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  • BlahovecPartyOf3
    Accidental came across this gem!!
    My husband and I were on our way back from our second trip to VT (from Pittsburgh, PA) so we had about a 10.5 hour drive. We have been considering moving to VT since we step foot in Stowe in 2020! On a whim, when the podcast we were listing to finished, I told him i’d find another. Joking typing “what do I need to know about moving to VT” and wouldn’t you know it, that exact title came up. This episode was great! Full of great tid-bits but I love the openness of the answers as well! We just posted on their IG page our own question!! Hope to hear a new one soon!!
  • scrane11
    Great show about Vermont
    Such a cool way to think about journalism…and the stories are terrific and so fun and well reported. Another reason to love Vermont
  • 12FootDinghy
    Fun Vermont show
    A great place to learn a few things about our home. And the best when they stay away from politics.
  • AnitaM802
    Love this Vermont Grown podcast
    Great reporting! Love the local history and local interest stories. I learn so much about this state. Keep up the great work.
  • HoldyB
    Informative Podcast about Vermont!
    Learning so much about the state of Vermont. Answering questions I may not have been curious about but the show does a great job of getting me interested in the topics they explore about Vermont.
  • esmitty08
    Great informative show!
  • Ashley L Arnold
    Love this series
    Such both a fun and relevant approach to a podcast
  • Sean and Allison
    This show answers all the questions I [a Vermonter] didn't even know I had. The journalism is superb, and the personalities interviewed are real salt of the earth. If you could shop for podcasts at a Farmer's Market, this is what you'd find. The heirloom tomato of northwoods journalism.
  • TonyJT001
    Great Little Podcast
    I was born, raised and live in Vermont. I have listen to most of the podcasts and find them extremely educational and interesting. There is much information about the State that I never knew. Good work.
  • K80fab
    A reminder of my roots
    I grew up visiting Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, where my mother was raised, and I actually lived just south of my grandparent’s old farm for four years, before moving to the midwest. This podcast is a regular reminder of all the wonders and quirks of Vermont. Ohio could be Indiana could be Illinois. Louisiana could be Alabama. Those places aren’t that different from one another. But Vermont is like no other place. This podcast reflects that. As a bonus, every once in a while, you’ll hear a Vermonter with that brilliant North Country drawl. Brings me right back to Grammy’s summer kitchen!
  • Emily M
    Great fun in depth show
    I caught part of an episode on VPR recently, and am now working my way through old episodes. I’ve lived in Vermont most of my life, and am thoroughly enjoying learning more about my great little state! The interviews and reporting are top notch.
  • GinoBoyee
    Hyper-local VT Podcast
    There’s hands down no better podcast about Vermont .
  • matt martino
    North country
    👍🏻 I love your show. I live in upstate New York right across lake Champlain out by the border so our life is a lot like the Vermont lifestyle. You do such great in depth reporting/investigating on what it is too live in the north country thank you.
  • B'jane
    Northeast Kingdom 3/09 Episode
    Why does everyone, including Governor Dean, sound drunk? I didn't have the patience to keep listening, I'm afraid. I don't suppose you'd be willing to fix it?
  • A Varnon
    Curious & Delightful
    This pod goes off the beaten path to bring you wonderful Vermont stories.
  • jeffmorrison49
    Not just for Vermonters
    I’m a long time Vermont lover, summer camp attendee/employee etc. There’s something about this podcast that captures the particular undefinable quality about Vermont that makes it so special in my experience. It’s answered some of my and my family’s questions (yeah, why *does* VT feel and look different than the states around it?) and questions that I never thought to ask but now seem obvious in retrospect. Love it. Keep it up!
  • acercampestre
    Well done!!
    Just discover Brave Little State and am catching up with old episodes. One more interesting than the last. Keep it up.
  • Tdubz'
    Fun and informative
    I love the variety of topics. Keep em coming!
  • Walter LP
    Super high quality
    Very impressive little podcast to come out of Vermont. I’m surprised and delighted. A+
  • Primary Consumer
    My only question is how this podcast is so good!
    Great podcast. Even the mundane-sounding questions produce nothing but fascinating listening material. Keep up the great work!
  • Will Dahlberg
    A delight for the ears and the mind.
    I am delighted that VPR invested the resources into this project. It has paid off. It is well researched, thoughtful in the production, and brings all the best parts of public radio to an innovative concept. As an ex-pat Vermonter, it asks many questions I've always wondered about. It also gives me a slice of the "sound" of home. This should serve as a model for other NPR member stations and how they can work with their own listeners and community. Thank you, VPR!
  • Metallidan
    Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always interesting!
    Vermont is one of a kind, this little diddy takes a look at some of the best things your have never heard of and teaches you something! Always a joy to listen to!
  • Ilkevmofu
    Brave little show!
    Great podcast about our great state (& I assume folks not lucky enough to live here would agree too!).
  • Roger Winston
    The podcast I've been waiting for
    As a Vermonter stuck living in the big city, I miss the state every waking moment of the day. This podcast dulls the pain.
  • Suzygoblue
    Interesting stories done in pleasant manner. I learned a lot. Time well spent.
  • Formerandtobeislander
    Way to go VPR. Very cool.
  • B_Kinney
    People-powered reporting doesn't disappoint
    This is a great concept for a podcast! People ask questions and Alex Keefe and Angela Evancie go looking for the answers. It's informative and fun. Loved the first two episodes and can't wait for more!
  • VTsnowmaker
    Dig It!
    Congrats on the new podcast and fun format. Looking forward to future episodes off the beaten path in VT.
  • KevCamVT
    Great idea for a podcast and the firs(t) episode was excellen(t)!
  • thomaspcook
    Looking forward
    I just listened to the first episode, and I'm eager to hear what comes next. This sound like a great idea for a podcast! Woo hoo!
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