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When Heather isn't headlining theaters across the country as a top stand up comedian, or being the perfect wife and mother of 3, she is diving into juicy pop culture. From all things Hollywood, celebrity romances, Bravo TV to her real life drama, Heather tackles the juiciest and most controversial topics.  Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone. While talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors, to comics to reality stars, Heather asks the juiciest questions you always want answered. You can find the entire Juicy Scoop archive, ad-free, only on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to stitcherpremium.com/juicyscoop and use promo code 'JUICY'.

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Recent Reviews
  • -chenn-123
    Best guests!
    Love the guests Heather brings on. More juicy crimes!
  • dedeferre
    Happy birthday!!! It looked like you had an amazing weekend!!!
  • Zeppy Girl
    The Best
    Heather is the best! By far, my favorite podcast. Thank you Heather♥️
  • Laura719
    Cringe & laugh
    Besides some cringey parts (like this week, Heather confusing biological sex with gender) I like the fun discussions of Bravo celebrities as a quick break from everything serious going on in the world. Love her impressions, too! Edit: Please Heather when you give us a scoop, know basic details about the situation! Like come on, it’s been shared widely that the British press has written pretty messed up racist comments about Megan and their baby. Saying that Harry was just using Megan as an easy-out of the royal family is dismissive of all of that.
  • Turtletrax
    I Can’t Anymore
    I only subscribed to this podcast for the episodes that feature Chris Franjola. There aren’t enough of them to keep me subscribed, so I unsubscribed and joined Chris’s Patreon page instead. Heather is an aging, self-absorbed narcissist nobody whose target group is the plastic Barbie set.
  • Jihjhhhhhhuu
    Best. Podcast. Ever!!!!!
    I love Heather! I have been listening from the beginning and always enjoy her recaps and impressions. She has an incredible talent of making all her guests comfortable and asking the juiciest questions. Beyond that she is hilarious and super relatable. If you know what’s good for you, subscribe to this podcast and never look back. ❤️
  • cgekwal
    Like it
    I listened to Tuesday’s show for the first time and you discussed race and Kyles dinner party. I totally got what you were saying about race and how you were raised . It was great , being brought up in NY and thru the era of bussed integration where “color doesn’t matter we are all the same “ was essentially wrong in theory. I’ve thought for years that we should all celebrate people’s differences ( unless you’re a sadistic murderer) anyways ... it was a great show to listen to . I totally appreciate your balanced approach and of course your humor. Love Barbie Housewives . Love housewives . Ok thanks ,
  • Annabell Dickson
    your episode with Justin that was intended to discuss the BLM movement was so cringey. what should’ve been an opportunity for you to listen and admit that perhaps you have a lot to learn about your privilege immediately turned into you giving yourself every opportunity to point out how many times you’ve worked with Black people and always treated them equal. Justin should’ve been the one to speak more, but you really didn’t allow it. he did not get to get to the heart of the issue whatsoever. then when you pivoted to the Betty Broderick series as if that’s a great representation of diversity, I just had to laugh. I don’t think you understand the BLM movement, nor do I think you care to learn and admit your lack of understanding, or desire to learn more, at all. working with the Wayans brothers in the 90s doesn’t make you not racist.
  • DiggityDawnAnderson
    Tone deaf
    Racism is not entertainment, racism is an epidemic. The host clearly only cares about her opinions and doesn’t take the time to really listen.
  • GirlnewsSDpuma7
    FIRST & BEST podcast ☮️
    6 years- the first! Long time listener. Big fan of you, fortune & Chris since the Chelsea days. LOVE heather! LOVE your impressions!! Thank you for getting me through quarantine 😷 and life xxxoo
  • Jrat1121
    A Great Escape!
    Heather does such an amazing job of bringing stories to life and making it seem like you are listening to the actual celebrity talk through her impressions. She brings me so much joy every time I listen, I can escape from the reality of life!
  • yellow tree
    So funny!
    I used to look forward to her commentary on Chelsea Lately & I absolutely love this show. It’s perfect celebrity escapism. I particularly am amused by her recaps complete with spot-on impressions of real housewives & other trashy reality shows. I never not enjoy her show. What a gem!
  • loverofhomes
    Love Heather
    Heather , you make me happy and sometimes my family thinks I’m crazy because they have never heard me laugh so hard! Please don’t ever change Heather!
    Favorite podcast
    Loved the episode with Justin! Very informative. Love heather in general. Hilarious and honest!
  • jengrd
    Covert racist
    Take time to learn about your white privilege. You are perpetuating hate.
  • ttmanalapan
    They keep moving the goal post
    Heather I am sorry you went for it! If you would have kept your show as entertaining instead of pandering to the mob mentality. Who in this life didn’t have some adversity? Now it’s all about what happened to “them”. Who were never slaves nor were our white people of today slave owners. We are supposed to have evolved not devolved. Don’t worry they will eventually come for you.
  • Gunch1
    Total narcissist
    I tried but can no longer listen. The straw that broke the back is when heather said she “identifies as a 28 year old”. No. Just no. You do not remotely resemble a 28 year old. Further, I doubt that the reason that you were not invited to a party with comedians is due to your looks . It’s because you’re not funny! Also you are not “cute” no matter how many times you say it. Ugh. That on top of always being totally unprepared has just put me over the edge.
  • alwhale
    Juicy day maker
    You keep me going! You’re my current best friend. My one year old dances twice a week to Jenny Pulos singing you in. IG is so funny, and my only $$ I spend on myself go to patreon. Oh and some on cocktails! What you do for your scoopers is great. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Your 5 stars in my home.
  • serabeeee
    I appreciate you.
    Heather, you’re kicking ass. As a mom, comedian, white woman, hustler— you kick ass. Your podcast is funny, you are always on point and, mostly, you’re consistent. Thank you, I appreciate you. S
  • bgvalove
    Justin Sylvester
    Thank you for the podcast with Justin Sylvester. This was such a great fun and extremely informative Podcast. I can’t thank you and him enough for all his insight and information. Love every single podcast you do but today’s was just the best.
  • Edsgirl62
    5 STAR Worthy
    Love her stand up, love her podcast. She is a one woman wonder. She’s a party waiting to happen. Grateful fan.
    Love it!,
    I’ve been a fan of yours since Chelsea Lately and White Chicks!! But just got into podcasts since during this pandemic. And I love it. Makes me laugh. Thank you.
  • the cute dog walker
    Heather is a DELIGHT!!
    Love this lady!I’m a dog walker and I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can listen to her podcast, she cracks me up and it’s like listening to your best friend. Absolutely hysterical, best podcast out there!
  • Liz from Sydney
    Love this podcast!
    I have been a listener for years and absolutely LOVE Heather! Her Instagram is hilarious as well. I look forward to her podcasts every week
  • ChicagoBravoGal!
    Christian service....
    Heather needs to do the Christian service by taking a break from podcasting & learning about white privilege. Heather perpetuates hate & racism. George Floyd, I’ll say his name since you won’t. Disgusting. Maybe the lawsuit changed you, but podcast is not good anymore. Boring & disingenuous. Kelly, start your own podcast! We all know you do all the work.... Heather can’t recap Bravo shows & is constantly stumbling on scenes & names, give Kelly the podcast.
  • janelybee
    Willfully Ignorant
    I used to be a long time fan but after her lack of acknowledgement of BLM and an email exchange that I had with her where she said “only rich women under 30 take issue with me”; I realized that not only is she willfully ignorant, she is also not a nice person. Rich white, women under 30 are her demo. Maybe if she educated herself she would learn why these are the voices that should be speaking up in predominately white spaces. Do better Heather, the world is changing.
  • Triviagame love14
    I can’t even listen to her after all the stories about how she treats others less famous than her. She is self entitled and an all around nobody jerk.
  • Newsie10101
    Truly one of the greats in the podcasting world
    Juicy Scoop is just an iconic podcast that truly is an escape to listen to. It covers a little bit of pop culture, reality tv, true crime and interviews that are actually worth the listen because Heather asks questions that we all want to know the answers to, but usually aren’t covered in your standard interview. Heather is a professional comedian and people need to realize that her career is to make people laugh. She is real, honest and does not pretend to be anything that she is not. She is not trying to “influence” anybody. Instead she provides relief through laughter and one of my favorite things about this podcast is that you never walk away at the end feeling bad about yourself or guilty about your opinion. I do not agree with heather’s opinion 100% of the time, but since when do we all have to agree on everything? In a time where everything is so decisive, Heather let’s you have you own opinion. She also has one of the best Patreons. You get your money’s worth for sure!
  • Amy in Akron
    I never miss an episode
    I love Heather’s opinions on everything and enjoy her reality show updates. Heather has a smart take on pop culture and is always funny! Thanks for keeping the episodes coming during quarantine.
  • Vabbbb-ing eereeyday
    Heather is 100% racist
    Go listen to her podcast posted on black out Tuesday. Heather doesn’t want to talk about “it” (referring to BLM) and can’t even say George Floyd’s name. She wants Stassi to return as “the cool mom” as she posited in the Facebook group. The Facebook page is nothing but a bunch of racist intolerable Karens.
  • BAJ2020
    Favorite Podcast Ever
    Juicy Scoop is my absolute favorite podcast. I look forward to Tuesday and Thursday every week! Her take on all things pop culture; Housewives, 90 Day Fiancé and recapping the current crazy celeb news of the week make this the best podcast. Love you Heather!
  • Rayrayyy 6767
    Heather is a delight!
    Showing support here and on Patreon — Let’s get Heather behind gates!
  • imelda26
    One of my favorites!!
    I’ve loved Heather for a long time and even though I’m not a Christian - I’m doing my service and rating haha!! One of my absolutely favorite podcasts!! Always gots the scoop and love her interviews and re-enactments. Keep up the great work Heather!! 💕
  • bml815
    Smart and hilarious
    Ive listened religiously since it began and subscribe to patreon. Heather is a part of my life each week and gives me a great break from the dumpster fire of a world we live in. Thank you, Heather!
  • crackuplydz
    An absolute DELIGHT
    This podcast makes my favorite days of the week Tuesday’s and Thursday’s! Heather is hilarious and provides the best content. I became a Patreon member during the past few months, (why did I wait so long 😫), if you’ve ever flirted with the idea, DO IT! Love you Heather, happy birthday!
  • Mr Blind
    I listen to podcasts to escape the bad news of the world. THANK YOU for not bowing to the obvious pressure and not jumping into the fray of politics. I had to unfollow a couple of podcasts that found the need to climb onto soapboxes and wade into politics. When I want to hear that, I go listen to the news, not 90 Day Fiance or Real Housewives Podcasters! You are a breath of fresh air in an angry, oppressive world right now. Please take this 5 star review and I’m now following you. I will also go back to listen to your past podcasts. I didn’t realize how many juicy scoops I was missing!
  • _Shops
    Fun & light listen
    Heather’s humor + reality TV and celeb gossip is just the best! One of my favorite “lighter” listens.
  • anabtp
    Sooo funny
    Heather I am obsessed with your impersonations of the housewives, especially Ramona. I could watch the recaps you do all day. You are hilarious. Love the barbies too. Please do more!!! ❤️👏🏻😂
  • terziana1
    Best Podcast Ever
    Best podcast ever ever ever!!! Thank you Heather!
  • Dolly4653
    So much tolerance for racism
    Heather’s Facebook group, Juicy Scoop Obsessed, truly has some of the most vile and racist members who post tone-deaf and ignorant things on the daily. Shame on Heather for not using this big platform she’s built to speak out and let her fans know that racism will not be tolerated, but instead condones racism and panders to the racists because she knows that’s where some of her money comes from - pathetic.
  • Calvahula
    New listener
    I’m a new listener and love your podcast!!
  • amalone76
    Funniest Podcast
    Thank you to Heather and her assistant Kelly for producing one of the funniest and entertaining podcast available!
  • gfranson2
    Love you, Heather!
    Heather, thank you so much for keeping us all laughing during these uncertain and trying times. I truly look forward to tuning into your podcast! Your breakdowns of (all) my favorite shows puts me in stitches with laughter. Please keep up the great work! Thank you again!
  • Karafritz1
    5 Stars for Five Amazing Years!
    I have been listening for 5 years now and Juicy Scoop has become such an integral part of my life! This podcast and I have grown and gone through so much together and Heather has always been there for me to put a smile on my face! It is 100% worth diving into!! Even if you aren’t a dedicated Bravo watcher, you’ll still love every minute. Thank you Heather for all the hard work over the years putting out such quality content for all!
  • ejuhr
    My favorite Podcast
    My favorite podcast by far. Heather always brings a smile to my face! Thanks Heather💜
  • getmemickey
    So Funny!
    This podcast always has me laughing! She breaks down reality tv so well I don’t even have to watch them ! Love her recaps better! Keep it up Heather! I’m spreading the word!
  • ClaraM1980
    First time listening! She is so funny! I relate with her. If I knew that the world was going to end I would eat all the fattening food in the world, especially lobster and mac and cheese my favorite, and I would eat it without any guilt. Thanks!
  • Gglemay
    The Best
    Love Heather my fav podcast! I cannot get enough ! She’s such a Delight💕
  • Corona Cray Cray
    Funny as F
    I follow Heather since Chelsea Lately and there’s a reason way 😍
  • Sukawahine
    5 stars earned
    The one and only podcast where I love absolutely every episode. Heather is fresh and interesting and really brings the content.
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