogue about psychoactive substances for healing and personal growth. These guys are ones to watch, as this subject matter starts to enter the mainstream. Thanks for all that you do, Kyle and Joe!
  • Smallie Buddz
    Beautiful Presentation of Psychedelics
    This is a fantastic podcast in which Joe and Kyle interview fascinating guests who(m?) are experts in their respective areas of the field. It's a relatively small community and I feel like I'm getting to know who's who- excited to meet some at Horizons, which will be my first psychedelic conference! I am looking for guidance to get involved in the movement, and I really appreciate the constant efforts of Joe and Kyle to ask the interviewees what advice they have for myself and others trying to do the same. I love the integration of people from all facets of the work- researchers, activists, counselors, coaches etc. I feel like I'm getting the whole picture. Besides being wicked informative, the podcasts are really entertaining. Recommending to all. Keep it up!
  • Ddog747
    Great podcast on the topic!
    I almost never write reviews but want to support this great podcast! Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about this topic. The interviews are informative, engaging, educational, and a pleasure to listen too.
  • Eclectic Nightmare
    Excellent Psychedelic podcast
    So much content/ very intriguing topics, and lively
  • solestus
    Great podcast!
    An insightful and educational examination of the healing power of psychedelics. Kyle and Joe provide a great platform for their guest to teach and share.
  • llstovall
    Awesome podcast
    Awesome podcast!! Don't be afraid of making the conversations longer! We like it when you go deep. So informative. Thank you 😀
  • T.....O....
    I love this podcast.
    What a fantastic podcast! I've been listening to this podcast since its inception, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in psychedelics, consciousness, medicine, health, wellness, and/or life. These guys have great guests and are great interviewers.
  • Trp11001
    Highly Recommend!
    As a Social Worker who is very interested in the therapeutic uses of psychedelics, I have found immense value in this podcast. The hosts, Kyle and Joe, have excellent interviewing skills and contribute a wealth of knowledge to the conversations. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in leaning more about the subject without any sensationalism. Thank you Kyle and Joe!
  • Cosmic Brush
    Vital Information 👁⚡️👁
    Thank you for you efforts .
  • Filthypwg
    Excited to have this podcast
    News and current psychedelic information
  • Cls216
    Podcast enthusiast
    Great podcast. Fascinating discussions, plus Joe has a wonderful voice!
  • SarabRob
    Important Content Here!
    Such great content flowing from this podcast. Highly recommended if you have any interests in alternative medicines, states of consciousness, or just insightful conversations. Joe and Kyle know how to keep the conversations moving! ALL of the episodes have something new to offer! Much praise!
  • babauer2
    Excellent Discussions
    The best thing about this podcast, aside from the smart, articulate, interesting guests, is the way that Kyle & Joe keep the discussion going: They ask informed, leading questions, and then SHUT UP, and let the guest talk. Imagine that!
  • Mobomobile
    Serious applications of psychedelics & psychedelic techiniques.
    Thanks for creating this podcast Joe and Kyle. The show is very informative about psychedelics and their up-to-the-moment application for the betterment of our overall well being. Most of the guests up to now have been involved in serious studies and hands on application of psychedelics and various techniques as a therapy to help people with their trauma and other issues. I have learned a lot, for example, I had never heard of cannabis being used as a psychedelic therapy! I also didn't know that doing the psychedelic is only a small part of the whole process, and that the integration of these lessons is a much, much more crucial and important step. The hosts and guest provide some direction as to how to reach a good level of integration, and they point you to resources you can use. The only small hiccup I see is that sometimes there's long pauses or moments of silence between the guests and the hosts, I wish there was a better flow, or a bit more of a structure to the podcast. Another thing is that new listeners that are just getting into the psychedelic world might not know what some of the things mentioned on the show are. For example 'bodywork' what is that? I hadn't heard of that term before. Luckily I had seen a documentary on Grof and his work, but a new listener might not know what holotropic breathing is. And one last thing, this is a show about psychedelics right? I wish there was more said about everyone's trips, what was their set and setting? What psychedelic did they use? What sparked their interest into doing it? What was the trip like? How long was it? How did it change you in real life? For example on the Daniel Mcqueen episode it was mentioned he had a spiritual experience when he was 12! What was that about? How did it happen? I just think more people would also want to know more about the psychedelic experiences themselves... But overall this is definitely a 5 star show, I know it's relatively new but the hosts are very experienced and well versed in the psychedelic world and I know this will eventually be a hit!
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