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  • gman for equal justice
    How do you not know Sydney Powell!?
    You claim to be insightful, fair and knowledgeable, yet on the 11/20/2020 episode of Glen Beck you didn’t know Sydney Powell”s last mane!? You lost all credibility! Have you heard of Michael Flynn!? You have reported on him! Yet you sounded dismissive/condescending of Powell in “trying” to recall her name. You ever heard of the crossfire hurricane case? Sickening. I’m unsubscribing from your podcasts. You’re just an establishment crony after all. Can’t see how you and Hannity friends. Disappointed that you have drank the kool-aid!
  • Wubneh
    Education not easy
    Is nothing new today lees education made easy to control anyone learning how people live in past and you see you present don’t let someone use you head from you ........Mr Bill thanks for keeping teaching to see are times.
  • mamadeena
    You don’t have a problem reporting negative news concerning the Democrats but when it comes to negative news about the Republicans you have very little to say.
  • 沩河
    Bill OR is a Jerk
    Bill, you are a jerk
  • ElenaSage
    My family has been listening to No Spin News for years. Thankful to you Bill for condensing what’s essential, ignoring the mainstream and speaking truth.
  • wkfarrar
    Bill, You if all people, think there is a lack of evidence???? Do you think that this was a fair and honest election?? Your cockiness
  • mazy55
    You fall right in with the whole lot of them
    Bill, I know you aren't a math teacher. I get it but I've read your books. You SEEM to have a grasp on logic and reasoning. When you report the covid numbers and what they mean you are absolutely incorrect. If there are 100k new cases reported daily it's only because there is widespread testing going on. IT IS NOT BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS SYMPTOMS AND IS SEEKING TREATMENT. What the brain dead media refuse to report is the number of actual sick patients. I am an RN in Los Angeles. UCLA- both campuses in Westwood and Santa Monica there are less than 10 patients admitted with covid 19. That is incredible!!!!! These numbers do not warrant another shut down from Commander Newsome. But it doesn't fit the narrative for the cheaters trying to take over, Pfizer and all anti orange man ranting that continues to bubble out here. So instead of just regurgitating stupid news, please try to explain to your listeners, like you do in your books, what the real message is. Come on man!
  • JAC Boston
    Good but you are too soft Bill
    I appreciate Bill’s common sense approach to the news. No spin. However his swamp contacts are old school and he is too soft. “Walk left side ok. Walk right side ok. Walk middle of road and squash like bug.” I went to Turley Talks for more straight forward news.
  • 2020TrumpWon
    There was fraud in the election
    You yammering on about no evidence of fraud when there is a plethora of evidence is dishonest. Go back to Fox you will fit right in.
  • Shevek13
    Don’t you sexually abuse women?
    Wow, looks like all these fake Christians that listen to you truly have no morals. Disgusting.
  • WJL2020
    Great show
    Bill, I listen to you daily. Thank you, at least for the most part, defending us conservatives. I know you are trying to be non-bias, but please defend Trump and us Patriots more.
  • Cubone&NatutrainerLannisterfan
    Loved the show and still do
    I’m 28 and I live in FL, and I remember every evening in high school I would sit and watch the O’Reilly Factor with my parents. I have read almost all of the Killing books and the Legends and Lies The Real West book. I am enjoying the Patton one so far because it always intrigued me. (My mom doesn’t care about it when I try to tell her something I read because she says that she heard enough about him when she was in school) With this election going the way it is I am starting to question the validity of the process. How can we trust a process that, yes has been around forever, but as we are seeing can so easily be corrupted? This may come as a shock to some people but Trump was right from the start. Voter fraud and mail in ballots are a problem. What I don’t understand is why, like how in Florida when you go to vote you have to show your ID, why this is not implemented in all states? I get that the Democrats don’t want it because it means that they can’t cheat. Also why can’t we impose fines or something like that when people fill out ballots in the name of a dead person? The system is just to corrupt and Biden’s team has just taken a step towards making it even more difficult to trust results in the future.
  • ddnaples
    Appreciated insights!
    So appreciate your insights and balanced research. I say a thank you to you each Morning after listening, especially during the kookie election.
  • Darth Cthulhu
    Falafel?? 🧆
  • 🏌️⚾️
    Thank you
    Been listening and watching for 20 yrs. thank you for what you do.
  • Loganfool
    Q zzz was
  • EEB8483
    Great content - volume consistency needs some work
    I love the content of the show but the volume fluctuates. Sometimes it’s hard to hear Bill with my AirPods even with the volume turned up
  • Gcgaston01
    Top notch content
    Who doesn’t appreciate Bill’s insight? Major sound production issues though. Fix it please!
  • JeffONYC
    It’s one sided, period.
    Not worth listening to if your a moderate. Sorry Bill.
  • Gary.B
    Affordable Care Act
    If the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare, and soon to be Bidencare) was so great, why does nobody ever raise why our elected Congress and Senate not take it up for their healthcare? Why is it good enough for me and the population and not for the people we elect. This is a double standard.
  • CB@SY
    So good to hear you again
  • @enzos_westo
    I used to like hearing your opinion when George Bush Jr was in office. I even bought your book. You held a more reasonable tone in your criticism of both parties. But now as you back the shameful and dishonorable man siting in the oval, your tone is so far to the right, that I don’t associate you with a bais opinion giver. Are you gonna sit there and tell me that you are proud of our president?!?! Shameful.
  • hippy dave117
    Fun fact
    Other countries look at Trumps COVID nonresponse, and our death toll, and they feel sorry for us.
  • Owl60J
    Great Content - Fix the volume issues
    5 stars for content, 1 star for volume consistency and listenability. When BOR began this podcast, I figured it would take time to get things working well, and it did. The podcast is much better or more stable, but Bill's voice is often hard to hear. His volume changes frequently causing you to adjust the volume up and down frequently. Hoever, when he brings a clip in, the volume is constent and clear; almost always louder than Bill, but the clip is the correct volume. Please fix this. Here is an example. Try listening to this in a car and have a GPS like Waze on at the same time. When Waze jumps in to tell you to turn, you are startled because of how loud Waze is due to the volume setting you have to have in order to hear Bill. This can't be hard...
  • BobbyBaby
    True baseline opinion
    This man started the fair and balanced. Glad to see you still lean on your roots. You don’t have to like him but you should HEAR him.
  • Rob P CA Conservative
    Crystal Clarity
    I enjoy that your timely cast is ready every early AM in the PDT. Your thoughts come through with crystal clarity. Please though Bill, have your producer balance volume between your speaking and your intro music or ads. It not professional how loudly your intros and ads blare immediately after turning up the volume to hear you speak clearly.
  • bvldtb
    I found Bill O’Reilly
    I am very happy. to have found your podcast I really missed you when you left Fox keep up the job you are famous for .
  • 333710
    Oct 8th
    Why acknowledge Deniro on your show? Without a script written for him his intellect is reduced to 4 letter expletives.
  • sunshine paw
    She’s not acting like a classy, admirable lady.
    Could you see Harris talking to a world leader shaking her head, rolling her eyes, and talking like a thug totally embarrassing. God help us all if she happens to be Vice President. Our leaders, I thought, were suppose to be respected, admirable, and honest that is impossible if Harris is elected. I don’t think I would allow her to be my babysitter. Her body language is not classy or admirable at all. I tell my husband if you catch me acting in such a manner like Harris was displaying in the debate please let me know. I agree what you say about her demeanor is disgusting. Was she hookering cause she darn sure not looking like a lady. I don’t approve of her either Bill. Everything you have said went through my mind.
  • Jenefrost
    To the point
    You have a top quality program. Very balanced, with more info less nonsense, and no spin, spin belongs on a record player. You have a pleasant voice not dull not to fast or slow, all that equals a top quality program 🏆 Thank you 🙏🏻
  • @JimDuchene
    Enjoy your analysis, but your intro music is way too loud.
    Time saving news
    I’ve been searching for honest news. This is it. I don’t always agree with Bill, I do listen and take in each point with an objective view. Thank you Bill for the product you produce.
  • dollface's mom
    I need good information- thanks, Mr. O
    Good information thanks
  • Huskerz70
    Just some thoughts
    I miss hearing Bill on my sat radio. The refreshing thing about him is he’s middle road. Tired of hearing far left and far right. Most of Americans are at the 50 yard line. It’s the shallow people who need to be told what to do. Thanks Bill for being the voice of reason.
  • bribro
    Better than fox
    Better than the liar Geraldo
  • Corranhornr09
    Great content. Sound volume is poorly balanced
    Great content and perspective. PLEASE BALANCE YOUR SHOWS AUDIO VOLUME I listen on Apple podcast, typically a few episodes at a time. The intro show music is significantly louder then Bills speaking voice. This results in the listener having to turn up the volume to hear Bill speak and then getting blasted by irritatingly loud music at the start of the next episode. Whoever handles the sound production should listen in this fashion and fix this ASAP.
  • gray26girl
    Thanks, Bill, for the facts.
  • MikeyFreedom
    Obsessed leftists
    The obsessed leftists can’t help themselves. I wouldn’t waste my time reviewing the left wing commentators but the mentally ill left, search out stuff that offends them and make it their business to slander, lie and cancel.... sadly normal people are wise to the mentally ill leftists. That’s why Trump will have 2 terms. Enjoy leftist scum 😃
  • Quality > Quantity
    Qubits Toy > Lego
    Thanks for mentioning Qubits Toy USAF Veteran owned Made in N.C. Better than Lego, you’re right!
  • Novica36
    So Good I became a Life Member.
    So good, I became a Life Member.
  • Astronuggetsandfries
    Informative and Straight facts
    I appreciate Bills straight forward approach.
  • JeffySpeaks!
    One Star Because...
    Fire your audio engineer! Holy hell, Mr O’Reilly, one minute you are whispering, the next YELLING. The content is five stars, but I’m constantly having to turn the volume up or down because the audio engineer can’t seem to figure out their job! It literally HURTS when I have the volume up to hear what you are saying, then am sonically blasted by the next segment or audio clip. I’ll readjust to five stars once this MASSIVE annoyance has been remedied.
  • Philly philster
    Needs to be a longer podcast. 45 minutes minimum.
    Love this podcast but, I’m not sure why this show isn’t at least 30 minutes long
  • BigMike#333
    Bill told us from the beginning—“I can’t vote for Trump.” Neutral parties are the enemy of both.
  • SoNotAHater333
    Not news, not objective
    Why do people still listen to this lying rapist.
  • estherben
    Bill is clear thinking, makes a lot of sense, speaks with a rhythm that is gentle on the mind. I always loved his report on current affairs. I’d love to see him get his own program of no nonsense rhetoric.
  • Karen R O
    Glad to hear Bill again!!!
    Glad to hear you again. Missed your no spin reporting. We need more like you on main steam again.
  • nknemo5
    Bill, please get an audio guy
    Bill, I love your show but please get a professional to mix your audio professionally.
  • teenagerinparadise
    NO spin all facts LOL
    Are you kidding because it’s a good joke😂😂😂unfortunately him, trump and his dumpster mutants are literally the opposite of what America is. Wait till we have tyrant trump ruling until he dies and dumpster jr is the next in line as dictator. By then the world will probably be chaos if he even gets another year let alone 4.
  • R.A.S.C.
    Bill O’Rielly
    Glad you’re back on our podcast. We finally found you on first TV. I guess you were gone on vacation this past week which is why we didn’t have you on Podcasts. This caused me to search for first TV. Found it on Pluto. It’s just great to see you in person. We listen to all your podcasts that come through. R.A.S.C.
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