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Stefanie Wilder Taylor (For Crying Out Loud, Bored AF) and Cecily Knobler relentlessly mock the crazy kids of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. We snark because we love. Find our bonus episodes and full archives at

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  • chrissyhj
    After reading reviews ...
    It's impossible to believe you have anything other than 1 ⭐️ rating!!!!!
  • pinacoloda
    Sooo funny!
    Omg the recent episode and the reference to Sandoval wearing a pants suit from Chicos! I am laughing out loud!!! Luv u two!
  • Quandi
    They are a couple of mean girls who love to complain when there is nothing to complain about. They are neither funny or smart.
  • NeesyG
    Doesn’t Matter
    This is the worse podcast ever .. bunch of mean girls !! Hateful rude moderator in group page. This went down hill when Ronnie left! Will never listen again! Stephanie HATING Trump fans is so sickening GROW UP!!
  • Lachattenoir
    Unsubscribe unless you want non stop complaining
    Stephanie is so negative on every single episode, it’s become impossible to listen to this podcast. I’m sorry for Cecile for being dragged down by Stephanie, but there are too many truly funny recaps of the Bachelor out there to waste time on this one.
  • Greendog27
    Entertaining show
    Team Garcielle! Sorry Stephanie
  • Dinalish
    Wow. Could not be more annoying
    The shrill of their annoying voices I freaking can’t take one more minute. Good grief chicks- GET A GRIP, you guys are beyond gross.
  • Joyebird007
    Misogynist women
    Listened to one episode and that’s one too many. How do women have these views on other women this day and age? Victim blaming? Cool. Must be part of that insane swath of old white women voting for Trump. So sad they have nothing else to do. Podcasting isn’t for everyone.
  • mary sio
    Vocal fry and misophonia!!
    I couldn’t relate any more to your vocal fry comments! When I watch it all I can think of is, please don’t let Daisy be the next bachelorette because I couldn’t get through it
  • Notateenager
    Tried to listen and had to stop very early in because I was getting upset.
  • Kirby022
    Don’t have the facts right
    I can’t listen because the facts are not right and the ladies are very rude.
  • Jenfunrun
    Chef’s kiss!!!
    This was an incredible episode! I laughed the whole way through. Please team up with these guys again. Pure magic!!😊
  • rholpo
    Loved you two with Pat & Dylan!
  • Tahiti333
    Catch up!
    Love the show, but you are wayyyyyyyy behind on Love is blind… we are 6 episodes in! They don’t give one a week, they gave us 6 to start, next week 3, etc. We will have seen 9 shows when you do a podcast of show 2. Can’t listen to shows this far back. Catch up, please.
  • jsteele217
    Hard listen
    Tbh they are so unaware of how the show is made that their takes are often just incorrect and end up being really rude. I liked this show for a while but it’s become hard to listen to. Overall, these women are ignorant and rude and try to pass it off as comedy. Not funny.
  • giantGman2
    no guests
    Please no guests . No pleaseeeeee
  • RSF1234567
    Terrible Ads Transitions - great show otherwise
    Girls! love the show but the ads are so bad and intrusive! They cut you off mid sentence - and the ads are the worst! Five stars still for an otherwise so so fun pod with great hosts!
  • samtha3133
    The golden bachelor
    It’s so strange that a Bachelor podcast isn’t recapping the Golden Bachelor?? You could have gained so many new listeners ! Instead you put it behind a paywall (Patreon) You lost me at that point.
  • Centralcoast33!
    Golden bachelor?
    Isn’t this a podcast about the bachelor? It is after all about roses being given out…Rosepricks? We would love a podcast about the original shows. Even if the cast is older
  • Willythepitbull
    Did you even watch the show?
    Horrible. The hosts don’t even have the basic facts of the Natalia Grace doc and just guess or gloss over details.
  • stevenscold
    Natalia Grace recap is baaad
    Why recap the show if you don’t watch it or don’t pay attention when you do watch it? I just can’t with all of the factual errors I keep hearing. Your commentaries are usually spot on but with this show it’s clear you couldn’t care less about talking intelligently about it. It’s super frustrating for the listener when you get even the most basic and even the major facts wrong. It’s very hard to listen to and is not funny. Further it damages your credibility as podcasters.
  • LC_0608
    Too many discrepancies
    Hi! I want to start by saying that I enjoy listening to your Bachelor recaps and I’ve been listening for a few years at this point. I saw that y’all recapped The Curious Case of Natalia Grace, which I was excited about because that was a wild ride. However, I became frustrated with the amount of discrepancies between what really happened (or what the docuseries showed) vs y’all’s retelling of it. It got to a point where I just couldn’t listen anymore. It made me question if y’all even really paid attention or watched it. To give some examples for just part 2: they didn’t take her phone until the second apartment but shortly gave it back because CPS had started following them again. Then there was Jacob who went to Canada at 14 because a university asked him to attend in order to receive his masters and not a chess tournament?? Another one was Natalia was receiving food stamps and social security but the SS checks were going to Michael and he claimed he was using the money for her rent, bills, etc. the family that took her in used Natalia’s food stamp money and Natalia changed who received the SS check to that woman. I know there was a couple from part 1 as well. I’m not one to write reviews and I acknowledge this was unsolicited feedback. I want to keep listening to y’all because I agree with most of y’all’s opinions about things. Even if I don’t agree, I appreciate and consider differing perspectives. Moreover, I also want to hear accuracy.
  • Run1232324
    I tried listening to a couple of the Natalia Grace episodes, but I couldn't stomach it. One of the podcast hosts had only watched one of the six episodes of the series while trying to talk about it. In the third episode, they had a bunch of facts wrong. For example, they were mixed up on whose lawyer was whose and also on what the expert was testifying about. Take notes and get your facts straight! Also, I don't find this podcast funny at all.
  • Yland Yland 2
    Favorite Bachelor podcast
    I loved your reference to Emily Kimberly (from the movie Tootsie) in this week’s podcast. That was so funny and so spot on! I laugh out loud to your Bachelor recaps. Keep them coming! I listen to a handful of Bachelor podcasts and this is the first one I look for every week. There’s an easy dialogue between you two and so, so funny!
  • LR1178
    Stepanie really likes to divide her audience
    It’s so sad, I used to love this show and laugh so much. Stepanie has become bitter and keeps bringing up politics. She can’t see anything going around her in the world and can’t fathom people having different opinions than her. For a group that spouts tolerance, she sure as heck can’t tolerate people with different views. So sad. Grow up.
  • Mom-of-two-turkeys
    Great perspectives on VPR
    I love the VPR episode recaps and your perspectives about it. Keep it up ladies! I hope you recap the reunion too. ♥️
  • danjarooous
    Love is blind
    Micah’s teeth remind me of Emily Maynard from the Bachelor. Is that who you’re thinking of?
  • K8marieee
    Sorry, not sorry
    I have given this pod several tries but I have a really hard time stomaching some comments made. They both come off stuck up and have zero empathy for the people they talk about it. Yea it’s realty tv but some of them go through real people problems.
  • Lisalu2020
    Please have Ronnie & Ben on again and again!
  • BrookeofWine
    Funny girls
    Love the show ladies. Keep bringing it.
  • Lolo13419
    TISSUE!! Thank you for bringing it up!!
    WHY are there NEVER any tissues in any of these settings???? I don’t understand!! I’m sure it has something to do with it interfering in the sound quality with the tissue “noise” or might muffle their words but to see these people wiping their noses on everything BUT a tissue, is gross. If they actually are crying tears, their noses are going to run and they need TISSUES!!! TISSUES please!!
  • Racheldpe
    I’m so so excited you are recapping cults now! I watched Stolen Youth just so I could listen to your recap. I’m obsessed as well!! I also obvi listen to your Bachelor Roast as well. Thank you for keeping me entertained.
  • dsykes
    The only reason I watch The Bachelorette
    These ladies are funny. They’re not a podcast sanctioned by a bachelor-adjacent affiliate so they can really let it rip when they want. They don’t have to be precious with the players on the show. I love their friendship which makes it better. They way they crack each other up makes you feel like you’re part of the group. Love their slightly-off but somehow accurate impressions (“Ma knows!”) One request I have is please stop saying, “We’ll get to that.” You say it like 5x per episode and I’m not sure if you ever really do “get to that!” Otherwise, keep it up. You guys rock!
  • Lauramacky
    I miss angel. It’s not funny now.
  • Danazal
    I’m a fan Stefanie, but please stop with the political nonsense. That being said, I love Cecily!
  • Myrtle Drive
    For the voice impressions alone
    Or shoutouts lol 10/10. I listen to 4,037 podcasts. Only 3 are critical of vocal fry, inexplicably. For Bach: Rose cast & this. Unless you *cannot* get over yourself, then gor.
  • AMG7799
    Love you ladies BUT
    Please stop ostracizing your listeners based on religion and politics. Your podcast has nothing to do with these topics. Just bc someone is a republican doesn’t make them a bad or ignorant person. Knock it off please.
  • GiGiLeeNC
    In what universe is this ok
    I LOVED the podcast when Ronnie was on, and still liked it afterwards.I knew Stephanie in particular would bring in her political and religious views, and as a Christian with a great sense of humor (sarcastic, witty, smart- all the things Stephanie claims no “Jesus lover” can be) I would just chuckle and roll my eyes at some of her ignorant comments, because I realize that is the way some Christians are perceived especially in the entertainment industry, and not taking myself too seriously, brushed it off. However, after listening to the most recent episode of the Love is Blind recap I can no longer stand silent. How, in 2022, does someone think it’s ok to openly mock an entire religion? Making broad, sweeping generalizations about those with certain religious beliefs? Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t make it ok to make these kinds of assumptions. Frankly, it’s ignorant, and it’s sad. I don’t allow that type of hate or division in my life no matter what religion or political organization a person belongs to. Isn’t this what division and hatred is? Missing out on experiences with people because of your own small minded views? Displaying the very behavior and mindset that you claim another feels? Maybe get to know someone like me (or millions like me), because in a more open world we could have been besties!
  • Lonny10
    Used to love this podcast
    I want to preface this review by saying that this was one of my favorite recap podcasts when Angel was on. Yes, sometimes they seemed to be a bit clueless but their dynamic was hilarious and the commentary, even if I didn’t always agree, was so funny and entertaining. I’ve continued to listen to give the new host a chance - the thing is, she’s generally funny, but literally every week I listen the takes on any given situation are SO bad. I don’t mean in a clutching-my-pearls oh god I’m so offended bad, just incorrect bad. It feels like neither host follows bachelor nation enough to remember even basic things correctly and their takes on every situation are annoyingly lame. The hosts are generally funny women, so I keep hoping the podcasts will improve but I always find myself feeling bummed that the show went so downhill.
  • DanielleRenee210
    I Actually Can’t Anymore…
    These ladies sometimes have great takes. Ex.: I think they were the only ones who picked up on Andrew S. shushing Brittney on BIP and most other pods did not even mention this but I can’t get behind anyone who can honestly say they thought Brittney wanted Peter to ask her fav. Color… If it was meant to be funny… it’s not. If, as she stated, she actually believes Brittney was mad about him not asking her fav color or that Casey faked fainting (when his ankle is broken in 3 places)…. I just can’t with this kind of daffy comedy from women who are way too smart for such things and this is just my most recent example of being annoyed by how concrete the thinking sometimes is on this pod.
  • Psychonan Doyle
    The podcast I put first in my list
    I listen to other podcasts but I always make sure to prioritize this one. The hosts are funny and don’t let anyone on this franchise get away with anything. It’s a perfect blend of snark and humor
  • Bolwin1
    Going downhill
    Ronnie Karam is a TV recapping pro. I miss him on this show. Angel was hilarious but clueless, but she let Stefanie drive the bus so the show still worked for me. Cecily has no idea what’s going on EVER but still insists on leading the conversation, to which she frankly doesn’t add much. Sorry, but this is getting really hard to listen to.
  • Puffyblake
    Stop being political
    Left a couple years ago…sad because it was funny. Tried again today and within the first 2 minutes discussing who is a racist. Done for good.
  • thisisridiclous
    Right on!!
    I watched the final finale and was losing my mind over Rachel’s sociopathic behaviour. I couldn’t believe the audience was on her side. I so needed this podcast to put all my frustration into words. Thank you both. You saw the situation for what it was and I can go to sleep tonight feeling less crazy.
  • cahcah67123
    Back to being my favorite bachelor podcast!
    I started listening to this podcast because I love watch what crappens and Ronnie used to be the co-host. I LOVED it when Ronnie was on, but then it switched to a new co-host who clearly hated the bachelor and not in a “lol this is so bad” way but more of a “watching this is torture for me” way which was abundantly obvious (totally understandable) but ruined the vibe. Now there’s another new co-host and the two of them have incredible chemistry and the perfect balance of making fun of this dumb show but still giving quality and hilarious recaps.
  • EmmaSan9
    My favorite!
    I love Stephanie and her co hosts are always hilarious! This is my fave bachelor recap podcast ❤️❤️❤️
  • J19C
    Such a fun podcast!
    I’m not even such a bachelor fan but I find myself looking forward to this podcast more than any other in the pop culture space—it makes me giggle so much! Give yourself a break from life stress and listen to these two hilarious besties break down all the silly bachelor drama for you. You won’t regret it!
  • Cindy l. Word crazy
    I can’t get enough of Stefanie and Cecelia!!
    Love you ladies!!
  • daniellebunker
    My girls!
    Long overdue review. Love this podcast and Cecily as the new addition. I laugh out loud sometimes and that is raaaare for podcasts. I was disappointed that nobody picked up on gabby saying “rejuvavanated” last episode- that’s my only complaint 😂kidding. Living for this friendship 💞
  • A n g e l a K
    Stefanie and Cecily are smart, charming and soooo funny! Look forward to every episode, watching the tv show just so I can listen to this recap with these fun friends! I like to LOL and these ladies bring the funny!
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