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  • LucasAllen44
    Great podcast!
    Love this podcast! One of my favorite listens every week. Since you guys are fans of The Wire, it would be awesome to get a Perfect Club episode someday on We Own This City.
  • Cody Carr
    Good and bad
    Always fun listening to the grocery store talk. TC is great. Would be 5 stars but Big Randy’s continued support for the genocide of the Uighurs by the Chinese is a bit much. Not sure why Randy continues to be pro-genocide but that’s his prerogative
  • MrOwl08
    Great Special Features Pod from the NLU Multiverse
    Really fun and intriguing deep dives into local flavor, special interest stories, and the ever-concerning choke points from the No Laying Up boys. Probably a good idea to get into the main NLU podcast first to get acquainted with Big Randy’s and TC’s schticks. “Trap Draw” is fun and delightfully informative. Thanks for the great work, Big & Tron! H-E-B rules.
  • clikespods
    Best pod for NLU vets
    Honestly, I now enjoy this pod better than the main No Laying Up pod. If you are a new listener, start with NLU or some of their YouTube series. Once you get to know the cast of characters and some of the inside baseball, we’ll see you here.
  • Rinse Preebus
    Maybe too much golf?
    Kroger is better than Publix
  • andy-calif
    Goliath episode 166
    Enjoyed episode of macro level of business monopolies and who they are today! Historical monopolies of the 1980’s do not fit in the same mold of the representatives of today Facebook (Meta), Google, Amazon , Apple, etc. China’s influence on some of theses companies has made them rich. Discussion on Politics,Crypto are well worth the listen. Not boring listen!! Thanks for the different fresh topic, do love Golf!
  • buckeyegeorge
    Tampa native?
    Wow. Pasco guy talking about Tampa? That’s like asking a guy from New Jersey to about Manhattan. The thunder dome was in Tampa? Come on. Get someone who actually lives in Tampa.
  • ClubTwirl88
    Tron stinks
    Everything has to require a contrarian angle
  • RTJisLOL
    What a wiff
    Getting someone from Burlington county aka Philly to speak on behalf of NJ is like getting Jack Nicklaus to speak on behalf of amateur golf trends.
  • Tha Ringa
    Love the pod fellas and the rest of the content. Keep up the good work!
  • masspiker
    Is this supposed to be golf podcast?
    The Maine episode was the worst excuse for a golf podcast ever. There is more discussion of grocery stores than golf courses. No discussion of Maine golf at all, no discussion of Falmouth Country Club, which is the location of this week’s Korn Ferry Tournament. The guys clearly mailed this one in. The guest grew up in Maine but probably never played golf in Maine. Last Trap Draw podcast that I’ll waste my time on.
  • 48236313
    The Best
    I’m just here for grocery store reviews (no Trader Joe’s slander allowed)
  • Mandannjdjsnsjakamananm
    Why so much lpga
    Love tc and Randall but randy shoves the LPGA down the listeners throats. Once in a while sure but I feel like every other week he gets on a soapbox to talk about how the lpga is amazing and they’re unfairly treated. It sounds so forced
  • SG19931735
    Need To Do More Research?
    For someone as politically inclined as big Randy I was really sad to hear such a side step about the situation in Israel. If you want to include world events and politics in your podcast, that is great. I’m all for it. But in what moon man universe do you need to “do more research” to have an opinion about what is happening in Israel right now? Hamas is firing rockets at their own people. Hamas is firing rockets at Israel. Hamas is killing Palestinians. Hamas is killing Israelis. Hamas has been firing rockets into civilian areas for 3 days, killing Palestinian men women and children. Killing Israeli men women and children. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Hamas has made it clear they want the Jews wiped off the face of the earth. Hamas has made it clear they do not care about the quality of Palestinian life in Gaza. That’s what terrorists do. They terrorize. Either have a spine to say what’s really on your mind, or leave it alone. But you’re out of your mind if you think that your listeners actually believe you “don’t have an opinion” on the situation in Israel.
  • daveJoy
    Great pod
    Need big randy as the guest for the next harbor town
  • Dale C 13
    In and of itself
    I am appreciative
  • jhanes_13
    Just here for the F1 content, which is TOP NOTCHCH
  • Ricky Ray W
    Hate to See It
    I’m one of the few to hail from Sarasota/Bradenton area and live in Neptune Beach currently so nonetheless I’m a long-time fan and was excited to hear my hometown highlighted in Episode 120. Major letdown to get Season 2 of the Wire. 4 stars though for the overall body of work.
  • Charlie3gc
    Because it is informative and entertaining done by real people.
  • DonnysGay
    The best
    That’s all
  • AllstarBurrito
    Could listen to these guys talk Sacramento Kings basketball all day
    Go Kings
  • Drew5292
    Randy and Tron are two goats and NLU has been the best company to follow in the past few years
  • trobyU
    Just a great podcast to listen to.
  • henrygreen6969
    Great podcast
    A change of pace from the typical No Laying Up golf coverage, Randy and Tron are excellent podcasters. From F1 to grocery stores, the trap draw covers it all.
  • rumblebozzle
    A cast of characters
    These guys have figured out how to share who they are and build that sense of camaraderie with the listener. All five guys are sharp, witty, and caring. The topics and journeys are excellent for commuting, long walks, airports, and grocery stores.
  • Tizzro
    Augusta Pod = Terrible
    First time listening. I was excited to hear some insider info on Augusta. Instead the first half hour was a slow death march of chit chat about F1 Racing, college football, and the two hosts day to day schedule. It wasn’t until minute 29 that they even mentioned the word Augusta. Once they brought the hues on who had grown up in a suburb of Augusta, they started to discuss the town. Once they actually got to the topic of Augusta, GA, one thing became troubling clear...the hosts had done more research and had a better knowledge of the town than the guy who had actually lived there. There were some interesting tidbits about growing up close to The National and getting tickets and working over Masters weekend but the whole discussion about Augusta from the perspective of an actual former restaurant came up about 2 clubs short of the green. Repeatedly the hosts had to lead the guest to the story they wanted to explore by telling him about the history and the point they were trying to ferret out. All in all there VERY little actual information about Augusta and the relationship between the town and the Tournament. Heck they talked more about the history of “Food Lion” than they did about The National. Very disappointing. Painful waste of 90 min. Not subscribing.
  • littledietz
    On the Money
    You guys just don’t miss. The city previews are absolute gold, I almost bust a gut every time you mention who you try to bring on the show. Tron from the outset just seems like the guy that you don’t want to like, but the more you listen to him and see him, the more he grows on you. And the Big Guy’s outlook on life is so enlightening and just always a breath of fresh air. I’m not always a big craft beer guy, but the NLU craft podcast has always been great! Keep rocking guys!
  • PutMeDownForSix
    Irreverent yet Intelligent
    The Big Guy (and tron most weeks) just doesn’t miss. The Trap Draw somehow manages to be the stupidest/smartest podcast in golf, and it isn’t even a golf podcast! For a sport that is so serious and unwilling to adapt, the Trap Draw represents the potential of golf’s younger fans to adapt and welcome broader horizons. Also, Hy-Vee and Meijer are the GOAT grocery stores in my humble opinion. Thank you Mr Jeezy
  • Peyton004
    A sure thing
    You guys just don’t miss, solid content week after week
  • wpmadden1
    Ski Beatz / Greensboro Ep
    Mostly known as Ski, he made some of the best beats of the 90s. Jay Z’s Dead Presidents & Feelin It on Reasonable Doubt and Camp Lo’s Luchini and Coolie High on Uptown Saturday Night. Great pod guys, just had to clear up some facts on a legend.
  • realrecognizereal
    Highly recommend: good pop culture takes
    Tron, Randy, and the gang are doing the Lord’s work. One of my go-to listens
  • jeffern8
    One of my favorites
    Would highly recommend this podcast, Always a fun listen.
  • themikeamo
    Another good one Phil.
    Episode 83 was a real pleasant surprise, great job.
  • the Michgan Caddy
    Detroit !!!!!!
    Guys there’s a few solid Donnie Ross tracks here within City limits & y’all need to swing thru & play’em....And besides the solid tracks, food & great bars it’s a worthwhile trip 😏😉👍😎
  • Goblue1966
    Super podcast - Univ of Michigan has a great arboretum (or arb as its known) as well as a gem of a golf course designed by Alistair McKenzie across from stadium.
  • WSR22
    Latest episode and Colonial “preview” was just good for the soul. Throwback to everything good about local sports radio
  • ?311
    Great Bilas interview Big Randy. Love hearing his insights and you steered a great interview with awesome topics.
  • Steve Rossillo(Ro-sil-O)
    Excellent Podcast
    Great interviews guys keep’em coming!
  • bigcattexan
    Great podcast!
    Love this podcast, never know what the topic might touch on but Big Randy and the team always have an interesting topic.
  • Rich Eagar
    Love it
    Great pod to compliment the NLU regular. Big Randy doesn’t get enough props. His interviews are dynamic and fantastic to listen to.
  • Wethy1
    Terry Gannon Episode
    Great interview with Terry Gannon you guys really connected and it comes through in your discussion with him. Always was a fan of his but even bigger fan after listening to this podcast. Great Job -keep up the excellent work!!
  • Buttacut
    Love The Trap Draw. Unreal insights and phenomenal interviews from Big Randy. This should be a once a week pod! Appointment Listening
  • Default_User_092
    Trap Draw!
    I enjoy the trap draw podcast. While an offshoot of the No Laying Up universe, Big Randy has carved out and interesting space. Golf book reviews, mid-am competitors, etc. Randy and associates bring a refreshing approach to golf content and don’t get bogged down in top-tier PGA player content.
  • arhough99
    Trap draw
    Just delightful!
  • Songsofreedom
    I stopped watching the tournaments and just wait for the pod to drop
  • M.C.Cue
    Great #Content
    Best secondary golf podcast out there. Young Jeezy must be so proud.
  • Boobsonbutts
    Love the pod
    I do love it but the audio was so awful on episode 36 I had to turn it off.
  • Johnmau89
    Used to be good
    Used to be much more entertaining than NLU flagship pod. Now the book of the month club is not for me which is fine - just skip them. More importantly outlaw DJ pie from coming on trapdraw because he is horrible.
  • Bigdog_145
    Top drawer
    Better than a hole in one
  • Chris in Brazil
    Great Listen
    Worth the downloads, great job by the two main hosts as well as the rest if the NLU crew when they are participating. One thing I find ironic is with all of the takes on golf broadcast coverage not focusing on the action, or with slow play on the the tour, they have a 45 second long intro and outro. I love me some Jeezy as much as the next guy, but Guan Tianling was punished for being less egregious. My workaround is I now listen to the podcast at 2x speed. I have gotten used to this as the new normal but now whenever I here the hosts on normal speed in other podcasts or Youtube I can’t help but think they may be impaired in some way in order to be talking so slow
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