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The Jim Cornette Experience features Jim and his co-host The Great Brian Last discussing–and often dissecting–topics ranging from classic and current pro wrestling to politics, food and whatever is pissing Jim off! It’s freewheeling discussion that goes wherever JC takes it!


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  • ReviewDude007
    If you’re reading this you should have your hard dive confiscated by the cops
  • Hazayyy
    This entire show was on YouTube already- again
    SOOOOOOO annoying the YouTube clips come out THREE DAYS before**** the podcast. I don’t wanna listen to the SAME THING twice, so then when I listen to the full pod when trying to go to sleep or drive to work I always have to skip huge swatches. You guys are trying to put numbers and metrics ahead of the listeners now and it’s obvious with this layout. Sad bc I’ve been listening since Alice and this entire YouTube clip format coming days before the pod is annoying at BEST and has really ruined the listening experience
  • MMfootballfan
    Most entertaining wrestling related podcast
    I don’t always agree with Jim Cornette’s political or wrestling viewpoints. But he is so entertaining and insightful. When it comes to reviewing wrestling shows. His breakdowns on what works or doesn’t is spot on. He presents logic in a world that sometimes doesn’t have enough of it. And does it in such a comical fashion.
  • murf_106
    Love the show.
    Love the show. Listen to it weekly. But the new theme song is God awful.
  • RyanElliot
    Love the humor
    Jim and Brian, I hope you meet you both one day. I’ve had to pull over and wipe tears of laughter out of my eyes while listening. Thank you both for the informative opinions and entertainment!
  • furjbaof
    It was better without the songs.
    I’m sure I’m one in a very few, but I cannot stand music in my wrestling or anything that isn’t music. I love Jim singing, but the intro songs are too much and annoying. That stretch without songs was nice to not have to fast forward.
  • Ecstatic_Major89
    80’s wrestling fan opinion.
    The show has its highs and lows. Jim is actually a great historian. I appreciate his take on wrestling but it’s humorous to think anyone in this day and age with access to the internet would set seats a fire. After hearing Jim on the Steve Austin show and the Ross report in what was either 2013 or 14 I wanted to just “listen” to him. As of now the odd humorous advertising and out of place musical instruments have made it hard to enjoy the show. It is what it is. I appreciate the show but in comparison this will grow to become a kin to the mortgage guys podcast which is just extremely hard to listen to which is embarrassing enough to admit at one time I use to listen. I hope the show gets better. This podcast would be worlds better if they stop aew reviews maybe comment on big wrestling topics and just stick to old school stories and wrestling facts.
  • -TNLJ-
    Long time listener for a reason.
    Is there any better 1,2 punch in wrestling podcasts, I think not. Jim and Brian are the true kings.
  • Tom smooth
    Legendary Status
    The greatest wrestling podcast out today.
  • AngelXSantana
    Brian last is a Vince Russo fan that’s why he’s hiding his face n Jim is a hippocrite with loser followers n that’s a fact. No talent Nerds judging talent get the f outta here 😂
  • justAjohnson
    Other than being a week behind, Best Podcast
    Unfortunately, for me it runs a week behind and going into big events gets me confused as to what’s going on. I keep thinking I missed a tv show a JCE/DT show. I have enough to keep straight. If it weren’t a week behind, it’d still be in my library.
  • MisterHellJ
    One star!!!!
    UPDATE!! It appears that I was wrong, Mr. Omega would not stand a chance in H E double hockey sticks against the wrath of an opponent the likes of JEC. My sincere apologies, toodleoo. Kenny omega would dump your truck, Cornette! You call him twinkle toes one or two more times, and we, the people, will have your lunch and cancel you!
  • Bobcast Goldthwait
    Worth it for Jim’s laugh alone but this is definitely the most entertaining wrestling pod out there!
  • DragonSavage3
    Best pod in the business
    Jim’s knowledge with Brian steering the ship is an unbeatable combo.
  • adrenaline in my soul
    love the guys
    the cult of meat and eexxxxxtrraaaaa cheeeeese
  • Crsz1
    Love the show.
    Jim and Brian are awesome. Love the show. Always be a member of the Cult.
  • Cornette Cultist
    Who was it
    Please name the 12 - 15 people you have guzzled over the years.
  • The Excellence of Execution_87
    The best wrestling podcast out there
    Jim and Brian are not only hilarious, they’re a gold mine of information. It’s crazy that all of this historical knowledge is free! This is hands down the best wrestling podcast out there.
  • TheLDG
    More math please!
  • Mike J Wilson
    Best Ever
    I came from youtube!! Greatest Podcast ever. Please do some more non wrestling content. Your food debates are the best!
  • Steven w Blank
    One of the best
    U guys are great. Feed off each other well. Also I can’t help but think of Stephen p new when I watch wccw!
  • Dirt_McGirt77
    Too much politics
  • larryl39
    And can’t understand how 2 grown men claim to not like something but watch it every week 😂😂😂.ppl will listen just to hear u talk about old wrestling. It’s getting weird man
  • Mike Parker35
    Meet Neocon Jim
    Jim’s apparently gone full neocon. He’s worried sick about muh Greatest Ally.
  • Scdxas
    Out of touch
    Stuck in a world of yesteryear. Obsesses about TV ratings when doesn’t understand that people don’t do appointment television anymore. Wrestling is in competition with someone being able to watch any show or movie that has ever been made at any time they choose due to streaming. Content Consumption has changed. Obviously more people watch than who is on the cable ratings. You can watch full episodes on multiple common streaming sites and can watch live in a way that doesn’t count as a “viewer”
  • Tlbennett1973
    This & The Drive-thru are the best podcasts out!!
    I watched wrestling from the 70’s - The tail end of the Attitude Era. Haven’t been able to stomach it since. Have always loved JC and The Midnight Express!! Bobby Eaton and Ric Flair were gods to me growing up!! Jim reviewing these dumpster fires is absolutely hilarious and let’s me know that I’m not missing anything. I can listen to him reminisce about the territory days all day!! He is a true treasure trove of knowledge and possibly one of the greatest storytellers of all times!! He is a national treasure ✌️😊💚 Thanks Guys!!
  • Anthony NorCal
    Commercials are Hilarious
    All, This podcast is great and the commercials are hilarious!! A must listen as is everything JC!! Thanks for the entertainment!! Anthony Nor Cal
  • Filippetti
    One Star Reviews 😂
    All the one star reviews are biased fanboys, if this was really a 1-star show it still wouldn’t be holding a 4.5 against your failed review bombing. As Scott Steiner said, “the numbers don’t lie!”
  • BigEdCincy
    The most entertaining and informative
    Jim and Brian really nail bridging entertainment and insight and is better than any podcast I’ve ever experienced. It just so happens they do this by talking about one of my favorite genres, professional wrestling. Moreover, the stories are more of a fireside chat than a rundown discussion. Please indulge yourself with this podcast even if you are not into wrestling. - Ed Spillers (a.k.a. - WorldFamousLee)
  • JustinFrick
    Vile old grifter man and his sycophant
    When he goes the business will be a better place
  • Tolcat
    Boring snd ax-grinding
    Are used to be a big fan of this podcast and always was a fan of Jim Cornett, one of the best wrestling minds out there. As a fan of classic wrestling (Ric Flair, Terry Funk, Taz’s, FTR, CM Punk, etc.), I agreed with so much that Jim sad but now his scorn for AEW has gotten boring as the slick predictable circus-like product of WWE seems to be what Jim prefers. Brian Last has become insufferable and he clearly has become a legend in his own mind for reasons, clear only to him. I just finished watching the greatest pro wrestling pay-per-view ever AEW All In London. Amazing! It seems now that Jim and his sidekick are just trying to hang on by knocking AEW. Might be a great way for them to earn a living but it sure boring to listen to. Signing off after two years of listening to the same old same old. Still a fan of Jim Cornette, but no longer of his podcasts.
  • Tayworld02
    Express VPN Time Travel
    The advertisements are top tier hysterical 😭
  • androtaz69
    Twinkle Toes and the Hardly Boys
    Jim is the best thing in the wrestling business today… and he’s not even in the business! Download every episode and listen twice.
  • nrbaker
    Hey Derek!
    I’d listen to Jim Cornette read a phone book.
  • David - Pittsburgh
    Getting shows out on time!!
    Did I just not hear the usual ending song on the Experience?!?!? Wednesday nights I get to stay up late....
  • catholicgeek92
    Was excited to listen
    I was so excited to listen to your podcast but you spent the first 10 minutes crapping on my faith I truly believe we are all allowed to have our own opinions so mine is to unfollow but wish you well
  • KrisLaniLewie
    Bloody hilarious and educational!
    Jim Cornette’s views on wrestling and life in general, make my week. It’s what he says and how he says it. I’m not 100 percent aligned with his political views, but I agree with everything he says about wrestling. I was trained by Bill Dundee, so I too have a old school mind set on how wrestling should be done.
  • Throckmorton79
    Best wrestling podcast
    Tells it like it is
  • bffhvxdgg
    Don’t Change Jim
    You’re my hero Jim Cornette
  • K215P
    Jim shoving politics down your throat
    Used to love listening to this for the wrestling stories till Jim goes on his liberal scum rants. always knew wrestling was phony but his views are even worse.
  • Rich S in NY
    He could sell fifty cents for a dollar
  • Robert0912
    Hard Pass
    Listen to Cornette if you want to hear a bitter old man try and bury everyone from his mechanic to “Shaky” Nakumora and Seth “Franklin” Rollins. I listened to the episode of the Backlash review and that review didn’t even start for 3/4 of the 4+ hour show. When you finally got to it you find that Cornette didn’t even watch the whole show. He complains about everything and he wants wrestling to be fresh but he hasn’t updated his on jokes and dialogue in the last 30 years. Go listen to Bully Ray on Busted Open.
  • T-boleone
    Listening at work (8 hour shifts) Jim’s and Brian’s podcast are the best love that they are 3+ hours!! a drive thru episode and an omnibus and I’m off. YOURE WELCOME. BLOW ME. HELLO!!
  • Becca H J
    Best Wrestling Podcast
    If you give this podcast any less than 5 stars, you are crazy! Jim and Brian have great chemistry and so much knowledge about wrestling.
  • KeishaJo
    Jim Cornette is incredibly homophobic, racist, sexist, and his takes on modern wrestling are incredibly outdated. He thinks hating Trump excuses his bigotry but it doesn’t. His views on Joshi wrestling are so atrocious and demeaning. His listeners (not all but a significant portion of em) are just as bigoted as he is, if not more so. His comments are reiterated all over social media and used to belittle wrestlers that are of different sexualities and ethnicities. How anyone can watch/listen to this man is beyond me. There is no place for Jim Cornette and his crappy takes in pro wrestling anymore.
  • Steve franklin
    Stop listening once you guys spent way too long on names no one has used in years and pretended to be shocked or upset by it. The hate watching of modern wrestling and one sided political commentary are bad enough, now you’re putting out four hour podcast and filling 30 minutes on names?
  • Sabyab
    Amazing, entertaining, irreverent !
    Here’s the thing, I don’t watch pro wrestling regularly anymore, I used to love it as a kid but once the legends left, around late 2000s I stopped watching it, simply wasn’t interesting enough. BUT my goodness, do I have a great time listening to the podcast, I actually use this as a guide for what to watch. Jim is simply Amazing, entertaining, funny and irreverent ! It’s just to listen to his takes on the various aspects not just pro wrestling I just make time to listen to this show. Thank you Jim, I hope you continue for a very long time.
  • MrMauck
    Favorite wrestling podcast
    You sir are a legend. I hated you as a kid watching so I guess you did your job well. I enjoy the stories and the rare pride of the business you have. I wish the business was the way it used to be. I miss the good days of wrestling.
  • prayz singa
    The only wrestling pod that matters
    Jim always has some great takes on modern wrestling and the hilarious banter between he and Brian is worthless -
  • Dmoney cool
    Don’t be so rude about wwe or aew
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