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Hunters Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh talk deer hunting tips and tactics with various experts across the country. We'll also cover current conditions and strategies that can help you right now.

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  • sabalch
    Awesome info
    Great podcast with Luke.
  • 81960
    The vocal fry is hard to listen to but the content of the show is usually pretty solid
  • B-raddd44
    Doing great! Video/podcast request!!
    Love watching and listening to you guys. As a SW Ohio resident, my brother and I are looking into going on a hunt out west for some game, whether it is a muley, elk, antelope we are not sure. Would be extremely helpful if you guys could do a podcast or video or both explaining the points systems/ obtaining tags/ lottery. We are clueless and I definitely think we are not alone in feeling that way. Many wanting the most info they can get before making a cross country trip!
  • Jenkins112490
    You guys rock
    Love the show and the podcast. You guys are doing a good thing and and really help hunter recruitment with y’all’s style of hunting.
  • logannhicks
    Love the podcast
    I have been following y’all for years. I am in south mississippi and I appreciate everything y’all do for the outdoor industry. Truly are an inspiration to young hunters. Y’all should try to get Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland on here for a podcast! Would be a real treat while y’all are down south! God Bless!
  • joe_inwall deez nuts
    The gold standard
    Great hunting and outdoor content! Love the podcast and YouTube channel.
  • Nathaniel Frick
    Real deal
    Keep up the great work. I can literally visualize the hunts in my head with the detail you go into talking about past hunts. Great podcast keep the coming.
  • Stash&Guns
    These Guys Are Revolutionizing DeerHunting
    Down to earth guys who are truly exceptional hunters. They are honest and forthcoming, and extremely generous with their knowledge. They’ve taught me a lot, and really inspired me to better myself as a hunter. And make no mistake, these guys are killers. Moreover, their ground hunting tactics and aggressive scouting strategies have changed the way hunters are pursuing whitetails.
  • Patrick Dorris
    Thank you for what you do
    I’m fairly new to hunting. But listening to y’all guys and seeing your energy has pushed me to become a beginner in the game of hunting. Your tips your input has put me into the mix and it’s appreciated more than you guys know.
  • Garet2108
    Please don’t
    Good podcast but Zach if you’re not still hunting don’t say you’re still hunting. Still hunting is a specific thing and you always say you’re still hunting but when you explain what you’re actually doing it’s not even close to still hunting. You’re moving way too fast to be acting like you’re still hunting.
  • James3745
    Most informative show on the planet!
    I’ve listened to these guys for going on 4 years now and can’t get enough of it! They are truthful and legit!
  • josh mingus
    Love these guys
    Love listening to all the stories I can’t get enough of this podcast I listen to it every waking moment this is a super relatable podcast specially me being from southeastern Ohio
  • JustinP828
    The best !
    Listening 4-5 hours a day! I’m lucky to live in a country club town with big tracts of public around. The deer get to 6-7 regular , no pressure just hikers mostly ! These podcast have shed some new light for me hunting especially deer hunting in the mountains(where I hunt) . All the different guest and new tactics they share plus the similarities everyone see’s is awesome! Keep up the good work.
  • Fan of Kenton
    New Follower
    Just got YouTube on my TV and started looking for more realistic hunting shows with great video. Did not not take long to find you guys. Shows are done very well and the podcasts are awesome! New fan and lots of content to absorb.
  • Redsoxfans1212
    Best friends I never met
    These guys are strongly in love with hunting! From new and experienced hunters can get something out of this.. Got me a tree saddle finally Zac
  • JettedVenturi
    Hella noice
    Top notch
  • rodburner31
    Not as good as their YouTube
    As a new hunter and watching THP YouTube I was thinking that their podcast would be equally as good. However, the host completely dominates the conversation and viewpoints of the guests or his hunting team. He’ll ask a question and almost immediately give his perception or experience rather than exploring his guests. What’s the point in having people on the podcast? After listening to Mark Kenyon , Beau Martonik and the THP YT channel I guess I was expecting that level of commentary and something more in depth, not the case with this format.
  • tjwilson1593
    Five star
    Great podcasts for new hunters and new to public land hunters
  • stevie218
    Best podcast
    I love this podcast so much, I have never been hunting my dad or buddies was are not hunters. But me listening to this podcast made me want to start. The only type of hunting I want to do is stalk. At the moment Iam currently training my body for what is to come my goal is to get in the woods in 2023 I should have all the equipment I need and training. Keep making these podcast I love you guys and ur stories
  • TheRealBigCountry
    Keep it up guys!
  • Chuck1415
    Love it.
    Love the podcast. Hearing your experiences and learning more constantly. Also, enjoy you talking about tracking dogs is awesome. Can I suggest having one of us on one day.
  • William E Jarvis
    Incredible Experience and Knowledge
    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us. I love the stories and have been learning so much from you and your guests on the show. Again, awesome stories and really grateful for y’all!
  • Scrugs
    Doug Wickham
    I am recovering from emergency surgery and I wasn’t able to hunt this fall. Your podcasts are awesome and I am able to watch your videos is great for my recovery. I watched your videos in the past and now during recovery I have viewed them all. Keep up the great work and I am telling all my hunting friends about The Hunting Public. I have watched all the “commercial” hunting shows and I think you guys are on the right track and keeping it relatable to hunters that don’t have huge tracks of land or money. Thank you for keeping normal hunters entertained.
  • customer84638262
    Highly recommend!
  • openjetty
    Practical knowledge and enjoyable stories
    I watched a few of THPs episodes on Amazon and then switched to podcasts so I can listen while I mow acres of grass every weekend. I can honestly say I have learned more about hunting from this podcast than any other single source of media. Zach’s discussion of walking cadence through the woods should be made into a single and launched on iTunes! Great stories and invaluable advice from these guys.
  • RogerAdkins1986
    Best hunting podcast
    This podcast is by far the best hunting podcast out there. Filled with information, strategy and advice for the common hunter. I highly recommend this show and their YouTube channel, which is the best as well.
  • FloGar22
    These guys rock!
    These guys rock and are well worth the time to listen to if you like to hunt
  • big buck boy
    Great show!
    Love it. Ferrnbaugh is the best!
  • C_Talbot
    Excellent show
    Thank you the show is informative and unpretentious. Sincerely, Christopher
  • Ozark.Hunter
    Full of great hunting knowledge
    I love watching THP but definitely enjoy getting to hear pieces of the story that you may not see in the videos. Also like that these guys give you some insight on what their mindset was when making the decisions during their hunt.
  • txyfsdjdd
    Great podcast
    Great podcast with great information and insight on Public Land hunting. Always enjoy the THP crew.
  • TradHunter
    Great Pod!
    This is the perfect pair to the YouTube channel and the social media pages. Hearing the podcasts really brings it all together and you get to hear the in between topics that are too detailed for the other platforms. Keep it up!
  • justones01
    The best hunting content out there.
    I have consumed every second of THP content. Nobody represents hunting better than THP. Keep up the good work!
  • asqpdb34534
    Latest episode
    Not sure if it was intentional, but the second half of this episode bounced back and forth between Warb and Jake. Made it kind of hard to follow along. Awesome content as always! Looking forward to the season!
  • Austin Gant
    THP is Awesome!!!
    Everyone can relate to these guys. I have been a fan since the beginning.
  • Asher loves cookies
    Family entertainment!
    My 4-year old Son and I have been watching everything THP for a couple years now. I’ve learned a lot about deer hunting in the last couple years from these guys. This podcast just adds to my ever-growing knowledge for the outdoors. THP- we love your stuff! Keep it up! Next time you make it through Oklahoma(Northeast), hit me up! I’d gladly give you some key public areas to pick apart!
  • EricVSRedfish
    Real people talking real hunting.
    After watching these guys for a couple years on YouTube The Hunting Public I can honestly say there is no better way to learn about deer and Turkey hunting. Even my dad who has hunted his entire life has said “I’m going to try that this year”. I myself have tried a few things different and had success with both deer and Turkey.
  • Wades37
    Thank You
    Love the show
  • zyeager1985
    Episodes 1-58
    I enjoy the show but where are episodes 1-58 I have iOS and it won’t show me those ??
  • Hester_bo
    Episode 158
    Love the podcast, great information normally. Just 158 was a one sided conversation. Saying that meaning that all we could hear was the guests side lol. Couldn’t hear Zach at all
  • Big E from Georgia
    Hope I spell her name right but Mindy is awesome. Her talking about how once she shot and got up and felt the feelings and what she prayed for happened was awesome to hear. I think y’all should do a Mindy Minute in each episode and let her share something from the Bible or just something from life or about a new hunter cause I like hearing what she has to say as a person who has hunted my whole life I learned things from her cause she is a new hunter and did t grow up around them. Awesome job y’all keep up the good work!
  • chief91k
    Setting the standard
    Found this podcast a couple months ago... I have listened to them all. Great stuff! Highly recommend listening as there share not only success but failures and lessons learned.
  • bjdaviz
    Best around!!
    These guys set the bar!! Love it!!
  • Srgrock
    Pure awesomeness 👍🏼
    Love everything about the hunting public! Instagram, YouTube, and podcast. Very down to earth group of public land hunters that share and teach about hunting in the great outdoors. Thank You Thomas Babcock Public land owner.
  • Bobrunner06
    THP guys rock
    Thanks for all the awesome content. REAL hunters choice for learning the outdoors
  • goiowa1
    One of the greats
    From podcast to youtube these guys are some of the best on the internet for hunting. Always enjoy their content. FOLLOW, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE.
  • ron don jones
    Gets me through work! You guys give great advice and tips!
  • Montana111111111
    You guys just like many others including Randy Newberg and Born & Raised Outdoors are ruining public lands and the hunting experience within them. But I’m sure you guys don’t care as long as you are making your money off of destroying hunting experiences on public land.
  • Great podcast
    As someone who hunts just thunder chickens 90% of the time i have finally found an informative podcast of likeminded individuals who teach me something new every time i listen!
  • tbcotto
    Your incident with the pigs is the exact reason why all year round even during bow season I don’t walk into the woods without my pistol. If that doesn’t happens to you at least once a season your not hunting deep enough lol
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