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Jim Cornette hits you with his blunt and uncensored take on professional wrestling, entertainment, politics and more!


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  • Thebadguy127
    The best
    I love me some Cornette!!! I’m tired of reading comments like "the wrestling talk is great but the political talk is stupid” If u don’t like it go listen to something else, Dummy!
  • veego
    A fun podcast if you aren’t scared of your shadow.
    Man, I debated after his comment on NWA Power, but being I genuinely enjoy his podcast. If you are scared someone is gonna hate your favorite wrestler don’t listen, if you want to hear a guy with experience tell it like he sees it from 3 years in wrestling, enjoy. Anyone hating this podcast is an AEW/Indy wrestling curmudgeon who needs to go talk to live humans, not just Twitter. Your favorite spot monkey, cheerleader routine using, unfunny wrestlers stink. Sorry you grew up in a terrible, fake era of wrestling.
  • issymourbutts6969
    Love Jim cornette
    Funny guy with a cool sidekick as well. Great story teller doesn’t mind telling people how it is. Speaks his mind as he sees fit.
  • Rmosq
    Story time with Uncle Jim
    I love listening to this podcast even though I don’t agree with everything he says. It’s comforting, like listening to your uncle or grandpa tell stories by the fire. You don’t even have to pay close attention to modern day wrestling to enjoy!
  • Sex Furgeson
    Jim sounds like a magat with this cm punk story
    Jim’s version of-this punk story sounds like Musk talking about Pelosi. An intentional misrepresentation of the facts. Jim has a crush on punk. Like Maga loves 45. Smarten up ,Jim.
  • Rich S in NY
    Grave. Great story line
  • ?!bbb
    Love the podcast but olease add timestamps! Pods are long and I look forward to the wwe/aew reviews only. Gets annoying having to fast forward to try and find this content every week.
  • Bryce Goddard
    The irony
    That moment you realize OVW isnt around anymore because management wanted to get in everyones pants and denied people call-ups if they didnt get their way. To listen to this hick get on his podcast and ring people through the mud is hilarious when both he and his wife should be in jail.
  • ksiemsnendmd
    Jim is awful
    Jim eats corn the long way
  • AudioConsumer
    Download, this podcast, Listen, and enjoy!!
    This is thee podcast! Enjoy deep dives into the history, and history-in-the-making, of the greatest sport: WRESTLING! Jim Cornette has been around the wrestling block a few times (to put it lightly) and along the way he’s gathered more knowledge and stories than you can fit in a steel cage! Jim speaks his mind, and his opinions are all backed up with first hand accounts or research. Jim also has a companion podcast: JIM CORNETTE’S DRIVE-THRU which is a smorgasbord of tasty secrets, where Jim answers people’s questions. Why you still reading?! Download, listen and enjoy this podcast!! @Robert_Negoesco
  • dshaw3233
    Jim speaking how all the true wrestling fans feel!
    The only wrestling podcast to tell it like it is. Brian and Jim are the best in the business doing it!
  • SmallPeePeeRepubs
    great show
    Notice that all the negative reviews are from MAGA losers
  • Germanotta3395
    Best of
    I love the wrestling, politics, and all topics because the commentary is hilarious while being truthful.
  • fxckyoubxtxh
    James E Cornette speaks his opinions and yours too.
    This is the only pro wrestling podcast worth the time.
  • Iwillbeyourhuckleberry
    Love the show but………
    I love the show when he actually talks about wrestling. I left the show for a while because it got too political and less about wrestling. I came back today ( 8/10) and the first 30 mins of the show was trashing on Alex Jones ( I don’t like him either but I don’t want to hear about it ) . I so what a good old school wrestling show and less political crap please
  • Juscallmeswish
    Jim !!!
    This is podcast gold !!!
  • Vin E.
    The Best
    The Best Pro Wrestling Podcast Of All Time!
  • Seayrex
    Politics Not Needed
    I subscribed due to my respect Jim’s for knowledge of and passion for pro wrestling, but cut it off quickly after hearing a belligerent rant about Republicans and Donald Trump. Please leave politics out of wrestling. We’re all plenty exposed to that crap everywhere else.
  • stocky balboa
    Legendary obnoxious Corny
    I couldn’t care less about Jim’s political non wrestling related views and his home life but no denying his knowledge and insight on wrestling is informative and entertaining. Very good show after a quick fast forward.
  • tommywins1
    Great show, less political talk
    He’s great but the political stuff is annoying! Constantly on and on about stuff that msnbc would say! Who cares! Enough! I wanted wrestling not politics!
  • Razer2010
    Can’t listen anymore
    I’ve been listening to both of Jim Cornette’s podcasts for a month or two now. Jim’s insight into the business is interesting and he can be very funny and entertaining. The problem is that I’ve found myself ragging on what I’m seeing on AEW far more than usual (I can’t watch WWE anymore because it has gotten so bad). Listening to Jim and Brian tear down most of everything that happens on the show gets old and has started to ruin my ability to just watch and enjoy it. Both of their political view, especially Jim’s, get old also. It’s his podcast and his opinion and he has every right to express himself, but I can’t stand the tirades when I just want to listen to a wrestling podcast. I also find it annoying when the hosts fail to watch parts or all of the wrestling shows they review especially since it’s such a big part of their podcasts. It’s too bad because they are nice long episodes that really help make my long days of driving pass by quickly, but it’s just not worth the negatives to keep listening.
  • MarioC666
    Absolutely hated Cornette buuuuut …
    Man, Jim was obnoxious in the 80s and 90s but his podcast is excellent. Funny, informative, serious, and well produced. Don’t waste your time on any Conrad Thompson production and listen to this!
  • Thecelebanator
    Been a Fan since the start of 2020
    Always enjoy Jim’s wrestling insights and other banter between him and Brian. I don’t mind the politics stuff because it’s not something worth getting upset over. Everyone’s going to have their own opinion and if you get bothered by that, just listen to something else
  • Sandstalker
    Brutal Truth
    How wrasslin has fallen over the years across the board as JC brings the cold brutal truth to ears with his collection of descriptive words to how bad things are in the wrasslin world…
  • CarboneLoaf
    Doesn’t Jim own a gun? Didn’t he use the N-word liberally in his real life and during a seminar? Didn’t Jim threaten to kill Vince Russo if he could get away with it? Over wrestling!? Seriously. He’s a hillbilly hypocrite.
  • NMErickson
    Entertaining wrestling talk for the most part
    If you skip or fast forward through the political opinions and go straight to the wrestling talk it’s an entertaining show.
  • Gaxycat78
    Great show
    If you don’t like his political rants, take his advice and stop listening.
  • Robert C54
    Weak attempt into politics
    Thanks anyone with a gun has a small d*** and idolizes fictional super heroes (the irony) has no idea what he’s talking about. Should of stuck to rasslin
  • cybercelt3000
    Thank you again!!
    Thanks again for your comments about stupid people, needless murder, guns, politics . Namely truth. Thanks for using your platform.
  • dude7842689
    A has been and a nobody talking about wrestling
    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever listened to. You have two complete losers running down the wrestling business in an attempt to prove that they are the smartest guys in the room. It’s an awful lesson. If you enjoy negativity or hate wrestling, this is the podcast for you.
  • Astyanax198
    I hope wwe is listenning!!!
    Listen to JC and your wrestling g shows will be worth watching. Jim Cornette is the sociologist of wrestling!
  • Bauer2022
    Corny is the Man!
    I listen to both shows, Brian and Jim are gold!
    Just the best
    Jim Cornette is life! Listening to his breakdowns of everything happening in wrestling, coupled with great stories from the past and insights into how it’s all meant to work is just pure podcasting heaven. And Brian is a great co-host. I can listen to these two forever!
  • mark curc
    No good
    Dancing queen
  • Hessiebessie05
    Cave men opinions
    This is the worst podcast out there. It’s not even about his take on wrestling even though I have the opposite views then him 95 percent of the time. It’s more about the Blanton disrespect to females and female wrestling ran. Rather if it is a work or not there’s no need for that in today’s time.
  • Schadenfriendly
    Used to love it. Needs to learn a new hold
    The show has gotten away from nostalgia and peerless insight. I understand the need to constantly market, as it’s the reason for its existence. But the new wrinkles seem mostly based on toilet humor and Jim saying the same thing over and over. Jim, I’m sorry, but few people still watch South Park, and repeating Dana Carvey imitating Robin Leach from 1990 needs to go.
  • WhoBooksThisCrap
    Father, Son, and the Cult of Cornette
    Cornette is out here doing Gods work. Educating the masses on what good wrestling is, and more importantly, what terrible wrestling is. Long live Corny. Also, there’s Brian ✌🏻
  • turtle nugg
    Dream match
    Who win in a street fight Brain “ Never Ever “ Last vs Jim “ Meat with Extra Cheese “ Cornette
  • alan92399
    Cornette is the best
    To anyone who saw him perform from the 80’s to now, we all know how amazing Jim is as a performer. This podcast is a masterclass in all things wrestling. Jim is engaging and brilliant as a host. I’ve never heard a bad episode
  • KYoldtimer
    The omnibus look-back at wrestlers we lost in 2021 was brilliant.
  • Amp_NRG
    Corny is KING!!
    Like Mussolini…..! The highlight of my week
  • Tomtom11619812013
    If corny spent 2 plus hours ranting on the most random things I’d still listen and JC is brilliant
  • paintgun wizard
    Should change
    Y’all should change the name of this since it has mainly become an AEW review podcast
  • Oldest newbie
    A beacon of intelligence in a world of ignorance
    In a world where the people controlling entertainment and politics that has become less and less connected with reality. Jim brings a much needed dose of reality.
  • C Mo 313
    Does Anyone Still Listen To This Commie?
    Once again, Jim rants about doing away with the U.S. Constitution. Anyone who still listens to him is certified UN-AMERICAN! Luckily, he doesn’t have much more time left on this earth to poison the minds of young people… Something he’s done now for decades.
  • ederslo
    Jim Cornette unbiased, uncensored and entertaining.
    Jim talks about the old days of wrestling and his beginnings as a photographer, becoming a part of the show and eventually running wrestling shows. Today we have two promotions worth talking about NXT and AEW. With his infinite wisdom of old school wrestling and new wrestling he gives us his opinions and thoughts along with his co-host Brian Last. It is a good show and any wrestling fan will appreciate it.
  • CoachCruise
    Mr. Cornette is outstanding
    I am a loyal listener to The Jim Cornette Show as well as the Drive in. I anxiously await to hear the views discussed on both shows. I find it honest and truthful. It is nice to listen to a podcast that gives a point of view with a reason behind it. I am tired of listening to podcasts about wrestling that is so slanted one way it is not even funny. Thank you Mr Cornette for you passion and insight into the wrestling business. I guess you could say you won the pony because this has been easily rated 5 stars. Only 5 stars because that is high as it can go. Keep up the good work and keep the podcasting Lion in check!! -Coach Cruise
  • allansmw520
    Easily the funniest podcast I’ve ever heard…
    This podcast is amazing and Cornette might be the most hilarious person I’ve heard ramble in recent memory. I’m honestly not particularly interested in the modern products they discuss and certainly don’t always agree with his opinions but I can’t get over how amazing his rants are. When I first saw Jim on TV a few years ago I thought he was pretty obnoxious but after listening to his insults I can’t help but like the guy, whether I agree or not. Do yourself a favor and check this out, it’s easily the funniest podcast I’ve ever heard…I wish this guy came to thanksgiving lol
  • JoePat29
    Shouldn’t have gone to politics!
    What a shame!!! I have been listening to your podcasts for years. Why did you have to go and admit you’re a liberal?! It’s a wrestling podcast not a baby killing jerk off show. Oh wait, it is. Cya
  • MontegoXKurosawa
    Outlaw Mud Show
    Corny, you’re a living history of territory wrestling. But every story has been told, every insult has been recycled, and as you always say—how can we miss you if you won’t go away? Too many ads, and TOO MUCH BRIAN LAST. That guy is as smug as the day is long, yet blatantly insecure. He’s like The Big Lebowski equivalent of Bryan Alvarez. At least he’s not Alice Radley, I guess?
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