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When Heather isn't headlining theaters across the country as a top stand-up comedian or being the perfect wife and mother of 3, she is diving into juicy pop culture. From all things Hollywood, celebrity romances, Bravo TV to her real-life drama, Heather tackles the juiciest and most controversial topics. Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone. While talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors to comics to reality stars, Heather asks the juiciest questions you always want to be answered.

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  • Stells181716
    Love to you
    I just listened to Kelly’s YouTube statement. Screw her for saying It’s your job to be a social climber. That is not you and what she said about you is just as bad as what that other woman said! Kelly should not be justifying this behavior from this woman(I’m purposely not mentioning her name…gross). Honestly shocked that Kelly would say what she did. Sad.
  • eglzcampos
    Best podcast
    We love you Heather! You are a ray of sunshine in our lives. Team Heather always! Riding with you till the end baby!
  • kel sey
    The best
    This is my favorite podcast. It’s entertaining and Heather doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s in on the joke. There’s laughter, gossip and even tears from time to time. It always puts me in a great mood.
  • stillonislandtime
    My favorite podcast!
    Best podcast! I listen to Heather to hear her funny take on popular topics and her family stories. Especially stories about Peter and her boys and stepdaughter. The highlight of my week!
  • LilC58
    Love this!
    I have been enjoying this podcast for awhile now and I really look forward to it! The guests are great and the topics are interesting. I always like hearing Heather’s opinion and predictions! She is smart and hilarious! Keep up the great work!
  • Cryztaalb
    One of the best pop culture podcasts
    Juice scoop is great and so is heather. She’s is relatable honest and gets good scoop on all things bravo.I listen every week and love that she has friendships with so many bravolebs and asks the questions we all want to know.
  • sad123445894
    The juiciest scoop ALWAYS! Thanks Heather!
  • lindyfly
    Sorry to hear what happened
    So sorry Heather went through that awful encounter over the weekend. Not blaming Jeff but I’m not surprised at all that they trash even people they consider friends. Pretty slimy vibe from that crew.
  • Sa1256
    Robberies aren’t funny
    Why would gay men getting catfished and robbed on Grindr be funny????
  • Archer1214
    Love this Lady.
    Stylish, funny, and grasps the fun and nuance of American pop-culture. I look forward to her show twice a week. My girl! Love you, Heather.
  • Gamer9000000000
    Grow up
    Grow up, you are a complete narcissist they don’t like you.
  • roblox lagger
    Juicy scoop
    Heather you always make me laugh!
  • Nishnamendez
    You Are Wonderful
    I figured out that Megan is just simply jealous! You have built this small empire on your own amd it’s just jealousy! Keep being YOU! Climb that social ladder😂 Love ya❤️
  • bluemariaz
    Juicy Scoop Delight
    Best podcast! Heather gives us easy to follow entertainment. Her personality is very relatable and she always covers all the important topics. Either alone or with a guest Heather is always delightful!! ❤️
  • west231!
    so desperate
    Begging for invites and crying about it when you get told someone doesn’t like you is like setting yourself up.
  • Podcastlover48892
    Love Heather
    Been a listener for years. Love listening each week. 💗
  • KateSchartz
    Love the show
    I used to think of Heather negatively bc she would admit to being “thirsty” for celebrity. After listening to her podcast I have totally changed my opinion. She is witty, insightful, not afraid to say what she thinks and a bright spot in the podcast world. Keep up the great work, Heather! Love the show
  • Leslie SZ
    You’re the bully
    Throwing people under the bus in public, getting your minions to hate. You try to get yourself invited on people’s vacations. Geez. SMH! You invited yourself and sister to Rick and Kelly’s on Saturday, unexpectedly, you weren’t ambushed.
  • Paradise3383
    The juiciest❤️
    There are so many reasons to love this podcast! Number 1 on the list, Heather herself! So funny, so quick! I feel her takes on all the pop-culture situations come from a great place. Smart and levelheaded and always so funny.!!! Heather has given so many hours of entertainment, forever grateful- forever a fan! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Kirasmom74
    Lala is a joke
    Heather and Lala recorded the podcast clearly thinking everyone would side with the mean girls but you two look like idiots. Lala is possibly the world’s biggest hypocrite and bully. Lala acting like Randall is so smart and victimized Lala is laughable. She’s a mistress, a bully and a hypocrite. And Heather isn’t much better because she’s taking Lala’s side and supporting her terrible behavior. Also, the way you treated Jill Zarin was awful. How/why is Jill friends with you? Stick to your real trash friends like Lala and Kelly Dodd.
  • Moejoe227
    No Thanks
    This podcast has gone downhill in the past year. Lala is a bully and a hypocrite. Find myself turning off episodes after 5 minutes and going to other podcasts instead.
  • jen rose red
    Stop talking!
    She doesn’t give her guests time to talk. I am so over her interruptions. Not to mention she literally can’t speak, and gets most of the facts wrong. She is a Q Anon lite.
  • Nina Debbie
    Jen Shaw parody
    This was the funniest bit I have listened to ever ! It was incredibly funny & so well executed. !!! It made me laugh out loud !! Thank you & your sister “ the lawyer “ for the grins & giggles ! I usually listen with my earbuds in ,so my husband had to ask what was so funny. I would share but he has no idea what a housewife is 🤣. Thank you ,thank you .
  • suzyqsuzy
    Heather needs to realize she is 52 years old
    Heather is so catty with the vanderpump girls. First of all Lauren AKA Lala is so weird and foul. Hey Heather, how did LALA get her men? You’re gross Heather. You should know better. Did you not watch the Last episode where they bullied Raquel the entire trip. Your podcast is stale just like your outfits.
  • kellysurfs
    Give me more LALA!
    You two are magic. Awesome chemistry; I could listen to you all day.
  • xDearDahliax
    HM is a D list celebrity who is desperate to be relevant. 50+ years old and she’s so invested in what 20 somethings have going on. It’s weird.
  • 88 j9liwn sinemirk"p.
    Lala is a hypocrite
    I love Heather’s Juicy scoop, but she gives too big a pass to Lala. Lala was a big hypocrite and bully this week on the show
  • Cokie67
    Podcast with Lala
    LOVE, love, LOVE your podcast… always one of my favorites!!! I do want to comment on your recent podcast with Lala over the latest Vanderpump drama. I hate to judge anyone that I don’t personally know, but I listened to 90% of your podcast with both eyebrows Highly raised:( I just can’t comprehend the horrific, nasty judgement coming from someone who shall we say may have made some horrible, damaging decisions in her “billion light years” of life??? Come on man…. Does she think are memories are that bad? Amazing what she has accomplished, and the positive changes she has made in her life… but I’m kinda in shock on the hypocrite train she’s conducting. I’m a BIG old fan of “Grace,” and maybe that’s something everyone could use a serving of right now. Anywho… LOVE you Heather… keep up the great work!!!♥️💕♥️
  • Maddymurphy
    Great podcast today 3/16/23
    LaLa is a great guest. So much Juicy Scoop!
  • Suziesallyq
    Does anyone care about bravo gossip anymore?
    I used to love this podcast, and honestly still do when she is just chatting with the regular guests, but I really don’t care about these reality personalities and who’s cheating etc. It’s just not relevant anymore and has become boring.
  • kanyes b!tch
    Better guests
    No more Jill Zarin .... please
  • not-available-name-
    She cuts off Jill the entire time
    The 3/14 episode is a bust. Cuts off Jill in such a rude way the entire interview… Had to turn this one off.
  • CoxClan
    Charging now?
    Losing me as a subscriber! You’re already making money off the ads!!
  • toesmcgie
    Jill ZARIN
    Sooo tired of you trying to make Jill ZARIN relevant! Nobody cares about her experience at the Oscar, what a waste
  • bemyrtle
    Love the Show - More Dr. Drew!
    Obsessed with the idea of Dr. Drew reappearing to discuss the psychopathy of people we're watching in the news
  • B737girl
    Mom of 3 boys
    Heather is constantly name dropping, talking over guests, and telling more stories about herself. I miss Juicy Scoop original.
  • Dawn2Patrol
    Please never again with Jill
    Please do us all a favor and never have Jill Zarin on again. Maybe you could control the conversation if she’s in the studio but your phone call was a hot mess. Just get the tea off mic and tell us.
  • ErinErikson
    SO RUDE to Jill Z! Heather Sounds like a Cranky Grandma
    Omg let the people you’re interviewing speak - PLEASE. Jill’s telling us the deets we WANT to know and Heather is so confused and mixing up all the names but has the audacity to continuously interrupt Jill as well as many other guests. I swear she purposely does it when the guest is dropping too much interesting info to maintain control. Her constant confusion is so cringe she seriously needs to get Annie in there to proof her content and coach her it’s so bad.
  • 3musketeers25
    my favorite
    Every week I look forward to this!
  • AM18739
    Stop yelling & interrupting your guests… for the love of christ
  • Tuytviyygiyyuyjutyh
    Heather and Juicy Scoop is 5 stars!
    Heather is my escape from corporate America. Love every show.
  • GirlnewsSDpuma7
    No thank k you
    Please keep Jill off the show - please. Terrible Torture.
  • Howbell
    Can’t miss podcast
    I love Juicy Scoop, it’s appointment podcasting for me. Pay and upgrade your subscription, worth it!
  • blv10034
    Heather begs all the time for an invite anywhere. Sad to be desperate.
  • Who did you do you who do
    Great podcast I love Heathers perspective on everything. She has the best reoccurring guests, they are also funny but Spencer Pratt is the GOAT! His episodes are my favorite and I usually listen to them several times.
  • jensta
    Listen every week.
  • leski<3
    Bad quality
    Heather needs new equipment and to pay attention to the edits. There is so much skipping around and repeated chunks of time that it drives me nuts. It’ll cut out of her half way through a sentence to her half way through another sentence about a whole different topic. Something is wrong with the microphones too because everyone has an aggressive lisp that makes the podcast impossible to listen to.
  • Not again!!
    Best bi-weekly abdominal workouts ever!!!
    Thank you for sharing all the fun and crazy!! 🙏😻😹❤️
  • vee lisa
    No one can compete
    My title says it all. No one can compete with Heather & Juicy Scoop! They all try to mimic in some way, but she is the OG! These other pods are getting painful, but Heather hasn’t changed from the beginning. Love her recaps, opinions, and predictions- lately so on point.. DONT CHANGE, Heather! The others can’t keep up with the OG juicy<3
  • gracial00
    After 6 years…
    And trying to hang on, I finally had to unsubscribe. I loved Heather’s discussions about pop culture and initially started listening for her hilarious life stories and comedic takes on Bravo shows and Bravolebrities. Lately, the pivot to TikTok (and it’s conspiracies) are driving the topics and the discussions are so under-researched. Maybe my interests outgrew the pod (although I still listen to a lot of other pop culture podcasts), or maybe it would benefit from a co-host to add more depth, or switching to once a week to allow for more preparation. She clearly has lots of fans and loyal listeners who love the topics, but I just know it’s no longer for me.
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