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Tim Dillon is a comedian and tour guide. He’s very excited to give you a tour of the end of the world. Each week from a porch in Los Angeles he shares apocalyptic visions with his friends and berates a local diner.

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Recent Reviews
  • 4strokejeans
    Yes or yes?
    Best podcast ever?
  • dwpape
  • ITF123
    Yes or yes?
    Funniest comedy on the planet right now.
  • sac6842
    Life changing listen? Yes or yes?
    I hope you are making more for your adds than all the other podcast. You make them funny as hell and I actually hear your advertisements instead of skipping them like I do on every other podcast. My favorite podcast and the only one I subscribe to Patreon for because I can’t get enough Tim.
  • Hamptons Antifa Leader
    Life in the big city!
    Stone cold legend! This guy taught me all I needed to know to start my own fake business. Get your life together and get your jewels by podcaster Tim Dillon and start enjoying life in the big city!
  • corrrrrtrrrrrrrrr
    Best podcast ever
    Tim Dillon is an absolute legend
  • Al_Rey503
    So accurate
    I’m from the Coachella valley and the local references are so absolutely spot on.
  • Khunnybuns
    Number one podcaster in the world
    Tim Dillon is the best podcaster in the world right now
  • SluttyMarv
    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS QUEEEEENNNNNN T Who’s betta then you? Nobody.
  • ambush ninja
    Absolute legend
  • SchwannSchwannson
    Timmy D. Loves Donnie T.
    One of the best podcasters in the business, never mind being one of the best standups in the world.
  • Haydenyou are
    Funny and informative
    Not too often that I listen to a podcast that makes me laugh and informs me of certain political agendas I didn’t know about. Always touches on today’s events and makes it interesting and funny. Smart and funny podcast - 5 stars———- leaving gas digital ( which has some great podcasts) seems to have worked out great for Tim. I also love has comedy skits he puts up on Twitter—Comedy Gold!!!!’
  • Lieffring
    Tim Dillon is My Personal Hero
    Simply stated: this podcast saved my life. Deepest Regards, Gods Battle Axe and Weapon of War
  • RSGolden
    Legend in the making
    Tim reminds me a lot of Bill Burr, in that underneath all the rage and bombast, there’s an incisiveness you don’t get without a deep compassion and understanding. In whatever professional comedy becomes in the coming years, I think Tim may come out of the other end as one of the all-time greats.
  • mahoney2324
    Timmy two thumbs
    Tim is the greatest podcaster of all time. He inspires the youth and inspires they old.... to die
  • Ron Paul 1111
    I love this show.
    Found TD after one of his appearances on The JRE. Immediately looked up this podcast and was fortunate to listen to the show when he advertised he was coming to Phoenix, AZ for 3 nights at a local comedy club. The wife and I went to the Friday show and had a great time. We appreciated the comedic relief during this pandemic or whatever. I’ll keep listening as long as y’all keep uploading content!
  • ©®
    Fantastic show.... My buddy Ghis told me to check it out! So funny!!
  • Ghhiiygfg
    I like when he yells at the microphone
    10/10 recommend
  • carafotes
    Very funny
    The funniest of all time
  • Oscar Santana Lies
    Yes or Yes
    A thin line between comedy and canceled. Tim rides a unicycle down the middle.
  • Starcat79
    Life changing advice
    The knowledge I gained from this podcast helped me build a fake multimillion dollar paper company. Cheers to Tim & Ben
  • heyju19
    You the best
    Thank you Tim. You are probably one of the funniest guys on the planet.keep doing what your doing 🤙
  • poohara
    Tim cured my leprosy
    Thanks Tim!
  • Suckititunesnickname
    I didn’t even listen to it yet.
    This guy is funny.
  • The_Yeti_man
    This was just bad
    Vulgar inappropriate and really just an endless rant that I as not funny
  • Megantakesshowers
    Cured my cancer
    By learning how to sell subprime mortgages and getting addicted to coke.
  • BMc_MtG
    Tim Dillon is our comedy savior. every Sunday, take me to church.
    Cured My Depression
    Tim you make life livable. Thank you for your rants that are nothing but silly and amazing. I love you.
  • out wit a bang.
    Big pp energy. ⚡️
    Great program, first thing in the morning I do is listen to The Tim Dillon Show.
  • CatchTheKid
    A life shattering experience.
  • alexaken15
    Yes or yes
    Started listening to Tim about a year ago Pay for his patreon sub. now and it’s so worth the $5 Best podcast. Without a doubt. Will be going to comedy shows as well
  • Q isnt real
    If you like unfunny incels who push conspiracy theory nonsense. Then Tim is your “comedian”.
  • LilNasty
    I was going to kill myself till I heard this podcast, thanks Tim!
  • RidgeWallet
    Tim is a Good Pig
    Ben and Dan are excellent concubines!
  • Landscape marketer
    This dude is wild
  • tomshairpiece
    Producer Laugh Track
    Two Bears one cave, YMH, Bill Bert and now you with the background laughing. It’s as annoying as chewing food. I couldn’t list to the others anymore because it is really distracting. Please don’t make me stop listening to yours because I really enjoy your podcast.
  • memjo93
    Gotta one of the funniest people, podcast is great.
    So funny, thanks for putting it out there every week.
  • joshthasquash
    This podcast CHANGED MY LIFE
    I started listening to Tim and realized I too should be able to live in a 600,000 house I can’t afford. Thanks Tim.
  • Dumbdumbduuuuuumb
    Timing is everything
    Tim Dillon, you came into the scene when we needed you most.
  • Dave Arneson
    Why should he?
    Stacey Abrahams still hasn’t admitted defeat!
  • Atownchillin
    Just here for the Q drops
  • flybluesky
    Az Zonie
    He tipped me off about fry bread and I nearly died eating to much of it in Tucson. Great podcast.
  • NOTORIOUS B.I.G country
    Love it
    Yes or yes?
  • Mikeyptheg
    Quality over quantity
    He molested me in a Denny’s bathroom, Clearwater Florida, 2007. Great podcast
  • isaiahswoman
    Rothschild member
    I’m a Rothschild so I don’t have much time to listen to his podcast because I’m selling private islands but regardless when I get the chance it’s a top tier funny brilliant and witty podcast. Makes me laugh every time.
  • Gigs83
    Vintage Stanhope-style Rants
    And a genuine disdain for humanity’s priorities. Chronicles an intellectual trying to stay informed while trying to retain hope. Top notch satire that continues the legacy of Hicks and Stanhope.
  • hsjahxjcid
    Want to do 5 stars
    But I can’t because he does 20 min ad reads. Don’t need to go on about Magic Spoon for 20 dam mins.
  • barefootessa
    Fake Real Estate Agent
    Don’t let that SoCal Defector lure you into Texas with promises of no income tax and loose freedoms. It’s a filthy Puritan bag of farts and the bbq is better in Compton! Keep Tim Dillon weird! No one will dull your sparkle! No One! You’re a genius and a treasure.
  • G.U.T.S. podcast
    Calling all fans of Tim in Houston
    If any Fans of Tim are in Houston. Hmu on instagram @lowkeyasme . I’m trying to set up a weekly watch party at the bar I run. Let’s make this happen
  • Blaine McConnaughey
    Tim is a showman
    He is the greatest comedian working right now. Stop wasting your time and pay the $5 for his patreon.
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