Rose Pricks: A Bachelor Roast


Rose Pricks is a podcast dedicated to mocking the idiots of The Bachelor. With Ronnie Karam and Stefanie Wilder Taylor

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  • jamieleev82
    It’s too bad.
    It used to be my favorite podcast. I’m not sure what happened to SWT. I am a little worried about her tbh. She used to be decently funny (Ronnie has always been the star obvs), but lately it seems like she is just angry. The last episode I listened to was the Juan Pablo GOAT recap and she screamed the whole time about not understanding why he was so awful, only to conclude at the end of a short bonus episode (which annoyingly also covered only Juan Pablo) admitted that she found out Juan Pablo is homophobic. Couldn’t have done some quick googling during a commercial break and saved us all the frustration?
  • Shellmybelle5678
    I ❤️🥀 pricks
    Oooooh the Jars of Clay reference. Very specific and I was obsessed during my youth group days😂
  • stefwetterau
    Impressions on point
    I was laughing so hard at your recent Ashley H/Brad “career woman” reenactment....and so many others
  • Brooke2311
    Ronnie’s Impressions.
    As an avid listener of watch what crappens, I wish I had Ronnie to recap every single show I watch. The best impressions ever. I laugh so hard. The Nick and Hannah B impressions are the best! I look forward to each new episode.
  • kfizzle4shizzle
    RONNIE YOUR IMPRESSION OF NICK ON THE KAITLIN RECAP I AM DEAD 😂😂😂😂pleaaase do that the whole recap when they air his season Hahahaha
  • Lobby my
    Ronnie is the man!
    I think the podcast would be better without Stephanie, she is radical and not that funny imo! Ronnie totally carries the show and he is the reason I listen to the pod cast mostly! Ronnie’s voices have to be my fav!
  • Little Psyche
    The best. Hands down.
    The other pods can’t compare: you need that raw surrealism of Ronnie Karam and the dry wit of Stephanie Wilder-Taylor to take down the Bachelor insanity, week after week. Their chemistry is golden. I love that Stephanie cracks up along with us at Ronnie’s wild impressions. I will follow them everywhere and anywhere.
  • yera21
    Love Ronnie !
    I will watch w.e Ronnie is recapping, I love watch what Crappens. I love Ronnie’s humor and impressions. Unfortunately, Stephanie is not up to par 😬. The laugh sounds fake and her jokes don’t land often, which makes the mean stuff she says unpalatable. Regardless, I will always listen because, Ronnie ❤️.
  • kbear1017
    Stephanie is the worst..
    Love Ronnie though. But can’t listen because of horrible Stephanie
  • JewelsOhio
    Here for the sarcasm
    These two are the only reason I watch these Bachelor shows. I live for the comedy! They are the best!!
  • MJHarvey
    I Stan Ronnie.
    I’m too old to stan anyone. I’m 33 (geriatric in bachelor years). However, I stan Ronnie. He makes me laugh out loud! I think he’s a star and needs to be given his own show on a mainstream medium. Can you list your podcast email on your next podcast? I’d love to email my deep thoughts on matters of Julia Gulia, Hairen Rodgers and the like. I watch the bachelor to listen to this pod. The pod is the main course the show is the appetizer. Also, Stephanie I love you too. You really hold it down. However, please understand that Ronnie is going to soar around you with his humorous hot takes. He may leave you one day because he’s a star. (In the words of Jason Meraz to Natacha and Sexy Vampire Mayer.) Keep on keepin on. MJ
  • Renee836
    My #1
    I’d love it if you guys would go back and recap Bachelor Pad. They had a challenge where the contestants threw something at the girl they are least attracted to. It’s so amazing! Love you two ❤️ @MichelleOn HSN
  • buckeyegal1130
    The Best Part of Watching the Bachelor Series
    I love listening to Stephanie and Ronnie. It makes the show so much more fun. I listen to their recaps when I’m going for a run, or walk, cooking, or going to get my kids. Their comedic and crass take on the show gives me life. I look forward to every episode with them. Keep up the great work.
  • Pam Five
    My life is not the same, it’s not Coronavirus
    I miss the rose pricks so much, I don’t know what to do I have a few things that make the world better and this is one of them.
  • G*-*
    Walls all the way down for Rose Pricks
    Rose Pricks pod has me full on laughing out loud during every episode- co workers often ask “what’s so funny?!” but how do I even begin to describe this amazingk pod?? Ronnie and Stef are such a hilarious duo and no one is off limits for a roast. This pod is a walls down journey heart open journey journey that you won’t regret!
  • Haven's Mama
    One of the only reasons I still watch
    The only reason I still watch this stupid show is to listen to this and one other Bachelor roast pod. Truly hysterical!
  • podcastlover141414
    Love love Ronnie BUT
    I think we need a new co-host 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Tiff1024NC
    My favorite Podcast
    Can not listen without laughing out loud Keep it up ...
    Stephanie I love your humor and I just unsuscribed S&S until that @#$% brings Rewind back. Miss you so much. Love you too Ronnie but hate the Housewives from anywhere. Can't wait for Below Deck next season. Much love to you guys.
  • chelybel4ever
    They talk about everything I am thinking when I watch this show! Love it!!
  • jgheitantschi
    So hilarious!
    Laugh out loud funny!
  • tay91986
    Loved it
    I was cracking up listening to this!!!!
  • sydneykep
    Def enjoyed the voices
    Just stumbled across this podcast, and will continue to listen with my handful of weekly Bach podcasts! You guys are so funny and fun to listen to!
  • hickorycole
    Hell YES
    This podcast is so funny- I keep laughing out loud to it during the day in the worst places and I love it!
  • kaylathomas12
    I like the recap but not In a trying to mock them voice the whole time they are recapping..
  • marylynne64
    Listened to you guys for the first time today and I died laughing. Subscribed!
  • Saidie1010
    The Best!
    Love Ronnie and Stephanie. They really break it down and it’s so funny.
  • Curriep33
    Great laugh
    This is such a fun way to get the run down on The Bachelor. Sometimes I don’t have time to watch the whole episode so I can catch up and get some great laughs listening to Steph and Ronnie. They break down the episodes, the girls, their clothes, dates etc. and give a funny, and real perspective. They are great together!
  • Moejoe227
    Ronnie is the Best
    Love his recap of the show. He cracks me up constantly. Stephanie needs to stop with the horrible impressions and her Fake Laugh.
  • OllaCat
    I love this podcast! It’s pointless watching the bachelor and not having this to listen to. Subscribe and listen after you watch the TV show and your life will be complete! Thank you Ronnie and and Steph!
  • nikki32413
    unlikable personalities
    .... especially the guy. He is diarrhea personified.
  • butjoeforbach
    Fav Bach pod.
  • Georgia2267
    Well thanks A lot guys. There I was, getting ready for the day, while listening to your podcast. As I snapped my big barrette, in my hair, you mention McKenna’s barrette, having its own personality. I laughed out loud! So so funny. Suddenly, I imagined googly eyes on my pearl barrette and I’ve name it McKenna. Listen, nobody is going to take me serious with McKenna up in my hair.
  • realityBee
    Basically the only reason I’m watching the show anymore is to hear Ronnie and Steph’s take. ABC should be giving them a cut!
  • BostonIrishRules
    Laugh out loud therapy!
    Best sarcastic observational humor of all recaps! I laugh till I’m crying No one picks up on details like these two Delete all other Bachelor recaps this is the ONE. You’ll feel their hearts! Literally! My truth.
  • Kelly C,
    Captains wife
    Lol....I am a Capt.'s wife and I highly doubt Peter is a Capt. maybe if he's been with the commuter fleet of Delta which is fantastic for a 26 year old Capt of small commuter plane....But I highly doubt he is a Capt. of the larger planes. Funny to me when the one girl told him....."Peter I was wearing your Capt's hat" lol she should have stuck with "Peter I was wearing the pilots hat" lol soo lame but soo entertaining and funny.... best of all is listening to you both recap! My favorite part after the show!!!! ❤️❤️❤️side note: it takes along time to become a Captain at a Commercial Airline.... you start and stay as a First Officer for a very long time! At small Commuter Airlines you can move over to left side faster but you are back in the right side when you are hired on with a large commercial airline or big boy matter your age or what you did prior (ex blue angel will be on the right side until he has put in his time with the company and only seniority allows him to upgrade to Capt.) as an example.... you wouldn't ever see a young 26 year old Capt. at any of the bigger commercial airlines ever.... commuter airplanes... only ... 😊
  • EmilyHarper22
    I'm crying for the right reasons
    I am literally in tears laughing so hard! This is the ONLY podcast you need to listen to if you watch The Bachelor. Keep doing god's work y'all!
  • chrissyhj
    Rose pricks:
    Ronnie and Stephanie are 2 of my favorites. They are quick thinking, clever, and funny as hell. WARNING: I can not drive while listening - they are too funny ❤️
    So funny and entertaining
    If you enjoy snark as much as I do, then you’ll love this podcast. Ronnie and Stephanie are so great together and their recaps have never cracking up. I can’t wait for the episodes each week.
  • The rat queen
    Stay bold!
    I look forward to bachelor season now because of you ! Basically the only reason I watch the show is to listen to the recaps with Ronnie and Steph! Please never stop!
  • ___toast
    Love them
    Ronnie and Stephanie are so funny together and do an awesome job at dissecting every hilarious detail. Can’t wait for their commentary on Peter’s season
    It’s Time!
    Review them girls.
  • EmWillCor
    The reason to watch The Bachelor
    Ronnie and Stef are absolutely hilarious. This podcast is better than the show itself.
  • Awells266
    Don’t listen at work... way too hilarious
    I first tried to listen to this pod at my desk with headphones on... NOPE. I have never cackled so much in my life! I watch this dumb show just so I can have the pleasure of listening to these recaps!
  • Renee Dodd
    The Best Bach Nation Podcast of Them All
    Ronnie and Stephanie make me cackle out loud in public, which helps me weed out the uptight people I don't need in my life anyway.
  • Cassie K. Bee
    The podcast for reluctant/ashamed Bachelor fans
    I love this podcast! I have tried so many other Bachelor podcasts, and just couldn’t bear the way all the hosts/sometimes former contestants take this show so seriously. If you, like me, understand that this franchise is a dumpster fire and realize that all of these people are simply trying to become Instagram famous, and if you have a sense of humor/love snark, this podcast is for you!!!
  • ang2008
    Love Ronnie and Stephanie
    They are both hilarious and love their energy. So in sync yet totally different people. And I love how honest they are about parts they didn’t catch, and their real lives Omg that jpj part about “go to bed” was so funny and I love when Steph says to Ronnie that he’s right or funny. Cuz he is.
  • The Real Chef Penny
    Love these betches!
    I’ve been a diehard fan of Ronnie (& Ben!) since the TVGasm & Housewives Hoedown days, so I “might” be a little biased, but I looooove this pod. Ronnie, you just slay, there’s no question that you are a gifted & talented comedian. That said, Stephanie should consider easing up on the impressions. Sorry gurl, but they just feel forced and kindaaa copycat-ish. I’d love to hear Stephanie’s actual views on the show, along with commentary and maybe just leave the impressions to Ronnie? I like the banter, it’s clear you guys think similarly & find the same things funny but the riffing really doesn’t flow. This is not meant to be a criticism of Stephanie’s comedic talent, she’s very funny, but she should leave the impressions to the king. The Caelynn (?) one sounds like emphysema & that’s kind of a dark thought. No one can touch Ronnie’s Jiao-ness that he expertly applies to Clay, and don’t get me started on his JPJ impressions. Pure gold! Satchels of gold, of course!
  • Al738
    The best!!!
    Ronnie and Stephanie are the best, so so funny. Ronnie impersonation of Clay makes me laugh out loud.
  • Tpeyyyn
    I love it. Ronnie got me into it. I never watched Bachelor until I heard this podcast but once I listened I was obsessed. All the haters out there about Stephanie... get a grip you wimps. She’s amazing! Don’t be soo vulneraaable.
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