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A deeper level of golf: conversations and stories about golf course design, professional golf, and more from the team behind

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  • stewmaker
    Best golf podcast for people who love golf
    If you love golf (the history, architecture, design, management, turf) this is best podcast you can listen to. Andy does a phenomenal job taking to superintendents and architects.
  • Jay Holiman
    So insightful!
    As a busy father of four (ages 4-11), I am currently renewing my passion for golf now that I can take the kids out to play. Love the Pod, from course discussions, current events, yoke w Doak, and especially the Superintendent Series. I worked on the grounds crew at Old Waverly in West Point MS during the 99 US Women’s open. Hearing the insights from the vertebrae of the golf world is delightful. Especially since these are some of the most colorful characters in the golf world!
  • Joe Freemark
    Best Golf Podcast
    Such an enjoyable podcast. Highly recommend.
  • Tom Fazio
    Best discussions on golf course architecture I’ve found
    Great stuff.
  • Fun34215
    Great Podcast
    Consistently great content covering all angles of the golf industry. Thoughtful, insightful, and in-depth pieces that have helped grow my understanding and enjoyment of the game. Highly recommend to any player that wants to enjoy the sport more.
  • Fotograf4
    pro tip for Garret
    The word tour rhymes with four, not sewer.
  • Ideas ideas ideas
    National Geographic of Golf
    Love the variety and depth you bring to all the aspects of golf you tackle. I always take something away that I had my thought of or didn’t know. History, design, hot topics all done well!
  • otto6457
    Get the LIV episode in front of Jay
    The most reasoned and considered evaluation of the threat from LIV. PLEASE……find a way to make Jay and the top execs of the PGA Tour sit down and LISTEN to this podcast. The future of the Tour is hanging by a thread the they appear to be in whistling as the ship goes down.
  • christopher embrey
    Great episode Andy!
    LIV is more nimble than the PGA. Why? PORK What is PORK? Senior Tour Players 81-150 on PGA having full status distinct from Korn Ferry and so on I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of sub top 80 players having a viable championship tour to play on which GUARANTEES a definable opportunity to gain PGA status.
  • Jackbquick
    Awesome pod!
    Great pod made playing golf more enjoyable. Understanding design and other topics on here will change the way you look at the game.
  • 1918
    Great golf content
    Very happy to be review #1,000. Best golf content out there!
  • 54UnderPar
    Excellent pod. I listen to almost every episode, and I like being able to support fried egg’s work and it’s sponsors.
  • H20freek
    Not Scrambled
    In a world of thoughtlessness and slop, the Fried Egg serves us two over-medium with a side of perfectly toasted wheat bread. Thank you for providing such insightful, creative and carefully considered content for those of whose love of golf demands more than runny yokes sprinkled with egg shells.
  • GarrettL69
    As someone who has gotten into architecture the last few years, this pod is incredibly informative and well done. Thanks for all the hard work!
  • CodyHeels91
    The Fried Egg is best!
    If you’re like me, you started golfing during COVID and immediately found golf podcasts. Fore Play was the first podcast I found but eventually wanted something more serious about golf, so I graduated to No Laying Up, but eventually I wanted something even more serious about golf, so I have graduated onto The Fried Egg and Shotgun Start podcasts! The Shotgun Start is informative hilarious and The Fried Egg podcasts are incredible well produced!
  • Jcaddell
    Love it
    Thank you guys for making this podcast. It is my go to golf pod three times a week. I really enjoy the gambling tips 😂
  • heusishbwbbsn
    I met Meg Adkins on a flight so i thought to look up this podcast, that was a good idea i really like it.
  • benkev68
    The series on the history of the ball! Yolk with dolk?! F yes, more please The history of ball series and stymie, god they make me enjoy the game more! What an adventure
  • pcraig651
    The best
    The best golf podcast. All others are pretenders.
  • Mike091303
    Mike Vessely
    Really enjoy the Superintendent series and how colleagues mix agronomy and architecture differently.
  • T Hooper
    Ryan Tuxhorn interview
    Great interview. Please name the location of the golf courses being discussed. Also, what is Brian’s background? I think he is the architect? Thx!
  • Sbacon11
    So great.
    Who knew golf architecture talk could be this interesting! One of the great golf pods out there. By listening to this you’ll instantly be a smarter golfer.
  • Wethy1
    Garret is Great
    Garret is consistently insightful and this episode is another example of his excellent work
  • Salvat22
    Don Placek Podcast
    A great pod! Covered so many topics and a lot great advice. Just Listen!!
  • Ryanw83
    These guys trick you into thinking they really understand golf
  • isavealot
    Phenomenal show
    Perfect podcast for the serious golf enthusiast.
  • pjallen11
    great but flawed
    When they talk golf it’s awesome; unfortunately they seem to want to be an NFL/Chicago Bears podcast and when they talk NFL it’s a 1 star podcast at best. The rest of the sports world is NFL saturated, it would be nice to be able to get away from that.
  • Highsociety johnson
    Golf nerds
    Dr. Mackenzie to you homie.
  • Duffer2009
    Pod gets better every time
    The addition of garret, Meg, little will and the team have elevated the pods to even more of a must listen. Great stuff.
  • 3puttvermont
    Fried Egg Stories are absolutely incredible!
    Garrett, you are a master! Your level of research and detail is perfect, your b-roll in the latest Qualifiers episode about surfing was beautifully articulated. The sound design is wonderful. I could go on and on, but I would hold up these episodes against any podcast. Not just golf or sports podcast. Any podcast full stop.
  • @BPhillips_NFL
    5 star
    They’ve always done a great job introducing listeners to new aspects of golf and golf architecture through their interview style pods, but I really, really enjoy the narrative format series (Fried Egg Stories) they’ve put together. Great work.
  • jfrancis87
    Some good content, awkward transitions.
    Why don’t you do better intros and exits? It’s weird when the interview just ends and the theme song starts playing, jarring the listener being caught off guard. Garrett does some great topics but needs more enthusiasm, the monotone puts me to sleep at times
  • 155 Funson
    Knowledgeable and Informative Golf Discussions
    The Fried Egg has such a wide range of knowledgeable and informative golf discussion anywhere from architecture to maintenance to equipment and much more. It has helped increase my understanding of numerous topics within golf that I hadn’t given much thought to previously. Highly recommend giving it a listen!
  • TKO1
    Great golf pod, love the host
    Opened my eyes up to a whole other side of golf.
  • rppakennedy
    Bob Ranum
    I loved this pod. He was very interesting and had great stories.
  • will474747
    Good pod
    Love the pod. Very informative and always have interested guests. On the other hand any time I hear this guys voice I want to go hit myself in the plums with a 9 iron.
  • kurteverett
    Great listen
    Probably my favorite podcast. Especially love the superintendent series
  • golfsoupjones
    Superintendent Series
    Just listened to Wild Horse Superintendent Josh Mahar, great work!! I could listen to you guys all day, but I have to take care of 2 courses myself, but really enjoy your podcast, keep ‘em coming!!
  • Horn607
    More Yoak with Doak
    Love the interviews and inside information. As well as the history with Tom Doak. Shoot you could have a podcast in itself with just him on there!!
  • StillKicking123
    Fried Egg Stories - Yes its that good!
    Just listened to Fried Egg Stories ep 8 Golf and the City - Harding Park. This is 'This American Life' quality story-telling, subject matter and varied points of view. I cannot wait to listen to more Fried Egg Stories, so well done!
  • jorolo25
    Love it
    Great Great Great. Always interesting and relevant.
  • Go Vote!
    Someone referred me to the Steve Cook interview and I’m hooked. Very thoughtful and informative. I did a little more searching and found an interview with Andy Johnson at Lying Four. These both seem tremendous resources to find excellent if unheralded golf courses.
  • Paigedog
    Golf Junkie deep digs
    If you live for the stuff golf telecasts don’t show then this is for you.
  • AltRevival
    Very Intersting
    Such a good podcast for all of those interested in golf course architecture and an appreciation for the history of the game and also some unique takes on the modern game. This pod is a regular in my rotation. Fantastic content.
  • Rdubles47565
    Yolk with Doak Episodes are my favorite podcasts.
    Excellent podcasts that have grown a huge interest in Golf Course Architecture for me.
  • living under bogey
    Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    A podcast about golf shirts, life, and solving life problems.
  • Lawyer Tom
    Eagle Springs
    This episode is an albatross! Great stuff. My brother lives in Janesville so now I have a reason to fly to Milwaukee to visit as I will drive right by
  • Coloradogolfer
    Perfect for the golf obsessed
    If you eat, sleep, and breath golf then this podcast is for you. Andy’s focus on golf architecture and the new segments with superintendents shed a light on aspects of the game that go overlooked my most commentary on the game. If you want to truly learn more about golf, then you’ve got to listen to the fried egg. The delivery can be a bit monotone and slow at times but the content and deep knowledge about the history of golf easily makes up for that in my opinion.
  • Bhintz33
    Awesome podcast and content
    Really enjoy learning about golf course architecture and everything that goes into the different processes. Excellent latest podcast with Nick Hardy, what a great kid. I really enjoyed hearing his outlook and perspective on golf. I will definitely root for him in the future!
  • ohtomitoaz
    Love the content
    Love this podcast but what’s wrong with the audio? Is it only me?
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