Revisionist History


Revisionist History is Malcolm Gladwell's journey through the overlooked and the misunderstood. Every episode re-examines something from the past—an event, a person, an idea, even a song—and asks whether we got it right the first time. From Pushkin Industries. Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance.iHeartMedia is the exclusive podcast partner of Pushkin Industries. 

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  • Frances Morgan
    I hope this podcast becomes a template for other podcasts. It is funny, very well thought out, playful, gentle provocative, and deeply touching. It will certainly be difficult for others to aspire to Gladwell’s mastery of story telling but the goals he has set out for himself are a good template to get anyone started. I also hope the podcast format that has made it into Gladwell’s last two audio books becomes an industry standard. I am so happy Gladwell has founded Pushkin, this company is making some the best audio content around.
  • AquaticFury
    Love Malcolm and his content. Beautiful
  • Wrthfxdhjnnhv134467
    You can’t tease us like that. Louis Guerra needs a full show. How can you relegate a “musical genius” to a few minutes! I want more!
  • Al438
    Leftist Bent
    Some episodes genuinely surprised me, but most were predictable leftist talking points straight from CNN. His story telling is decent, but his "America is the Worst" opinion leaves the listener questioning his authenticity to truth. If Malcolm played it straight down the middle, this podcast might be a home run for a center right history buff.
  • junior chomsky
    No matter the topic, I end up coming away with an altered perspective by the end of the podcast.
  • a.stranger.
    Listen to every. single. episode!
    Have read Malcolm, but hearing Malcolm has been almost more enjoyable. I love each and every episode, even if the description leads me to believe that I won’t. With every other celebrity having their own podcast these days, I find myself listening to old Revisionist History episodes over and over - this man has changed my way of thinking! Malcolm, if you are reading this, you are heaven sent. Please don’t quit on us!
  • viila27
    Top of the Library
    There’s gotta be one podcast that you discover (finally!) that you want to explore before any others, one so diverse and fascinating and quirky that you feel you’ve met a new best friend. This is it for me. Thank you, Ezra Klein (sharing top spot) for mentioning MG as if, of course, there could be no doubt that everyone already knew how great he is. Now I do. Am in auditory heaven.
  • Istanbul girl
    If you're not listening and reading Malcolm Gladwell you're missing out. Be moved, be informed, be entertained and get involved where there is opportunity!
  • jcheatwood
    Late to the RH game but oh so thankful I found it, finally! Look forward to every listen. Smart, informative, and moving. My new favorite podcast.
  • 17kandles
    A New Fan
    Hello. I am a new fan who was recently turned on to this podcast by a super fan in Vancouver. I do not listen to many podcasts, but I am blowing right through this one. It’s not a nice break from all of the music I listen to at work. It was nice to hear Alan Light in an episode. I interact with him weekly through his radio show with Mark Goodman on SiriusXM, Volume, channel 106. Malcolm is a bright individual & his voice relaxes me as he informs my brain & makes me think. A a good day!
  • jerusalem gurl
    Seriously? Zero stars Alas yes. We already heard the Malibu story elsewhere. Something new please.
  • Nano2399
    Intelligent. Sophisticated. Intriguing. Captivating. What more could one want from a podcast?!
  • Cards in the bowl!!!
    Embracing anticipation...
    Haven’t even given a listen but I have butterflies already because I know I’ll be losing my stomach in the sense one does, when free-falling from the top of a roller coaster.... more to come..
  • MYH125
    This podcast hooked me from the very first episode. The stories are always thought-provoking and I always learn something new. Malcolm Gladwell is a gifted journalist, writer, and storyteller!
  • JEREMIE3011
    @Gladwell I love revisionist history for the gauntlet of emotions, feelings and ohh wow moments. I couldn’t comment on any one particular podcast with proper deference. I will say that I’m genuinely frustrated that I cannot partake in the golden years of French fries! Update: Malcolm has found a way to present something I could care absolutely nothing about and by the end of the episode I’m heavily invested. Invested to the point of action. That is power. That is an excellent use of my podcast time. 10 stars
  • Mr frump
    Top notch reporting and podcast
    I love learning from Malcolm Gladwell in all formats YouTube, books, and now podcasts. Entertaining and thought-provoking.
  • Hazel_Wilson
    Compelling, and challenging
    Malcom Gladwell is the most intriguing story teller. He will challenge you, make you think and give you some really good topics of conversation when talking with family and friends. I have so much respect for this man and Pushkin industries. If you haven’t already bought any of his books, I would 100% whole heartily recommend you go to your local book store and buy at least one of them. If you’re looking for a podcast to sit back and relax, or to agree with what you already know- go listen to something else. Malcom Gladwell is for people who want to better themselves in every way, challenge themselves and learn something. Malcom Gladwell, you are one of a kind. If you are ever looking to interview a twenty something about anything I would love to get the chance to talk to you about whatever you want.
  • LuckyLuz29
    On Repeat!
    I binge every episode back to back at least twice a year. Malcolm is a great storyteller.
  • Circa65
    Effortlessly Fascinating
    I’ve been a fan of Malcolm since I saw him speak locally many years ago. That got me to enjoy his writings. But after listening to that first podcast, I’m an even bigger fan! The way he takes (often complex) points in history and looks at them from a different perspective is amazing. He does it in such simple, relatable manner that really allows the listener to grasp the point no matter what their predisposed thoughts are. I know there is a ton of preparation and research that go into these episodes, however, the effortless presentation makes them a joy to listen to!
  • non-subliminal
    I used Malcolm Gladwell written articles to help teach counter-terrorism analysts about critical thinking, and the value you diving below the static surface of an issue. I feel badly for those with no critical thinking skills. For them, I think, Gladwell is likely a confusing writer and orator.
  • jbscot
    It’s just so good
    I’m obsessed with this podcast. Every episode is fascinating and surprising.
  • no-doz
    Bait and Switch
    When Revisionist History is good, it is very good. Thought-provoking etc. But Gladwell takes commerce too far with his sell-out episodes that are nothing more than advertorials. The Druid Hills “Bonus Episode” is one long infomercial with a cynical and unconvincing narrative. It was a waste of my time and I fault Gladwell and Pushkin for not being honest about its lack of credible editorial content. Other episodes are just as bad, consider all the ones that are nothing more than sponsored celebrations of Lexus but do their best to obscure their lack of objectivity and independence. I am sorry that a new RH episode appearing in my feed no longer is something to savor and instead is something to view with cynicism.
  • MAW3x3
    Malcolm is the best
    I’m new to Podcasts and found this one first. It has really set the bar high and I find it hard to discover others that explore subjects in the same way as Mr. Gladwell. Pushkin is the Gold Standard.
  • Kaiser Soso
    One sided and unvetted
    He is fighting for the correct side. Unfortunately he's a bully and narrow minded. Update : gave this another listen. He keeps telling us what people "really" mean. Why doesn't he actually get people's opinions instead of speculating as if it's fact. This podcast is the worst kind of trash because it's manipulation masquerading as fact.
  • Code Sections Please
    My Favorite Podcast
    Every time I listen to this podcast I’m transported back to college and graduate school. Sitting around the student union contemplating the world with remarkable people who expand what I know and changing the way I view the world. Thank you.
  • concerned Sci-Fri listener
    Simply Brilliant!
    Malcom’s voice, and delivery has me instantly hooked, lined, and sinkered! He has found his true home in podcasting. P.S. Take it easy with the gushing product endorsements will ya! I mean Lexus makes a nice automobile, but Tesla makes Lexus look like horse and carriage.:::Drum roll:::🥸
  • Troy.T.McClure
    Listen to every episode
    I think my greatest way to compliment the show is to point out how I can look at a show’s title and summary of what it will be about, have zero interest in the topic described going in, and can still immensely enjoy the episode because the topic summaries never tell you where the show is really going.
  • Astrarix8
    I am delighted. The first episode I listened to was “Divide & Conquer”. Several minutes after listening, I realize my husband was talking to me and I hadn’t heard because my head was filled with joy. Mary Norse (<3) editing the 2nd Amendment: It satisfied an decades-old need I didn’t realize I had. Applying a similar analysis to the constitution to conclude that at any time Texas could be made into five separate states, more or less: That tickled me for hours. I have enjoyed Gladwell’s writing in The New Yorker for decades. His sparkling intelligence and humor, unending curiosity, and joy at the things big and small - all of which make for great articles - combine in this podcast. I enjoy the dissection of minutiae, the discussion of big ideas, and the all the tangents. The word I’m using here is “joy”. ❤️
  • JStrass
    Super dope podcast
    Malcom is a genius, I love his books and this podcast is almost better than his writing, I love it!
  • NKrume
    The Gold Standard of Podcasts
    Radiolab has not been ageing terribly well. Thank goodness for this gem of a podcast—if only there was more of it!
  • raar512345
    If you have read his books, you may find this impossible to believe, but he may be an even better podcaster than author
  • TheSchnorrer
    Must be like radio
    These are the most entertaining and thought provoking podcast I’ve listen to. Reimagined
  • Yoosef emami
    Best podcast ever
    I have been listening to it since day one and expecting every new episode with great enthusiasm.
  • daumanator
    Storytelling in the Best of Ways
    Malcolm Gladwell is a master at storytelling. He can take topics you think you couldn’t care less about (like country music in the King of Tears episode), and turns it into a thought provoking podcast. I highly recommend his books and his podcast.
  • Kelsea028
    Fascinating Topics
    I really enjoy this podcast, and how it uses stories to explore intriguing themes. The podcasts mix of interviews, music, and host commentary make each episode engaging, whether retelling a large scale disaster, or personal testimonies. Great job on the work of the team in putting these episodes together! ❤️
  • steveveveveven
    This is the first podcast review I’ve made. Gladwell and his team craft spectacular episodes on topics we all familiar with but don’t know well enough. Each episode is intriguing, thought provoking, and perfectly organized. Can’t recommend enough.
  • Mohammed faydaan
    Losing it
    This last season was a total let down.
  • Draška M
    Best podcast
    This is absolutely the best podcast I came across! Intelligent, entertaining, educational. I love the irony scattered throughout .. and great voice! I enjoyed every episode and looking forward to the new ones.
  • Jerryoj
    A breakthrough podcast
    that helps us see our world anew and reinvent ourselves with the help of brilliant, unwhitewashed lessons from the past. Congratulations to Malcolm and the whole team.
  • Taytat213
    Malcoms voice is annoying and pretentious I’m sorrryyyy but we are all thinking it
  • Geoplanter
    February 2021
    Yo, where’s the content?
  • lrhhrl
    Keep to the stories
    Only thing keeping this from 5 stars is Malcolm’s politics. No need for those little comments.
  • Great graphics important for
    Just listen to “Hallelujah”, just do it.
  • Dufitimana
    Malcolm is talented
    Malcom Gladwell is a brilliant journalist and his way of explaining real-life concepts, especially social issues, is one of a kind. He makes the so-called complicated concepts, that many deem hard to understand, very clear.
  • dilouley
    Interesting and Engaging
    Interesting and engaging podcast that is just the right length. I love the storytelling format, and the subject matter is fascinating and different.
  • 12yoyo
    Enough with the Broken Record promo
    I really enjoy the stories and challenging topics. I wish he was a little less biased and would present the valid views of BOTH sides of a story (let the listener decide), but I know this is not a news podcast, it will have Malcom’s biases. Sometimes it is frustrating when they play a different podcast on this podcast. In 2018 they played a bunch of Broken Record episodes. 1-2 I understand but not 5-7.
  • benshou
    What can I say?
    Malcolm might be the single best role model in our modern age for the curious and the insecure.
  • JustMyTakeOnIt
    Love this podcast but...
    I love this podcast and had read Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink” in college and found it fascinating. I enjoy these stories and would rate them 5 stars, but I get frustrated hearing the ads (and sometimes perspectives within the episode) that promote a particular political point of view. It’d be nice to listen to SOMETHING for once without hearing about politics. If I want to hear politics, I’ll listen to a political podcast.
  • scott_a17
    Can’t think of a more impactful podcast
    Our world would be a very different place if everyone thought like Malcolm. I feel like a smarter, more motivated, and more compassionate person after listening to this podcast.
  • tinybuds
    i can
    i can
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