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When Heather isn't headlining theaters across the country as a top stand up comedian, or being the perfect wife and mother of 3, she is diving into juicy pop culture. From all things Hollywood, celebrity romances, Bravo TV to her real life drama, Heather tackles the juiciest and most controversial topics.  Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone. While talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors, to comics to reality stars, Heather asks the juiciest questions you always want answered. You can find the entire Juicy Scoop archive, ad-free, only on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to stitcherpremium.com/juicyscoop and use promo code 'JUICY'.

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  • tanneyk
    Waaaay too many ads and self promotion
    I used to love this pod and looked forward to it! Now it’s 8-10 ads, promoting her paid Patreon, promoting her tour dates, and a little bit of rushed content, and tells you the juiciest content is on her Patreon (it isn’t!) She even gets all the details and names of gossip stories wrong.
  • ToferWilliam
    Fun listen!
    Love this show!
  • Andreamichelle1991
    Amazing pod!! Love you Heather.
  • Kelly NP
    Don’t forget you’re one in a million
    Thank you for not being WOKE on juicy scoop. You don’t touch on politics and you’re a peach for that. Don’t let the negative reviews effect you. Don’t change. You’re the best Heather !! Remember those who leave the negative reviews are trolling you to bring your ratings down. It’s all a sick game. I love your interviews and your nuances that make you who you are. 🥰❤️
  • Ozawkie
    Juicy Scoop
    So entertaining and always interesting. Heather McDonald is amazing!
  • jenniferburns420
    The Best⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I love Juicy Scoop! Heather has all the tea! I also appreciate that her podcast comes out on time TWICE per week, every week no matter what. I’m also a Patreon member and I consider the monthly fee necessary just like my Botox...I’m not going without either one. I can’t wait for the Danielle Staub interview and Heather please try to get Jeffree Star on the show⭐️⭐️⭐️ I would love that❤️ (Lisa Barlow Voice)
  • DS NP
    best podcast by far
    Love, love, love this podcast. Your reviews of Bravo shows are a riot. A delight.......but seems to be more and more ads..... a real turn off
  • TxInAkCaId
    Barb and Star - Clearly envious and jealous
    I love this podcast and listen weekly. However, the recent comments about Kristen Wigg and her new movie...umm she is Kristen Wiig, SNL, countless other movies, appearances, awards...to discount her comedy b/c she came up “behind you” at the Groundlings and the characters were done, not funny, you don’t get it, etc...” It’s clear you are envious and jealous of her success. White Chicks was racist, sexist and misogynistic. You should rewatch and come to terms with the imagery and messages that were included in that movie that you wrote and profited from.
  • dustmop318
    My husband never mentioned my cat to his mistress! Only my dogs!
  • Despondent Chucklehead
    I love Chris Franjiola!
    Chris Franjiola is the best guest! He’s hilarious, self-deprecating and can talk about anything! His own podcast is good, too!
  • dellarisa
    Come on man!
    I USED to love! I know I can use the forward button...but heather, the commercials!!! Not going to convince me to contribute to your “fabulous” lifestyle.
  • TerryBM243
    Outdated and offensive views
    You can tell she is barely holding back her most racist views, racist dog whistles abound
  • joncath
    Good podcast, but I’ve changed
    Heather is a hard worker on this podcast. However, she’s completely oblivious that she’s isolated most of the industry. Separately, the intellect is just... lacking. The frequent misnames, etc. are just embarrassing. Juicy Scoop is Heather’s peak. I’m happy that it’s successful.
  • Jjoyner010
    Always fun!
    Always fun and entertaining!
  • Lillian59156
    Detective skit
    Heather!!! That was hilarious I needed that laugh! You nailed it - omg sooo funny! The tire lol
  • PinotGrigioQueen
    Love it
    I love this podcast so much :)
  • Hhhiygrt
    Great Podcast (Harrison)
    Love your podcast today with Justin. Common sense is not dead 👍🏻 Don’t let the negative comments get you down. Just a bunch of bullies hiding behind keyboards.
  • Roxsmom
    Awesome Show!!!!
    One of my favorite podcasts! I’m even a Patreon member !!!
  • DanielleRohr99
    Appalled that you defended Chris Harrison and mocked racism. You get something and sometimes everything wrong about everything you talk about. You interrupt and ignore your guests constantly. You call sex workers “hookers”. Out of touch, racist, embarrassing. Get it together.
  • lay_lay22
    Used to love this podcast, not anymore.
    I started listening to this since it was on Podcast one and loved Heather since the Chelsea Lately days. I started to listen less when I noticed that it didn’t seem like Heather didn’t have any interest in learning about social justice and other relevant topics. She states she doesn’t want to get “political” but there’s certain things that aren’t political and just the right thing to do. Lately some of the interviews have been insensitive and I hope Heather can take a step back and think about why people have strong opinions, instead of just getting defensive...
  • zfromg
    Best show
    So light and entertaining! Reminds me of Joan Rivers
  • navigator2020
    I can’t handle listening to JS anymore.
    Juicy Scoop used to be a fun listen but it’s turned into either a mosh pit of gibberish spoken like a girl gab drunken after party or a seemingly Adderall fueled litany of nonsense. Heather has never had any self awareness but she’s gotten progressively worse by injecting herself into every paragraph spoken on her show.
  • Anna2679
    Not a Delight
  • Acf_ladys
    My new favorite Pod cast!
    I have always been a fan since Heather was on E!. It took COVID for me to discover your podcast and I’m so excited I did! Your podcast keeps me entertained during my long commute to work each week! I laugh and get all caught up on all the shows I miss due to my commute, it literally makes my drive go by so much quicker. I just want thank you Heather for doing this PODCAST, I just wish I discovered it sooner! Can’t wait to see you in Dallas for your comedy show!! Thank You, New Loyal Juicy Scooper
  • krinklekrinkle
    Do some research
    There are so many mistakes when she speaks it’s beyond ridiculous. Do a tiny bit of homework please. On your Britney Spears bit you called Justin Timberlake Justin Beiber so many times it’s fkng annoying. The worst was calling a swatstika a “swat sticker” Are you really that dumb? It’s not like you can’t go back and correct mistakes. You sound like a moron. Do a tiny bit better please
  • vvvvvvvv!!!
    Great show
    Always look forward to your shows u Rock!!!🎧
  • vail 303
    Chris Harrison
    I keep leaving a review about how horrible abs disgusting the Chris Harrison episode was . However , they keep deleting it . The behavior or Heather and Justin on that episode was horrible . WhitePrivilege for sure . Laughing and comparing a white trash party to an old southAntebellum party is not the same thing at all . Horrible podcast
  • kykysale
    I listened to your episode with Sofia, and I noticed you sped up your voices. It was very distracting and I could barely understand what was being said because the editing of your conversation was sped up too much.
  • EmilyShackton
    Like chatting with a girlfriend over drinks!
    Heather is fun fun fun!
  • lc112280
    Love it!
    Always look forward to Tuesdays & Thursdays when I can listen to Heather! She’s hilarious and a great interviewer!
  • Estelag6
    (No longer) Fun and easy to listen to!
    Updated: This podcast went from a favorite to a 2 star podcast. It stopped being fun when you realize the host hides behind “not being political” and “comedy” to show her bias as a conservative. She strays away from “politics” by not mentioning BLM or who she votes for, but she constantly defends cancelled people defending & minimizing their actions. Isn’t that politics too? Not to mention she’s constantly talking about her outings during a pandemic & has in house guests w/o masks. She speaks on a whim which makes her funny, but also gets her into trouble because she talks on issues without having all the facts. Lots of her interviews are juicy, but lately she’s been inviting random people from TikTok without checking credibility and it feels like she’s giving conspiracy theories a platform. I stuck around for her interviews, but I just can’t listen to her “neutral” takes on hot topics. As a woman of color I don’t feel represented or included in the conversation. Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time she interviewed or had a panelist of color on the podcast. 😞 I’m out. Juicy Scoop has become a biweekly ritual on my drives to work in LA traffic. It’s a great way to catch up on pop culture and find your housewives community. I love her style of conversation and enjoy her sense of humor. What I love the most are her interviews. She loves to dig for the juice, not cuz she wants ratings but because she’s really interested in people’s life’s. Her interviews are in depth, you learn something knew and they are fun. Her guest always have juicy stories and occasionally she has her sister Shannon (the lawyer) and they dissect juicy cases which is also really great. Listening to Heather is like listening to your friend chat! Really recommend it if you like juicy stories, pop culture, housewives and crime shows. ❤️
  • Kacia25Mer
    There has been moments where she says things that I was like “Hmmm…” but the Harrison was too much for me. He’s not a victim and he won’t be ‘cancelled’. Chris will get his job back, they always do. Its an opportunity to talk about what was wrong and many, including Heather have missed the mark.
  • Heartmyreddog
    Yes! Heather is on fire 🔥
    I LOVE HEATHER and her juicy scoop PLUS her former round table guests are awesome! Heather you are so relatable and a fantastic interviewer!
  • beckbeth54
    Best of the best
    From her 1st episode, 5 years ago, until now, I don’t think I’ve missed one. Love it. Thank you, Heather, for the years of great entertainment.
  • Peely Boy
    Love that Heather McDonald!
    Love me some juicy scoop!!
  • Triviawiz3000
    Funny and Smart
    Love her great sense of humor and her awesome impersonations. Really love that she’s genuine and not a hollywood/PC drone. Update: folded like a cheap beach chair on Chris Harrison. Yuck.
  • jengrd
    Wrong about Chris Harrison situation
    If you didn’t watch the interview- then don’t talk about it. You are off base. He perpetuated racism. He defended racism. It was not okay and he should not represent the franchise. Take time to learn about your white privilege. You are perpetuating racism. You saying you don’t like people with accents is awful.
  • Slezley
    Coming in piping hot
    Love the tea you always spill!
  • Moronica94
    Chris Harrison comments
    Really disappointed about your take on the Chris Harrison interview . Your comments were harmful and ignorant. It is not about cancelling someone. It is about holding people accountable for their actions. Racist parties should never be tolerated. Using slavery and white supremacy as a party theme is horrid. White privilege explaining away and downplaying these aggressions towards POC is what continues the vicious cycle of implicit racism. Extremely disappointing.
  • moart129
    Tone deaf
    I have listened for a long time but her recent comments about the The Bachelor franchise show how tone deaf she is when it comes to listening to BIPOC people and addressing racism embedded in our culture and on our tv. She doubled down on her comments on her next podcast which is not surprising, unfortunately. For such a large platform it’s astounding she wouldn’t do more to educate herself on such important issues. It’s a lame excuse to not talk about racism because “you’re a comedian.”
  • Bdkcdbkdbdn
    Justin is a great guest’nnn
    Heather I love when Justin is on the show!! The two of you have great chemistry....much like you do with Chris. It’s natural!
  • lmjane_
    Cringed after Tuesday’s episode
    Seems like this has been a while coming for me, but I am going to unsubscribe. There’s a lot of amazing content out there and this isn’t it for me anymore.
  • Chad Jo
    Missed the mark
    I LOVE this show and Heather but the latest episode is indefensible how Heather and Justin defended Chris Harrison’s comments about a racist party. I know Heather means well, but this is a true representation of white privilege. Two white people defending a party that is rooted in racism. I was so sad to hear this episode. And normally I look forward to this podcast. It doesn’t sit well with me.
  • nopoliticsneeded
    Do NOT apologize!!
    The cancel culture mob needs to stop!!! Seriously - everyone needs to chill out and not be so offended! Get over yourself! Our history is out there...we learn from it and move on! No one is perfect - the witch hunters need to stop!
  • xxBecca
    So much cringe...
    It took the Chris Harrison debacle for me to see how trashy this podcast really is. If you want comedy, do yourself a favor and watch YouTube clips. Don’t subject yourself to an hour of white privilege, racism, and country club gossip, with guests who seem just as clueless and uninterested.
  • ALE85255
    Just listen, you will thank me...or Heather.
    I slacked as a Juicy Scooper. I have been a listener from the beginning but didnt know how to leave a review until now. Heather always provides such great laughs, juice, topics and has evolved so much into a great interviewer. Who doesnt need an outlet for a mindless hour a few times a week?!?! Heather never dissappoints!
    Best Overall!
    I love the Juicy Scoop podcast and am a Patreon member as well! Heather is my go-to for laughs & info. Keep em coming! ❤️ Justin Martindale fast becoming a new, personal fav guest!
  • JDrobny3
    Best podcast
    Heather McDonald is the most professional and talented podcaster and comedian. I Laugh out loud often, love her guests, she’s a master interviewer, and she cover all of the scoop. Even with the shows I don’t watch, I love hearing her commentary and impersonations. She had been a light throughout this pandemic and even before. Thank you heather for being such a hard working, hilarious delight!
  • tejascowgirl
    My favorite podcast
    Heather, thank you for always delivering every week. You put in the effort to make sure we have episodes even over the holidays. My favorite guest is Justin Martindale- please have him on more! He’s hilarious
  • Laura719
    I want to like Heather but I just can’t do it anymore. Learn to be a little empathetic and sensitive to how people who are different from you (read: people of color) may feel about things.
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