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Wrestling #19

K100 with Konnan and Disco presents arguably the biggest box office sensation in the history of Mexico! A WWF, WCW, MLW and Lucha Underground superstar, head writer, producer for AAA in Mexico, and power broker… not that Konnan is being vainglorious or anything! One thing is for sure, through it all, Konnan has always Kept it 100.While this has not always kept him endeared to management, it's one reason why he's garnered a huge worldwide following of fans who love hearing him spit the truth. "Not hatin, just statin." He ain't afraid to touch on any hot topic in wrestling; MMA, boxing, politics, pop culture as he goes uncut and uncensored on a weekly basis.

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  • WillviciousMyrtleBeach
    Does disco let anyone talk?
    He asks a question then immediately starts answering before the guest gets a chance to speak. If the guest even gets half a sentence in, they’re being talked over by Disco. This is Konnans show, yet he gets his nuts cut out from under him and power talked by Disco. He has to fight to get a word in edgewise. Joe as well, and pretty much anyone that comes on. This is the most frustrating listen put there, solely due to DI, who is a good personality but needs to learn how to have a decent conversation. Terrible host.
  • Jayofelony
    LOVE IT!!!
    There isn’t one thing about this podcast that I dislike. Great banter, great stories, insider-knowledge on how the business works, and expert reviews. Not to mention that neither one of these guys are a flaming liberal. They’re as middle of the road as it gets, and they don’t pander to the incels like Nash does. Definitely my favorite wrestling podcast. Keepin it 100, Truth w/ Consequences with Russo, 83 Weeks, and Dutch Mantell are my go-to.
  • BlocSeekr
    Konnan is delusional
    Iyo Sky is a tier above ALL those clowns in masks. Are you upset she doesn’t take 3 minutes to set up her spots like Vikingo? Are you upset that she doesn’t come off cringey as can be like Penta? RUSH about the only star from your entire territory and even he is a Jobber to Jungle Boy. Have some perspective man.
  • TangBotCity
    Way Better Than Expected
    Wow! What a surprise. I was not expecting a show that contained such refreshing insight into our modern era. Do they discuss wrestling? Yes, but so much more! Politics, society, sports, and pop-culture are only a few of the topics explored. I’m in!
  • Mark Madden
    Great BUT
    Great podcast. Love Disco and Conan. HATE some of the latino podcast ads that repeadily come on and I have to fast forward through
  • Levotheconqueror
    This is the only podcast I listen to where there are more minutes dedicated to commercials than actual content. Love the content but my god, the amount of commercials is ridiculous. Not even Conrad Thompson’s pods have near these amount of commercials.
  • gw4075
    Don’t waste ur time
    This is one of the worst podcasts I ever heard Makes no sense. These guys need to work at a fast food joint cause this is terrible
  • Pauly From Milwaukee
    Love the podcast love everyone, but i wouldn't have Disco book even a Christmas party
  • veego
    Great show when it is Disco & Konan
    But I would LOVE if they quit inviting the sad, worthless Vince Russo to the show. I thought Glenn Gilberto said “Bro” too much, “he who must not be named” uses it 10 times as much while babbling incoherent reasoning. I Love Disco, Konnan, & even Joe (but I will never listen to Get My Goat ever!), but Russo’s voice make me not listen. I’m pretty sure WCW’s biggest decline came when Russo became on air GM. It has to hurt your numbers when he is on!
  • Juancula
    love the show!
    I got no quarrels with the show but the Cheekie ads are unbearable. I can’t hit fast forward fast enough!
  • Disco is a jobber and cody
    Lobby for a job 100
    This is a hate podcast they are mad they are the one of the lowest viewed in wrestling podcast snowflake
  • JonnyFNbenson
    Enough with the Cheekies adds. They are brutal
  • lilsangre
    First time I actually enjoyed a podcast
    I started listening to this podcast while working my 10 hour shifts and time goes by fast just by listening to this podcast and being able to laugh and stay informed on the media while they discuss it.
  • Mykne3grow
  • Nickstradamus
    Best non bias wrestling podcast
    Like the name says they keep it 100. They show no favoritism to AEW or WWE they just keep it real. They also have great stories about WCW back in the day.
  • Matthewh1447
    Great conversation
    Really awesome show where disagreements are allowed, and not afraid to speak out.
  • ivester
    Great cast of friends
    I love listening to them it reminds me of me and friends arguing over football and wrestling great podcast highly recommended
  • DiSandwich
    Keepin’ it worthless
    Garbage opinions from a tired old burned out pothead idiot who sees every issue through the lens of race, as racists do. How do they have a paid option for this? That’s ennnnough.
  • Jorelthefhostofkrypton
  • Voodoo child 82
    What happened to the music
    Great show but what happened to the music breaks
  • IrishHBK
    5 stars
    If ima keep it 100 i gotta give yal five stars. I do miss the Juice tho. Can u at least play his Twitter handle again? 😂
  • thefishman06
    I feel bad for Konan
    I can not make it through a podcast. Holy crap is Disco terrible at this. Not only are his “takes” all shock jock for reaction just like Mr. Tennis Racket, he also can’t let anyone finish a thought. Do not recommend.
  • HardcoreWrestling
    Unexpectedly Awesome!
    I wasn’t expecting much from this podcast but for any wrestling fan in their 40’s this should be required listening! I started listening from Episode 1 and by Episode 40, KG almost made this unlistenable. I have to say this show is far far better without KG and is absolutely the best wrestling related podcast.
  • wwewwewwewwewweweewwewwewee
    Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe
  • SteeeelerNation
    Awesome Show!
    One of the best wresting shows out there! Konnan be keepin’ it 💯💯💯💯💯💯
  • pedroakapete
    Awesome show
    Some bad segments on their show like when Frankie Kazarian comes on or Mark Madden, but they are friends so I get it. Just fast forward through that and you’re good, doesn’t take away from the show.
  • KrisLaniLewie
    You Can hear konnan eating During the show
    It is so gross, to hear him smacking his food and talking with food in his mouth during the entire show. It’s the nastiest, most stomach turning, and distracting noise I’ve heard on a podcast. I feel like someone who is as cultured as the podcast host would have more respect for himself and his audience than that. If you don’t like to hear people to chew their food, Then pass on this podcast.
  • timhagstrim
    Just wrestle
    These guys are not broadcasters, and i never even understood why that would be bad until I heard this show. They are not entertaining, they don’t tell story’s well, they are just annoying. K-dog does not come off as a smart guy.
  • Latino Heat 2000
    About 4 stars
    Alright podcast. More good than bad, but just not great overall. Konnan has interesting insight as does Disco, but Disco talks too much. A little too all over the place at times making it hard to invest consistently in this show.
  • Carlos J Aponte
    Great podcast
    Konnan and the crew are great! Super entertaining podcast. I look forward to every Thursday and now Monday for the rehash show. Day 1 listener Boom!
  • mattnailinyourmom
    Very Good
    After listening to Cornette for a couple of months and becoming extremely depressed, I switched to this. Much better! And a lot less complaining about everything and everyone
  • OldDirtyBostater
    New Listener!
    I’m loving it so far. Always enjoyed Disco in WCW and he’s really good here. He and Konnan have good chemistry and enjoy all the guests. Appreciate that they don’t pull punches and actually keep it 100. I only don’t enjoy the sports talk but that’s on me not them.
  • Dave Sac
    Bow Wow Wow Yippy Yo Yippy Yay
    I love this show. The Balance of K-Dogg & Disco makes this so great with how they cover all sorts of topics.
  • Matt Wingblad
    Absolute must-listen every week
    This is the only podcast I listen to the minute it comes out.I love how we get diverse opinions on so many topics and every point of view is welcome.
  • brandonwarne52
    Love to hear K-Dawg and Disco tell unfiltered stories of the greatest era of wrestling
  • Lizzy28384948,
    Iranian Tobacco Accent
    Best Podcast Period!!! Love the new rehash show, but it would be great if you guys could edit KG out of there.
  • WhyhaveaKid
    Just makes no sense
    Random songs start talking about wrestling then goes off on politics.... ok Konnan is what 50?? And sounds like a kid who just scored his first dime bag of weed
  • DJ88
    Best wrestling podcast going.
    I wish I could rate this the Meltzer (Mark) Scale. Cause this show would get 7 and 1/4 stars in the Tokyo Dome. If it could be rated by Shibata headbutts it was be a solid 4.
  • JoshP2007
    Matt Coon? Really?
    Normally an awesome show and love listening to but getting Matt Coon on the show makes it the worst episode of the year. Out of everybody you could get on you get this Jabroni?
  • zapatista49
    Update: too Alt Right
    Joe the producer is a jackass alt right boy who drops too many snide stuff. Disco is what he is and is always funny to me even when I disagree. I seem to fall right along the line with Konnan’s views a lot. The content is thought provoking and fun but please get rid of Joe. That twink isnt funny or bring anything intelligent. Hopefully he joins his mom soon! Also dude this show has just become an alt right jerk frst. Some of use don’t care about politics. Over this show. Unsubscribed.
  • Tonytwodat
    Good stuff
    Keeping it 100 is one of the few in my rotation of podcast. Makes the 45 min drive to work so much more bearable. Konnan is the best! JoJo is the hardest working man in the podcast buiz and then there is Disco. TonyTwoDat!
  • KatieM1980
    Best pod in the game
    Great pod Konnan Disco and JoJo are a great team highly recommend
  • jamesnicka
    The Stranger
    I love listening to keeping it 100 every week. Legends giving hot takes and funny banter, awesome guests, love the ufc talk, love the song’s that are played throughout the pod. Great stuff to Konnan and the gang. One love
  • "Rad Rob" Rob Francois
    Always Entertaining!
    I'm a lifelong wrestling fan and as a big fan of Konnan's career, I love this show! K Dawg always tells it like it is, and while Disco can be annoying at times, Konnan is a great listen and the host is one of the best around!
  • RyanGhantous
    My Support for Keepin It 100 w/ Konnan
    If ppl wanna listen to an awesome, outspoken, straight up wrestling podcast on whatever platform they use now a days, Keepin It 100 w/ Konnan is the one for all of you. Konnan is one of the GOAT in professional wrestling, and he’s still keepin it 5150. Once Again, Keepin It 100 is the one wrestling podcast you would want to hear
  • SalviaSansMarl
    Be Someone Podcast
    My boy Konan is killing the podcast game. I love his interesting take and 100% honesty. Great show homie keep it up! Chris Ortiz
  • r8ter316
    A review done by the rules:
    (No eye contact) Compliment 1: disco your matches in wcw were all really good and your punch one of the best in the businesss. Compliment 2: Your opinions on wrestling today is very relevant and a breath of fresh air to wrestling podcasts. (Handshake with 20 dollar bill given) Review: Awesome show that is not only the original wrestling podcast but has more credibility then any other wrestling podcast. Wrestling, comedy, sports, politics, fantastic music choices all around. Spread the word to friend or foe and support Keepin it 100. Other than when Mike Durband is on the show, I can always count on a unique and entertaining episode each week.
  • Bryan Deth
    Loving it!
    Konnan is one of the many guys from the business that I’ve watched and admired when I was a kid. I love how, once he joined the Dungeon of Doom and evolved himself on screen, how he seemed to really just put all his personality out there along with his in ring talent. He’s always come off as real, but cool and not trying to be a dick just speaking his mind. And I’m loving to hear the show and him being real and cool. You’re the man Koonan. I’m glad I followed you and we talk a little. Much love from Pittsburgh, PA!
  • TheFreakFreeman
    Why I Love This Show
    I love the show. I watched Konan in TNA and I’ve heard him do podcasts before. Just recently I started listening to Keeping It 100 and I am hooked. I love the stories from his past and the Q&A’s are my favorite.
  • MB Virtual
    Best Podcast
    Konnan always keeps it real, great insight!
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